Random Nonsense #6

With David’s vintage ’57 re-issue Fender Stratocaster eventually selling for $60,000 at Julien’s ‘Icons Of Music II’ auction last month (Guitar Auction, New York, 21 May), some of us are wondering (just me, really):

If you had a spare $60,000 lying ’round, what would you spend it on?

Specifically, would you have blown it all, and some more, to get that guitar?

The chatroom is not open today, but will be open tomorrow – between 16:00 and 18:00 (UK). If you’ve nothing better to do, pop in.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

75 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #6”

  1. Well, maybe I will be rebuild my home for B&B “Take A Breath” for tourists 🙂

    Greetings from Krakow, Poland

  2. Hello Fed :), hello everyone,

    I have just returned two tickets for the 15th. Anyone not got a ticket, telephone quickly (the Cadogan Hall Box office).

    ash X

  3. I guess if the money was spare then it wouldn’t matter what I spent it on. To paraphrase George Best, I’d spend 90% of the money on women and drink. The rest I’d just waste….

    However, in a more sombre vein, $60 000 for a guitar is actually obscene when a few dollars can provide drinking water in other parts of the world where an electric guitar’s only real value would be as firewood on a cold night.

    Not preaching – just thinking out loud really.

    [I couldn’t agree more, Rick. – FEd]

  4. I’d buy some undeveloped land, and do everything in my power to make sure it remains undeveloped into perpetuity.

    Here in New York State, that’s easy to do if you have the money. We have two big parks (The Adirondacks and The Catskills) which are mountain ranges. The parks were set up over 100 years ago as patchworks of public and private lands. The public land was declared “Forever Wild” and use of the private lands was restricted.

    My plan would be to buy the land near those areas, and donate it to the State with the stipulation that it remain “Forever Wild.” The only problem is, the $60,000 would not buy very much land in those areas.

    Still, I can dream big about doing my part to save our planet.

  5. With all the respect for David’s guitar, I am not a guitarist, so $60,000 is too much for me to leave it in an angle of the room and look at it. I could take some guitar lessons, but I fear the woodworms would eat it before I learn how to play….

    I would spend it travelling, attending concerts and buying CDs. That already is the best way I spend my money.

    But I’d also save some money to organize a cool barn party!

    Have a nice day

  6. If I had £30,000 I’d put the money into a bank account and then, if David played a concert, I’d go to it, no matter where it was. With £30,000 I reckon you could have a holiday where you go to every concert on a tour.

    As much as I’d like a guitar owned by David, I wouldn’t be able to play it very well and I’d get much more enjoyment from seeing David play live than holding a guitar he had once played.

  7. Lord no!! $60,000 for one guitar??? Not in a million years. I’d use some of the money for personal (read: frivolous) means, donate some for humanitarian reasons, and invest the rest wisely.


  8. £30,000… that’d be enough to see me very comfortably through university with some spare for travelling.

    That guitar really broke free of the $4,000-$6,000 estimate, if it was around that my spare $60,000 might have been diverted a bit!

  9. $60,000 would get me a couple of litres of petrol, wouldn’t it?


  10. I’d have hired David and the band to play OAI at my 55th birthday party. I’d also have given to his charity ‘Crisis’.

    He is a wonderful person and I managed to get a ticket to see him perform Atom Heart Mother on June 15th.

    Thankyou David, for all you’ve done in bringing happiness into our lives with your music and good deeds.


  11. Whilst the guitar would be really nice, think I’d rather keep at least some of it as a little fund to cover David’s next (if/when/hopefully!!) tour!

    P.S. I see David attended Mark Knopfler at the RAH on the 30th May. I saw him in Dublin, hope David enjoyed him as much as me.

  12. Hi everyone.

    I would send the cash or the equivalent number of OAI DVDs, MP3s etc. to that Eavis ‘Glastonbury’ chap just to refresh his mind of how brilliant David Gilmour is!

    Keep smiling ;)))

    Rumours…Rumours and so on…

  13. I guess I’d:

    1) Trip to New York ($10K)
    2) Buy a new car ($12k)
    3) Buy a new Fender Strat ($1,500K)
    4) Pay off Student Loan ($30K)
    5) Keep the rest back for a hopeful David Gilmour Strat.

    Happy Days!

  14. FEd, you certainly are a man of your word. Even though there is a population on here that think you are a woman.

    Now let me think about the spending part….



