Were you there?

Werner at Cadogan Hall, 15 June 2008Come on, then. Own up. Who was there and what did you think?

I am, of course, talking about Sunday night’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ performance at London’s Cadogan Hall.

Who did you meet? How much did you drink (or could you afford to drink at £3.50 a beer)? Did you have a good seat? Which was your favourite of Ron Geesin’s first-half aphorisms?

If there are photographs, of course, we’d love to see them. (Thanks to Werner for sharing this one.)

Thank you for letting it be known that 85% of you would indeed like to be able to order your chosen ‘Live in Gdańsk’ set from David’s website. That should go down well.

The chatroom is not open today, but will be – between 11:00 and 13:00 (UK) – tomorrow.

Author: FEd

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126 thoughts on “Were you there?”

  1. A unique experience – certainly for those of us too young to have heard this live at the time. Time has been kind to this piece as you can see the influences in the music still to come.

    Ron is quite an engaging host – it was clear that David was determined not to steal his (or fellow musicians) thunder as he left the stage well before the others.

    Almost certain we won’t see or hear this live again.

    Thanks Ron & co.

  2. I was there in the middle of the stalls about 4 rows from the back, or about 20 from the front depending on how you look at it!

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the first half but really thought Caroline Dale’s piece was excellent.

    Second half was quite simply amazing, I’ve always liked AHM but this performance took it to another level. David was fantastic but so was everyone else, Mun Floyd should be, and by the looks of things at the end they were, very happy as they were simply excellent, as was Caroline Dale.

    I was very impressed by the venue. It would be great to see a full David Gilmour show there! It was a perfect size venue that really made you feel part of the show!

    Best gig I’ve been to for a long time.


  3. Could I afford a drink at £3.50? I never had time to buy one thanks to London Transport closing down the Victoria Line on Sunday. My journey time from East London to the gig took double the time then normal and I arrived with just 5 minutes spare…

    Gary Hurley.
    London, England.

  4. I was stuck at home frantically learning about hyperbolic functions… I can tell you were I’d rather have been! I wonder if I can complain about Edexcel clashing exam period with a David Gilmour live performance?

    Hope you had a nice break FEd and great to see you back. 🙂


    [Thank you, Nick. – FEd]

  5. I was there! I got a prime parking place right outside the front of the hall too!

    I collected my ticket and who should I then meet? It was Tim in a shirt that was that perfect shade of ‘OAI blue’ or ‘David’s socks’ as it is sometimes known. 😉

    We strolled around for a bit until we reached ‘The Botanist’ back on Sloane Square where we drank ‘sparkling water’ at £1.50 a throw. We were met by Lorraine, her daughter and later Martin and friend. We all spotted numerous familiar faces in the throng.

    I was considering going to one of these events prior to it being announced that David would be appearing. I am sure it would have still been an incredible experience but David certainly gave it that extra oooomph!

    My seat was a very good seat but my view of David was ‘Obscured by Conductor’. 🙂 It didn’t matter that much as it was obvious he was there! I was sat next to someone who I thought looked familiar and it turned out to be Werner who had set off from Austria earlier that morning!

    [I noticed the car… – FEd]

  6. …Ron Geesin provided excellent entertainment and the first half was better than what I expected. There were lots of fun aphorisms that I don’t remember but there were good ones about ‘hiding in the avante garde’ and his set about ‘controlling’. All of the performances were well worth experiencing even if they weren’t what most people had come for.

    The ‘extended’ version of Atom Heart Mother had been given a few tweaks by Geesin (and apparently David) and therefore had a lot of the inconsistencies that are in the official recording ironed out. The slightly extended Choral and Cello sections made sense and enhanced the timing of the whole work. The middle ‘trippy’ section was more akin to ‘Echoes’ with a solo member of the choir doing the ‘bird calls’ to compliment David’s squeals from the slide guitar.

    When it was all over, I was discussing with Werner if this version that we had witnessed was the ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Definitive’ version. He wisely suggested ‘The Final Version’. Whatever it was… it certainly was ‘EPIC’.

    Afterwards we visited The Duke Of Wellington in Eaton Terrace which I highly recommend. I then started the drive home, realising that I had not eaten all day!

    Thank you David for taking time out of your Father’s Day to provide the icing on the Chelsea Festival opening event’s cake.

  7. Hello everybody. I’m the guitarist in Mun and it’s really been a heartbreaking experience to support David all through the suite on Sunday performance.

    I’ve felt David more relaxed at Thursday rehearsals, when his fingers run on the Strat and lap steel and sorted out those notes you well know (I’m still moving). What an honour for me to have been followed by Mr Gilmour in the screaming guitar parts through the excursion.

    Thank you David, see you next time…

    [Good job, Federico. I’m glad that you enjoyed it as much as the audience did. – FEd]

  8. What a fantastic evening!

    Ron Geesin was a joy to watch and hear, not knowing much of his work (beside Atom Heart Mother), I was pleasently suprised.

    I was sat in the second row, with a fantastic view, which was well worth the £25 ticket price!

    The venue was simply breathtaking, and the perfect setting for one of the most under-rated musical experiences ever.

    Kudos to the Chelsea Festival organisers, to Ron, and of course to David for making it a great evening for all!

  9. I went along to the Cadogan Hall on Sunday for the show, and you asked “Did you have a good seat?” My answer is “No.”

    My £55 row K stalls ticket was under the gallery seating on the left hand side this resulted in the sound hitting the wall and the ceiling above me to produce a bad echo, so the answer to your next question “Which was your favourite of Ron Geesin’s first-half aphorisms?” – I have no idea what he was saying as the sound was so bad in my seat.

    During the interval I tried to exchange my ticket at the box office and with the festival administrator Alisa Molyneux but this was all to no avail.

    On my return to my seat for the second half things went from bad to worse because, as soon as the conductor took his place behind his stand with the large light on top, my view of David and the drummer was blocked for the entire performance.

    The light show – one white light for the choir and one blue light for everyone else – must go down as the worst in rock history!

    Gary Hurley.
    London, England

    [Sorry to hear it, Gary. – FEd]

  10. I was there for AHM on Sunday night, when the suite was played in an extended version.

    The sound was awesome, and the main riff of the song really filled the room, growing with the increasingly enthusiastic playing each time it was repeated. There were 3 or 4 main solos from Gilmour which sounded brilliant.

    After the suite ended there was a bow from all involved, then they returned to their instruments. We thought, wow, what’s coming here……. There followed a reprise of Atom Heart Mother with another Gilmour solo. Superb!

    I was particularly chuffed since I was only in the UK for the weekend, and only by this coincidence was I able to go.

    The Cadogan Hall is a great old building. Our seats were in the balcony next to the sound desk. Great stereo sound, with a clear view of everything!

    I didn’t know until Sunday evening just how eccentric Ron Geesin is. His song where he played a banjo or something similar whilst singing what I assume to be a made-up language was wonderful!

    [Very ‘Rab C. Nesbitt’, wasn’t it? – FEd]

  11. Beer and petrol are the same price now…..

    Did you have a good night, Fed???

    [I did, thanks. – FEd]

  12. Hey FEd,

    I wasn’t there but someone I’m affiliated with was there. I quote him as saying this…

    “There was a fixed camera at the side of the stage but I expect it was for ‘internal purposes’. One of things I enjoyed most about the performance was the look on the bass player’s face! He kept glancing at Dave and then turning away shaking his head like “I’m going to wake up in a minute”!

    Can’t wait to hear more detailed information about this gig!


