One wish for the live album

David and the band salute the extraordinary Polish crowd, 26 August 2006We did it for the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD a few months before it was released, so it’s only right that we do it now for David’s forthcoming live album. (Note the deliberate ambiguity of that opening line, won’t you? It’s still on for a September release… hopefully, by the way.)

Just for fun, please share just one wish for this live package.

That’s one wish, as hard as it may be to select only one. It would be nice to know what you’re hoping for more than anything else.

You know the title, have already seen the cover, and are hopefully curious about the documentary that is said to be included in some shape or form.

The chatroom will be open from 12:00 (UK) tomorrow, should you care to drop by.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

178 thoughts on “One wish for the live album”

  1. One wish? A “David Gilmour” guitar plectrum to be included within the package. ;))

  2. An insert detailing how to obtain priority tickets for the David Gilmour 2009 World Tour.


  3. I think my one wish would be something similiar to the DVD in that David had a premiere or performance, or something like that.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  4. how about another round of premieres? we could either all sit round a cd player in a venue of your choosing, with a Q&A with mr gilmour & co.

    or much more sensible, have a one off performance of the entire live at gdansk album to mark its release.

  5. The documentary is what I’m looking forward to, hopefully with a few excerpts of live songs thrown in…

    The documentary would focus specifically on the back room guys and gals. A good idea would be to write some questions on cards and ask the crew one by one… don’t think that’s been done before…

  6. Maybe the full track “a great day for freedom” as part of the documentary.

  7. Hello.

    I really wish there will be a documentary/more documentaries about David Gilmour, kind of more private, and about his gear, guitars, amps, where he tells us about how he is using all his effects.

    There are millions of fans that want to know more about how he is using his effects and why he love his guitars so much.

    I really wish to see that.

  8. Special ‘Blog’ Edition which includes a ‘David Gilmour’ plectrum and… Oh OK! Just the one. 😉

    [Just the one plectrum, you mean? – FEd]

  9. I would love a DVD documentary.

    Can’t make it to chat today. Love to you all though.

    I hope everyone’s week is going well. I’m very much looking forward to the weekend. Marcus and I are celebrating a year together with a very special dinner at a very special restaurant.

    A little story I have to tell.

    A couple of weeks ago, Marcus and I went to an English pub, in the Bay area. He ordered Bangers and Mash, I had fish and chips. They had an internet juxebox, which I hadn’t seen before. Lo and behold, there was Echoes. So there we were, eating, drinking some brews and listening to Echoes in a pub. It was a first for us. I’ve never heard Echoes in a pub. It was pretty magical.


    [I should hope you can’t make it today, as the chatroom’s not open until tomorrow. – FEd]

  10. Wow, there’s a tough one. I’d have to throw in a request for perhaps the complete rehearsals for this monumental show (if a camera crew were present).

    Great question, albeit a tough one!


  11. I wish for a duet between David Gilmour and Hannah Montana. And, someplace on the cover, should be the Blog entry that said if you listen to Hannah Montana, you have no right to be a Gilmour fan.

    In all seriousness, I’m all about the music itself. Anything that does not sound like the music that David has already released in one form or another… Anything with an alternate ending, or a different version of the solo, should be included.

    Any song that was NOT included on RTN, or as part of the Meltdown DVD, should be included.

  12. [We did it for the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD a few months before it was released, so it’s only right that we do it now for David’s forthcoming live album. – FEd]

    What are you speaking of ? The Blotto thing ?…

    Oops! It was not your question ? Sorry…


    [It wasn’t, but please click your name to see what I meant. – FEd]

  13. 1 Euro extra charge for a charity proposed, preferably for children in eastern Europe…


    [Nice idea, Taki. – FEd]

  14. One of the extras on the Meltdown DVD was David singing Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 18’.

    My wish would be to have something similar; him reciting/singing a poem. Lord Byron’s ‘We’ll Go No More A-Roving’ comes to mind…

  15. My one wish is already being planned (I think). I am hoping for yet another documentary DVD to be included with his upcoming live CD. If it is on par with “Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine”, then I will simply be in yet another state of “Gilmour Bliss”.

    Thanks all who run this wonderful site…you do a GREAT job! Definately looking forward to the release!

    – Johnnie Floyd

  16. I was lucky with RTN wish as I wanted Island Jam to be included, and it is.

    What about Gdańsk? It was fantastic night, band was great, open air mixes were really different, and I would say they were better so I would like to find out that the whole gig is released even with Time and with false start of Fat Old Sun, I hope that I don’t want too much.

