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Blog Poll: Vinyl Box Set or Deluxe Box Set? 6% vote 'Vinyl', 63% vote 'Deluxe', 28% vote 'Both' and 3% vote 'Neither'.Just when you thought you’d set your heart on the five-disc combination of CDs and DVDs, here’s what’s in the vinyl set.

Five LPs, four of which cover the entire concert from Gdańsk, plus a 20-page booklet and web pass, so that you can also download the whole thing.

The fifth LP has a few live recordings from Venice and David’s appearance on the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ television programme (‘On The Turning Away’ from Venice, ‘The Blue’ and ‘Echoes’ from Abbey Road), plus two Barn jams.

It’s also the only package to feature ‘Wot’s…. Uh The Deal’, which is not included on the CD.

The running order of songs is exactly the same as the setlist you’ll already be familiar with (the same goes for the CD), so: ‘Speak To Me’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Breathe (Reprise)’, ‘Castellorizon’, ‘On an Island’, ‘The Blue’, ‘Red Sky at Night’, ‘This Heaven’, ‘Then I Close My Eyes’, ‘Smile’, ‘Take a Breath’, ‘A Pocketful of Stones’, ‘Where We Start’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’, ‘Astronomy Domine’, ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘High Hopes’, ‘Echoes’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’.

Go on then, hit me. I know Wot’s coming.

No questions about prices or packaging, please. You’ll have those details as soon as I have them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

94 thoughts on “Vinyl box set”

  1. Both! This is going to be an expensive September..

    What about opening the chatroom for some discussions?

    [It’ll be open tomorrow from 14:00 (UK). – FEd]

  2. Definitely Deluxe for me! The memorabilia, the concert DVD, the bonus audio tracks, the 5.1 OAI, the bonus audio/visual tracks… That’s the sort of box set that will make me a very happy person!

    The vinyl does sound good, but I like my videos!

  3. Why is not Wot’s on CD?

    What would be approximately prices for various versions?

    [There wasn’t enough room for it on the CD. Please read my comment regarding questions about prices and packaging again. – FEd]

  4. Why should we hit you, FEd? IMHO this are things decided more by record company execs than by the artists themselves. Furthermore this set in both versions (vinyl/CD) does have so many extras and songs on it, I think nobody really can complain!

    But a cool marketing research tool, this poll of today ….

    BTW: Surely you will be mentioned again in the credits of this release, FEd, won’t you? Otherwise we have to start a petition …

    [God no, there are better things to start petitions for. – FEd]

  5. I’ve always loved “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” and I think I squealed out loud when I read for the first time that David had played it. David thinks enough of this song to put it on the LP; why not in the CD/DVD set as well? Maybe there’s an Easter egg…

    Anyway, this is going to be a great album one way or another. But the part I’m most interested in is the Barn Jams, because it’s new. And because David wouldn’t release the Jams if he didn’t think they were great, we know what to expect!

  6. yes, yes, yes, the whole concert. just what i was hoping for.

    now lets just hope that some of the longer songs like ‘echoes’ haven’t been edited to pieces and let’s hope that guitar solo for ‘comfortably numb’ hasn’t had a big chunk cut out of it (remember the P.U.L.S.E version?).

    it’ll be interesting to hear how ‘time’ will sound on the album… they messed it up at the show!

    on the subject of prices, i don’t care how much it costs. i’ll still buy it. it’ll be worth the money.

    i’ll be getting both the vinyl and the deluxe box set.

  7. I voted ‘Deluxe’ (as long as the price is reasonable) as there is no way that I will buy another set for just the one track no matter how desirable that track is.

  8. Hi there!

    I don’t have a classic disc-player anymore, so there’s only the Deluxe box for me to choose.

    But a question about the vinyl: in what quality will it be made? 180gramm-disc or normal pressings?


    [That really is all I can tell you for now, sorry. – FEd]

  9. That’s gotta be expensive and probably not worth buying just for “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”.

