Live album cover

The 'Live in Gdańsk' coverHere’s a first peek at what will be the cover of David’s ‘Live in Gdańsk’ album, due to be released, it is hoped, sometime in September.

Please click for a closer look.

You can just about make out the large Solidarność banner at the foot of the stage, signifying the 26th anniversary of the founding of Solidarity, the inspirational trade union which helped defeat communism in Eastern Europe.

David was invited to help mark the occasion by Poland’s former President and leader of Solidarity, Lech Wałęsa, and the Mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz.

Do you like it? Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.

There’s also a new tune from Wireman on the homepage today, so be sure to listen out for that.

Enjoy the extended weekend, if you have one. The Blog will be back on Tuesday, with the chatroom open from 15:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

111 thoughts on “Live album cover”

  1. Hey FEd,

    I like the symmetrical composition and the colours.

    The cranes left and right of stage remind me of scenes on TV in 1980 when Solidarność started through. Being 14 then I was afraid of war… What a (positive) contrast the scenes of DG concert in RTN were to what I saw in 1980.

    BTW: The blueish OAI turns red in its live version. Ready for harvest? 😉

    Have a nice weekend all of you!


  2. I like it. I’ll love it when I’ve got it in my hands!

    Those screens were pretty cool.

  3. Oh YES!!! I love the teasers, FEd… keep them coming!

    What a perfect looking sleeve. So iconic and bombastic, in step with Dave’s inimitable guitar style.

    You know, when there isn’t much that I’m looking forward to lately, I know I can ALWAYS be assured there’s something here that will change that.

    Thanks so David and Co. for this great release.

    Hey does that mean he’ll tour in support of this new live LP? Hmmmmmmm…… get Mr Gilmour’s management on the horn!

    Just kidding,

  4. The album cover looks very good, industrial, imposing and the colour is a nice contrast to the blue…and I’m looking forward to the documentary feature.

  5. Fantastic looking cover FEd.

    Was it REALLY a Red Sky At Night, that night???

  6. Nice new tune on the homepage, Wireman having trouble with the sound level, I see (hick)…

  7. Brilliant! Just Brilliant! Fine Job! I’ll take 3 copies please!

  8. Excellent piece of artwork and only serves to tease us all the more with anticipation! I’ll have to decide which DG/PF cd will come out of the car autochanger when it’s released??? I predict that it reaches the top of the album charts way before Christmas!

    Have a great weekend FEd and friends around the world.

    Hope to get back to the chats when we can have evening sessions.


  9. Absolutely fantastic cover. I think it’s great. Lovely colour, and is the perfect start to a great weekend.

    Happy Days!
    Simon J

  10. Oooooooo

    Love the cover and the new homepage tune/animation. I can’t wait 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Like the man himself, that is one bold and impressive cover…

    Kudos to all involved with the design!

  12. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…

    I really love this red. I think it’s symbolic of the strength and power of Solidarity. This same feeling is captured by the cranes as well, as they are tools, created by man, which have helped to reshape the world.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, it’s gorgeous.

    Have a nice weekend and happy Mayday!

  13. Cover looks great. With the shipyard cranes in the background it also looks very Floyd. Probably would also be a great cover for a live Animals release.

    Overall I like, I really like.



  14. IMHO an excellent cover, great aesthetics! Thanks for showing! Looks to me as if this was also done by Blade. Can you already give us information about this, FEd?

    Have a nice weekend everybody!

    [I know nothing about it, sorry. I’ve no information whatsoever. I’ll update if that changes. – FEd]

  15. A beautiful cover, David and Co. Is that one of Polly’s photos by chance?

    Can’t wait to get this album. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful new addition to my collection.


    [I would imagine so, Diane, but can’t confirm that. – FEd]

  16. Wow! It is simply great and DG is exactly in the centre of it, protagonist of his own music.

    Dear F.Ed. ,

    I’m moving house just in these days and i left all Pink Floyd’s/David Gilmour’s LP/CD/ DVD whole collection in the old home to be picked up and packed with extreme care.. as last thing to do in this weekend.

