Live album on vinyl

David's forthcoming live album, 'Live in Gdańsk'David’s ‘Live in Gdańsk’ – still due to be released in September, you’ll be relieved to hear – will be available on big plastic discs, as well as a smaller, shinier ones.

So, it’s good news for those of you who were hoping that it would be released on vinyl (One wish for the live album, 14 May).

Stay tuned for more revelations, including more of your wishes coming true.

Care to guess which ones? Oh, go on.

I’ll let you know more tomorrow… but only if you guess.

You can also speculate in the chatroom, which will be open today between the hours of 16:00 and 18:00 (UK). Please be reminded that doors close on time, so do arrive before 18:00 to avoid missing out.

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Author: FEd

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73 thoughts on “Live album on vinyl”

  1. Vinyl is still king in Europe and is making a major comeback in the States. I assume the whole of OAI with orchestra and Jon Carin’s lap steel playing on Red Sky is on the album.

    I also hope Best Buy puts a fourth disc (either audio or video) with Live at Gdansk to help get most sales. Worked for OAI and RTN.

  2. Great news, btw how many discs will it consist of?

    My guess: full show.

    [More than four… – FEd]

  3. Going over the wishes from the previous entry, I’d guess a plectrum will be included.

    More documentaries would be nice, but the DVD already had lots of em, and it would seem a bit weird to include video footage on a CD release. Not that I would object, mind you!

  4. $60,000?

    [Only if you’re prepared to pay $60,099 for it! (Don’t give them ideas, for God’s sake.) – FEd]

  5. Bonus songs : On The Turning Away from Venice and TGGITS from the Paris Olympia.

  6. Great I love Vinyl!!

    They smell good & sound very nice, “analog”.

    I’ll buy the CD as well…


  7. OAI vinyl is much more to me than a “big plastic disc”, it’s a real work of art! So, yes, I might be tempted to purchase these ‘Live In Gdansk’ big plastic discs, even if it’s …ecologically incorrect. (Well, no one’s perfect, n’est-ce-pas?)

    With new photos from Polly?

    But, what’s happening, Fed? You posted yesterday at 08:52, today at 08:19, … tomorrow at 07:39 ?…


    [No, no. Today was early enough, thank you. – FEd]

  8. More than four discs FEd? Wow! I can’t wait to get my hands on those small shiny discs (the others would require me to pinch my dad’s turntable!).

    Personally I’m hoping to see more of backstage/technical side. Maybe a chance to see Marc Brickman work some of his magic… and yes, that is the lighting designer in me talking!

    Although whatever extras David gives us will undoubtedly be as brilliant as always.

  9. My wish would be another documentary on DVD and Phil would go for DVD including Island Jam from Odeon Leicester Square.

    I had a very strange dream the other night…this is somewhat off topic…Guy Pratt was cutting my hair! When I woke up and after I checked I still had a full head of hair I wondered what the salon could have been called…’Snipper at the Gates of Dawn’, ‘Wish you were Sheared’, ‘A Scissorful of Secrets’… Thank goodness it wasn’t ‘The Final Cut’!

    Look forward to hearing more about the Gdansk album and really looking forward to hearing/seeing it…..thanks F’ed.

  10. I really like Angelo’s thinking.

    I guess a Best Buy bonus of an inflatable pig in specially marked packages will not be one of the ideas considered. Think of the worm in the can idea. Wouldn’t it be neat if you opened the case and out popped a pig?

    But my serious guess would be a poster of some type.



  11. Roll on September is all i can say. At least it gives me more time to get a better amplifier for my stereo.

    As for the extra surprise, I would agree with the idea of a poster. Either that or possibly a few details about the bonus material on the CD or DVD.

    I doubt that a plectrum will be included, and certainly not used plectrums as I think someone suggested a while ago.

    Wouldn’t it be a bit strange if we went from talking about cutting our use of plastic and how to help the environment one day to how we’d like a bit of plastic with David’s name on with the CD the next?

    [Indeed. – FEd]

  12. Inflatables just cause problems… how about a cardboard (recycled of course) model of one of the Gdansk cranes?

  13. Will those records be in the shape of plectrums?

    Seriously, another wish I suspect may come true is more interviews with David and friends or documentaries about them, perhaps something from the 2006 tour which did not make it to “RTN.”

  14. My wish was for it to be packaged in cardboard instead of plastic.

    If it’s carbon neutral, I guess it must be packaged in cardboard.