    Like Nate, I’ll get the Deluxe set… as long as the price is reasonable.

  10. Hi everyone…Deluxe sounds good but if I get stuck I shall revert to the pin method…I love the scientific approach….

    By the way Fed, what are the Reds doing to poor old Peter Crouch…£15m? Is that realistic?

    [I’d definitely take it. – FEd]

  11. Hi Fed.

    I’m watching of course with a wide open mouth your daily additions!!

    A question: the 3 Barn Jams that are included are audio recordings or on celluloid?

    [If you have the five-disc ‘deluxe’ set, you’ll be able to see, as well as hear, them jamming away, because it’s on DVD. There’s no DVD with the vinyl set, so that’s audio-only, of course. – FEd]

  12. hmmm, i think i might be in a minority here but……

    is it going to be very ecological to have all these different versions?

    whether they are produced as green as possible or not, it’s still extra packaging, materials to make the vinyl and the cds, etc. etc. not to mention that we have several (i can’t keep up) different items to choose from, or more likley, collect all of them.

    i’m not usually the kind who worries about this stuff, but i have seen it with david bowie – endless reissues, best of albums etc., which thankfully pink floyd haven’t followed (i know there are reissues, but not every week).

    [I’ve been waiting for that. What took you so long? – FEd]

  13. also, for the first time in years i am finding myself in a position where i’m struggling with money, so much so that i had to think hard about £55 for AHM, and RW tickets. i chose not to go on both counts.

    all in all i am finding it hard to get excited about this release(s). i am pleased there is a release of any kind, but i think this might be over the top,

    listen to me, i sound like an old man.

    sorry Fed, i dont mean to drop all these grumbles at your door, and i hope the point i was trying to make has not been lost!

    anyway, roll on dvd premiere. 😉

    [I do understand. To be perfectly honest, that was my initial reaction when I saw the list. However, as always, the bottom line is that fans will buy because they want. And if there was a six-disc set, or a ten-disc set, fans would probably buy that, too. You can argue about the rights and wrongs of that approach all week; it does seem like a cop out, I know (rather like all those fans saying that more should be done to stop touts, but that they simply had to get tickets, so bought them off eBay for an absurd amount of money and exacerbated the problem in the process). As for me, I don’t personally feel the need to own every single release, nor to attend every concert, so I imagine that plenty of other fans feel the same way. I’m always saddened to see that some people consider it more important to have the latest ‘thing’ looking pretty on a shelf rather than paying the gas bill. Then again, I don’t agree that fans should be able to record concerts and make money from selling copies when they’re David’s to sell. There was a question just yesterday, in fact – which has been asked several times over the life of this blog – about David putting out official recordings of all his 2006 concerts. If he records them anyway, why not make them available? That just proves that someone will always want more and be willing to pay for it. At the same time, when more is offered, someone will always feel a bit ripped-off. – FEd]

  14. I’m feeling an ever stronger urge to get up into the loft and dust off my record player. However, I suspect I’ll go for the deluxe box set because I can play CDs when I’m working at my PC or driving in the car. Vinyl just isn’t as portable.

    I love the new sound clip on the home page today.

  15. Deluxe seems the most popular and the version I will be buying. If it is priced at £1000000000000000, then maybe slightly expensive sounding, but anything less than £60 surely would be too cheap.

    It’s all about value for money perceived or otherwise. Having just bought a new spare key for my car at £130, one could think that is expensive but a lot cheaper than a new car if I had to buy one after losing my only key.

    People will pay anything for things they really want. It’s about quality surely.

    I presume the album will not be available on cassette C90 then?


    [Sadly, no cassette. I share your pain at having to buy a spare key, by the way. – FEd]

  16. Definitely deluxe.

    But maybe there’ll be some pass to download ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ from the internet, if the lack of room on the disc is the only problem?

  17. [There wasn’t enough room for it on the CD. – FEd]

    Fortunate that there is plenty of room for it on iTunes, then. Think how many copies of that track will be sold as a £0.79/$0.99 download. 🙂

  18. Will “Wot’s … Uh The Deal” be included among the free downloadable tracks for those who purchase the CD/DVD package ?


