Five discs?!

Cranes supporting the Gdańsk stageThank you for your comments about the bonus DVD earlier today. There were some good ones… and some other ones.

And yes, if you missed it, ‘A Great Day For Freedom’, ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘High Hopes’ are included on said DVD, in addition to the ‘On an Island’ album in its entirety, ‘Astronomy Domine’ and ‘Echoes’. (Come on, did you really think they’d be left out? That was a wind-up.)

There’s just so much to say today, I need a second post to be able to say it all.

I can tell you – and this is no wind-up, trust me – that there will be two, three, four and five-disc ‘Live in Gdańsk’ packages available, containing various things. Obviously, the two-disc version is the album – on CD – and the three-disc version is the album – still on CD – with a bonus DVD, as mentioned previously (114 minutes of concert footage from Gdańsk, plus a 36-minute documentary).

If you read the comments that followed the post before last (Live album on vinyl, 5 June), you may also have noted that the vinyl version contains a whopping five LPs. Really. Five.

There is another five-disc set in addition to the vinyl, by the way.

So, what about these mysterious four and five-disc sets? Wot’s…. Uh The Deal? Do you think the fourth disc is a CD or a DVD? What do you think is on it? What about the fifth disc? Could it be vinyl? Could it be Blu-ray? Could it be magic? And just how does a concert take up five LPs, anyway? Something’s been added to that, surely. Either that, or perhaps something’s missing from the CD. Hmm.

I’d like to know what you think will fill these discs and, separately, what you hope will fill them. These are two very different things, of course.

That said, in spite of some improbable cravings (be fair), we’re enjoying your excitement, so keep your feedback coming.

Lastly, a summary of what’s been announced so far is available here, if you want it straight.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

78 thoughts on “Five discs?!”

  1. Hi FEd,

    I know what will fill those discs: real good music. 😉

    What I hope are some recordings from the barn sessions…

    Have a nice weekend all!


  2. [Could it be magic? – FED]

    A Barry Manilow duet!

    I would like to thank all involved for being so incredibly generous to the true David Gilmour fan, the ones who will really appreciate these packages…

    That said, I if I could be so bold I would really like to see a Rick Wright/Sam Brown’s “Great Gig” feature included anywhere on this…

  3. OK. So now I believe it.

    I think the 5th disc will be a laser disc.

    FEd, you must be on a caffeine high lately or insomnia has settled in. In either case, I really appreciate your efforts, I hope your boss does as well.



  4. FIVE DISCS!!!!! Are you kidding me?

    Is David using this latest release as a punctuation on the whole “On An Island” project?

    My goodness, quite naturally I’m thrilled about the news but I am a liitle nervous about the price tag of such a spectacualr package of excellence; oh well I’ll find the scratch somewhere.

    Expectation: Well, with five discs there is pretty much no excuse not to include “On The Turning Away” now.

    Hopes: And indeed this IS a hope (with very little expectation) but wouldn’t it be neat indeed, quite exqusite if somehow, somewhere in this incredible set would be the soundcheck cover version of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. EVERYBODY including Gnarls Barkley themselves would get unending amounts of joy from that I GURANTEE IT!!!! It doesn’t even have to be obvious it can be hidden somewhere but PLEASE LET BE THERE, SOMEWHERE!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  5. I hope there will be ticket for the next great show in Poland. 😉

    Maybe some great poster, pure solo on guitars…. I can`t wait for this DVD. 😉

  6. I think it will be magic FEd!

    I’m looking forward to getting my 5CD set whatever’s in it! Ideally I’d like to be able to get the same on the CDs as the LPs or my dad might notice his turntable going missing.

    I’m loving this trickle of information you’re feeding us FEd. Thanks! And thanks to David… everything he releases is amazing, so 5 discs of amazing is good for me!

    Have a good weekend FEd and all, I’m looking forward to more insights!

