Bonus live tracks

David warming up in Venice, August 2006I hope you’ve digested all that’s been said about the various ‘Live in Gdańsk’ sets so far (a summary can be found here), because there’s more.

This fifth disc, then.

It’s a CD containing 12 bonus live tracks from 2006.

This CD is only included with the five-disc package. However, the DVD that comes with the three and four-disc sets will allow you to download these tracks free of charge.

I’d love to know which tracks/concerts you think made it, so please could you list no more than 12 songs, including the name of the town or city? Oh, and please be sure to read the comments, because I’ll let you know if you correctly guessed any of them. (It’s not quite Blotto II, but I hope you can see that it lives on in spirit.)

I’ll be ever-so impressed if you can guess all 12 of these. I’ll even help you out – even more than I already have done by providing a not-very-subtle pictorial clue – and start you off with one: ‘The Blue’ from Vienne.

More about the five-disc set, and the many items of tour memorabilia contained within, in my next post.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

79 thoughts on “Bonus live tracks”

  1. I’m not the only one on the Blog at this hour it seems!! Can’t sleep, FEd?! Haha!

    I may well have a go at this tomorrow. I’m finding it hard to remember anything at the moment!!!

  2. I’ll take that bet (even with clues) and say Venice-On the Turning Away, and SOYCD…okay that wasn’t quite a leap…I’ll be a gamer and do a lil’ research from past posts before I head to a conference in Detroit the next two days (any of you bloggers from the area and wanna hang?).

    Fed, the twitter thingy works well by the way, shot my way straight to here…

    [Good to hear, Angelo. Enjoy your conference. – FEd]

  3. 1. on the turning away from venice (obviously)
    2. this heaven from AOL sessions
    3. astronomy domine from abbey road
    4. high hopes from the mermaid theater
    5. wearing the inside out from the royal albert hall
    6. comfortably numb (with david bowie) from the royal albert hall

    unfortunately that’s all i can list for now since i’m very tired. i’ll try and come up with some more tomorrow.

    p.s any idea when the track listing for gdansk cds will be revealed FEd?

    [Yes, it’s all been carefully planned: I’ll tell you that tomorrow. And yes, ‘On The Turning Away’ from Venice is on there. – FEd]

  4. Ever see the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray just relives the day over and over again?

    It kinda feels like that right now on the blog. You come back over and over and it is just a good feeling over and over again.

    Here are some of my guesses:

    On An Island – Jay Leno Show, Los Angeles
    Wish You Were Here – Jay Leno Show, Los Angeles
    On the Turning Away – Venice
    Dark Globe – KLAM
    Wish You Were Here w/Nick Mason, London

    I’ll have to think some more on the other 7.

    FEd, are you enjoying the sharing as much as we are enjoying the receiving??

    O, I thought of another one that is deserving of being included on this extra disc.

    Island Jam from the Ritzy DVD premiere in London.



    [Sure. ‘On The Turning Away’ from Venice is one of them. – FEd]

  5. I believe Mica Paris will be included, how about Acoustic Echoes in it’s entirety? Still can’t find it on the Easter Eggs. Duh! lol.

    [It’s right after ‘Dark Globe’, but you have to select ‘Dark Globe’ from the menu (you miss it if you ‘Play All’.) Acoustic ‘Echoes’ will be on the second bonus DVD. – FEd]

  6. Well that’s not exactly what I expected but I won’t complain. xD

    I hope a bunch of material from Venice is included, especially comfortably numb, the solo in that concert was amazing!

    [No ‘Comfortably Numb’ on this one, sorry. – FEd]

  7. The one I’m clucking for is Echoes at the Vienne Amphitheatre. 🙂


    [Sorry, no ‘Echoes’. – FEd]

  8. 1. SOYCD – munich, 06-07-29
    2. wearing the inside out – mermaid theatre, 06-02-07
    3. wot’s uh the deal – hamburg, 06-03-11
    4. echoes – radio city, 06-04-04
    5. astronomy domine – austria, 06-07-27
    6. dark globe – austria, 06-07-27
    7. on the turning away – venice, 06-08-11
    8. on an island – tonight show w/ jay leno, 06-04-20
    9. coming back to life – massey hall, 06-04-10
    10. find the cost of freedom – la, 06-04-19
    11 dominoes – chicago, 06-04-13
    12 arnold layne – oakland, 06-04-17

    i hope some of those are right. should be a great set!

