Guitar auction, New York

David's old cream-coloured Strat, up for auction later this monthIf you’re tired of waiting for the Signature Strat, and perhaps have more money than sense, then one of David’s old guitars is going up for auction at the end of the month, in New York.

The guitar in question is a Fender Stratocaster: a vintage ’57 re-issue, serial number V010612.

In a cream finish with three-ply pickguard, it even comes with strings and a plectrum.

David’s modifications, typically, include a shortened tremolo arm, EMG SA pickups and SPC/EXG tone-boost circuits.

This guitar, by the way, was taken on the road for the last two Pink Floyd tours.

The auction takes place at the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway on 31 May.

Estimate? $4,000 to $6,000.

Please click here for more details on Julien’s ‘Icons Of Music II’ auction.

See also Lot #299 (wooden spoon signed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono) and a rather tatty container for Elvis Presley’s multi-vitamins (Lot #246).

Go on, do tell: which three items of the music memorabilia listed would you most like to find beneath your (presumably very large) Christmas tree? We’re all wondering.

Just three. Don’t be greedy.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

66 thoughts on “Guitar auction, New York”

  1. Cool, but too expensive for me.

    Can’t believe they’re asking $200 to $400 for a piece of cardboard that Oasis signed!

    [Indeed. Elton John’s old toaster is a better deal, surely. – FEd]

  2. David’s Black Strat
    Rory Gallagher’s Strat
    A signed Black Strat Book by Phil Taylor as mine wasn’t signed….I cant get over this, Fed!

    [Sorry, Paul. Excuse my rubbish use of English, I meant three items from this auction. There are some crackers. Click your name and have a look. – FEd]

  3. Hello Fed! I hope all is well!

    1. Any Guitar owned by David Gilmour
    2. A WEM Speaker Cabinet used by David Gilmour
    3. Any prop used by the Floyd in concert

    [My apologies to you, too. (You wouldn’t like Cher’s Geisha costume instead?) – FEd]

  4. So, did David donate a very nice Strat and Elton donated a toaster??????

    C’mon Elton, you can do better than that!


  5. Och, just 3?! If we’re going to dream about gettin 3, we’d be as well dreaming about getting as many as we’d like :-P!

    Ok then, here goes:

    Item # 322 – BOB DYLAN OWNED AND PLAYED GUITAR – Who wouldn’t want a guitar once owned by Bob?!

    Item # 62 – PETE TOWNSHEND STAGE PLAYED GUITAR – Just because Pete used it. I’d somehow hope some of his talent transferred onto me and I’d be windmilling to Baba O’Reilly in no time…

    Item # 63 – DAVID GILMOUR OWNED AND PLAYED GUITAR – Sorry, I try not to be obsessive but c’mon!!!

    I was also tempted by a guitar signed by R.E.M. and Patti Smith, but reading further into it, it’s also signed by 50 Cent and James Blunt… I’d rather have no guitar at all to be honest… 😛

    What’s your 3, FEd? 🙂

    [Well, I’ll be sneaking into your house on Christmas Eve to steal your first choice, although it could end up looking more like Beyonce’s guitar by the time I’ve had a go. The handwritten Bob Dylan setlist is a nice item, and the termination agreement signed by Frank Sinatra marks a definite high point in the history of music. – FEd]

  6. Hi FEd,

    one of three would be nice to play:


    Sadly most of the instruments will probably be locked away after the auction. They should demand a guarantee that the auction winners will keep use them regularly. It’s a shame that so many instruments are only bought as an investment…



    [I agree. – FEd]

  7. #18 the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss/T-Bone Burnett Signature Gibson
    #346 Eric Clapton’s Red Roland G 505
    and of course, David’s Fender strat.

    I considered Bob’s electric, but I would much rather have one of his acoustic guitars…

    I was also tempted by the motorcycle… My uncle used to ride an Indian, but my dad was strictly a Harley man and “I can’t let go, won’t let go.” Harley for me, too, so it goes… (NOT that I could afford that Indian right now, anyway.)

  8. I’ll have creamy nightmares tonight.

    By the way, I’d like to find…

    1) The Britney Spears’ stage costume
    2) Elvis’ prescription bottle
    3) and the Elton John’s toaster, indeed

    Jokes apart, the cream Strat is wonderful and I hope it will not go in some metal-addicted hand…

  9. I just browsed the catalog. There’s a fair amount of tat in there but there’s also some stuff that practically gave me a seizure from wanting. I think I’ve developed a permanent twitch.

    So…yeah. Three?

    Well, David’s guitar is a real beauty and it’s signed by AND played by. I would like to bring it home and gently interrogate it. I might actually sleep with it in an entirely respectful and platonic way. Just some cuddling. That guitar not only rocks it has some stories.

