Random Nonsense #5

This one has sod-all to do with David’s guitar-playing, you may be pleased to know.

What were the last five gigs that you attended?

Concerts, plays, stand-up routines, even good old panto, we’d love to know what you’ve seen lately. (Alas, this is not an excuse to promote your band, or any Pink Floyd tribute bands, don’t forget. Sorry.)

Feel free to also include the next five, if you think that would be more interesting.

Finally, continued thanks to everyone that had a go at compiling a double album of David’s best guitar work recently (Random Nonsense #4, 28 April). It wasn’t easy, I know (having given up so easily), particularly the whole trying-to-get-the-tracks-to-segue-together bit, but you’ve done brilliantly.

You can still send in your list, if you wish, here.

Author: FEd

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    It’s my birthday today, the sun is shining, it’s good to be alive.

    Last five…..

    DG on 29/5/2006
    My honeymoon in Mexico, May 2007
    The Emirates Stadium with my son, July 2007
    RTN premier September/2007 Leicester Sq.

    Off to the Wye Valley later this month for our first wedding anniverary…Not going to Moscow.

    [Happy Birthday, Graham. (Moscow? I don’t know anything about it. I’ve blocked it from my mind.) – FEd]

  2. I don’t go to that many gigs as I generally can’t afford so my last five span quite a while:

    – Neil Young – Grand Rex, Paris (Feb. ’08) – going to see him again in June!
    – Cat Power – Bataclan, Paris (March ’08)
    – Renan Luce – Olympia, Paris (Dec. ’07) – It was a birthday present for a friend and I’d said I’d go along. Turned out to be quite good.
    – Air – Château de Blois, Blois (July ‘O7)
    – Roger Waters – Bercy, Paris (May ’07)

    Also, I’ve listened to/watched Remember That Night about five times this week. There’s something very summery about it.

    Take care.
    x x x

  3. Bob Dylan (Melbourne)
    Eric Clapton (Melbourne & Royal Albert Hall)
    Roger Waters (Melbourne)
    David Gilmour (Royal Albert Hall)
    Mark Knopfler (Melbourne)

    As a treat I am off to see Tom Petty (supported by Steve Winwood) and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss in LA in June.

  4. Last 5 gigs (much more easier nonsense than previous one, I’m still thinking about it)

    Coma, Poznan
    Riverside, Poznan
    Porcupine Tree, Poznan
    Rush Oberhausen, Germany
    David Gilmour both DVD premieres London, UK

    If premieres do not count it would be

    The Police opening night on European leg in Stockholm, Sweden

  5. This is an interesting one, I seem to have missed the last one.. oh well, all in good time.

    So last 5:

    I went to a gig last week, an Australian band who play very popular music that they didn’t write. *Ahem* I’m sure most of us have seen them, not going to go into details, very good show.

    Before that we have to go all the way back to September last year, to Brian Wilson at the Royal Festival Hall. Unfortunately I must say I didnt think Brian was at his best, and the show was very dull. More likley it was me as I was jetting off to Egypt the next day and was more excited about that, although my girlfriend did actually fall alseep at one point. :s

    Before that, was the night before Brian Wilson at the Ritzy. Front row. Superb. Cameraman’s assistant was gorgeous. Enough said.

    Before that, has to be the Odeon premiere. No cameraman’s assistant this time, but girlfriend was present so would have been on best behaviour anyway 😉

    Another fantastic night, and what a treat to see the guys on stage again. That’s three, coz we aren’t allowed to count the first one :p

    So then number four I believe is Mr Roger Waters (does he count as a PF tribute? hehe) Earls Court, May 11th. Very good show it was too, the stage effects were brilliant, especially the large prism at the end of Dark Side.

    And then number five, my absolute favourite of the lot. I was actually going to post about this as well as a Remember That Night… I wont have enough space for that now but it was an evening I will treasure for a long time: Syd Barrett – Madcap’s Last Laugh – The Barbican.

  6. Shine A Light regional premiere
    Leicester Square
    David at Glasgow

    Can’t really remember what I last saw prior to that. I was very busy having babies in the 90’s (may have been Peter Gabriel at SECC).

    Planning on seeing:

    The Swell Season at the Barbican
    Leonard Cohen at Edinburgh Castle (eat your heart out:D)

    [Oh, I am. – FEd]

  7. Hmm think it were these:

    Boudewijn de Groot, Antwerp
    Roger Waters, Antwerp
    The Dubliners, Antwerp
    The Rolling Stones, Werchter

    Coming up is Leonard Cohen. Very excited about seeing him live!

  8. Walter Trout
    Aussie Floyd
    Michael McDonald
    Eric Clapton
    Albert Lee

  9. OK… I can do this one 🙂

    Past five in reverse order:

    Gordon Giltrap @ Village Hall, Colwall.
    Amplifico @ Bar Academy, London.
    Hayseed Dixie @ Subscription Rooms, Stroud.
    Thea Gilmore @ Arts Centre, Swindon.
    Portishead @ Academy, Bristol.

    Next five booked or on my radar:

    Swell Season @ Barbican, London.
    Andy Fairweather-Low @ Huntingdon Hall, Worcester.
    Thea Gilmore @ Cox’s Yard, Stratford-Upon-Avon.
    Show of Hands @ Ely Festival.
    Show of Hands @ Folk Festival, Bromyard.

  10. My 5:

    Mark Knopfler – Warszawa
    The Australian 😉 Show – Katowice
    Kult – Krakow
    Fish – Krakow
    Genesis – Katowice

    Next 2:

    Metallica – Katowice
    The Police – Katowice

  11. Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I last posted, I’ve been busy.

    Ok well, anyways. The list of concerts…

    – (I doubt anyone will know this one) Superband- A tribute to Maynard Ferguson (it was an awesome jazz band dedicating a bunch of songs to a Canadian trumpet player), April 23rd 08
    – North American premiere of Remember That Night, September 15th 07
    – Roger Waters, Scotiabank Place, June 6th 07
    – Canada’s Jazzfest 07 (saw Dave Brubeck, awesome show, can’t remember the date)
    – Deep Purple- that was sometime in 2005


    – Going to LONDON (Ontario) for an orchestral band trip, and after our performances and watching a musical, and the London Orchestra play, we head to CANADA’S WONDERLAND! Woo go roller coasters! From Thurs May 8-10

    – Mark Knopfler on August 18th at the National Art Centre!

    Can’t wait!!

    So I hope everone’s getting along nicely, and I wish everone a nice week! Cheers!


  12. Ozzy Osbourne, Connecticut
    Roger Waters, Boston
    Steely Dan, New York
    Black Label Society, Poughkeepsie
    Eric Clapton, New York

    Next up is Mark Knopfler!

  13. Last 5:

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Postbahnhof – Berlin
    Neil Young – ICC – Berlin
    Simone White – Roter Salon – Berlin
    Portishead – Columbiahalle – Berlin
    Gus Black – Magnet Club – Berlin

    Next 4:

    Cat Power – Postbahnhof – Berlin
    Radiohead – Wuhlheide – Berlin
    REM – Waldbühne – Berlin
    Leonard Cohen – Waldbühne – Berlin (unfortunatly postponed till further notice)

    [How were Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Henning? I really like them. – FEd]

  14. I’m limited for choice up here in the North East of Scotland to be quite honest, but I’ve still managed to get around and see my fair share of amazing acts 🙂

    Last 5:

    Dara O’Briain – Aberdeen Music Hall
    Neil Young – Edinburgh Playhouse
    Morrissey – Edinburgh Playhouse
    Madness – ECC, Aberdeen
    Crowded House – SECC, Glasgow

    Next 5:

    Australian Pink Floyd – ECC, Aberdeen
    Foo Fighters – City Of Manchester Stadium
    Santana – MEN, Manchester
    Radiohead – Glasgow Green
    Neil Young – The Hop Farm, Kent

    Not a bad year at all. Always hopeful for more though! 😀

    [I’m going to see Dara O’Briain later this month. Was he good? – FEd]

  15. Hello!

    I’m not very often out for live-gigs, so it’s not difficult to list them here:

    Achim Reichel, April ’08, Bochum Germany
    The Who, 2007, Oberhausen Germany
    BB King, 2006, Essen Germany
    Rolling Stones (together with ??? and AC/DC), 2003, Oberhausen Germany

    Pink Floyd, 1994, Gelsenkirchen Germany

    Maybe, next will be Status Quo here in my area end of May.


