The Blog's profile image on (at?) TwitterIf you were wondering what the new box over on the right (lower… lower), between CHATROOM and LINKS is, and if TWITTER means nothing to you whatsoever, please read on.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, then think of it as power-blogging, or as a means of broadcasting the trivial and mundane very quickly. Like MySpace and Facebook, only much more regularly, in shorter bursts.

The general idea is that, whenever the urge takes you, you answer Twitter’s million dollar question: What are you doing? And lo, everyone that follows you knows what you’re doing.

The best thing is that everybody is limited to 140 characters. And nobody ever says “Thanks for the add!”

There will be frequent updates relevant to The Blog, which will hopefully serve as reminders of latest topics, competition deadlines, chat sessions, etc. Some of it will be rather pointless, naturally.

If The Blog is enough for you, don’t worry that you’re missing out on anything. You can see my most recent ‘tweets’ on any Blog page, so please don’t feel that you have to register or respond. As with David’s MySpace, it’s only the same old stuff repeated at a different place, for a different audience.

However, if you are already a fully-fledged Twitterer (or should that be Tweeter?) and want to follow The Blog’s Twitter stream, you can follow me here. And maybe I’ll follow you, too.

Well done to Greg, Lorraine and Nate for finding me when I was still testing it out, by the way.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

47 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. I haven’t used twitter yet but will now explore this technology when I get home.

    Twitterer, Tweeter? How about ‘Twit’? Come on FEd, you know it’s right there on the tip of your tongue….. 🙂

  2. Hi FEd

    I feel kinda stupid, so I signed up for the chat and I see you guys chatting and I go to log in that works then it asks for a room password??? What is it??? Or is it a secret!!! lol!!

    Thanks, like the twitter thing.

    [No secret. Please click your name and all will be explained. (In short, the chatroom closed at 16:00. After that time, whoever was in the chatroom got ‘locked-in’, so a room password was put in place to keep those people in and anyone else out.) – FEd]

  3. Be sure I don’t want to offend anyone here, but, yes, The Blog is really, really, really enough for me.

    I also hope that Twitter won’t one day replace the chatroom.

    But, it’s very nice to realise that there are always new things that are added here. Thank you for always trying to offer more.


    [Really, it’s not meant to replace anything. It’s just something new for me to play with. – FEd]

  4. I live in the city of Schenectady, NY. Last night I went to a play at the high school here. It was a series of short plays, each of which was written and directed by a high school student. One play was about a really bad rock band. The guitarist in that band was playing… a black Strat!

    I approached the kid after the show and asked him if this guitar was based on David Gilmour’s famous black Strat. Response: “Who is David Gilmour?” Then… “I hate Pink Floyd!”

    There went my positive feelings about the youth of this country!!

    [And you’d be the one in the wrong if you’d given him a clip around the ear. Madness. – FEd]

  5. “Pondering on why a song from Venice would be included on an album called ‘Live in Gdańsk’…”

    Hi Fed,

    Submited answer : “because it would be on CD3 of the triple digipack as part of the Extra Bonus.”



  6. Hi FEd,

    for me the main advantage of the Internet is asynchronous communication. I can’t imaging myself being a Twitterer or Tweeter…

    Best regards,


    [That’s fine, Taki. It’s there if anyone wants it, but I’m not too bothered either way. – FEd]

  7. This is probably an inappropriate place to respond to a tweet but, to soothe the pondering about a certain song from Venice, well that is why they created the “extra(s)” subheading or if you like, “bonus track(s)”. So in theory as long as a track has a subheading it could be from 1973 and it still would be A-OK.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    [Fair enough. Feel free to reply to any of my tweets here, by the way. – FEd]

  8. If you only want your friends to see your ‘tweets’ and not the general public, then you can easily enable the ‘Protect my updates’ feature in your twitter account settings (click my name) and then ‘Deny’ or ‘Block’ anyone that you don’t know.

  9. A song from Venice will be included in Live at Gdansk?

    [My comment was just a bemused reaction to those hoping for non-Gdańsk songs (from last week’s ‘One wish for the live album’ post). – FEd]

  10. Hi FED, signed up to twitter, but don’t know what to make of it as yet???

    Not used to being a follower, although seems O.K. so far.

  11. Roadie Crew magazine organized a poll in which 330 guitarists were asked about their favorite guitarists of all time. Among the participants in the poll were current and former members of such bands as Kiss, Machine Head, Nightwish, Megadeth, Sepultura, The Scorpions, Testament, Arch Enemy, King Diamond, Dio, Twisted Sister and Down.