    Can’t wait,

  17. It’s going to have “Wots…” on it, yeah? Because it makes me cry. In a good way.

    BTW, thanks to you for permanently impacting my Gilmour fanhood. I was watching “The Road to Albert Hall” the other day and I kept getting excited every time I saw the Black Strat. “OOOOOH, it’s the Black Strat!” I never noticed before. **loud thump as head meets desk**

  18. It would be great to have a “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” ghost track at the end of the disc, taken from one of the two Venice concerts, due to listen to the intro played with water glasses…

    Cheers 😉


  19. I am just happy it is coming out. I really just want to hear the songs with the orchestra. Melissa told us about the concert and I was happy when I heard that the live album was being released.

    So, thank you.

    Renee B

  20. this is a tough one…

    maybe with the documentary dvd there could be songs that weren’t included on RTN.

  21. It would be nice if in the live package, there was a set of cards made with rare and artistic photos taken by Polly. I do miss Polly’s artwork.


  22. A special edition of the CD to include a DVD showing, say, 90 mins of the the best songs from the Gdansk concert.

    Whilst, I’m sure David wouldn’t want to replicate the RTN release, it would be such a shame for the fans not be able to see at least some of this unique concert.

  23. My wish is for a sample of new music that we can hope for on future a David Gilmour release. (Kind of like the treat of hearing Smile on the Meltdown DVD.)

    As much as I love the old stuff, it’s the new stuff that I relish the most. And while I’m sure he’ll want some family time after this project is up, I can’t see him going into full retirement.

  24. That inside one lucky copy is a golden ticket which means that DG will play a personal set in your own front room, and I win!

  25. my wish is for some video footage from gdansk. i’m really looking forward to this!

    good to have you back, fed.

    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  26. NO fixings, NO editing tracks (Great Gig in The Sky from Albert Hall for instance!), NO overdubs and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO cutting of solos!

    Pulse was ruined by overdubs on High Hopes’ slide solo and edited ending of Great Gig In The Sky and LESS FORGIVINGLY great chunks missing from SORROW and COMFORTABLY NUMB solos!!!

  27. i think its about time that some new material is released. a preview of something new on a bonus dvd disc would finish the live at gdansk album and the whole on an island phase.

    i think we have everything on an island has to offer and its been a fantastic time for lovers of pink floyd and david. now is the time to say that we dont need no pink floyd reunions and that david should stick to his solo career.

  28. My wish is for the album to be of the highest possible quality with crisp, clean sound. I say this because sometimes bands can sound distant when playing with orchestras.

  29. On the Turning Away and NO CUTTING OF SOLOS.

    In fact, please release Delicate Sound of Thunder on DVD with the solos uncut.


    [That’s one wish, is it? – FEd]

  30. My one wish for this live package, is that it include a 2020 Solidarity Whistle, designed by Storm Thorgerson. Representing the liberation of a new vision, in perfect focus, for 2020.

    Celebrating the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity”, Lech Walesa remembers:

    “That was a time of man. Not a time of politics – as the authorities perceive and form that period. And I must say that this is our greatest achievement, one that has consolidated and that is still used as a model for every undertaking in this country. Fortunately, we managed to find the most important compass. This is why – unlike our great critics, severe politicians instructing us from the heights of their positions – I do not assess negatively those masses of people, those attitudes that were not political enough. Because all this permitted to notice man. […] The coming century must be a time of man rather than a time of politics and ideology.”

  31. One Wish? Include a bonus DVD with the out-of-print “David Gilmour Live 1984”.

    That would be a treat “Out of The Blue”!


  32. If someone ’round here is granting wishes; I’d like to relive the whole show please.

    On, RTN, I really enjoyed hearing David and Richard’s memories of earlier days. I would like to hear and see more of that. I like the sittin’ ’round the campfire sorta talk.

    Shine on…

  33. My one wish?

    That’s tough, I guess I would have to go with some sort of interview about the band and their gear, and how they combine the elements to bring David/Pink Floyd’s music to the fans in such an emotional and inspiring way.

  34. Hi Fed, hope you had a nice break?

    Sam Brown singing Great Gig In The Sky from that French gig as part of the Documentary.

    [I did, thanks. – FEd]

  35. Well ‘wish’ sounds a bit strong but I wish that a poster is included in the packaging.

    Which reminds me, is there anywhere in the UK that I can get OAI on Vinyl? I can only find American websites selling it and I’m not sure I want to risk vinyl travelling as airmail.

    [It’s currently £17.99 from HMV (click your name). – FEd]

  36. Hi FEd, thanks for this unique opportunity!

    I didn’t have to ponder: The live version of the Island Jam (either as video or audio track) would be marvellous, because it was so different (and even better) as the album version!