  13. “atom heart mother strikes me as absolute crap” – david gilmour

    hmm, the only reason i can think of on why he performed it was because he didn’t want to be rude by turning down ron geesin’s invite, but to be brutally honest it is my least favourite floyd album. the only song i like off it is ‘fat old sun’ but i find the title track very boring and just goes nowhere in its 20 odd mins.

    the band’s comments about this album are justified. as one of them rightfully said (can’t remember which one) “atom heart mother is a strong case of being thrown into the bin and never listened to by anyone ever”.

    p.s. i said ‘no’ to that poll ‘would you like to be able to order your chosen gdansk package from davd’s website?’ because i prefer to buy it in the shops. that way i can take straight home with me and not have to wait days for it to come thru the post.

  14. I was not there, but wish I was.

    I’ve just moved to the UK from South Africa and found out about the concert too late.

    Maybe next time…

    [Better luck next time, Charles. – FEd]

  15. I was there. 🙂

    An amazing evening really. As I attended both performances of AHM I can verify that having Mr Gilmour play makes a huge difference. It was very good on Saturday but on Sunday – just another dimension.

    I had a nice seat on the Gallery in the middle so visually and sonically it was perfect.

    Seems like another Black Strat was in use – looked like a new one, no Jimi Hendrix’ strap – pre-production copy maybe?

    I’ll try to send some photos later.

    Anyway – many thanks to Mr Gilmour for the generous gesture to us fans, allowing us to admire his talent live again. Although it was obvious he was very modest trying not to overshadow the whole event.

    Thank you Fed for all the info as well – if it wasn’t for you I would’ve missed it…

    With kind regards

    [I’m glad you had a good time, Piotr. David was actually playing a prototype of the Signature Strat that Fender will manufacture one of these days. – FEd]

  16. I was wondering if David made any commentary about the experience. Was it good for him?



    [Haven’t heard yet, Andrew. – FEd]

  17. [“There was a fixed camera at the side of the stage but I expect it was for ‘internal purposes’…” – Beppo the Mime]

    There were at least two more recording just at the side of the sound desk on the gallery – so who knows what might happen… 🙂


  18. Thanks to all for their views and insights on the AHM show…glad you had a good time FEd.

    FEd..Will it be ok to log in to the chat room, in future, as Muzzy_D? It will make things simpler for ALL ‘us’ Martins. 😉

    Enjoy your day.

    [That will be fine, Martin. Don’t forget to register the name. – FEd]

  19. We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening on Sunday! What a great atmosphere.

    We were in the cheap seats on the balcony – great seats!

    I’ve added Ron Geesin to the list of people I’d like to have round for dinner. The aphorisms were good, my favourite was the difference between a fanatic and an enthusiast, i.e. enthusiasts have a sense of humour. I really liked the piece in the first half with the choir and the blackbird that had been slowed down by ‘modern methods‘.

    I thought the beer was a bit of a rip off at £3.50 so opted for the Champagne at £7 a glass instead – much better value for money & steadied the old nerves a treat.

    The second half was just…well…David, brilliant, as always.

    It was nice to see some familiar faces again too.

  20. [I’ll try to send some photos later.]

    …if I figure out the e-mail address to send them to. 😉


    [If you can get them online and send a link, that would be best. But please note that photos taken during the performance shouldn’t have been taken. Cadogan Hall staff were quite strict about photography and were constantly asking people to put their cameras away. It wouldn’t be right to display those photos here. Photos from fan get-togethers would be much better. – FEd]

  21. I too would be interested to know if David enjoyed himself. I’m sure he did, he wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t, eh? My real interest is whether he’s getting a hankering after these little venues. 900 seats!

    The reviews are great, thanks and keep them coming folks.

    Now I’m going to eat comfort food. . .

    ash X

  22. So, if I understood well, you attended the show, Fed, surely with a big grin hidden behind your horrible fake and hot beard… Did at least your fake moustaches let you enjoy your £3.50 beer(s)?

    ‘Ron Geesin’s first-half aphorisms’? What about that? I knew that Ron Geesin was an eccentric person…

    Please, wouldn’t it be possible to post on the blog some of his aphorisms? It must have been great fun.

    BTW, my favourite aphorism is ‘Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity’ (Einstein), but it’s not fun and it’s nothing to do with today topic…

    A better one: ‘La joie est en tout, il faut savoir l’extraire’ (Confucius), c’est si vrai, non ?…


    [I had plenty to grin about, believe me. I’m afraid I can’t remember the aphorisms well enough to do them justice. (That has nothing to do with drinking over-priced beer, by the way.) – FEd]

  23. It just occurred to me that the show is rehearsed and performance ready, what a pity if it is not being toured.

    Chewing nails now. . .

    ash X

  24. Maybe David will introduce AHM as part of his regular setlist? THAT would be kinda cool!!

  25. The Cadogan Hall staff were very strict about cameras. I understand that it can impede on people’s enjoyment of the performance, and can be distracting for the artist, but I took a few pictures after the performance, while David and the band were taking a bow etc. and I got told off!

    [Good! As soon as one person starts, others push their way to the front to take photos.- FEd]

  26. FEd,

    I first saw Ron perform about 30 years ago and he is always entertaining, thought provoking and absolutely original – a genuine one off. Humour runs through everything he does which when combined with deadly serious means you never quite know where you are! His performance on Sunday was spectacularly good. How could you not warm to this man?

    I never expected to see AHM performed live. It was a joy from start to finish. As always DG’s contribution made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

    A night to remember for a very long time and well worth the trip from Scotland.


  27. It was an unforgettable experience to see and hear David Gilmour perform in such an intimate venue!

    All the musicians were simply magnificent and it sounded great. For me, this was what Atom Heart Mother was intended to sound like. Mr. Gilmour seemed to be very relaxed and I think his guitarwork was stunning, particularly the pedal steel parts. It was simply magical.

    I sincerely hope that the recordings of this beautiful event will be made available for all Pink Floyd fans to enjoy!

    Best wishes.

    The Netherlands.

  28. I was sure it would have been great. The suite is wonderful, and it’s not a typical “Tour track”.

    Now, let me have a moment of national pride:

    Congratulazioni Federico! I read right now an article about you on L’Espresso. Great!

    I wish you all a wonderful time, while I will stay to get a lot of rain in Milan! Anyway, I can hope IN RAINBOWS. 😉


  29. Hello Fed! Hello Bloggers! I was there!!!!

    2 weeks ago I was for the 1st time in London, and two weeks later again, but only for one day.

    After the short flight Berlin-Gatwick we met with other David-fans near the Cadogan Hall at a little nice pub, “Duke of Wellington”. We had a really nice sunshiny afternoon.

    Our places were o.k. in this little concert hall. The sound was good but not perfect.

    It was the evening from Ron Geesin and his compositions. His comments, playing and gestures were amazing. The cello parts with Caroline Dale were perfect. The young people from the Royal College of Music and also the Canticum with Mark Forkgen and of course Mun Floyd were really good. Our hero David was not the official leader of the evening (for me as a David-fan he was it).

    Amazing to see during the Atom Heart Mother suite was, how Ron Geesin (sitting at the piano) enjoys the music.

    David left the stage during the applause. Then it was clear: no solo encore, for instance “Fat Old Sun”, was planned.

    Our first comment: very nice but too short. We hope that David “recovers his appetite” to play live on stage!!

    Thank you all musicians for this wonderful evening!

    With best wishes from Berlin,

  30. I never thought I would hear AHM played live, it was awesome. I was in the centre of row C.

    There was a woman next to me who had never heard AHM, she was not a PF fan and was only there because her daughter is a member of Canticle. She was going to leave after the first half but her daughter told her to stay. Afterwards the woman was on her feet applauding as enthusiastically as the rest of us. She thought AHM was ‘fantastic’ – true praise coming from a non-believer!

    Congratulations to all concerned – Ron Geesin was eccentric and amusing, all the musicians did an excellent job, the conductor managed to keep everyone together, and of course David was magnificent.