  16. My last five were:

    North American RTN premier (Sept.15th 2007)
    Roger Waters (July 2007 Darien Lake, NY)
    Roger Waters (Sept. 2006 Cleveland, OH)
    David (April 2006 Massey Hall)
    Roger Waters (August 2000 Darien Lake, NY)

    Hopefully, the next one will be David again. Definitely my favorite show.

  17. Last 5 gigs:

    March 08: Scout Gang Show, did a great version of “Another Brick in the Wall”
    February 08: Burns night with local artistes, great fiddlers
    December 07: Inverness Panto, couldnt tell the difference between ladies and men!
    Sept 07: David’s RTN premiere, say no more, still speechless!
    May: Roger Waters at Earls Court.

    Hope all are enjoying the sunshine.


  18. Most memorable:

    Neil Young (twice) in Copenhagen ’08
    Fleet Foxes at SXSW (Austin) ’08
    MGMNT at SXSW (Austin) ’08
    Metallica (Stockholm) ’07
    David Gilmour (at home on the DVD!) ’07


  19. Let me see…the last five…in order of appearance:

    Australian Pink Floyd Show
    David Gilmour
    Roger Waters (2003 or 2004?)
    Simon Phillips

    I would like to see next:

    Return to forever (Chick Corea, Al DiMeola etc.)
    Jethro Tull

    And of course: DG, at his next Tour 2010 :-))


  20. Oh dear oh dear, here comes “billy no-gigs”!

    The list of gigs I didn’t get tickets for would probably make a better list!

    [Radiohead Victoria Park, Rog at Earls Court, our hero at Venice (mixed blessings there then!), and Albert Hall and those Aussie reprobates at Cambridge Corn Exchange]

    I go to very few gigs …. last five include an annual homage to the Antipodean pretenders (two mentions but careful lack of plugging), Rog at Manchester arena, Radiohead Wigan, Guy’s stand-up, blimey even David at Royal Festival Hall …. been to the Theatre more often … last outing was a splendid Twelfth Night at Houghton Hall, Norfolk.

    Oh and the very latest was some “Rake and scrape” at Tippys Bar on the Beach, Eleuthera (featuring a 3 piece of guitar, bongo, and saw (!) – Highlight a really rather moving version of “Redemption Song” and a medley romp through some Motown favourites …. (and excellent Lobster).

  21. Hi, here are my last 5 concerts:

    Billy Joel at the Bell Centre in Montréal
    Carlos Santana at the Bell Centre too
    Bruce Springsteen idem
    Eric Clapton Crossroads guitar festival in Chicago
    Van Morrisson Place des Arts in Montréal.

    I will see Eric Clapton at the Bell Centre
    James Taylor same place
    Crosby, Stills and Nash Place des arts Montréal
    and America at the baloon festival in St-Jean sur Richelieu

    And I did not put them all (last year there was The Police and John Fogerty).


  22. Howdy FEd! Howdy irregulars!!

    This sunny weather has me wired – it’s great! I just hope this week isn’t our summer and we don’t get a repeat of last year – yuk!!

    These are the last 5 events I can remember:

    Peter Gabriel – Norfolk
    Remember That Night Premiere – London
    Roger Waters – London
    Cirque Du Soleil – Belfast
    The Who – Dublin

    …and the next 5:

    Roger Waters – Liverpool
    Filter – London
    Ozric Tentacles – Wiltshire
    Cirque Du Soleil – Las Vegas
    Joe Satriani – Dublin

  23. [How were Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Henning? I really like them. – FEd]

    They rocked the place pretty hard, to say the least. It was the third time I’ve seen them and this last one was probably the best show. They played a lot of songs from “Howl”, which is one of my favorite records of the last years. (The new one isn’t too bad, either).


    [Love that album. – FEd]

  24. Moody Blues 2007 – Foxwoods Casino Ct
    Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Tour- Hartford Ct
    David Gilmour – Radio City Music Hall

    The last two are a blur but it was probably either Yes, Moody Blues or the Roger Waters In The Flesh tour.

    I am a big fan of the TV show Lost and the only episode I missed from the whole show was on April 5, 2006 when I went to see David at Radio City – sure shows where my priorities lie. :<). Sharon

  25. Last five:-

    1) Guy Pratt at Glastonbury 2007 (I missed the rest of the festival!)
    2) Genesis at Old Trafford, Manchester 2007
    3) Roger Waters at NEC, Birmingham 2007
    4) David Gilmour at RAH 2006
    5) Stompin’ Dave at Exeter Beer Festival – Real ale plus a bloke who hits himself on the head with a violin make for a great afternoon’s entertainment in the SW of England!!

    Next five:-

    Depends who’s playing in Toronto when I eventually move out there. I’m hoping to see (not in order):-

    1) U2
    2) Pink Floyd – some of us still live in hope (and I don’t necessarily mean with Roger Waters)
    3) Led Zep – you never know, they just might
    4) David Gilmour
    5) Stompin’ Dave…..maybe not

  26. aphex twin – coachella
    clay chaplin – bent fest la
    meat beat manifesto – el rey
    autechre/massonix – echoplex
    saul williams – troubadour

  27. Jon Anderson
    Dennis Dunaway Project
    Hannah Montana
    Andrea Bocelli

    “Diversity” is my middle name and I will never forgive my parents for that…

  28. My last ‘true’ concerts:

    – David- Grand Rex – Paris.
    – David – Olympia – Paris.
    – David – Vienne.

    (I know, I know, I need to get a life…)

    – Then, the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Dominion Theatre of London in April 2008.

    – And several plays in old and very small theatres in Paris.
    Everytime we visit Paris without the kids, we go to a different old small theatre (there are at least 100 in Paris).

    The last two plays we saw :

    – ‘Toc-Toc’ au Théâtre Du Palais Royal (Toc = Trouble Obsessionnel Compulsif, = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I think, but it was very funny!).
    – ‘Le Banc’ au Théâtre Montparnasse’.

    These old theatres are full of charm…


  29. My first concert was back in 1979 but my last 5 were:

    Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood at MSG, Feb. 08
    Bon Jovi at Prudential Center, Oct. 07
    RTN Premiere NYC, Sept. 07
    The Police at MSG, Aug. 07
    Live Earth at Giants Stadium July 07 (lots of bands at this one including Alicia Keys, John Mayer, AFI, Bon Jovi, The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Taking Back Sunday)

    As for the future….nothing scheduled. Mainly cause I haven’t heard of any bands coming around that excite me to the point of saying I have to go see them. In fact, I almost didn’t go to the Clapton/Winwood show.

    At this point, Gilmour is the only one I would go see again if he toured.



  30. Hello,

    here’s my list of five last gigs:

    Rolling Stones (Rome)
    Who (Verona)
    Roger Waters (Verona – lucca)
    Brian Adams (Rome)
    David Gilmour (Rome)

    and a huge number of DVDS that day by day make my life brighter and soft.

    Everything is nothing without music..mates!

