'On an Island' 5.1

'On an Island' album coverThese extra discs that we’ve been talking about…

Well, you’ve asked about it on more than one occasion, so here it is: a 5.1 surround-sound mix of ‘On an Island’.

You get that with the four-disc package, by the way. Packaged in cardboard, with a 12-page booklet. That’s two live CDs, one live DVD (114 minutes of concert footage from Gdańsk, plus a 36-minute documentary)…

Plus an extra DVD which, as well as the 5.1 audio, also has 11 bonus audio-visual tracks, three of which are never-before-heard Barn jams (from January 2007), courtesy of David, Richard Wright, Guy Pratt and Steve DiStanislao.

The other tracks are from the Mermaid Theatre (‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, ‘Wearing The Inside Out’, ‘Comfortably Numb’), AOL Sessions (‘On an Island’, ‘High Hopes’) and Live from Abbey Road (‘The Blue’, ‘Take a Breath’, ‘Echoes’).

So, hands up who will be able to listen to ‘On an Island’ in 5.1…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

53 thoughts on “'On an Island' 5.1”

  1. My hand is up Fed.

    What an unbelievable package. Many thanks to David for putting this out.

    All of this and some new music too. Wow!

  2. *Hand up* 😀

    I was sure I checked on here everyday, but it seems I’ve missed so much! I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said before, but awesome news!

    Thanks again FEd, hope you’re having a good weekend!

  3. This keeps getting better FEd… I’ve run out of adjectives to describe it.

    Will the 5.1 audio need to be played as an audio DVD or as it’s a DVD with some videos on will it be like a track on a normal DVD with Dolby Digital or DTS?

    Either way I’m going to make sure I can hear it in its surround sound glory!

    Thanks for the update FEd, you’re making my dull weekend of revision survivable!

    [Stick at it, Nick. As for your question, I can’t confirm yet. More as soon as I know more. – FEd]

  4. After months of me hounding you on this 5.1 release, you have finally let it out. Of course my hand is up!

    Sounds like a lot of material coming in Sept… David seems to have given us everything we have asked for and then some, now what about another tour to promote this release!

    Any news on a release of On the Turning Away from the tour? I would love to have a good recording of that song.

    [Not today, sorry. – FEd]

  5. FEd, you’ve helped me find my smile. ;^)

    Thanks, hugs, smiles to David for going the distance for us!

    I hope that you know just how much we appreciate all that you’ve done, past and present! Music makes an amazing conduit through which life’s pleasures, pains, experiences or dreams can be shared one heart to another, one mind to another, and you, David, are certainly an example of this process. I don’t know how anyone could exist without it. I know I couldn’t …

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  6. After this, all that will remain for David to release will be… New Original Music. As I read it, that day can’t be too far behind.

    My hands are definitely up. My hands’ hands are up. As I said yesterday in these pages, it’s worth whatever it takes to obtain a copy of this release, all discs included.

  7. “Hands up! Baby, hands up! Gimme CDs, gimme-gimme CDs, gimme gimme…”

    Holy kosher salami, Batman!!! 5.1, goodies, and Echoes from A.R. too? Now, there’s a man who knows how to please his fans…

  8. [What I hope are some recordings from the barn sessions… – Me on 6 June]

    Great news FEd! And my wish fulfilled, what more can I ask?

    I’m looking forward for the complete package!

    Best regards,

  9. FEd, are you working overtime?

    So much news, even on a Saturday evening… my full respect.

    My hand is also up for the 5.1 disc….

    Have a nice weekend

  10. Hands up!!!!!

    A 5 disc vinyl set, 2 live CDs, a DVD with almost a complete concert, a second DVD with the, by many (myself included), wished for 5.1 mix of OAI and a lot more.

    And then there is even a 5th disc… Amazing. 2 years after the release of OAI and we still get all this exiting stuff!!

    Thanks to all those involved.

