Random Nonsense #7

Some Random Nonsense to start the week with, if you don’t mind.

It’s back to the bizarre for this one, so I’ll keep it short and simple:

If you could invite ten people to a party – and David, Polly, and the entire ‘On an Island’ band have already been invited, along with everyone who has ever left a message here – who would you invite?

And, as this is pure fantasy, these people can be living or dead. (They will be alive for the duration of the party, don’t worry.)

If that’s not random enough for your liking, the chatroom will be open tomorrow between 16:00 and 18:00 (UK).

Believe me, the chatroom’s always random.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

135 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #7”

  1. Syd from back in the glorious year of ’67.
    Nick, Rick and Roger.
    Jimi Hendrix.
    Crosby and Nash.
    Miles Davis.
    Davy Graham.
    Jim Morrison.

    Hopefully that would suffice for a very nice diverse range of musicians to provide a wonderful night of potential killer jamming sessions (with Polly along to take some wonderful shots of the event, and maybe add a few harmonies with Crosby and Nash)!

    Was that the type of thing you were looking for FEd? Nice question by the way.

    [Sounds good to me. – FEd]

  2. Nick Mason
    Syd Barrett
    Michael Kamen
    Storm Thorgerson
    Jimi Hendrix
    Jimmy Page
    John Bonham
    Carlos Santana
    Eric Clapton
    ….and Roger Waters

    And myself of course.

    + Loads more..next time perhaps.

  3. Nick, Roger, Syd, Steve O’Rourke (he must know a lot of good stories), Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon (I want to hear about 101 Cromwell Road), Peter Watts, Phil Taylor (or is he one of the band?) and a couple of moms. Let’s say David’s and Roger’s.

  4. The first on my list would be Robert Plant but then if he’d be in the mood to share his extensive knowledge of music(s) I’m not sure I’d have time to entertain nine other guests (though I would not mind Ahmet Ertegün’s departed spirit to join the conversation).

    By the way I’m Melly and I’m glad to join you here for the first time.

    [Nice to meet you, Melly. – FEd]

  5. Syd Barrett
    Roger Waters
    Nick Mason
    Bob Klose (All the above for obvious reasons)
    Shane Williams (Best rugby player to grace this earth)
    Ryan Giggs (A true sporting hero)
    Mike Ruddock & Warren Gatland (Two Grandslam coaches)
    Kelly Brook (For glamour purposes, obviously!)
    And just for fun: Tommy Cooper (to make us laugh!)

    Nice question FEd.

  6. Hmmm… almost exactly the same question I asked DG at the DVD premiere which he didn’t answer… but I will. 🙂

    1. Billy Connolly (Comedian)
    2. Nikola Tesla (A genius and completely under-rated)
    3. Eddie Izzard (Comedian)
    4. J. Edgar Hoover (Lots of secrets)
    5. Alex Jones (American activist)
    6. Mark Thomas (UK activist and Comedian)
    7. John Lennon
    8. Hughes de Payens (founder of the Knights Templar)
    9. Pope John Paul I (natural causes my arse!)
    10. Jeff Rudkin (My brother)

    Fed, would of course be dressed in black and white serving drinks… 🙂

  7. syd barrett
    roger waters
    brian wilson
    carl wilson
    dennis wilson
    jerry garcia
    phil lesh
    pig pen
    bob weir
    bill kreuzman
    mickey hart

    lots of instruments

    for a long lost weekend party 🙂

  8. I would invite you FEd. =D

    other than that, David and Hendrix would be enough for me to have loads of fun!

  9. 1- Eric Clapton
    2- Rory Gallagher
    3- Sheryl Crow
    4- Bill Bailey
    5- Billy Connolly
    6- Susanna Hoffs
    7- Jeff Healey
    8- John Martyn
    9- Bill Shankly
    10- George Best

  10. Well, with the people you’ve already included on this list, how could I not invite my family to attend such a fiesta (so that would take up 5 slots). With the other 5:

    John Lennon
    John Cusack
    John Candy
    John Cleese
    John Adams (yes, the 2nd US President. Why not, would be intereting to hear what he thinks of the modern day.)

    Imagine, whenever someone says John, you get the attention of 5 of them.



  11. Well, as I’d already decide decided to invite him last week anyway:

    Ron Geesin
    Billy Connoly
    Bill Bailey
    Nelson Mandella
    Steve Biko
    Tony Benn
    Karl Marx
    David Berkowitz
    Alan Rickman (for dessert)

  12. hmmm…

    elvis – you’ll need some music right?
    andrew aldersley
    david fowles
    james rostron
    roger waters
    bob marley
    aaaaw me mam

    oh and pete townshend, so he can be banned at the front door. what’s a party without a bit of controversy at the front door?


  13. Since you stated that everyone who has ever left a message here would be included, then I’m already in. And as I know others will have the whole of Pink Floyd there, then I am left with only one real choice…

    Wire Man… he with the tapping left foot as he conducts the orchestra… he with the deft touch evoking beautiful sounds from the wine glasses… he with the array of licks as he jams along to any number of tracks…

    Yes, definitely Wire Man…

  14. I would simply ask David to bring along 10 more people as he wishes.

    Have a good week, everyone.

  15. Of course Michael Kamen and Steve O Rourke should be there!

    Hmm, who else? Not sure really. A few more Friends and relatives of David of course. Then everybody feels comfortable. So Roy Harper, Mark Gilmour, Willie Wilson, Tim Renwick. I’m quite sure that would be fun with them as well!

    And then Gavin Elder, he could make a kind of documentary of the party. Maybe one of these days we bring it out as a DVD!

    Last but not least I would like to invite also this character which moderates Gilmour’s Blog quite well. 🙂

    Let the dream come true

    [You’re very kind. – FEd]

  16. Here goes,

    Jimi Hendrix
    John Lennon
    Roger and Nick
    Annie Lennox
    John Lee Hooker
    Eric Clapton
    Thom Yorke
    Jeff Beck

    Best regards,

  17. Syd, Nick, Rick and Roger
    Jim Morrison
    Carlos Santana
    BB King
    Mick Jagger
    Pye Hastings (from the band Caravan)

    And finally Dave Kilminster, seems like a nice guy.