  7. I still believe in hearing Shine On. With wine glasses. If not, then why did we hear this particular version of the website? (Or am I mistaken. Am I right, did I really hear this one earlier?)

    [You’re right, you did. – FEd]

  8. Seeing as what is already on those awesome 4 discs, I’d bet (well maybe not bet, but hope) the fifth one would be a reflection of David’s career – some nice footage of Pink Floyd back in the seventies, some clips of his first two solo album,… enough stuff available anyway to fill a DVD.

  9. Will there be a 6 DVD edition that includes with it 6 flat panel displays with built in DVD players that I can mount on the wall in my lounge to recreate the concert experience in full? It would cost about $60,000 at a guess and I would need at least two, two handed friends to synchronise the pressing of the 6 ‘Play’ buttons.

    With all that you have announced so far and what is still to be announced, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. 😉

  10. This is beyond fantastic!

    Perhaps a DVD containting “string bending” lessons from David?

    Thank you so much for such amazing generosity!

  11. OK, here are my serious guesses.

    Four-disc version: Two CDs, one DVD (Video) and one DVD (High Resolution Audio)

    Five-disc version: Two CDs, one DVD (Video), one Bluray DVD (Video) and one DVD (High Resolution Audio)

    The DVDs could possibly have multiple audio tracks like Metalica’s S&M. Band and Orchestra, Band only and Orchestra only.

    If there were an unused side on one of the LPs it could be etched with a tasteful design as I think Trent Reznor did with one of his latest releases.

    I am giving up thinking about this now and going to the pub. I should have been there an hour ago! The money I have saved will go into my LiG fund. 🙂

    [We all might need one of those. – FEd]

  12. Hi Fed,

    I just hope both discs are taken up with the entire night of the LATRAH DVD premiere at the Odeon on Sept.6th.

    I spoke to David that night just after he gave his interview before the show started, and Polly very kindly autographed my OAI CD. His children were running around being kids and, all those famous faces. This was the best night of my life and it would be just wonderful to be able to watch it all over again – what a night!

    Thank you David, here’s hoping.


  13. Things I think will be on the discs:

    Interviews, rehearsals, after hour party, special meetings.

    Things I hope will be on the discs:

    Q + A sessions from DVD premiere, On the Turning Away, The Great Gig in the Sky, any rare clip, kind of like the Easter egg where David played the cumbus on that houseboat.

    Of course, what I think and hope could definitely be interchangeable.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

  14. I love it! I am sooooo excited about this – possibly more excited about this release over “Remember that Night”!

    Thanks FED for the teases….I love it! You do a great job!!!!!

    Bring on the Blu-Ray!!!!!!! I am a happy man from Chicago!!!!!

  15. I just had another thought before going out the door.

    It might be an idea to have the individual video tracks (except Echoes which would be ‘Album Only’) available to download from iTunes too.

    See the latest Muse release ‘HAARP (Live) [Bonus Video Version]’ on UK iTunes for reference. The same could be done for RTN. 🙂

  16. Some ideas for the content of the mysterious 5th disc:

    1. Something to do with Lech Walesa and Solidarnosc – perhaps interviews/documentary

    2. The long awaited “On An Island” karaoke limited edition disc, complete with bouncing ball and lyrics subtitles 😉

    3. It’s not a CD/DVD/Bluray – it’s a frisbee

    4. Selected rarities from the Barn sessions, including the rejected “Several Species…” and “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” (and “There’s No Way Out Of Here”, just for me)

    5. A CD/DVD packed full of environmental support information for printing out, to give all fans some eco tools

    6. Clues to the location of a 1957 Strat reissue, safely buried somewhere in the world

    7. Lord Lucan and Elvis singing “Wish You Were Here” (my money’s on this one)

    Have a great weekend

  17. Take a breath, take a deep breath now!

    All I can say at this point is WOW! (And I agree, we are spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it.)

    Have a great weekend,

  18. Err …4 and 5 discs?? Let me put it this way: “gotta admit that I’m a little bit confused ….”

    What could it be? Maybe a fourth disc with rarites like the Abbey Road concert? Or the DVD-premiere in London?

