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Blog Poll: Would you prefer to download 12 live tracks or get them on CD? 15% vote 'Download', 85% vote 'CD', 2% vote 'Don't know'.Thanks for your votes – and views – on your preferred choice of box set. The results were interesting, with 63% favouring the ‘deluxe’ over the vinyl – and 28% saying they’d get both.

I’d like to elaborate on this ‘web pass’ today.

You get a web pass with the three and four-disc sets. This comes in the form of a DVD (the same DVD with the Gdańsk concert footage and documentary). Slap this DVD into your computer’s DVD drive while connected to the internet and, voilà: you’ll be able to download 12 live tracks from Vienne, Venice, Munich, Milan… The same live tracks that you get on CD with the ‘deluxe’ set.

So, it’s up to you to decide if you really need them on a CD, or if downloading them would be a better option. If downloading them suits you, and you don’t need the tour memorabilia, you might prefer to buy the (cheaper) three or four-disc set, as opposed to the five-disc equivalent.

However, you can only download one track per month (each month for 12 months, obviously).

Full instructions will appear on screen when the DVD is loaded. These will be in English only.

In the case of the vinyl, what you get is more ‘download card’ than web pass (there’s no DVD for starters). This will give you the option of ripping all the music that’s on vinyl to your hard drive. You can’t download the 12 live tracks, but ‘On The Turning Away’ (from Venice) is on the fifth LP.

The download will be to the first hard drive used (although, once you’ve entered the unique number for your download card, thus rendering it obsolete for use on another machine, you can rip the tracks to that hard drive as and when you require them).

I’d like to hear your thoughts on downloading music. Do you? Would you?

And believe me, I know that you’d like to be able to download ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’, so there’s really no need to tell me again.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

84 thoughts on “Audio downloads”

  1. I’ve never actually downloaded music before and although it would be easier to get the CD, I guess it depends on prices.

    Just one question, are the tracks going to be copy-protected like iTunes downloads are, so we can only put the tracks onto one hard drive/CD/mp3 player?

    Sorry I missed most of the chat today. I dashed home but then my dad needed the computer after only about 5 minutes and by the time he was finished everyone had left! Hope everything’s going well for everyone.

    Is it me or was there a chat scheduled for Friday? It doesn’t matter as I would have been at school but I thought maybe I had imagined it.

    Also I saw on the AHM topic you said that there will be a post about it on Tuesday, and the Friday chat has disappeared, does this mean that you are going to see AHM after all? Or am I putting two and two together and getting 22 instead of 4?

    [There’s nothing wrong with your maths. There was a chat scheduled for Friday, but I’m taking a few days off, so it’s been cancelled. Will be back on Tuesday. As for your question, I don’t have an answer just yet. When I do, I’ll let you know. – FEd]

  2. I download music. I also buy CDs and rip them.

    I’d prefer the live tracks on CD because I don’t want to have to wait all year to get them all.

  3. I’m very happy to say I don’t have any tracks illegaly downloaded from the net. All mp3s I have are backups of my CDs, or purchased from virtual stores.

    Unfortunately, here in Brazil, music is something expensive for the majority of people. So, many of them get music from the net (when they have access to it), or buy pirate copies of the CDs they want. That’s our reality, unfortunately.

    Now, changing the subject… I can’t wait until September comes, so I can have the Live in Gdansk deluxe package!!

  4. I purchase and download music all the time. It’s easy and provides instant satisfaction for impatient people.

    Although for special things like this, I like the having a nice beautiful container, for safe keeping.

  5. No downloading for me… I want the real deal.

    Once I have this fine Deluxe box set, I can upload all these gems directly to my Playstation 3 and add any pictures/text I feel will suit these historic CDs.

    Thanks FED, you are doing a great job!

    [Thanks, mate. – FEd]

  6. I do one or the other or both, depending on what it is. I like the non-clutter of downloads, but for anything from favored artists (like one ‘David Gilmour’) I prefer having a physical copy….an original copy I should add.

    It took me a while to get over the vinyl-CD transition.

  7. I always like getting the music in my hands, particularly of artists that I really enjoy listening to. I have downloaded music in the past but that has usually been of songs where I find it would be a waste to buy the entire CD just for one song.

    Having the CD ensures me a bit more that I will have the music in the coming years & may not be subject to technical failures such as hard drive crashes without backup. Sure I realize that the CD can fail as well. Imagine trying to secure the 5 disc set in the coming years & at what price. I realize that is pure speculation.

    The funny thing is that it is easy to say I want the 5 disk set & the vinyl set but the one all important piece of info is still missing. At what cost?? The price may significantly reduce the number of people who will opt to buy it.

