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Cover of 'The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour's Black Fender Stratocaster', by Phil TaylorA quick note to remind you that the first edition of Phil Taylor’s book, ‘The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster’, will no longer be available after 31 July.

That’s the softback edition, signed by Phil, available only from TheBlackStrat.com.

Expect more on the “expanded and updated” second edition, which will be a hardback, to follow shortly.

As per the last post about this book, ’15 September’ is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be available in September.

And, as I know you’re wondering, because I can feel your eyes burning into your screens and reflecting back at me through mine…

There’s still no word on when that Signature Strat will be available from Fender. Sorry about that. But, just to keep you informed, David wants it to be of a certain (high) quality and available at a fair price. Until those terms are met by all concerned parties, there can be no further updates.

I’m sure you understand that and appreciate that there will be news on this guitar, here, at the earliest possible opportunity. That said, I do apologise for the disappointment that such uncertainty can cause.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Totally off-topic (sorry!)

    Went to the O2 last night to see Leonard Cohen. Queueing up to get through security. Looked up and the guy lining up next to me was none other than Mr Gilmour himself, trying to have a peaceful evening out and not get noticed. So I said a quiet hello and left it at that. Nobody else seemed to have spotted him!

    Fantastic gig BTW.

    [Glad to hear that it went well, Geoff. – FEd]

  2. Well, seeing as how we’re off topic anyway.

    We saw Leonard Cohen at Edinburgh Castle on Wednesday – he was brilliant.

    Hope Mr G enjoyed the concert as much as we did. 🙂

  3. My son was at Glastonbury and watched the Leonard Cohen set and noticed that some of the audience was in tears at this brilliant gig. He has only ever seen this once before (out of many performances attended) at Mr Gilmour’s RAH concert.

    Is this a product of the power of the music, the timeline of the performers throughout one’s own life, a combination of these or some other factor ?

    All credit to the genius of these very few artists, who can work at this level.


  4. Thanks for the update…some things are worth waiting for!

    Have a nice weekend


  5. Thanks for the tidbit on the signature strat. I was wondering about it recently.

    An idea for a topic for the guitar players out here: Which song would you like David to give you a one-on-one lesson?

    For me it would probably be Pigs (Three Different Ones) or Time.

    [Go on, then. What do you think? It would have to be ‘Three Blind Mice’ for me. – FEd]

  6. Welcome back FEd. Hope you are well.

    Big week here as I have just invested in a new computer at home after 8 years of dial up and now I am on broadband. Scary stuff eh?

    Have a good week-end one and all.


    [Good luck, Ian. You’ll notice a big difference, I’m sure. – FEd]

  7. Hello Fed! Welcome back!

    Months ago I bought my softback edition “The Black Strat…” by Mr. Taylor’s website. It is really nice book with interesting information and photos about David and his guitars.

    [Went to the O2 last night to see Leonard Cohen. Queueing up to get through security. Looked up and the guy lining up next to me was none other than Mr Gilmour himself. – Geoff]

    It is very nice to read that Polly and David could spend their concert-evenings in London like normally people and “Nobody else seemed to have spotted him!”

    At Polly’s website it is written that she love the music of Leonard Cohen.

    Have a nice weekend!

    With best wishes from Berlin

  8. Geoff:

    I am so green with envy. WOW. Mr. G. that near would cause me to be totally speechless. Which would probably be a good thing.


  9. I got my copy before Phil started signing them, but it’s still a good read with some lovely photos of David.

    I don’t think I’ll buy the second edition unless there will be new photos!

    P.S. Doesn’t the hardback edition usually come out before the paperback?

    [Usually, yes. – FEd]

  10. Thanks for the updates FEd. Do you know if the book will be available in the States?

    To answer Ray’s question, I think I would want David to teach me Marooned. Lovely song.

    [I expect so, Ax. – FEd]

  11. Mine (Phil Taylor’s book) is not signed. Anyway, I don’t really care about getting autographs, I have none.

    I think that collecting autographs is just a kind of fetishism. That doesn’t make me a bad fan, I think/hope…


  12. [An idea for a topic for the guitar players out here: Which song would you like David to give you a one-on-one lesson? – Ray]

    Well that would have to be: “Raise My Rent” as I haven’t learned the whole thing yet.

    Looking forward to the Black Strat.

    Hope the weather will be nice for me and my family when we go to Wales on Sunday where we shall be camping for 7 days.

    Kind regards.


    [Have fun, Julie. – FEd]

  13. Hi FEd,

    no news is sometimes good news… I’m curious if the guitar will be affordable for me. 😀

    Have a nice weekend, and all the bloggers, too!