    I’m all glazed over now with the inability to choose. I mean, a lot of people whose work I adore have stuff in there. HANDWRITTEN BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN LYRICS??? Why they gotta torture me like that?

    Not the Brian May cricket bat (is that what it is? I’m not English) though. I love, love, love his playing but dude, seriously, part with a guitar.

  10. Well, I think I’ve mentioned this before somewhere but I would say:

    1. Stratocaster serial number 0001
    2. Black Stratocaster in Pompeii livery
    3. David’s beat up Esquire as featured on About Face

    Best regards.


  11. In no particular order;

    322 Bob Dylan owned and played
    254 Jimmy Page played and signed
    63 David Gilmour owned and played

    Just any one of these fine guitars for my sons 8th birthday present. Wish I could afford one.

    Oh well, I may be back for another drool over them after the game tonight.

  12. From the auction (aside from David’s guitar):

    1. The Frank Sinatra/Capitol termination agreement
    2. The Elvis gold record for his mother
    3. Jimi Hendrix’s wah-wah pedal

  13. [Elton John’s old toaster is a better deal, surely. – FEd]

    I guess it just ‘popped up’ for auction.

    Well it’s a bit obvious but Item 63 – David’s Strat would be the nicest to have.

    Item 254 – Jimmy Page signed and played Strat (with a reserve price of £10,000 to £15,000!)

    Item 61 – John Entwistle’s Strat (I think I can see a pattern here.)

    Although, I have to be honest, it was a hard choice, I mean do I go for a Strat owned by David or U2 War flag (item 385)?

    Actually I could do with something in case I run out of loo paper so maybe I should choose the U2 item…

  14. Did you notice that you could bid on a signed Mylie Cyrus (Hannah Montana) guitar?? And also bid on a signed guitar from her dad?? She’s just popping up all over the place.

    I’m still reviewing what my choices would be.



  15. I’d take-

    David’s Strat
    Jimmy Page’s Strat
    Paul McCartney’s Imperial Guitar

    (I’d hate to be the guy who gave Elton the toaster!!)

  16. I’d certainly like David’s guitar under my Christmas tree, but the Indian would be pretty neat as well, and Jimmy Page’s Gibson would look good leaning against a wall.

    I’d still settle for a chance to see RTN live.

    Thanks for the dreams Fed.

  17. Hmmmmmm…

    The Animals Pig
    Elvis’ Thunderbird costume
    A Nick Mason Ferrari

  18. I’d like to have:

    #63 David’s strat
    #56 Jimmy Page signed Les Paul
    #313 Indian motorcycle

    There’s so much to choose from.

  19. David’s cream guitar, of course!
    John Entwistle’s played and signed guitar
    Bob Dylan’s handwritten setlist

    Those two guitars (in the proper hands) and Bob’s setlist could really be some kind of fun, don’t you think?

    Must post this before it disappears like my first attempt at a comment earlier today. ‘Twas a different topic, but a lengthy, well-thought-out, heartfelt comment which vaporized before I hit the ‘post’ button.

    So, FEd, it’s not that I have been ignoring the blog, but have been suffering from a serious case of postus interruptus. Hope you’re doing well and don’t be tempted by that Mylie Cyrus signed guitar, okay??;^)

    Peace ‘n’ love to you all!

  20. I wish I could get that Strat (cream2). It would most definitely not be a closeted instrument. That baby would be played and played. The fact that it belonged to David is more than enough reason, and I like his taste in setups as well.

    I still need to think about my other two choices. Hmmmmmmm.

  21. That´s a really hard decision FEd, but I´d take

    # 63 David´s Fender Strat (what else!)
    # 33 Elvis signed program
    # 260 Beatles autograph

    It´s hard to believe there is even a Tokio Hotel guitar on offer. So if you can´t get the Miley Cyrus stuff…

    [Not you as well, Stephanie? I thought better of you. – FEd]

  22. Must be pretty frustrating from your end sometimes wondering if people could read. Chin up and write a 140 character Twitter rant on the topic, it may make you feel better.



  23. Gotta fancy …

    Lot 383 – Jimmy Page’s Gibson
    Lot 53 – Brian May’s cricket bat

    and just for you F’ed

    Lot 326 – Old Bob’s graduation photos

  24. Just three? You’re killing me FEd!! I’ve been such a good boy this year 😀

    Okay, okay, here they are:



    #103 – DAVID BOWIE 16MM AND 8MM ORIGINAL FILM FOOTAGE (I would restore it, and make it into a movie)

    I didnt include the DG Strat, because that’s a given. So I chose 3 others instead. There are so many awesome things to choose from though.