    [Ah yes, some people on here think too much. – FEd]

  15. If I had $60,000 lying around I would spend some of it on guitar equipment, e.g. rebuilding my setup, pro quality components on the whole, no compromises. Maybe a few guitars I’ve been wanting to get me for a long time, a nice pedal steel for instance, an acoustic guitar, or an omnichord (!).

    I would invest a reasonable amount of it in one form or the other, let it grow, and then give a fair part of if it away for an institution here in Vienna working with asylum seekers to sponsor so called “education partnerships”.

    Cheers, bernhard

  16. Dear F.Ed,

    if I were involved as the chair of a very large and rich philantropic foundation, yes, I would get the guitar!

    As I do not play any game of chance it’s quite difficult I could ever have a such large sum, but my first wish is a trip around the world for at least three months of relaxing vacation.

    Have you a good day to all there
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  17. If I had that kind of money, I would build my mother a new home.

    And I would send some to help the homeless animals at my animal shelter.

  18. I’d use a small bit of it to come to London on June 15th, and a portion of it would go to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and the remainder I would pay on my mortgage.

  19. Oh yes, I would, no problem. You can not take money with you when you die, so spend it now and enjoy it while you can.

    Just never had that kind of money to enjoy.

    One Life, Live It.

  20. I’d go to Vegas and gamble! If it’s spare cash and you don’t spend more than the $60k, why not?

  21. Mmm…maybe I should save some money for charity. I have been very selfish in the previous post and now I am ashamed!

    $10,000 for charity is ok? Or should I feel ashamed also now?

    If I want to give more for charity, I am sorry, I think I will annul the barn party! I can’t renounce travel!

  22. With $60,000, my sensible side tells me to install a solar panel system in my home even though that may not be enough money for a proper system.

    I’ve always been fascinated with solar power. Even 25 years ago in grade school I did a project with solar cells.

    As for spending it freely on a whim….

    To be continued…



  23. No doubt I would spend the $60k on a used Strat, understanding that it obviously must come with its previous owner’s ability to play.

  24. If I had that amount of money lying around, I think I would.

    I would need some extra to learn how to play decently though.

    Maybe next time 😉

  25. You ask that in the age of $4.00(+) gas prices in the US?!?!?! (What’s it like in the UK??)

    OK, in a Utopian world, sure I’d love the guitar.

  26. If I had $60k lying around, I wouldn’t be living at the apartment I’m currently living in… Also, I would buy a car.

    And if I had some money left over, I would probably buy a guitar or at least wait until the David Gilmour signature comes out.

  27. 60 G’s on a guitar?! Not a chance. That would go to my children’s college fund.

    I’ll build another custom electric guitar myself, to my specs, for $700 or $800.

  28. 60,000 dollars, that’s around 30,000 quid.

    I would have a bit of a party, with DG and FLOYD fans from the blog invited only. And of course you Fed, but I doubt you would show.

    Kind regards as ever

    [Thank you for the invite, Damian. – FEd]

  29. Oh, this is an easy one:

    Pay off my University and all my tuition loans…

    How about you FEd? What would you do with the 60,000? Maybe buy some nice new pointy sticks?

    [As much as I like Ben’s idea, I’d do the same as you. – FEd]

  30. A silly, selfish idea : something in the ‘Space Tourism’, maybe an astronaut training experience/programme, since I don’t think that $60.000 would be enough for a space flight!

    But I don’t feel very comfortable with today’s topic, as I just read on a site (Théâtre National de Nice, where they will be playing on 6th June a benefit gig for Darfur children):

    “1 orange = 1€ = 1 semaine de vie pour un enfant au Soudan”

    So, $60.000 (= 40.000€) keeps a child alive in Sudan for 40.000 weeks (or the equivalent, of course).


  31. If I had a spare $60,000 lying ’round, what would I spend it on? Hhhmmmm?

    Well first, I would offer $10,000 to Storm Studios for website upgrades and artwork to market my coffee company.

    Then, with the remaining $50,000, I would establish the first location for my non-profit coffee house/lounge concept.

    Why, because I dream of a world beyond capitalism. A world where more businesses are in business to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and not motivated to only line the pockets of its stakeholders.