    Bye bye from Italy

  31. Happy Birthday to Graham!!

    My last 4 gigs:

    Chris Rea, Berlin, Tempodrom, 02/08
    Aussie Floyd, Berlin, Max-Schmelling Halle, 03/08
    Gary Moore, Berlin, Columbiahalle, 03/08
    Mark Knopfler, Berlin, Velodrom, 05/08

    Coming up:

    Ian Anderson, Berlin, Zitadelle Spandau, 05/08
    Lorenna McKennitt, Berlin, Zitadelle Spandau, 07/08
    Eric Clapton, Berlin, Waldbühne, 08/08

    I hope that we can await a gig with our hero David Gilmour in near future.

    With best wishes from Berlin

  32. Good Rats
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Van Halen
    David Gilmour
    Jonas Brothers (for my daughter!)

  33. Hi Fed,

    I don’t get to much live music at the moment. But I do like a good stand up, so this list is a bit mixed.

    1) Shaun Lock. Last week in Bristol. Brilliant.
    2) The Chuckle Brothers. No really. Thats what happens when you have kids!
    3) Jools Holland. Always puts on a great show.
    4) Ross Noble. Absolutely manic comedy!
    5) Madness. In Bournemouth. A really fantastic and fun show!

    Cheers, Jon

    [Ross Noble is definitely an experience… – FEd]

  34. Jean Michelle Jarre – Birmingham
    Tom Paxton – Worcester
    Don Mclean – London
    Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band – Salisbury
    Melanie – Frome and Poole (she was so good and comes to the UK so rarely that I had to go twice)

  35. Haven’t been to many music concerts lately, I’m afraid. Nothing involving an internationally known band. My list of “Oooh, wish I’d been there” far outnumbers my list of “I was there.” But here’s the live music I’ve been to recently:

    1. (Local band) The Riverview Ramblers. They’re a bluegrass band and half of them are personal friends.

    2. (Local Band) Alex Torres. He’s the god of Latin music. He’s got a 16-piece band and he sings in Spanish. So many rythms going at once, that’s what I love about this kind of music.

    3. (Local Band) Ernie Williams and the Wildcats. Chicago-style blues played by some incredible musicians. Ernie Williams is 82 years old and he just keeps rockin’ the roof off the place!! You can’t sit still! He shook my hand and almost pulled my arm off, so he’s got more physical strength than most young people.

    4. Brave Old World. I have no idea where they are from, but they play Klezmer-infused Jazz. It was… strange!

  36. Oh boy…some I’m proud of and others…I’ll blame on my wife (j/k)…

    LAST 5 GIGS:

    Bon Jovi – Mohegan Sun, CT March 2008
    Van Halen – Izod Arena (Continental), NJ November 2007
    Bon Jovi – Prudential Center, NJ October 2007
    George Thorogood & the Destroyers – Cape Cod, MA July 2007
    Joe Walsh – Beacon Theatre, NY July 2007

    Others from 2007 were Rush (Mohegan Sun, CT), The Police (Rentschler Field, CT), The Wiggles (Continental, NJ) and…Roger Waters (Mansfield, MA).

    UPCOMING GIGS…only 4 so far…

    Blondie – Cape Cod, MA June 2008
    Bon Jovi – MSG, NY July 2008
    B.B. King – Cape Cod, MA August 2008
    The Wiggles – Wallingford, CT November 2008

    That’s probably more than you wanted…but, I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee…on a caffeine high!

    Have a great day everyone!!!

  37. This weeks BBC Radio 4 ‘Front Row Highlights’ podcast has interviews with some stand up comics including Dara O’Brien, Susan Murray and Andy Parsons about what they get up to when touring the UK. The article starts at 08:24 (click my name).

    [Thanks for that, Nate. – FEd]

  38. Last Five

    1. David Gilmour at Massey Hall, Toronto
    2. Roger Waters at The Air Canada Centre, Toronto
    3. Genesis at BMO Field, Toronto
    4. Bruce Springsteen, at the Copps Coliseum Hamilton
    5. Par & Rudders Recording Sessions, Guelph

    Next Few…

    1. Yes at The Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto
    2. Eagles at The Air Canada Centre, Toronto
    3. David Gilmour Farewell Tour, Massey Hall, Toronto

  39. The last five were not important. A pair of Italians, a pair of pianists (including Ludovico Einaudi, who I like a lot)…

    But the best is going to be. I bought tickets for an explosive Summer!

    It’s enough to mention one: 18 of June, Radiohead. You are envious FEd, aren’t you? 🙂

    I’d just need one show to make of this the “Summer of Music”…I will please myself with the “Autumn of Gdańsk”!

    [Oh, I’m green… with envy. (Or has the mere mention of Radiohead just given me an upset stomach?) – FEd]

  40. Wow, when I come to think about it, I don’t attend too many concerts 😛

    Last one was with some local youth bands, and before that I saw Stephen Lynch in Oslo (that was a good laugh). Not counting some marching band-concerts I’ve played myself, the next then would have to be another show with local youth bands last October, and before that I was at a BigBang-concert in Oslo (a Norwegian rock band, now living in Los Angeles. Be sure to check them out!) and the fifth was a Catholic youth festival last August. (I played drums at the last one.)

    Next out I think will be a Norwegian Floyd-tribute.. Can’t wait..

  41. I have only been to a handful of gigs…

    The Australian Pink Floyd – Summer ’04
    David Gilmour – 29th May 2006
    The Fratellis – February 2007

    But I’m hoping to see YES this year.

  42. I haven’t really been to that many concerts of late but these are the ones that I can remember.

    RTN premiere
    Colvin Quarmby – Somewhere in Kent, I think…
    Fairport Convention – St. Albans

    Next concerts:

    The man with one less pig now – 02 arena
    Colvin Quarmby – Canterbury
    And I might be going to Cropredy again this year…
    Hopefully the Stranglers in Southend in November…

    Sorry I missed you in the chat yesterday but I did notice that the number of posts on the last topic leapt from about 25 to 90-something yesterday so I guess you were very busy.

    [I had a bit of a backlog to clear, yes. Hope all’s well. – FEd]

  43. From the most recent:

    1. The Living End @ House of Blues in Los Angeles (Aug. 2006)
    2. David Gilmour @ Kodak Theater in Hollywood (Apr. 2006)
    3. Paul McCartney @ Honda Center in Anaheim (Nov. 2005)
    4. The Mars Volta @ The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles (May 2004)
    5. Starflyer 59 @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim (Oct. 2002)

  44. Argh…my fragile braincell doesn’t hold memory items like this too well! I’ve been through my ticket stubs and the results are in (a bit embarrasing how few, but I’ve been consigned to thesis writing for months) :

    9 Nov 07 – Porcupine Tree, The Forum, London
    15 Jul 07 – Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood + The Bays, Barbican, London
    26 Apr 07 – Porcupine Tree, The Forum, London
    20 Apr 07 – Tangerine Dream, The Astoria, London (terrible show – lip synching and backing tracks everywhere…crimes against musicianship)
    21 Feb 07 – The Egg, Carling Academy, Islington, London


  45. Hi! Here were my last 5 concerts, all in the Chicago area:

    Morcheeba @ Park West
    Wilco @ Riviera
    Neil Young @ Chicago Theater
    Wilco @ Millennium Park
    Lyle Lovett @ Ravinia

    Unfortunately I have never been to a DG I concert – I do WATCH his concert videos all the time, though!

    The only thing planned this summer is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss @ Ravinia – can’t wait!


    [Hope you enjoy, Elaine. – FEd]

  46. Jaysus, how could I forget….Guy Pratt at The Underbelly!!!

    …..Sorry Guy.


