Flashback: Manchester

Manchester's Bridgewater Hall, where David performed on this day back in 2006

Two years ago today, the UK leg of the ‘On an Island’ tour finally got going – in Manchester.

Were you at Bridgewater Hall? If you have a memory or two to share, then this is the perfect place for it.

Your recollections from Glasgow tomorrow, please, followed by London throughout the rest of the week.

The chatroom will also be open tomorrow between 16:00 and 18:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

29 thoughts on “Flashback: Manchester”

  1. I was there thanks to the very generous Gabrielle who gave – yes, gave – me 2 tickets to go and see him. I took my wife to her 1st ever concert, she was blown away by it all and my son also went, Aaron Floyd, all be it 2 months in the womb (he loved it).

    Thanks Gabrielle.

    The venue was very Floyd, ideal, perfect in every way and what a year. I still had the RAH to go to.

    What a year ’06 was, I remember that night.

  2. Hi FEd,

    an impressive snap that one! Quite a few seats…

    Best regards,


    PS. I’m off to another business trip in a couple of hours, so I may be rather quite the next 6 days 😉

    [Have a good time. – FEd]

  3. have a nice week, everyone. ciao Fed.


    [The same to you. (Can you believe that it’s almost June?) – FEd]

  4. I know I´m a little late. But I think better late than never: My congratulations to David for winning the Ivor Novello Award.

    I wish I could say something about the Manchester concert (or any other of David´s concerts) but to that time I wasn´t a fan (blush). So I´m just looking forward to “Live in Gdansk” and waiting patiently what the future may bring.

    And thanks to you Fed for your work on this blog. I´m posting only seldom but I enjoy visiting this place.

    [I appreciate that, Irene, thank you. – FEd]

  5. My God, is it two years ago already?

    Remember going up with my best mate to see the show and both of us being like excited schoolboys when we saw that we were centre stage in the third row (both the wrong side of 40!), giggling away.

    The show was absolutely fantastic, we both sat there mouths agape during the whole set.I can honestly say that I almost weeped during Echoes.

    After the show we went for a beer, got back to the hotel and turned the telly on, to see DG on Jools Holland, perfect end to the day.

  6. two years ago!

    i wasn’t there, but i remember the excitement building up and up and up for the first london show, because i had tickets for that one instead.

    fed, were you there?

    [Sadly, no. Perhaps should have been, but wasn’t. – FEd]

  7. [Can you believe that it’s almost June? – FEd]

    I can believe, dear Fed..here in south Italy it is summer…I hate it.

  8. It looks like the Auditorium in Rome!

    I arrived too late, last days, to tell that the pics of the Ivor Novello Awards are very very beautiful. Nice to see Mr Gilmour so smiling and relaxed. Congratulations again!

    Have a wonderful week

    Hey Fed, I read a music curiosity right now. I enjoy this news! Just to let you know.

    The 10 most memorable festival performances according to The Guardian (click my name):

    1 Nirvana: Reading, 1992
    2 Bob Dylan: Newport, 1965
    3 Kevin Rowland: Reading, 1999
    4 Morrissey: Madstock, 1992
    5 Stone Roses: Spike Island, 1990
    6 Limp Bizkit: Woodstock, 1999
    7 Fairport Convention: Krumlin Festival, 1970
    8 Style Council: Glastonbury, 1985
    9 Rolling Stones: Altamont, 1969
    10 Radiohead: Glastonbury, 1997


    [And I thought The Guardian had good taste. Maybe not. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  9. RTN is amazing! My only wish is this:

    If you do another tour in the States play bigger gigs so you can bring down the ticket price. I love Dave but 175 dollars for a show is out of control.

    Peace and respect all.

  10. Manchester was a fantastic concert. I taped the first half but then forgot to reset the recorder for the second half. The quality of the first half recording was superb.

    Fortunately the best recording of the entire tour surfaced from this gig, as someone taped the full show and the quality was incredible. He was sitting near to the soundboard and his mics captured a sound quality which many consider to be better than soundboard quality.

  11. I’m looking forward to reading the memories from the UK.

    Hi, Fed, comment ça va ? Un weekend avec trois ‘grasses matinées’ (= to have a lie-in ?), c’est super sympathique, non ? On n’a pas eu ça ici…

    I hope you enjoyed ! and welcome back !