    The Italian band must have been overwhelmed by playing alongside the ‘master’ but they did well and sounded good.

    Altogether it was another magical night to add to my box of memories.

  31. I didn’t manage to get a ticket (bugger), but I did go to the venue and take a few pics.

    I saw banners going down King’s Road and took a pic of them, then made my way to the hall.

    I saw Aubrey Powell trying to park his 4×4 into a titchy space outside the hall, he just didn’t fit and then drove off! And Tony Smith who is better known as Genesis’ manager. I saw in a book recently that he manages Mr Mason too!

    It’s a shame that Mr O’Rourke is not around anymore! You don’t realise what people have achieved until it’s too late.

    I got a programme from inside and took a pic of the cow!!! And watched the monitors inside the foyer!! Some would say the “Perfect view”!!!

    (Glad you had a good time Mr FEd!!! And the other fans too!!)

    All the best,
    Robert (ere, i’m moving to Highgate on Monday!!! Mike Leonard as a neighbour, imagine that….ha!!)

    [Good luck with the move, Robert. – FEd]

  32. Hi Fed

    Here I’ve got a few nice pictures from Sunday. One from me alone with the Cow: […]

    And one from our group meeting (click my name).

    From left to right: Bas (Holland), Werner (Austria), Michael (Austria), Wolfgang (Austria), Ina & Raig (Germany)

    It was great to learn that the guy sitting to my left was Nate from the Blog. We had a nice conversation and he was very friendly! To my right was a personal friend of Ron Geesin. So I was in really good company.

    Sadly Nate, we met so late – should have gone for a pint afterwards! After the show I met a few more Bloggers, sorry forgotten the names, but one of them was Lorraine.

    To hear and see David performing was fantastic! Caroline Dale was also very good. I also liked the first part very much. I didn’t understand a lot from Ron Geesin’s aphorisms. But his playing on the grand piano and banjo was great!

    It was something very special!


    [Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, Werner. – FEd]

  33. This blog is in danger of jumping the shark.

    [Thanks for pointing that out to me, Bruce. Odd that you should ignore all the random nonsense and other undisguised filler and choose to submit such a snide observation today, after more than a week of non-stop exclusive updates about David’s forthcoming live album, when fans are now talking about seeing David in concert just last weekend. Whatever. Bring out the shark and he can have the same “Bite me” that I’d give you… if only I could be bothered to further waste my time. – FEd]

  34. Atom Heart Mother? 1970? Fairfield Halls, Croydon, London.

    Scene 1: PA Speakers surround the hall (why would anyone do this!)

    Scene 2: Sounds of footsteps clanking; seems to be edging behind the audience (who are baffled/nervous laughter!)

    Scene 3: Band members sitting down and drinking tea on the stage (surreal)? Could be real? Anyone else have any fuzzy recollections..time passes. ;)))

  35. [“atom heart mother strikes me as absolute crap” – david gilmour – david]

    I must really like crap. 😛

    I’m glad you all had the opportunity to go. I know it had to be brilliant.

    £3.50 a pint? Makes you wanna buy a cheap bottle of wine and have at it!

    I paid $6 for a pint recently, and fumed the entire time I drank it. I reckon the trick is to drink till you don’t care anymore; not a chance.

    “Give my people plenty of beer, good beer and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution amoung them.” – Queen Victoria

  36. How about you FEd? Was it everything you expected? Did it leave you wanting to hear more? Was there any particular highlight for you? And how was the afterparty?



    [1. I really didn’t know what to expect from the first half, but the second half was bang-on. 2. More from the second half, yes, but at a different time and place. 3. Probably the blues-playing during the ‘Mother Fore’ section. 4. A bit like watching paint dry, to be honest with you, but without the waning stench. (Am I allowed to say that?) – FEd]

  37. I was there both nights.

    The venue was excellent. An interesting clash of two different groups, Floyd fans and people wearing cravats and eccentrically designed bespoke suits.

    Not really knowing what to expect from the first half of the show, I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘Ron Geesin Show’. He was extremely entertaining, very talented and completely bananas! The duet with Caroline Dale was magnificent, as was the piece with a slowed down 1.5 kg blackbird.

    The second half was extremely good, Mun Floyd doing an excellent job, although the drums and guitar nearly drowned out the choir and cello.

    On Sunday I met up with Nate, Lorraine and her daughter and Tim for a swift one beforehand.

    Gary Hurley, I think I must have been sitting in front of you! I was directly behind Storm Thorgerson. I too had a restricted view of David but did manage to see his hands at least. Although I thought the acoustics were excellent…

  38. …The sound levels of each section had been improved significantly from the first night. David’s performance was simply unbelievable. It brought an incredible level of depth and power to the piece. The slide guitar just lifted you immediately to another plane; the slide on the encore reprise even more so. Stunning.

    David also did a manoeuvre Dick Parry would have been proud of, playing slide and guitar almost simultaneously during the transition from one to the other!

    All the musicians were fantastic and I thought the whole thing was a great success and sounded very contemporary. The Echoes-like additions worked well too. Overall: phenomenal.

    Amusingly, as we came out we saw David and Polly driving off in a motor home, which provided a nice juxtaposition with all the flash sports cars [Nate :)] and 4x4s occupying the street!

    Many congratulations to everyone involved for a spectacular evening.


  39. Does David playing a prototype signature Strat give reason to hope that “one of these days” will turn out to be relatively soon? Perhaps sometime in 2008?

    At any rate, I wish I could have been there for this. Alas, it’s hard to make it to things on the other side of the pond on short notice without piles of cash laying around.


    [Hopefully, Kurt. – FEd]

  40. Hey FE’d,

    just wanted to wish all concerned a great evening!!!

    Oh wait, you shut early last week, ah well better late than never.

    Would I be wrong in thinking that this wee show won’t be making it to an official release (in any format) soon?
    Hope I’m wrong. 🙂

    (Sneaked on to a box set of the deluxe variety. :))


    [I think you would most definitely be wrong, but you never know. – FEd]

  41. Is £3.50 overpriced? If you went to a show like that in Norway, the beer would at least be double the price. For a .5 litre. Please don’t complain.

    Would very much have liked to be there, but I was sleeping on Sunday 😛 (after being up all night. Role playing..)

    Hope you had a nice long weekend, FEd. Can’t make it to the chat tomorrow. 🙁

  42. [Maybe David will introduce AHM as part of his regular setlist? THAT would be kinda cool!! – NewYorkDan]

    That would be cool, but honestly I can think of many more songs that are not on David’s regular set list that I would prefer to fill a half hour slot. Like Dogs or Saucerful of Secrets (or both).

    That said, I still can’t get that slide solo out of my head. I wish I could have been there. And here’s another vote for a recording of this performance to be released in some fashion.

  43. Hi Fed,

    I was in the balcony in front of the stage-brilliant view. I seemed to be really close due to the small venue, which was brilliant. Accoustics were excellent in this lovely and intimate place and the whole show absolutely astounding.

    I can’t really add more than what has already been said, except that besides David being brilliant, Caroline Dale was superb and the choir was sheer bliss to listen to. Everybody performed beyond words.

    Thankyou David and Ron for making it another night to remember. I travelled down from Loughborough to see this and it was worth every penny, thankyou all so much.


  44. “David was actually playing a prototype of the Signature Strat that Fender will manufacture one of these days”

    The best news today…

  45. I was there and it was absolutely marvellous. The first half was very funny, very moving and everything in between. I really liked the slide show and Ron Geesin’s talk about AHM, but AHM itself was simply breathtaking. I for one never considered throwing the album in the bin and have always liked the piece tremendously, especially live.