    [No. They are live tracks from other shows. – FEd]

  19. I voted for deluxe, I have not noticed a ‘both’ option, but I’m going to buy both.

    I’m not vinyl compatible as yet, but I’m afraid when I will be ready it could be out of print.

    [Where did you vote? – FEd]

  20. Deluxe for me. I cannot wait, but I do suspect my dear husband shall be buying it for me for Christmas. So the waiting agony will be even more prolonged than you kind folks.

    I stupidly sold all my LP collection over 13 years ago. I only managed to keep one or two LPs of any significance to me, one being The Division Bell and the other A Nice Pair for all those lovely Hipgnosis photos.

    I think it is another thoughtful deed when issuing a vinyl version. That way all the vinyl collectors’ collections will remain complete.

    Best regards.

  21. This is almost tempting beyond words but I do have to be realistic when it comes to the cash, so it will be the ‘Deluxe’ version for me.

    I’ll wait ’till Christmas for the vinyl. I can’t believe I’m sweltering in an office thinking about Christmas presents already. 🙂

    Thanks for the info, FEd, top work.


  22. Again, breathtaking news!!!

    “Thańsk” FEd for sharing this “Gdańsk” info. 🙂


  23. Just like a food junkie at McDonalds, ‘I’ll take the deluxe fat ass size, please’.

    Nice and interesting music on the website today, Fed.

  24. Hey FED,

    Well, it has been a long time since I have contributed to the cause. Congrats to the new format on the site and a belated welcome back.

    I just love the new packages on offer for the fall. I am not sure which one to buy as my turntable is still in good working order. Perhaps both?

    Cheers, Howard

  25. I’m a nut, so I’ll end up getting both.

    Here is the issue with trying to get a vinyl release.

    99% of the music stores around here don’t carry vinyl releases. Some don’t even know what vinyl is even if you try to order it.

    When the Arnold Layne special edition was released, I took the SKU number to one of the shops and the manager was clueless on what to do. (Good help is hard to find.)

    I did end up getting the vinyl Layne but only via mail order. That is probably what I will have to do again.

    So when will the MFSL half-speed mastered gold discs be released? LOL.



  26. Hello Fed! Hi Bloggers!

    Deluxe for me please!

    Now I’m back. Our days in London were so amazing. Very nice city.

    With best wishes from Berlin,

    [Welcome back, Ina. – FEd]

  27. “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” is one of my favorites so to see it as a vinyl only release, hum, sounds more like a marketing trick as some space could have been found somewhere over the five CD/DVD release to include it.

    Maybe it will makes its way on a later CD single release?

    Anyway the rest sounds awesome.

  28. Dear Fed

    Thanks for all the brilliant updates and all your hard work!!! Must be time consuming!!!

    I am pleased On The Turning Away is included, only a little disappointed it is not going to be in video form on the DVD too!! Unless it will be an Easter egg?

    So FED, will there be any more suprises or is that it? Will there be any Easter eggs? Now you obviously don’t have to say what they are but could you tell us whether there will be any Easter eggs at all? A yes or no answer would do for now, HEHE!!!!

    Look after yourself!!!

    [Nice try, Matthew. – FEd]

  29. So the entire Echoes performance fits on one LP side? There’s not a whole lot of wiggle room.

    Anyway considering that it would take a lot of work to get my old turntable in working condition (I wouldn’t even know where to begin finding a new needle for it) and that in all likelihood “Wot’s…” will be releases on iTunes or something, I’ll probably skip the vinyl release.

    And I’m not so worried about pricing as I am about availability. Will these sets be available via the usual channels or will there be a limited number of distributors? Not to be a PITA but I want to be listening to these on the 16th.