    Maybe (if I may think like a record company executive) a bundle with all this plus the original OAI CD?

    So many possibilities, only time will tell …

  19. To be honest, I’m overwhelmed with all this music.

    What’s on the other CDs? I don’t care, it’s David’s music and I’ll be ‘aving ’em.

  20. I think disc 4 & 5 should be dvds of video from the 1977 Floyd tour.

    [But do you think they WILL be? My guess is that you don’t. – FEd]

  21. O yeah!!! Fantastic news.. Thank you David… and thank you FEd :]

    I was in the concert in Shipyard – what’s more that day I had my 20th birthday (unforgettable day)… Five discs will be an amazing present and a great memento…


    On the 4th disc: DVD (other songs from Gdansk – Wish you were here, Fat old sun etc + gallery)

    On the 5th disc: DVD (the best songs from OAI tour)

    I can’t wait to listen CDs and see DVDs… I can’t wait to read new details about them… :]

    Greetings from Poland [Gdansk]

    Have a nice weekend FEd…

    Happiness is easy!

  22. Yeowzerz! So we have “Remember That Night” and “Oh yea, Remember THAT Night!!!” It’s RTN on steroids!

    I want to echo the gratitude Matt P. mentioned above and from other on previous posts. This is wonderful… So my thoughts?

    I think Disc 4 and 5 possibly has: more from Abbey Road…perhaps audio, live concert footage from other venues on the tour, live audio from other venues on the tour, more documentary footage, a various assortment of easter eggs, and more pictures from the road. This matches what I’d wish for…

    In the back of my mind is a little crazy wish for a Gilmour video message to the bloggers/fans…narcissistic perhaps, but hey, you asked…

    “Hello to you bloggers, it’s David. I just want to let you all know that I think some of you are nutz but you’re okay in my book…”

  23. This has been amazing to watch it unfold. I haven’t been able to keep up. I read your posts Fed, then the comments and completely lost track of who said what and what you confirmed ! Thanks for the summary with the ‘here’, button. 🙂

    This is also amazing about what is coming our way. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any other artist doing anything like this.

    The very best part ? We know it’s going to be the very best quality, produced, recorded, everything that modern technology allows. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Thank you David. 🙂

    Does anyone else hope for an Odeon or Ritzy type launch?

    ash X

  24. This is UNBELIEVABLE indeed! A 4 or 5 DISC BOX-Set !!!!!

    What would be on the 4th and 5th discs? I think some really specials things.

    I think DISC 4 will be an additional CD with rare tracks like DEMOS, LIVE-Rarities like “ON THE TURNING AWAY”, outtakes and maybe 1 or 2 NEW SONGS!

    DISC 5 will be hopefully another DVD with some rare goodies with RARE “bootleg” shots from David`s sons and Polly filmed on stage with songs like “ON THE TURNING AWAY” (Venice), “GREAT GIG IN THE SKY” (with Sam Brown from PARIS), etc.! Also some “BEHIND THE TOUR” scenes, interviews with fans etc. will be very welcome to see!

    That’s my thoughts and hopes,
    PETE from Germany

  25. Oh My Gosh, David…. You know how to please your loving fans!!

    I hope that on the fifth disc there will be the tracks that didn’t make it to OAI. And some new stuff. I’d also like to see the GGITS with Sam Brown as well.

    THANK YOU FEd for the wonderful and mortally satisfying news.

    Cheers and have a great weekend FEd and the rest of you,
    Adrian J. Emond

  26. Hello Fed, if you ever get out of the blog business, you could always play Santa Claus.

    Thanks David.

    Have a good weekend Fed, watching the Euro-Cup.