    Finally, that is why I also suggested the record player that can be hooked up to a computer. It is the one way you can get a decent copy of Wot’s in an MP3 format.



  8. It may sound a bit odd, but I also like the portability of a CD. Pop it in the car, home stereo, a friend’s car, etc.

    FEd, hope you enjoy your extended weekend. They are awesome, aren’t they??



    [I didn’t have a weekend as such last weekend, so I really feel the need for one now. – FEd]

  9. I download when I feel I don’t have money for getting the music, or when I want to check out something new. Sometimes I end up buying at least something from the artist if I like it.

    I could’ve downloaded the songs and bought the 4 CD, but I want the memorabilia, and I wouldn’t remember to go download each month. And I would want to listen to all of the songs at once.

    On the vinyl downloads.. You can download the tracks multiple times?

    [Only to the same hard drive. – FEd]

  10. Any chance of us people not having vinyl players getting the fifth LP (minus OTTA) as downloads maybe from iTunes or somewhere else?

    If not, it’s definitely no big. I will more than likely be buying the 5-disc because, even though I love downloads, I must say I prefer CD.

    Thanks FEd for all your great work!

    [Thanks, Ryan. I certainly think that these possibilities should be considered. Let’s just say that I hope this post can generate some good debate. – FEd]

  11. If I had to listen to David’s music on tin cans and a bit of string, I would……no problem.

    Have a nice break Fed, you’ve had a busy week!!


    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  12. So, is there any DRM on the tracks? ‘Cause I have a Zune (so no FairPlay or PlaysforSure for me).

    [When that information is ready to be made public… – FEd]

  13. I am what many would consider an “old school” person; I think the technology today is amazing, but I really prefer the beauty of LPs.

    I still remember the awe and amazement when first purchasing Dark Side Of The Moon, with all the artwork and goodies that came with that album. Same goes for The Wall, Wish You Were Here, Led-Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door with its colour-changing sleeve, Physical Graffiti, or any number of Jimi Hendrix albums.

    Sadly, with the advancement of technology, the packaging is what has suffered and the fan has been horribly cheated. Most of today’s youth have no idea what they’re missing, not only from a packaging perspective, but a sonic one as well, but that gets into a whole analog vs digital debate that’s best served in a different forum.

    Suffice to say today’s technology is nice and convenient, but will never replace the wonderment one felt when purchasing a brand new LP.

  14. Just a question FEd,

    would the download versions be able to be placed on an iPod?

    Personally, I prefer the CD version. I think that the price will be well worth it, and I think a physical copy would be nice to add to my collection of music for something as special as this.

    [I should bloody-well hope so, Ax. – FEd]

  15. This comment was from yesterday, but I think it belongs with this post and poll…

    […if you don’t want to purchase the “Deluxe-Edition”, you can also get hold of all the other bonus songs by buying the cheaper 4-disc set and downloading. And if you’re not a completist whose aim is to have multiple live versons of songs already published, you will even do with the 3- or 2-disc-set. – Georg Kunz]

    I agree. I just don’t think we should have to wait a whole year to get all 12 live songs.

    Do you agree, FEd?

    [Oh, you’ll get me into trouble… I don’t agree that you should get one track per month, no. If we want people to download music instead of having a hard copy – and I say that speaking as a tree-hugger, with reference to cutting back on the resources used in the production of just about everything, not just music – then they should all be available together, on the day of release, in my humble (tree-hugging) opinion. – FEd]

  16. Hi FEd,

    well done with the blog, the last few days were those with the most posts since I’m around here…

    As for CD vs. Download: I prefer CDs because I have the control over it and can transform it in the format I need. And as many, I do like to see my collection in real live ™. 😉

    Best regards,


  17. I am not a downloader. I personally prefer the physical product.

    There have been instances where I have had to download a song or two only because it was the only way, but if available in a physcial form, I will buy that every time, even if it is more expensive.

    As an example: If you offer me a 10-track album which I can download for $1.00 a song or purchase as a CD for $15.00, I will buy the CD every time, even though downloading is less expensive.

    The physical product will always win with me.

  18. As much as they are a phenomenon, I see MP3s and iPods as catering to the lowest common denominator and it’s a travesty that this is accessible in music.

    Illegal downloading is a small part of falling sales but the real issue is that people don’t have money to burn (instead it’s going to gasoline, food and so on and people hardly go to movies anymore).

    Personally, I have bought/acquired physical formats of albums since I was either 4 or 5 years old (8-track, cassette, vinyl) and now all albums are CDs once I got a CD player at 15 years of age and went to CDs in 1991 and was hooked on hearing albums in superb, clear audio sound. I am also getting back into vinyl but this bad recession in the US is culprit for delay.

    All of my PF/DG/RWright and Genesis (and solo) catalog is physical copies.