    [Oui, merci. Et tu? Pour moi, c’était un weekend pour jouer aux échecs et écouter du Blues (pas ‘Les Bleus’, merci pour la correction), parce que le temps était trop humide pour travail dans le jardin, malheureusement. – FEd]

  12. [And I thought The Guardian had good taste. Maybe not. Thanks for that. – FEd]

    I agree. But they are the ten more “memorable”, indeed. Not the best. Did you read the reasons for any performance?

    Anyway, I am always curious about these kind of polls and lists. They’re funny and I always read something I didn’t know before.

    Gregory, 175 dollars is a lot, you are right. But can you believe that in Italy Barbra Streisand’s were selling also for 2 thousand euros per ticket? And Celine Dion’s around 300. Console yourself. After I read that, my 100 euros for David’s show seemed to me a free ticket! And tastes are tastes. But David is David…I wouldn’t attend a Celine Dion’s show even if it was free. Unless she sings to me Titanic’s soundtrack. So beautiful, so romantic, that wonderful anthem of love….I am joking!

    I underline that, before you think I am talking honestly!

    [Many of the gigs chosen by The Guardian were memorable for all the wrong reasons, that’s for sure. Can’t really argue with that. (I can’t argue with your Celine Dion comments, either.) – FEd]

  13. Can I just say that despite video evidence to the contrary we’d had sunshine all week until a certain tour bus crossed the border.

    Anyway, of course the concert was brilliant despite the Glasgow drunks up the back shouting for a ‘taxi for Govan’ (I’m from Glasgow and therefore allowed to say that).

    I think the fog machine went into overdrive during ‘Echoes’. I’m sure I saw someone crawling across the floor trying to find a pedal.

    And if the person who returned their tickets about 1 week before the concert (front circle right hand side), instead of flogging them to the highest bidder happens to be reading this – thank you x

  14. Fed! What’s happening?

    Twice in the last week you’ve had two cracking chances to unleash that acerbic, scything wit of yours and you’ve let them go…

    C’mon! You can do it…

    [Have I? When? I must be losing it. – FEd]

  15. [And I thought The Guardian had good taste. Maybe not. – FEd]

    Well, I agree with Bob Dylan and Fairport being there but where’s Pink Floyd at Knebworth or Bath, or Jimi Hendrix at one of the various festivals he played, or The Who at the Isle of Wight?

    And that’s before you get to Radiohead in the list. And they say that Radiohead are the best band in the world and that it was the most inspiring festival performance in 30 years. How much more wrong can you be?

  16. I can’t help but think that the Jimi Hendrix performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop festival might have been memorable, not to mention his 1969 Woodstock performance and maybe his 1970 Isle of Wight showing too. . .

  17. I think the pitfall with top 10 lists (such as the Guardian’s) is that they are opinions and have no defined criteria that makes one choice right and the other wrong.

    True, even in a magazine such as Classic Rock where the cover story (2 issues ago) was the 50 best live groups (I think Floyd placed a respectable 5th place out of the 50), roughly 128 people were polled as to their opinions. Out of that group not ONE picked Pearl Jam. Are they the best? Maybe not. But they didn’t even make it into the list, which blew my mind.

    Sometimes I just like to read the list of groups chosen and ranked as its says a bit more about the people picking than the groups picked themselves. Radiohead as the best? To me it smacks of merely being a sign of the times… if this poll was done in the early to mid 70s, surely the Who would have been near the top along with Zepp, Macca, Pink Floyd, Stones, etc….

    What’s popular now and in the public eye says LOADS!

    food for thought,

    [Well said. – FEd]

  18. Thomas,

    Tears and torment have been caused on the blog over the years for such injudicious statements about Radiohead. F’ed pretends to agree but it cuts him to the quick really.

    As a matter of fact I can think of many many ways that one could be more wrong … Celine Dion duetting with Madonna on “Imagine” or Oasis playing a medley from their 3rd – 5th albums for example….

    We’ve already covered the ground that this list is indeed memorable for mostly the wrong reasons :- Radiohead at Glastonbury is about the only one on there for musical reasons – or then again it might have been the mud and weather….

  19. Yes, I was there with my brother. Fantastic night, remember it well.

    Also, now I know David’s bus passed my house on the way to Glasgow.