    Have a nice one to you and to all
    BYE/ciao Elisabetta

    [Good luck with the move, Elisabetta. Your music collection will be fine, I’m sure. – FEd]

  17. A rather lovely album design. But should we be surprised?

    I think not.

  18. Cool! I like the blazing sunset effect with the dark below. That’s powerful!

    Happy Spring weekend. Immerse your souls in music.


  19. I like the cover.

    Using red colour is a fine idea, a great symbol, I think, seeing that red is the colour of Solidarnosc and white and red are the colours of the Polish Flag now, total respect!

    I also like the new orchestral (I think) intro of Shine On on the homepage. Is it taken from the new CD?


    [Maybe. As with the studio album snippets, the ‘live loops’ are a little treat to get you in the mood. Hope you like them. – FEd]

  20. That is a sharp cover. I like the color that was chosen. As usual, David does not disappoint. I can’t wait to hear the variations in the music from this CD.

    That’s one of the things I like about David, he likes to change things around a bit. Which is nice.

    Have a nice weekend everybody.

  21. That is superb ! Perfect ! I love the red colour. Very, very good indeed.

    It would look good as a poster !


  22. Great cover!

    Sorry I’ve been absent – been in Delft for 3 weeks working v. hard on getting my thesis finished.

    I love the fact that the cover is taken from fan viewpoint, and all the attention is from the crowd down to a single point in DG. Also the red tones create a lovely contrast to the blues of the DVD and the previous promotional material….really makes it stand out as a live album.

    New DG on the way….happy days 🙂


  23. Looks like David’s playing in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster.

    Aside from that, it’s a great design!

  24. Wow! This cover is breathtaking. I have to agree with Taki, the symmetry and colors are amazing. Bravo to the photographer. Thanks David and FEd for giving us a taste.

    Have a wonderful weekend all


  25. Hi Fed.

    Excellent Cover – includes everything about the event – the shipyard cranes – the huge stage and screens – really very nice!!


  26. Great and powerful cover.

    On the cover, I see David Gilmour within the heart of an industrial complex, liberating and changing it, separating the Man from the machine.

  27. I just love it!! Can’t wait to get one!!

    Have a wonderful weekend Fed.

  28. I am very impressed with the cover I must say. Like many others, my first impressions revolved around the industrial images and the redness of it.

    But a bit more reflection has given me an Earthy impression which is also a good thing in light of the worker movement.

    Artistically, I like how the overall canvas is half and half black and red, but bits of black sneak into the red, and bits of yellow (a hotter version of red instead of a lighter version of red) sneak into the black.

    But the kicker is the crowd. A large crowd of nobodies all in the dark except for their heads is the initial impression, but then you are drawn to the individual in white, very cleverly off to one side. So she (looks like a she to me) highlights the ‘individual’ in the crowd (the worker within the workforce) without taking away from David who is, although very small in the picture, clearly the centre of attention.

    Congrats to those involved.

  29. Impressive! I love the red colour. There is some warm feeling I get when I look at this.

    Can’t wait to hear the album and see the other parts of artwork.

  30. The album cover looks warm and nice; It represents exactly the atmosphere of that specific night!!

    I traveled all the way down from the Netherlands to Gdansk to see that great event.

    Just one little remark: The two cranes that held the big screens in front of the stage just disappeared from the picture of the album cover! God bless Photoshop!!!

  31. Good news…

    Actually my wife is from the former Eastern Bloc (East Berlin). She’s the one who did ask David about his Signature Strat during the Q&A session at the Odeon.
    Anyway, the reunification of Germany means something very special for me. …and of course the former Eastern Bloc.

    Good to hear about the performance of “A Great Day For Freedom” with the orchestral arrangement of the late Michael Kamen, and the guest appearance of pianist Leszek. To hear the orchestra (conducted by Zbigniew Preisner) on stage with David and his OAI band, must sound great!