  18. The party sounds good to me! I don’t need to invite anyone else, except maybe my husband… 😉

  19. So already David, Polly and the band are invited… Let’s see.. I’m going for:

    1. Richard Wright
    2. Ian Anderson
    3. Robert Fripp
    4. Jimmy (not Hendrix, but Morrison!)
    5. My father (he would love to be here, even though I know he will be pain in the ass for me… “No drinking Son” – but Dad I wanna smoke pot!)
    6. Nick Mason
    7. I don’t know about Roger Waters & Syd Barrett. I mean when you wanna drink and have fun… I still think they won’t be comfortable all five of them in one room… so that’s why I put two people in number seven!
    8. Ian Wallace (King Crimson legendary drum player)
    9. Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack)
    10. My best friend ‘Hosain’

    How about that? 🙂

  20. David Thomas (legendary Pere Ubu mainman)
    Bill Hicks (dead comedian)
    Billy Connolly (not dead comedian)
    Douglas Adams (dead author)
    Neil Gaiman (not dead author)
    Jim Henson (dead muppeteer)
    Tori Amos
    Richard Feynman (dead physicist)
    Ridley Scott (director)
    Atom Egoyan (director)

    And a carton of Scrumpy Jacks…..I can bring that….

  21. Just trying not to follow the norm……….

    I would invite the people from history responsible for constructing the 7 wonders of the world and get them started on the task of constructing the Urban Village for CRISIS. Maybe have a few of the local planning officers explain to us all why CRISIS have had to waste so much money fighting them!

    David armed with his guitar could entertain us, Polly with camera for the photies and bloggers with shovels and spades to get this bl**dy job done!!

    And Guy for the after dinner speech. 🙂

    Could David also bring the new Strat so that we can all paw over it!

    Some time before the end of this year would be good. When do we start?


  22. Wow, just ten? Ugh.

    1) Roger Waters
    2) Nick Mason
    3) Rick Wright
    4) Pete Townshend
    5) John Entwistle
    6) Ronnie Lane
    7) Steve Marriot
    8) My wife
    9) My friend Ted
    10) My sister


  23. Great question, FEd! Of course…assuming you, FEd, would be there by virtue of having left messages here, the other 10 would be:

    1. Nick Mason
    2. Rick Wright
    3. Roger Waters
    4. Syd Barrett
    5. Jim Morrison
    6. Marc Bolan
    7. Rob Zombie
    8. Benjamin Franklin
    9. Princess Diana
    10. Last and never least…George Carlin. I will miss him.

  24. Technically, this Random Nonsense is a recycling and modification of an earlier one last year. Correct? I see this as FEd’s effort of being green. However, I find it a bit more difficult to navigate back to prior entries with the new design/layout.



    [Pass. I don’t remember it and am too lazy to look. – FEd]

  25. Nick Mason
    Syd Barrett
    Jimi Hendrix
    Jimmy Page
    Crosby and Nash
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Eric Clapton
    Claire Forlani (before she was married) 🙂
    And of course FEd.

    I’m sure there are more, however I would be late for work…


    I’m not cleaning up afterwards though.

  27. An eclectic 10:

    My mum
    My dad
    My 2 brothers
    Oliver Reed
    Richard Harris
    Keith Moon
    Alan Bates
    Roger Waters
    Nick Mason

    Pete – Coventry

  28. Stevie Ray Vaughan.
    Jeff Beck.
    Eddie Van Halen.
    Steve Lukather.
    Rory Gallagher.
    Robert Plant.
    Jackie Leven.
    Kate Bush.
    Danny Gatton.
    Jeff Buckley.

  29. I would first need to invite my fiancé, or I’d be in big trouble.

    Now, to make this pure fantasy/party much more interesting, I think I would want to invite these following people.

    1. Storm Thorgerson
    2. Pink Anderson
    3. Floyd Council
    4. Syd Barrett
    5. Carl Sagan
    6. Sade
    7. Jesus Christ
    8. Albert Einstein
    9. Earl Nightingale
    10. Martin Luther King

    Yeah…that’s who I’d invite…

  30. 1. John Bonham
    2. Nick Mason
    3. Peter Gabriel
    4. Alice Cooper
    5. Christopher Lee
    6. Vincent Price
    7. Stuart Adamson
    8. Fee Waybill
    9. Robert Fripp
    10. Liza Minnelli

  31. All members of Floyd, The Beatles, The Byrds, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and I’ve so gone over the cruel ten-person limit that it’s not even funny.

    Maybe I’ll just stay home and watch TV.

  32. I’d invite my mates Dave and Pete.

    If David, Polly and the OAI band are going to be there, as well as the bloggers, that would be more than enough for me!

  33. Well, I did feel as if David and Polly were at my son’s wedding this past Friday. I selected as my mother and son dance the song “This Heaven” and it was perfect for the occassion.

    Thank you David and Polly for writing such perfect lyrics and music for my perfect dance.

    I would invite to the imaginary party:

    Amy Winehouse
    Roger, Nick, Syd and Richard
    Naomi Watts
    Heath Ledger
    and Aerosmith, Beatles and Zeppelin.

  34. I could have gone the serious route and invited some people which have inspired me or changed my thinking somehow, such as Edgar Allen Poe, Madame Curie, “Mother” Mary Harris Jones and Hippocrates. Instead, I have decided that I need to let my hair down and laugh a bit, so here’s my “Nonsense list”:

    George Carlin
    Chevy Chase
    Jeremy Clarkson
    John Cleese
    Tom Hanks
    Steve Martin
    James May
    Dudley Moore
    Bill Murray
    Robin Williams

    I couldn’t come up with any female comedians that I could tolerate.


  36. – All four grandparents, three of whom are no longer with us
    – My two great-grandfathers from my mother’s side (both died before I was born, and both were highly revered in the extended family)
    – Abraham Lincoln
    – Albert Einstein
    – Alan Shepard
    – Jesus Christ (don’t know if he was the son of God, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest the man existed)

  37. Nick Mason
    Keith Moon
    John Entwistle
    Roger Daltrey
    Pete Townsend
    James May
    Jeremy Clarkson
    Richard Hammond
    Bobby Moore
    Gerry Colvin (he’d certainly make the party fun)

    My two favourite bands, and some other interesting characters.

    It’s another good random nonsense this week. At first you think, oh that’s easy, but then it’s hard to narrow it down to 10.

  38. While listening to Delicate Sound of Thunder. Hmmmmmm…

    Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sultan, Eddie Izzard, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Ron “Call me Tater Salad” White, Freddie Mercury, Bono, Frank Zappa and my Dad.

  39. LOL, life is way better random. 🙂

    OK, so to my party, I would invite :

    David Bowie
    Nick Mason
    Roger Waters
    John Lennon
    John Bonham
    Syd Barrett
    B.B. King
    Keith Moon
    Ian Anderson
    My mum

    Where would this party be held?? OOOO, on that island the chatters have talked about where we all gather?? That’s a good idea!

    [Your house, isn’t it? – FEd]

  40. John Lennon
    Otis Redding
    Billie Holiday
    Nina Simone
    Jimi Hendrix
    Maya Angelou
    Leonard Cohen
    John Entwistle
    Joni Mitchell
    Patrick, my baby brother who died at two, ’cause I’d love to know him and share all this great music, poetry and beauty with him!

    When you wish upon a star …

    Peace ‘n’ love to everyone!

