Flashback: Klam

David rehearsing in Klam, July 2006I hope you’re all having a good weekend.

Two years ago today, at about this time of evening, David and the band were performing at an eight hundred and fifty-odd-year-old castle in Klam, Austria.

If you were there, we’d love to learn what you’ve kept stored in your memory from this night.

If you weren’t, shame. Maybe longing glances at these photographs will help you imagine what it may have been like to have been there.

The chatroom is open tomorrow between the hours of 12:00 and 14:00 (UK). Everyone’s welcome to pop in – well, unless they’ve been banned, that is – so don’t be shy. New visitors are especially welcome.

(Only a few people have been banned, by the way, and they wouldn’t have been had they followed our very simple rules.)

If you can’t make it tomorrow, you can find out when the next chats are scheduled here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

42 thoughts on “Flashback: Klam”

  1. FEd, you tease, were you there?

    It IS a shame that I wasn’t, but I can imagine being there. I love history and castles especially.

    I actually wish I could have gone to ALL the Summer Tour 2006 concerts for the culture and history of the towns and venues. I don’t think I can pick out just one that I wanted to be at.

    Thanks for the link to the photos.

    [I wasn’t there, but wish I had been, so I’m also teasing myself. – FEd]

  2. From David to Amandine…

    Amandine is the wonderful singer that won Nouvelle Star this year, the French equivalent of American Idol.

    Well, the time has come for her to release his own, solo, original material and…maybe collaborate with Lenny Kravitz.

    Click my name to check out Amandine’s “Hey You”!

    Hoping you’ll like it even if it’s quite different from the original….Thank you!

    [Not bad. Thanks for the link. – FEd]

  3. For me, ‘Clam Castle’ will forever be associated with ‘Dark Globe’. The first time ever David performed it, and that, without any rehearsal, I think…

    Such a great, emotional and very fitting tribute to Syd!
    Listening to it always gives me shivers.


  4. I’m lucky to be alive and as a result, I don’t have a dime or the time to get to Europe to watch, see, hear and feel Gilmour play, at least not now..not yet.

    Fidem Servavi.

    Wishing freedom and a perfect path to you all.

  5. Hi. Is there any possibility that we have a Gilmour concert in Iran? I can not go to Dubay! 🙁

    Well… our unkind government don’t let such rock concerts happen, but have you ever talk to them about this? Iranian people love Pink Floyd, that’s for sure. 😉

    Love’ya David!

  6. Unfortunately I wasn’t there. However, a question about this show.

    Was this the concert where David played Dark Globe for the DVD??

    Also, the signature Strat looks great!

    [It was also played in Munich on 29 July 2006. – FEd]

  7. What an amazing place to see a concert, especially with this band. If jealously is really a curse then I’m banished to hell for a long time.

    Thanks Fed.

  8. The venue certainly looked very interesting. Would’ve been great to have been there for the show… I bet the atmosphere was a lot different to some of the standard (traditional) concert venues used earlier in 2006.

    That was one of the fun things about the summer tour – picking venues that people wouldn’t expect. And I bet the band and crew enjoyed the unique challenges that places like this no doubt gave them!

    On a related note, it’s Richard’s birthday today, so I’d just like to wish him many happy returns. Hope you have a great day, Richard!

    [Absolutely. Best wishes to Richard, as always. – FEd]

  9. This has nothing to do with this… but I just have a simple question, will any of the Gdánsk versions come in Blu-ray, like Remember That Night did?

    I was planning on buying the Deluxe version, but I will be very disappointed if it didn’t come in Blu-ray.

    [There’s been no word on a Blu-ray release. – FEd]

  10. Hi dear F.Ed. and Bloggers,

    thank for the links, i love Austrian landscapes and castles so much and in this pic David Glmour is so expressive and intense!

    Off topic:

    Many many many wishes to Mr.Richard Wright for his today’s birthday: have a great day and a very great time.

    I thank you so much for your deeply emotional contribute to the Music. I hope to see you performing again.

    Take care
    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

  11. Hi Fed.

    From an emotional point of view – the Klam Castle concert was the best from the 2006 tour! I live just 80 lilometres away from the castle, so it was my home match!!

    A wonderful day, a wonderful location and a fantastic playing band. We could hear parts of Astronomy and A Great Day during the soundcheck. And I must say that I liked to stand and move with the music.