    [When I have something useful to say about these things, I’ll say it. Trust me. – FEd]

  30. I hear Rob’s point and it is a good point. However are we just supposed to stop living?

    There is a difference to just keep putting out stuff and putting out stuff with a point and a conscience. Should we adopt the life of the Amish and distance ourselves from everything? Sometimes I want to do that but realize that will not make me happy.

    I don’t feel that any of this is negative or over the top.



  31. Thanks FEd, no blu-ray then?

    [There’s no Blu-ray at this moment, no. – FEd]

  32. you’re right of course, there is no law that says i must buy these things, and if i don’t like it i can keep my big mouth shut. 😉

    i saw a news report last night about bob dylan’s upcoming gallery showing, somone was saying his art wasn’t that good, then the presenter (bbc no less) summised that dylan could probably blow his nose in a tissue and somone would want to pay for it….

    [No problem, Rob. I appreciate your opinion and hope that other people feel that they can be critical, if they wish. (I wouldn’t buy Bob’s snot, by the way. I’d consider one of his paintings, though. I think they’re good.) – FEd]

  33. [Will “Wot’s … Uh The Deal” be included among the free downloadable tracks for those who purchase the CD/DVD package? – P.]

    [No. They are live tracks from other shows. – FEd]

    Thanks for the answer. I hope the track will be available somehow to those who do not own a turntable.

    [I hope so, too. – FEd]

  34. I didn’t stop to think that there could be Easter eggs on the DVDs. That’d be good.

    Maybe “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” will be released as a CD single. What do you think FEd?

    The fifth LP seems a bit suss to me. Why bother? An extra LP will only make the set more expensive and one Barn jam is missing. I guess most people would want all three jams on DVD. The Venice “On The Turning Away” is on CD or can be downloaded. We’ve all heard enough of Abbey Road.

    Sorry David, but four LPs would have made more sense to me.

    [Indeed. What do I think about CD singles? I think they’re a terrible waste of plastic. ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ is surely too long, anyway. – FEd]

  35. I am very thankful to David Gilmour again for giving out all these CDs, DVDs and vinyl. Why?

    Because there are millions of fans that never had a chance to go to his concerts, so these box sets are a real blessing for all of us.

    We love all your music and want as much of it as possible.

    Thank you so very much David Gilmour. 🙂

  36. This seems like the perfect blog entry to make my first comment on. I’ve been enjoying reading for quite a while.

    I’m something of an audiophile and have a very nice analog rig, so it will be the vinyl box set for me.

    I’m so pleased that David has continued to offer his releases on vinyl. His music definitely deserves to be heard via that format.

    I am also very pleased that the vinyl box set will offer a web pass for digital download, what a fantastic idea! You’ll have satisfied travels with my iPod and serious listening in my music room in one fell swoop. Wonderful!

    Thank you, thank you!


    [Thanks for taking the plunge and leaving us a message. – FEd]

  37. [Nice and interesting music on the website today, Fed. – Melissa]

    Sounds a bit James Bondy… Delicate Sound of Thunderball perhaps? 😉

  38. [Where did you vote? – FEd]

    In blog poll on this page, strange, you should see it. It’s in your message window on the right instead of usual photo, you can also view results.

    [But could you not vote that you would like both box sets? You should be able to do that. – FEd]

  39. Fed, do you hear a loud chant for ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’?

    Fingers crossed and eyes closed tightly, wishing for another surprise.

    [I do, but I can’t help but feel that it’s rather greedy, and more than just a little rude, to loudly chant for anything, considering what’s already included. – FEd]

  40. For the record (ha, ha, get it), I am very pleased with all that has been announced. It is certainly beyond my expectations. I thought there was only going to be a two disc live CD and really was not expecting all these other goodies.

    Looking forward to whatever else you have to add at whatever other time you choose to share.

    [Indeed. What do I think about CD singles? I think they’re a terrible waste of plastic. – FEd]

    In some cases, the full-length CD is a terrible waste of plastic but the CD single gives you exactly what you want without all the other rubbish on the release. You must admit there are times you could get just one song or two. I think that is why iTunes is successful.