    I believe, somehow this concert has an extra deminsion. I like it very much.

    Can’t wait until September…


  32. Love it! What a great cover… really nice picture, very atmospheric, and hopefully eye-catching in the stores too.

    As Nickster said, great that it is from a fan’s viewpoint. So many people will be familiar with that sort of view of a show…

    I like the Red Sky At Night, too… 🙂

  33. After my criticism of the RTN DVD cover, I’m pleased to say that, IMHO, I think this album cover is superb.

    However, I did notice that the sticker advertising the limited edition DVD seems to have fallen off:-)

    September just seems such a long way away, though I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

  34. Captivating and attractive – the location, the band members, the audience, the light effects, the color theme… the “cover” says it all. Would that be another Carbon Neutral production, FEd?

    The new tune on the homepage and the Wireman with the wine glass are in perfect sync; very cool.

    [I hope so, Veronica. – FEd]

  35. Well FEd, kudos for sharing. The cover rocks and I know the album will be great.

    Two days ago marked the 24th anniversary of the closing of David Gilmour’s three night run at the venue which was known at the time as Hammersmith Odeon (since I am American, don’t know the name of the venue which took its place) on his About Face tour (wish that show would make it to DVD).

    Also, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Gilmour’s run as a solo artist when his solo debut came out.

    To hear the material on this live disc with an actual orchestra will be worth the price of admission.

  36. The cover looks stunning! Love the colors!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the album 🙂

  37. Awesome, for real. A powerful image of the event.

    I’m anxious to hear the string accompaniment with the group.

    Take Care. CT

  38. Fantastic cover! It will make people want to buy this CD regardless of whether or not they have ever heard of David Gilmour.

    Kind of like a scene straight out of War Of The Worlds…The red sky, the Martians (cranes), the crowd standing idly by watching the hero (David), dodging explosions (lights) while impossibly trying to save us…

    Sorry about that. I’ve had a rough week and feeling kind of silly (no LSD involved, I promise).

  39. Would be nice if Polish release of this album had some special “features” 😉

    BTW. Nice cover 🙂

  40. That’s a great job!

    Previous entries have noted the power of the imagery – the red, the symbolism of the flag, the cranes to remind us of the shipyard and the Solidarnosc connection, those terrific man-for-man screens which gave great access to the band, the light show, the sunset (which also looks rather like a dawn)….

    So much going on and yet also clean and beautifully centred …. rather like the music.

    Consider us well and truly teased.

  41. i love the new sleve and wireman is fab . though he has a bit of a thirst on him don’t you think ! at least he re-pours the wine into the glasss after he has had a sup on it and re-tunes the glases to play the music !

    as to the cover : red sky at night saxophonist’s delight ? it looks like a mixture of a photo and a drawing .

    well to those who are saying that it looks industrial didn’t david play in the shipyard in gdansk so what do you expect ! 🙂

    wishes for a good weekend to all here and to you fet ed . have a good lie in on monday !


  42. What a setting, again like everyone else we are looking forward to this cd.

    Have a good weekend Fed and thanks for the teasers, you make it fun.


  43. Hi Everyone.

    Awesome picture FEd – the start of great things to come!

    Another reason for David & Polly to publish an After Tour Book Programme showing all these wonderful pictures in one place! I don’t believe anyone has done that before.

    Have a Great Weekend Everyone.


  44. Hi FED,

    the album sleeve is fantastic, colours express themselves in great fasion. Absolutely beautiful and bold looking.

    Great picture snapshot from Polly?

    [I think so, yes. – FEd]

  45. Red. It’s nice to appropriate that color away from the Soviet Red Curtain era into a new, vibrant symbol of freedom. Very powerful.

    Red is the new red. (OK, so I’ve been drinking a little bit. What’s it to ya??? :b)

    Happy weekend, y’all,

  46. It’s beautiful and spectacular. Red is symbolic indeed.

    Can’t wait to see the orchestra, that’s what was missing on tour but I understand completely due to venue constraints.

