Flashback: Glasgow

Glasgow's futuristic Clyde Auditorium After a very positive start at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, the UK tour progressed north – to Scotland – for one night at the Clyde Auditorium.

If you were there, let us know. It would be nice to discover what you remember most from what was, quite possibly, the most modern of venues visited.

It’s London after this, so, if you’re waiting to comment on any of the Royal Albert Hall shows, please wait just a little longer. A separate post for the tour’s UK finale will be here on Thursday.

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  2. Just in case any overseas readers get the wrong idea, you have approximately the same chance of finding weather like that in the picture in Glasgow as winning the Lottery and then getting run over by the tourbus taking Pink Floyd to their 2009 reunion in Rio de Janero.

  3. I was never really was into Pink Floyd and hadn’t heard the On an Island Album before going to this gig.

    Two of my mates got tickets when they were released and my other mate wanted to go so we managed to source some tickets.

    On the day of the gig the car was packed and we headed down from Aberdeen. We got to the auditorium just in time to grab a beer before an announcement declared that it was that time to take your seats.

    Getting comfy in our seats the lights dimmed, and the Heartbeats started kicking in. From that moment to the very end I had never heard anything so sweet before!

    I was amazed to say the least, just simply kick ass!

    Probably the main reason for this is because I’d never heard any of the tracks properly before they were played on the night. Needless to say, Pink Floyd and David Gilmour became the music that I mostly listen to for the rest of the year!

    Hopefully we will get another gig in the future? If not, I’ll remember this one for awhile yet:)

  4. Is that two years gone already? Wow. My first concert at the Armadillo, great seats (row 7, dead centre) acquired via a link from here if I remember correctly.

    What can I say about this one?.. other than it’s one of the best gigs I’ve seen for years. I did something really unusual for this show, I wasn’t under the influence of anything as I was designated driver for the evening.

    What a great line up, possibly one of the best bands ever and everyone was in top form. There was a lot of good natured banter and heckles between the band and audience.

    I realised after this show I didn’t miss the Pink Floyd anymore as this show was far more intimate and personal than the stadium gigs of the 80’s and 90’s. I never got this close to the stage at any of them.

    I’m beginning to blether now, so I’ll just get to the point. Great music, fantastic light show, fond memories and really can’t wait to do it all again sometime.

    Haste ye back David.

    PS. Edinburgh next time perhaps?

  5. I noticed the date today and immediately remembered that it was the 2 year anniversary since the best concert I’ve ever seen.

    Time was the first PF song to have a real effect on me and to hear that was fantastic. DG’s voice needs to be on top form to match the ferocity that he applies on live versions at PULSE etc. I was very surprised at how perfect his voice sounded on this song. A dream come true.

    By the time of the concert I had probably listened to the OAI album about 30 or 40 times so I knew it inside out and the performance was fantastic.

    I remember DG forgetting to introduce Richard during the band introduction which provided some light comic relief too.

    Echoes, though, has got to be the best performance of any song I’ve ever seen live. The vocal harmony, the guitar solos..everything. I remember looking at Richard’s hand moving to the edge of the piano to hit ‘that’ note and I shouted “ECHOES!!!”

    Comfortably Numb was such a fantastic way to end the show too. Mesmerising!!!!

  6. I wasn’t there but it sure looks like a nice place. Can’t wait to hear who was there and their stories.

    Thanks Fed for all these wonderful places you are taking us back to, I sure wish I could have made them all.

  7. I was there. I remember the sound was impeccable. This was my first time seeing David live. That moment when the heart beat on Breathe kicked in had to be the most exciting moment I’ve experienced!

    There’s no sense in talking through the set list, it was perfect, as I assume it was on nearly every show.

    I do remember when David introduced his band he left out Rick Wright, so we had folk from all over the arena screaming “ye forgot about rick wright” “RICHARD WRIGHT!”, he then introduced Rick to a thunderous applause!

    Was a truly exceptional performance from the whole band that night 🙂


  8. I was at the Armadillo, can’t believe 2 years have passed already.

    The day of the concert was eagerly awaited right from the point that I secured my tickets from the David Gilmour web site.

    It was a fantastic evening with a mixture of old & new songs complimented by a most wonderful light/laser show which just matched the music so well. David & the band were in great form that night, highlight for me would have to be Echoes.

    Unfortunately the night did have to come to an end & then it was a long drive back to Aberdeen.

    I do hope that I will have another chance to see David play live again one day, as it was just such a magical experience & one which I would love to repeat.

  9. That looks to me like a prehistoric armadillo, albeit a stainless steel one. Or something out of “Logan’s Run.”

    I have a vivid imagination and not enough money to have attended any of David’s shows in 2006.

    Had better luck a few years back. I got to see him in 1984 for “About Face.” in New York. That’s something, isn’t it? And I saw Floyd in 1980 (playing The Wall in its entirety) and again in 1987 (playing the hits plus most of “Momentary Lapse of Reason”).