  37. My one wish…for my two front teeth (actually just one) 🙂

    Seriously, other than Taki’s great idea – Kudos to Taki, my one wish would be for a bonus video (even if it was just one song) to show the emotion of the crowd…

    Hope to see you all at the chat tomorrow and congrats to Erin and Marcus!!!!!!

  38. Any photographs from the tour that weren’t necessarily included on the Gallery section of David’s website. And perhaps a special edition for Bloggers…?

    Or a surround sound edition of the album even.

  39. My wish is that a live version of Coming Back to Life from one of the concerts from OAI in MP3 form makes it to the release. That would be fantastic.

    Diane B

  40. [NO fixings, NO editing tracks (Great Gig in The Sky from Albert Hall for instance!), NO overdubs and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO cutting of solos! Pulse was ruined by overdubs… – Steve]

    That’s odd. I spent my Monday watching ‘Pulse’, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Lucky for me, the grass was greener 🙂

  41. My one wish…. DVD with documentary and a few tracks from the concert (audio+video) with Fat Old Sun’s false start and Rick Wright’s confused face after the mistake in Time 🙂

  42. Happy Birthday to Martin S.

    He’s opening a pub called ‘Dark Marty’s’, in case anyone’s interested.

    [Have a good one, Martin. – FEd]

  43. I was just listening to the original version of Island Jam in the car, which reminded me that a live version was played at the Odeon premiere. I would like that to be included as a bonus track.

  44. Release it as a SACD. SACDs are backward compatible, so it will play in all CD players and at the same time, offer a high-resolution 5.1 mix. BTW anyone who wants surround David need only listen to RTN as the mix is 5.1 compatible.

    And yes, listening to 23 minutes of Echoes in a half full pub was pretty surreal. We were going to the Maker Faire, and I do believe the pub was more full when we left than when we got there. No question it was the ghostly howls of Echoes that brought them in!

  45. When David tours to promote the new DVD will he do more than one venue in England and come to the north east? This would be fantastic for his many fans in this neck of the woods.

    [Surely it should be Wales and Ireland only this time? – FEd]

  46. It didn’t happen in Gdansk but the inclusion of On The Turning Away would be splendid and very appropriate given current events (Mynamar, China,).

    Lest I break any rules (I would never want to do that) BUT…..I do think the previously mentioned suggestion of a donation option to some charity (CRISIS?) is a very good idea; kudos Taki.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  47. This is a good pursuit.

    I believe the CD should be just that, a CD. As much as I am a fan of the well-produced DVD, I am something of a simpl-est (word?) when it comes to the task at hand: if this is a CD, then let’s do that well. (Forgive me, just my opinion.)

    Having said that, maybe a piece or two, or an extended track featuring the orchestra and it’s conductor, Zbigniew Preisner – maybe executing a David Gilmour/OAI selection by their own (40) selves (primarily alone, although the band could contribute) if such a track exists or could be newly produced. Or, maybe an original ZP composition that is evocative of what Solidarity was and is about while relating well to the feeling of Mr. Gilmour’s music and the CD overall.

    Probably that is asking for to big a thing? But, thanks for asking.

  48. Hello!

    I would be happy about a real live-album. The fact, that it is anounced for September, makes me wonder. What are David and his soundcrew doing all the time? I hope they are not doing that, what was written here some postings earlier (overdubbing tracks…) For me, a live recording should be authentically as much as possible, even if there’s a wrong chord or so… There a people playing, not machines.

    My one wish is a good documentary about making the record, the concert in Gdansk, with some deeper technical details (as a technician I’m always interested in that) how to protect a violin against the soundpressure of a bass-guitar and so on.


  49. My wish is for the album to be exclusive to ONE STORE in the US and that is Best Buy.

    Best Buy have given us American DG fans bonus things with the bonus CD on OAI (with Island Jam) and the AOL Sessions EP which came with initial copies of the DVD.

    The Eagles successfully pulled off selling their new album Long Road Out of Eden out of one store chain in the US and Genesis will be selling their new DVD When in Rome at one chain in the US.

    Gilmour sold most of the copies of OAI and RTN mainly at Best Buy here in the US cos they had bonuses and also cheaper than selling out to the FYE devil.

  50. my only wish is that it includes the whole concert (which it probably won’t).

  51. The same incredible multimedia mix of live music, bonus tracks, a documentary or two; easter eggs, and booklet full of info and Polly photos as compiled for Remember That Night two-disc set. The best packaging ever.

    Oh yeah — and the continued iconic presence of Wireman.

    Lola from Maine

    [That’s a big wish, Lola. – FEd]

  52. I do like the idea of including a plectrum. One that has been used of course.

  53. One wish…that ‘Dogs’ would be on there, or anything from Animals. I think it is interesting that Animals is the album with the most aggressive guitars and Gilmour hasn’t played any of it in 31 years.