  47. Roger Waters – ’07 – United Center, Chicago
    Roger Waters – ’06 – Tinley Park, Chicago
    David Gilmour – 4-13-06 – Rosemont Theatre, Chicago
    David Gilmour – 4-12-06 – Rosemont Theatre, Chicago
    Australian Pink Floyd – Rosemont Theatre, Chicago 05

  48. Last five shows:

    Roger Waters
    Roger Waters
    Eric Clapton

    Coming Up:

    The Police
    Crosby, Stills, Nash
    Robert Plant
    Eric Clapton

  49. In the last 12 months:

    Mike Patton & ZU (Verona)
    The Wall by a Cover-Project of the same name (Bolzano)
    Muse (Verona)
    Roger Waters (Milano)
    Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Trail of Death, etc. (Bologna)

  50. Hi Fed.

    My last 5 Concerts:

    02.06.2007 – Anathema, Salzburg Rockhouse
    06.09.2007 – David Gilmour, London Odeon
    19.09.2007 – The Police, Vienna Stadthalle
    22.02.2008 – Neil Young, Vienna Austria Center
    12.04.2008 – Beats Of Bourbon, Ebensee Kino

    The next Concerts will be Roger Waters in London, The Floyd Council in Salzburg, Sigur Ros in Vienna and the Blue Man Group in Salzburg.

    And FED what about your 5 last and future shows?


    [It’s a bit of a mixed bag for me. My last five would have been: Simon Amstell (comedian – pretty good), Sinatra (a show made up of singers, dancers, an orchestra and archive footage – not bad), Jethro Tull (very impressive), Beach Boys (very good… and better than I expected), Bootleg Beatles (always a good show). Next up are a couple of comedians (Dave Spikey, Dara O’Briain) and An Evening with Tony Benn, a former politician, which should be interesting. – FEd]

  51. [I had a bit of a backlog to clear, yes. Hope all’s well. – FEd]

    Yeah, everything’s fine thanks, I’m just getting ready for my as-level exams. (insert scream of horror! lol!)

    I forgot that I’d been to see The Importance of Being Earnest in London on a school trip a few months ago.

    Seems that a few people didn’t read the rules properly too with regards to the tribute bands bit but I’d be amazed if ever one of these topics went by without the rules being missed.

    Hope everything at your end is ok, bank holidays are very good at creating a backlog aren’t they?

    [Yes, but it’s always amusing when it happens. Good luck with your exams. – FEd]

  52. That’s an easy one:

    Van Halen, last week
    Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus – not by choice
    Aussie Floyd
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    Reo Speedwagon, Styx and Def Leppard
    Roger Waters

    On the horizon:

    Jonas Brothers – not by choice
    Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick
    Motley Crue, Buckcherry and Papa Roach
    The Police
    Tom Petty

    [Five, wasn’t it? – FEd]

  53. I’m enjoying everyone’s posts and becoming green with envy, in many cases.

    Let’s see…my last five were:

    Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Zombie – Nov 07
    Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Zombie – Oct 07
    Jethro Tull, Oct 07
    Richard Thompson, Sep 07
    The Moody Blues, Jul 07

    [It’s not Radiohead turning you green, Lynn, is it? Can you be sure? – FEd]

  54. Roger (Tampa and Atlanta)
    Aussie Floyd (Clearwater, FL and Atlanta)
    Junior Brown (Atlanta)

  55. [Blue Oyster Cult Posted by BuckDharma]

    But of course…

    Also, I have to say that the one that intrigues me the most is LWC going to see Jean Michele Jarre.

    I always enjoyed his releases but have never seen him perform. I know he does concerts from time to time but don’t think he’s ever done any in the U.S.

    Anyway, that is one that I would like to see. Maybe he could have Kraftwerk as the opening band.



  56. I like this random nonsense, to remember fun I had at:

    1. Disney Princesses on Ice 2/08
    2. Tori Amos at the Paramount Oakland 12/07
    3. DG Ritzy premiere in Brixton 9/07
    4. Crowded House at the Paramount 8/07
    5. Rush in Sacramento 8/07

    Have tix for:

    1. ZZ Top on Friday night – taking my down syndrome little brother who is blissfully living in the 80s
    2. Crowded House next week at the Fillmore in SF for my hubby’s birthday
    3. Phantom of the Opera in Sacramento the week after that
    4. Elvis Costello, oh, and the Police will play too, in July
    5. Celine Dion in October to take care of my parents’ birthdays

    Event tix are the best presents cuz we can enjoy together (and I don’t have to go shopping)!

  57. Hi,

    my 5 concerts were/will be:

    Iron Maiden, Munich 2003
    Judas Priest, Munich 2005
    David Gilmour, Munich 2006
    Iron Maiden, Stuttgart 2006
    Deep Purple, Ravensburg 2008



  58. Los Lobos – Benaroya Hall, Seattle
    Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto – San Francisco Symphony Hall
    Elvis Costello & Clover (My Aim is True) – Great American Music Hall, SF
    Waters – Oakland Coliseum
    Derek Trucks – Fillmore, SF

  59. Last gigs (starting with most recent):

    1. Sean Lock @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
    2. Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
    3. Itoku (a Sefton Schools Opera I performed in, on djembe) @ Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
    4. Davy Graham @ Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
    5. Remember That Night Premiere @ FACT Liverpool
    6. Knowsley Hall Music Festival @ Knowsley Hall
    7. Ray Davies @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
    8. Roger Waters @ Manchester Evening News Arena

    Next 5 concerts:

    1. Roger Waters @ Liverpool Echo Arena (next Thursday!)
    2. John Smith @ Liverpool Bluecoats
    3. Liverpool Sound Concert (with Paul McCartney) @ Anfield Football Stadium
    4. R.E.M. @ Old Trafford Cricket Ground
    5. Haven’t got one yet unfortunately, perhaps to be filled by the alleged Kinks reunion tour later this year…?

    Not a bad list of unconventional gigs for an 18 year old I feel.

    Apologies for not sticking to just the 5 last gigs – Ray and Roger must be mentioned.

    [Indeed. – FEd]

  60. Wrightee, you’ll have to let us know how the Plant and Krauss tour is; I love Raising Sand and I was really interested in seeing their live performance…

    Athens – Chicago
    Troppo Non Jazz – Chippewa Falls
    Bob Dylan & Elvis Costello – Chicao
    Live Earth, et all – New Jersey

    And upcoming… I’ve got seats for Eddie Izzard in Chicago – SWEET. I do love me some laughs.

  61. Thanks to this random nonsense I saw from several entries that Robert Plant and Allison Krause were touring together. I just managed to score some tix to see them in Tahoe – very cool.

    I love this blog, it’s helpful in many ways 🙂

    [The cheque’s in the post, Christine. – FEd]

  62. My list of events since David in Manchester:

    The Human League
    Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds
    Bryan Adams
    Queen’s We Will Rock You

    Def Leppard with Whitesnake later this year and waiting patiently for David’s next tour.

  63. My last five gigs:

    Aussie Pink Floyd, Mannheim, March 2008
    RTN Premiere, Odeon London, Sept. 2007 – nearly as good as a concert
    The Rolling Stones, Frankfurt, June 2007
    Roger Waters, Earls Court London, May 2007
    Madcap´s Last Laugh, Barbican Hall London, May 2007 – a very special evening

    And the next three I have tickets for:

    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, this Saturday
    R.E.M, Open Air Loreley, August 2008
    Queen + Paul Rodgers, October 2008

    And the one I´m waiting for: David Gilmour (whenever, wherever)


  64. Rush – May 08 (Yesterday =D)
    Dream Theater – May 08
    The Pillows – March 08
    Billy Joel – Feb 08
    Roger Waters – Jun 07

  65. My last five were:


  66. Hello Fed,

    All I can think of is Floyd – honest!

    Aussie Floyd – RAH (April 14th)
    Aussie Floyd – Leicester (April 10th)
    Off The Wall – Loughborough (Feb. 08)
    David Gilmour – RTN Premiere Leicester Square (when we actually spoke to each other). I will always RTN! (Sept. 6th 07)
    Roger Waters – Birmingham (May 07)

    Oh, and David Gilmour – RAH (May 29th 07)

    Well, these are the important ones anyway.