    I say let’s have David release the album’s different configurations for different stores.

  19. The first and only time I downloaded something was the ‘Arnold Layne’ single from 7Digital at Christmas 2006, as proposed on the blog, but I bought the real CD later, however…

    I do prefer physical CDs, nice packaging, booklets, artwork, official photos, etc…but I also know/believe that all forms of physical media will soon disappear (2010?), so, bravo, David to allow us to download, it’s our future.

    Quelques jours de repos, Fed ? même plus, bien-sûr! c’est tellement mérité! Enjoy !!!


  20. I read with interest the talk re CDs, downloads and format. I, for one am a creature at least of learned behavior. I download often – quite convenient, instantly gratifying. It really helps when you are wading through all of the output of, let’s say, Tom Waits; when you are after one particular mood of his to fit that moment, you are going… to the beach? and you need to hear ‘The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me (Today).’

    Also, it’s my impression that compressed mp3s are best reserved for walk-about (iPod) use and that if you favored audiophile and CD-burning, you should go for the full fledged digital file. Anyway, I’ll burn-to-CD anything I download (I think iTunes lets you have seven goes at it before they neuter you); and I never have had a problem backing up my library and playing it on my other (lap) computer – yet it is also a recognized iTune repository.

    God only knows in what way this is of use to you, but: voila (or: how we use the technology).

  21. Another reason I prefer CD over downloads is because, with the CD, you get them all at once and you can put the songs in any format you want!

  22. To be fair, I’d probably rather have them on CD.

    I dont like the idea of downloading one a month either! That would be torture!

    I’d settle for anything though, to be honest.

  23. I don’t know. Seems kind of confusing to me.

    Also only being able to download one song a month seems kind of drawn out (I’m currently going through this headache with The Mars Volta right now). I think i’ll just pick up the deluxe edition.

    Hey FEd, is there gonna be a certain number pressed for the deluxe?

    [Don’t know yet. – FEd]

  24. I have to be curious as to why the downloads will be spread out over a one year period. I can’t think of a logical reason for that.

  25. I don’t like to download music, but I’m okay with it to save money over buying a “deluxe” set. It all depends what that price difference is.

    I really don’t need the tour memorabilia and plectrum, especially since I was not at any of the tour concerts. And money is (as always) kinda tight right now.

    So, downloading might just be the way to go.

    [As soon as I have any prices, I’ll let you know. It’s all well and good talking about these different versions, but obviously the price tag is a large factor in any decision. – FEd]

  26. Personally, I prefer to have the CDs and will copy my favorite songs to my MP3 player for road trips and the like. After I get tired oy my current playlist, I will change them up but I prefer to have the CDs in the event that a hard drive crashes or an MP3 player is lost or stolen.

    I also enjoy the album art, especially on David’s and the Floyd’s releases.

    Best regards,

  27. Hello FED,

    I saw in a past topic that someone asked you about a blu-ray release and you said that no blu-ray version is planned for Live at Gdansk….is this true? No High-Def version…just regular DVDs? (I am not complaining, I am just curious).

    Thanks FED (again)!!!!

    [It’s absolutely true: at this point in time, I know of no plans for a Blu-ray release. – FEd]

  28. For stuff I care about, such as Dave’s stuff, I buy the CD and rip it using FLAC. From there I can burn it to any format I need or convert it to use with my iPod as an Apple Lossless file. Then I never have to worry about spending another dime on that particular bit of music again. I only download single songs from albums I won’t buy because the rest is rot.

    Sorry Dave, but I figure I have bought as many as 4 or 5 different versions (Album, 8-track, cassette, CD) of almost all of your albums. No more. The next hard format I buy is the last. It all gets archived on a hard drive in a CD quality rip.

    The memorabilia is cool but not a reason to buy since it is all just reproductions. Send along a real pick actually used by Dave and then that all changes.

  29. What a blog!

    Not sure if this is true, but it seems to appear as if the people’s opinions in the blog actually matter. Like getting a rough idea of what people want and how they want their music by giving them power to actually shape a release of David’s work. So cool if true!

    [I’m loving the opinions. – FEd]

  30. [No downloading for me… I want the real deal. – Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)]

    Ditto. You cannot beat the real thing.


  31. [Only to the same hard drive. – FEd]

    But if my computer crashes, doesn’t it then look like a new disc? Could I copy the files to another disc to back up?

    [I’d imagine so. – FEd]

  32. The only reason that could make me prefer digital download would be if offered in lossless quality and that I can burn them to audio CD.

    The “one downloadable track per month thing” – sorry not for me. Who got this idea by the way?

    My aim is music content and audio quality first, so I think I will have a go for the “deluxe version” although I don’t care too much about the packaging and memorabilia thing.