    [Only ‘On The Turning Away’ from Venice, but some good guesses. ‘Wearing The Inside Out is on there, but not the Mermaid Theatre version. – FEd]

  9. Wow, a lot to digest with the live CD. Whatever next, inflatable David? Will this all be a limited release with prices to match?

    Thanks for updates, never boring here is it?

    As for what’s on bonus CD, just hope something from Glasgow makes it, but really it’s all good.


    [There’s one from Glasgow: four words. (I know nothing about prices yet, by the way.) – FEd]

  10. I am guessing as far as bonuses on the fifth CD are On an Island, The Blue, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Find the Cost of Freedom with Crosby and Nash plus Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb with David Bowie; Dominoes and Wearing The Inside Out and Great Gig In the Sky with Mica Paris all from RAH in London. Dark Globe from Europe.

    I assume the Nick Mason appearances aren’t making it.

    How did I do FEd for guess, alright or am I off or what?

    [You’re right about Nick Mason’s appearances. In fact, there’s nothing from London. – FEd]

  11. How about the cover of ‘Crazy’ that the band did at sound checks? 🙂

    [No. – FEd]

  12. For sure:

    “On The Turning Away” and “Shine on” from Venice
    “Dark Gobe” from Clam Castle
    “A Great Day for Freedom” from Gdańsk’

    and really hope in “Echoes” from Rome.. it was amazing!


    [‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ from Venice is on there (there are two tracks from Venice on this bonus CD, the second being ‘On The Turning Away’). ‘A Great Day for Freedom’ isn’t on this disc. There’s nothing from Gdańsk on here. Nor the Royal Albert Hall. – FEd]

  13. Maybe Nick’s finally given in and we get Comfortably Numb with him on the drums?

    Live in hope still.

    [Please give up on that. – FEd]

  14. 1.”The Great Gig In The Sky” from 16.03.2006, PARIS Olympia with Sam Brown.
    2.”Castellorizon” from 10.03.2006, DORTMUND Konzerthaus,
    3.”Wish You Were here” from 31.05.2006, LONDON Royal Albert Hall with Nick.
    4.”Comfortably Numb: from 31.05.2006, LONDON Royal Albert Hall with Nick.

  15. Good morning!

    Hm, another nightshift with interesting news, FEd!

    For someone who only ownes the RTN-DVD and the OAI-CD it is very hard to think about 12 songs to be on that 5th CD. So, I guess/hope that there will be some of the RTN bonus tracks on it.

    Otherwise I have to look for every single set-list of the tour and compare them… And that would mean that every concert has been recorded on minimum 16 tracks, ok – no problem for a ProTools-System.

    Have a nice day

    Question, FEd: if every gig of the tour has been “taped” (strange word for putting data on a hard-disc) and I’m sure it is so, why didn’t David or his management think about offering it in the way does with recorded concerts?

    I saw The Who last year in Oberhausen and I bought that DVD and that CD-set of this special gig and I can say, that what I hear and see at home, is authentic with all little human and technical errors that happened in the show. And I was part of the show.

    [I don’t know. While I’m quite sure that David’s management would be very happy for you to buy several dozen live recordings, I don’t think David would want anything less than perfect coming out with his name on it. Those that really want them have bootleg recordings, anyway. By the way, I saw The Who last year, and bought a DVD of the concert, and the song with the most obvious technical errors had been heavily edited. I’d say butchered, but… – FEd]

  16. Damn, some of mine have been taken already. Try these:

    Arnold Layne – San Fransisco
    Take a Breath – Toronto
    Great Gig in the Sky – Paris (With Sam Brown)
    On an Island – Los Angeles
    Wearing the Inside Out – Florence (aaah, Firenze…)
    Coming Back to Life – Glasgow

    Achgh! Off to bed….