  15. [Will those records be in the shape of plectrums? – NewYorkDan]

    Well if a 7″ single was released then it could be shaped like a plectrum quite easily, but an LP is harder to shape.

    I’m not sure how badly you would play the guitar if you actually tried to use it as a plectrum though.

  16. My wish/guess is a tour! My hope is that it includes Chicago!

    Oh well, I’ll be happy with the album!


  17. [Sam Brown singing Great Gig in the Sky, oh please!!! – Paul Sexton]

    What Paul said, pretty please!

  18. that’s nice to hear about the vinyl. makes me want to go out and buy a record player.

    i still think a dvd with leftovers would be nice.

  19. I would have to guess that in addition to a four-disc set, other surprises might include a brand new song, created just for the occasion, and special guest artists.

    I’m thrilled that so much effort has been made to capture this concert in such a world-changing place.

    Lola from Maine

    [More than four, by the way. – FEd]

  20. wow, i’m glad its coming out vinyl. vinyl is the best music format ever, much better than crappy downloaded digital music anyway.

    more than four discs FEd? i hope you’re telling the truth and not winding us up.

    p.s i’m disgusted to find out that gilmour’s offer to play at glastonbury was rejected in favour of bloody jay z. sellouts, rap is the worst music ever invented.

    [It’s no wind up. More on that tomorrow. – FEd]

  21. This topic makes me wonder…what did happen to all those record players out there? I’m sure many have found their way to landfills but there must be many of them just burried away in basements and closets. O yeah, quite a few were also hijacked by the rap industry. But even record scratching has gone digital.

    My player is still hooked up to my system, sitting atop my laser disc player (another antique). Albeit both are rarely used.



  22. [It’s no wind up. More on that tomorrow. – FEd]

    looks like we might be getting the whole concert then. i really REALLY hope so.

    but how many discs will the cd version be FEd?

    [How many do you want? – FEd]

  23. Fantastic news about the vinyl. After many years away I’ve got back into vinyl in the last 12 months so this will be a mighty fine addition to the collection.

    More than 4 vinyl disks is whopping!

    I’m trying to think back to the good old days of the 70’s as I seem to recall some triple albums, maybe a Wings album? Or am I just becoming senile 🙂 Am I wrong?


    [‘Wings Over America’, wasn’t it? – FEd]

  24. It’s great news for all audiophiles that Live in Gdansk will be available on – presumably very thick and virgin -vinyl, too. IMHO there’s nothing which can be compared to a first play of a new vinyl record!

    My guess regarding the extras: Island Jam from Odeon, Leicester Square – sorry for mentioning the same thing again and again (yawn…)

  25. My wish would be a new tour schedule, footage from both The Leicester Square and The Ritzy…

  26. [‘Wings Over America’, wasn’t it? – FEd]

    Genius, FEd. I knew I could rely on you, that’s the one I was thinking about. Weighed about the same as a housebrick too.

    My guess as to some additional goodies would be one side of vinyl consisting of the Abbey Road set.


  27. Hi all,

    I understand that there a lot of vinyl fans out there, but I have sold almost everyone I owned (except a few pictured ones) and enjoy the “smaller, shinier” (and lesser resources and room consuming) ones.

    Anyway, I’m happy for everyone that loves real LPs and will now get a few more for their collections and I hope that there will be something as a voucher for on-line content for me 😉

    Best regards,


  28. I’d like it to be available in High Definition audio on DVD, surround mix if possible…

    … and a launch/listening party on the top deck of Astoria 😉

  29. How about a 1:72 airfix model of the stage and the performers on it? Mini-smoke machine optional.

  30. “More than four disks…”

    Must be the whole show on Audio CD and also on DVD plus the documentary…

    Oh my… I need a rest…

    Or even the Ritzy/Leicester Square shows on DVD including the interviews which means I’ll be on it. DG said “We know him” when my question came up and my name was mentioned… that really would be priceless for me personally. Beats a plectrum or even a signed “anything”…

  31. A plectrum would be nice, not just because it’s David’s but because I’m curious. I’m back into 12 string guitar but I’m danged if I can find a plectrum I really like. I’m using a Sharksfin just now because it produces a rounded mellow tone.

    Had 2 or 3 triple albums back in the 70s. Trying to remember what they were. I’m sure one was George Harrison with one side made up of a jam session. Didn’t the Moody Blues come out with one? I can’t remember now.