  11. I will, once I’ve bought a new telly.

    Freegan diet starts on Monday. 😀

  12. Wow! This sounds great! I can only imagine what is on the five disc version…

    Will the package art be the same for each version or will they all be different?

    [All in good time. – FEd]

  13. Fantastic! I´m speechless…

    Many thanks to FED (and David of course!)


  14. This is a fantastic release, bravo!

    I’ll start saving my student pennies now for the 5-disc set – I’m sure online stores will have a field day pricing this epic release…?

    [That’s when the fun really starts, isn’t it? – FEd

  15. Hi Fed.

    As usual there is so much going on with this still unbelievable site which I never thought would have happened in my wildest dreams. Thankyou again to David for giving us this kind of contact and closeness with him.

    The 5.1 sounds exciting and as ever very creative, it’s what you expect from a genius.

    This just shows that David cares for his fans. Let’s face it, he doesn’t need the money or the accolades.

    Anyhow, thankyou, can’t wait.

    Ps. Fed, if it’s true about Glastonbury, David couldn’t have gone as I did not have a ticket. Have you heard of Rockness in Scotland? Sounds a much better venue.

    [I have. Razorlight are going to be there, aren’t they? – FEd]

  16. Oh my goodness! This is SO exciting – my hand is most def up!

    FEd, I just saw a story about a Pink Floyd reunion coming up again as a possibility… the quote David gave seemed much like his other sound bites and the whole article seemed very much like a giant leap to a conclusion –

    “Less impressive then a twenty years in the making Led Zeppelin reunion, is the potential reforming of space rock pioneers Pink Floyd, who last played together in 2005 at Live 8.

    David Gilmour came out of hiding this week to announce his vague and indifferent stance on a future reunion concert.

    “Who knows? Who knows the future,” Gilmour said in an interview with reporters. “I haven’t absolutely said ‘no’ to the possibility, but I think that in reality any sort of long-term thing together is not going to happen.”

    Then they mention Atom Heart Mother.

    This is from Rock.com and seems quite lame. Thought you ought to know about it.

    [Ah, Rock.com: The Official Site of Rock Music. (“Who knows?” is such a useful phrase, isn’t it?) I like vagueness and indifference. I wish these people would realise that, when asking David about potential reunions, that’s what they’re going to get: vagueness and indifference. Maybe then they’d stop asking over and over and let the future take care of itself. – FEd]

  17. What a great package! I assumed in my last post this approx. would be the content of the five-disc-version. Now what the hell could be on the fifth disc????

    Waiting in suspense …

    Please, FEd, if you can, forward a great “Thanks” to David for the generosity to open up the vaults and make all this available!

    [No need, you just did. – FEd]

  18. FEd, David, anybody who is behind this; I want to say that I love you! (In a very male friendly way..)

    Well, I need both vinyl AND five disc. That will be an expensive September..

    What’s up with the picks?

  19. Oh my God!

    This is crazy! So that’s four discs. What’s the fifth one going to be?

  20. En éste momento lamento no saber ingles. Pero me animo a escribir porque la musica del Sr. Guilmor me hace emocinar hasta las lagrimas y queria expresarselo de alguna forma. Espero que le puedan traducir el mensaje. Ojala algun dia tengamos el privilegio de tenerlo en Argentina. Y si no espero tenr la oportunidad de verlo en vivo UNA VES EN LA VIDA.

    Lo abrazo sobre mi corazon. Gracias por tanto!!!

  21. Thank you so very much David Gilmour!

    I really love that you are thinking about all of us that loves your music and all of us that never had the chance to get to your concerts. This helps a lot.

  22. Brilliant…five discs with amazing material. After the fantastic DVD Remember That Night, five discs!! This is probably the best document of one “band tour” release in the world in all time! Thank You for this and Congratulations for all!!!

    I don’t know why I love September in these last years, hehehe!!!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  23. This is really great news and I know I will be getting it for the sound will be great in 5.1. So Fed, thank you for the wonderful news and I can’t wait to hear when it will be released.


    PS And yes, my hand is up for this great release!

