Deluxe box set

You did a good job of guessing the bonus live tracks. Well done.

Some of those songs will also be included on the vinyl set, by the way. More on that tomorrow.

All that’s been revealed about the various ‘Live in Gdańsk’ packages so far can be found over on the suitably-named ‘Live in Gdańsk’ summary page, don’t forget.

So, I’m guessing that you probably want to know more about this five-disc box set, particularly the tour memorabilia. Fair enough.

You get the following:

– Two live concert CDs (recorded in Gdańsk, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the tracklisting)
– One live concert DVD (containing 114 minutes of concert footage from Gdańsk, plus a 36-minute documentary)
– One bonus CD (with 12 live tracks from other ‘On an Island’ concerts, as covered previously)
– One bonus DVD (with 11 audio-visual tracks, including the ‘On an Island’ album in 5.1 surround-sound)

They will come in a tall cardboard box, with a 20-page booklet.

Memorabilia includes a reproduction postcard, ticket, backstage pass and artist’s pass; a large double-sided poster, a guitar pick/plectrum (yeah, really) and seven photographs.

More on these items, and how they’re packaged, a bit closer to the release, but that just about covers the five-disc ‘deluxe’ set.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

69 thoughts on “Deluxe box set”

  1. Sounds FANtastic!

    Waiting on the price tag…will I need to take a second job to finance it? I’ve done it before!

  2. Wow…And I thought the ‘Remember that Night’ DVD had a lot of bonus stuff on it.

    Looking forward to it. Only 96 days to go!

  3. Great news as I step out of the door to go to my guitar lesson!

    Must practice harder…

  4. I have been away from the Blog for a while so missed all the news on the Gdansk release.

    This sounds like a dream come true. Never before has so much official material been made available to us fans. I cannot wait for this!

    All I can say is “Thank you David, thank you.”

  5. Well, now that I’ll soon be the proud owner of an official David Gilmour plectrum, I no longer have any excuse not to learn how to play the guitar.

    I guess I’ll start with Comfortably Numb.

  6. Wonderful. Of course the burning question you probably can’t answer right now is: how much?

    Also, will this be a limited release?

    Definitely need to put this item on my list of things to get. Looking forward to the release of this deluxe set.



  7. No special, Gdańsk Solidarity Whistle included? 8^( You could slide them from the sleeve or something. Well, I guess David Gilmour knows best…or maybe it was the marketing company. Or maybe, I’m simply the only one who wants one. It’s going to be a great production purchase with or without it.

    June 15th, Atom Heart Mother on Fathers Day is going to be great! Have fun with it!

    Best wishes for a spectacular performance, and holiday!

  8. Wow! This is really cool! I am honestly speechless about how brilliant this live album is turning out to be. Obviously a lot of thought has went into this being a set for the fans, and that’s why I love it.

    Thanks for this David, and thanks FEd for constantly making this the very best Blog on the internet. 🙂

  9. This has more than exceeded my expectations. I’d have been very happy with a double live CD from Gdansk.

    Sounds great to me. Roll on September.

  10. Fed, this is simply outstanding! I’m definitely buying the 5 disk package!

    Is there a pre-order site to purchase this box set that is recommended by you or D.G.? Maybe with some proceeds going to charity or something along those lines?

    Anyway, thanks for everything you have done!

    [It’s too soon for any of that yet, but I’m perfectly happy to list where you’d each suggest buying whichever version you’re hoping to get a bit closer to the release date. – FEd]

  11. Too much news, too little time …

    It all looks rather good though …

  12. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term, “deluxe” doesn’t it?

    Here is to the eager anticipation, now to start saving up my lunch money.

    btw – Very amusing about the guitar pick, I’m sure David and CO were kind of befuddled at that suggestion but they threw it in anyway. Other artists should take notes on giving fans what they want.

    Still a little bit saddened about the exclusion of “Crazy” but only about .001% so, and hey, maybe it will be an Easter egg or a little goodie on the next release…….whenever that might be.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  13. FED, do you know how much of this package will be available on iTunes?

    And do you think there will be something exclusive to Best Buy seeing as how there were exclusives on OIA CD and RTN DVD?

    [That’s all for now, sorry. More as things develop. – FEd]

  14. Ooh, a very nice collection of memorabilia there! I’m really looking forward to getting all that. Hurry up September!

    Thanks FEd & David!

  15. wow this is turning out to be the greatest music package ever.

    just a few questions FEd: will this box set be available in shops or is it only available to order? and will it be available in the uk?

    i ask this because led zeppelin brought out a box set of ‘the song remains the same’ full of tour memorabilia and other stuff and it was an american exclusive.