  33. This all sounds good. I’m not a huge downloader but the thought of amassing an extra live compilation CD over twelve months with either the three or four disc sets appeals to the collector in me!

    I assume, then, that the DVDs for the three and four CD sets will differ – the one in the three disc set having the web pass and the second DVD (the 5.1 mix one) having the pass in the four disc set? Not that this matters musically one jot, of course – it’s just more things to make.

    I would have thought it would make more sense in eco terms to stick the pass on DVD 1 in both cases, but then, worra I know?

    One question, if one forgets to download the track for that particular month, will it be lost for ever or will one be able to download the whole lot (or parts thereof) in month 12?

    You must come to the AHM show on Sunday FEd! It’s going to be ace!

    [Another good question. Please realise that many of these things are still being worked on, so details have not yet been finalised. Therefore, I’m afraid I can’t answer all of your questions until facts are straightened. (The web pass will be on the first DVD, though, along with live concert footage from Gdańsk and the documentary. That does make more sense.) – FEd]

  34. I’m an irregular purchaser of music, but I do like to have it all on CD, despite the environmental issues. I also think CDs are still a decent way of moving music about (no need to worry about battery life).

    I do however really appreciate David being carbon neutral- I can now go out and buy this CD, walking to the shop of course, and still be on the moral highground!

    Hope you have a nice break FEd, you’ve been great releasing all this information and it’s been fun too (although maybe more for us than for you doing all the work!).

    [Thank you. It’s great fun getting the facts in dribs and drabs, trying to fill all the gaps and answer your questions, but hey, that’s the way some people like to work, I guess. – FEd]

  35. The important point on the downloads I think, is what format they would be in. ie Lossy [eg.mp3] or lossless [eg FLAC].

    If they are mp3 format [even high quality] I’d prefer the actual CD, whereas if they are lossless format, [FLAC], then I would consider the download option.

    Is the download format fixed in stone yet?

    Thinking ahead to this Sunday’s concert, I wonder what odds we might have got in, say, 2004 on David performing Echoes, Wot’s…Uh The Deal, Arnold Layne & Atom Heart Mother within the next 4 years? 1000-1 anyone?

    Can I have a tenner now on A Saucerful Of Secrets, Dogs, Cymbaline & The Narrow Way within the next 4 years?


    [Sorry, the download format is not fixed in stone yet. Details when they come in. – FEd]

  36. I do not download in a box.
    I do not download with a fox.
    I do not download in a house.
    I do not download with a mouse.
    I do not download here or there.
    I do not download anywhere.
    I do not like to download F*Ed.
    I’d rather listen old school instead…

  37. Downloading for me is an option I only use when tracks are not available otherwise or are by far too expensive to get hold of in other formats – we talked about that yesterday. Another criterium is sound quality, which is surely better on a factory-pressed CD than on an MP3-file.

    With “Live in Gdansk”, I’m considering the download option because for me personally the memorabilia on the 5-disk-set is not so important – but it finally will depend on the price of the various sets.

    The downloading options for “Live in Gdansk” IMHO seem to be a little complicated for all these different versions. The one thing that I’m particularly having pain with, frankly, is the one-per-months-rule – can’t imagine what’s the reason behind this….

    Is it already known which qualities and formats the downloads will have (192 kbps or 320 kbps MP3, FLAC, WAV…)?

    [Not yet. – FEd]

  38. I tend to agree with many of the physical media arguments that have been shared. But I have to admit that downloading is far more convenient.

    Therefore, I am more apt to acquire more new music than I otherwise would. Because I simply don’t find (or like) being in what limited and lame media outlets there are these days. Those that are around only tend to stock the obvious selections.

    As for quality, I recently downloaded The Raconteurs latest offering directly from their website at 320 kbps! The quality is quite good!

    Hopefully David will offer similar quality for his downloads.

  39. Generally I download music, the exception being when it’s something really special. It doesn’t get any more special than this, so probably the five disc set for me.

  40. Complicated or what !

    No downloads !

    FED, what would happen if you broke or lost your computer. Wouldn’t you have to buy another set to download again ?

    12 months wait, I could be in a hole in the ground or in a jar on a laboratory shelf by then !!!

    CD for me everytime with ‘Uh, Wots the Deal’ tagged on !

    Don’t get too drunk the weekend Fed !

  41. F’Ed…after all the news of upcoming goodies, I can see you need to ‘Take A Breath’. Thank you for letting us know about the packages. This should keep us patiently waiting for the next blog news day.

    I prefer to have the actual item in my hands. I like the notes, the information, the details, the pictures, lyrics and all. Whether it is the LP or the CD. I refer to them from time to time. Nothing in sound to me can top the LPs but, baring that, the portability of the cd is next best.

