'Atom Heart Mother'

Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' sleeveYou may know that Ron Geesin, co-composer and orchestrator of Pink Floyd’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’, is performing in London next month as part of the Chelsea Festival.

Well, get ready to panic if you don’t already have a ticket for Cadogan Hall, because David will be there on Sunday 15 June (that’s only the Sunday performance, not Saturday’s).

They will be performing the ‘Atom Heart Mother’ suite in all its glory.

If you fancy your chances of bagging a ticket, the number you need is: 0845 890 2435. The Chelsea Festival Box Office is open between 10:00 and 17:00, Monday to Saturday. (Please note that there is an administration charge of £2 on telephone bookings.)

You can also try the Cadogan Hall Box Office, which is also open at weekends, on 020 7730 4500 (they charge a booking fee of £2.50 per transaction). Lines are open between 10:00 and 20:00, Monday to Saturday, and from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sundays.

If you can, you can visit either Box Office to buy tickets in person (and save on nasty booking fees):

– Chelsea Festival Box Office, Saint Luke’s Church, Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NH
– Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

However, your best bet could be to book online… unless you’re still scarred by The Odeon Experience, that is. The Cadogan Hall site shows the view you’ll get from each of their 900 seats. Again, there is a booking fee (of £1.50, £2 from the Chelsea Festival site).

Tickets cost between £25 and £55, are non-refundable and are restricted to two per customer.

Good luck – and have a good weekend.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

123 thoughts on “'Atom Heart Mother'”

  1. Wow! The things that I miss living in Tampa! It would be great if this was being filmed or professionally recorded for a release.

    Have a great weekend FEd and all.


  2. Hey, thats great! Wish I could be there. I’m looking forward to reading press and reviews!

  3. I’m sure I remember all members of Pink Floyd saying that they are all far too embarrassed to ever perform “Atom Heart Mother” on-stage ever again.

    Anyway, great news!

  4. Best news I have heard in a long time! David performing live again is simply breathtaking to say the least! I hope a DVD of this perfomance gets released!

    Thanks for the news FED…too bad I live in Chicago or else I would be there to see it live!!!!

  5. Very cool indeed. Is a PF reunion that far behind?? LOL. Sorry for stoking the fires.



  6. [I’m sure I remember all members of Pink Floyd saying that they are all far too embarrassed to ever perform “Atom Heart Mother” on-stage ever again. – Jon Parsons]

    And I have always said that they should never be embarrassed by Atom Heart Mother as I learned how to play lead guitar through that album. I used to do the Cello parts on Eugene the Second too.

    It is a great work of art. I always wanted to be the conductor for that album and The Wall too. It is in my top five of all time favourite PF albums.

    I wish I could go to the concert.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    Best regards.

  7. Damn! It was the opportunity to visit London and join fun to fun! But I have an appointment in Milan three days later…if I travel 4 times in 4 days, I risk jet lag!

    Silliness apart, Atom Heart Mother suite is simply wonderful. If the days were not so close, I would have seriously thought to go. It will be great. Atom Heart Mother. When will that happen again? Michèle, this time I am green too. 🙁

    Have fun you, all who will attend the show. Let us know…

  8. Cool!

    I hope I can make it, but it’s not easy getting out of London on a Sunday night. The last train is so early and I can’t afford to stop over in London with the hols coming up.

  9. CAPTION 2:

    “Roger’s Trojan Cow was recalled on the way to Cadogan Hall after exhibiting signs of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy…”

    CAPTION 3:

    “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the f*** do you think you’re talking to?”

  10. [Michèle, this time I am green too 🙁 – Lucia]

    No need to be green with envy, Lucia, I suggest:

    You forget you’re a brillant journalist, I forget I’m a brilliant teacher ! We are just brilliant Gilmourettes ! We book a flight to London and wow ! David, here we come !

    Tim !!! Can you help us ? Fed, can you give us tickets ? We count on you both !