    The sound was great, I had an excellent view, the white wine was lovely, the choir and musicians superb, Geesin very funny (swimming is controlled drowning, living is controlled dying) and Gilmour… well, what can I say? I ran out of superlatives.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that we went to see this.

  46. Hi All,

    I was lucky enough to be there, I was in Row K on the right hand side, luckily not under the gallery, I thought the sound was great.

    I must say I never thought I would see AHM live & a brilliant performance it was, I liked Ron ‘inspecting’ the inside of his grand piano and David was in great form, he looked like he was really enjoying himself.

    Ron’s banjo playing & Gaelic number was brilliant.

    The only one of his aphorisms I can remember was ‘Fanatasism is enthusiasm without humour’.

    I did not take any photos, I don’t take cameras anymore to concerts. I understand why they ban cameras, it is mainly because of the flash, most people don’t know how to turn it off & a guy next to me took a flash photo & was promptly told off.

    £3.50 a beer is not too bad, last year in Seoul I made a big mistake & ordered a beer that refreshes parts etc & because it is an imported beer there cost me £14!!!!


    [Ouch. – FEd]

  47. I’m pleased to report on a very pleasant day where, thanks to David’s usual modesty, the music was the star.

    First, of course, when up in town, a Norfolk gentleman heads straight for Jermyn Street to buy a couple of decent shirts …. for his good lady wife, naturally.

    This being a day for culture, a couple of hours was spent in The Natural History Museum where, fellow bloggers, you will be glad to know that amongst other things I discovered that tectonic plate movements ensure that in 250 million years time, the continents will have shifted such that there will be one land mass somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, and nobody much will be worrying about climate change … I find a little geological perspective can be reassuring …

    Excited as a little space cadet, I found myself in the Sloane Square area at around 4:00pm and, wishing to dissociate myself from the happy band hanging around the stage door, I found myself chatting to a lady who turned out to be a steward at the Hall and who spotted me admiring the model Fresian located at Duke of York Square on the Kings Road. The Sloane Square area was festooned with posters of our old friend Lulubelle III and the gradual accumulation of Pink Floyd t-shirts from many eras hinted at an event in the air.

    At around 5:30 I headed back to the hall to find the unlikely spectacle of Nate in a suit and having found a bar on Sloane Square, some mineral water and a masterclass in i-phone twittering, met Lorraine sporting a fine Glaswegian tan, the long-suffering Samantha and proceded to talk about F’ed behind his back. Little did we know that F’ed was in the vicinity, sporting no doubt one of the jaunty, cow-patterned hats commissioned for the occasion…

  48. …The time arrived and I found myself in a rather good seat, directly behind the voice and guitar of The Aussie Floyd, and having shaken the good fellow’s hand, it was nice to see that he (and the drummer) were very excited about the prospect of seeing the show.

    The show proved to be full of unexpected pleasures. Let’s be clear, boys and girls, this was Ron Geesin’s show and not a vehicle for David to grab the limelight. Indeed it was a nice window into a world of culture that the average rock fan (but then we are Gilmorettes, aren’t we?) does not often visit.

    The first half featured Ron and works he had written or assembled to show-case the elements of the AHM ensemble …. so we had a discordant “argument” amongst the brass section, Ron improvising on Piano, some witty aphorisms (e.g. “a fanatic is an enthusiast without a sense of humour”, swimming is controlled drowning), Caroline Dale playing cello the only way she knows how – beautifully – Ron appearing as mad as a box of frogs, ranting gibberish (it might have been Icelandic, mind) and playing banjo and then a bit of bass marimba before a choral piece to the sound of a pitch-reduced blackbird …. all wrapped around by Ron’s peculiar style of eccentric, warm and amusing delivery. His particular delight is to revel in little contradictions and juxtapositions, and all power to him.

    …The interval made for some splendid people-watching. Phil Manzanera filed past and I wondered if I spotted Storm Thorgerson, and of course a black Strat on its stand. I did notice that the Hendrix strap was absent but did not realise we were to be treated to a test-run of the signature Strat. I can tell any potential buyers that, in the right hands, it is a fine instrument.

    When Polly appeared and sat with Phil, you couldn’t help notice the necks craning which always strikes me as rather unfortunate in a small hall…

  49. …The second half kicked off with a potted history of Ron’s involvement in AHM along with a slide slow. Nothing much that we Floydies didn’t already know. Then, to practically no ceremony whatsoever, the players came onto the stage with David appearing through a door at the back. A fine example of a man who needs no introduction, and who barely got one!

    The tension mounted as the projection screen cranked inch by inch into the stowed position and I confess the urge to fill the long silence with “David, pleeeeeeeease come to Brazil” was suppressed only by my natural shyness … and then we were off.

    I had heard that the sound was a little “off” on Saturday but this was well balanced and we were treated to a fine rendition of the piece, warm, a little bluesy, with David noticeably getting into his stride as we went on. David played both slide and Strat and executed a move reminiscent of Dick “two Sax” Parry when he switched to Strat whilst standing up from his stool a couple of times. The piece flowed nicely and fully deserved its outing.

    Everybody had a splendid time and, after some embellished solos, the piece ended to rapturous applause and a brief reprisal of the main theme as encore with David turning it up another notch before leaving the stage as unceremoniously as he had entered.

    The lights came up, and yours truly bolted back to the Tube, headed for Kings X, Cambridge and home, a new favourite having been added to the Floyd collection.

  50. Well, I’ll state the obvious by saying I wish I was there (that’s getting to be a refrain for me on this blog!).

    Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone! Glad you could make the show FEd!

  51. I would like to thank Ron & everyone concerned for getting this performance on. It was a fantastic show. Ron’s first half antics reminded me of Spike Milligan, poetic comic genius.

    The rest of the show was pure pleasure from everyone. David was a magician as always with the guitar. I am sure he enjoyed it, as my brother in law Mark Forkgen (the conductor who obscured some people’s view!) said he enjoyed the rehearsals.

    [Thanks for that, Phil. – FEd]

  52. [Well, I’ll state the obvious by saying I wish I was there (that’s getting to be a refrain for me on this blog!). – Jersey Mike]

    …I wish I were David’s guitar…would that be considered a little too…sensual/intimate for a hetero-male?


  53. I was there, and though everything has been said in previous posts by the other bloggers, for me this has been an unforgettable evening, full of art and magic, either from Ron Geesin or from David and from both at the same time, with the wonderful addition of the cellist, the choir, the brass section and the wanna-be-Floyds-who-were-Floyd-for-a-night, all fantastic musicians in their own right.

    I still get goosebumps when i think of it. Sheer pleasure.

    Thanks Ron for putting this extraordinary piece so beautifully on stage, for our delight.

    Thanks David for being there and making an old fan happy.

    I wish I’ll have another chance to see you perform live again -and I’m sure i’m not just talking for myself but for all your fans- under the Pink Floyd name and with new great material. The world is hungry for quality art, and there’s no higher quality in this art than what you all can deliver.

  54. I was fortunate to see the news of this concert on a music website early one morning and just managed to snag one of the few tickets left on the website at that time. It was a “cheap” seat in the balcony near the edge of the stage but for this intimate venue it was a great view and the sound was pretty good too.

    I too was also amused by the mix of people attending – I’m sure there were a fair few who knew little of Pink Floyd. On the other hand I’m not sure what a lot of the Floydians made of Ron Geesin’s mad show, but I really enjoyed its variety, and sense of humour. The short slide presentation he gave telling the story of his involvement with the making of the album was interesting.

    The performance itself of AHM was a once in a lifetime experience (I suspect this will be literally true in this case). The contrast of the different sections, the brass, choir and rock, was fantastic and naturally, David’s performance was superb and was the icing on the cake.