    [I’ve been thinking of job ideas for when I do get out of it, actually. I don’t think I’d make a good Santa, though. Screeching children? I don’t think so. – FEd]

  27. Wow FEd! Five discs? That’s incredible!!

    Will this affect the mid-September release date? Even if it does I don’t think anyone will care….It’s 5 discs of A+ quality work from David and the band (have they given us anything less? I think not.)

    Now, not to bring up any harsh feelings, but I might remind people:

    Within a relatively similar timeframe, David has given us: An album, a world tour, a DVD, and a planned 2-5 disc Live LP.

    Roger has given: A world tour, with little plans for a live DVD or anything of the sort.

    I think that speaks volumes about the relationship that David and his band have tried to formulate with the fans. And that goes to you too, FEd. You’re so great at keeping us updated, informed, and entertained.

    Because of all this, I am giving you and the rest of the band another Ax award (click my name)! Enjoy it. :o)

    [You’re too kind. In answer to your question, there’s just the one release date (well, two, but you know what I mean). That said, you know as well as I do that problems can arise with record companies. Let’s hope not. They’ve created enough aggro for my liking this year. – FEd]

  28. FED, this is off-topic, but you’ll be cheerily heartened to know that all those flash photographers who blighted David’s concerts in 2006 are now showing up and distracting Leonard Cohen at his.

    These people are rude, selfish, disrespectful and ignorant morons of the first order and they make me cross.

    I just had to get this off my chest to somebody who understands.

    [Oh, I understand. I still blame the venues for having lazy, timid staff. One flashing camera and that person should be turfed out. Knowing that tickets aren’t cheap these days, and that most people usually have to travel a good distance to reach the big gigs, surely the risk of ejection ought to be enough to dissuade people from taking cameras. It only takes a bag check and some competent stewards in the aisles, for God’s sake. We pay more than enough to get in, not to mention what we pay for refreshments when we are in, to cover staff wages. Bah. – FEd]

  29. I remember the three-record “Yessongs,” the live Yes album from 1973. Marred by poor sound quality, it came in a five-fold gatefold cover with a booklet.

    I thought THAT was a big album. Aaaah, the beauty of youth. THIS album, at FIVE LPs, just might qualify as the largest number of LPs ever in a single release of rock music by one artist (ie, not a mixed set, a career retrospective or a boxed set). I know of one collection entitled “The Complete Works of J.S.Bach” that had twelve LPs, but that doesn’t count.

    Well, any way you slice it, this is a major set of releases by David Gilmour and it’ll be worth a year’s salary to purchase the most comprehensive one.

  30. I’m a bit confused. Is this other 5 disc set vinyl or cd FEd?

    [That’s what I’m trying to get you to wonder. – FEd]

  31. I wish the 4th CD will have live material from the 2006 tour concerts in Europe.

    Likewise I hope the 5th CD will have live material from the 2006 concert venues in North America (especially, of course, Massey Hall).

    I can only wish and hope.

  32. i don’t really care what is on the 5 dvd, i know it will be what i wish for and that it will be good.

    a lot of wonderful music and documentaries. i can’t wait!

    this is the best news i have had this year. hip hurray. 🙂

  33. Oh my god! I left two days and look how much news! I will need some days before making all the information enter my old brain!

    Have a nice weekend

  34. Wah, very nice gift !

    I would really like to hear some extracts from the firsts concerts of the tour, Dortmund, Olympia, Rome.

    Anyway, thank you again for this real gift, I hope (high hopes ?) this five CD box does not mean the end of David’s solo projects for the future.

    David you’re really the best, and I love all your solo career !

  35. Hi FEd, thanks for all the great news! No matter what is on the the other discs – I will buy all the CD configurations!

    If I had one request, I would like some contents from the 1st Massey Hall show to be released (or 1 song highlights from each show).

    At least my wish did come true of it being released in September and not being pushed back – so I’m thankful for that.


    P.S. with all this good news, I went and put On an Island in the CD player as I write!

  36. Well. The two disc set abviously cut off some songs, probably the dark side suite, since Rick…ahmm, had one of his moments.