    [As I said, I’m afraid that’s all I can tell you for now. – FEd]

  16. Hi FEd,

    you’re doing a lot overtime these days in order to please us, aren’t you? Thank you very much for this, indeed!

    [… a guitar pick/plectrum (yeah, really)…]

    Not that it would make a difference for deciding which package I’ll buy, but I really do like that!!! Do you know if it is a Herco 351 or the teardrop one?

    Best regards and again, thanks a lot for all the information the last few days!

    I’m looking forward to pre-ordering my deluxe box set as soon as possible…


    [There’ll be more about all the items of tour memorabilia a little later, don’t fret (get it?). – FEd]

  17. Hi again Fed, I’m off work today, so that is why I’m bothering you a bit more than usual.

    The boxed set sounds well worth the wait.

    A Polish girl has just moved in to the apartment next door. She is from Gdansk.


  18. Oh baby FE’d!

    With the recent pf box-set at its price, will the 5 cd be a ‘relative’ price?

    New York City’s world famous Radio City Music Hall April 4th – Wish You Were Here – it was closed before I could vote. 🙁


    [Nice design, by the way. – FEd]

  19. Boy FED, you delivered as promised! Thanks for all the info so far.

    My last question is if you know anything (yet) about a possible version of the 5 disk box set with BLU-RAY disks instead of regular DVDs? “It Would Be So Nice” to see these historic documents in high definition…just like “Remember That Night”.


    [Not sure about that yet. – FEd]

  20. Thanks for releasing this. I was waiting for this for two years (and made a matrix audience bootleg. =)

    Can you release a few songs in multitrack format?

    I have a few technical issues in which you might be interested:

    Please, don’t cut out songs from Gdansk live CD/DVD. Release only what wasn’t released yet. It’s data wasting
    encode OAI 5.1 in DVD-AUDIO format (PCM/MLP lossless up to 96/24).

    Make surround mixes more live and moving (e.g. DSoTM by Parsons) than stereo mix with ambient and crowd surround (many live DVDs).

    Thanks for your time and for reading it.

  21. It keeps getting better and better by the day. One must wonder if FEd gets a bit of enjoyment in releasing the information in a slow, “water board torture” kind of way.

    After all, we still have three months of anticipation to deal with here!

  22. A big ‘Thank You’ to David for giving us the bonus CD of live tracks, it must have taken him a lot of time to listen to all the concerts and it must have been very difficult to choose only 12 songs.

    I wonder what is the reproduction postcard about, I sure will enjoy the new photos and the 20 page booklet!

    As for the plectrum, well… but I’m very happy for those who wanted one.

    Et enfin, merci à Fed, the ‘summary of what’s been announced so far’ is a very good idea, it’s clear and effective.


    [Merci. – FEd]

  23. Wow! This sounds fantastic! Now, the question is, do I buy just the five disc box set, or all of the versions? :o)

    The DG crew never cease to amaze me. Hats off for all your hard work!

  24. ‘GASP’

    When I catch my breath and stop jumping up and down, I’ll try to post something better.


  25. In the words of the great Nature boy, Ric Flair…


    I will be buying this in an instant. This deluxe 5 disc, is it limited?

    Any news on distribution yet? I’m thinking Best Buy will be the place to go.

    Could you please let us know where they will offer the 5 disc package (when you know/can of course)?


    [Of course. – FEd]

  26. Fed,

    You’re a knockout. This box set is fabulous. You seem to have got quite excited about it and I’m glad you did.

    Now I’m eagerly awaiting its release, but when is it being released downunder? (Please don’t tell me that we have an extended wait like we did for RTN.)

    Fed, I don’t like to sound selfish or anything, but maybe the Irregulars might get in a bit earlier with a special release just for us. Just a thought and I know it’s totally out of line!

    Fed, please thank the DG crew for their efforts with this release as it looks fab and is muchly appreciated. And keep up the good work yourself as it is muchly appreciated.


  27. Wow! It just keeps getting better and better!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend, FEd.

    We had a huge graduation party for my girls at a Cajun restaurant with a Cajun band Saturday night. (I’m still recovering from it.)


  28. It all sounds really great!

    It is nice to have all the options before buying one version only to find out that a fuller version is available at a later date.

  29. [HA, HA!!!!!!! And you thought I was going to say the other one…. – Andrew]

    Andrew, just when I thought the “reunion” you were referring to was the one where John, Paul, George and Ringo re-unite, using the taped voices of John and George singing unreleased songs… You go and mention that you’re referring to the “OAI” Band!

    As if THAT would be the better show! What do you think this is, the David Gilmour Blog or something!??! (And suddenly I see the tips of a thousand pointy sticks held perilously close to my eyeballs).