  55. But… What does it mean, ‘jumping the shark’ ??? Help a poor and empty French brain, please…


    [It’s an expression that Americans are rather fond of, used to suggest that something has passed its best or lost its appeal. Which is fair enough. – FEd]

  56. Exceptional gig last Sunday. Have to say that AHM has been a dust gatherer on the shelf for decades, purchased retro after Dark Side etc. Never gave it much time until I got the ticket nod for Sunday. On the night that mix of Ron Geesin and the Mun Floyd’s rhythm with David’s guitar set the thought process in the direction of what could be.

    12 minutes in David fills the tiny hall with genius. What he does with the Fender just lifts the whole thing a notch against a meandering rhythem from the Mun Floyd, and on the back of that, about 24 mins in, David nods a smile of approval to Federico during one of the Caroline Dale solos. It really is beautiful music.

    The cello solos aren’t as apparent on the album and that’s where the thought process progresses – what is and what should never be.

    An AHM revisit!

    How about a reissue by everyone concerned, reinvented, updated and repackaged. It would certainly put the score at least level perhaps with Meddle, maybe even higher, satisfy reunionists and give everybody a bit of space.

    Just a thought.

  57. It’s been fun reading everyone’s feedback about the AHM experience. I had to laugh at the thought of Tim_C fighting the urge to shout out the ‘pleeeease come to Brazil’ refrain during the moment of silence!! One of those close-call Tourette’s moments. ;^D

    FEd, happy to hear that you were able to catch the show, too! Surely you were wearing a comfortable, high-quality, realistic beard ‘n’ stash in order to blend in, but did the glasses complete with Marty Feldman googly eyes give you away??

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [It’s a great look… – FEd]

  58. Great sound. I was there both nights. The sound was very… real. No computers, no special effects, no super-technology. Only drums, bass guitar, Hammond organ, a funny Farfisa organ (very well played by the Italian guitarist) and a couple of Stratocasters. It seemed like being back in the 70s.

    Thanks David and all the guys in Mun Floyd from Italy. Bravo.

  59. I was there too – and loved it. Ron is quite a character. Some of the poems were just a tad indulgent, but it was all worth it for his introduction to the ‘art’ of AHM by way of a brief prologue.

    I’d never listened to AHM in terms of parts before and I really loved the more ‘classical’ way of listening to the music (more overt, or just away from the way I typically listen to AHM). Absolutely fascinating, and Ron is a great storyteller.

    As for the AHM Suite itself, it was amazing. I hate using that word because it doesn’t really describe it, but the experience was incredible. I was sitting in L15, so dead centre about 3/4rs back and the sound was magnificent. I must admit that when the first chorus/theme of AHM came around with DG and the rest of the band it all sounded a little weird (levels, or just my brain/expectation) but I can’t be sure that it wasn’t my state of mind because the next time round it was fine.

    Anyhow, the choir, the horn section and in particular the cellist was just amazing but the entire sound, and the faithfulness to the original was outstanding…but with all the live variance that makes it a live experience…

  60. …Whenever David starts to solo the magic happens – and I’m entranced and blown away by it every single time, almost as if it were the first. As I and everyone else has said, it’s all in the feel…and no-one on this planet has the feel that Mr G has. End of. I WANT MORE!! 🙂

    Thanks for a beautiful evening. The crowd were actually really well behaved (odd moron with camera, but no flash) and only a single embarrasingly loud mobile answerphone to contend with (at least that was my experience).

    Didn’t meet any bloggers though… definitely time for some DG blogger t-shirts I feel. 😉


    p.s. I never, ever, in my wildest dreams would have expected to hear Ron and David play AHM live. Thanks!!

  61. […I wish I were David’s guitar…would that be considered a little too…sensual/intimate for a hetero-male? – Angelo]

    We, Gilmourettes, have had a conversation or two about that very thing.

    About being David’s guitar, that is. =)

    Thank you, everyone, for your reviews. I’m glad so many of you were able to make it to the show. It sounds like it was absoultely fantastic. As expected.

    Excited to hear about the Strat. I’d like to know David’s thoughts on it. Hopefully it ‘passed inspection’.

    See you in chat tomorrow. . .


  62. I WAS THERE and for me it was an UNFORGETTABLE EVENING!

    THANKS DAVID to make it possible to hear that amazing piece of music once again! I was 3 years old when the record came out, and 5 years old when PINK FLOYD played it the last time!

    DAVID`s guitar playing was so BEAUTIFUL – best part was when he changed from STEEL to STRAT guitar again! So perfect and amazing – hopefully this comes out or as a download for all the other people that haven`t any chance to visit the concert!

    I meet RON GEESIN at 3 PM when he arrived and talked to him and got a photograph with him – a great nice gentleman.

    At 4:45 PM DAVID arrives with a CARAVAN with his wife POLLY and also GUY PRATT !! There is no chance of autographs…, cause he has his youngest child in his arms to go straight ahead to the stage door entrance.

    The first half of the concert was music of RON GEESIN and I think I especially liked the part he had written for CAROLINE DALE…

  63. Thanks for the stories everybody. It sounds like a fantastic show to be at, especially with all the face spotting.

    I’m taking my son to see a Pink Floyd tribute band soon. I’m not sure what to expect.


  64. …The second half was the ATOM HEART MOTHER SUITE feat. our DAVID on STEEL and STRATOCASTER guitars! Amazing job (again).

    I have some special pictures but no idea which way I have to post them to you!? If you like to get pictures, FEd please be so kind to give me more instructions for help!

    My seat was VERY GOOD – it was in the STALLS – Row M21 and I have a nice view to all what happened on stage including DAVID!

    In the intermission I saw a lot of people like POLLY, PHIL MANZANERA, STEVEN WILSON of Porcupine Tree (who I love) and members of the AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW (which played on David`s 50th birthday) etc.

    Hopefully RON GEESIN will have a chance to bring it out to the PF fans on DVD or CD – this was (of course) an UNFORGETTABLE evening!

    THANKS DAVID and of course RON GEESIN and MUN to make this possible!


    [Can you get them online? If so, just let me know the address and I’ll find them. – FEd]

  65. Many thanks to all involved in Sunday evening’s performance, it was an intriguing and scintillating night.

    When I heard David was doing a guest spot, I thought it might be just a brief appearance, but still worth the trip from the Midlands. I feel totally spoiled that he did the whole set. The combination of so many powerful elements – brass, cello, choir (oooh, the choir!), the band, Ron’s piano,and David’s sublime guitar – was awesome.

    I’ve listened to the original AHM today, it seems to have nowhere near the power and energy of Sunday night – I wish I could capture that sound and remember it for ever.

    Thanks again – good night!

  66. …OH, I forget to say that the middle part (approx from 19 minutes to 21 minutes, approx 2 minutes) remidns me of ECHOES. A “new adventure” to hear it hear on Atom Heart Mother Suite!

    Also met STORM THORGERSON after the show on the street!


  67. TY all for sharing your reviews of that great event, making me very jealous, and hoping for another David gig rather soon.

    Michele, good you asked about that shark idiom, I had no clue either what it meant.

    Fed, how great that you made it to London too, I suspected so as the Blog was closed over the weekend, and I bet you had some fun, not only being there in camouflage.

    I wish the chat tomorrow would be at a time I could attend to hear all the first hand accounts of the weekend.

  68. Though I wasn’t physically at the event, with the help of the recaps, I feel that I was virtually there. Good read and thank you.

  69. Jesus, these holidays in Spain come at the worst of times, green eyed monster here.

    Sounded like a great night.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  70. Oooooh, so jealous of you all that were able to attend! Thanks for all the details. It helps when you are unable to go and waiting to read anything and everything about what happened.

    Good to have you back Fed! I’m glad you were able to attend also. Did you have a good seat?

    Barbara P

    [Not bad, thanks. – FEd]

  71. “Thanks for pointing that out to me, Bruce….”