    IMO, I would love a reunion. I know it aint that popular here w/ some people but the thought of all of that onstage gives me goosebumps. Tell me you wouldn’t go!

    I do understand and totally respect Gilmour’s decision however and am glad that it is really his choice.

    Have a great week..
    Blake in Nashville

  54. how about the audio of the one off performance of on the turning away and a whole bunch of random tracks from the other shows and some sort of video and or documentary?

    that would be good.

  55. DVD with all the concert!!! It’ll be the best present for me (maybe us)… Please… :]

    shine on

  56. Off Topic, but Fed, why does it say on Google maps that David Gilmour is playing at the Liverpool Echo Arena on 5-15-08? Tickets for Roger Waters for that date (at that venue) are also saying “with Special Guest”…

    Is something going on?

    Thanks Fed!

    [Does it?! I think they must have their Creative Geniuses muddled up. (And yes, before anyone points it out, ‘Genii’ is just about as stupid as ‘Roofs’ to my fragile mind.) – FEd]

  57. Hello, it’s been a while but I felt the need to respond to this question.

    Anyway, my wish would be a full version of “On The Turning Away” on a potential extra DVD!

    Or a new jam version of “On The Turning Away” played in Davids barn. It may be wishful thinking but that is what you asked…. 😉

    Best to all,

  58. Inclusion of a full size poster of the album cover, or of today’s exceptional photo, would be great and make me very happy.

  59. F’ really know how to stir things up. Or open that ‘can of worms’. After the posts from the other day where so much of that ‘we are never satisfied’ was going on, I tried very hard not to preach or be a part of that. I wanted to avoid being classified as one of the sheep.

    I keep thinking that maybe I am not as thoughtful as some bloggers. Perhaps I am too easily pleased. I feel that anytime a new version of Mr. Gilmours works are released, I need the dvd or cd. I do not feel taken advantage of. I am perfectly able to say no, until it comes to more of that voice and guitar. I love the new endings to old songs. Best tho are the new songs.

    So my wish is that Tomasz, Taki and Renee’s wishes be considered. Great wishes.

    My ‘fantasy’ wish is: I go to the Gilmours, help do chores (muck the stables, make sure the guitars aren’t left out in the weather, etc) so that I can sit quietly in the background when they are having jam sessions and just listen.

    Thank you,

  60. Only one??

    Well, I had a lot of fun getting ready with the premiere so…that’s my contribution for a few days.


  61. I quite like the plectrum idea, mentioned by Julie and Nate. So I`ll have that as my wish too!

    Hope everyone is well.

  62. I’m a simple soul.

    If it sounds as good as the RTN DVD, that’s all I’d wish for.

  63. Hi FEd,

    How are you doing?

    One wish…hmm.

    How about, as a prize of some sort, have a guided tour, by David and Polly, of the Astoria, as a sort of “kick off” for the new cd. With me as the winner of course! 😉

    Maybe dinner and a movie…


    [I’m good, thank you. How are you doing? – FEd]

  64. [The whole gig from start to finish. – Gary Hurley]

    That’s my wish, thanks Gary.


  65. Ok, ok I know..this is not the right section but…

    David, listen to me: Why don’t you make a version of Old and Wise (the Alan Parsons Project)…the singer is very similar to you and the music too!!!

    You can spend 4-5 days to make this cover, I suppose…why not? 😉

    A big fan

  66. I would like to hear some of the tracks that didn’t make it to the OAI final cut (haha, Final Cut!!)

    I think David’s nice, so he’ll do it. I know it, he will.

  67. [I should hope you can’t make it today, as the chatroom’s not open until tomorrow. – FEd]

    Well, better to run a day ahead than a day behind, right? Life has been crazy the past two weeks. Finals next week for me. Good luck to all taking finals.


    [Damn right. – FEd]

  68. I’d like to see on the bonus dvd, the Q + A session from the second premiere of the RTN dvd. El Magnifico was more entertaining than the other guy from the first premiere.

    Hope you had a nice time off FEd.

    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  69. My wish is to be included, in DVD or audio, the Full Band version of ‘Island Jam’ (11 minutes) that the guys played on the RTN premiere.

    By the way FEd, you twice said that this jam maybe one day would see the light of day!

  70. Hi FEd, my 1 wish would be that it is released in September and not pushed back to a later date.


    [That’s a good one. – FEd]

  71. My one wish is to lay down in a dark room and play this album through my headphones and feel close to the band, to be onstage as they perform, [most importantly] for the music to take me places.

    A dream is a wish your heart makes… an’ my heart’s burnin’, still yearnin’.