    However, I recently noticed that in some cases they only offer some songs if you buy the entire album.

    For example, if you want Neil Young’s “Cowgirl in the Sand” you can’t get it for 99 cents, you have to buy the whole album. I realize it is a longer song, so maybe charge 1.99 instead? I guess that is too logical.



    [Oh, that would be too logical. (I wonder, if they charged by the minute for single downloads, if the people making all these horrible pop songs would deliberately make their tunes shorter, or longer.) – FEd]

  41. [I do, but I can’t help but feel that it’s rather greedy, and more than just a little rude, to loudly chant for anything, considering what’s already included. – FEd]

    Of course you are right, Fed.

    Although I know my intentions are not greed, as I will pay the asking price for whatever is offered. I’m not expecting anything for free.

    [That’s alright, then. – FEd]

  42. [I don’t have a classic disc-player anymore, so… – Herbert]

    [I’m feeling an ever stronger urge to get up into the loft and dust off my record player. However… – LynnR]

    These posts are working away on my hair-trigger Amazon impulse, as I rehash what rob hath writ, gnawing away on the inside of my cheek. The guilt I feel is because I too have these sentiments: seeking a compelling enough reason to own, again, the RTN set list. Maybe the orchestra aspect speaks loudest right now.

    Meanwhile, sadly stored away but not so deeply, is my old ‘Kenwood’ resin-concrete base turntable, curvilinear tonearm hanging the Stanton-EEE cartridge (boring, yeah) – it was something back in 1975. This vinyl set may find its justification – in the way folks feel they “need” to drive a Hummer.

    I don’t know what to make of all this. I wish I had been to the Gdansk show. Maybe somebody could talk a bit about that – what made it superlative… different.

  43. Just imagine how long it will take to find all the different Easter Eggs on this melange of disks… 🙂

    Oooppsss, did I start another tirade of blog comments?

    [That would give me a great excuse to shut up shop early… – FEd]

  44. [But could you not vote that you would like both box sets? You should be able to do that. – FEd]

    Yes, I could, it was my fault, my eyes were tired. It’s not really important, what is? Gdańsk is in full.

    [Pardon me, Tomasz. Tired eyes here, too. Glad all’s well. – FEd]

  45. Vinyl Box Set or Deluxe Box Set?

    Pour ou contre? Black or white? Right or wrong? Peu importe… I read all sorts of comments here today and it’s what is great.

    We are all human beings, born free to decide everything we want at all times. Let’s just be responsible for our choices.

    Nobody will ever force me to buy anything, but it’s good that things are offered to buy, therefore I can choose.

    (Sorry if it’s not clear.)


    [That was crystal-clear. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  46. [I’m always saddened to see that some people consider it more important to have the latest ‘thing’ looking pretty on a shelf rather than paying the gas bill. – FEd]

    Absolutely right, FEd. When you have to earn a living, esp. for a family – and we all know living costs have increased dramatically lately – you have to set priorities. So questions about this or that song included or not included sometimes become less important.

    Furthermore, speaking of “Wot’s …”, there’s already a live version of this song on the Royal Albert Hall DVD, and if you don’t want to purchase the “Deluxe-Edition”, you can also get hold of all the other bonus songs by buying the cheaper 4-disc set and downloading.

    And if you’re not a completist whose aim is to have multiple live versons of songs already published, you will even do with the 3- or 2-disc-set.

    Given all these possibilites, I think most people will be reasonable enough to invest what they can afford to, given their specific financial situation …

  47. I’ll be most likely getting the deluxe version, provided I will have the money.

    As for Wot’s… it would have been a real shame if it didn’t get a looseless, digital release.

  48. Three copies of the deluxe set for me! I’ll start tossing every bit of small change into a jar and start my Gdansk issue savings right now. ;^)

    I haven’t been to a concert since September 2006 so I feel completely justified in getting myself and my two kids each a copy of this release. That was a really good year, 2006 — David Gilmour at the Paramount, Kodak, Leno show, CSNY in August, and Ray Davies in September. :^)

    “Thank you for the days, those endless days, those sacred days you gave me … I’m thinkin’ of the days, I won’t forget a single day, believe me!”