    Only time I have purchased a song was one from a soundtrack that I really did not care for except that one song.

    Some complain about cost, I’m from the ‘old school’ too. I feel the musicians and artists get robbed if we take illegal shortcuts (even if I would personally like to see anything that is around about Pink Floyd since I am such a nerd about wanting to know everything and anything there is to know and hear. Does that make me a groupie?).


  42. I don’t have any experience with downloads and I don’t feel the need for it. I prefer to buy CDs and music DVDs and recently SACDs, DVD-Audios or other multichannel releases.

    I really like to read booklets study credits and so on. I do not transfer it to any other formats, do not have spare copies etc. I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

    FED, have a wonderful time during the weekend, you deserve it.

    [Thank you, Tomasz. You have a good time, too. – FEd]

  43. All sounds good – I especially like the option to download the 5th disc/3rd CD.

    However, the “one track per month” policy seems a bit harsh and I can’t come up with a good reason as to why it might be. IMHO this kind of restriction only encourages piracy and doesn’t really benefit anyone.

    Sorry to be negative but you wanted thoughts.


    [Indeed. – FEd]

  44. Hello, luving all da news here. Looks like you deserve a break FEd!!

    I have one opinion and that is why would they spread the downloads to one a month? I think that it is illogical. People will probably just end up buying the Deluxe set (like me).

    Thanks. Hope I wasn’t too harsh FEd!!


  45. I’ll buy the 5-disc set so it doesn’t matter so much to me, but “slap this DVD into your computer” sets of alarm bells in my head.

    I hate to get all evangelistic, but does “computer” mean “Windows” or “Mac” or perhaps both? Perhaps the DVD just contains an offline set of web pages that contain a unique key?

    Will there be any way to download the tracks for people such as myself that don’t use Windows or Mac?

    [The pass is basically a web link to a secure site where you can stream, or download, the live tracks. So you should be fine, Jason. – FEd]

  46. [I say let’s have David release the album’s different configurations for different stores. – Terrence Reardon]

    But that only benefits America. It was a real pain getting the Best Buy and Borders exclusives last time if you were not in America. It also gave Americans an excuse to buy extra copies and put them on eBay. I know how much I paid for mine… and it wasn’t cheap.

    These should be available to whoever wants them, wherever they are, all at the same time IMO.

    This is my first post, but I’m a long-time reader. (Hi FEd!)

    [Hi Fran, good of you to join in. I completely agree, by the way. I didn’t care for the exclusive US editions, particularly as album sales in the States were so poor in comparison to so many other parts of the globe. (Wouldn’t it be ‘making’ fans buy yet another copy, Terrence?) – FEd]

  47. Nice ditty Dr. Parish!

    Sorry I misremembered (Bush-speak) the chat schedule … thought it was Thursday. As it turns out I’d never have had a chance to chat anyway.

    Hey FEd, have a jumbo fun weekend or, if you prefer, a totally laid-back f*ck it all weekend! You’ve definitely put in a lot of work this past week … good job and greatly appreciated!

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [Bless your cotton socks. Have a good one. – FEd]

  48. Well, as someone rightly pointed out, the quality of the tracks offered for download matter. I really hope for some lossless format, but I can’t see the release of either flac, shn or apple lossless. It will most likely be mp3. I would be surprised if it was a wav file.

    Still, the CD is the best way to go. It’s really as simple as putting it into the CD drive and getting iTunes to extract it.

  49. So much info in 2 days, thanks Fed.

    My point is I’d rather wait till all is revealed and available. And secondly, having 12 songs downloaded in a year gives You and Us something to share along the way to extend this fine Blog.

    Have a safe weekend everyone.

  50. I like the real deal only. I’ve never downloaded anything and have never suffered from it.

    BTW, I’d like to send out a Woo-Hoo to Parish on his use of Seuss.

  51. Your “tree hug” comments about benefits of downloading make me think a bit. First of all I don´t like downloads at all (and after two weeks the hard disk of my shiny new computer broke, I like it even less). I was looking forward to buying the 5 Disk Deluxe set but now…

    But I wonder, is downloading really so much more benefitical for nature? I mean, in the age of turntables and CD players people had them for many years. Now in the age of computers we have to constantly buy the next computer (and the companies make sure that older systems with lesser power are very fast of little use) the next hard drive,the next iPod, the next iPhone.

    So I begin to wonder if this is so much different than buying here and there some CDs or LPs… (and that most people will burn their downloads on CD is another factor).

    Sorry for this very critical post. I suppose I have to think a bit more what to buy.


    [Valid points, Irene. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. – FEd]

  52. Sounds like a good weekend coming up, Fed. Enjoy.

    By the way I really don’t like downloading – I’m old school and like to see the real thing.