    [“The light in this place is so bad, making me sick in the head…” – FEd]

  72. I thought Roger Waters’ release of In The Flesh was really enhanced by having the CD accompany a live DVD. This would be nice, but my true wish is for David to perform again and give me plenty of notice to arrange flights from Australia and get time off work to come. This was my birthday wish to my wife and she tentatively agreed.

    Anyway Fed, I’ll be just glad to get my copy of the CD.


  73. I am hoping it is released on vinyl.

    A double live LP. Perfect mate for the “On An Island” LP don’t ya’ think?

  74. “Island Jam Live” from the RTN premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square – hope it was being recorded.

    Welcome back FEd.

    [Thank you. Did you miss me? – FEd]

  75. Hi FED, my one wish goes something like this; Lime and limpid green, the sound resounds around the icy waters underground.

    In other words a bonus DVD as a treat.

    Have a great day.

  76. My wish is to hear the entire cast of the orchestra give their opinions of this finale.

    P.S. Has anyone heard if David will be attending Paul’s show in Liverpool? Special guests. He should be invited hopefully. Hmmmmm?

    [I haven’t. – FEd]

  77. My wish would have to be a DVD including a documentary and Island Jam…in fact, if David was to do a DVD of all the shows he did, especially Klam Castle, Vienne, Florence, Venice etc., I’d get the lot…. I can hardly wait as it is….

    Another premiere would be nice as well.

  78. My only wish is a line of text at the end of the credits: “We’ll be back….”

  79. Hi FED.

    In some shape or form? What could you mean with this mystical description? I would expect the documentary in the form of a DVD. What other form could it be?

    The documentary is already the best what I can think of.

    One other wish?

    David should bring out a limited edition 3CD/DVD Box and put everything in it what is left from his great Tour: Audio, Videos, Photos … !


    [It doesn’t have to be a DVD with video footage… – FEd]

  80. Hello,

    Thanks for asking 😉

    Last Sunday we saw Roger Waters and his top band (great to see Jon Carin again!). And yes his version of Comfortably Numb was great but no, David has to play this song, that gives me shivers. Although I must confess that Dave Kilminster & Snowy White are great guitarists too. But no; put “Comfortably Numb” on the disc, simple.

    Have a nice end of the week and a fab weekend,
    Nick from the lovely South.

  81. Perhaps some audio from the soundcheck. Presumably the band messes around and does some cover versions.

  82. Put ten Willy Wonka style Golden Tickets in ten random batches of the CD that invites the winner to go out for supper with F’Ed and DG and then pop back to somewhere nice for a bit of a jam and a sing-song with a couple of beers or a nice sip of Brandy. Then it’s off home with some amazing memories and hopefully a couple of amusing anecdotes and photos for the Blog.

  83. Hello Fed!

    I agree with Michele totally. I would like to see new unpublished photos taken by Polly from that tour 2006.

    Can’t wait for the release date,

  84. No re-recording please. David misses a tone during Comfortably Numb solo. Nobody’s perfect.

    Please add a guitar case, and a signature Strat as a special bundle.. I’m waiting for the black Strat!!!!!

  85. I do think Taki had a good idea about some kind of donation connected to the release!!!!

    I also think maybe it would be nice to hear some of Mr Gilmour’s old solo work possibly reworked with an orchestra as bonus tracks or old solo promo videos perhaps.

    Oh, maybe a “willy-wonka” style package where you find a golden ticket inside and you get to spend a day recording with the great man at his houseboat!!!!!

    Fingers crossed hey!!!!!!

    (Mr FEd. You keep the fans interested and connect with them, and continue when there’s little news to go on!! So a big thankyou must go to you!)


    [I really appreciate that, Robert. Thank you very much. – FEd]




  87. [Surely it should be Wales and Ireland only this time? – FEd]

    Now were talkin’….well said, Fed.


    [And India, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Australia and Israel, of course. – FEd]

  88. Hi FEd, welcome back.

    How about a short documentary of the history of Solidarity, narrated by both David and Lech Walesa? (I realise the logistics of such a task, but I was just trying to be original and relevant to the album!!) In any case so far, if we are all to be satisfied, we’ve already given David at least another ten years work!

    Love to all my chatroom friends, I haven’t forgotten you, just can’t get in during the day due to work. Perhaps see you when we have an evening session??

    Have a great weekend FEd and all.


  89. [And India, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Australia and Israel, of course. – FEd]

    Steady on, Fed!

    Ok so, Ireland for a fortnight and a quick stop in Wales en route to Chile!


    [We forgot Spain. (Sorry, Spain.) – FEd]

  90. I wish for … perfect audio quality, no (or few) compressed material in SACD format – the quality of the music would make it worthwhile, don’t you think FED?