    [Bless. If I had tickets to give away… – FEd]

  11. it’s too bad they couldn’t bring this show out here to the states.

  12. Ironically, I just recently read how that album got the name “Atom Heart Mother.”

    If memory serves correct, I believe it was Roger who saw a news article about a mother and an atomic heart. I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.



    [That’s the story I know. – FEd]

  13. Fed…

    When you say “They will be performing the ‘Atom Heart Mother’ suite in all its glory.”

    Do you mean that DG is performing as well?

    [Yep. – FEd]

  14. What a great opportunity for the UK fans! This is wonderful news, and just remember…we’ll all expect a full report of your adventures!

    AHM has a loyal following. I constantly run into people who might not know a lot of Floyd, but they know DSOTM and AHM. And, I persuaded at least one person to catch David’s 2006 tour, even though, when questioned about it…I had to admit their chances of hearing “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” were very remote! (Needless to say, my friend was blown away by the show, all the same.

    [Excellent work, Comrade Lynn. – FEd]

  15. Hey FEd!

    Awesome news. AHM is one of my favourite songs (and one of my favourite albums as well). Do you know if there is any plans for a release of this?

    Anyways, I’m working my school’s orientation for the summer again, and it’s going great. Hopefully I can pop into a chat soon.

    Have a good weekend!

    [All the best with that, Ax. Nothing’s been said so far about more shows or a recording. – FEd]

  16. I’m feeling mighty weak here.

    I would really like to attend, but I just can’t afford to take the plunge at the minute. With the uncertainty of my job, I just don’t know…

    I do love Atom Heart Mother, even if David thinks it’s no good. 🙂

  17. If the Azimuth Co-ordinator is there with The Amazing Pudding, then no doubt, it will be a mind blowing experience.

    Ron Geesin and David on the same stage? I don’t think that’s ever happened before. . .

  18. Tickets bought, train booked, hotel booked, bankruptcy looming.

    Does anyone have any good ramen noodle recipes?

    [Now that you mention it… Have a good time. – FEd]

  19. Aaah, I’d love to see/hear that patented Gilmour chord progression performed with full orchestra. Even with all the bizarre Geesin-isms, AHM has its great moments.

    I would kill to be there, but Buffalo NY is perhaps a mile or two too far on such short notice. Still, it’s almost worth it to witness David under a spotlight during Funky Dung pouring out those shimmering, silky blues licks.

    For everyone who has a ticket, have a PHENOMINAL time. This is another one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. ENJOY!

  20. Wow! What an extraordinary opportunity for you UK folks to see a performance of a song I hold in high regards. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this album, and I love the title track.

    Maybe one day the rest of us bloggers will be able to enjoy this performance as well. It should be pretty amazing!

    Cheers… and have a great weekend!

  21. I can’t make it. I’m gutted. I can’t get time off work and I can’t get home on the night because the trains are S**T!!! 🙁

    Enjoy it if you’ll be there.

    [Sorry, Ben. (I agree about the trains, by the way.) – FEd]

  22. Well well, I never thought I’d hear this. I thought PF had virtually disowned the work.

    This is a pleasant surprise. Fantastic piece of music, especially the ending, gives me goosebumps.

  23. Caption:

    What are you doing with that stick pin?! I think the game is called Pin the Tail on the DONKEY!!

    Great news that, by the way! I’ll be wearing my jealousy for all you lucky folks to make that performance!

    Enjoy it, David!

  24. David certainly knows how to spring a surprise. Make sure Mrs G takes lots of snaps!!!

    Have a nice weekend

  25. Argh, sounds amazing. And a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity too, I’d assume.

    I hope everyone who goes has an awesome time, and I can’t wait to read the reports and see the photos. It’s something I never would have imagined being played by David in my wildest dreams 🙂

    It really is exciting though, to know that David will be picking up that Strat again this year, even if it is just for this one event. All is well… 😀

  26. This is just udderly fantastic….too bad I’m on the wrong side of the pond.



  27. Unfortunately, I wont be able to go. I have to wait now for that Degree result to come through, and there’s a chance it may come through on the Monday morning. I think I owe it to my parents to be there on the morning, if it arrives.