  53. FEd,

    You can add me to the No to downloading list. I prefer my music to be on something tangible.

    As the vast majority of others have stated, it’s preferable to have a hard copy, be it CD or vinyl. That way you have access to all the minutia that you get as part of the whole album package.

    Especially things like the artwork, lyrics to the songs, additional images.

    It may sound a bit geeky, but it’s also interesting to know details like where the recordings took place, things like who sculptured Wireman, thanks/credits, etc. etc. You don’t get this detail with a download. And for me the detail is significant, especially when it relates to David’s work.

    The only downloading I do is from CD to computer to MP3 player.

    Have yourself a chilled out weekend FEd and catch up on some Zeds, you must be knackered after the arduous week you’ve just had.


  54. FEd,

    It’s good of you to post the “‘Live in Gdańsk’ formats” blog. Nice and clear for all to see.

    But will it stop the numpties asking you dumb questions? I fear not…

    [There are still many questions that need answering. I’m just sorry that it’s too early to try and offer answers to the vast majority of them. – FEd]

  55. Can I also have my name three times in a row on Recent Posts?

    (Have you started a new trend Rudders?)

  56. I am in favor of getting the physical copy, so no download for me. My last download was “Dark Globe” and that was over a year ago. Like many others, I will download a song only if it is not available on the CD.

    FEd, thanks again for all the detailed updates and enjoy your long weekend!

  57. No computer, no iPod, therefore no download. Not into all these gadgets that keep getting changed and upgraded every 5 minutes. I’m lucky enough to have access to a computer at my local library so for us it will be CDs and DVDs all the time….

    A package of 5 round ring shaped discs. Wow, we said, David is Lord of the Strings! Nearer the time please add my name to the list of which stockists in Middle Earth these will be available from or what tasks we have to perform to get to them..Thank you so much Gandalf..sorry F’ed, I mean!!!

    Have a great weekend F’ed and to all out there… It might as well rain until September and it looks like it’s going to have a good try!!!

  58. Hmm…Fed, I must admit, I find this a bit confusing…

    If I buy the Deluxe boxset, I don’t get “Wot’s Uh The Deal”… If, on the other hand, I buy vinyl, I don’t get the DVDs…so, I have to buy both?

    Wot’s…uh…the deal?

    *Dumby is not amused*

  59. Ahh, what a great week for Gilmour fans FEd, and all thanks to your news bringing skills.

    Thanks FEd, hope you have a good weekend, away from us excited lot! 😀

  60. Wow! A double entry table! Welcome to the Maths-club! You won’t admit it, but I think you venerate Maths in secret!

    So, a double entry table, perfect! It’s exactly what we needed, it’s very clear, quick and easy to read, très bien conçu aussi. I certainy will print it out. But I also know -from experience- that it must have been a nightmare for you to create it. So, maybe, square eyes once again…

    Bon, beau, long et paresseux weekend! (Any plans?) I hope you will forget the blog and come back tout bronzé et sans yeux carrés.


    [Merci beaucoup. Tout bronzé et sans yeux carrés? Oui, retentit bon, particulièrement les yeux. J’ai quelques idées pour le weekend, mais je dirai mardi. (L’étude du français, avez-vous dit?) – FEd]

  61. Generally I prefer CDs to downloads. I like to have the security of a physical copy and the artwork and booklet that goes with it. That’s what comes of being part of the ‘LP’ generation. I will download if it’s the only way or if I only want the odd track, but that’s unusual.

    I had been seriously considering the 4 disc version as an alternative to the deluxe box but making it one download a month does seem like a bit of a mean trick.

    On the plus side perhaps it means the blog will continue for at least another year as we’ll need monthly reminders to do our downloads. Won’t we? 😉

    [Oh no, I’m not taking the blame for that. The Blog can go. – FEd]

  62. I think that whoever downloads music should pay for a song, for the whole album, etc. Musicians are artists and must get their money; if you download music and pay also for a song, that’s fine. Music is the pleasure of your ears and gives you emotions all life long. It deserves to be paid for, though!

    Good luck to David for his performance on Sunday, what a pain not to be there! Have a wonderful weekend Fed and every one of you!


  63. Thanks for all your work over the last couple weeks. Have a good few days off. Sorry if we’ve been driving you nuts lately, but we ARE fans.

    [No need to apologise, Michael. – FEd]

  64. I do not download, or rarely, so I’ll probably buy the 5-disc set!

  65. Amazing how Wot’s has become such a favourite amongst us all. It’s very heartwarming to see.

    I remember FED waaay back when..when you asked us for 5 songs for David to play on concert and I was one of those who suggested he play it on tour.

    I love OBC…in my top 2 PF albums.