  67. hi everyone .

    let’s see , the 5 last gigs i went to . ok then brace yourself here we go :

    i have been to 3 so far this year .

    fish on his “clutching at stars” tour in march here in dublin .

    less then 5 days after that i was in buxton , derbyshire to see a live gig of the radio comedy show “i’m sorry i haven’t a clue”.

    2 days after that i was in cardiff to see “i’m sorry i haven’t a clue” again ! i was glad i did the 2 clue shows as less than 5 weeks after i saw them , the chairman of the show ( humphrey lyttleton ) died . may his memory ever be honoured .

    the previous gig to that was in september 2007 . fish again on the first leg of his ” clutching at stars ” tour .

    last but by no means least , 2 marillion gigs in june 2007 at the london forum .

  68. Hello all,

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I thought I’d join in with this one as it’s interesting to hear what everyone else is into!

    Most recent gigs:

    The Aussies at RAH
    Aviv Geffen at Bush Hall
    Joe Bonamassa at the Empire
    Porcupine Tree at the Forum
    Megadeth at the Astoria


  69. bob dylan – red rocks, morrison 7-20-07
    neil young – wells fargo theatre, denver 11-06-07
    trans-siberian orchestra – pepsi center, denver 12-06-07
    david crosby – belly up bar, aspen 04-08-08
    roger waters – pepsi center, denver 04-30-08

    i wish david gilmour would have come to denver 🙁

  70. Hi Fed-

    In reverse order

    Gary Louris- Somerville, MA
    The White Stripes- Wallingford, CT
    The Police- East Harford, CT
    Roger Waters- Hartford, CT
    Rush-Mohegan Sun Arena, CT

    Going to see Jesus Christ Superstar on Saturday

    [Hope you enjoy, Adam. – FEd]

  71. I don’t view this topic as nonsense FEd, as I take my concert going very seriously.

    OK, so spread out over about the last 4 years…

    Jon Anderson
    Genesis (Toronto)
    Genesis (Ottawa)
    David Gilmour

    (Nothing on the horizon at the moment, so I’m going to cheat and count my next 5 as been to)…

    Collective Soul
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Phil Collins
    David Bowie

    And mixed in there somewhere..

    Steve Howe
    Australian Pink Floyd
    Comfortably Numb (A Canadian PF tribute band. I thought they were better than the Aussies to be truthful.)

    I’ve pushed it I know, so feel free to tongue lash me FEd. I can take it.

    [No, you’re alright. As we say ’round these parts, John: I really can’t be arsed today. Carry on. – FEd]

  72. Fed,

    I tend to save my money for shows that I really want to see or I think are worth a couple of hundred bucks to get in.

    I saw Roger Waters last year and really enjoyed it. Roger’s show is very different to David’s when they play Floyd songs, but still wonderful to experience.

    Before that I had a week at the Woodford Folk Festival near Brisbane. The highlights were The John Butler Trio (in the mud) and a comedy duo called The Umbilical Brothers (Fed, you should see them, they’re fabulous).

    Anyway I keep seeing a show called The Australian Floyd on this blog – I’ve never heard of them before. Maybe living in the country tends to keep you out of the loop.

    For the next show, well there’s not many bands I would fork out the necessary money to see. No 1 would be anything to do with Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath or any of the great 70’s acoustic performers.

    Bye for now

  73. I don’t go to many concerts either but here are mine:

    David Gilmour, NYC
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Atlanta
    Marc Maron (my favorite comedian), Atlanta
    The Dixie Chicks, Atlanta
    Paul McCartney, Atlanta

    All were stunningly superb and brilliantly excellent, although some were more so than others. 😀

    I don’t have plans for any future concerts. :*(


  74. Here goes nada:

    The Who (Ft Lauderdale, 20 November 06)
    Roger Waters (West Palm Beach, 18 May 07, left early due to bad thunderstorm)
    Rush (West Palm Beach, 15 June 07, left early due to bad thunderstorm and had to work early the next morning)
    Heaven and Hell/Alice Cooper/Queensryche (Mansfield, MA, 9 September 07)
    Genesis (Boston, MA, 11 September 07)

    Retired from concert going until David Gilmour tours again.

  75. The last 5:

    * The Reasoning – 3 times in the UK, fabulous a great new promising band!
    * RPWL in the Spirit of 66 Belgium (they covered “Dogs” and “The Court of King Crimson”!) Excellent, their debut album “As God Has failed” is a “WYWH” stylish album!
    * The Script – an “original” cover band who played “Script for a Jester’s Tear”, the debut album of Marillion again in the Spirit.

    The upcoming ones;

    * Roger Waters in Landgraaf NL
    * Probably Fish PinkPopClassic/ Landgraaf NL
    * 22 May Amstelveen the Reasoning
    * 23 May Heerlen the Reasoning
    * 24 May Hengelo the Reasoning

    Have a great end of the week & please keep smiling,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  76. Hey F’ed, Tony Benn will only be a former politician when he dies, bless him. It’s a shame there aren’t a few more like him though … sounds like a good evening that …

    [That’s true. – FEd]

  77. Hi all. My last 5 concerts were:

    1. Genesis at the Hollywood Bowl (never do a show there again… it’s a madhouse and Genesis had to do a reduced stage to fit the bowl… not to mention we had bad seats at a pretty high price!).

    2. Rush – Snakes & Arrows tour

    3. Roger Waters (the Hollywood Bowl… ugh… good show though… the best PF tribute band around!).

    4. Rush 30th anniversary tour

    5. Journey (with the 5th lead singer… man… they can go thru singers!).


  78. Well, you said anything…

    1. My cousin’s play which she wrote and directed for a high school contest. She got robbed this time but she’s won some nice awards in previous years.

    2. Roger Waters in Camden, NJ. Just lawn seats, couldn’t see very well, and the music wasn’t stellar but it’s still a live band playing the songs I love.

    3. David Gilmour at Radio City. I’d see him again. 🙂

    4. U2 in Philadelphia. Bought cheap standing room floor tickets and wound up getting selected to go in the inner circle right in front of the stage. The Edge kept looking right at me as if he was trying to figure out if he’d ever seen me before. Or maybe he recognized us from when we were watching the limos pull into the arena. Or maybe my ego just wants me to think that he could even make out our faces from the stage (even though we were only about eight feet away). Most likely the latter.

    5. Spamalot on Broadway. We got our coconuts signed by both David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria.

  79. My last 5 concerts

    Eric Clapton
    Steve Miller Band
    David Gilmour
    Bob Dylan
    BB King

  80. Last 5 eh?? In order from latest to farthest in past:

    Zappa Plays Zappa (Calgary, Ab)
    That was a kick butt concert

    DG Movie Theatre thing
    That was fun

    A local one hit wonder tribute band

    Ravi Shankar
    That is the most interesting concert I’ve been to, but it was truly amazing

    Randy Bachman-Every Song tells a Story
    Just a great gig, my first concert ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and on the horizon, I hope Coldplay will come to Calgary, AB soon and maybe Roger (or Mr. Pigless) if he comes back.

    Hope this works… and because I feel random today this shall be my random thought: Yeaaaa bunny.

    I also have a suggestion for a random nonsense […]

    FEd, is there any news on Tim Renwick’s stolen guitars? If you haven’t heard possibly could you find out?

    See ye all later
    Adrian J. Emond

    [Sorry, no, but I’ll add your idea to the list. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  81. this comment has nothing to do with the last 5 concerts i’ve been to but i need to voice my opinion.

    i am disgusted that some of you have actually seen hannah montana. what the hell? she’s not even ‘rock’. she’s just a pop star for 7yr old girls and you have no right to call yourself a DG fan if you’re seeing that rubbish.

    what do you think FEd? please don’t tell me you like her as well? she’s absolutely talentless.