    The whole concert takes at least 3 cds, so I assume that the 4 disc version will have the whole concert plus a DVD.

    BUT, on the 3rd disc there’s too much space to be filled (half of the cd). So I predict some bonus tracks (On The Turning Away? Sam’s Great Gig? Dark Globe?).

    Finally the 5th disc version will probably have a second DVD, with Odeon’s Island Jam and maybe stuff from some other open air concert (Vienne?).

    What about that FEd?

    [I like the sound of that. – FEd]

  37. It could be a lot of things…hmmmmm… fourth disk?

    Would like to see a second DVD, maybe more stuff from the tour?

  38. So much footage. Surprises galore with some faux pas perhaps mixed with unseen recordings hopefully. I’m in.

    Hope the band are well and recorded something to add. Had to ask!

  39. Ok, I’m really surprised about this!!!

    I didn’t comment previously but I’m extremely grateful about Astronomy Domine being on the DVD. I love that song and I really missed it on Remember That Night. Yes, I’m aware that it is included from the Abbey Road performance, but it’s not the same without the incredible lightshow that song had on the tour.

    Anyway… What will the other discs contain??? I’m really curious about this. What may be included??

    Well, I think some footage that was not included on Remember That Night, like the special appearance of Nick Mason, or The Great Gig In The Sky. Apart from that, I honestly can’t think about any other stuff to include in the other two discs… Maybe it will be 3 CDs and 2 DVDs, I dunno…

    Well, I’m enjoying the news, so keep it coming!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  40. I’d love for Parts 6-9 of ‘Shine On You Carzy Diamond’ to be included! Those parts aren’t often played live, but they are so powerful.

  41. Hey everyone….Fed.

    I felt very proud when yesterday I bought the signature strings and checked that the price was accesible to everyone, and finding myself explaining to the employee that I’m sure it was one of Gilmour’s conditions to put them on sale. Then he said “Are you sure? Cause that’s what I’ll say to the people who think the reason they are cheap is because they are not good.”

    And I reply…. “Yes, I’m sure……………Yes, I’m sure.”

  42. Hi FED.

    Don’t know really what to say! 2, 3, 4 or 5 discs available!? I mean that’s quite new to the sceneries!

    What do you think, will there be someone around who still will miss something? Not me – I will be spending a few weeks listening to all of it!

    I think that David will include all the sweeties from his tour! So there must be On the turning away from Venice on it, but then 5 discs? maybe soundchecks as well?

    Will these versions all be available in the shops? Or will be able to order them right here?

    And after reading all this – what will happen on the release day!?

    [I don’t yet know if they’ll be available to order from the website, but there will be an update closer to the release. The North American store will quite possibly have them. The European store, as you know, doesn’t have an awful lot on offer at present. Maybe that will change. (It’s usually cheaper if you order elsewhere, of course.) – FEd]

  43. Hey, don’t know if it’s too late to suggest ideas but:

    4th disc: CD with other OAI tour tracks not played in Gdansk (which I suggested in the other request thread).

    5th disc: iTunes digital copy of Gdansk DVD with concert and documentary.

    Possible 4th disc contents: ON THE TURNING AWAY, Dark Globe (it is, after all, on Arnold Layne single), Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, Arnold Layne?? Great Gig In The Sky, WYWH & CN w/ Nick Mason! Find The Cost Of Freedom (Crosby & Nash), Dominoes, OAI, The Blue, SOYCD (w/ Crosby & Nash).

  44. SUPER GOOD NEWS!!! Will this be available on the site?

    I think it would be good as some retail outlets may not offer the full package… I’m still looking for the 3 disc Piper release at local stores!

    [As soon as Anthill decide what they’ll sell, I’ll let you know. – FEd]

  45. HI.

    As the first 3 discs are already listed here my thought about the other 2 discs:

    Disc 4, Audio or DVD: Atom HeartMother Suite from Cadogan Hall, 15th June 08 (plus evtl. extra-tracks from that event; on CD)

    Disc 5, Audio: I thought maybe the post from some weeks ago about the best of David Gilmour album could have some importance for that one?? Maybe including some rarities and remixes (as found on the RTN-DVD).