  41. Roger, Nick, and Syd
    Jack and Meg White
    Orson Welles
    Mitch Hedberg
    Roald Dahl
    Dave Chappelle
    Storm Thorgerson

    [Orson Welles is a great shout. – FEd]

  42. Since I’m a Gemini, have two personalities, and this is Random Nonsense after all ;^), can I add these to my party list?

    Syd Barrett, the young, happy and carefree Syd
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Stevie Wonder
    George Carlin (Lynn, so sad, didn’t know until I read your post)
    Carl Sagan
    Ringo Starr
    Bonnie Raitt
    Warren Zevon
    Alison Krause
    Robert Plant

    Sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds, but if we’re dreaming the boundaries are hopefully a bit flexible.

    I could care less if this is a Random Repeat — I can’t remember back that far either and it’s actually sort of therapeutic!

    George Carlin’s passing is incredibly sad — he was a huge talent and had been there from way back in the college-circuit days. Such a real and decent human being, too!

    Thanks FEd for allowing me to mentally meander in melancholy today. :^]

    Peace ‘n’ Love always!

  43. Hi FEd,

    they’ll probably be more than the ten, but any way:

    I’d invite the partners of the already invited ones, first being my wife.


  44. I will have to go for the less than famous people I think… After all if I invited famous people, what would I really say other than “Wow, you’re like, really cool”?

    So my 10 people would be:

    1. My Mom
    2. My Wife
    3. My 2 kids – they are small so they only count as 1.
    4. My friend Richie, he missed out on the Chicago trip.
    5. My Dad
    6. John Lennon – since it is a fantasy, who better to resurect?
    7. The Features Editor – since you have helped me out!
    8. Nick Mason – I would try to get a 2 drummer jam going!
    9. Storm Thorgerson – I have a leg sleeve full of his artwork for Floyd, I would love to get him to autograph my leg to get tattooed.
    10. George W. Bush – every party has to have a jackass there right? If not, who would everyone have to make fun of?

    PS I Really like the audio track on the homepage. It has a “one of these days” feel to it!


    [I forgot to mention that there will be pretzels, so your last choice is ideal. – FEd]

  45. I’d wish

    – Alan Parker with Michael Ballhaus and his camera
    – Alan Parsons with any good engineer of his choice
    – Mr. YouNameHim, Chief of EMI

    … and afterwards the best DVD of any party ever is mine. Maybe in copy as well yours, if Mr YouNameHim has had enough drinks …

  46. 1. Me (wouldn’t want to miss the coolest party of all time!)
    2. Jimi Hendrix
    3. Jimmy Page
    4. Alan Parsons
    5. Robert Fripp
    6. Brian Eno
    7. John Bonham (if anything to see the look on Stevie’s face)
    8. John Lennon
    9. Herbie Hancock
    10. John Coltrane

    Cooor…what a party…. 🙂


    p.s. My Firefox RSS feed didn’t update (v3.0) today… has something changed on the blog, or was it firefox?

    [Nothing’s changed. Has anyone else had the same problem today? – FEd]

  47. I would invite 5 close friends who I feel are “worthy” of attending such an event; and who wouldn’t hassle any of the bandmembers.

    The other 5 guests I would like to auction the tickets for and donate the money to Charity; but I’m apprehensive about that, as some fans are scary! So, the winners of the auctions would have to agree to a background check, and be required to keep a certain distance from the band!! They would also have security assigned to watch them and keep them quiet.

    Of course, we’d donate that money to CRISIS. 🙂

    [Excellent idea. – FEd]

  48. On the basis that those closely connected with David/Floyd would automatically be invited I select the following:

    1. David Attenborough
    2. Mahatma Gandhi
    3. Richard Martin (founded the RSPCA)
    4. Bob Geldof
    5. Jonathan Porritt
    6. David Bowie
    7. Elvis
    8. John Lennon
    9. Bob Dylan
    10. Paul McCartney

    Which unfortunately, means I have no room for Neil Young, Robert Plant, Leonard Cohen or Sinatra, but the above would provide sufficient knowledge, wit, intrigue and charisma to satisfy the most demanding of host.

    However I have noticed that there are no ladies, so I would like to rectify that by being accompanied by Brigitte Bardot (circa 1963.)

    [Well, I’ll invite Young and Sinatra, seeing as you’ve invited Attenborough and Dylan… – FEd]

  49. MMMM let’s see ! I’ll go for;

    Steve O’Rourke – a cracking bloke with some fab fables
    Kate and her Bush – Self Explanatory !
    Dannii Minogue – Pure Luvlee
    Alex Lifeson – Life and Soul
    John Belushi – The Original Party Animal !
    Oliver Reed – He loved a drink !
    Elvis – He loved a burger !
    Al Murray – The pub landlord – Pure class !
    Chris Evans – The Philosopher – well, kind of !
    Hilda Ogden – The cleaner !

    Make a good but diverse guest list that, FED !

    [Not bad at all, Timbo. – FEd]

  50. to make this really interesting, i’d invite some people that don’t even exist.

    1. jimmy page
    2. john bonham
    3. mickey mouse
    4. syd barrett
    5. tony iommi
    6. tinker bell
    7. minnie mouse
    8. aslan
    9. gollum
    10. john lennon

    [Why not? They’d keep people on their toes. Literally. – FEd]

  51. Marlon Brando
    Bill Murray
    Joni Mitchell
    Christopher Hitchens
    Richard Kuklinski
    Louis Armstrong
    Hatshepsut (female pharaoh)
    Julia Child
    Arthur C. Clark
    Jack the Ripper

    I’m pretty sure that, with this group, I wouldn’t get my deposit back for the venue rental….

    [Jack the Ripper? Wasn’t he even ‘worse’ than Jim Jones? (He’d probably fare better on Dr Michael Stone’s ‘Most Evil’ scale, what with Jim being a 22, if memory serves me well…) Speaking of which, wouldn’t you invite Dr Stone, too? He has a hat for every occasion… – FEd]

  52. I would send invites to:

    – Federico (the lovely guitarist of Mun Floyd)
    – Sam Brown (eh! Matt, it’s for you!)
    – Jeff Buckley (alive, he could sing his wonderful cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’)
    – Thom Yorke and Lucia (of course)
    – Coluche (Does anyone know Coluche here?)
    – Lech Walesa
    – Nelson Mandela
    – Zidane and Materazzi (the two Nobel Peace Prizes could help them to make peace… but could they also help Thom and FEd to make peace? I wonder…)


    [Only if he agrees to stop singing. Just kidding. – FEd]

  53. Floyd Council, Pink Anderson, Syd Barrett, Bob Klose, Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason, Storm Thorgerson, a die-hard Floyd fan who has never seen Floyd or Gilmour live for lack of funds, and (as far as other Blog visitors, one name that really keeps popping up and might be, without doubt, one of the most devoted Floyd fans anywhere in the world), Paul Sexton?