    Jimi Hendrix came out in first place followed by Eddie Van Halen whilst David Gilmour was voted a credible 11th. 🙂

    The results of the poll — published in the new issue of Roadie Crew (#112).


    [Thanks for that, Johnny. – FEd]

  12. They’ve done it again…

    Q107, Toronto’s excellent Classic Rock Radio Station ran it’s Top 107 Albums and Pink Floyd had five listed, three in top fifteen with Dark Side of the Moon number one….

    1. Dark Side of the Moon
    4. The Wall
    15. Wish You Were Here
    44. Animals
    91. Meddle

    Not bad eh!

    [Not bad at all. – FEd]

  13. HI FEd

    Here’s my contribution of a David Gilmour related artwork / painting…

    It’s not an artwork of the master himself, but there is a connection…

    I made this myself in the ’80s, long time ago…



    [Thanks for sharing, Ernest. Very good. – FEd]

  14. Twitter Dee, Twitter Dum…well, don’t know if it is dumb yet as I still need to understand it. Don’t know if that will happen either as I don’t even use MySpace.

    Guess at some point I’ll check it out or maybe not.



  15. twitter looks like fun, but i’d prefer to read your tweets here and comment here too, like josh, if that’s ok.

    nice addition.

    [Please do. That was my thinking behind it, Victor. Nobody has to sign up. – FEd]

  16. “Twitter” sounds like someone describing my feeble brain! “His mind was all a-twitter!”

  17. Hello!

    I came back right now from London! Only two days, for working. But I had some hours to walk and it was wonderful, as always. I love that city. I think I am made to live there!

    I am very tired now, but I couldn’t resist to tell you about my little Rock tour. I already visited the Battersea Power Station, so I didn’t go again.

    I walked to Abbey Road, to cross the road as Beatles! And I read a lot of quotes on the little wall around the studios. But a lot of Beatles’ and I didn’t read Pink Floyd’s…too bad!

    I know it’s not kind to write on a wall…but I couldn’t resist! So I made my part of vandalism and I left my little sign with some lines of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. They were the first ones that popped in my mind and they seemed to me appropriate.

    But I signed my name as “Lucy in the sky”, so I pleased Beatles too!

    Then I visited Heddon Street, were Ziggy Stardust’ cover was taken. Cool! But I was looking for two places…

  18. …The real surprise had been while I was walking along Regent Street and my eyes fell on a building: The Polytechnic! I might be wrong, becase I guess there is more than one Polytechnic in London. FEd, can you tell me for curiosity, please? Is it the same where Richard, Nick and Roger have studied? I looked it up on internet now, and it should be.

    Ok, I am destroyed and I have some hours of sleep to recuperate. I didn’t understand what this twitter exactly is, but I will understand better tomorrow, when my mind will work better…if it will.

    By the way: Jessica, your drawing is great! Congratulations!

    Sweet dreams to you all,
    Lucy in the sky

    [Yes, it’s the same one. I think Sir Alexander Fleming studied there, too. – FEd]

  19. Good game…good game…

    Fed… what have you done? Poor Twitter is “stressing out” and has had some of its functionality temporarily disabled…

    Will you be known as the Twitter Twatter for bringing the site down 🙂

    Twat: verb – slang for hitting something

    I Twat
    You Twat
    He Twats
    She Twats
    It Has Twatted
    We Have Twatted
    You All Have Twatted
    They Have Twatted

    [Right. – FEd]

  20. Admit it, ‘gazouillis’ (really) sounds much better than ‘tweet’! 😉


  21. twitter ye not!

    come on, had to have a frankie joke for that one fed

    had the urge to be painting recently – even an A1 dsotm prism 😉

    can’t wait to pick up the new album

    but does it mean that the site will now be themed red to match?

    all the best to all at DGHQ

    [Maybe. Red’s a good colour. – FEd]

  22. Hi FEd, twitter is great.

    I have added you because the news from twitter is different from rss, they have another atmosphere 🙂

  23. “Twitter” – a bit too sophisticated for me right now.

    I am with Michele, I am happy with the Blog; it serves me just fine.

    Thank you.

  24. [I approached the kid after the show and asked him if this guitar was based on David Gilmour’s famous black Strat. Response: “Who is David Gilmour?” Then… “I hate Pink Floyd!” – NEWYORKDAN]

    Yeah. It is very sad. I’ve gotten a lot of the “who is David Gilmour?”, but not that reaction before. It was pretty much an “oh, cool” response. *sighs*

    Oh well..I guess we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

    I wonder if he’s ever heard David’s solo work though?