    [You’re close with ‘Wearing The Inside Out’. – FEd]

  17. If you hadn’t been talking of “The Blue” from Vienne, I would have said “Fat Old Sun” from Vienne.

    One of his best solo of this song. I clearly remember that every notes seemed to comes so naturally, just like everything was under control but at the highest level possible. A great souvenir.

    But, indeed, I am very happy to hear about “The Blue” from Vienne.

    I now know that I’ll have to save money for the 5 disc pack.

    [There’s more from Vienne. Not ‘Fat Old Sun’, though. – FEd]

  18. [There’s one from Glasgow: four words. – FEd]

    Coming Back To Life?!


    [Nope, although that song is on here… – FEd]

  19. I like the sound of the extended booklet and tour memorabilia. And these bonus live tracks are an excellent idea (when does David ever let us down?). I’m definitely going to be getting myself a nice 5 disc present in September!

    4 Words and from Glasgow, could be a few songs but I’ll guess:

    Coming Back To Life

    I hope that song appears somewhere, it’s one of my favourites!

  20. I would absolutely love for some material from Rosemont Theater to be included. Dominoes!!! I love Dominoes!

    My 12 choices would be…

    1. On The Turning Away – First night performance, Venice
    2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – from the show where there was a malfunction… the restart was amazing! Paris?
    3. Dominoes – Chicago
    4. Wot’s… Uh The Deal – Chicago
    5. Fat Old Sun – Chicago
    6. Breathe – Time – Breathe (Reprise) – Chicago
    7. High Hopes – Chicago
    8. Echoes – Chicago
    9. Comfortably Numb – Chicago
    10. Wish You Were Here – Chicago
    11. Wearing the Inside Out – again, Chicago
    12. Out of the Blue – from 1984 – I love that song. Doubt it will be on there, but I had to suggest it.

    Basically anything from Chicago… I was there!!!!!

    Please have Dominoes and Wots… Uh the Deal!!!!! I can’t get enough of them!!!

    On The Turning Away is on it, THANKS SO MUCH. That will be worth the price alone.


    Wait… tour memorabilia?

    A guitar pic to use on the new Strat?

    [Maybe. (There’s nothing from Chicago, sorry.) – FEd]

  21. Hi Fed

    My brain cell couldn’t cope with the working out of tracks so I’ll trust the master.

    On another note, to which I may be sticking out my neck and wrists for a good slap from you. Would David consider a Q&A on this blog site with regards to the 5.1?


    [It’s the same answer as the last time you asked. – FEd]

  22. This is my tracklist; I think it’s not too bad…

    01: Shine On You Crazy Diamond=> Mermaid Theatre London
    02: Astronomy Domine => AOL Session
    03: Echoes => Vienna
    04: A Great Day For Freedom => Gdansk
    05: Coming Back To Life => Royal Albert Hall
    06: Wearing The Inside Out => Royal Albert Hall
    07: Dominoes => Grand Rex, Paris
    08: The Great Gig In The Sky => Olympia, Paris
    09: On The Turning Away => Vienne
    10: Wish You Were Here (with Nick Mason) => Royal Albert
    11: Comfortably Numb (with Nick Mason)=> Royal Albert Hall

    [There’s nothing from the Mermaid Theatre, AOL Sessions, Royal Albert Hall or Gdańsk on this bonus CD. The Mermaid’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ is on the DVD with the 5.1 and new Barn jams. You’re right about ‘Dominoes’ at the Grand Rex, though. – FEd]

  23. What a great set! Let’s hope that the people at EMI (btw: is David still under contract there, given the recent events there?) and at the pressing plant don’t mess something up with the complicated production of all these versions.

    I find it especially generous from David that he included “On the Turning Away” from Venice, where some of the band mambers were caught offguard because they had never even played that song before.

    Seems that almost everything that was ever played on this tour has now been made available to the public (although: weren’t there some acoustic renditions of “Where we start” and “Smile” David played together with Phil Manzanera at a radio show in 2006?)