    My humor often leaves a lot to be desired, by the way.




  31. Hi FEd,

    this reproduction postcard, is it the same one that was on the P.U.L.S.E. DVD? The one with the On an Island cover on it?

    The box set sounds really has me salivating!! September is too far away.

    [Don’t know yet, sorry. – FEd]

  32. Quick question Fed, will this deluxe edition be limited to a cetain amount? I have to get my paws on one of them!!

    [When I know, I’ll tell you. – FEd]

  33. Thank you very much for the detailed summary page, FEd.

    Shamefully, I was in the land of confusion in the beginning about the releases. I guess I was very much carried away and overwhelmed by all the goodies that are made available on the upcoming releases.

    It is quite obvious that the five-disc version or the five-disc vinyl version could be the best format to get; but then those two versions probably will carry a much higher price tag – regardless, the arrangements on the new releases sure can make up for what we missed in 2006.

    I am thrilled and grateful for that.

    Please don’t mind me: is the five-disc deluxe box set different from the five-disc version?

    [No, it’s the same thing. – FEd]

  34. Sounds great, I’m most keen on digital content, and I will have a problem with which disc to start. All of them look extremely interesting, but still have some time to make up my mind.

  35. The damage Fed. ‘Wot’s… Uh the Deal’ for all these goodies?

    [Too soon to say, sorry. – FEd]

  36. [Very amusing about the guitar pick, I’m sure David and CO were kind of befuddled at that suggestion but they threw it in anyway. – Josh]

    Befuddled? I doubt that very much. I’m sure many a guitarist who has been influenced by David’s graceful hand will be delighted at this snippet of information. It was a very thoughtful gesture indeed. Thank you ever so much David xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Whoops, sorry Polly, kisses to you too.

    It is a guitarist’s dream come true. Imagine, a guitar pick once owned by their hero.

    I remember once a friend of mine (also a guitarist) went nuts when Bernie Marsden threw his broken guitar string to him. He still has that string to this day.

    I am sitting here at my desk smiling and very much looking forward to the release date. I am looking forward to listening to the wonderful gems that will be contained within the CDs.

    Thank for making my day, FEd.

    Best regards.

  37. 2, 3, 4 & 5 Disc Box Sets.

    Wow FEd, we really are spoilt for choice. Thanks to David’s generosity.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting revelations about the “large, double-sided poster and the seven photographs”, it must have been difficult to keep to just seven, when a book could have easily been filled, charting the whole OAI pictorial experience.

    The only thing missing now from this tantalizing compendium is a 6-Disc Bloggers Box Set Limited Edition… ;0)

  38. Hi,

    Of course the bonus did not match exactly what I dreamed of.

    In short, Echoes from Vienne not included (but the Gdansk version should be awesome, I believe) but more surprisingly, no performance at all of TGGITS making it the only unreleased song from that tour.

    On the other side, the good points are for me Dominoes, OTTA, glass version of SOYCD and of course full Gdansk version. Great!

    I have a question : it is stated “Five-disc version: As above (digital content only, not packaging).” Does that mean that we will have to download it or will it be a physical CD in just in plain cover?

    What a great gift from David for his fans.

    [It means that the four-disc set and five-disc set have the same CDs and DVDs, but not the same packaging. – FEd]

  39. the track listing for the 2 live cds is revealed today. i can’t wait to see it.

    i really hope my favourite songs are on there (like ‘echoes’, etc. etc.)…

  40. Good morning FEd!

    That’s an interesting package, can I pre-order one here?

    Did I understand all your infos right, that all sets will be released on the same day in September or will the bigger sets come later?



    [You know about as much as I do at this time, Herbert. No word as yet on whether it will be available to order here, or if there will be staggered releases for the larger items. It all starts to get juicy as soon as record companies get involved, so stay tuned for updates. – FEd]

  41. I can’t believe there’s a plectrum!

    I hope all five will be out in September, otherwise you know that some people will end up buying the first one available because they won’t be able to wait to hear the concert.

    [And wouldn’t some people just love that? – FEd]

  42. Hi Fed

    I noticed that SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND from Gdansk will not be on the 114 mins DVD …. :((

    I listened to this track on the web, it’s a totally exceptional version… No chance to see it on the DVD, or to download it from the web?

    The tracks downloadable are audio or video tracks?

    ty for all.

    [They’re audio downloads, not video. – FEd]

  43. Two things.

    On the guitar pick, I highly doubt that the pick that will be included with this set will be an actual pick that David either handled or was even on stage during the tour but FEd will confirm once the time comes. Typically, the guitar pick in these type of releases are “special editions.” Maybe something with wireman on one side and a DG embossed signature on the other.