  25. Just want to say Twitting is not for me. Too much on the go right now, let everyone else have fun with it.

    You’ve got to admit, there’s something new to learn here though.

  26. Nice addition to The Blog. I use Twitter, but only for keeping in touch with my mates.

    If there’s one tweet a day, everyone can read it here and comment about it here.

    This would be best, otherwise some people will spend all their time at Twitter and some people will feel they’re missing out.

    [Absolutely – as is the case with the chatroom and MySpace, of course. There’s no extra benefit – from me, anyway – to be gained from being signed up to Twitter. The same with MySpace and/or the chatroom. If there’s ever anything worth commenting on (let’s be honest, most of it isn’t), you’re very welcome to comment here, if you wish. – FEd]

  27. Frankly speaking it’s the first time I see this new service called Twitter : it seems to be very nice especially for the very young people or for those that usually spend a lot of time on the web…always on.

    This site is very updated about the new tech-trends!

    Take care to all of you.

    bye/ciao Elisabetta
    Italy N.E

  28. Thanks dear, for the information. Fleming…penicillin, right?

    Anyway, yesterday night I planned my future life: move to London, buy a bus, paint it with flowers and colours, put a big stereo in, four big speakers, loud music, and start a “Rock bus tour” activity, as the Seesighting buses. I am sure Londoners would be very happy to have this kind of bus around their streets!

    About Twitter, I undestood what is it, but your thinking seems to me a little strange. It could be my bad English…or maybe you should leave PCs and join me with the bus activity. I need someone who drives on the left better than me 😉

    Have a nice day

    [I don’t think London’s new mayor would like that. Then again… – FEd]

  29. I think Twitter is the perfect solution for posting random thoughts that would annoy some of the bloggers who only want to read “all news all the time”.

    Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and type out a half way intelligent blog entry, one with some substance and interest, and actually follow through and post it without being side tracked by a telemarketer, your fourteen year old who needs a ride, or your vicious chipmunk assassin of a cat!

    It’s just a fun little thing, be happy people, damn.


  30. I guess it all depends on which side of manchester you were born fed!?

    unless it’s a liverpool red obviously

    oh I get it, he’s from canada, obviously using a different dictionary 😉


    [Oh, don’t remind me. Who do you think will win tonight, Andy? I want them both to lose, but someone has to win. – FEd]

  31. I’ve added the_blog to my friends on Tweeter. 🙂

    Hope everyone is doing well. I’m still in Delft in Holland ploughing through what I hope is that last mountain in this gargantuan thesis I’m writing. Fingers crossed I’ll be defending in June/July and then I can get back to more important matters, like music, photography and more music.



  32. I think it’s a nice little addition to the blog. Looking forward to using it.

    Simon J,
    Happy Days

  33. So, is Twitter another vehicle for you to ramble on? In other words, a way for you to express a thought without adding it to a blog commentary or starting a new blog entry?

    Also, just out of curiousity, I know you are a fan of The Eagles. But do you prefer the pre-Hotel California days or the Hotel California and beyond material? Or is it just the entire catalog?



    [Twitter as another vehicle for me to ramble on? Maybe. Although you can’t do much rambling when you’re restricted to 140 characters, which is a good thing. In truth, I only ever imagined it as another way of putting things out there, such as when the chatroom’s open or what topic we’re getting worked up about. If it stirs up debate, brings new people into the fold or stops someone from missing a competition deadline, for example, that can only be a good thing. As for The Eagles, then it’s all good. I don’t really have a preference, do you? – FEd]

  34. [i think twitter is the perfect solution for posting random thoughts that would annoy some of the bloggers who only want to read “all news all the time”. – melissa]

    i understand this, but some of us don’t want to sign up to a site so that we can tell strangers what we’re having for breakfast! some of us are only interested in fed’s updates and would like to be able to respond to them here.

    [Then please do. (I had watermelon for breakfast, by the way.) – FEd]

  35. Info:

    Classic 21 radio station will be broadcasting The Making of David Gilmour ‘About Face’ on Monday 26 May from 3:00PM (CET)- 2:00 (UK). Please, click my name and click on ‘ECOUTER L’EMISSION’ if you want to listen to it later by using their podcasting.