    Peace ‘n’ love y’all!

  49. [It’s also the only package to feature ‘Wot’s…. Uh The Deal’, which is not included on the CD…. Go on then, hit me. I know Wot’s coming. – FEd]

    No problem FEd, even if it’s not offered as CD or download officially, it’s still on RTN and I’m sure that most guys here can fetch it if needed.

    Best regards,


  50. By the way, they do sell new record players that can be connected to PCs via a USB cable. Then you can record your LPs into digital format. It is no different than ripping your CDs so that you can enjoy them on your iPod.



  51. I always have mixed emotions about a release that isolates a fan favorite just to boost sales of that format.

    You asked for it F*ED. 🙂

  52. […is my old ‘Kenwood’ resin-concrete base turntable, curvilinear tonearm hanging the Stanton-EEE cartridge (boring, yeah) – it was something back in 1975… – xapam]

    Oh yeah, sometimes I wish, I had my old vinyl-players back… the last one was a Thorens, very fine (I forgot what pick-up-type) and before that I had a Dual 1229 for more than 10 years, finest German quality, the turntable had more than 3kg and the Shure MC pick-up was more expensive than the whole player…


  53. I would like to point out that I think it is fantastic that Gilmour is putting out 5 different versions of this new set.

    I have a feeling that many people will gripe and moan as to why Gilmour is doing this…. I personally think this gives all us fans a unique opportunity to buy what they feel suits them best at any given price point.

    If anyone has any gripes, I would like to politely say “No one is forcing you to buy anything!”

    Thanks Fed, and thank you David… this is an exciting time to be a fan of David Gilmour.

  54. [I do understand. To be perfectly honest, that was my initial reaction when I saw the list. However, as always, the bottom line is that fans will buy because they want… I don’t personally feel the need to own every single release, nor to attend every concert, so I imagine that plenty of other fans feel the same way… – FEd]

    As far as recordings go, I tend to agree with you.

    I’m excited about Gdansk because I do want some live CDs and not just DVDs, however the extras are proving too tempting to avoid, especially the Barn Jams.

    But I did skip the Oh By The Way box set for just that reason. As cool as it would be to have, I already have all the albums on CD in some form or another (including the old Shine On box set from the 90s), so I really can’t justify spending upwards of $200 for it.

    Concerts are a bit different because they are so rare and you never know when you’ll get another chance to go, but again I COULD have gone to both Radio City shows but opted for just one.

  55. Hi Fed.

    Are we going to see this collection published on terrestrial TV at some point?

    Regards Damian

    [Oh, these questions… It’s too soon to say, sorry. – FEd]

  56. It will be both for me.

    I have an old Bang and Olufsen turntable that belonged to my grandfather. It doesn’t get much use these days, but it was my frugal grandfather’s only extravagant purchase in his lifetime.

    My love of music came from many Sunday afternoons listening to jazz albums with him as a child. I’ll cue up Wot’s and fondly remember those days gone by.

  57. Wot’s is on Obscurred by Clouds and RTN. That’s good enough for me.

    Cheers, Howard

  58. Dear Fed,

    Thanks for all these wonderful “Live in Gdansk” editions you and David are spoiling us fans with.

    Thank you very much indeed.

  59. Hi Fed

    I mentioned before Kat and I are moving again. I just found a pamphlet from Venice ’06 with David on the front and a story inside while packing. It’s all in Italian but I get the idea, as it was for the charity Emergency which David supported.

    Brought a tear to my eye. That was the night the gig had to be cancelled.