  32. Buy a standard American Strat instead for around £700 and stuff the rest away under the mattress for a rainy day.

    However, I’m sure I’d be spending some of it following the band around on their next European tour.

    [You ask that in the age of $4.00(+) gas prices in the US?!?!?! (What’s it like in the UK??) – LinBee]

    Approx. 10-11 US Dollars per gallon. Ouch!

  33. It would go into my retirement account. It’s not like I’ll be able to rely on Social Security being around when I retire.

  34. If I was rich, I’d buy the guitar. Also a Hammond B3, which I’ve always wanted. Probably, quite a few classic cars, because I’m sick like that.

    Since I’m not rich, I would pay off as much debt as I could, and try to be at least a little ready to fund my children’s college.

  35. 60K would go along way in a children’s hospital so that’s probably where I would send it…

  36. I would spend $40,000 to help pay down my condo. I would spend another $2,000 to pay off my new car. I would spend another $2,000 on a new Gibson Les Paul (I already have a Gilmour Black Strat).

    The rest I would save.

  37. If we’re talking ‘real life’, I’d have to say that paying down some debt would be of utmost importance … I know, borrring, but I’m feeling a little insecure these days:-{

    If my bills were all paid off and I had an extra $60,000 laying around, I’d use part to help out my kids, donate to lots of various charitable organizations, save a little, and use some to travel … visit some Irregulars, have them show me their environs, and maybe catch David playing his guitar somewhere;^)

    I’d much rather have the experience of seeing/hearing/feeling David Gilmour making magic with his guitar than actually ‘possessing’ the guitar. That said, wasn’t the auction for charity?

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [Apparently, yes. – FEd]

  38. [FEd, you certainly are a man of your word. Even though there is a population on here that think you are a woman. – Andrew]

    [Ah yes, some people on here think too much. – FEd]

    I always figured that you were a man, FEd.


    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  39. If I had $60k I would use the most of it to pay for my house, take about $2k to my favourite luthier and let him build my personal dream guitar, and the rest to have a nice holiday with my wife.

  40. Hey FEd,

    I feel as though I’ve been living under a rock the last few months and, as a result, am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t been contributing much to the Blog. Just want you to know that I do check in and am keeping abreast of all things Gilmourish;^)

    FEd, keep up the good work — what’s-left-of-my-sanity thanks you and the Irregulars from the bottom of my heart:)

    David may not know it, but he is an Irregular in my book;^) So thanks especially to David — I don’t know what I’d do without his music! I think that goes for a lot of us.

    Peace ‘n’ love to y’all!

    [Bless your cotton socks. – FEd]

  41. i would totally buy the guitar…sounds like a bargain to me and a good investment!

  42. Spare cash – sorry, doesn’t compute ….

    In practice I would repay debt …. unfortunately £30k would not be a life changing amount …

    But assuming this was really spare I’d use it for holidays …. money in the memory bank is never wasted.

  43. I think I would buy a Hybrid-car, to help the environment and save on gas money! The leftover money would be great in the bank for the next DG tour expenses 😀 (well… I can dream, right?)

    Another fun topic, FEd!! Thanks!!

  44. Money…it’s a hit…don’t give me any do-goody good buuuuuuuuuullsh!t 🙂

    That said, with a spare 60k to burn the only thing that immediately sprang to mind would be to offer to donate it all to Shelter in return for a private gig for us bloggers at The Roundhouse in Camden. Actually, 50k would go to Shelter, and 10k would go towards flying everyone in and housing them for the weekend 🙂 The best part of all – the setlist would be blogger determined…

    Alternatively it reminds me of an inappropriate but very funny t-shirt I saw in California a while ago: “California Lotto: If I won it I’d buy a mountain of cocaine and live in a whorehouse” 🙂

    And to the gentleman who spent 60k on a re-issue I’d probably give a few quid to get his head read…!


  45. £30,000?

    I’d take a chance and give up my job and go back into full-time education to try and cram as much in as I could to enable me to re-train to become a teacher.

    Not going to university is probably the only regret I have in life.


  46. Hi FEd,

    I wouldn’t have spent so much money for a piece of hardware, even if DG had used it in the past. Of course people that buy such are thinking in different dimensions. I’m happy with my guitar for which I paid 1/33 of the price above.