    Unless there are several people with the same name – he seems to be around all things Floyd quite often.

  54. [Jack the Ripper? Wasn’t he even ‘worse’ than Jim Jones? – FEd]

    Graham has Jade Goody for feck’s sake!!!!!

    [Touché. – FEd]

  55. […but I’m apprehensive about that, as some fans are scary! So, the winners of the auctions would have to agree to a background check, and be required to keep a certain distance from the band!! They would also have security assigned to watch them and keep them quiet. – Susan]

    Hmmmm….if the assumption is that everyone who has posted on the blog would be invited as well, it seems like the above may apply to more than just 5 raffle winners.



    [That’s a good point… – FEd]

  56. […Speaking of which, wouldn’t you invite Dr Stone, too? He has a hat for every occasion… – FEd]

    He’d be most welcome but who would I bump for him to be there? Maybe he could join us by conference call. 😀

    [But the hats… – FEd]

  57. […and (as far as other Blog visitors, one name that really keeps popping up and might be, without doubt, one of the most devoted Floyd fans anywhere in the world), Paul Sexton? Unless there are several people with the same name – he seems to be around all things Floyd quite often. – Ed Lopez]

    Can someone please explain this to me?????? What are you on about, are you on drugs?????

  58. These names won’t mean anything to anyone else but they matter to me and each other:


    If I could add just one more to this list it would be Syd, for similar reasons why I have included these ‘unknowns’ but he would be there for David.

  59. Roger Waters
    Roger Waters
    Roger Waters
    Roger Waters
    Roger Waters
    Roger Waters
    Michael Kamen
    Nick Mason

    [That’s original. Didn’t see that one coming. (You only listed nine guests, though. Should I add a seventh Roger Waters, just to keep things balanced?) – FEd]

  60. Hi Fed and all.

    I’m quite a shy person and I think it would be enough to have David Polly and the band at a party with me. I think I would be star struck enough. I think I would ask old Roger along as he comes across as an interesting person to talk to, and of course you Fed.

    Just back from our hols in Cornwall. We visited the Minack open air theatre down on the cliffs. I thought it would be a great little venue for David to play.

    Regards as ever

  61. I guess this isn’t the type of answer you were looking for – but the first two people I thought of were my two dearest friends ever, who both passed away – one of them two years ago, and the other ten years ago. What I wouldn’t give to spend some hours with them again! (Sigh)

    Apart from that, I think I’d ask David and Polly to bring the kids – maybe they could hook up with my kids, and that could break the ice…I mean..I dinner party with people you don’t know! 🙂


  62. Hi FEd;

    I hope you have a great weekend. I am assuming that you are already on the list…

    1. John Lennon
    2. Paul McCartney
    3. George Harrison
    4. Ringo Starr
    5. Nick Mason
    6. Rick Wright
    7. Judy Garland
    8. Janis Joplin
    9. Carole King
    10. Joan Armatrading

    I considered Roger Waters, but I don’t think I would like to put others through such a stressful evening.

    A bit off subject, my daughter just told me George Carlin died yesterday…bummer…I actually went to see him last year. R.I.P.


  63. Hi,

    The entire band, that includes Nick Mason, David Bowie, Arnold Layne, Sam Brown and you Fed?

    Giancarlo Erra from No-Sound
    Matthew Cohen from the Reasoning
    Mark Rowen from Breathing Space
    Roger Newport, he loves guitars
    Liam Davison from Mostly Autumn
    Bryan Josh from Mostly Autumn
    Cris Fry from Magenta
    Guy Manning from Manning
    Andy Edwards from Ezra
    Nick Barrett from Pendragon

    Why? Because they wrote the most beautiful review of “On An Island”:

    “A Pocketful Of Stones – Sublimely meandering through dreamy melodies with a carefree smile while been slowly drowned by a collection of minor chords shifts that inevitably win over, sinister yet of incredible beauty, provocative and gentle in the same breath, a few passing thoughts in the form of a lullaby seamlessly married to music, every word carried with total musical description of it’s own meaning, the weight of the world swinging below and of course the apparent fool refusing to notice. Work of genius.”

  64. I’d like to invite:

    1 Nick Mason
    2 Roger Waters
    3 Syd Barrett
    4 Neil Young
    5 John Lennon
    6 Bob Marley
    7 Bob Dylan
    8 Steve O’Rourke
    9 Michael Kamen
    10 George Carlin (RIP, his intelligence mixed well with his comedy. I also will miss him.)

  65. Hello Fed, fine job on inviting Neil and Frank they pretty much were the only ones left I could think of and you completed my list. Later.


  66. 1) My Wife, Christine
    2) My deceased Uncle, Dr. Rafael Tavares
    3) Fred Rogers
    4) The person who can solve the honey bee crisis
    5) Roger Waters
    6) Barack Obama
    7) Leonardo DaVinci
    8) Martin Luther King, Jr.
    9) The Dalai Lama
    10) Tim Russert

  67. 1. John Lennon
    2. George Harrison
    3. Jesus
    4. Buddha
    5. Mahatma Gandhi
    6. Albert Einstien
    7. Frank Zappa
    8. Hunter S. Thompson
    9. John F. Kennedy
    10. Robert Johnson

    Now…that’s a party!…and yes, John and George were first because they were the most popular!

  68. Well Fed, another interesting fantasy.

    With all the Floyd and Gilmour gang coming along I think that would be enough big names. I would invite my family and a bunch of old school and uni friends to enjoy the moment.

    I’d gather my collection of Floyd albums (vinyl, yes) and have a massive autographing session. I would tile the covers and have them signed across each other to form a really neat collage.

    I would need to know how many vegetarians were coming as I’d like to bbq real aussie steaks and sink a few good ales. They could bring their sleeping bags and camp around the fire place, and wake up to sizzling bacon & eggs.

    I’d like you to come as well Fed. It would be nice to put a face to the words you write.

    Bye for now

  69. Oh well, quite hard job, but let’s go:

    – Mozart;
    – Richard Wright;
    – Gandhi;
    – Einstein (someone have to talk about Physics creatively… lol)
    – Roger Waters (amused in the party…)
    – Bob Dylan;
    – My wife (to chat with Polly about women things);
    – My daughter (to play with David’s children);
    – Brian May;
    – Leo Fender.

    [Speaking of Leo Fender, did you ever see that tribute concert from…. 1988? The Brooklyn Academy of Music, I think it was. There was such genuine affection for Leo Fender on display, like he was everyone’s favourite uncle. I think he’d make a fine guest, Regis. – FEd]

  70. Tracy just might be the first person who ever mentioned Syd Barrett in the same sentence as Willie Nelson. That could be the most interesting pairing since Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. Come to think of it, that turned out to be a remarkable combo!