    [That’s the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, right? Let’s just say that I like her about as much as I liked her father’s only (?) hit single and mullet. Thankfully, I don’t have to watch the Disney Channel. (And I mean that like you would not believe.) – FEd]

  82. There’s been a series of good gigs in my city but I’m so poor T_T

    The last 5…

    Iron Maiden (Feb 22 2008)
    Deep Purple (Feb 14 2008)
    Soda Stereo (Nov 09 2007)
    Incubus (Oct 17 2007)
    Héroes Del Silencio (Sept 25 2007)

    But the best of all was Roger Waters in March 2007.

    Of course, that’s because David hasn’t come yet to Monterrey, Mexico! =P

  83. Hi Fed,

    Jon Anderson by himself, actually pretty good; Roger Hodgson also by himself, very good; The Strawbs, electric version excellent; Stephen Stills by himself, another excellent show and David Gilmour at Massey Hall, unfuckingbelievable – my all time favourite.


  84. Hi FED, here’s my last five:

    1. Rolling Stones; B.C place, Vancouver, Canada, 1989
    2. The Who; B.C place, Vancouver, Canada, 1989
    3. ACDC; Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, 1990
    4. Alice Cooper; Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, 2006
    5. Alice Cooper; Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, Canada, 2006

    As it’s a $100.00 bill to get off Vancouver Island and back home, my future plans is to see Alice Cooper at the B.C. Performing Arts Theatre in Vancouver on Sept. 19th.

  85. Whitesnake, Dream Theater, Heaven and Hell, Nickleback, Lenny Henry and Dylan Moran.

    That’s six. Sorry.


  86. Perfect timing Fed, I wasn’t going to mention Sunday Night but here goes.

    1) Went to Healey’s in Toronto for the Jazz Tribute for Jeff. Every name in Jazz from there and special guests including the USA particularily Martey Grosz with his acoustic Gibson were incredible. 6 hrs. of bliss and meeting old friends. If anyone sees The Jazz Wizards, I highly recommend them. Fantastic Musicians.

    2) Recording with Rudders, what a hoot Roofer.
    3) Roger in Toronto.
    4) and 5) Master Gilmour at Massey Hall, both nights in Toronto, OAI Tour.

    Thank You!

  87. Gosh, it’s been so long I cannot remember.

    1. David Gilmour – Abbey Road Recording Session, 2006
    2. Shakespeare’s Cymbeline at the Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon, 2004ish – what a thoroughly enjoyable play it was too.
    3. Pink Floyd – The Division Bell Tour, Earls Court, 1994

    So many before that that I cannot remember the sequence.

  88. Good topic. My last 5 were:

    Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Feb 08)
    I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue (Aug 07) – Stage show of the popular radio comedy quiz.
    Ashley Hutchings’ Rainbow Chasers (March 07)
    Blue Man Group (Feb 07)
    Fairport Convention (Jan 07)

  89. Hi Ho All,

    I had the pleasure of …

    Kate Miller-Heidke
    Suzi Quatro
    The Exploited
    Swan Lake (Ballet)
    Madame Butterfly (opera)

    May to November last year, none this year so far … and none likely 🙁

  90. LOL – Havent finished Random Nonsense 4 yet.

    Last 5 gigs:

    Miller Anderson, April 08, Milton Keynes
    Keith James (Nick Drake tribute), April 08, Bilston
    VdGG, April 08, Bilston
    Pineapple Thief, March 08, Half Moon, Putney
    Budgie, Jan 08, Stratford

    Next 5:

    Oceansize – Birmingham
    Pineapple Thief – London (again)
    The Zombies – Leicester
    Steve Cropper – Bilston
    The Moody Blues – Birmingham

    Pete – Coventry

  91. My next concert, the most interesting to me right now, is on Tuesday, when Roger W gives a concert on our local stadium.

    I can’t imagine what some of the music will be like, without DG’s voice and guitar playing. But I’m sure it’ll be a great experience after all. And I know, from previous concerts in that Stadium, that I can hear the music from my garden – and it would certainly drive me crazy, if the notes started rising, travelling through the evening-air, and I wasnt there.

    So I will be, of course.

    🙂 Lene

  92. I thought you said no Pink Floyd tribute bands!

    I’ll let you know if ‘Rolf’s Kangaroo’ is (intentionally or otherwise) set free over Caldicot Castle in August! 😉

    [Actually, I’m conducting an experiment to see who can follow the most basic of instructions. The results are not surprising. – FEd]

  93. Yesterday evening I organized a neurons’ meeting to remember the last 5 concerts I attended. These are the last “big enough” shows…I think. I can’t be sure all my neurons came to the meeting!

    – Wim Mertens
    – Sparklehorse (The night when Milan beat Liverpool in the Champions League. In fact, the concert started at 00.00 am to allow time to see the game and celebrate a little!)
    – Blonde Redhead
    – David Gilmour
    – R.E.M.

  94. Last five:

    – David’s RTN Premiere, Leicester Square, September 6 2007
    – Roger, DSOTM, Antwerp, April 25 2007
    – David, RAH London, May 31 2006
    – David, Grand Rex, Paris, March 15 2006
    – Roger in Antwerp, can’t remember when exactly

    Next five ?

    – looks at David, asking “Any plans ?” 😉
    – looks at Guy, asking “Any plans ?”
    – looks at Richard, asking “Any plans ?”
    – anything interesting that might pop up meanwhile


  95. The last 5 gigs that I saw were:

    John Mellencamp at the JLC in London, ON
    Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie at the JLC in London, ON
    Van Halen at the ACC in Toronto, ON
    Rush at the JLC in London, ON
    Genesis at the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI

  96. Hey FEd, I’m a big fan of Tony Benn myself.

    I remember him on Question Time last year, regarding 5 years since the Iraq War started, and he absolutely ripped into John Bolton (who, in my opinion, is one of the biggest pompous gits the world will ever have)!

    Paxman also layed into John Bolton earlier in the day, so he was pretty riled up!

    Happy Days!

    [Question Time is always more interesting when Tony Benn’s on the panel, I say. – FEd]

  97. Mark Knopfler – Helsinki
    Roger Waters – Stockholm
    The Police – Cardiff


    David Gilmour – Hamburg
    Roger Waters- Roskilde
    The Who, Genesis, Depeche Mode (Helsinki)
    Ca Ira – Rome


    30 Seconds to Mars (June)
    Roger Waters (July)


  98. Last 5 shows:

    Aussie P. F., London
    David at the Ritzy
    David at Odeon Leics. Square
    Guy Pratt at London Sketch Club
    Roger Waters, Earls Court

    Next one is Roger Waters, London.

    After that one can only dream…. Premiere of Gdansk? A Guy Pratt and Richard Wright double act? Guy doing the stand up with Richard providing the musical interludes? David again one day I hope with the band he had 2 years ago, nothing could ever beat that…..

    The sleeve for Gdansk looks fantastic. It’s just a shame it will be lost on something so small as a cd…any chance of a poster with it???

    Have a great weekend folks….Heather

  99. My last five would be:

    Aussie Floyd – Birmingham
    The Wedding Present – Birmingham
    RTN – Ritzy
    RTN – Odeon
    Aussie Floyd – Dudley Castle

    On the Horizon is this Atom Heart Mother thing at the Chelsea Festival, which should be interesting.


  100. Lewis Black ~ 2008
    Transiberian Orchestra ~ 2007
    The Blue Man Group ~ 2007
    Zappa Plays Zappa ~ 2006
    Roger Waters ~ 2006

    Next; Crosby & Nash…..(my wife has the tickets somewhere, and I can’t remember if Stills will be there???)

  101. It’s been too long since I was last here and I hope you’ll forgive me for my absence. I’d like to join in the merriment and general feel-goodiness surrounding the release in September of the Gdansk live album. Going by previous experience, it will be top-quality.