    Best of luck to anyone who goes!

  25. Wow, looks like David is starting to sell his guitars. I know he said so in the RTN Q&A thing. Plus he never liked that Blonde/Cream Strat.

    My three picks:

    Estimated price $80000 – that is a lot of money

    I’d like this guitar though I’d probably paint it candy apple red and leave the white pickguard. That would make me sneaky and deceiving!!!

    I would do just about anything for this guitar. It sounds awesome & again $80000.

    Thanks for this, hope I get one of these for Christmas!!

    Cheers FEd

  26. AhAh! Cher’s geisha costume is great, but also Buddy Holly’s mocassins are not bad! I think the friend who gave Elton John his toaster will be very disappointed to see Elton didn’t appreciate the gift!

    Anyway, my three. There is so much to choose among…I love Santana’s jacket, but I will renounce it for:

    63 DAVID STRAT – (even if i don’t deserve it, ’cause I couldn’t play it and give it the right honour it was born for. Forgive my question, but in the pics on the strat page, isn’t David playing the black Strat?)

    330 CELEBRITY PLAYED WISSNER UPRIGHT PIANO – (I couldn’t give it the right honour either, but at least I could enjoy strumming on it a little!)

    258 JIM MORRISON HANDWRITTEN POEM – (I am not a real Doors’ fan, but Jim Morrison wrote some lines I always loved [“I want to hear the scream of the butterfly” has always been one of my favourite images from a song line, for example]. So I award his poem.)

    Time to sleep

    [It’s funny how these people desperately grab at photos that have sod-all relevance to the copy, isn’t it? Always a good game, that: Spot The Relevance. Try it some time. – FEd]

  27. This one is easy:

    #63 DG EMG Strat
    #238 Miles Davis Stage played trumpet
    #254 Jimmy Page played Strat

    These are the real instruments of three of the legends of modern music.

  28. Hi FED, here are my three;

    1.#59 Stevie Knicks Black Cape,
    I could wear this to Alice Cooper concerts.
    2.#64 Creedence Clearwater Revival Signed Guitar,
    John Fogerty is one of my idols of years gone by.
    3.#166 Jerry Garcia handwritten music Tablature,
    music world class.

    No particular order for me either.

  29. Man, I wish I had the money to bid on this! I hope it goes to a good home. It would be great if someone here won it. There are some really cool things in this auction. Rather then mentioning the obvious. I’ll pick 3 others:

    #238 – Miles Davis Trumpet – What a treasure!
    #252 – Jimi Hendrix Wah-Wah Pedal – Hello? Jimi!
    #323 – Signed Photograph of The Traveling Wilburys –
    One of the greatest collabrations ever, IMHO.
    Such a talented group of musicians!

    An observation I’ve made and would like to share. . . .

    Most of the guitars on this auction are labeled ‘signed’ Only a few were labeled ‘owned and played.’ Those would be Gilmour, Dylan, Cash. Jimmy Page has an honorable mention with ‘played and signed.’ Just goes to show, why the best are the best!

    Peace and love to you all!


  31. If I remember correctly, David gave Charlie the same guitar? Perhaps it’s #1 Cream. My Strat is the same colour, 1976, how ironic is that!

    I’d take any guitar offered just to enjoy playing them all.

    Must have been a great game to watch last night with Penalty Kicks and all. So close.

  32. What a great way to fantasize, pretend and dream … and my three choices are:


    The Julien’s ‘Icons Of Music II’ is a charity auction benefiting Music Rising (click my name).

  33. I just got a Fender Stratocaster replica on my living room wall. Signed by Roger, Dave, Rick and Nick!!! I’m just so satisfied.

    However, if I could choose, I would go for the inflatables from the Wall-tour, Dave’s Black Strat and the old Azimuth used on DSOTM.


  34. Dear F.ed.

    yes, they are dreams….written in capital letters

    I’d like:

    #63 David Gilmour Fender Stratocaster (I would protect this one under a suitable shielded-showcase anti-projectiles, fire and theft)
    #2 Frank Sinatra signed contract Capitol Records
    #269 Beatles photograph and autographs

    Minimum total bid : Usd 7.000,- ……

    have a nice day all of you
    bye-bye / ciao Elisabetta

  35. erm…

    #275 Beatles Abbey Road litho.
    #327 Bob Dylan/Patti Smith photo
    #294 Beatles and Yoko, Linda McCartney photograph

  36. I am not a musician, and I believe that an instrument should be in the hands of someone capable of playing it. It’s silly to have a fine instrument that you don’t make music with.