    Cheers, Robert

    [Sounds good to me. – FEd]

  91. My wish would be for the DVD to give some sense of the unique staging of the concert.

  92. Ok, this is a long shot!

    I wish to hear the band play a cover version of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’!!

    I think that would make my life complete!

    Happy Days!
    Simon J

  93. David hand delivering the CD and having a nice chat about playing guitar 🙂

  94. Something non-tangible would be mindfull to a carbon footprint. For instance; is a guitar pick, or a backstage pass really any better than some hidden goodies on the DVD? Personally, I can let go of “more things”….and really enjoy (maybe get frustrated) trying to find some more easter eggs.

    About Best Buy….they had nothing in the store where I bought my copy to promote the CD, and the same with the DVD. I have been in Fry’s Electronics 10 times in the last 2 months, the first thing you see walking in is a TV playing RTN, with a rack below it of David’s DVDs.

    The prices at Fry’s are lower than Best Buy, and way lower than Border’s.

  95. My wish would be audio or video bonus footage of the “Island Jam” played at the DVD-premiere of “Remember that Night” in London. Or maybe this track could be added to a possible Single-CD from “Live in Gdansk”.

  96. Some sort of Blog Blotto again, because this time we know the answers 😀 haha!!

    Other than that, I think it would be cool to have it released on vinyl. I got an LP player about a year ago, but have yet to buy any NEW releases for it, it’s all been old second hand stuff. I liked the look of the On An Island LP, so I think I’d make Live at Gdansk my first new LP purchase if it was to come out on vinyl! 🙂

  97. David & his band doing a live-in-the-studio cover of the Deep Purple classic “Space Truckin'” included as a bonus track!

  98. The documentary idea sounds good to me – maybe some rehearsal moments, or comments from band members about the tour.

    After listening to David’s first two solo albums, I wondered why he chose not to play any songs from them. Imagine hearing “Murder”, “There’s No Way Out Of Here”, or “Let’s Get Metaphysical” (with orchestra!), etc., as played by the touring band! Next time, perhaps?

    Bill C.

  99. unusual package, such as Pulse with red light. something unexpected and unusual.

  100. Just one wish…Phew…There is only one – releasing it like it was with On an Island – the Carbon Neutral version.

  101. Is there going to be a 2009 tour? Please say yes and that Arizona will be one of the stopping off places. That would make my life.

    [Sorry, I’d be lying if I did that. – FEd]

  102. [For instance; is a guitar pick, or a backstage pass really any better than some hidden goodies on the DVD? – Stephen Barnhart]

    In my opinion, yes! As a guitarist a David Gilmour plectrum included within the package would be fantastic. I also like the extra idea of a used DG guitar plectrum as suggested by Jeremy King. Now that would give it extra uummpphhh.

    Of course, if a David Gimour plectrum was to be had, I would not use it with my beloved Eugene the Second (my ’77 Strat). I would probably just hold it and imagine that the guitar master’s hands have held it and played his guitar with it. I would treasure it forever.

    Best regards.


  103. This is fun–thanks, F.Ed.!

    An unreleased track or two would be nice. But I’ll happily take what I’m given on this–it’s a wonderful follow up to RTN.

  104. If I stick to a realistic wish it would be the inclusion of On the Turning Away.


  105. I think its enough that David is still thinking of his fans and still releasing great material – long may it continue. And let’s hope David and the band are on the road again very soon, hope that does not sound pushy.

    Well, here’s my little contribution, as I think you have your feelers out for a reason.

    Any chance of something off the Animals album?!! Or would Rick revolt?

    Kind regards as ever

    [There are no feelers out, it’s just for fun. – FEd]

  106. [And India, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Australia and Israel, of course. – FEd]

    Now that would be special. To actually see DG in India ! I can dream…:-)

    Nonetheless, it would be cool to see some footage of the Gdansk soundcheck on the new DVD.

    Hope everyone is well.



  107. CAPTION:

    Jon Carin consults with Jane Hamilton-Parker by cell phone while concerned band mates watch David channel Richard Simmons…

    “OH-KAY, you GUYZZZ!!! STAND UP and WORK OFF thozze LOVE HANDlezzz!!!! and ONE and TWOOO and THREE and FOOOUR….!!!”

  108. I would be good to have another DVD of behind the scenes to go with the CD. I just love the unexpected.

    Hope you have a restful weekend Fed!

    Barbara P

    [Thanks, Barbara. I hope you have one, too. – FEd]

  109. Steven Barnhart, I work at an indy record store, fact is the FYE chain did squat for both RTN and OAI whereas Best Buy released Special Editions!