    I love it when you get going, FEd.

  72. Dear FEd,

    It was worth it, to be there! Indeed! What a fantastic man Ron Geesin is! His humour was great. I had a chat to him before the event. And his pianoplay was brilliant and nice. And his piece written for Caroline Dale: breathtaking! Yes, I got goose skin.

    But the highlight: The AHM-suite, with an amazing David Gilmour. Funny to see his artistic (?) movements, changing from his steel guitar to his black Strat. May be he has learnt a little bit of Dick Parry?… (At Royal Albert Hall DP impressed me with his alternate saxophones changes).

    All in all: A great evening!

    (BTW: Shame on you, taking photos when David was about to leave his caravan, carrying one of his children. That is a total lack of respect, and a kind of intruding the Gilmour family’s intimate zone. -Or what, FEd?)

    [Agreed. – FEd]

  73. what can i say? just amazing, both night were great, but seeing David play again, well doesn’t get any better than that.

    almost got knocked down by the Gilmour family as i crossed the road too, lol. somehow i feel i would have been ok with that!

    great weekend.

    thinking on one’s feet keeps the brain off the floor!!

  74. Thanks for all the reports!!….and thanks to Michele who asked about the shark, empty Irish brain here as well….

    Did David not meet the rent? A caravan indeed.

  75. Great reviews everyone, really great! Tim_C, I was at that show with you (via your review). Thank you so much!

    FEd, is it too much to ask for an insider’s perspective? Though I must say, your watching (and smelling) paint dry-like aphorisms of the after-party was indeed laugh inducing. That reminded me of a little ditty:

    Once I saw the Ron amorphisms,
    I viewed people’s visions lewd,
    But upon re-reading the aphorisms,
    It’s my vision that’s skewed.

    And Michele don’t worry, I thought “Jumping the Shark” was a Mexican drinking ritual.

    And as a final thought, a good beer at almost any NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA game now runs over $8.00US.

    [Oh, I’ll never be an insider. Not really. I paid for my ticket like all the other punters, thank you very much. – FEd]

  76. With all this talk about jumping and animals (Note the small ‘A’)…

    I think on Sunday we witnessed the cow jumping over the (dark side of the) moon.

  77. Wow, two fantastic shows. Lovely venue with great acoustics. Obviously great to see and hear David Gilmour in such surroundings, but the first night was also very good and although the drums tended to drown out some other instruments in parts, both shows will always be a highlight for a long time to come.

    Managed a quick chat with Harry Waters during the Saturday show’s interval, and also with Tony Smith (Genesis manager) on the Sunday interval.

    A unique event, judging by the lengthy and loud applause by all who were lucky enough to attend.

  78. [4. A bit like watching paint dry, to be honest with you, but without the waning stench. (Am I allowed to say that?) – FEd]

    O FEd, I love your wit and perspective. Kinda reminds me of myself. Appreciate your take and review, it is priceless.

    One other question, now that you know what some of the bloggers look like, do you notice them at the events? Ever have the urge to talk to any of them? Or come up and say, hey, you are so-and-so? Is it sometimes difficult to keep that wall up?



    [I’m not the most social of beings, preferring the company of people I know well, but yes, the thought has crossed my mind. I often feel terribly rude for not being more chatty. Towards the fans, I mean, not the free-loading bores that don’t give a f*ck about anything (all that fickle interest and token chit-chat is such a drag). But I find the whole ‘meet and greet’ process excruciating. Besides, I don’t have anything interesting to say to anyone. I realise that I’m a nobody. I’d much rather stand back and observe, chuckle at the people that try too hard. – FEd]

  79. Just like to add my thanks to all who’ve contributed to the experiences of AHM and for taking the time to write such excellent, often amusing, reviews of the show. Well done all and thanks again.

    And if anyone really does think this place is “past its best” then go back and read the comments from the last 6 months. Rarely has anywhere been so exciting to be!!!

    Keep it up FEd and all…


    [Thank you, Paul. – FEd]

  80. [i find the title track very boring and just goes nowhere in its 20 odd mins. – david]

    Ciao a tutti. This comment is from David. I had no time to read them all.

    Strange comment. I always supposed that this album was one must for a Pink Floyd fan. I can agree that the Pink Floyd version heard live without orchestra is quite flat… but the record version is simply stunning.

    I think that they lacked inspiration and Ron Geesin’s work transformed the suite in that epic piece we all know. The rest of the album has a beautiful “Fat Old Sun” and “Summer 68” from Wright. And the quiet and peaceful “If” by Waters. I think that the only thing which didn’t work was “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” which is a great idea turned into nothing special…

    I say this to express all my envy for having not being there to hear Ron Geesin’s orchestra, David Gilmour and “Mun Floyd”, the Italian band (ciao ragazzi) who made this real with their passion which only fans have.


  81. I’ve always been an Atom Heart Mother Fan and I saw them at the Bath Festival and at Hyde Park. Do I now hold a record? I think we should all thank Ron for what he created.

    My seat was in the middle of the front row. Since getting the ticket I must have listened to AHM about 20 times so I could tell the differences. The extended cello part – beautiful, David’s guitar parts – sublime, the brass band – brilliant, the choir – spot on. Everything was so well performed. This was the definitive version.

    After all this work, surely it would be worth putting it on at the Albert Hall. I hope the film footage will be released or a CD made available. It would make a good TV programme.

    I liked the way David took his cue from the conductor and played his part to perfection. His opening chords were so powerful. How did David get back into this piece after such a long layoff? It was like a Concerto for Guitar and Cello.

    A wonderful experience – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  82. The blog, ‘jumping the shark’

    […Which is fair enough. – FEd]

    I don’t think so.


  83. Some great reviews, thanks for that and keep them coming.

    I wasn’t there, but it’s good to know that, all went fine, and so many of you had a great time.

  84. [BTW, my favourite aphorism is …. – Michèle]


    I think mine comes from Oscar Wilde. The meaning is “I can resist everything except temptation”.

    And from Mark Twain: “I prefer Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company”.

    [There you go, Becky. Mark Twain would understand why we’d rather have dinner with Jim Jones than Mother Teresa (bless her). – FEd]

  85. […I wish I were David’s guitar…would that be considered a little too…sensual/intimate for a hetero-male? – Angelo Ortiz]

    I dunno, Ang. But your sexually ambiguous desires are becoming a refrain for you on this blog! (Nudge nudge, wink wink. Say no more…)

  86. [I don’t think so. – Michèle]

    Neither do I. Like Paul said, there’s been plenty to get excited about.

    I enjoyed the AHM reviews. Wish I’d been there.

  87. I wonder if Angelo means he would like someone to pay a lot of money for him. 🙂

    ash X

  88. Any idea what ‘Mun’ means as in Mun Floyd?

    Back in 2003, a group of French students performed AHM in Paris, together with brass, choir and ballet. They had it professionally filmed and had it on-line for a while. This too was also excellently pulled off and beautifully performed.

    Perhaps this was the initial spark behind Ron’s resurrection of AHM.

    I also read in The Sun [it was lying around at work, honest] that both David AND Rick had been approached for the performance. Any truth in this? As it’s The Sun, probably none what-so-ever! [I’m answering my own questions here]

    Any official AHM Polly pictures to look forward to in The Galleries?


    [It’s not for me to say what the plan was, sorry, but as for photos, I don’t expect any. – FEd]

  89. It is kind of weird timing to say that this site has jumped the shark considering the recent activity. But rather than flame someone just because I don’t agree I’d like to explain why I don’t agree.

    Before the site came around, except for the Meltdown concerts and Live 8, David had been rather dormant with his professional work. Or at least it appeared so to the public. It’s obvious now that he hadn’t been all THAT dormant, because his skills have improved over that time. But we had no way of knowing that, and he had no way of knowing that we cared in the way we do. And no, begging for another PF tour is not showing we care, not the same way that showing we appreciate his music shows we care.