    What a fitting conclusion to this tour. Bravo, David Sir.

  47. I really love the cover design and colour — very striking (no pun, honest). The next few months are going to be great fun, I can tell! The new music on the homepage is very nice, too.

    I’m a little spent tonight so, even though I’m feeling REALLY EXCITED on the inside, I’m incapable of putting those feelings into words … maybe later.

    Barely spring here and I find myself looking forward to September?? Only David could make me say that and actually mean it! Looking forward to my next fix;^)

    Have a great weekend, FEd!

    Peace ‘n’ love to all,

  48. In comparison to the RTN-Cover this is great!! I thought the RTN-Cover was really, really bad (colours, the guitar cut off on the right side of the cover). With all my respect to the artist, I think it’s a question of taste. The new cover has the same stamp (is it the same artist?), but this one is a really nice cover.

    When I saw the photos from the Gdansk Concert I expected the Screens to be on the album-cover because it’s perfect to see all the band members in one.

    Were the ship-cranes really there in that position or is it a “computerized” image?

    The red colour fits with the OAI-Cover somehow…

    bye bye

    [There’s been a bit of tinkering, I think. Please click your name for the few shots from Poland in the Gallery and decide for yourself. (And yes, it’s by the same design team: Blade. – FEd]

  49. WOW – what a brilliant idea.

    The red sky (when I saw it, my first thought was a burning sky) has a strong relation to the history of this place. What happens here, moves the world – as someone wrote on the homepage of Gdansk (click my name).


  50. Magnifique pochette … plus aboutie que la pochette du dvd “Remember that Night” … Et ce dégradé de Rouge en background est sublime.

    Vraiment hâte de l’avoir entre les mains 😉

    J’espère qu’un poster a l’éfigie de la pochette sera disponible 😉

  51. i think it’s much better than rtn.

    i hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

  52. Great cover!

    So who attended that particular concert? Which special songs were sung that were not included in the RtN DVD?

  53. Beautiful cover!

    Speaking of live releases, I prefer DVDs, because I can SEE the show, and rarely the live versions of the songs are better than the studio ones.

    But, in this case, knowing that they had an orchestra and there will be a documentary included, I think I’ll have this CD in my collection as soon as it sees the light of day!

  54. The cover looks great, I can’t wait for September now – another great release to add to the David Gilmour back catalogue.

  55. Cold, dark and moody. That is how I like my Gilmour. I think it is beautiful.

    Blake in Nashville

  56. i have a suggestion… the guy in the cover right above the txt “with THE” is too prominent…maybe he can be blurred out like the rest of the lot…

  57. Sweet! Thanks Fed for the updates! Thanks for keeping the blog interesting!

    Thanks Dave for the Blog, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You…

  58. Hi!

    I live in Argentina and I am 12 years old.

    I would like to know when David will come to my country.

    Excuse me for my bad English!

    Have a nice weekend everybody,

    [Hi Juan. Thank you for your message (in very good English). There is no tour, sorry, but I hope that you will see David play one day. – FEd]

  59. Hi

    Dave, if u filmed this concert too, like the RAH concerts, edit it on dvd, please..

    Do the step, all the fans would thank u more than ever…

  60. Perfect!…. good job design team, you can be proud of that one. The color, feel, mood and continuity are all there…..looks great, thank you!

  61. The thing that really grabbed me about the sleeve design was the symbolism in it – maybe by chance or not.

    The design still carries Floydian ideas and once again makes a statement about things happening in our society. The red sky, the cranes on either side and the shining light at the centre. Good stuff, it touches me the way the music does. And I like the way that all the band members get equal recognition with their photos across the cover.

    Shame it won’t be out for Father’s Day!!!!

    All the best Fed

  62. WOOOOOO!!!! Nature boy style!

    Great news.

    The cover looks wonderful, now how about a DVD release of the show as a bonus or limited issue?