    Kind regards

  60. Hi,

    Great news all this, although it will be expensive. I’m one of those nutty collectors that “need” all versions to make sure my collection is as complete as possible. It is of course a rip off, but I just love being ripped off like this…… Will inform my family that all versions are on my wish list, so this will probably be regarded as my birthday/Christmas presents for the next 5 years 🙂

    The best is of course that it will be released on vinyl……


  61. [By the way, they do sell new record players that can be connected to PCs via a USB cable. Then you can record your LPs into digital format. It is no different than ripping your CDs so that you can enjoy them on your iPod. – Andrew]

    But what’s the point with giving away web licence for downloading then? Nah, vinyl is still the best, and even digitalized vinyl can’t compare.

    I’m planning to get OAI on 180g vinyl, but now I got to save money for this.. Should be alright..

  62. [hmmm, i think i might be in a minority here but…… – Rob]

    10 good reasons why you are in a minority:

    1. This is one of the best concerts ever of David
    2. This hasn’t been released on DVD / CD / Vinyl yet
    3. We don’t have to buy it
    4. Please don’t be an “ecological purist”…
    5. I am a guitar player: I’ll love this pick / plectrum!
    6. David never plays exactly the same solo every concert
    7. I love open air concerts, it will sound great in 5.1
    8. We had to wait 22 years since the last solo album
    9. David does contribute a lot for charity
    10. The video and audio quality is outstanding!


  63. I’m surprised that the votes for the vinyl set weren’t higher… and a little disappointed… I would really like to have a live DG LP.

    Though the deluxe set is quite amazing! : )

  64. Wow! September will be a great month.

    I think the vinyl set will be the greatest of all. I can’t wait to see what else will happen?

    But will I be able to get the vinyl set here in the US or will I have to special order it like “On an Island”.

    Plus thanks Fed for all the great info.


    [All that stuff still has to be finalised, but I will answer as many of these questions as possible… when I have answers to give you. – FEd]

  65. Oh the vinyl, most of the good stuff is vinyl.

    I feel the kids have lost out with the CD. Music is more impersonal for some reason in the digital age. I think I would have wet myself for a 4 live disc album from DG back then. OK, unfortunately I just wet myself now because of old age.

    With ‘Wot’s…. Uh The Deal’ it does sound good.


  66. With Father’s Day being on the 7th September here, I think I’ll throw plenty of hints that a belated pressie is quite acceptable, especially if it is what I would like. And that would be the deluxe set, Fed.


  67. Oh, this is such wonderful news. I know I’m a broken record on this front…so maybe I’d be best to avoid the vinyl release?

    Although I’ll add that the sound of On an Island on vinyl is terrific, and it’s a particularly sturdy pressing.

  68. I’m so damn excited for this release it makes me want to have a release! (Can I say that? Too late anyway!)

    I’m thrilled to find out that I’ll be able to hear ‘Wish You Were Here’ from Glasgow, that was a wonderful show.

    Thank ya David. I thought we couldn’t get much more than the DVD we got last year, but apparently I was wrong!!


  69. Off topic –

    Love the home page music, I don’t recognize the tune though, is it a random play from David Gilmour & the band? Interesting arrangement and the percussion is great…

    [Just a wee treat from David. – FEd]

  70. Hmmmm…I’m very disappointed that there is no 8-track release? I wont even ask about a wax cylinder release…

    …I’ll get me coat…

  71. BOTH, please!!!

    But FEd, let me ask you something :

    There are some special reasons for the non-inclusion of the Nick Mason tracks in this release ?

    I´ve asked myself the same question on RTN release….

    Thanks from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

    [Nick Mason didn’t want to be included. It was entirely Nick Mason’s choice. – FEd]

  72. Looking forward to it eagerly…but would be really excited to see a hybrid SACD of On An Island as David had said there was to be an SACD of it. But I suppose the men in suits are to blame for that. 🙁

    Thanks for all the music David and Co…… come to the west coast of Canada next time please.


  73. Thanks for the info FEd. It’s all the sets for me! And I can still pay my gas bill too!!

    I have a nice little turntable, not audiophile quality, but a nice little setup that allows me to enjoy vinyl.