    Gigs? Last 5, in reverse order:

    Matt Schofield Trio (blues guitarist) – April ’08
    Ian Parker Band (blues guitarist) – March ’08
    Joe Bonamassa (blues guitarist) – Feb ’08
    Riverside (Prog/Metal band) – Nov ’07
    Porcupine Tree – Nov ’07

    Next 4, only ones booked so far:

    Ian Siegal (blues guitarist) – tonight
    Aussie Floyd (sorry FEd) – June
    Porcupine Tree – Barcelona in October
    Porcupine Tree – IndigO2 in October

    Possibly another couple of Porcupine Tree gigs in Europe this year as well. Can you tell I like them?

    Hope I can contribute a little more now I’m back. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    Sees ya.

  102. Parish, Wendy, how to you manage to get tickets to Hannah Montana? I heard they have been sold out and people are paying out the nose for them. My 11 yr old daughter is a huge fan, so I checked into it.

    My last five are:

    The Tataminmats (PF tribute, on ukuleles)
    Roger Waters
    Aussie Floyd
    David Gilmour
    Elton John


  103. Hello Fed! I hope all is well.

    Just wanted to let you know that I received the GHS David Gilmour guitar strings that I ordered online. They are great strings, and the packaging is great!

    I highly encourage all guitar players to buy a few packs. Support David!!!


    [Thanks for letting us know. – FEd]

  104. [That’s the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, right? Let’s just say that I like her about as much as I liked her father’s only (?) hit single and mullet. Thankfully, I don’t have to watch the Disney Channel. (And I mean that like you would not believe.) – FEd]

    you’re thinking of miley cyrus not hannah montana ! how i know that is she has been all over the front bit of my home page , yahoo uk and ireland , as i don’t want to have to look at the depressing news .

    i might be in dublin tomorrow . in that case have a good weekend .


    [Oh, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana… You knew what I meant. And I’m sure we all know that, if she starts taking drugs and the whole world gets to see her taking them, she won’t have to worry about the consequences. (Is that bugging anyone else this week, or is it just me?) – FEd]

  105. Erin ~

    We joined her fan club and got a presale code months before the tix went on sale.

    Even then you had to be diligent and order as soon as they became available…

    Good Luck!

    [If this warrants a response, by the way, now would be the point to switch to e-mail, if you don’t mind. We’ve discussed Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana enough for one day.- FEd]

  106. [i am disgusted that some of you have actually seen hannah montana. what the hell? she’s not even ‘rock’. she’s just a pop star for 7yr old girls and you have no right to call yourself a DG fan if you’re seeing that rubbish. – david]

    Those are some strong words David…perhaps some of us have kids that are being taken to see Hannah Montana…hard to say no to your own kids…hence I’ve seen The Wiggles more times than I’d like to as well..does that make me less of a fan!?!

    Actually, it doesn’t matter to me whether you think I am or not…

    [And that should appease all the offended parents… Thanks, Rob. – FEd]

  107. Last 5:

    Simon Amstell – May 2008
    Aussie Floyd – April 2008
    Muse, Wembley – June 2007
    Deep Purple, NEC – May 2007
    Ricky Gervais – April 2007

    Future Gigs:

    Eric Clapton, Hyde Park – June 2008
    V Festival – August 2008

    [What did you think of Simon Amstell, James? I was a bit disappointed when I saw him. – FEd]

  108. [Actually, I’m conducting an experiment to see who can follow the most basic of instructions. The results are not surprising. – FEd] – L&LOL !!

    [Riverside (Prog/Metal band) – Nov ’07] – if that was in Gloustershire, I was there also.

    [Atom Heart Mother thing at the Chelsea Festival, which should be interesting.] – I keep looking at that, Martin.

    Pete – Coventry

  109. [i am disgusted that some of you have actually seen hannah montana…. Posted by David]

    Hmmmmm…either David has no 7 year olds in his home or he has totally brainwashed them.

    Hannah is sickly popular here in the U.S. and probably in other parts of the world as well. Her music is pop but it is her TV show that is propelling her popularity. And the reality is that it is just a phase that kids go through in growing up.

    I remember when I was a teen how girls were swooning over David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb. Typically they grow out of it.

    My 16 year old daughter did like Britney Spears and Hillary Duff but now does prefer classic rock like Aerosmith, PF and The Eagles.

    Don’t fret David, there is hope.



    [Yep, there’s hope for us all. – FEd]

  110. Fed Ed. I really loved this topic as it is interesting to see what other folks attend.

    Now here is my list.

    1.Van Halen, 09/29/07, Greensboro, North Carolina
    2.Bob Dylan, 11/17/06, Fairfax, Virginia
    3.Roger Waters, 09/23/06 Bristow, Virginia (Washington D.C area
    4. Steely Dan, 08/10/06 Bristow, Virginia
    5. Paul Simon, 07/12/06 Columbia, Martland (Maryland suburb city of Washington, D.C.)

    Saw David 04/12 and 04/13/06 in Chicago, Illinois on his “On an Island” tour.

    I will be attending Robert Plant and Allison Krause 06/02/08 at the Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke Virginia.

    Fed Ed. Thank you for all you to to keep this site going.

    Mark Sachs
    Pembroke, Virginia, U.S.A.

    [Thanks for that, Mark. (But do you like Hannah Montana?) – FEd]

  111. This topic actually makes me sad because live music is one of my true passions. But my last five concerts span three years:

    BB King – The Legendary Fillmore West, SF ’07
    Roger Waters – Shoreline Amp. ’06
    John Mayer – Shoreline Amp. ’06
    David Gilmour – Paramount ’06
    Rolling Stones – AT&T Park ’05

    I’m hoping to catch Yes at the Shoreline in August.

    Cheer’s, all.

  112. [I’m going to see Dara O’Briain later this month. Was he good? – FEd]

    Yeah, he was excellent, he played off the crowd a lot! There seem to be a lot of Irish comedians about that I’m not that fond of, so I was wary about seeing Dara live, but he was really funny, well worth seeing it! I hope you enjoy it :-)!

    [Many thanks. – FEd]

  113. Last 5 concerts I’ve seen:

    ** Bruce Springsteen and E-st Band- HSBC Arena, Buffalo NY 3/08
    ** Genesis – Toronto Ontario (BMO field, or something of that sort) 2007
    ** The Who / The Pretenders – Air Canada Center, TO 12/06
    ** Neil Young – Chrome Dreams 2 tour – Shea’s Theater 2/08
    ** Roger Waters – 7/07 Darien Lake, NY

    Next couple of shows coming up on the horizon:

    ** Tom Petty/Steve Winwood – Darien lake in June
    ** Bruce Springsteen and E St Band – Giants Stadium, NJ 7/08
    ** Richard Thompson (solo acoustic) Danforth Music Hall, TO 7/08

    I was to have seen Richard Thompson at a 100 person capacity German house in Rochester but that damn show was canceled because (get this) Thompson was bitten by a scorpion (!!!) in Mexico… THAT certainly was a first!!


  114. [i am disgusted that some of you have actually seen hannah montana. what the hell? she’s not even ‘rock’. she’s just a pop star for 7yr old girls and you have no right to call yourself a DG fan if you’re seeing that rubbish. – david]

    Hey David,

    Then you’d think I was positively blasphemous in my early years of concert going.

    Here’s the first 3 concerts I’ve EVER attended in my misspent youth:

    1970 – The Osmonds (featuring Donnie and Marie) – yup…. if I had any taste I would have kicked my own arse for going to that concert!

    1978 – Neil Diamond – thought it was cheesy then, but now that I can appreciate the musical and writing merits I can now say that it was undoubtedly cool to be brought to that show (against my will) by my mom. hell, I even had a 30 year old offer me a joint AND popcorn! Too bad mom smacked his hand away from mine before I could graciously accept (and imbibe) that burnt-celery aroma in my own pink lungs!

    1979 – Sean Cassady – yup, THAT guy.