    They already did it last year and maybe it’s the same programme, but, who knows ?…


    [Fantastique. Merci. – FEd]

  36. Sorry for being off topic here – but congratulations to David & co for winning the Polar Music Prize in Sweden!

    Click my name.


    [Thanks for that, Nicholas. Not a bad prize, eh? – FEd]

  37. I tend to post a lot of “off topics” so maybe I should use twitter (I had never heard of it before this blog), would that be the better place to go than on this blog I wonder, therefore leaving the blog free for purely Gilmour-related matters?

    [Not at all, Graham, please keep those thoughts coming. As the Latest News has shown this year, “purely Gilmour-related matters” aren’t always enough to keep people talking. Sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, etc. aren’t for everyone. This is just another option, if anyone wants it; something else for me to play with and another means of increasing David’s online presence, if you like. So, please don’t feel that you’ve been driven to Twitter (which sounds like something you could probably get medication for). If The Blog is enough for you, please help yourself to another cushion and make yourself comfortable. – FEd]

  38. [If The Blog is enough for you, please help yourself to another cushion and make yourself comfortable. – FEd]

    OFF TOPIC, ON ANOTHER CUSHION (some say planet)

    My wife of one year & I went away for the weekend to the Wye Valley & stayed near Tintern Abbey, a really lovely part of the world I must say.

    One evening we went & saw Bob Brozman (do you know of him Fed?). He was very entertaining & one of his comments I found quite interesting. He said he had no control over what appeared on “You Tube” so he felt he had to perform his very best each night.

    I know it was tongue in cheek, but I would not have gone to see him if it were not for “You Tube”.

    [I’ll have to look him up, but I’m glad you enjoyed. – FEd]

  39. I bet you’ve been searching for Hannah Montana on Twitter too.

    Also, you could be quite expressive in 140 characters.

    As for the Eagles, I’ve always been more partial to the material up to and including Hotel California. I still need to check out their latest but songs like “Take It Easy” and “Hotel California” resonate better for me.



    [Great songs. There are some returns to their old form on their latest album, I think. – FEd]

  40. Not wishing to offend anyone and maybe it’s just me but I’ve never really seen the point in having a ‘Latest News’ page. Especially when the latest news is 19 days old and the first thing you read after ‘Latest News’ is a ticker tape saying “Visit The Blog for up to the minute news”.

    Then again it doesn’t take much to confuse me these days, I blame it on hormones.

    [And I’m hardly up-to-the-minute here, am I? Oh dear. – FEd]

  41. [Oh, don’t remind me. Who do you think will win tonight, Andy? I want them both to lose, but someone has to win. – FEd]

    Awww – go on F’ed, be honest now …. didn’t you just feel a little bit pleased when Terry and Anelka missed those penalties ….

    Love Lucia’s idea of the London “Rock Bus” by the way …. we could convert the upper deck into a mobile barn with Marcus on bar duties and Lucia leading karaoke at the front.

    Maybe Nick Mason could drive – he likes motors and David doesn’t seem to need his drumming at the moment.

    [I enjoyed seeing Drogba getting himself (stupidly) sent off, too. Anyway, well done and all that. It’s a fine achievement winning both League and Champions League in the same season. – FEd]

  42. Hi FED,

    people need to relax and enjoy their moments in a dull day. What am I having for breakfast?: American pie or Porcupine pie.

    Just kidding of course. Twitter doesn’t bother me, for now I’m just having a momentary lapse of reason.

    Enjoy and love life, right FED?

    [Well said, mate. – FEd]

  43. [Sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, etc. aren’t for everyone. – FEd]

    I agree. I am a real “chicken” when it comes to websites of this sort. I know I won’t “break the machine”…as many people have told me; but I am scared of these on-line tools. Maybe some day…

    One thing for sure, I learned how to go on line and chat – credit goes to FEd and I am really proud of myself.

    By the way, thanks Nicolas for the news on Polar Music Prize in Sweden. I found this little piece of information on the website provided by the same article. Hope it is appropriate to use it here.

    I see that FEd has already noted RTN – BBC 4 on the calendar for 5/25.

  44. personally I was hoping Chelsea but…

    now if liverpool had been there I think it would have been a totally different game.

    don’t mind liverpool, was there when city first got relegated, liverpool did everything to keep them up. Ian Rush never missed opportunities like those in any other game.

    they know that any thorn in the side of united is a good thorn, but don’t we all! 🙂

    don’t think there’s anything important happening football wise this summer, be nice and quiet for a change.


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