  14. Hi everyone and FEd, hope it’s all ok.

    I’m finishing my black Strat…can’t wait until the Signature…

  15. Good to see you back FEd. Interesting timing for you. You come back on a Friday and follow it with a few days off. Or are you planning to now work all weekend??



    [Work all weekend? My dear Andrew, I think those days are finally behind me. Maybe I’m gradually turning into another half-hearted automaton. (Well, if you can’t beat them…) – FEd]

  16. Unrelated to the topic….

    Was watching the ‘VH1 honors the Who’ concert last night, and the laser show during the Who set was nearly identical in design and format as David’s on his last tour.

    Did Brickman and Co. do the lasers for the Who show?

    [I’ve no idea, sorry, but how common is the curved stage/round screen now? It’s everywhere. – FEd]

  17. [I think that collecting autographs is just a kind of fetishism. That doesn’t make me a bad fan, I think/hope… – Michèle]

    Not at all, IMHO. Actually I believe that what matters is the output of an artist/author. I appreciate their work but I do not believe that they are really keen on being deified, and if I see someone on the street (happens seldom…) then I friendly ignore them and leave them live their lives…



  18. Couldn’t stay away, eh FEd? Thanks for the update. I don’t mind waiting longer for the Strat, gives me more time to save for it.

    [Which song would you like David to give you a one-on-one lesson? – Ray]

    Great idea, Ray! My choice would be Young Lust.

    Happy Birthday to Frank and Jared! Mine’s on the 26th! Yah for the summer babies!!

    Have a great weekend, everyone.


  19. Hi Fed,

    Thanks for the update. I hope Fender and David can reach an agreement on the Strat. Not to be negative, but I am not holding my breath. If Fender has their way, they would probably turn it into a collector edition run of 50 to make a killing off it.

    A guitar lesson from David… (I’d rather have a bass lesson from Guy, but that’s beside the point..:)

    It would probably be ‘Dogs’. The rhythm guitar work is great and often butchered by amateurs and wannabes.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.


  20. Idol Conjecture: Sounds like Fender is having a hard time finding the right balance between quality and price for what David expects…or just wants to rake in as much profit from this venture as possible…

    Guitar Lesson from David: Dogs

    Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off for a long detoxifying weekend in the Catskills after a quite hectic three week summer program start-up…


  21. Hi FED,

    what extras are going to be in the hard copy book of Phil’s? I’m pleased with the signed one of which I won in the number contest.

    As for the song for lessons by David would have to be Sheep.


    [Don’t know yet. – FEd]

  22. Hi Fed, nice to hear you enjoyed your break.

    But I can’t help myself, reading that you seem to be considering giving up the blog in the nearer future makes me sad. I had thought you would stay with us for a bit longer… had somehow hoped, after reading in some interviews how much he had enjoyed working on On An Island that David would make another studio album and that I would even have some day the chance to see him playing live…and that you would tease us in the time until then with some hints, so I wonder how good the chances are now for that…

    But things are how they are and so I want just say thank you for this blog. I know that you sometimes get much criticism for the way you run this blog but I enjoy your sometimes extremely honest approach, despite not always agreeing with you – it makes this place very different form the most other official music websites I know.

    And saying thank you to David for his wonderful music I know is sounding cheesie but in the last two years I’ve gone through some hard times, losing people which were very close to me and listening to David’s music -solo and with the Floyd- helped me a lot…it gave me something else to occupy my thoughts, maybe even a kind of place were I could find new strength…an island of my own…

    greetings and a nice weekend


    [Bless you, Irene. Any thoughts that I may have about calling it a day have nothing to do with David’s plans for the future, by the way. There are no plans for a new album or tour at this time, but that’s not to say that there won’t be plans drawn up further down the line. And that’s not said to raise anyone’s hopes, of course. Who knows what the future holds? Not me, that’s for sure. – FEd]

  23. Dear Fed, hope you had a lovely few days off. We’re heading off to Canada for a walking holiday so as we’ll be away I’d like to wish David and Polly a Happy Wedding Anniversary and also a Very Happy Birthday to Richard Wright……..getting ever closer to that multi pack of Gdansk!

    Hope everyone is well out there.

    Best Wishes

  24. Fed, I really hope your holiday was a nice and quiet one and I bet you wish it could be longer.

    Well, I am still in England but had to get away from all the people in central London, for it’s a mad house. I am now staying with some really lovely people out by the Thames River and what a difference. But I just wanted to share this with everyone: the people I am staying with gave their daughter a Black Strat for her birthday and it’s one of the very first ones ever made and it’s so beautiful and sounds great.

    Plus Fed, I took your advice and haven’t paid more than 7 pounds. But I still haven’t found the Manics anywhere. Do you have any advice?