    …. but you really know how to create suspense, FEd….

  46. FEd, I don’t think I have seen the question asked before.

    Will the vinyl version also be carbon-free?

    Obviously, the CD version will sell a lot more than the vinyl one so it is important that the CD and DVD are carbon-free, but I was wondering if such a technology could be possible for vinyl?

    Have a nice weekend.

    [I believe so. It’s controversial, but it’s about compensating for the CO2 that you are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere; basically paying to offset your emissions on a tonne by tonne basis. For every tonne of carbon dioxide generated by this project, money is paid to reduce a tonne. This money is used to support international forestry or renewable energy programmes. Therefore, as long as David and his record companies make a large enough donation to cover what the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of these planned ‘Live in Gdańsk’ titles will produce in terms of carbon emissions, they’ll all be ‘carbon neutral’. – FEd]

  47. I’d rather hope David has recorded a special Unplugged set, inspired by his Meltdown concert plus some other old gems. A setlist on the lines of: Shine On / Fat Old Sun / Terrapin / Murder / High Hopes / On An Island / This Heaven / I Can’t Breathe Anymore / There’s No Way Out of Here / Wish You Were Here / Brain Damage / Eclipse / Echoes.

    But I suspect he probably hasn’t, and that Disc 5 will be audio versions of some of the stuff from RTN.

    Delighted at whatever it is, to be honest!

  48. Wow, this sounds absolutely fantastic. It just gets better and better.

    What else could be featured? Possibly on a DVD a documentary featuring say Marc Brickman and Phil Taylor showing more of the work they put in, together with more of the backroom guys maybe showing how a tour comes together from their angle. Whatever it is, it will be brilliant.

    David, thank you so much for spoiling us with all these extras….. a bloggers launch sounds a great idea!

    And thank you as well F’ed for being such a great messenger!!!

  49. Maybe a documentary dealing with David’s collaboration with Fender on his upcoming Signature Black Strat?

  50. Hi Fed,

    Maybe the four or five set will have the complete combined Gdansk and RAH shows so you get to experience both the indoor and outdoor versions in one complete package.

    I’ll have to go back to Lurker-land and think about this one.

  51. [Therefore, as long as David and his record companies make a large enough donation to cover what the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of these planned ‘Live in Gdańsk’ titles will produce in terms of carbon emissions, they’ll all be ‘carbon neutral’. – FEd]

    Thank you for the explanation, FEd.

    [You’re welcome. – FEd]

  52. [I’ve been thinking of job ideas for when I do get out of it, actually. – FEd]

    You’re not thinking of leaving any time soon are you?

    As for what I think the four disc set will be, 2 CDs for the concert, 1 DVD of the concert, another CD containing the few songs from Gdansk that couldn’t be fitted onto the first two CDs, plus tracks that were played on other nights of the tour but not at the Gdansk concert (stuff from Venice etc).

    For the 5 disc then there could be a second DVD, as you said to someone that we know that “there is at least one DVD,” so there could be a second, which would have bits of footage from other concerts that didn’t make it onto RTN.

    Most of this is just wishful thinking though, so for me this goes as a combination of what I think we will see and what I hope we will see. It’s so hard to guess what there will be.

    [You never know what’s around the corner, so it’s always worth having some ideas to fall back on. – FEd]

  53. I would love to see a documentary about the work that David and others do when assembling such a package of goodies… especially if it included him laughing maniacally as he cuts short all those guitar solos. 😉

  54. i’m really hoping that the 5 disc version will have the whole concert on cds 1, 2 and 3. disc 4, the dvd. and disc 5 another cd of songs from other concerts (like ‘on the turning away’ from venice).