    So yes, let’s hear Willie Nelson and Syd Barrett joined together for “Always On My Mind” and for an encore, “Effervescing Elephant.”

  71. Hi FED, my choices are: Nick Mason, Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Alice Cooper’s original band, John Lennon and Alvin Lee of Ten Tears After.

    I could make a huge list however and you FED will be number 11? Or are you already invited?

    [I could find a wall to slouch against, I’m sure. I think it could be interesting to wind up Messrs Lennon and Waters, stand back and watch them go. I’m sure they’d have plenty to say. – FEd]

  72. Well, FEd, this question has been percolating in the back of my brain all day.

    I noticed that the majority of the lists consist of mostly men. What kind of party consists of almost all men? I speculate that David would agree with me. Thus, I present to you my list of women to attend our party:

    Edith Wharton – first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for literature (in 1921) and an author that I greatly admire.
    Marian Bantjes – Graphic Designer & Typographer
    Margo Chase – Graphic Designer & Typographer
    Madeleine L’Engle – winner of the Newbery Medal (1962) and a wonderful writer.
    Alice Waters – American Chef notable for being an advocate of the locally grown, organic, slow food movement.
    Dame Julie Andrews – such a beautiful voice.
    Dame Jane Goodall – advocate for chimpanzees and conservation.
    Naomi Wolf – 3rd Gen. (my generation) Feminist.
    Morena Baccarin – actress most notable for her role as Inara in Joss Whedon’s Firefly series. (Beautiful eye candy – you guys can thank me later!)

    [Good call. Don’t forget Shami Chakrabarti (there’s a link above, if anyone’s wondering). – FEd]

  73. Can’t do this right now because it’s 3am. Need to think about who to invite.

    I tried not to look at what anyone else has said but caught sight of the first two posts and they looked pretty rock and roll.

    This is a difficult one Fed. Gotta go to bed though, night night.

    ash X

  74. GOOD to know that DAVID, RICHARD and also the whole 2006 band will be there for a special GIG that night incl. the very funny GUY PRATT (oh, FEd, by the way – I have a very NICE pic with him in front of the CADOGAN HALL in LONDON from last Sunday when he arrived with David & Polly – want to see?), PHIL MANZANERA, JON CARIN etc.!

    OK, my invitation goes also to:

    1. RACHEL FURY (singer from the 1987-1989 Tour)
    4. SAM BROWN
    6. STEVEN WILSON (Porcupine Tree/Blackfield)
    7. KATIE KISSOON (singer of Roger Waters band)
    9. P!NK (Alicia Moore)

    and of course all of my real friends from here and some MORE secret (uninvited?) guests… 😉

    Get the party started… (P!NK)

    PETE from Germany

    [Sure thing, Pete. Please send us the link. – FEd]

  75. Let’s see, my pick of ten people. Hard choices.


    Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Robert Plant, Alex Lifeson, Dennis DeYoung, John Deacon, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and (don’t shoot pea soup on me for last choice) Linda Blair.

    Deceased people who would be there had they still lived today:

    Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, Keith Moon (the real party animal), John Panozzo (Moonie’s American counterpart and was drummer for Styx), Socrates, Frank Sinatra, Bon Scott and Cozy Powell.

  76. (1) Syd Barrett (Circa ’64-66)
    (2/3) Sylvia and Doug (Circa ’68-70)
    (4) Steve (Circa ’68-70)
    (5) Peter Watts (Circa ’68-70
    (6) Shep Gordon
    (7) Stephen Hawking
    (8) Nicola Tesla
    (9) My son Greg
    (10) Myself – perhaps 40 years ago – let’s all revert to being in our 20s, just for a final 3 day party one last time…..

    Phil Taylor better be included automatically, as well as Robbie W., Seth G., Alan P., David B., the McCoys and Janice… And why not Susie Creamcheese and her girls and of course Alice and Frank? We will have to find a larger home, I can tell already….and out in the country so Nicola won’t disturb any neighbors….

    Oh dear, I forgot Nick. The more drummers, the better. And I never met Storm, but would want to include him, so I can. And all our children, please… And the list goes on…

    My parting comment is: 40 years is worth celebrating big time.

  77. 1. Arnold Layne
    2. Emily
    3. Julia Dream
    4. Lucifer Sam
    5. Matilda Mother
    6. Grimble Grumble
    7. Gerald the Mouse
    8. Corporal Clegg
    9. Seamus
    10. The kind of girl that fits in with my world

  78. I’d invite the Gilmourettes along with Howard Bayliss, Mike from Michigan, Marcus Buick to bartend and maybe Rudders. LOL.

  79. [Graham has Jade Goody for feck’s sake!!!!! – Paul Sexton]

    You leave Jade alone, Paul. She is misunderstood (I don’t understand a word she says).

  80. I would have to say the ten I would invite would be some who I bet you don’t remember, Fed.

    John Lennon
    Artur Lee
    Lee Michaels
    Frank Zappa
    John Cipollina
    Terry Reid
    Fats Domino
    Ray Davies
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    and the Great Leonard Cohen

    Now that would be one great and interesting party!

    Take Care,

    [Ah, John Cipollina… – FEd]

  81. I would invite:

    James Dean
    Marilyn Monroe
    Ayrton Senna
    George Best
    John Lennon
    Scarlett Johansonn
    Monica Bellucci
    Syd Barrett
    and You, Fed

    It might be an interesting party, if possible!

  82. But… You all forgot Céline Dion in your invite list!!!

    She could sing her cover of AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ (according to Total Guitar magazine, “The Number one worst cover song -Céline Dion covering AC/DC- is sacrilege”). Click my name.

    LOL! A great party needs a ‘lame duck’ to add fun, doesn’t it ?


  83. djrodrigo – not only did you pick roger 6 times but you also picked Rick who has already been invited because he was in David’s band. If you’re going to try to be funny or whatever you were aiming for, at least get your facts right…

    It suddenly dawned on me today during an English lesson that I forgot to put anybody from Monty Python on my list! What a twit of the year I am.

  84. I need a bit of silliness today…

    Stephen Fry – For great conversation.
    Muhammed Ali – The greatest sportsman ever.
    Billy Connolly – There has to be one comedian at a party.
    Marilyn Monroe – Glamour with a capital G.
    David Attenborough – The greatest living Brit deserves to be at the greatest ever party.
    Tchaikovsky – Wonder what he’d make of electronic instruments?
    Jennifer Aniston – To sit next to me. Mmmmmmmm.
    Stephen Hawking – So tell me Stephen, briefly, I said briefly…what is this Time mullarky all about then?
    Alfred Hitchcock – He could record the event on his camera/phone.
    Leonardo da Vinci – The greatest individual to ever walk the planet and my ultimate hero.