    Cheers, Howard

  66. A comment on the download each month.

    Remember last year the Verizon cell phone promotions of DG music? One of the options was to download a video version of 3 different songs but they were offered only 1 per month. I did download the first one but as for the other two, I missed them.

    One reason is because I never set a reminder for myself. Another reason is because an actual schedule was never released so you never really knew when the next song was made available.

    So if they really decide to go with the 1 per month format for this release a suggestion, maybe an e-mail reminder 30 days later that will allow you to download the next song?

    Maybe some of the history from the Verizon promotion may be useful with this one? Let’s just say that one failed for me but maybe it was an overall success.



    [Ah, the ringtones. You’d think it would be common courtesy to send a simple e-mail reminder, wouldn’t you? Along with all the newsletters and other marketing rubbish that you’d automatically been signed up to receive, that is. – FEd]

  67. That’s much easier to read, Fed. Nice work.

    I think it’s amazing that we have all these options. I feel like David really has listened to the fans and that he respects our opinions. As weird and twisted as some of us can be at times, he really cares about us.

    This is a big deal, really. He could have easily offered one option and been done with it, which would mean that either we buy it or do without, simple as that.

    My appreciation is growing every day for the type of person and artist that David is.

    Thank you Fed, for making it easy to understand. You have listened to us as well.

    Have a great weekend off.

    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  68. Now I need to know from Parish if he was inspired to write the Seuss style prose from the comment FEd wrote (Do you? Would you?).

    When I read it, it immediately made me think of Seuss and I too started to think about Would you with a fox? Would you in a box? etc. However, you my friend beat me to the punch and actually wrote it. Excellent job.



  69. I, in fact, DO a ton of downloading via the net. Now, mind you, some of it is torrenting and the like but I’d download stuff from an official Gilmour related site in a heartbeat (Richard Thompson allows this at his website, for what it’s worth).

    I’m starting to see how commonplace this form of downloading is fast becoming via the internet, perhaps even as a kneejerk reaction to the illegal downloading happening at various sites. This aspect seems to be in its infancy at the moment but I’d hazard a guess that before long it will be a mainstay in everything from DVD players, to Wii and Playstation hookups via the net.

    Just watch… its really going to happen (so says my magic 8 ball!).


  70. Fascinating clip on the main page…a cross between the Echoes funky jam/Atom Heart Mother funky jam, and some “Wall” tonal themes…..

  71. During a late-night chat with Sweet Melissa (*_*) (good song, that) we discussed what an above-and-beyond job David has done in the preparation for the release of essentially five CD/album packages plus one/two DVDs!

    How many artists would go to such lengths to ensure that everyone has a choice depending upon their personal level of interest in the project as well as their ability to purchase? Lots of people are making cuts in their entertainment budgets due to rising costs in other areas of their lives.

    This unique release allows everyone to make a choice and I would like to commend David & company on their thoughtfulness! I think it’s much more than just ‘good business.’

    And thank you FEd for laying it out in the grid format! That makes it so much easier to comparison shop — the written-word version made my head spin.8^|

    I hope all of you who are lucky enough to be seeing/hearing David this weekend have a fantastic experience! How could you not?

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  72. A comment about the downloads…

    I am an audiophile (like many PF fans by the way).

    I don’t listen to MP3s.. Never. I dont own any hardware to play them either.

    For the downloads to be of any value to me it would have to be ripped with Exact Audio Copy in secure mode (or taken directly from the digital master) and available to download in either the .wav or in the .flac formats.

    Otherwise it is of no value to me.

    What about releasing “Wot`s Uh The Deal” as a single?

  73. ***Not commenting on Wot’s being missing but thinking things really loudly***

    I’m probably way old school. Despite being committed to environmentally sound living (where are you planning on living if we can’t save the earth, yeah?) I still emotionally WANT TO HOLD THE MUSIC AND STUFF IN MY HAND.

    Sigh. I miss vinyl. All of the artwork in my house was album covers. Whimper.

    But I will download if something that really, really moves me is simply not available any other way. Then I will burn it. So I can hold it in my hand.

    I probably need help. 😉

  74. God bless you, FEd! My tired brain really needed a summary tab!

    Did you know? I am looking for a second job…otherwise it seems I will be the one who will work in the fields, not the kids! 🙂

    And thinking about what we said a lot of time about how hard is the work in the fields and how uncomfortable is to sleep in the ground, among the sheep, I really don’t want to end in that way!

    About “download”, I made once, with last Radiohead’s album, but I also booked the real CDs too, because when we are talking about the music I love more, I can’t renounce having the CDs in my hands and enjoy all the artwork in the booklet. You can’t spoil me that pleasure! VIVA THE REAL CDS!

    A big hug to everyone and think positive!