    [I’m assuming that everything will be out on 15/16 September. It should be. – FEd]

  24. hi fed

    thx a lot for a so so incredible package. maybe u dt remember but it was my idea about the RTN double dvd of Dave. when u asked ideas about what we would like to see in the double dvd, i talked about different packages, like it exists in movies : just concert, with bonus dvd, and with Gdansk concert … each package with different prices of course.

    like u see i saw in the future lol, and i hope until september, Dave will find the time and the possibility to add another dvd, with the ATOM HEART MOTHER, LONDON PERFORMANCE.

  25. FEd,

    Is the final five disc version of Live in Gdansk consisting of two CDs, two DVDs and an Hybrid SACD of OAI for the five disc Live in Gdansk package?

    Also, is it going to be either UK only for five disc or is it worldwide?

    [Worldwide for all of these (which, as you know, means that some countries will have a hard time finding any of them). – FEd]

  26. This is great news !!!!!

    I believe the OAI 5.1 audio CD will be “SAD” format, just like the latest Dark Side of the Moon, a couple of years ago.

    Hmmm wondering about this extra DVD…

    Perhaps, a documentary…? Or, has it something to do with the David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster?


  27. Hey, my wish was granted!

    I’m completely blown away by this package, and I will be again when I crank up the volume on the 5.1…..

  28. I agree with NewYorkDan…There’ll be nothing left to watch.

    I appreciate this way of acting – running out of some sound and vision sources just to move on and record other stuff.

    I think we’ll have another release of the year. Since last year’s DVD.

  29. It just gets better and better.

    I have to admit to being a bit confused though. It’s going to take me until September to work out exactly what’s in each package and to make up my mind which one to go for!

  30. I am really looking forward to this release. OAI in 5.1 and the Gdansk concert plus extras from the vault!!!

    I am saving up for the 5 disk version. 5 LP’s as well!! IF I can get this at the right price I might have to!

    Is the 5th disc going to be an extended DVD of the concert or more extras? I can see it being extra tracks performed at Gdansk.

    This will be an expensive month for me as it comes after my birthday but too far before Christmas! Still, don’t delay the release. 🙂

    Thanks David for releasing this. Would love to see you live in Australia but I guess this will have to do for now.

  31. Any chance of a home theater system going up on the contest lines??

    Just kidding. I won’t be listening in 5.1, but it’s excellent news for all that will.

    I have to hear those (unknown) barn tracks, though. Maybe I can pop into an electronics shop and tell them I’m interested in a purchase and have brought my own testing material. Hmmm.

  32. Hello Fed, I’m standing up to be counted on the 5.1.

    Fed, I think musicians should run this world, they’re certainly better at pleasing people. Hell, even David and Roger buried the hatchet…..well sort of, anyway.

    Later Fed.


  33. Thank you for delivering the tid-bits and keeping us informed FED. Now I just need to find a way to contain myself for the next three months!

    Like Greg, I too think the only possible thing that could better this package would be if it included a supporting tour schedule in the inner sleeve.

    As for the talk about a reunion tour…I am perfectly content with DG’s solo project or even new material from PF. For me, it’s all about moving forward and occasionally looking in the rearview mirror to see where we have come from and how it contributes to today.

    Thanks again for the info FED!

    [You’re very welcome. There’s a bit more to come, too. – FEd]

  34. All I can say is Bravo David, BRAVO.

    As one of your mad fans that has to own everything, I’m sincerely thankful that you have taken the time to put together a package that will obviously bare hours upon hours of enjoyment to your fans.

    The only thing that could have possibly made this any better would be an inclusion of your April 9th performance of “On an Island” as you and the band truly struck magic that evening.

    Thank you David, and thanks as always to FED for bring us this information.

    Best regards,

  35. Wow!

    What did we do to deserve all these goodies??? Awesome news.

    So are you now done revealing all that is up your sleeve or is there still something else up there aside from your arm??