    Someone mentioned 90+ days to go.. that’s still too long. Waiting to hear more details as they trickle in!

  74. Any details on what kind of vinyl this will be pressed on (ie 180 gm, 200 gm vinyl)? Also, who is mastering this set for vinyl? Is it going to be an audiophile release?

    Let’s hope it’s a better pressing than On an Island, that was noisy as hell!

  75. Hi FED!

    Great… all this stuff here…think will go for both formats!

    The only thing I did not really understand is: why on earth with such a variety of formats we still DID NOT GET the Great Gig In The Sky from RAH with Mica Paris? Nor video…neither audio…

    I saw we’ve got another Take a Breath or The Blue on the Bonus CD for instance and not TGGITS: are these versions special in any way?


    [In fairness, the London shows have been covered quite thoroughly thanks to the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD. – FEd]

  76. I appreciate the fact that we are given so many different versions to choose from.

    I will definitely go for the Deluxe version; I just hope that it is something I can afford; if not, I would still be happy even with the three-disc version.

  77. I have had technical failure with my laptop, hence ain’t been checking the blog or site, but sweet lord, this is fantastic news. You guys just keep giving and giving.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  78. I think I need re-educating with regards to vinyl. I thought CDs were supposed to be better, why is that not the case any more?

    I do miss reading album notes, credits etc. when I download albums & I know downloaded albums are lower quality, but is vinyl still better quality than a CD?

  79. [Nick Mason didn’t want to be included. It was entirely Nick Mason’s choice. – FEd]

    In his book, Nick Mason says that he no longer likes the sound or feel of his playing. He also says that he does not play regularly anymore.

    The ability to play music is a skill and if you don’t use that skill, you lose it. But Nick Mason is a very lucky man because he was a working musician for most of his adult life, and he can look back on lots of great memories. One of my regrets in life is never learning to play an instrument, because it means I’ll never have the thrill of making music with other people.

    Still, I feel bad for him. It’s one thing to have never played an instrument (like me). I imagine it’s quite another thing to have done so and then find one day that you dislike the sound or feel of your playing.

  80. “special” is one way to describe mica’s tggits. maybe her artistic flair was wasted on me.

  81. Deluxe version for me.

    The music clip on the homepage, to me sounds like a mix of Echoes, and a variation of Take a Breath.

    I agree that it would fit in a James Bond movie.

  82. […but is vinyl still better quality than a CD? – Graham]

    Graham, vinyl was always better quality and record companies and equipment manufacturers never tried to hide it. Vinyl has better dynamic range and no CD is even close to it. Some new formats – SACD and DVD-Audio – are theoretically close, but the problem with them is they are not popular in sense of number of players sold and number of records released in those formats.

    Another thing: SACD is more popular in Europe and DVD-Audio in the USA, but it is a different topic. The problem with vinyl was/is size of records, limited duration of recordings (it’s now up to about 50 mins, it depends on the type of the music – you need to change the side of the LP during that time of course), no possibility of further development (I have not heard about record players for cars or portable turntables).

    Another thing, vinyl suffers with every single use, and you hear scratches quickly even if you are careful with your records.

    But in sense of quality of sound reproduction, vinyl is the best. CD was by far more comfortable to use nearly 80 mins (now) on one side, you can use your records for quite long with nearly the same quality, and what is very important, alternative machines with which you can play them (car systems, portable players, possibility of inserting them into computer drives for extended features and so on).

    It was not quality of sound reproduction which made CD successful, but comfort of use. The same is with downloads, even lower quality than CD (OK, you can say FLAC file is the same, but generally people prefer compressed MP3).

  83. Tomasz, thank you for re-educating me, it makes sense when you explained. I had a mate who had a record player in his car, it only played singles & they kept jumping. That was back in the 70s.

    I’m going to have to explain this to my wife, she will think I have lost it if I suggest getting a record player, mind you.


  84. [I have not heard about record players for cars or portable turntables. – Tomasz]

    Actually, back in the 1950s there were cars with turntables. Click my name.



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