    I’d be happy to hear that this instrument will be played by his/her new owner, but I have my doubts…

    In case I had the 60 grand, then I’d pay off a part of my mortgage, but then if I really had them, why should I have a mortgage anyway? This is a tricky question 😉



  47. Without feeling guilty, and because this is all hypothetical, I would purchase 3 microphones I have always wanted. Of course they would be in absolutely pristine mint condition:

    1. Neumann U47
    2. AKG C12
    3. Telefunkin ELAM251

    Even if you can find these microphones in the said condition, those three may cost you more than $60K, depending on the seller. Oh well.

  48. I`m working on a theory, that if you have 30 grand to spare on a guitar, then you must be bloody loaded. So I think if I were in that situation and can still give to charity, I would buy the guitar. It is David`s after all!

  49. Hi FED,

    I would take a trip/vacation to England and make sure I see David perform at least twice.

  50. Frivolous answers to the frivolous question. (I am glad that his guitar went for so much.)

    I would travel to see David play in England. (Of course.)

    I like the blog get together party idea.

    Mainly, I am an animal rights advocate, so would love to send something for the legislative fight to end the disgrace of puppy mills, aid for animals caught in hurricane disasters, and legislation to strengthen animal cruelty laws.

    Also, the painful situation of children starving or without families in other countries would get part of that $60,000.

    Of course, that’s todays list. Tomorrow might be different.

    Happy thoughts to all,

    [When it comes to charity, it’s very difficult, isn’t it? Somehow there’s never enough money to go ’round. I’m sure we could all give our imaginary $60,000 to good causes and still feel that it wouldn’t do. Now that we’re all paying so much for fuel, it’s a shame that the oil companies couldn’t make the odd (massive) donation to suitable causes, isn’t it? Hang on, they do… – FEd]

  51. Hello FEd,

    I would love to have the guitar, but seeing as I can barely strum 3 chords…

    I would put towards my girls’ college funds. They both graduate from high school tomorrow (Thursday). I am now so broke, I can’t even pay attention!

    I would also set some aside for the (hoping and praying) next David Gilmour tour.


  52. I know fuel’s pretty expensive in Europe, but it’s got up to $1.70/ltr here in Australia and getting higher nearly every day. The oil barons of the world have really screwed us over. If they hadn’t interfered in alternative technologies we would probably have more efficient transport options by now and not be destroying our planet.

    If I had a spare $60k I would probably help my sons with their uni costs.

    Let’s all start dragging out the old bicycle and riding it instead of driving. I know it’s June in the UK and it gets a bit cold, but hey, be tough guys!!!

    All the best Fed.

    [Funnily enough, Charles, I was on a (small, two-carriage) train yesterday and there were three bicycles on there. It was good to see, but there probably wasn’t room for a fourth. I also read recently that, should maintenance work on the tracks ever require that part of your train journey be completed by coach, there is no guarantee that your bicycle will be carried. How annoying would that be? As always, it seems that more needs to be done to get people to use two wheels instead of four. Getting people to travel by train is one thing, but how many people then jump into a waiting taxi to reach their final destination? I don’t know how feasible it would be to have an extra carriage purely for bicycles (buggies, prams, luggage in general), but it seemed that one would have come in handy yesterday. – FEd]

  53. Well, the first thing I’d ask myself is… What would David do??

    Charity would be the answer so I’d give a bit to charity. Then I’d put aside money for university and then renovate the house a bit, then contemplate what I could have done with the money after it was all gone…. 🙁

    Cheers FEd,
    Adrian J. Emond

  54. non-profit coffee lounge? why?

    i think i’ve had enough!


    btw…Gilmour gets paid and there is nothing AT ALL wrong with that! $60,000 is a nice chunk but it isn’t that much. GET REAL!

  55. This is an easy one. I wouldn’t have bought the guitar…

    I would have:

    1) Pay off outstanding credit cards
    2) Pay off my student loans
    3) Reserve $10,000 for a future home (we rent)
    4) Place money away for our kids education

    And if I didn’t have a wife and kids?

    A Signature Gilmour Strat, put a downpayment on a two bedroom bachelor apartment, get a sh*t load of singles for the strip club…

    …did I say that?

  56. I’d spend 60 thou. on a new addition downstairs with a Snooker table installed. Frame and hang musical memorabilia. Then purchase a certain Black Strat to play around with.

    I wish.

  57. No way, sorry David.

    But, somehow I think David would wonder did this person have more money than goood sense, don’t you think?