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a sweet time at the Auditorium.

    Lucky enough to get to meet Polly, Guy, Richard, Marc and others to hand over “Glassman”. A time not to be forgotten and to some extent sad, knowing I will never experience a time like that again.

    Of course some here will have forgotten or not know anything about “Glassman”. However the event was special in more ways than that.

    Best seats ever that I have experienced and when “Arnold Layne” was played Guy looked at me and acknowldged my presence. A very warm feeling.

    I too echo Lorraine’s comments comments about the heckler shouting “taxi for Govan”. I never heard that on the night but heard it later on some recordings.

    It was in every way possible the most comfortable concert I have been too and I know perhaps these days comfort is something frowned upon, all I can say to that is dont knock it.

    I still have a copy of my ticket pinned up on the wall.

    Thanks to all who made this all possible.


  11. [Just in case any overseas readers get the wrong idea, you have approximately the same chance of finding weather like that in the picture in Glasgow. – Tim C]

    I’ll have you know Mr Tim C that the weather was just like that all weekend and that I’m a very attractive shade of orange to prove it 😀

    Anyway, (amongst other things) that’s what cowboy hats are for!

    PS Any fashion hints for Rio at this time of year?

  12. Fed !…Glasgow… Lorraine…please, no, I’m not off topic…(et puis, tout ça, c’est de votre faute, non ?):

    Lorraine, what a tease you are ! (Twitter)

    Merci et à bientôt.


  13. 27th May…….

    A very important date in my history…..

    The date I kissed my very first girlfriend for the first time (a loooooooong time ago) and of course the day I sat in the third row in the Clyde Auditorium….

    Having seen David performing with Pink Floyd in 1989 & 1994 & at Live8, I thought I kinda knew what to expect…. How wrong was I?

    I’ve been in the Clyde Auditorium a few times before, so I knew it would be a bit more intimate than those big stadium extravaganzas.

    The sound was amazing and the set list…. Wow!!!

    Goosebumps started at the first heartbeat & lasted a long time after the last notes of Comfortably Numb faded away.

    It was amazing to hear the whole On an Island set performed right in front of you.

    During the new arrangement of Shine on I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe my luck when Fat Old Sun was played with that amazing solo.

    And of course Echoes!!! THAT first note! I thought “You got to be kidding.”

    My best concert EVER!

  14. Thanks for the chat yesterday Fed.

    Is Glasgow twinned with Sydney by any chance? The Clyde Auditorium looks like a slightly squashed Sydney Opera house from that angle.

    Apparently the architects actually designed it to look like several ship hulls locking together.

  15. as fed twittered earlier today, glasgow was one concert i’d liked to have been at.

    thanks for your memories, especially stef. i also had goosebumps when the heartbeat started!

    i can’t believe it was two years ago. 😮

  16. That’s an interesting design. Looks like Louis Gosset Jr’s head piece in ‘Enemy Mine’.

    It’s a futuristic alien movie from the 80’s in case you’ve not seen it.

  17. One of the best gigs of my life (so far), it’s gonna take a lot to beat it!

    The whole band was on top form, including the lonely David Crosby! (It really was strange seeing him without Graham!)

    The memory that somehow popped into my head as I saw this entry in the blog? “REEECARD!!!” – haha! (Have a look at the tour documentary on RTN if you dont know already…)

  18. [The memory that somehow popped into my head as I saw this entry in the blog? “REEECARD!!!” – Davie101]

    Same here, Davie.

    I wonder who that fella was. Maybe he is one of us.

  19. Nice “reviews”, as always.

    I like these memory pages. It’s nice seeing some people so enthusiastic and fond of those nights after 2 years. It means that the shows left a mark!

  20. Ah, yes, Gilmour at the Armadillo. An excellent gig all round; front-row seats and, moments after we sat down, the lights dimmed. It was like they were waiting for us 😉

    Excellent performance, and forgetting to introduce Rick was pretty funny. A shame that this moment was *just* cut from the DVD…

    In response to Tim_C: We’ve had rather a lot of blue skies up here over the last month or two. I can assure you that picture of the Armadillo is currently fairly accurate! 😉 It’s truly summertime, with the lack of rain and the sweltering temperatures.




  22. 2 years ago, I can’t believe it.

    Best concert my wife and I have had the privilege of attending. From start to end, total entertainment.

    Now you have set me off reminiscing 🙂 …

    Please come back to Glasgow soon David.

  23. Absoultely breath-taking performance, best gig I have ever been to.

    David, please come back soon.


  24. I went to both the Manchester and Glasgow shows and they were both awesome. Graham Nash didn’t make it to Glasgow due to a family illness but I remember listening to the crowd’s reaction in Glasgow to Echoes and Fat Old Sun and it was fantastic.

    The Armadillo is an awesome place for concerts, the setting is spacious and the sound is superb.

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