    [Stephen Fry is an excellent choice. A great mix, Colin. – FEd]

  85. Let’s invite President Bush — so that everyone else has someone to laugh at. THAT would make it a fun party.

    No anger issues there, right?

    [None at all. It’ll be a ‘bikes and pretzels’ party. – FEd]

  86. To Hove:

    Why’d you leave Eugene off the list? I wouldn’t hurt his feelings if I were you.

  87. My son
    My wife
    John Lennon
    Nick Mason
    Buddy Guy
    Jim Marshall
    Pete Cornish
    Jimmy Page
    David Reeves
    Tommy Chong

  88. I’d invite:

    1 Jens Lehmann
    3 Arne Friedrich
    16 Philipp Lahm
    17 Per Mertesacker
    6 Simon Rolfes
    7 Bastian Schweinsteiger
    13 Michael Ballack
    15 Thomas Hitzlsperger
    18 Tim Borowski
    20 Lukas Podolski


    [I’d love to see Lahm at Liverpool next season. He’s quality. (No Torsten Frings?) – FEd]

  89. I’d invite Roger Waters 10 times, because we all know he’d throw away the first 9 invitations.

  90. [(No Torsten Frings?) – FEd]

    Well, as you know, I can’t invite everyone, so I’ll stick with the guys that beat Portugal. That was a good game.


    [A very good game. I had Portugal in a sweepstake, so I had to hope that I’d lose that one. – FEd]

  91. Henning and FEd –

    You are both forgetting the MIGHTY Steffen Freund, and of course good ole Jurgen Klinsmann…


    [Thomas Hässler was always one of my favourites, particularly throughout… Euro ’92? Can’t forget Didi Hamann, either. And Franz Beckenbauer, Berti Vogts… But, if this is turning into a party for footballers, we need the greatest of them all: for me, Diego Maradona. – FEd]

  92. Well done, Colin…some thought went into that list…unlike my own.


  93. I’d have Syd at the head of the table, and I’d put Roger W. next to where David is sitting. Nick can come, even though he declined to have his footage on the DVD.

    Others would be Don Van Vliet (Captn. Beefheart), Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia. And I actually like the idea of ‘president’ bush (sorry, no caps for his like) so I can ask him questions that he has no way of avoiding, and he can embarrass himself to no end.

    Then to finish off the guest list, I would have my two daughters Emily and Hannah to witness the whole scene, and finally I’ll invite ‘Mr.T’ to complete the whole gang…for security reasons, and just because I think he’s a funny odd-ball (to add!!).

  94. Roger Waters
    Nick Mason (Obvious)
    Chevy Chase (Hell of a guy)
    Leslie Nielsen (Funny as could be!)
    Jessica Biel (Gorgeous!)
    Roger “SYD” Barrett (Obvious)
    Scott Edwards (My Best Friend)
    My Mother (Who Passed away when I was 12 – I miss her)
    Rodney Dangerfield (He would definitely liven up the party!)
    Marc Brickman

    [Leslie Nielsen is a must. – FEd]

  95. My gosh, on my quick scan through I did not see Kate Bush.

    I would also invite:

    Leonard Cohen
    Beatle John
    Bob Dylan
    Neil Young
    Patti Smith
    Johnny Cash
    Tom Petty
    Beatle Paul
    Roy Orbison

  96. let’s hope dj rodrigo is from another country, then those that have risen to that particular country’s cultural sense of humour won’t be embarrassed by his not being british (and finding different things differently funny?)

    how easy the bile and vitriol does rise nowadays, no?

    twits of the years indeed?

  97. My husband – kids at the sitters – we’re partying!

    Les Claypool
    Trent Reznor
    James Hetfield
    Maynard James Keenan
    Tori Amos
    Kate Bush
    Neil Finn
    Ray Davies
    John Cleese for comic relief

    If David hosted all in his barn, so many creative people together could erupt into one cool jam session!

  98. [Sure thing, Pete. Please send us the link. – FEd]

    Here it is FEd, hope you like it as I do (click my name).

    Hope to see and meet the whole band on stage very soon, hopefully in 2009 for a new DAVID GILMOUR Tour!

    Best wishes
    PETE from Germany

    [Many thanks, Pete. Nice photo. – FEd]

  99. personally I try not to attack someone because of their differences. when I start noticing others that do, time for a break.

    hope all have fun and play nice, you too FE’d!

    oh and don’t forget now, we’re all someone else’s ‘foreigner’.

    (now where did I put Dr Pincus’ number? lol)

    [That’s commendable, of course, but I have to say that my comments have nothing to do with where someone is from; rather they’re often a reaction to a (tiresome) repeat of agenda and unpublished comments that only I get to see. But you’re quite right, so thanks for that. – FEd]

  100. I wouldn’t invite anyone. I’d do everything, so Dave and I could be alone. 😉

  101. [But, if this is turning into a party for footballers, we need the greatest of them all: for me, Diego Maradona. – FEd]

    I know I’m from the States and all, but even being a yankee, I was taught very young that Pelé was the greatest . . . have things changed? I ask only because I know little of socc. . .errrr. . . .uh. . . .Football.


    So, at my dinner:

    Well it would already be the band, all the irregulars, and Fed, so. . .I think we need

    -William Shakespeare
    -Albert Einstein
    -Jesus Christ
    -Siddhārtha Gautama
    -Abu l-Qasim Muhammad
    -Timothy Leary
    -Albert Hoffman
    -Mel Brooks
    -Jack Nicholson

    and. . .last but not least. . .what??? The Guest List is full??? What do you mean?? Can’t we have a line at the door? You know, let people in when others go out???

    Have a no return policy at the door. I know you can do it Fed!!

    [Our very own ‘revolving door’ policy. I like it. Pelé was a great player, but I’d argue that he never played at the highest level, because he never played his club football in Europe. He played week in, week out, against sub-standard opposition, whereas Maradona played in Italy when the Italian league was arguably the best in the world. – FEd]

  102. F’Ed:

    I had to sit down at just the thought of the people at that party. I’d add my husband. Don’t mean to be boring, but that group would be enough for me.

    But, playing the game:

    Jane Goodall, John Lautner (architect), Queen Elizabeth I, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Larry Bird (I’m a Celtics fan), Cynthia Moss (Amboslei Elephant cronicler), Roger Ebert (film critic), Dorothy Dunnett, Nampeyo, and last but not least, my grandparents, who passed away when I was far too young to know them.

    I am assuming that you would be there too. At least I am hoping.

    All my best,

    [Bless you, Jan. Good Queen Bess, eh? I wonder how long it took her to get ready for a night on the tiles, what with that ostentatious dress sense of hers. – FEd]

  103. Truthfully, I am not familiar with many of the invitees listed above; but what a great way to learn about those names who are unknown to me!