    I hope that everyone has a great weekend and 5 more days before I have to leave.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Please check your e-mail, Thomas. – FEd]

  25. Hey, that’s great news on the Strat !! Please keep us posted on the guitar cuz I want one …lol

    And what I want to know… is there gonna be any great new albums coming up here in the future? As a musician myself I certainly know he hasn’t stopped playing or coming up with fantastic new tunes. I know that guitar is like a extension, it becomes part of you. You set it down for a few days and it starts calling you saying “play me, play me…” – lol

    You all have a great evening and hope we get another album soon.


  26. I know this post is totally OUT of argument, but…

    Italy, hot summer, working Saturday, now at home…dark, conditioned air, and ISLAND JAM all over the house…

    Maybe God does exist…thank you David!!

    Have a nice week end, you all

  27. … while listening to the new loop, I was wondering if wireman is holding the Azimuth Coordinator in his hands and not a remote control for the cranes.



  28. With the GREATEST respect to Mr G, I won’t be holding my breath for the signature Strat coming out any time within the next blue moon!

    I’m afraid (HIGH) Quality and Affordability just don’t go together in the same sentence!

  29. I cannot wait until this book shows up at Borders AND at the local guitar store. At the guitar store, it would accompany the Signature Strat. At Borders, there would be people reading it.

    Both situations would be great.

  30. [Hope the weather will be nice for me and my family when we go to Wales on Sunday where we shall be camping for 7 days. – Julie]

    The weather in Wales is, as of 4pm Saturday the 19th, lovely. In the north, anyway. Forecast for Sunday is good, too. Don’t know about the rest of the week.

    FEd – thanks for the update. Don’t know what to do about the book. I have an unsigned first edition. D’you think Phil might sign my copy if I sent it off to him?? Probably not.

    Good to hear some news re the sig. Strat. The delay is frustrating, but knowing the reasons for this is somewhat reassuring. It’s widely known that DG has wanted this thing to be affordable. Have to love the bloke for sticking to his guns and looking after our bank accounts.



  31. Hi FEd and all of you,

    just a hug….I’m working..

    Kisses from Rome

    [At least that means that we’re not half-hearted automatons, Diana… I think. – FEd]

  32. This time, I’m commenting on the song I’d have David teach me. Since I’m not a musician, I’d need something pretty basic. “Pigs on the Wing,” a song that David really had nothing to do with, would be perfect. Maybe he could teach me “Smile” from OAI.

    It’d be really fun if he taught me Zeppelin’s “Cashmere” or “Communication Breakdown,” which are repeating patterns that I’d probably pick up easily enough. Then David could add a great solo with his Black Strat and I could go to heaven properly.

  33. [Which song would you like David to give you a one-on-one lesson? – Ray]

    “Smile” for me. I’m listening to it now and I think it’s a gorgeous song.

  34. I am also looking forward to the DG Signature Strat! …and strings as well, not in our stores yet.

    Thanks for the reminders about the Black Strat book, I’m busy and the deadline would have gotten past me.

    My autographed DG Tele that I won in the `84 tour sweepstakes now is my main item on display at my Hard Rock Dining Room ! Thanks so much again for that one, DG! When I met him, (July 14, `84) he was the most gracious, cool, and surprisingly inquisitive star that I’ve ever met! (and I’ve met a goodly number, working with bands and in the lighting biz)!!

    Can’t wait for the new concert package!

    Jerry ‘Wildness’ Wilson
    the lunatic on the bluegrass

  35. G’Day (from, Australia).

    I have been following this forum for some time now. I only have one question. Will David be touring again?

    Circumstances prevented me from travelling to the other side of the world to see the last tour unfortunately. We did get to see Roger in Melbourne (and he was awesome).

    Can you please just set up a topic in the forum as to if or when David is planning on touring. Cheers.

    [Sorry, but there are no plans for another tour. If that changes, the news will be splashed across many a page. – FEd]

  36. If you are impatient for the ‘Black Strat’ why don’t you go for a ‘Recycled Strat’ (click my name) instead?

    …Yes, I know the video shows the ‘Tele’ but the maker does a ‘Strat’ too. 🙂

  37. A guitar lesson from David… The end bit of Sheep, I just cant get it I’m afraid.

  38. I would like to say that Phil’s book for me will be cherished and it was signed too. Thanks for the prize Fed on that contest.

    [You’re very welcome, Frank. – FEd]

  39. [If you are impatient for the ‘Black Strat’… – Nate]

    It took FEd only 3 working days from this posting to provide more information about the Black Strat…


    [Well, if I’d known that more concrete information was coming so soon, I wouldn’t have bothered with the poor excuse of an ‘update’ above. But that would require that I be kept updated as to latest developments. Surely it’s much more fun finding out at the last minute. – FEd]

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