    Highlights of course: The Blue, This Heaven, Shine On, Dark Globe, Astronomy Domine, ECHOES ……

    Hopefully David will return to Austria again one day!!!!


  12. [….I’m also teasing myself. – FEd]

    That’s almost too much information.

    Two years ago! Seems like a lifetime away now. I wasn’t there but remember reading all about it on this blog. They were certainly fantastic venues for concerts weren’t they?

  13. Oddly, I had a dream just the other night about a castle with a round building that was being used as the site for a concert event. Seeing Klam Castle reminds me of my dream.

    Not to go off topic too far, but in keeping with the effect David has had on people’s lives, I wish to share something he has helped to inspire.

    It is a letter in the form of a poem. The situation is complicated but here’s the poem:

    How have you been? I hope you are well.
    I cannot say the same, I’m not exactly whole.

    You came into my world and gave me a gift
    only to take it back like some big slip.

    But the deed was done and then you were gone
    the hole you left has made me less than one.

    You filled my soul and made me whole
    the place you have occupies me so.

    I wish you could know the good you have done me
    and the good that could be if only you’d let it be.

    There is more to life than we can know
    so much to be done but none can do it alone.

    The world needs more warmth and love, not less
    I hope you can see and understand this.

    I wish no harm to you and yours
    they are your base and your world.

    But there is nothing to fear if you have trust
    and truth be told I need your touch.

  14. I would have loved to see David in concert at ANY of the shows on the ’06 tour. He does concerts so rarely now that when he does one, it is an event. It’s hard to get in to see him. This is the price I pay to be a fan of a semi-retired legend.

    I love the music on the main page (at least, what was there over the weekend that everyone complained about). It’s different, and atmospheric, and I really like things that are different and atmospheric.

    I went to see The Cowboy Junkies over the weekend, closing an outdoor festival on a night where there was the threat of a thunderstorm. While lightning struck in the distance behind them, the Junkies played their unique and atmospheric music. Mother Nature provided us with the perfect backdrop for their music. It was a great way to see them, and the weather held off long enough for them to complete their set.

    [Sounds very nice, Dan. I do enjoy a good storm. – FEd]

  15. off subject:

    ok this is just taking the p*ss now.

    first that awful news on friday and now this. i am of course talking about that AWFUL music on the home page.

    what the hell is this? i was hoping to hear another wonderful loop from the live album (and it would have made me feel better) but no, we get this awful whatever-it-is.

    i really hope i’m having a bad dream and i wake up soon.

    whatever next? f*cking rap music on the home page?

    [You’ve turned into a right Moaning Michael, haven’t you? Funny, though. – FEd]

  16. So officially is it Klam or Clam?

    Probably one of those things that drives residents and locals nuts.



    [The village is ‘Klam’, but the family, and therefore the castle, is ‘Clam’. – FEd]

  17. [Do you think Peel was there when Floyd recorded Ummagumma? – Ash]

    John Peel was DJing at Mothers the night Ummagumma was recorded 27 April 1969.

    I asked my older brother who was a member of the club if John Peel had been there. He could not really remember as a lot of the gigs he attended just swirl into each other.

    However I did buy a book some years ago made by the people who ran the club. The book contains a list of every date played there during its existence at it confirmed it in there.

  18. Dear All,

    I also wish a happy birthday to Mr. Wright.

    I think the music on the site today is great!


  19. Great venue and probably the one I regret missing the most.

    Sorry I missed the chat today but our internet police keep the barriers up during work time!

    I see that Planet Rock have a short piece on their website news page regarding the DG Strat.

    Happy birthday to Richard Wright and I hope he doesn’t take too much time off from his new album celebrating! Would love to hear it Richard.

    Best wishes FEd and I hope the sun’s shining where you are. It’s really hot here in the Midlands with a threat of thunder storms and heavy rain tomorrow!!


    [It’s gorgeous here, Paul. Has been for a while now. Let’s hope it lasts. – FEd]

  20. I like the sound snippet on the main page…

    The heartbeat sound on drums, the choppy guitar overlayed with keyboards… I can just picture that being played live with the bass kicking in at some point followed by a soaring guitar solo…

    Keep up the good work old chap… 🙂

  21. Wish I could have been there. Clam castle and the whole area looks really worth seeing even without a concert. Thank you for the link.