  32. I am a bit confused here.

    Are you saying that the vinyl version or the CD version will be 4 disks. Or do you mean that the vinyl version will be 4 sides hence two disks. Or are you just trying to confuse me?



    [It’s working, isn’t it? (I was talking about vinyl: five LPs.) – FEd]

  33. O by the way, plectrums do not necessarily need to be plastic. They could be metal as well. Brian May actually prefers to use a six pence coin. Took me a while to find one of those. But I know that DG prefers the plastic ones.

    I know what else will be included, a glossy 8 X 10 of Guy and his bass.



  34. [It’s working, isn’t it? (I was talking about vinyl: five LPs). – FEd]

    Five! Five LPs?

    Crikey. I need a stiff drink.

    That’s better. So I’m guessing two discs for Gdansk, two for…’On An Island’ in coloured vinyl? (blue, of course) and one for Abbey Road.

    I can’t see the rent being paid in September, if it’s released at the same time as the CD, as that sounds one pricey piece of plastic.

    Wonderful though.


  35. [It’s working, isn’t it? (I was talking about vinyl: five LPs.) – FEd]

    five LPs for the vinyl version? that works at about 250 mins of music (since a single vinyl LP nowadays can hold about 50 mins of music). that’ll be great value for money.

    i’m guessing the cd version will be 4 discs, 3 discs for the concert and 1 disc of bonus material.

  36. Hello FED and All !!!

    Pity I missed the chat today.

    Will the vinyl be released here in The States as well ? That would be excellent.

    Well, I just thought I’d poke my head in and, wow !! Great News.

    I can hardly wait to get my hands on that vinyl. It’d be the first vinyl I’d purchase on over 12 years ! Man, I’m practically giddy with the prospect of laying my hands on virgin vinyl.

    Currently, I am listening to OAI. Think I might have to buy some new speakers soon. Sounds like I might be developing a short in one of the wires leading to my right speaker.

    Well, it’s official, I’m entering my third month completely smoke-free. Well, there’s one one exception. : )

    Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart!

    [I haven’t been told that it won’t be available in the US, so I should think that it will be. – FEd]

  37. [How many (CDs) do you want? – FEd]

    Fascinating answer. My guess is its more than two…perhaps three?

    [You can have three discs if you want them, maybe more. I’ll explain tomorrow. – FEd]

  38. [How about a 1:72 airfix model of the stage and the performers on it? Mini-smoke machine optional. – Thomas Robinson]

    Well, that is a very good proposal Thomas! I reckon that there will be enough rainy evenings to spend after the album is released 😉



  39. Hi Fed and fellow bloggers,

    I’m really looking forward to the new album. Did my wish come true? A bit of Animals added, perhaps a new live version of Sheep. Bah, that track is just sheer genius.

    I caught the Pink Floyd documentary, I think last week, and David said what annoyed him most was people coming to him after a gig and saying to him “That was great,” and in his mind he was thinking “What the f**k do you know?” when he thought he had hit a few bum notes.

    I thought “Shit, that was me back in 1994 at Earls Court.” There’s me thinking I just met my music hero and he’s thinking “What a tw*t.”

    I hope that tickled you all. 14 years ago and it still haunts me, ha ha.

    And to finish, I just watched EastEnders for the first time in years and one of the characters was playing a bit of the Floyd – Comfortably Numb.

    Kind regards

    [I wouldn’t worry about that, Damian. David is a perfectionist, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to applaud him if you feel it’s deserved. I’m sure there’s a big difference between a fan blurting out something complimentary – albeit a bit naff – in the heat of the moment, and a known brown-noser looking for a pat on the head. – FEd]

  40. [Trying to decide how much I should reveal about ‘Live in Gdańsk’ in the next blog post, or if it would be better to drag it out s-l-o-w-l-y. – FEd, Twitter]

    At the risk of being persecuted and paralyzed 😉 by my fellow blog dwellers, I have to say s-l-o-w-l-y would be the way to go. Remember always leave them wanting more; and besides delictable speculation will fill the rather slow current of news and give us something to talk about, no?

    But I’m sure you don’t need me to say that I’m sure that’s been the plan all along, slow and sure like an advent calendar, each day a little goodie!