    So I do not want David’s guitar or any of those other instruments. But I love listening to other people make music. So, beneath my tree I want the following people with THEIR instruments:

    David Gilmour
    Rick Wright
    Jon Carin
    El Magnifico
    Guy Pratt
    Stevie D

    And the rest of the “On An Island” band (Wyatt, Parry, etc.).

    [Under a tree? All of them? With their instruments? How big is this tree of yours? – FEd]

  37. #63 – David Gilmour Stratocaster
    #177 – Jimi Hendrix guitar strap (to go with above, where did I get that idea from?)
    #406 – The Edge’s Gibson Explorer

    That was difficult, so much stuff to drool over.

  38. [If I remember correctly, David gave Charlie the same guitar? – Frank]

    Frank, I think it was the blonde Telecaster he gave to Charlie.

  39. Interesting choices and great time eater.

    For me its the Britney hat, looks see thru, was it? Could you see right through it?

    John and Yoko signed “Grapefuit” to replace my copy which I lost and contains so much common sense.

    Finally the Ringo neon sign, better if it flashed but not sure.

    Ta for fun

  40. Yes, I have found three wonderful auction items:

    #135 – Britney Spears sexy mini leather skirt with awesome velcro and snap closure. (!)

    #405 – “Mr The Edge” Muscleman T-shirt (ie, which includes “muscle sleeves”). – Yeah !

    # 23 – Cowboy boots, signed by Dwight Yoakam (= ???).

    Wow ! A perfect way for me to dress in my kitchen when I’m desperately trying to have fun cleaning the house !!!


  41. Sorry to change the subject, but I heard some excellent news today that Pink Floyd have won the Polar Music Prize, one, if not: The, most respectable prize in modern day music.

    Just wanted to send my congratulations to David, and everyone else involved.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

    [Just you wait until 3pm… – FEd]

  42. What a choice!

    For me it has to be those items steeped in music history, dripping with the sweat and emotion of the musicians who once owned, played or maybe even were in a three mile radius of the item…

    Item # 313 – INITIAL PRODUCTION RUN LOW VIN INDIAN CHIEF MOTORCYCLE – allegedly this mototcycle was once seen by the drummer from Showaddywaddy

    Item # 382 – MUSIC RISING CUSTOMIZED TOYOTA SEQUOIA which uses the same type of oil that The Edge has in his ride on lawnmower

    Item # 276 – THE BEATLES “WHITE ALBUM” owned by a guy who lived with his Mother and once saw The Rubettes live in concert…

    “A 20% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the hammer price on individual lots $50,000 and higher, and a 25% Buyer’s Premium on all individual lots of $0 – $49,000.
    There will be an additional 3% Buyer’s Premium charged for lots won on Auction Network ”

    I wonder if Julien will be donating that chunk of change to the charity?

    Cynically yours…

  43. [Under a tree? All of them? With their instruments? How big is this tree of yours? – FEd]

    Hey, this is all in my imagination. If my imagination says these guys could all fit beneath a tree, then they can. It either means I imagine one heck of a tree, or that I imagine the band in miniature.

    Of course, it could also mean I have no sense of proportion. That would explain my inability to read a map.

    [From this day forth, I shall imagine you as Roald Dahl’s BFG. – FEd]

  44. there’s so much to choose from, but i’d most like:

    – elvis presley’s hat
    – jimi hendrix’s guitar strap
    – david’s cream strat

  45. – One of the original Floyd Pigs
    – The car Keith Moon drove into the swimming pool
    – Jim Morrison’s leather trousers

  46. 1. Item #63!!
    2. Item #63!!
    3. Item #63!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (FEd, can I borrow six grand??)

    [I wish I had six grand to lend! – FEd]


    FEd, can we bid online?

    Great auction…


    [I only know what you know, sorry. – FEd]

  48. #1 Algie!
    #2 Dave’s black strat
    #3 Those two drum sticks Nick tossed out at Live 8 (I’m drooling over those every time I put the Live 8 DVD in my player^^)

    Well, I could take that Strat also 😛

  49. Fed,

    Do you think it would be a good idea…wait for it….If we could give some feedback to the Fender Custom Shop as to what we hope to see in a DG Strat??

    Be gentle…please.

    [Could do. – FEd]

  50. Wouldn’t I look so damn cool wearing Bruce Springsteen’s NHL Rangers Jersey, sporting Alice Cooper’s Sunglasses, while playing David’s Guitar supported by Jimi Hendrix’s guitar personal strap?

    Dare to say no!

  51. From this auction, I’d take Gilmour’s Strat, Pete Townshend’s Coral Hornet and maybe Sinatra’s signed contract with Capitol Records.