    Happy Birthday to Richard Wright! He who played some of the most beautiful music on the keyboards.


  22. I would like to wish the lovely Mr. Richard Wright a very happy 65th birthday and many, many happy, healthy returns of the day.

  23. I didn’t make it to the concert, and I will forever want to bite my behind for it, and shall forever suffer for this.

    I join Werner in hoping that David will make it back to Austria one day, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  24. Hello, my name is Fernando from Argentina and I was wondering who can help me get more info about the next David Gilmour show.

    I would like to get a trip and see the spectacular show (I think).

    I don’t know where I can ask this so sorry if it’s not the place to do it.

    Your comments will be very much appreciated.

    [Hi Fernando, thanks for writing. There are no new shows planned right now, but, if that changes, the details will be here. I hope you will be able to see David in concert one day. – FEd]

  25. Surely off-topic, but in lack of an official Richard Wright homepage, I hope my wishes among those of the other fellow bloggers will reach him some way:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Wright!


  26. Happy Birthday Richard. I hope you have many more.

    Tonight, I will toast in your honor while listening to the Great Gig.

  27. I wub that picture. 🙂

    [Maybe longing glances at these photographs will help you imagine what it may have been like to have been there. – FEd]

    Holy cow, that’s the spot for Gilmouria, FEd.

    [Good thinking. It would be perfect. – FEd]

  28. Happy Birthday to Mr. Richard Wright, enjoy your day.

    I will watch Breakthrough from David’s In Concert DVD.

  29. I like the music mix on the main page, it’s energetic and tight – thanks for the new sound bytes and visuals that change from time to time.

    Clam castle and surrounding area is glorious. It must have been dream-like to be there for the show.

  30. Happy Birthday Richard Wright! The Pink Floyd sound would never have been complete without you!

    I hope Richard realizes how loved he is!

  31. Happy Birthday Richard. You are probably sailing somewhere right now.

    Today’s musical snippet reminds me of Learning To Fly!

  32. Happy Birthday, Mr. Wright.

    Everything you did is what I listen everyday and nothing compares to your tunes, the way you your work sounded with Floyd, solo or with David.

    Yes and thank you for the fantastic piece that made my nickname.

  33. July 29th: The Gilmours’ anniversary

    I discovered this poem, and by reading it , I don’t know why, my thoughts flew to you, so this is dedicated to you on this special occasion:

    “A dedication to my wife”

    To whom I owe the leaping delight
    That quickens my senses in our waking time
    And the rhythm that governs the repose of our
    Sleeping time,
    The breathing in unison

    Of lovers whose bodies smell of each other
    Who think the same thoughts without need of speech
    And babble the same speech without need of meaning.

    No peevish winter wind shall chill
    No sullen tropic sun shall wither
    The roses in the rose-garden which is ours and ours only

    But this dedication is for others to read:
    These are private words addressed to you in public.

    – T.S.Eliot

    My best wishes to David and Polly for a very happy wedding anniversary. Have a very special day.

    With kindest regards

  34. Elisabetta:

    What a beautiful poem. (Reminds me that I need to read more.)

    I wish David and Polly a very happy anniversary as well.


  35. Been at Blackpool and Drayton Manor theme park over the weekend with the kids.

    A belated…. Happy birthday Rick!

  36. Off Topic but Mr. Gilmour’s About Face album is today’s “Album of the Day” on XM radio’s Deep Tracks (XM40). They have been playing tracks off it and will continue all day.

    For those in the States and who have XM, enjoy!

  37. Happy Birthday Mr. Wright! I love your awesome organ talent!

    I have an uncle that had built a giant pipe organ in his living room. When I visit I can only imagine what cool sounds Richard Wright could produce from it. Best wishes to you always!

    The sounds on the site today made me feel like marching. I imagined I was in some kind of Live In Gdańsk solidarity march for civil liberties marching towards Monday 22nd September 2008. Lead by David Gilmour and his ‘Black Strat’. It’s very cool music and I like it!

  38. Dear Pete from Coventry,

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

    A few years ago I heard a rumour that someone was trying to revive Mothers but I’ve heard nothing since.

    Wouldn’t be the the same though would it? It’s really the time (not necessarily the place) we miss.

    ash X

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