    I bought OAI and RTN at Best Buy when first released. OAI had a Bonus CD that had “Island Jam” and sold out QUICK (I bought two, were $10 each on sale week of release whereas FYE wanted a despicable $16 NEW)! Then RTN had the AOL Sessions CD and bought two for $12 each whilst FYE charged $21! Best Buy SOLD OUT AGAIN TOO! Seems that the FYEs I go to are more into promoting Britney and Mariah than DG (which is sad but we all know DG is KING!).

    I say sell the live album with a fourth disc for the Best Buy chain here in the US and Canada and list at fan friendly price of $19.99 ($11.99 on sale for street release).

  110. Hope not too late.

    Good wishes already and can’t add much more, but if there is a booklet then clear large print would be appreciated as the old eyes are getting tired.

    Have a good week end one and all.


  111. Mentioned above I also should like a vinyl release.

    This so that I could frame the fine looking sleeve and hang on the wall!


  112. I would love to see the concert on DVD along with the documentary and will pay extra for it! How about a special edition?

    Hello from Tampa FEd!

    [Hi James, how are you? – FEd]

  113. Some funny suggestions here. Plectrums would be cool, but a waste of plastic.

    How about having just one version and packaging it in cardboard, like OAI?

    [Hear, hear. – FEd]

  114. A Fender Black Strat copy for me please 😉 I’m not that bold to ask for the original…

    I can hardly wait till September.

    With kind regards

  115. Maybe a CD with good mastering: that is with not too much loudness (watch out to the dynamic range)…


  116. CAPTION:

    “Tonight Matthew, I’m gonna be Jane Fonda. And 1 and 2 and stretch and kick and 3 and 4…….”

    1st wish: That it ain’t a swan song. 2nd wish: Footage of Brixton?????????

    Cheeky I know.

    [Ok so, Ireland for a fortnight and a quick stop in Wales en route to Chile! – Paul]

    “Come on over to my place, hey you, we’re havin’ a party”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  117. Truly hope the orchestra provided a string section background for the 2nd set music too – especially Shine On… (Hard to tell with the wine-glass audio sample.)

  118. My wish: a surprise inlay with tour dates from a Pink Floyd Tour in 2009!!!

  119. How about one of David’s signature guitar picks or some other type of fan appreciation gift?

  120. [Plectrums would be cool, but a waste of plastic. – Ben]

    I disagree, where is your sense of romance? LOL. I am certain that the plectrums would be prized possessions to some and not a waste of plastic. How about bio- degradable plastic then? You can get that nowadays.

    A David Gilmour plectrum to us would be like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar strap is to David. I hope that makes sense.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

    Best regards.


  121. I’m beginning to understand why Mr. Gilmour does not want to tour anymore. Why he wants to enjoy his life these days, watching his children make their way in life, and the little ones grow up. Spending time as he wants. Also, spending as much time as he can with the beautiful Polly. Life goes by faster than we would like to think, and as you get older you start to think about the quality of that life for time left to you.

    I am certain that touring was both good and bad. Must be gratifying that people love the new music as he obviously still has something to ‘say’. He does not seem like a driven man. He’s person who has learned what is important in his life.

    He and Polly still have ‘far to go’, but he has given us beautiful music and memories to have forever. I am grateful that I did get to see him once, especially where many have not. Not trying to sound maudlin, if he ever decided to do more, I’d be the first one in line.

    Have a great weekend.

  122. Bonus DVD included!!!

    And The Great Gig In The Sky from the Royal Albert Hall is a good idea too!

  123. [Steven Barnhart, I work at an indy record store, fact is the FYE chain did squat for both RTN and OAI whereas Best Buy released Special Editions! – Terrence Reardon]

    I know that’s where I bought mine as well, and yes I bought several copies as well the first week at a special price. We did that because of the promoting here on this blog….I never saw an add in the paper for it, no commercials, no end cap display in the store, no balloons, no flashing lights, no special signs, no in store TV, no posters, no banners, nothing!, nada, zip, ziltch. Actually, I felt that bonus stuff and special prices were mainly for us, (and very very appreciated) because the only promoting “I” personally saw…was here.

    There gets to be a communication breakdown on here sometimes….my point was mainly about “promoting”…which is different than recieving a promotional item.

  124. One wish…

    Dave and Mica at the Royal Albert singing and playing “The Great Gig In The Sky” among others on an extra cd/dvd.

  125. All of the other tracks played on the tour not played in Gdansk (RAH songs).

  126. Well, I think I should be allowed two wishes if they are unrelated.. One material and one musical:

    Okay, first the material; a pick would be wonderful! And not a cheap one.. I’d like something proper!