    But you know what? For me the greatest joy will be to hear OAI live in its orchestrated version, esp. one of my favourites, “A Pocketful of Stones”, which surely lives from the orchestral accompaniment.

    Now off to save a few bucks for September …

    [Still with EMI, yes. (The acoustic set you’re thinking of was for XM Radio, where, accompanied by Phil Manzanera, David played a few songs and answered questions from fans.) – FEd]

  24. Any tracks from Florence would be great! To my ears David and the band were really on form that night.

    [Yes, there’s one. – FEd]

  25. Whatever the release consists of, I will be really in a hole in Sep! I have to buy the 2 disc version, 3 disc version, 4 disc version, 5 disc version and the 5 LP version! Hope I can order all of them from the same place!!

    Yup, Guy called me “Anorak”, I call myself “Completist”, my wife calls me “Sucker”!!

  26. It’s always fantastic and emotional to see Pink Floyd reunited for the odd gig or song, but I feel Steve DiStanislao doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He’s a great drummer and a worthy successor to Nick in my opinion.

    I think ‘Time’ might be on this CD somewhere, or at least something from Dark Side Of The Moon. I was hoping ‘Take A Breath’ from the RA Hall but not to be. Hoping its released sometime in the future!

  27. Hi Fed and all,

    I can’t believe all this is pouring down like bliss from heavens!

    Any more rabbits to pull out of the hat yet?

    You made my day.

  28. Hi there, good news about the live album!

    Here is my guess at the bonus disc:

    – Then I Close My Eyes (Dortmund)
    – Wot’s … Uh The Deal (Dortmund)
    – Wearing The Inside Out (Hamburg)
    – Dominoes (Hamburg)
    – Find The Cost Of Freedom (Manchester)
    – Arnold Layne (Glasgow)
    – The Great Gig in the Sky (w/ Sam Brown / Paris)
    – The Great Gig in the Sky (w / Mica Paris / London)
    – Coming Back to Life (Munich)


    [You’re right about ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ from Manchester. And there is a song from Munich, but not the one you guessed at. – FEd]

  29. ‘Wearing the Inside Out’ from Florence?

    [Close (about 150 miles, I believe). – FEd]

  30. Wow, this is even better than the newest Pink Floyd box set.

    As a Packaging Technologist I’m interested to see how the 5 disc set is presented (I suspect something special FEd!)

    Now then, how about tracks from the forthcoming AHM concert appearing on the 5th disc?

    Thanks to David and his team for what must have been, and probably still is, a very busy 12 months putting this project together. You’ll see from the many comments that your effort is deeply appreciated.

    This is a much more worthy project than wasting time with the likes of Fender!!

    Love to all in DG-land,

  31. [There’s one from Glasgow: four words. … – FEd]

    Is the first word ‘Wot’s’?

    [No, it’s ‘Wish’. – FEd]

  32. This will be huge, judging by what we have read.

    In regards to the 5 discs that are due soon, just out of curiousity: David’s At The Royal Albert Hall recent DVD, is that a carbon copy of the first 2 discs on CD? The track listing is exactly the same.

    Was perhaps a few months earlier?

    [There’ll be more about the two live CDs from Gdańsk tomorrow. – FEd]

  33. I try “Island Jam” from the DVD premiere in London/Odeon. You didn’t comment on Andrew’s suggestion about it, so I am still hopeful…

    [Don’t be. – FEd]

  34. How about Arnold Layne from Vienne? Or Wot’s… Uh the Deal from Radio City Music Hall?

    [Nothing from Radio City Music Hall, and no ‘Arnold Layne’. – FEd]

  35. CHUFF ME !!!!

    Where do I start… things have been rather lively on here.

    I take a two week interweb sabbatical and this place goes into Interstellar Overdrive.

    Fed, are you OK, all this information overload must be causing you some serious sleep deprivation.

    Your boundless energy appears to be being matched by David, judging by all the recent revelations.