  58. Didn’t you just spend about that much on your new kitchen, FEd?

    Games room for me. Complete with state of the art snooker table, dartboard, shuffleboard, table tennis, David Gilmour themed pinball game, poker table, and let’s not forget Twister, draft beer taps protruding from all 4 walls, piped in surround sound complimenting the largest HDTV possible with cable subscription covering all sports including football.

    Of course the walls would be adorned with lifesize portraits of all our beloved Gilmourettes!

    Feel free to add anything I might have left out.

    [I’ve spent nowhere near £30,000, John – thank God! I’ve done my kitchen, bathroom and garden for less than that, with plenty of eco-friendly items in each, I’m pleased to say. I would like to go the full hog and get a solar heating system, though. When I win the lottery… – FEd]

  59. Would $60,000 be quite enough if donated to the right charity to tempt David and the band into a one off performance? Set list of my choosing obviously.

  60. $30K for a trip to Vegas. I’ve always wanted to experience being a high-roller. Even though I believe this is still peanuts when you come to the definition of high-rollers.

    The other $30K, organize a dinner party where the attendees would be Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and Bob Dylan (you can come too FEd). I always thought it would be amusing to have these three in one room talking to each other but not really understanding what each other was saying. Why $30K for such a small dinner? C’mon, you think it would be easy to pull this off??

    This was a fun topic, glad someone suggested it. LOL. The answers were quite amusing.



  61. Guess I would organize a festival with my favourite bands. They did some good things for free with the Tsunami three years ago (see Progaid). And of course it would become a great success if David would join them to play some songs. I would be delighted if Fed would be able to do the announcing 😉

    The money we would raise must go to charity: Crisis & Amnesty would be my idea.

    Have a great weekend.

  62. Hmm. I think I’d stick it in a nice, eco-friendly investment certificate and then use the profits to travel to concerts in distant places. Also, there would be t-shirts.

    Or live my life’s dream: get an old VW bus and follow a beloved band on tour. THERE ARE CANDIDATES.

    Or both. Might give some to Findhorn though.

  63. If I had a spare $60,000 for my organization, I would start a teen drop-in center for 75 teens (there isn’t one in my community presently).

    The program would run Monday through Friday from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday from 2pm to 8pm, have adult activity leaders/supervisors, social workers on staff for individual, group, and vocational counseling, and an outreach worker.

    You can tell I’ve been up working…

  64. Hi everybody! I am back from my vacation in Provence, France.

    Michèle, ton pays est sublime; Grasse, Monaco, St_Tropez, Eze-villages, Toulon, Marseille, Tourtour, Villecroze, Bormes-les-Mimosas etc…

    Lucia, I spent 3 days in the Cinqueterre… Fabulous.

    Now, I have a lot of reading to do to be up-to-date!

    If I had $60,000 to spend, I’d do some small renovations in our house and I sure would go to London to see the city and shows, and shows at the Albert Hall and everywhere. That would be my wish; I’d go with my husband and my brother and wife.

    [Welcome back, Sylvie. – FEd]

  65. I’m so happy you enjoyed your trip in Provence, Sylvie, but I’m happier that you’re back here!

    Bormes-Les-Mimosas is such a lovely and quiet village… (avec un joli nom, en plus…)



  66. Glad you liked my country, Sylvie. It is a beautiful part of our coasts. But you forgot to visit Rome!

    It will be for the next time, of course!

  67. If I had that kind of cash lying around, I think I’d rather ask for the opportunity to jam with David rather than buy his guitar. I’m sure playing such an instrument would be like driving a Lotus…but actually sitting in a room and conversing in the language of music? Much more memorable. Wouldn’t you agree?


    – Kevin, Florida, USA

  68. Hi to anyone who can help.

    I have located a copy of JOKERS WILD 7″ single ‘Dont ask me’/’Why do fools fall in love’ but not from Regent Sound Recordings – cut in Cambridge by International Music Ltd Serial No RBS 0031.

    Looks genuine from 1966 and mega-rare.

    Wondering if this is genuine or a counterfeit – did Dave’s band record in a Cambridge studio before the early Floyd recordings in London?


    [That’s a good question. If it is original, it would be very rare indeed, as I believe there were only about 50 copies pressed. I think the five-track EP and single were made in 1965, not 1966, though. – FEd]

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