    Alright Fed, OFF TOPIC: though I’m a bit ignorant about such matters being an American and all but, in the recent football battle who did you have winning, Manchester or Chelsea? I’m glad Manchester won but only because I’m partial to them because of the film, “Eurotrip”, a silly romp of a movie that had Vinnie Jones as a nutter Man U supporter, for that reason I will always root for Man U everytime I see them on the tube.

    Alright then, thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    [To be honest, I didn’t want to see either of them win. I started watching in extra time and, as United had already won the Premier League, and as Chelsea have never won the European Cup, my preference as the time ticked by was for Chelsea to win it. That said, I did enjoy watching both team’s penalty misses and subsequent tears. – FEd]

  41. I’m guessing (and hoping!) there’s going to be a DVD of most (or all) of the Gdansk concert.

  42. Argh! Just tell us now! I don’t care if it spoils the surprise, I can’t take the waiting!

    Release it now, in fact! :-D!!!

  43. You can’t beat vinyl; lyric sheets with print that you can read, designs/photos you can actually make out and great big posters.

    As a young teenager my bedroom was adorned (covered from floor to ceiling) with various pictures/posters of my heroes including the two posters from DSOTM and I remember listening to the album and staring at the concert shots wishing I could see them live. Whilst I did get to see the pyramids would have gladly swapped the holiday for the experience of seeing a Floyd concert.

    So I bet there will be at least one large poster accompanying the LP set.

    I wonder how many purchasers of the vinyl will actually play the records?

  44. Additional tracks that SHOULD’VE been on RTN- On The Turning Away (we don’t CAAAAAAAAAARE if David fluffs the words- he’ll redub it anyway!), The Great Gig in The Sky from RAH and, most of all, Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb with NICK MASON!!!!

    [Well, Nick Mason didn’t want to be on the DVD, don’t forget, so why would he want to be on this? – FEd]

  45. I’ll get the vinyl! Hope for a pick.

    Maybe a Gilmour signature strat also to be included?

  46. Woo Hoo! I was hoping it would be on vinyl!

    I missed out on the vinyl version of OAI, but I’m going to start saving my pennies now for the vinyl version of Gdansk (as I’m sure with 5 vinyl disks, it will be a bit pricey).

    Of course I will have to have it on CD as well… what I’d like to see? With the vinyl version, lots of color photos of the show maybe? Actually that’s the same hope I have for the CD version. Anything else will just be gravy… just can’t wait to have this CD/vinyl available!

  47. It sounds like we’re going to get some really good value for money.

    Fed, when you were a kid did you have older brothers or sisters that you used to tease or are you just making up for it now?

    This release is going to be good no matter what is included, but I bet there’s a DVD included.

    If David decides to do a release concert please give me a few months notice to arrange to get over to the UK. It’s a long way Fed, and you know what wives are like about you just taking off to do something they don’t hold as a priority.

    Enjoy the weekend Fed

  48. Island Jam at Odeon!

    I’m counting the average useful time on a LP and 5 (discs) x 40 minutes = 200 minutes/3 hours and 20 minutes of music? It seems that we’ll have 20/30 minutes of bonus music.

    I’m right with my maths?

    [Michèle, you’re our resident maths teacher. Do you want to mark that? (Or do you need to see the working out, too?) – FEd]

  49. Vinyl? It’s great! I’d love to purchase one of it!

    But this vinyl will come here with a price of 500R$ – Apóx: 120£

    A very nasty and damn price, in fact, veeeeeeery expensive!

    I remember I found in an antiquary the vinyl of The Division Bell. It was sooo beautiful, and my pocket so empty.

    Whatever, vinyl lives on forever!!

  50. So I was checking out the Twitter thingy. Interesting, very interesting.

    So I’m guessing that the info on the Gdansk release will now be like Chinese water torture.

    Personally, I think that is fine as we are a few months away from the official release.



  51. I almost forgot.

    Prince had a 3 disc album – “Emancipation”- and a 4 (or 5, depending on the edition) of “Crystal Ball”.

    So bring it on “Live in Gdansk” 3 CD set!!!

  52. Oh Fed, you are so bad! What do you know? Please do tell us all the good stuff!!

    Maybe a behind the scenes documentary will come along with the CD? We’ll take anything new from David we can get, that is for sure.

    Have a good weekend!
    Barbara P

  53. My wish for the album/cd would be to include On The Turning Away and Great Gig In The Sky with Sam Brown.

    This is really sounding like a fantastic release and I can hardly wait!