    Here’s mine with the consideration that Richard Wright is included in the “On An Island” band:

    Elvis Presley
    Harry Houdini
    Jim Morrison
    Justin Hayward
    Nick Mason
    Robert Plant
    Rod Serling
    Roger Waters
    Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)
    Syd Barrett

    Good day.

  104. NewYorkDan, if you invite George Bush, we wouldn’t laugh at him, just laugh of him.

    Drum roll please!

  105. _ Roger Waters
    _ Nick Mason
    _ Richard Wright
    _ Alan Parson
    _ Jean Michel Jarre
    _ Paul MacCartney
    _ Phil Collins
    _ Eric Clapton
    _ Brian May

    …. and my family 🙂

  106. Well, that’s tough! But here is my 10.

    1 – My Girlfriend (would kill me if I didn’t take her)
    2 – My mate Kev (massive Gilmour fan)
    3 – Nick Mason (will get him to sign my copy of Inside Out)
    4 – Leo Fender (thank you for the Strat!)
    5 – Peter Griffin (from the show Family Guy)
    6 – Michael Kamen (R.I.P.)
    7 – Steve O’Rourke (R.I.P.)
    8 – Rick (great guitarist and singer, my step-father, R.I.P.)
    9 – Donovan (he would have to sing Catch the Wind)
    10 – Paul Merton (to make us all laugh)

    That’s my people I would invite. There are no women as my girlfriend would get jealous.

    Hard list. They was just off the top of me head.

    [Paul Merton would be a fantastic guest. I’d swap Peter Griffin for Stewie, though. – FEd]

  107. Hello mates,

    what a gorgeous party!

    With you Fed: Steve (O’Rourke), Michael (Kamen), Syd (Barrett) and Bonzo (Bonham) from a different “country” and Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Robert Plant, Nick Mason, Roger Waters… Rick (Wright) is in the DG band..
    and me, writing a fantastic story.


  108. 1. Lisa, my wife
    2. Tim Burton
    3. Stephen Fry
    4. Dermot Morgan
    5. Syd
    6. David Bowie
    7. Peter Gabriel
    8. Martin Scorsese
    9. Han Solo
    10. Napoleon Dynamite

    [Napoleon Dynamite. Definitely. He has great skills. – FEd]

  109. Paul (Sexton),

    No offense was meant by adding you to the list. FEd asked us to consider other bloggers for our list. I thought of a few names that come up often, and yours seems to come up quite often. It wasn’t meant to cause offense but to indicate one out of a few regular bloggers who could ask Floyd members some interesting questions at a party.

    Then again… I just re-read and realized all of us bloggers are already invited so there was no need to add any bloggers.

    So I will amend my list and add Gerry Driscoll – the Irish Abbey Road Studios doorman that can be heard on Dark Side of the Moon.

    Again, apologies to Paul Sexton for including him and to FEd for misunderstanding his suggestion for a list! No harm was intended.


    [No harm done, Ed. – FEd]

  110. 1. My Mother
    2. Grandmother
    3. Granfather
    4. Aunt
    5. Uncle
    6. Roger
    7. Syd
    8. Nick
    9. Rick

  111. 1.Syd
    2.George Orwell
    3.Rick Wright
    4.Nick Mason
    5.Nelson Mandela
    6.Bill Clinton
    7.Billy Connolly
    8.Jim Morrison
    9.Lord Kelvin
    10.Alexander Graham Bell

  112. [No anger issues there, right? – NewYorkDan]

    [None at all. It’ll be a ‘bikes and pretzels’ party. – FEd]

    Oh no, not you also Fed!

    I feel like Andy in his earlier post. For me it is also time for a break. Most of the guests are interesting to read about, but a few posts have become down right mean spirited. You would think it would become very old for some to keep saying the same things over and over about the same people. I bet you see some posts come through on here that would make your hair stand on end. I don’t envy you your job with having to read the bad ones.

    Hey, here is an idea for some. Why not try listing some people to enjoy being around and forget about the ones you don’t like. Don’t even give them a thought, even in a fantasy!

    Thanks for the chance to express my feelings Fed. Looking forward to your next topic.

    Barbara P

    [That’s fair, Barbara. My apologies. I really must try harder not to mock President Bush. – FEd]

  113. Hi All!!! At “this” moment in time…

    1.) James Watson
    2.) Svante Pääbo
    3.) Sigmund Freud
    4.) Albert Einstein
    5.) Chuck Yeager
    6.) Neil Armstrong
    7.) Jimi Hendrix
    8.) Osama bin Laden
    9.) Garry Kasparov
    10.) Christa “NICO” Paffgen

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Atom Heart Mother”!!! Enjoy!!! Tally-ho!!!

  114. FEd, please don’t apologize for mocking President Bush. As an American, I am thoroughly embarrassed by this joke of a ‘leader’…and I am not alone, he is responsible for any ridicule that comes his way, he’s pretty much a corrupt idiot, who looks like a deer caught in the headlights anytime he gets asked a question that he should know the answer to, but doesn’t. Thank goodness November is coming……

    Had to give my two cents when I see you taking heat for comments that are well deserved.


  115. I can’t do it. I can’t think of ten people I would invite to the sort of party where we are all at.

    Do I invite celebs I’d like to meet? I don’t think I’d like to meet any and (I’m gonna be an outcast for this) that includes David and the band! Not because I don’t love them but because I’d be too scared. What do you say to them? They’ve heard it all before.

    Also, I’d like to invite people that David, Polly and band would like the company of.

    Jamie Oliver, I like his attitude to food, maybe I’d ask him… The best Pub Quizmaster there is, get everyone to participate in a Quiz of mixed sections including music, obviously.

    Look Fed, if there is a party I’d love to come but I’m dead shy about mixing so it’s got to be an unsophisticated sort of do.

    Thank goodness I’ve been able to say something. Now I can read all the others !

    ash X

  116. I have an idea, how about we focus on the music and all things DG instead of dragging things down with politics?

    I would much rather read about things like that than personal opinions about politicians. It is such a shame that a fun topic like this has to be derailed in such a manner. You can make your list of 10 and comment on your choices but the banter afterwards gets very tedious and boring.

    Then again, when was the last time that everyone played nicely in the sandbox??

    The fact is that here, you will never have a meeting of the minds about politics but we can all agree that we enjoy the music of Gilmour.



  117. [It is such a shame that a fun topic like this has to be derailed in such a manner. – Andrew]

    I think that there are neither ‘good’, nor ‘bad’ people here.

    I think the blog is a small reflection of our society: there are all sorts of people/opinions on earth, so, if all sorts of comments/ideas (funny or not) are expressed here, that is fine to me.

    Diversity is great (imho). Maybe it’s why the blog is never boring…


  118. Dear David,

    My name is Carol King. I know you have a lot of requests and this one is mine.