  55. Wow, 5 disks! Ok, here’s what I think is fair dinkum for material to be on said disks:

    * the complete Gdansk concert on CD and DVD
    * the rehearsals (in part or full) for this concert
    * footage of the ceremony / dinner that David attended for Solidarity
    * XM satellite footage (from NYC) where David did Q&A as well as a couple songs for an intimate group of fans
    * the jams and Q&A for the North America and British RTN premiere
    * the extra song (Wish You Were Here) from Leno
    * the Jools Holland performance
    * footage of the barn rehearsals (where Polly’s brilliant photos originated from)

    and of course, there’s the super secret Easter Egg whereby, once found and activated, we can witness a rare clip of Dave yodelling high in the Swiss Alps.

    So FEd, was I close? LOL


    [Quite close in parts. – FEd]

  56. Wow, I haven’t checked this place for a while, and boy, what a surprise.

    I’m from Poland but I couldn’t be at the Gdańsk gig. I recently bought the “Remember that Night?” DVD and the documentary from the tour reminded me of it. I really wanted to see more of the concert, and what do you know, my wish will come true. Big thanks and can’t wait.

    Hope you’ll come back to Poland some day David. Would love to see you live.


  57. I think (and hope) that the 4 disc set will have the 2CDs, a DVD and a version of the DVD that can go straight on to an iPod without being ripped.

    The 5 disc set as above but with some sort of commemorative single (vinyl or CD) of A Great Day For Freedom.

    I was reading the original Blog from Aug 2006 last night (OK, I’d had a couple) and came across the Gdansk motto – Fearlessly, but reasonably. That has to be one of the best sentiments ever.

  58. I am hoping that one of the bonus discs will be footage of the Atom Heart Mother performance that David will be appearing on!

    Considering the goodies that have been mentioned so far, it wouldn’t surprise me but would thrill me beyond words.

    Have a great weekend FEd and all!

  59. Disc 4 and 5: Pete Townshend’s Deep End live at Brixton, England, 1985 – in full for the first time!

    Old gazzagary,
    London, England

    [That’s a new one. – FEd]

  60. This sounds wonderful.

    Have a good weekend Fed. Maybe Monday we’ll have more surprises.

    [Maybe even before then. – FEd]

  61. Another DVD?? Maybe?

    I would love to see ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Wot’s…uh the Deal’, and ‘Shine On’ on a DVD. It would be a shame if we didn’t get to witness those performances again. 🙁

    Fed, just for complete clarity; will these discs only contain material from the Gdańsk show?

    I know I’m thick, but you keep saying there will be extras, and we keep asking for things unrelated to the Gdańsk show. Although we are expressing our wishes, I get the idea we are way off track.

    [Yes, some of you are way off. Funny, though. – FEd]

  62. I know, a lil’ guitar video lesson?

    A 10 minute short of David and Polly in the kitchen making blueberry and cheese blintzes? New music from David featuring his new-found interest in techno-beats?

    2006 Tour Bloopers? Audio/video from his Atom Heart Mother appearance?

  63. Whew!!! 3 posts in one day?

    I can’t wait but to simply express how excited and happy I am right now… I am speechless, overwhelmed with joy… (guess a tweeter might work better with this post?!)


  64. I wish there was one big documentary from the rehearsals and soundchecks during the tour on one of the discs.

    And something like the band filmed just before going on stage and just after the concert in Gdańsk.

  65. I hope for three things…

    1) The Odeon and Ritzy Premiere Q+A’s
    2) Gnarls Barkley cover!
    3) C Numb and WYWH along with Nick Mason

    All this News by the way, is extremely Happy Days. Pity about S Africa stomping Wales though.

    Simon J

  66. I’m SOO excited to see so much work going into this!

    I would love to see David’s upcoming AHM performance recorded and put as a bonus on one of the discs!!

  67. My woman’s intuition is telling me that there will be a 4-disc CD set. My woman’s intuition is highly inaccurate, however, due to the fact that I’m a man.