    As for the 12 Bonus Live Tracks CD, I’ll take a stab at the following, in no particular order of course (my feeble Blotto effort was bad enough).

    1. Castellorizon – Clam Castle
    2. The Blue – Vienne
    3. Take A Breath – Florence
    4. A Pocketful Of Stones – Glasgow
    5. Great Gig In The Sky – Paris
    6. SOYCD – Venice
    7. Wearing The Inside Out – Toronto
    8. Fat Old Sun – Manchester
    9. Coming Back To Life – Munich
    10. On The Turning Away – Venice
    11. Astronomy Domine – Florence
    12. Wish You Were Here – Vienne

    It’s bad enough attempting to work out a viable setlist, but having to then get the correct venues, no way.

    [Three right. They are: ‘The Blue’ from Vienne, plus ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘On The Turning Away’ from Venice. Good effort. ‘A Pocketful Of Stones’ in on here, but not from Glasgow. The same goes for ‘Take a Breath’ and Florence. – FEd]

  36. I think and hope “THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKY” with SAM BROWN on vocals will be one of them!

    Am I right with it?

    [I’m afraid not. – FEd]

  37. [‘On The Turning Away’ from Venice is on there. – FEd]

    Yay! Happy.

  38. So far it seems that the U.S. performances were snubbed on this bonus disc. Correct?

    It is OK if that is the case, just trying to confirm.



    [Correct. (Not ‘snubbed’ as such, just left out in favour of what was considered to be a better performance and/or recording.) – FEd]

  39. Hmmmmm, anything from Holland?? If not, well, they’ll beat Italy at Euro 2008 tonight!!

    [There’s nothing from Amsterdam, sorry. – FEd]

  40. [….buy several dozen live recordings… – FEd]

    FEd, what do you think technicians have at a month’s end on their bank account? Ok, that was a joke…

    Seriously, I would only buy that disk-set of the gig I visited. But for some it might be interesting to see or hear that a piece in A was played in C-minor while three days later in B it was in B-flat (just a rough example).


    It’s definitely too hot in my office.

  41. [And there is a song from Munich, but not the one you guessed at. – FEd]

    So would the track fom Munich be “Astronomy Domine” or “This Heaven” or “A Pocketful of Stones” or “Dark Globe” by any chance?


    [Nope. Come on, you lot, you’ve only got five so far. – FEd]

  42. Good job I can get away without doing much at work today!

    We already know:

    The Blue, Vienne
    On The Turning Away, Venice
    Dominoes, Paris
    Find The Cost of Freedom, Manchester
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Venice
    Wish You Were Here, Glasgow

    You said there’s nothing from the USA, RAH, Mermaid, Olympia, AOL Sessions, Amsterdam or Gdansk.

    You also said that Wearing The Inside Out is on there, but not from Florence or Hamburg or Toronto.

    You said there’s no Echoes or Comfortably Numb and just one song from Glasgow.

    If it’s not cheating to guess another 12, I’ll go for:

    1. Castellorizon, Klam
    2. On An Island, Venice
    3. Red Sky At Night, Dortmund
    4. This Heaven, Vienne
    5. Then I Close My Eyes, Manchester
    6. Smile, Frankfurt
    7. Take A Breath, Florence
    8. A Pocketful of Stones, Paris
    9. Where We Start, Rome
    10. Wearing The Inside Out, Hamburg
    11. Coming Back To Life, Klam
    12. Fat Old Sun, Venice

    How did I do?

    [Your Holmesian powers of detection impress me. That said, you only got one right: ‘This Heaven’ from Vienne. I’ll give you another two clues to help you along: ‘Castellorizon’ isn’t on here, neither is ‘Smile’. Oh, and there’s nothing from Dortmund. – FEd]

  43. [Island Jam from the Ritzy DVD premiere in London. – Andrew]

    Andrew. We didn’t get to see ‘Island Jam’, at The Ritzy.

  44. [Nope. Come on, you lot, you’ve only got five so far. – FEd]

    Seems like all (myself included) are fishing for the special one off performances such as Dark Globe, Arnold Layne, Island Jam. Although On the Turning Away is included, I bet if we focus more on the standard set list, we may have a better chance of uncovering the remaining 7. I see that some have made correct guesses on songs but not venues.