    Please don’t auction any more guitars, because I’d hate to hear that you have stopped playing.

    I have been a fan since 1973 when DARK SIDE OF THE MOON came out. I have every recording put out by Pink Floyd including ECHOES. I have the Pulse 2 set DVD, that I watch every Sunday afternoon for my Floyd fix. I also have a pair of Pink Floyd pants.

    I have seen Remember That Night and loved it. But I have mulitple sclerosis and can not travel very well. I live in Arkansas in the States. I would have all my dreams come true if you could find it in your loving heart to call me.

    I love watching the Pulse DVD because you smile while you play, and that makes me think you enjoy playing your music.

    When I was younger I use to think Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton were the best, that is untill I heard you play, now I know you are the world’s best.

    PLEASE call me […].

    [Carol, I don’t mean to be rude, but please give up. You’re not reading my replies, are you? I’m not publishing this absurd appeal for a fifth (!) time. David reads The Blog, but that doesn’t mean that it exists for you, or anyone else, to submit unrealistic requests over and over and over… David isn’t going to call anyone because they ask him to, loving heart or not. I’m sorry to say that, if you ask again, any future message will be treated as junk. Although, as you’re probably not reading this, I’m wasting my time by explaining that to you. That said, I suppose I can also be as rude as I like and say that the repetition is starting to get on my nerves now. On a more positive note, even though you won’t get anything from it, David has a very large collection of guitars and could still play if he gave all of them away bar one, so don’t worry. The one that’s being auctioned for Crisis shortly (see previous entry) isn’t even his. Please continue to enjoy the music, and, if you can write something different next time, your thoughts will always be welcome here. Even though you don’t seem to read. Which is a shame. – FEd]

  119. [My apologies. I really must try harder not to mock President Bush. – FEd]

    Why, when he does so much to deserve it? After all, what is his latest approval rating in the USA? Under 30%.

    No need to post this, we dont want to hurt anyone’s delicate feeling right?

    PS Check this out for a great laugh! I call it “Osama Bin Bush” (click my name).

    All the best,

    [Well, he has killed more people than Osama, I suppose… – FEd]

  120. 1. Jeff Beck
    2. Tim Renwick
    3. Carmine Appice
    4. Doug Wimbish
    5. Oliver Stone
    6. Aldous Huxley
    7. Tony Iommi
    8. Roy Keane
    9. Gary Moore
    10. Roger Waters

  121. Mozart
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Ayrton Senna
    Margaret Atwood
    Brian Wilson
    Bob Hope
    Brigitte Bardot
    Les Paul
    Leo Fender

    Plus whoever it was that invented amplifiers for musical instruments (I think that organs were probably amplified before guitars, but I’m not sure). I am sure that he would be amazed by the sounds produced by David and the rest of today’s musicians.

  122. Off Topic.

    Spain was awesome in the game today. They played beautiful football. Too bad Russia didn’t really show up.

    In our office Euro Pool I picked a Germany vs Spain final with Spain winning. Unfortunately even if Spain win, I still can’t win the pool because I got a lot of the other games wrong.

    Who imagined that Turkey and Russia would be in the semi-finals? A lot of great games this year!

    Torres has been great but not stellar. Hope he steps it up a notch for the Final. I was also surprised that Reina is the backup! A lot of depth in this team.

    [I think Torres is probably worn out after a fantastic first season at Liverpool; he did better than anyone expected, I’m sure. For all the hype, Ronaldo didn’t exactly set the tournament on fire, either. I wonder if this says something about the demands and standards of the English Premier League. – FEd]

  123. Ok… going out on my wobbly limb.

    Andrew_S was the last one to conjure up the prospect of Brian Wilson at a party. I’m a great fan of the big Wilson, but…

    I just went for the Dennis Wilson POB reissue and so am quite agitated for the post to arrive. In a Wilson/Gilmour congregation, I think Dennis (RIP) has the more empathetic heart for this gig – I am thinking of Pacific Ocean Blue alongside On An Island – temperamentally, anyway.

    So, bring our Brian along, but I’d also seek out the ghost of Dennis hanging with Syd. I forgot, is anybody bringing Neil Young? There must be.

    So, thanks for the invite; see you all there.

  124. Better late than never ?

    There’s been a situation this week that has been frankly more important than who I would invite to a party but I also like to participate in a little random nonsense when I can …

    I shall nuance the “dead or alive” rule by backdating some living guests from a certain time ….

    1. Julie – I wouldn’t go to a party without her
    2. George Clooney (to make sure the same applies for her !)
    3. Robert Redford c. the Sundance Kid …
    4. Muhammed Ali – c. 1970
    5. Sir David Attenborough
    6. Billy Connelly
    7. Madeleine Riffaud
    8. Marie Curie
    9. John Peel
    10. William Shakespeare

    A bit random but I think they all merit a 30 minute conversation !

  125. I know it’s too late, but…

    I’d invite:

    1. Queen Elizabeth II
    2. Prince Philip
    3. Sir Paul McCartney
    4. Professor Richard Dawkins
    5. Albert Einstein
    6. Witold Gombrowicz (my favourite writer)
    7. Salvador Dali
    8. Roger Waters and his wife (why not?)

    What a mixture!

  126. Dear F.Ed,

    this is my list:

    1 Nick Mason
    2 Roger Waters
    3 Syd Barret
    4 My son Tommy
    5 My daughther Irene
    6 My little son Francy
    7 My twin brother and huge fan Ricky
    8 My friend and huge fan Sandra
    9 the Italian singer Elisa
    10 a good interpreter to avoid the frustration to not understand the speech

    a good night to all
    take care

    ciao Elisabetta

  127. Well, playing catch up again, but here goes;

    How about,

    Jimi Hendrix,
    Jackie Gleason,
    Elvis (just for the crack!)
    Eric Cantona (Sorry F.Ed)
    Ronnie Wood,
    George Bush (In shackles)
    Osama Bin Laden (Joined to the same shackles!!)
    Winston Churchill
    Lord Nelson
    Bez from Happy Mondays.

    An interesting party that would be, me thinks!


  128. I would like to invite:

    Roger Waters
    Steve Howe
    Storm Thorgerson
    Roger Dean
    Roy Harper
    Claire Torry
    Paul Kossoff
    Alan Morse
    Jack Bruce

    and many others… but I’ll stick to ten for now… 🙂

  129. [Speaking of Leo Fender, did you ever see that tribute concert from…. 1988? The Brooklyn Academy of Music, I think it was. There was such genuine affection for Leo Fender on display, like he was everyone’s favourite uncle. I think he’d make a fine guest, Regis. – FEd]

    Well, I haven’t seen that concert, but now I have your citation (which I think is quite a good motive) to find out on the net and take a goooooood look. Thx Fed.

    [If you missed the link in the following post, please click your name above. – FEd]

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