    That said, if there was a 4 disc CD edition it would consist of the entire Gdansk concert, which would spill over into the third CD (not sure how long the concert was, too lazy to check). Then there would be filler, a “best of” if you will, of other live cuts. Then the fourth would be the documentary.

    A potential disc five would be a DVD of the concert or, and I know we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for this, an 80 minute recording of Guy Pratt snoring.


  68. [As soon as Anthill decide what they’ll sell, I’ll let you know. – FEd]

    Perhaps a vote could be done on here to see if there would be a demand for it? The results could be offered to Anthill… if they say no, let them know we have big cans of ant killer on supply.

    [Great minds think alike, Greg. I can’t honestly say that the results would make a blind bit of difference, or that they’d deliver to all parts of the world, but what the hell? We’ll have one a bit closer to the time. – FEd]

  69. Disc 5 thoughts:

    Gdansk Soundcheck / Rehearsal
    Hammersmith Odeon 1984 footage
    Super Bear Studio 1978 footage
    Vinyl LP
    Interview Disc

    I’m glad to learn that these multiple disc sets have been announced in advance of any of them being available to buy. Last time we were faced with having to buy OAI again if we wanted the bonus AOL Sessions DVD.

    This time we can pick the set we want, unless of course a 10 disc set is released 6 months later!


    [Those are real thoughts, not just wishes? – FEd]

  70. Some older stuff on that bonus DVD would be great, like from David´s fabulous “About Face” album. “Out of the Blue” or “Blue Light”, “Love on the Air”.

    I have no clue if there are any videos of his About Face tour in 1984, if so, any footage of that would be great too. The concert I attended in 1984 had been a thrill.

    [My dearest Ulli, just one disc left to fill, with dozens of possibilities remaining from the 2006 tour, and you think it’s going to be something from 1984? It’s a better guess than Pink Floyd footage from the Seventies, but it’s still as wrong as nine-year-old girls wearing lipstick. – FEd]

  71. This is too cool!

    I’m not sure about the space on the vinyl, or if there’ll even be any space, but I think the five-disc set will have an extra CD with rehearsals, jams and out takes. I guess that’s what all the sounds we’ve heard on the site have been.

    It has to be something from the OAI tour. Why would it be anything else?

    From what FEd’s said, it won’t be the Q&As from the DVD premieres and it won’t be Nick Mason at the RAH.

    I don’t think it will be another documentary either, because there were plenty on the RTN DVD.

  72. FEd, lol, obviously my suggestions have been totally out of bounds, but I am admitting to being hopelessly stuck on the 80s, lol, so I won´t make any excuses, and I still think it would be a nice treat to have some David videos from the 80s on DVD.

    Anyway, as some suggested earlier, David´s performance at the Odeon Premiere of Remember this Night would be a hoot, combined with some footage of the Q and A session. Not to forget something from the Ritzy event, which we in Europe hadn´t the chance to see at all.

    Happy Weekend to all!

  73. High Hopes: DVD4 + DVD5 : VIENNE !!!!!!

    I know, I know, “Trying to find a reason why David would possibly think of including Vienne footage on what is still called ‘David Gilmour: Live in Gdańsk'”…

    But it’s the only place I found, without being out off topic to tell David and Fed that I cry myself to sleep every night because I miss so much my wonderful Vienne concert… Help !!!

    Now I’m going to read the next post and I fear…


    [Well, footage from the last tour is a better bet than footage from previous tours… – FEd]

  74. I’m hoping that you don’t edit out Richard’s mess up of the lyrics on Time and your equipment failing on Fat Old Sun.

    I will 100% buy the 5 disk version.

  75. Well, I know what I’m going to buy for my birthday.

    I think I’ll go for the deluxe edition and the vinyl set too.

    Wrap them up nicely please….. 🙂

  76. Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You very much INDEED!!!

    My dreams are coming true!!! Really, that’s how I feel reading the NEWS! The end of summer will be fantastic this year!!!

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