    [There’s more. – FEd]

  36. Simply put – this is the best news of 2008! May all here be blessed! I am in bliss!

  37. My hand is up! I loved Island Jam, so I’m really looking forward to hearing more Barn jams.

    This is great news. Thanks David.

    I’m concerned about the cost of it though.

  38. ‘Three never-before-heard Barn jams.’ Wow ! I love this news and I wonder, does it mean ‘new music’ ?

    Such a busy/hard weekend for you, Fed! I hope you at least enjoyed this night the win of your favourite Euro 2008 German team ! But tomorrow, “Allez Les Bleus”, ok ?


    [Oh, of course. And Spain the day after tomorrow. – FEd]

  39. Thanks for clarification FEd, I thought the five disc was only going to be Europe only. I will indeed save my cash for the FIVE DISC version (if it’s only exclusive to Best Buy, will go there like I did OAI and RTN to get it) and will also buy the two CD version as well (for the car).

    On a personal note, OAI got me through the last two and a half years (especially when my mom passed away in March of 2007 and couldn’t attend funeral because I was moving and finances and since I have a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome, I chose to remember my mom (who made me a PF/DG fan as a small child, now am 32) for how she was not how she ended up (last time I saw her was in 2005 but was in touch until the end)).

  40. Great news.

    I’m really glad that OAI will be released in 5.1, I only hope that one of the advanced resolution formats – dvd-a (mlp) or sacd (dsd) – will be employed.

    Of course I’m interested in it, but to tell you the truth I will be buying the most complete packages on CD/DVD (5 discs, no matter what will be on the 5th one, probably best songs and some rarities from the whole 2006 tour, which did not appear anywhere else), as well as on vinyl.

    It was a good decision to include other audio visuals, I really appreciate Live From Abbey Road, because the series has not been broadcast in Poland as yet. I managed to buy the Live From Abbey Road DVD, but only On An Island was included there plus quite interesting interviews.

    Thanks for that. But it looks like the Barn jams will be a real treat. Can’t wait.

  41. That’s simply amazing news! I’ll have that one…….and that one…… and what can be on the 5 th disc? Atom Heart Mother show would just sit sooooo nicely.

    Roll on September.

    [David’s a guest at that show, don’t forget. It’s not really his place to put it on DVD. Besides, it has nothing to do with the ‘On an Island’ tour… – FEd]

  42. Hands Up… in awe of 5.1.

    Superlative Sonic Semptember, soon, so soon.

    Wishing away yet another Summer due to impending Autumnal Aural Assault from messrs Gilmour & co.

  43. Well Fed, we’ve almost finished building our new house which has surround sound pre-wired and now I know what will be the first disc played on it.

    Thanks a million.


  44. Hey, y’all!

    My hand’s up, too. Definitely. I’m a big fan of multichannel music.

    Just heard about this upcoming release and I’m excited, yet still a little cautiously optimistic. Sounds like it’ll be on DVD-Video? Will the full-rate/highest-rate DTS be utilized? (It just seems to sound better than Dolby Digital, at least to me.) And is it public yet as to whom is doing (or did) the surround mixes?

    Thanks going out to David Gilmour and all who are helping to make this happen. The world needs more music in 5.1 surround!

    – “Kazaam”

    [All will be revealed, I’m sure, in good time. – FEd]

  45. Shame the 5.1 is not being released free standing.

    Does anyone know the technology involved yet?

    Does this mean the Wish You Were Here will be pushed further back? (If ever?)

    [No. When I know, I’ll let you know. – FEd]

  46. Hello Fed,

    Just out of curiosity, is the DVD with the surround mix a DVD Video or DVD Audio? On http://www.dg.com it says a 5.1 mix in surround sound audio in DTS or DD, so it seems like a DVD Video as there is no mentioning of any advanced resolution mix.

    Maybe you know more about this. Otherwise we will see in September. Whatever the mix, it is still great to hear OAI in surround!

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards, Robert

    [That’s all I know, sorry. I think your deduction is likely to be spot-on. – FEd]

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