    Second, you realize that the bar has been set pretty high for a delivery by September 15 of this year. I really hope that can happen but I can’t help but have my expectations already set for a slight delay of something. I’ll keep positive and hope for the best.



  44. Well… shop-fitters worldwide will be pleased! Their stock price will be soaring with the amount of work they’ll be getting from stores needing to extend their “G” section to house no less than five different configurations of this album…

    I will probably settle on the five disk version/deluxe with three CDs, two DVDs, postcard, poster, pick, photographs, five gold rings, four calling birds, three French Hens, two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…

    Looking forward to the rest of the information on these packages…

  45. Yesterday’s Panic Attack…

    This is what I heard on the radio yesterday afternoon…

    “Later I’ll tell you about a famous rock-star who has announced his solo farewell tour. This rock-star was in one of the biggest bands in the world… more later.”

    I stopped and thought that it could only be… we know who.

    I waited and waited and eventually Q107 announced it was:

    Paul McCartney… phew.

    One pair of clean underpants later and I was fine… 🙂

  46. I just want to get my name into the recent comments box three times…

  47. All this fabulous news is taking the edge off the latest chapter of “Weasels (aka lawyers) Ripped My Flesh, Part XIII” {8^{ so thank you so much for that!!

    I’ll be in for three copies of this magnificent release even if I have to put my husband in hock ~ he’d probably enjoy the down-time. ;^)

    September doesn’t seem all that far off considering the fact that it actually SNOWED last night! Yikes! All the east-coast Irregulars are boiling like the main course at a lobster cook-off and it’s 34 degrees here right now. Go figure …

    Thanks FEd for all the news! Are you having fun getting everyone all worked up? Of course you are! And, in case anyone might forget, isn’t David just the greatest??

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  48. […even if I have to put my husband in hock – Gabrielle]

    Speaking of which, anyone need a kidney?

    Out of the recent live DVDs, I think this is the one getting me think HD of some kind

    [Thank you FE’d, I like but some said it was out of date, they never did play there?]


    [They played in Moscow in 1989. – FEd]

  49. Wow! Evidence again of David’s supreme generosity toward fans. So many great options to choose from, I’ll buy the Deluxe set for sure.

    Thanks very much for the memorabilia included – such great music, video and ephemera to look foward to!!

  50. I am speechless now… However I will preorder and buy the 5-Disc-DELUXE-BOX of course!

    I think I can`t sleep now…!?

    THANKS, DAVID and FEd to make this possible!

    PETE from Germany

  51. hi again

    everything is so nice and everyone is so so happy about this special package … to make the happiness totally great, can you give us a “maybe, maybe” hypothetic, utopic, positive rumours about an eventual dvd of ATOM HEART MOTHER of the 15 june ??? plz plz.

    [No. Sorry. – FEd]

  52. All this is exciting.

    I`ll be purchasing this one with all the goodies. But I think all the packages are great!

  53. [On the guitar pick, I highly doubt that the pick that will be included with this set will be an actual pick that David either handled or was even on stage during the tour. – Andrew]

    I guess this depends on how many of the deluxe box sets are made.

    I think it’s going to be a limited release.

    I don’t think they’ll be David’s used guitar picks.

    [They most certainly won’t be David’s old cast-offs. They will be exactly the same as the ones he uses, though. With his name on. – FEd]

  54. [They most certainly won’t be David’s old cast-offs. They will be exactly the same as the ones he uses, though. With his name on. – FEd]

    It would be so nice though. And I wouldn’t exactly call the old ones cast-offs either, FEd.

    It is the same as having one of Stevie D’s “used” drum sticks that Stevie so kindly handed out to us bloggers who attended the filming sesssion at Abbey Road. I still hold my drumstick in high esteem and probably will ’til eternity. Even though I am not a drummer the drumstick still has specical meaning to me.

    However, it is fantastic that the plectrums will be the same ones that David uses.

    One can still imagine though that they were once used by him.

    There is nothing wrong with imagining. “…imaginary guitar notes … exist only in the imagination of The Imaginer…”

    Best regards.

    [Nothing wrong with it at all. – FEd]

  55. Realmente es lo mejor, antes de Pink Floyd y David Gilmour no existía nada, pero es realmente una gran pena que nunca llegaron a Bolivia creo que moriré con ganas de verlos en concierto.

    Saludos desde Potosí – Bolivia la tierra olvidada por los grandes de la música.

  56. Dear FEd,

    I was just wondering; will Australia get the chance to bask and have any copies sent over?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, the 5 dics box set sounds delectable. 🙂

    [Yes, but Sony might keep you waiting, as per usual. Let’s hope not. – FEd]

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