    What makes it difficult is the last comment that FEd made to me. [Not ‘snubbed’ as such, just left out in favour of what was considered a better performance and/or recording.]

    The classification of what makes a better performance of say “A Pocketful of Stones” from one venue to another is difficult for us to access without having attended and keenly criticized each night.

    It seems though that this disc will be comprised of the crème de la crème of the 2006 tour as by David’s standards. Which will make this a very interesting disc to say the least.



  45. Well then, I guess it has to be:

    Wearing the Inside out (Milano)
    Fat Old Sun (Munich)


    [You got one right… and I won’t make you guess which night in Milan, don’t worry. – FEd]

  46. Incredible! ‘The Blue’ is my favourite OAI song and Vienne my favourite concert ! Wow ! So I’m already delighted with the fifth disc !

    Neither ‘Echoes’ nor ‘Fat Old Sun’ from Vienne, I see, it (FOS) was the best I ever heard, though. Such a wild solo!

    Maybe ‘Take A Breath’ or ‘Wot’s…Uh The Deal’ or ‘Coming Back To Life’ from Vienne.

    Or ‘Where We Start’, so top class and moving, I remember…

    Oh! I promise it’s the last time I speak about Vienne… (till 31rd July?)


    [Mince alors! Now you’re motoring. ‘Where We Start’ certainly is from Vienne. There is another song from Vienne, besides ‘The Blue’, ‘This Heaven’ and ‘Where We Start’, but it’s not one of the songs you mentioned (although two of those songs are on this CD). – FEd]

  47. OK FEd, can I guess again?

    1. On An Island, Vienne
    2. Red Sky At Night, Hamburg
    3. Then I Close My Eyes, Florence
    4. Take A Breath, Manchester
    5. A Pocketful of Stones, Paris
    6. Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Milan
    7. Breathe, Munich
    8. Time, Frankfurt
    9. Arnold Layne, Manchester
    10. Coming Back To Life, Venice
    11. Fat Old Sun, Rome
    12. High Hopes, Manchester

    [All wrong, sorry, but close with ‘A Pocketful of Stones’. Keep trying, you’ll get there in the end. Do you want another clue? – FEd]

  48. ‘Red Sky At Night’ from Vienne ?


    [I’m afraid not. However, the mystery fourth track from Vienne is an ‘On an Island’ number. – FEd]

  49. [Andrew. We didn’t get to see ‘Island Jam’, at The Ritzy. – Melissa]

    Actually, so technical. We did see the Island Jam during The Ritzy DVD premiere but it was originally filmed at the Odeon a few weeks prior.

    So then, shall I ask if the Island Jam from The Odeon in London is included? Which I am sensing will be a no as well.



    [Same answer, sorry. – FEd]

  50. I hope:

    1) Astronomy Domine (Venice, 11 August 2006);
    2) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Venice, 11 August 2006);
    3) Fat Old Sun (Venice, 11 August 2006) because you can hear the bell of the tower in the square playing 1 or 2 seconds after David sung: “distant bells…”
    4) Echoes (Milan, 24 March 2006)
    4) Any song performed in Venice in which we can see that wonderful venue and maybe some light and laser spread on it.


    [Hi Diego. This is a bonus CD, not a DVD, so we won’t be seeing much of anything. ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ from Venice is correct. There are two songs from Venice in total: ‘Shine On…’ and ‘On The Turning Away’. There’s just one from Milan, which is ‘Wearing The Inside Out’. – FEd]

  51. I can’t possibly keep up with all this stuff. My brain cells are dead at this point. (Well, one or two brain cells may still be living but that’s about it.)

    Here in New York State there’s a heatwave (today is the 3rd consecutive day above 90 degrees F, and near 100% humidity. And besides which, I’m a teacher so this is Final Exam season.

    So I’ll (uncharacteristically) allow others to do my guessing for me.