    I’ll also take one of his Gretsch White Falcons, his Gold Top Les Paul, and the candy apple red vintage ’57 Strat he used on Lapse and Pulse tours.

  52. [feedback to the Fender Custom Shop as to what we hope to see in a DG Strat?? – Paul Sexton]

    Hmmm… difficult one… but here are some off the wall suggestions:

    – It should be black in colour…
    – Maple neck
    – Have a black pickguard…
    – An additional switch for the pick-ups added
    – Shortened whammy/tremolo bar/arm

  53. Rudders-FYI

    What string gauge should it be fitted with?
    Relic or not?
    Neck profile?

    Just a thought…….

  54. The three items of music memorabilia I would most like to find beneath my (usually very small) Christmas tree are:

    3)Item # 146 – WOODSTOCK POSTER

    I would love own and play on a great trumpet, and dream of the days of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

  55. Hi there,

    just jumped in to that auction-homepage. Being surprised that the auction is streamed into the internet. Very interesting… Lot #49 just sold for $1400.

    Lot #62 – a P. Townshend guitar sold for $20.000

    Lot #63 – David’s white Fender started at $7.000 and sold for $60.000 at 17:53h CET.

    WOW! Congratulations, David!!

    Did anyone here bid?

    I remembered that auction because I found something about GAS in a German musician-forum. Is or was GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrom) a problem for David?

    You suffer from GAS…

    …when you buy tubes for your amp, even if you know it’s a transistorised one.

    …when you have to sit at home on 4×12″ cabinets because there’s no more space for chairs.


  56. That guitar is the same that Dave used in the tour of the 80s? About Face Tour? I’ve seen a video, he plays a guitar very similar to that in the Hammersmith Odeon, but I don’t remember the song.

    Anyway, that is a fabulous guitar. I want one too.

    [I’m not sure that it was used on the ‘About Face’ tour, Andrey… – FEd]

  57. Mr. Gilmour exemplifies self actualization. Music is fantastic and nothing more. Does Mr. Gilmour know this? Yes indeed, and in practice. His work is our fantasy; what I love the most is that Mr. Gilmour has no choice in the matter, just listen…

    Thank you very much, Mr. Gilmour. I believe you.

  58. Has anyone bid or seen the show – how much was there to pay for Cream #2??

    [A lot: $60,000. – FEd]

  59. Think how many sofas you’d need to check the back of for spare change before you got £30,000!

    Have you heard about the Sun’s story about David at Glastonbury Fed?

    [I have, but The Sun is a worthless rag never to be believed, in my personal opinion. I, for one, will never forget those hurtful lies printed about the Hillsborough disaster, so now I always have a salt shaker nearby just in case I happen to come by a story that emanated (no, that wasn’t intentional) from The Sun. Salt to pinch, that is, not to rub into my disbelieving eyes to stop the pain of reading such a vile, cheap tabloid offering from the gutter press. Again, that’s just my personal opinion and is not an open invitation for further questions about this story in the hope of getting something quotable from DG Management. (The Blog is not part of DG Management, by the way. If DG Management wanted to comment on this story, I’m sure there’d be something new on the Latest News page… Maybe.) – FEd]

  60. Sorry if you thought I was after some kind of confirmation of the story because I wasn’t. The whole story just doesn’t stack up (a gap in his touring schedule?!) and as you say it’s just the Sun, which is possibly the least reliable paper available. It was more of a ‘have you seen what rubbish they’ve come up with now?’ rather than an ‘is it true?’ question.

    [No problem, Thomas. I didn’t think that of you, but past experience tells me that plenty of people are looking here for something to run with. I just wanted to make it known that there isn’t anything to say, as opposed to simply saying nothing at all. – FEd]

  61. $60,000.

    I just don’t see the value here to spend that amount of money on a guitar. Sure, it is fine if the money is going to charity. But it just seems very extreme.

    Hey, maybe another nonsense question. If you had $60,000 to do as you wish, what would you spend it on? The sidebar would be how many would suck up and say “donate it to Crisis?”



    [I like that, Andrew. You know what? I’m going to scrap tomorrow’s planned Random Nonsense in favour of this one instead. No lists until then, please. ($60,000 to spend as you wish…) – FEd]

  62. Been away for a few days, I’m just catching up on some older posts here and as a fellow Liverpool fan I’d like to thank you for your comments reference The Sun.

    For those not familiar, Google “The Sun”, Liverpool and Hillsborough and you’ll see precisely what FEd meant and why it such an emotional subject.

    Sorry for being OT, FEd.


    [Reminding the world of what that despicable rag printed is never OT to me, my friend. – FEd]

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