  20. I remember driving up the M6 from Birmingham to Manchester in the holiday traffic which was great fun, touch and go if we would make it on time. But everything was fine!

    The show was everything I expected and more as it was the first time I`d seen David live let alone two thirds (technically) of PF.

    I could not fault with the show, Echoes being a definite high point for me.

    Unfortunately my other half didn`t seem quite as excited, as seeing an actor from Coronation Street buying a t-shirt on our exit was her high point! (She has no taste!)

  21. Lucia,

    You always make me laugh! Just what I needed, after arriving home from work. Hopefully, I’ll see you in chat tomorrow.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their nice, long weekend. I sure did.


    [The chat was yesterday, sorry. – FEd]

  22. [Manchester was a fantastic concert. I taped the first half but then forgot to reset the recorder for the second half. The quality of the first half recording was superb. – Nick]

    I had to read that post several times to believe what I was reading. It just kinda surprises me that someone has the audacity to say that “I taped the first half…” and to post that message on the official site for the musician.

    Heck, I don’t live under a rock and I know David doesn’t either. This stuff does go on and you can’t pretend that it doesn’t. But to basically admit to stealing right here on this website?

    I know that unfortunately some people do not see it that way but I had to comment.



  23. [it just kinda surprises me that someone has the audacity to say that “i taped the first half…” and to post that message on the official site for the musician. – andrew]

    to andrew: i agree.

    i thought it was very low of fans to say a few weeks ago that they’d seen roger waters or a pf tribute band.

    it just seemed to me that some of them were trying to offend.

  24. What a concert!!! It was everything I hoped it would be sound wise but the lighting blew me away. It’s a long long time since I’ve seen lighting so sympathetic to the music.

    Right from the opening sound effects tape intro to Breathe to the closing Comfortably Numb 2 hours and 40 minutes later my jaw was metaphorically on the floor with amazement. And trust me I’ve seen a gig or two in my life.

    The first half, apart from Breathe / Time / Breathe Reprise was the entire On An Island album. I really like the record but live it takes on a massive life of its own when given the room to breathe (pun not intended).

    So many great moments in the first half that when the interval came I could have gone home satisfied.

    However if I had I would have missed what is possibly (and this is a bold statement made partially out of the euphoria still coursing threw my veins the morning after) the greatest presentation of a set of live music I have ever witnessed…

  25. …I will not go through the second half song by song, although trust me I could.

    Suffice to say in my opinion David has now refined the perfect second half. This was the same as he played on the last three US shows. Moving Breathe / Time / Breathe Reprise to the first half actually improves the flow of the second half.

    The fact he played my three favourite tracks off the Division Bell was great. Having missed the 1994 tour to see High Hopes live for the first time was a pure joy. This is in my opinion an all time Floyd classic. I thought that would be the highlight for me and it was for the 15 seconds it then took him to follow it with Echoes.

    Echoes was simply as stunning a presentation of a single piece of music as I have ever seen. The lights, sound, performance and lasers meshed to make it a hypnotic experience.

    Thank you David and the band plus Messrs Crosby & Nash for a peerless example of how to deliver a concert which after 32 years of following both Floyd and their solo projects is as good as anything they have ever done before.

  26. Hi.

    Me and my girlfriend travelled all the way from Sandnes in Norway to see my bigest hero of all time playing.

    And wow, what an experience. It`s something I`ll never forget, one of the greatest days of my life. 😉

    It was almost unreal.

    Thank you David. 🙂

    (Hope that we one day can see you on the road again.)

  27. […c’était un weekend pour jouer aux échecs et écouter du Blues … – FEd]

    Ecouter du Blues, oui, c’est si relaxant…

    I think that David is one of the finest Blues-Rock guitarist in the world. I remember discovering both the blog and the subtle ‘Island Jam’ almost two and a half years ago … is it possible ?

    “Ô temps, suspends ton vol…”, disait/demandait Lamartine dans son poème ‘Le Lac’…


  28. À quand un spectacle de David Gilmour à Montréal au Canada? Il y a longtemps que bon nombre de personnes attendent sa visite pour aller écouter cette guitare et cette voix extraordinaires.

    When will we see David Gilmour in concert at Montreal, Canada? We hope his visit from a long time too appreciate his wonder guitar and voice.

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