    Then came OAI, and with it came the site and blog. David isn’t so dormant anymore, and we know he cares about his fans and and he knows we care about his music. I think there is a correlation between the increased communication and David’s activity.

    So the site remains useful in that regard.

  90. Hi Guys

    I was there both nights and really enjoyed a lot of the comments there.

    I’ve posted my own review on my blog (click my name).

    Meeting David at the rehearsal on Thursday was great too, thoroughly decent chap.

    And yes there is a connection in the name too – I was credited with finding the credited newspaper articles.

    Joe Geesin

  91. [I think mine comes from Oscar Wilde. The meaning is “I can resist everything except temptation”. – Becky]

    Ahah! good one, Becky, and Oscar Wilde also said: ‘The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.’ So true…

    A ‘funny aphorisms nonsense’ blog entry would be great fun, I think, Fed! (I have another interesting one : ‘Efficiency is intelligent laziness’…Do you agree?)


    [Maybe. – FEd]

  92. [I’d much rather stand back and observe, chuckle at the people that try too hard. – FEd]

    Go on Fed! I love a good bit of people watching myself…I went to New York a few years ago and it nearly turned my head.

    I know this will give you a laugh, Rudders as well probably….but did David pass any comment on the prototype Strat???? Any answer longer than one word would be great.

    [I can give you three: “Pretty nice, actually.” – FEd]

  93. Sadly couldn’t make it to London for this show.

    Thanks for posting reviews, criticisms, thoughts etc and letting me know what I missed out on.

    [There’s one from the Daily Telegraph in the Press section. Click your name for that. – FEd]

  94. I just want to thank Mr David Gilmour for these days spent together, first at St. Luke’s rehearsals, when the noiseless air in the church suggested me and Mun to start playing Fat Old Sun, and suggested David to pick a few notes of Terrapin and Set the Controls. Maybe David wanted to play something more…

    So thank you David, again.

  95. [I’m not the most social of beings, preferring the company of people I know well… – FEd]

    I can completely and unequivocally relate to that. The counterpoint would be, “but how can you get to know someone well without opening the door now and then?” But I hear you 100% and can’t deny your logic.



    [Very true… – FEd]

  96. Thank you for all the reviews. Wish I’d been there.

    I love that album and play it often.

    Hopefully it will make it to some kind of video release.

  97. I see the newarks on a certain auction site are already selling their programmes for silly prices…

    Newarks is an anagram by the way…

    [I realise that I’m a nobody. I’d much rather stand back and observe, chuckle at the people that try too hard. – FEd]

    Fed… you are modest… regale us with the story of a slightly drunk fan talking to DG about being able to play the spoons and sounding good…

    I wonder who it was… Fed…

    [Very good, thanks for the laugh. I’m sure you know that there’s a difference between saying something in self-deprecating jest and fawning over someone for personal gain, boring them with hogwash. (What was that aphorism about humour and fanaticism again?) – FEd]

  98. [Can you get them online? If so, just let me know the address and I’ll find them. – FEd]

    Hi FEd, sorry I have no homepage to bring them online. The only idea was to post some on my MySpace site. But one of my pictures – me with RON GEESIN can be found here (click my name).

    Maybe you like it…

    [Great shot, Pete. Thanks for that. It’s probably best not to see anymore, though. I’m seeing too many photographs taken during the performance, when Cadogan Hall staff had to keep rushing around, asking people to put their cameras away. I’ll let you find those for yourselves. – FEd]

  99. [Mark Twain would understand why we’d rather have dinner with Jim Jones than Mother Teresa (bless her). – FEd]

    Yes, FEd. So right: Jim Jones over Mother Teresa…any day!

  100. [Any idea what ‘Mun’ means as in Mun Floyd? – Dave Carlin]

    I can explain as I am Italian. Mun is the Italian way to write the pronunciation of MOON: “oo” is “u” (actually English is quite weird, you never pronounce the letters the same way in different words…). It is a word play. Mun in itself means nothing. So it is like Moon Floyd.

    And Michele!!! I quoted Oscar WILDE!!! I am the DEVIL!!! 😉

  101. Just stumbled upon this review of the gig in the Times (click my name).

    [Thanks, Byron. It’ll be in the Press section, along with some other additions, next week. – FEd]

  102. [But I find the whole ‘meet and greet’ process excruciating. Besides, I don’t have anything interesting to say to anyone. I realise that I’m a nobody. I’d much rather stand back and observe, chuckle at the people that try too hard. – FEd]

    I feel as if I have to comment Fed. I hope you dont think you can’t meet us because of this website, because after all, it is you who produces hours upon hours of hard work on this site.

    I just want you to know that if you were to meet us, then I guess it’ll all be happy days.

    Simon J

    [Thanks for that, Simon. – FEd]

  103. [I don’t have anything interesting to say to anyone. I realise that I’m a nobody. I’d much rather stand back and observe, chuckle at the people that try too hard. – FEd]

    Who are you, and what have you done with our Fed? Our Fed is always interesting and funny, and like a box of chocolates, you never know what yer gonna get… with or without nuts even, lol. 😉

    [I shouldn’t have said that, should I? It wasn’t meant to smack of self-indulgence. What I mean is, you often get boring people at parties, thinking they’re something special, expecting – nay, demanding – your interest in whatever it is that they do, even if it’s not very interesting at all. I find the forced mingling and networking rather painful (good fun to watch at times, but usually torture to participate in) and I’m usually too shy to approach someone and introduce myself, fearing the mental “Do I look like I care?” that’s hidden behind the obligatory “Oh, really? That’s wonderful. Tell me more.” Maybe I’ve just been in this industry too long, but there’s a fine line between being social and being a tosser. With that in mind, I’d rather be anti-social. – FEd]

  104. Hi, Piergiorgio, sorry, I had noticed your name in the post (18 June at 14:51), but FEd’s reply was made to Becky, therefore my mistake…

    But, in fact, I only apologize for not guessing you were the DEVIL one !!! lol !!!

    Cheers, and ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously’ (Oscar Wilde) !!! 😉

    [I don’t have anything interesting to say to anyone. I realise that I’m a nobody…etc… – FEd]

    I’m not good at words, so, a kind of metaphor:

    ‘Vienne was so special, I can’t even say why, but sure it was. A ‘something’ that I can’t explain. Time may fly, I will forever remember it.’

    Mince alors! C’est simple, you can replace ‘Vienne’ with ‘FEd’.

    Bon weekend.


    [Bon sang, such praise. That’s more than enough for one day, thank you. – FEd]

  105. Wow, really wish I had enough extra cash to fly from California to London. I would have loved to have been there! Especially if Storm Thorgerson and David Gilmour were both there. I love spending time chatting with Storm. He is really a wonderful person, not too sure about this David Gilmour chap though…8^)

    I hope the performance was professionally recorded.

    Happy Fathers Day, from the Atom Heart Mother…eh.

  106. What about a New York performance at Cownegie Hall?

    Or is that idea udderly ridiculous….?

  107. [There you go, Becky. Mark Twain would understand why we’d rather have dinner with Jim Jones than Mother Teresa (bless her). – FEd]

    But is there any real difference between them? 😉


  108. David, I would like very much for you to come back to the States and play, but I live in Arkansas and have multiple sclerosis, so I can’t travel that well. But I would give anything to see you play live. You are the best guitar player I’ve ever heard and that includes Carlos Santana. He is good but not as good as you.

    I hate that you are auctoning off your guitars, does that mean you will not play any more?

    I have the PULSE DVD and watch it every Sunday for my Floyd fix. I also have a pair of Pink Floyd pants that I wear often. I love them.