    Since each band member had a screen for themselves, surely someone recorded the feed…

    Please dont keep it for memory, release that puppy and make us “smile”.

  63. The cover looks stunning. Just one comment though.

    The crane on the right side was cut off. I am sure it can be photoshopped in. That would give a better photo composition.





    [Not a good idea, Behnam, but thanks. – FEd]

  65. What a great cover!

    Now I hope David will release it in vinyl format. Plus what a way to end the tour.

    Well I hope that you’ll have a great Holiday, Fed.

    Take Care,

  66. Thumbs up for the cover, captures the performance very nicely.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  67. Mmm, my toes are tingling at the sight…

    The air burns and I’m trying to think straight / And I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

    [I know the feeling. My senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip, my toes, too numb to step… – FEd]

  68. OK, just seen the cover and got a real shiver of anticipation.

    I’m sure the album will be great. Can’t wait.


  69. David,

    Quando nós do BRASIL teremos o prazer em vê-lo ?

    Venha para cá e faça a nosso Felicidade.


  70. hi FEd. wow, great cover. i really like it.

    by the way, will the album include the full show?

    [I’m sure that will be revealed in due course. – FEd]

  71. I can’t wait until the CD. It’s the perfect CD and please, if you can, put the On An Island song from the Abbey Road Sessions. David Gilmour’s and Phil Manzanera’s guitar solos were perfect.

    Anyway, thank you for making the album and good luck with the album – thank you.

  72. That is an outstanding cover. Awwww, how did they know red is my favorite colour?

    In all seriousness, I hope it also comes out in a shirt, hint hint.

    [If there’s money to be made out of it, I’m sure it can be considered. – FEd]

  73. Sorry for late response, been away with chest infection (funny name for a girl, eh?).

    Anyway whatever, just to say really love the artwork cover for live album. The red works super and creates a great atmosphere.

    Ian Pearson

  74. Oh, can’t wait 😉

    The gig was great, hope the album will provide us with the same feelings or at least beautiful memories.

  75. That audio clip on the home page is tantalizing. I can’t wait to hear more. The album cover looks great too.

    I’m looking forward to September.

  76. I wonder if track such as OTTA from Venezia, TGGITS from Paris or London, SOYCD from Paris day two and Echoes from Vienne – as it appears that that night they were really “on” – could make it as a “bonus” disc. At least we should be granted with the rendition of “A Great Day For Freedom”.

    The cover is nice but is the title definitive?

    [So I’m told. – FEd]

  77. I’m glad that, as it was promised, Gdańsk gig will be brought out on CD. I hope that the Rick’s new “Time” “interpretation” won’t be changed. I would be happy if there would be a bonus DVD.

    I’m afraid that the concert will be brought out on 2cds, so not the whole concert will be included. I hope that at least “Echoes” (I’ve heard many bootlegs but this one performance I love the most, maybe because I was in Gdańsk!!!). I’m looking forward to this release.

    David, could you appear at the time of release in Poland to sign your new and old releases?

    Thanks a lot

  78. I’m impressed with the sleeve, more or less I had similar perspective at the night, slightly to the right, but this is how I saw the gig.

    Thanks for sharing FED.

  79. I wonder why they don’t show the cranes actually supporting the screens? I liked the little pyramid designs that the straps made:)

    I guess from an artistic viewpoint this must be the better way, plus you couldn’t see them at night anyway!

  80. beautiful album cover. this would make a lovely poster.

    and about the whole show being included, well it would fit on 2 cds just about if you edit out stage chat. a single cd holds 80mins maximum so 2 cds could hold about 2hrs 40mins.

    remember that night has 23 songs and is 2hrs 32mins approx. and the gdansk show had about the same number of songs so i don’t see why not include the whole show.

  81. One question:

    Do you know if the Orchestra played for every song that night, or only for the “On An Island” tracks?