    My wish for dvd extras would be to include Island Jam from the Odeon (along with our Irregular friends on screen with the Q&A) AND the entire Q&A from The Ritzy! That would really be a dream come true:^) I’d love to show my kids that I had 15 seconds of fame (didn’t need the other 14.75 minutes) and the exquisite pleasure of having David answer a question that I’d asked! I’m so grateful that he took the time to do that — I’d love to be able to relive those moments:^}

    Thanks for asking FEd ~ what will pop out of your bag ‘o tricks next? Tune in tomorrow …

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [There’s a DVD now? – FEd]

  54. Sounds good to me, plectrum and all. I can’t wait to hear the orchestration, the complete finale of the tour.

    Want to say Hi to Gabs, howdy girl!

  55. 4 DISCS??? AWESOME! Perhaps a 2008-2009 tour schedule will be a bonus?

    Please, for the love of all things, DO ANOTHER TOUR! Make sure it includes plenty of USA dates!

  56. [I’m using a Sharksfin just now because it produces a rounded mellow tone. – GeorgeMaciver]

    I have used Sharkfins for years. They really work for me. I can get some pretty mean plectrum harmonics from the serrated edge of the Sharkfin. You cannot beat the scream of a Strat.

    FEd’s dangling carrots, i.e. surprises of what is to come, kill me. Ha, ha, ha.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Best regards.

  57. [Michèle, you’re our resident maths teacher.- FEd]

    Oh! I thought my secret was safe with you … A qui peut-on faire confiance de nos jours?…

    And you know, I can count till 5: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … 5 discs? Wow! Super!


  58. Is this group really that gullible to believe that the vinyl release will be 5 LPs? 5????

    Aside from some classical music releases such as operas, I have never seen any LP release with more than 3 discs. A two-hour concert will fit on 2 LPs.

    I think FEd is pulling our leg and I will not believe it will be 5 LPs until I see a side-by-side listing of what will be on each side.

    FEd, you crack me up and I hope you are having a nice day.



    [I am, thank you. How’s yours going? – FEd]

  59. Andrew, the PULSE vinyl release was 4 LPs, as is the vinyl version of Echoes.

    Generally a side of vinyl holds about 20 minutes, depending on how loud the music is. Therefore 2 LPs holds 80 minutes-ish, so for a two hour concert you would need at least 3 LPs.

    That means that 4 LPs would cover a two and a half hour concert, but maybe there will be some ambient music like there was on the 8-track version of Pulse.

    Maybe the release also includes songs that were played at other concerts that weren’t played at Gdansk? I’m only guessing, mind.

    I doubt very much that FEd would lie about the number of LPs. Why would he need to? He can have lots of fun making us sweat it out while we make (wild) guesses.

    [Right. – FEd]

  60. [There’s a DVD now? – FEd]

    Well, ah, there had been talk of a possible bonus dvd … at least that’s what I thought. And you did ask what we ‘wished’ for. I reckon a dvd release with the Gdansk cd/album would be for the most part focused on the entire Gdansk experience, but I thought I’d toss my ‘if only’ wishes out there for the hell of it.

    Don’t mind me FEd, I’m just an emotional wreck lately. It doesn’t take much to make me feel as though I’m a complete idiot these days:^{

    Hey Frank, how are you? I hope all is well ~

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [There’s no reason to feel even a bit silly. You know I’m stringing you along here (and now, obviously, you know that there is at least one DVD). – FEd]

  61. [Maybe a documentary dealing with David’s collaboration with Fender on his upcoming Signature Black Strat? -Evan]

    LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!

  62. Yes, footage from the Odeon and the Ritzy!!!

    David, I would organize your record collection, do your laundry for a year and weed your garden in perpetuity.

    Several days late and a coupla dollars short,
    Becky 😀

    [You obviously haven’t been taking the (many) chatroom hints about this footage, I see. – FEd]

  63. This is really great to hear that David Gilmour will be releasing the live concert in Gdansk on vinyl. It will be really nice, for I love the way vinyl sounds and I really enjoyed On an Island. So now I will get the new live LP as soon as it is released.

    Thanks for the great news, Fed.


  64. The Ritzy premiere wasn’t even on the site, was it? I saw the Odeon footage on here, but I don’t rememeber seeing the Ritzy footage.

    [No, it wasn’t. That should have been picked up on, too. – FEd]

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