    Please call me and let me know if and when you will be playing somewhere close to me and that would be the thrill of my life. I have been a big fan since Dark Side of the Moon came out. And I got to watch Remember That Night. I loved it. I know your voice from hearing it on interviews.

    Please call me and make my life.

    Thank you so much, Carol King at […]

    [Sorry, Carol. David doesn’t telephone fans on request. – FEd]

  109. Hi David fans,

    Yes, I was there for what was an absolute Gem of a concert. I thought the star of the show was Ron himself – what a funny many, natural host and great performer. He reminded me a bit of Ronnie Corbett (sorry international fans if you don’t know who he is). I loved his revealing anecdotes and funny stories.

    The first half was very varied with a various pieces written for the event, plus Ron on solo Marimba and banjo (with Dutch accent!!). He is also a very talented piano player.

    The second half began with some very revealing anecdotes about the making of AHM, and I loved the archive photos, which I had never seen before.

    And the performance??? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it again and David was on great form – I think he enjoyed it too!!

    Lots of expensive microphones on stage so I would have thought it was recorded – wonder if it will ever see the light of day – hope so. Noticed that David was using unusual “Mini”-amps.


  110. There were a few “official” cameras there – one to the left of the stage and one in the gallery along with a fixed camera on the sound mixing desk.

    FEd – any idea if we’ll see a recording of this performance please?

    [No idea, sorry. – FEd]

  111. I got seats in Row S which was towards the back of the hall – but a great place to take in the whole ensemble. The hairs on the neck stood up as David Gilmour walked on stage and stayed like that for the rest of the night. Atom Heart Mother is one piece which always makes me very emotional – particularly the vocal choruses – and to see it live ….. well ….. I’m not sure there are words to quite sum it up.

    Face spotting – Rick Wakeman was in front of my friend who was in the gallery.

    And from Ron Geesin … “Cooking is controlled burning.”

  112. hi

    i found the concert recorded from the audience on a site, and i just can say that it was great ….

    dave is the best, he added many things that don’t appear on the cd… he is the MAN.

  113. Unfortunately I couldn’t go on Sunday, so went to the Saturday show. OK so we missed David perform, but instead we got the full performance of the Chelsea set. It was the first night of the Chelsea Festival. Let me set the scene.

    The audience: Small men in white linen suits with tall women: smart men in chinos and pink cashmere jumpers and old white haired men with walking sticks, bearing saucer sized Atom Heart Cow badges!! One even dressed up as a hippy with a long black wig and bandana. The women were of the blue rinse brigade: aged deb types or tinsel babes. Then there were us, the Floyd fans…….

    The first half was self indulgent rubbish from Ron Geesin who tried to entertain us with his ‘compositions’ written as fillers. He did a good performance of seeming to be drunk as he talked and introduced his brass section, choral singers, poems and piano solo.

    The second half, 25 mins of AHM, was better, but no David and not even the whole album.

    A tad expensive at £45.

  114. [I shouldn’t have said that, should I? It wasn’t meant to smack of self-indulgence. What I mean is, you often get boring people at parties, thinking they’re something special…. With that in mind, I’d rather be anti-social. – FEd]

    I think this was very well said. I know exactly how you feel Fed. I too struggle with this. I appreciate all you said on that subject. Watching is a lot more fun than trying to participate with stuffy people. It wears me out to try and be interesting like so many people naturally are, or, think they are! Ha!

    I enjoy reading your response to all on this blog and I hope you continue to do this for a long time. I know David has to be happy he has you to send out all his news and we depend on it. How would we know about all his new endeavors and projects without you? Thanks for all your honesty.

    Oh, by the way. I guess I am a little slow. I just saw the pictures of Beckham all over the media! Now there is someone that is not shy, really.

    Barbara P

    [Oh, he’s not shy at all (with a face you’d never tire of slapping). – FEd]

  115. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to post on this.

    The concert last Sunday was excellent. As everyone has already said, it was great to hear AHM, and I got a great view of David doing his stuff.

    I think that there were quite a few people there last week that had gone just to see David and didn’t ‘get’ or enjoy the first half, but I went with an open mind and I really enjoyed it. It’s easy to see how he has been accused of breaking pianos.

    Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

  116. FEd, it surprised me when I first read about your response to Andrew, I immediately questioned the somewhat depressing tone on that response… that’s not the fun, amusing, interesting and at times direct FEd I am attached to reading every night. Somehow, I know you will eventually rectify your response through the many questions raised by the fellow bloggers.

    I second your thoughts on your additional comments to Melissa, but I wouldn’t say that you are anti-social, that’s quite an extreme with a negative connotation. You are just simply an introvert. If that’s what I think you are FEd, then you are doing an amazing job dealing with all sorts of people online (be it a bore or interesting) and that’s why you are who you are and do what you do as the Features Editor for this blog.

    Thank you.

    [Maybe that was a bit on the extreme side, as you say. – FEd]

  117. [What I mean is, you often get boring people at parties, thinking they’re something special…. With that in mind, I’d rather be anti-social. – FEd]

    Guess that also means that you’ve let pass some meetings with people of the opposite sex that caught your eye. Bummer, I feel your pain.



  118. Damn it. I wasn’t there. I want to move to the UK, I could see David play more… WE MISS YOU IN THE USA!!!!

    I hope you get around to doing another tour here in the USA, if not a tour, at least a private show in my backyard!

  119. I was there!!! But not on Sunday, unfortunately!

    I went on Saturday, and I have some photos (click my name).

    [Thank you for sharing them, Haroldo. I hope you enjoyed the concert. – FEd]

  120. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky dogs. The Atlantic ocean kept me away from a speedy ticket.

    Any chance that the video shot could make it as a “DVD extra” to some David Gimour or Pink Floyd offical DVD release?

    Please don’t make me haunt the seedy parts of Greenwich Village or the web to try to find some bootleg video of this performance. I’m a big fan of all things Floyd and would love to hear and see what a facelift can do for ATM.

    Despite what the band thinks, I actually think that the foundations of ATM are pretty interesting – Rick’s and David’s parts especially. Alternate arrangements, especially by Ron, will always find a place on my record platter (or DVD player).

  121. Prototype of the David’s Signature Strat?

    Just sitting here catching up with the last month of blog entries and, really, it is just too much. I’m getting the vapours. The news about September’s release was just incredible, the existence of a working prototype of the Strat is just fantastic news.

    Phil’s book coming out in hardcover, hopefully in September as well, is also great.

    Good thing my birthday is in October! 😉

  122. Dear David,

    My Name is Carol King. I live in Arkansas in the States, central time. So I don’t get to go on your chat rooms, but would love dearly to talk to you.

    I have Multiple Sclerosis. I’m not in my wheelchair anymore, my legs are much better now, but I’m not able to travel that well anymore. It wears me out too much.

    I have been a loyal fan since 1973 when I was 13 and Dark Side Of The Moon came out. I have every recording put out by Pink Floyd, I even have the Pulse 2 set DVD and listen to it every Sunday afternoon for my Floyd fix. I also have iTunes on my computer with about 6 hours of Pink Floyd which I listen to everyday. I have watched Remember That Night through Netflix and really loved it. I can’t wait to afford it.

    [I hope that you will get a chance to see David perform one day, Carol. – FEd]

  123. Dear F.Ed,

    this news (click my name) taken out by the digital edition of “Il Messaggero” opens with “ROME (June 26) – The Telecomcert (Telecom gig) will not be (executed) and vanished the hope of listening to sublime Pink Floyd at Fori Imperiali….”

    Are they the usual imaginative rumours about them?

    take care
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

    P.S. please note the word “sublime”.

    [It’s worth a try, isn’t it? Thanks for that. – FEd]

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