    And then the musical; what about the whole of Echoes acoustic and not included as an Easter egg?

    (And at least the material isn’t an original one..)

  127. Mat, with all due respect, I think he’s got it! Ol’ David has some pretty good references!

    Blake From Nash

  128. My wish:

    A detailed list of guitar effects pedals used on each song. For example — Which songs used a triangle era Big Muff? Which used a Pete Cornish P-1 or G-2? Were they boosted by a Tube Driver?

    It would be nice.

  129. I wish to see extra footage of DG, Crosby and Nash harmonising on more tracks!

  130. A SPECIAL Limited EDITION with FULL concert DVD will be very nice with some new LIVE GIGS to follow…! 😉

  131. Caption:-

    The rest of the band looked on in disbelief, as David carried out his earlier threat to perform YMCA at the end of the show.

    [I like that one. Looks like Jon’s calling for assistance… – FEd]

  132. My wishes:

    The entire set
    Bonus material (Island Jam Premiere, 6_09_2007)
    Documentary DVD


  133. [And India, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Australia and Israel, of course. – FEd]

    How about some of the countries he didn’t play in on the tour? David has not played in Norway since TDB-tour..

    [Norway, too. – FEd]

  134. One wish is difficult:

    I suppose something cool like a poster or some cool postcard like the DSOTM postcards.

    Also is there going to be a vinyl release (I suppose that could be my second wish!)

    [You’ll have to wait and see. – FEd]

  135. Hello Fed!

    If I may have just one more wish, please, an “Ask David a question” feature would be great here on the blog. Like the ones you have done with Guy and Stevie D and some of the others.

    I loved the live ones that were done with David last summer and he seemed to enjoy them also. To have one here on the blog would be the next best thing. We could ask him questions about the new CD coming in September. What do you think? Maybe it would not take up too much of David’s time and yours to have a few questions posted.

    Ok. I hear you. I know it would take up a lot of your time especially to post them all, but we would love you forever to have another chance to ask David a question!!!

    Barbara P

  136. My wish:

    The longer and passionate live version of “Comfortably Numb” played during the live tour.

    Thank you,

  137. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who is desperate for a David Gilmour guitar pick. I have a collection that will be incomplete until I have his included.

    Maybe he could do something similiar to Willy Wonka, and have just certain CD packages contain the picks. And one lucky winner will also find a golden ticket that gets him a one day pass to hang out with David, backstage or at home, or some other ridiculous fantasy…..(hey, it’s nice to dream…)

  138. Hullo FED and All !!

    My one wish ? A separate DVD of Roger Waters’ reactions as he watches David shred his guitars through the set !!

    I’ve one other wish, but world peace is just too elusive.

  139. One wish, and down the hole we fall
    It seems to take no time at all…
    O, wrong song….

    Anyway, the wish would be to have a worldwide event release similar to what was done with RTN screenings. Like a worldwide listening party with DG hosting.



  140. I would like to chime in and say that a pick would be a nice extra to include with the live DVD. Other artists have done with their releases and it is a nice touch.

  141. Well, since David has the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, how nice would it be to re-record the full Atom Heart Mother suite!

  142. Hello,

    back to Italy again and again with “our” beloved blog.

    Mmhhh just one wish? It’s not original: a “David Gilmour” plectrum to create a bracelet for my wrist.

    Thank you FEd …your brain is very “crazy”…

    [Thank you. If I had a psychiatrist, I’m often quite sure that (s)he’d tell me the same thing. – FEd]

  143. A video of Nick Mason’s performance in RAH. That would be terriffic!!!!

    [Maybe, but not very likely, seeing as he didn’t want it on the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD. – FEd]

  144. A wish?? That David comes to Argentina once in his career. I thought he was coming for the On An Island tour but my country wasn’t on the list.

    Please David, I want to “Remember That Night” too!!!

  145. [Maybe, but not very likely, seeing as he didn’t want it on the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD. – FEd]

    How does that to understand, FEd ? – WHO did NOT want it – DAVID or NICK ??

    Will be fine when you clear this up.

    Maybe this was already cleared a few months back, if so – sorry to ask again!


    [No problem, Pete. It was Nick’s choice. – FEd]

  146. The best bonus would be an additional dvd with the best tracks with the philarmonic. I mean where the philarmonic presence is really noticed and evident.

  147. [No problem, Pete. It was Nick’s choice. – FEd]

    If I recall from previous blog discussions, Nick’s reasoning behind this decision was to not stir up rumours about any impending PF full blown reunions.

    Correct me if I’m wrong FEd.

    [It’s possible. As long as nobody attributes that explanation to me, that’s fine. – FEd]

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