  52. [However, the mystery fourth track from Vienne is an ‘On an Island’ number. – FEd]

    A Pocketful of Stones, maybe ?

    [Bingo. That’s the one. Vienne is the most represented venue on this bonus CD, so it must have been one heck of a concert. – FEd]

  53. Sorry!

    I did not read carefully, it’s a CD not a DVD so please do not consider my comment about “that wonderful venue…bla bla bla”.


    [Florence was another wonderful venue, wasn’t it? – FEd]

  54. OK, so there’s nothing else from Vienne or Milan and there are just two songs left.

    One of them has to be ‘Take a Breath’. From Florence?

    Am I right?

    [You are. Sort of. – FEd]

  55. [Bingo. That’s the one. Vienne is the most represented venue on this bonus CD, so it must have been one heck of a concert. – FEd]

    Hoooooo yes, indeed. A great concert with a great band in a great place.

    Everything was great that night, even the rain…

  56. With all this good stuff being discussed, all we need to hear about now is a reunion concert and there is only one that is important. The one that brings together Guy, Phil, Stevie, Jon, David and Rick.

    HA, HA!!!!!!! And you thought I was going to say the other one….



  57. Jeez!!! It just keeps getting better and better!!

    I just hope that I can find one of those special packages here in Brazil…..

  58. Hi FED,

    is ‘A Pocketful Of Stones’ from Munich?

    [No, but there is a different song from Munich. – FEd]

  59. Okay, then it has to be ‘Take a Breath’ from Munich.

    [That’s right. Just one left now… – FEd]

  60. ‘On An Island’ (track) from Munich ?


    [That’s not it. – FEd]

  61. Maybe something completely different? Did he play Run Like Hell at all on the tour? Or is it another OAI song? Maybe OAI itself?

    [No ‘Run Like Hell’ this time, and it’s not an ‘On an Island’ track. – FEd]

  62. Using the clues, I figured out the last two tracks (and the full tracklisting as well)!

    The Blue – Vienne
    This Heaven – Vienne
    TAKE A BREATH – Munich
    A Pocketful of Stones – Vienne
    Where We Start – Vienne
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Venice
    On The Turning Away – Venice
    Wearing The Inside Out – Milan
    Dominoes – Grand Rex, Paris
    COMING BACK TO LIFE – Florence
    Find The Cost of Freedom – Manchester
    Wish You Were Here – Glasgow

    Thank you David for my suggestion to put other songs from the tour not played in Gdansk on the CD!

    [Good one, Ryan. (‘Wearing The Inside Out’ is from the second Milan show, by the way, and the two Venice recordings are both from the 12 August 2006 gig.) – FEd]

  63. Thanks FEd!! Did I get the running order right too?

    And the 2 Gdansk CDs, will they contain the entire Gdansk concert?

    What do you mean by “digital content only, not packaging” in the 5-disc set?

    [The running order will be different and will follow, along with the Gdańsk tracklisting, shortly. By “digital content only, not packaging”, I mean that the five-disc set is the same as the four-disc set in every way – content-wise, hence “as above” – but the packaging will be different. (There’s obviously an extra disc with the five-disc set, but the other four discs are identical.) The booklet is also different, which is why I called it “digital content” rather than just plain old “content”. – FEd]

  64. hello sir,

    i am a huge fan and i am from india.

    i was wondering if it would be possible for you to come to india and play just one concert. i know it is a huge thing that i am asking for but please that would be a dream come true for many.

    please think about it.

    till then,

  65. Hi FED,

    I could imagine that Shine On You Crazy Diamond is on the disc. If I’m correct it was the premiere of that song’s intro done on wine glasses… Any way it must be something played before the rain came. 😀

    Best regards,


  66. Nice. Bonus live tracks! How about Great Gig In the Sky from Paris and maybe Dominoes from Toronto? MANY items of tour memorabilia? Sounds great!

    How ’bout a coupon for a tour jacket? 😉

    How ’bout a T-shirt? When the last Rush CD came out, you could get a T-shirt with it. Perhaps in Gdansk Red?

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