    [Good question. I don’t think they played on every track… – FEd]

  82. Perfect in every way. The Live CD will be a real treat. Now I can listen to David in my car (not that I couldn’t before, but this just adds to the experience).

    Also Gdansk related, I was looking through the Gdansk galleries, and thought that this gem deserved a caption (click my name):

    Rick: Feel the power of the Hammond! Rock and ROLL!!!

    On a happy note, Saturday is my birthday and I am getting a new couch :o)

    [Have a good one, Ax (a good couch, that is, as well as a good birthday). – FEd]

  83. Seems like a lot of people want a DVD release of this…

    Is it just “high hopes” or do we need to “keep talking” until we are “lost for words”?

  84. seb:

    Orchestra played on all On An Island songs plus on all songs which had original orchestral arrangements that is High Hopes, A Great Day For Freedom and of course brilliant version of Comfortably Numb (some footage of that one is available on RTN DVD, Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine documentary).

  85. since the orchestra didn’t play on every song this has led me to believe that the album will only include the songs with orchestra.

    i hope i’m wrong as it would be such a treat to have the full concert but if songs are omitted then please mr. gilmour (if you’re reading this) don’t omit echoes. you’d be mad to leave it off.

  86. No, I do not like it…nothing original…

    Oh and by the way… when are the fans going to wake up and stop being milked like cows…first the cd then the limited cd, the lp, the dvd, the blu-ray dvd and now the live cd..what’s next??

    I think the cd and vinyl was just fine and why wasn’t this concert included in the dvd??

    Anyway cheers everyone,

    [Because the DVD was already chock-a-block with about a dozen other things. And perhaps also because you’ll probably buy whatever comes out next, anyway? Please do consider that, if the CD and vinyl really was enough, fans wouldn’t have bought all the other things and still kept on asking for more. But believe me, I take your point about fans being milked, because I usually tend to agree. All I can say, speaking as a fan, is this: If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. – FEd]

  87. I do agree with the milking of fans with Pink Floyd related material…

    “Oh By The Way” was a terrible offering from the label that included absolutely nothing of value for 99% of the fans that would have purchased it… just another way for the desperate record labels to use the name “Pink Floyd” for profit.

    Aside from the CD and the CD/DVD combo, I’ve been very happy with all the releases that have been offered.

    One question however:


    [Who talked about that? If we’ve talked about it here, it was only ever mentioned as a possibility. – FEd]

  88. David, when will you come back to Poland? I missed this fantastic show in Gdańsk.

    I hope this DVD will be available in Poland. I must have it.

    All the best regards for David for his music. Thank you!

  89. I rather take exception to being likened to a dairy cow.

    Although I quite like dairy cows actually and dairy cows rather like being milked, or their poor udders would burst and we wouldn’t have nice tasty milk shakes … but I digress.

    The fans are not, in my humble opinion being milked by having a live CD to accompany a live DVD … as far as I am aware they are different products, like t-shirts and beanie hats …. try driving and watching the DVD for example (but don’t run over any dairy cows please).

    We would be more milked if the CD was the same content as the DVD … but it’s a different show, a special show, and I imagine 99% of us here are bustin’ to buy it …

    Now where’s that icecream, it’s bloomin’ hot here today ….

  90. This is great, I’m really excited with this new album…

    It’s sad because I’m never gonna see Dave live, ’cause he’s never gonna play again, much less in Brasil.

    Sorry if I’m being ungrateful, at least we have a live album to buy.

    Thanks Dave, tell him that FEd, even if he never comes here, we still love him!

    I speak for all true fans of Pink Floyd, not the RW widows!

  91. A few questions, hopefully you can look into for some of us…

    1. Pulse – will it see a HD release?
    2. In Concert (Meltdown show) – Will it see a HD release?
    3. Delicate Sound of Thunder – Will it see a HD or even a DVD release?
    4. David Gilmour In Concert (1980s VHS) – Will it see a HD or even a DVD release?

    I know I’m asking for a lot here, but I seriously think there is a market for these and I for one would love to have upgraded versions from my standard DVD, VHS and VCD.