  75. Hi FED,

    I have moved to Alberta for a job opportunity and it appears I was absent from the blog. In three months I will be settled in and will not have to go to the library to use computer.

    Hope you are doing well. David Gilmour is #1 tune/lyrics maker.

    [The best of luck getting settled. – FEd]

  76. Downloads …. I’m not a fan, although it is obviously the way of the future.

    Interestingly, a lot of bloggers seem to think the same … it probably betrays our age and habits.

    The vast majority of the music I possess is on CD. I then rip all CDs to my PC and to my MP3 but I feel much more in control of this process this way than downloading. CDs also work better in the car.

    The package is an important aspect. Cost also. There has to be something wrong with pricing at $0.99 per track – that makes a downloaded CD almost as expensive as a disc … but no retailer margin, no distribution, no packaging, no disc, no production process … downloading should be a way of giving the owner of the intellectual property the reward at little additional cost … but maybe web resources etc. cost more than I imagine … it seems the case also for online distributors like Amazon … massive volume, minimum profits.

    So it’ll be the discs for me.

    [Good point. Some people are definitely cashing-in on society’s ecological concerns. – FEd]

  77. [I don’t agree that you should get one track per month, no. If we want people to download music instead of having a hard copy – and I say that speaking as a tree-hugger, with reference to cutting back on the resources used in the production of just about everything, not just music – then they should all be available together, on the day of release, in my humble (tree-hugging) opinion. – FEd]

    FEd, I appreciate your honesty and you obviously don’t say what people want you to say!

    [Thank you. Maybe I simply have more respect for the music – and the people that have allowed David to continue making music – than I have for those that are trying to make as much money from it as they possibly can. – FEd]

  78. I think that idea of one track a month is a really stupid one. People want the tracks when they get the album and are listening to it a lot, not in dribs and drabs. Why bother? Stupid stupid idea. Change it!

    I also loathe the idea of all these restrictions on legal downloads. All they do is to penalise people who are doing the right thing by paying for their music. If they change their portable music player or their computer (neither last forever, you know) it causes problems.

    I legally downloaded music a couple of years ago and because I changed computers and the hard drive in the new one had to be changed, I suddenly found myself with music that wouldn’t play anymore. So much for doing the right thing.

    [The same thing happened to me, Eck. It seems we paid to borrow a copy. – FEd]

  79. I’m glad you opened this thread again. I’ve got loads of songs that I can’t play since Virgin Digital closed. They’re no longer playable due to DRM playback limitations, which really sucks!

    [The problem, in part, is that Apple refuse to license their (iTunes) technology to other companies. Virgin Digital, along with many others, used DRM-protected Windows Media Audio as its format (DRM being short for Digital Rights Management, which means copy-protected/rights-restrictions technology was built into each track, tying it to a specific hard drive). When Virgin Digital folded, it meant that the licence to play these tracks expired, which meant that people were left with unplayable music on their computers. Of course, the major record companies don’t want their music available without copy-protection… Before anyone asks, I don’t know how the Gdańsk downloads will be presented yet, but it’s worth remembering that you can back up any downloaded music onto CD and re-import tracks as MP3s. – FEd]

  80. Just following on to Ben’s post and being perfectly frank – that really sucks. I understand the music company’s point of view but talk about total lack to client experience.

    Life was so much simpler when you could buy an LP, record it on cassette and then take your music along with you in your walkman.



  81. Thanks Andrew. I paid for these songs, I think it was 79p per track. Like Eck said, so much for doing the right thing.

    If there’s a danger of the same thing happening with DG’s live tracks, I’ll get them on CD. It depends on the difference in price between the sets. If it’s much cheaper to burn your own CD, I’d consider downloading, but I still don’t want to wait a year to get all 12 tracks, so there should be a decent gulf in price between the three and four-disc sets and the five-disc deluxe set.

    I don’t really care about the memorabilia, to be honest.

  82. I’ve come late to this topic, I think the comment window had gone. Anyway, my point.

    I’m not computer or technology literate. If my daughter wasn’t here the computer would have crashed, be full of viruses, have been hacked or simply exploded. I know only the basics about using it. I still have to grab young mothers with their toddlers off the streets to get the toddler to programme my video player!

    Downloading, burning, ripping, whatever, are words to me. I will always prefer to buy the CD and get the sleeve notes too. I don’t use a personal player because I prefer to be aware of the world around me, am concerned about damage to my (already heavily assaulted by years of loud concerts) ears. I also think you enjoy your music more if you come to it after a break rather than it constantly playing.

    I think downloading is a young people thing, if it was the only way to get music I wouldn’t do it, I’d make do with what I already have.

    Sorry, that was a bit of a ramble 🙂

    ash X

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