  115. Rob_P

    Thanks for the words of wisdom. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I know when I met you in NY you had a good head on your shoulders.

  116. [Thanks for that, Mark. (But do you like Hannah Montana?) – FEd]

    Your rump must have a very high IQ F*Ed… 🙂

    [Tell me about it. – FEd]

  117. Seen this lot in the last few months…..

    Pure Reason Revolution – Water Rats, London
    Bad Influence – Grey Horse Kingston
    Nada Surf – The Scala, London
    Aviv Geffen – Bush Hall London
    Porcupine Tree – Forum, Kentish Town

    And booked in over the next few months (that I can remember) are:

    Robin Trower – Mean Fiddler, London
    John Mayer – Academy, Brixton
    Blue Oyster Cult – Forum, Kentish Town
    Iron Maiden – Twickenham (“Scream for me London!”)
    Porcupine Tree – Indigo2, London

    Trower in a couple of weeks – looking forward to that!

  118. On the subject of Tim Renwick’s guitars:

    I believe he has had them returned bar a Martin 000C16RGTE model. Serial No:1140783.

  119. [Thanks for that, Mark. (But do you like Hannah Montana?) – FEd]

    I couldn’t stop laughing at that – Great Welsh humour! Da Iawn!

    Oh…..FEd, Fi dim yn hoffi Hannah Montana!!!

    Happy Days!
    Simon J

  120. Here’s mine:

    Jose Gonzalez – 4th April ’08 – 53 Degrees, Preston
    Biffy Clyro – 6th Feb ’08 – 53 Degrees, Preston
    Alter Bridge – 26th Jan ’08 – London Astoria
    Dream Theater – 11th Nov ’07 – King George’s Hall, Blackburn
    Steve Vai – 22nd July ’07 – Hammersmith Apollo, London

  121. [Thanks for that, Mark. (But do you like Hannah Montana?) – FEd]

    No Fed Ed. I do not have kids and would not pay the kind of money that it would take to see Hannah. Plus, all the screaming from her fans would be unbearable!!!!! (Smile)

  122. roger waters, earls court-11th may
    roger waters, earls court-12th may
    david gilmour, clyde auditorium-2006
    queen/paul rodgers, hyde park-2005
    live 8, hyde park-2006

    all fab, but david’s on an island tour was by far the best experience.

  123. No concerts…However in order of seeing them:

    1) Lewis Black (Came to my University last October for Homecoming…Was an awesome performance)

    2) Batboy: The Musical (Wilkes Theater -Fantastic show. Urge everyone to see it. Rather Dark though)

    3) The Pied Piper of Hamlin (Wilkes University Original Production)

    4) The Grapes of Wrath (Play- Wilkes Theater -Very depressing show. Hard to get into unless you’re into that kind of thing)

    5) Sweet Charity (Musical- Wilkes Theater)

    6) The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd (Musical- Wilkes Theater)

    You’ll notice these are all Wilkes University theater productions, as I work there as a theater technician/usher. I see more Plays/Musicals than anything.

    Sorry Fed, went over by one but there were certian ones that I had to include on that list.

    Diane (aka Kaida in the chatroom. Great talking to everyone Tuesday by the way!)

  124. 1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory–Nyack Middleschool (my niece’s first play), April 2008, Nyack, NY
    2. David Gilmour — Abbey Road, August 2006, London England
    3. David Gilmour — Gibson Amphitheater, May 2006, Los Angeles, CA
    4. David Gilmour — Jay Leno Show, May 2006, Burbank, CA
    5. David Gilmour — Kodak Theater, May 2006, Los Angeles, CA

    Happy Birthday, Graham!

    I will be attending a Hanna Montana Tribute Band Festival in July–‘Mileypalooza’

    …I’ll get me coat…


    Wonder if David would duet with Billy! Mmmm, what do you think Fed?

    Only joking Fed. Please dont ban me from this blog site. It would break my heart, ha ha.


  126. Aussie Floyd (last Sunday, they were good)
    David Gilmour, Leicester Sq and Brixton
    Levellers at a drunken beer festival
    Roger Waters, Earls Court
    David Gilmour at the Armadillo

    Next up is Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani and a Led Zep coverband. A friend of mine is trying to convince me to go and see the Stray Cats among several other bands. Are they any good?

    Sorry I haven’t posted for ages, been real busy at work but did get the black Strat book in post, thanks for that.

  127. The occasional post expresses doubt that tribute bands can be mentioned – I think the instruction was not to promote them .. not mention them …. if they are in the last 5 gigs we have to mention them don’t we ?

    Then again I am reading “Catch 22” at the moment so anything is possible.

  128. Last five gigs….. not in any particular order:

    Air Force Band..it was awesome
    Foo Fighters
    Hannah Montana, took my daughter..sacrifices we make…ughh
    Together We Fall…punk band that my brother is in
    My son’s Junior High Concert Band

    So I think that covers it…as for the next five, whatever is playing at the club in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Got a summer internship there so I am leaving on the 19th of May and won’t be posting. But will be back in Oct. So keep the light burning for me.

    Renee B

    [All the best. – FEd]

  129. I am on planet progressive and hard rock circa late 1970s and early 1980s but who the Hell is Hannah Montana?

    Is she the daughter of Tony Montana in the movie Scarface? I can see it “Hey Hannah, jou better not date any (bleepin) cockaroaches or they’ll say hello to the bad guy.”

    Anyhow, I am on a sabbatical from shows for now. I still hope to see a solo Gilmour tour soon.

    I saw Pink Floyd in 1994 (third show of my life and still best stadium show ever attended).

    Bring on Gilmour.

  130. [i am disgusted that some of you have actually seen hannah montana. what the hell?]

    Nobody should ever judge anybody else’s musical taste. I would never presume to tell others what they should or should not listen to.

    It’s OK to say that you don’t like them, but don’t knock down somebody else’s pleasure. It’s all subjective and comments such as this one can be insulting and hurtful.

  131. My last 5 shows I attended… seems Marc Sachs and I attended two shows together without even knowing each other… small world! LOL.

    1&2. Gilmour’s 2 Rosemont Theater shows – 2006
    3. Roger Waters in Bristow VA – 2006
    3. Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades in TN – 2007
    4. Van Halen in Greensboro NC – 2007
    5. Brooks and Dunn with Big and Rich, Charlotte NC – 2006 (listed last because that’s a show the wife wanted to see not me)

  132. Last five non-tribute band gigs:

    Nick Cave – Hammersmith Apollo, London -May 2008
    Rush – Wembley Arena, London – October 2007
    David Gilmour – Odeon, Leicester Square, London – September 2007
    Syd Barrett Tribute – Barbican, London – May 2007
    Roger Waters – Earl’s Court, London – May 2007

    Future gigs:

    Roger Waters – 02, London – May 2008
    Atom Heart Mother show at Cadogan Hall (if I can afford it)

    When I was young I didn’t think I’d still be gigging at the age of sixty, but for my husband and me music, especially live, is still one of the big inspirations and joys.

    [Well said, Gwendoline. Hope you enjoy your upcoming shows. – FEd]

  133. Porcupine Tree – Nov 2007, Poznan, Poland
    Fish – Oct, Wroclaw, Poland
    David Sylvian – Oct, Prague, Czech Rep
    TU (Trey Gunn/Pat Mastelotto) – Opole, Poland
    Bob Geldof – Aug, Lubin, Poland

  134. Well, here is a way for DG to expose his music to a number of new and younger fans. He needs to collaborate and tour with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

    They can modify their current catalog of work and do songs like Life On An Island or Girls in the Red Sky at Night. O just think of the possibilities.



    [Yet another fine idea for future Random Nonsense, Andrew… – FEd]

  135. Thank you all for your comments.

    The Blog’s taking a short break, but will be back next week.

    Until then, have a good weekend.

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