    Perhaps you could do a poll (Random Nonsense?) and see just how many would be interested, then offer the results to David’s Management co. for them to consider…

    David has a Hardcore following and in an interview recently he stated stated “fans would embrace anything from him” and I think the above metioned items would be much appreciated by his fan base.

    Yes I know, I post asking for a lot, but at least I’m not asking for The Wall on DVD also, right?

    [True, but I don’t remember inviting questions about old releases (when we’re talking about a new release, which obviously interests David much more than anything you’ve mentioned), nor suggesting that it’s somehow my place to get answers for you (which would then be twisted and exaggerated and repeated lazily on God-knows how many websites). If there were any plans for any of those things, I’m sure you’d find out about them. – FEd]

  92. Guess if Rick’s version of ‘Time’ will be included in this edition..

    I will never forget Guy Pratt’s laugh at his father-in-law.. :))


    [Who talked about that? If we’ve talked about it here, it was only ever mentioned as a possibility. – FEd]

    There were only some fans (me included) hopes expressed here, but nothing was officially declared, anyway this is no excuse to ask in such a rude way.

    Advanced resolution audio (sacd, dvd-audio) release would be a rather niche product, maybe twice as much as vinyl 10.000 copies worldwide and taking into account some additional costs (multichannel mix preparation, new advertising campaign and limited press which can be sold).

    I do not think it is the most important topic for David’s management nowadays. And I can understand such an approach. For me it will not be a tragedy if OAI won’t be released in 5.1 at all.

    However I have some hope, because I think that David’s music is perfect for multichannel presentation, when I listen to Roxy Music’s “Avalon” or Bryan Ferry’s “Boys and Girls” in 5.1 sacd, I start to imagine how On An Island would sound in 5.1 and I’m sure it would be great.

  94. [Who talked about that? If we’ve talked about it here, it was only ever mentioned as a possibility. – FEd]

    Yes, it was mentioned here by you that he had plans to do such.

    [I don’t remember inviting questions about old releases (when we’re talking about a new release, which obviously interests David much more than anything you’ve mentioned… – FEd]

    1. It is that history that he seems to want to ignore that made us the fans we are of David’s.

    […nor suggesting that it’s somehow my place to get answers for you – FEd]

    2. Are you not a representative of him by running his official site?

    […which would then be twisted and exaggerated and repeated lazily on God-knows how many websites). – FEd]

    3. I agree.

    [If there were any plans for any of those things, I’m sure you’d find out about them. – FEd]

    4. I have not seen anything, and as a fan am interested in these things. Seeing as how rereleases have been prevalent, the above metioned material would be good in modern formats.

    [Firstly, I don’t remember saying that David had plans to do anything of the sort. I do, however, remember Sound & Vision quoting David on the topic, and the usual sites pouncing on it, then people coming here looking for more details from me. All David said was that he’d thought about it. The trouble with admitting that you’ve thought about something is that people then hold you to that thought and expect you to deliver, when you might have just changed your mind or started thinking about something else instead. Please click your name above for the interview, remembering that there were more live dates added after “the tour and the summer holidays” (these had not been planned at the time of the interview), then there was a DVD, and now there’s a live album. As for your other points, then: 1. I understand that. I don’t think David wants to ignore anything, though; he’s just focusing on the present rather than the past. 2. I give you the information that David wants me to give you, as and when he wants me to give it to you. I wouldn’t be representing him very well if I just blurted out his passing ideas and the careless whispers of those around him. Hell, there are plenty of sites doing that as it is. 3. Shame, that, isn’t it? 4. Fair enough. I’m sure that many other fans feel the same way. (Paul?) – FEd]

  95. That looks beautiful. Can’t wait.

    Sorry so abbreviated a post, but then F’Ed, less for you to have to wade thru.

    Bless you all,

  96. Gdansk is a good city, but… you forgot about Russia? No concerts since 1989!!

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