    Sorry David.

    Simon J

  28. That is a great album. I suppose I understand that when you create something, you can be disappointed, as it seems to be the case with the Floyd on that album. I, and I’m sure a lot of other people really like it.

    Some years back, I was speaking with an older gentleman, who was visiting from Italy, and he had said that he read in some Italian magazine that the AHM suite was deemed the best operatic piece of the 20th century.

    In any case, for those of you who are going, enjoy.

  29. Too young to see it first time around, too strapped for time to see it now. Like this album a lot, especially the title track and Fat Old Sun.

    Hope some lucky bloggers get to see this once in a lifetime experience.

    Isn’t 15th June Father’s Day this year?

    [It is. – FEd]

  30. i’m going on the saturday. oh well, still going to be a great show…

    well, i couldn’t resist it. just booked a ticket for sunday night too. can’t wait!

    the funky dung!!

  31. Well, there’s a headline I didn’t expect. I am glad David is doing that. AHM is a good piece.

    And, a belated congrats for the Lifetime Achievement award.

    Have a great weekend, everyone,

  32. Unfortunately, I can’t make it, but I bet it will be one of those fantastic nights.

    I look forward to the reviews.

  33. Caption..

    “Stop right there with the lawn MOOOer! This is dinner for me.”

  34. Great news. Just booked my tickets.

    I must say this is a great surprise, I never thought I would see this live.

    Do you think David might just play his great song, Fat Old Sun, off this great album? I enjoyed it when he played that at the Royal Festival Hall.


    [It’s very unlikely, Richard, but you never know. – FEd]

  35. …and another thing, I love hearing that bit of, ‘A Great Day for Freedom’, on the home page.

    Can we safely conclude that it will be on the cd?

    [No. You shouldn’t come to any conclusions until you know that the CD has been pressed. – FEd]

  36. wow! what awesome news.

    i have already got tickets to the sunday. what a fantastic extra treat! 🙂

  37. I got myself a ticket … !

    Well Lorraine, it looks like we meet again – you can punch me in person for my Glasgow jibe. Watch out for a turquoise number this time …

    Tickets are already running short bloggers, get in there.

    Michele, Lucia, I am at your disposal …. jump on a plane, I’ll meet you at the airport and buy you supper …. come on, you know you want to 😉

    Slightly bizarrely, ATM is a work I know very little. I normally don’t “do” the early Floyd and let’s face it the band have hardly given it the hard sell.

    My crazy Dutch colleague Erik lent me a copy recently … but the prospect of seeing the great man in the flesh again … well.

    Oh and F’ed, could you start nagging now please … I would reeeeeeeeeeealy love it if we could get another rendition of Fat Old Sun in there somewhere … that truly was the surprise package for me on RTN … that solo blows me away every time ….


    This is the BEST NEWS ever…

    Just bought tickets, booked (with luck) a cheap flight with no hotel needed as I fly back early Monday morning!

    I am SO HAPPY to have a chance to SEE and HEAR this LIVE with DAVID on stage too!

    Thanks FEd for posting this at the right time!

    See you there…

  39. Atom H.M. is a fabulous album, too bad it was underground at the time here. Good for Ron, would love to see the show.

    If David is a guest, my guess is he’ll play Fat Old. It’s his favourite no? HMMMM.

    I bet that our friend Rudders would like to see it recorded too.

  40. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for letting me know – I had no idea and have just booked two tickets for the Sunday night.

    I’m SO excited. I love AHM but to hear the full suite played live should make for an unforgettable night. “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” could get a little interesting but it’s going to be such a musical/auditory adventure.

    Thanks again FEd for the heads up. I’d have been gutted to have missed this one. Andy is over the moon too (my perennial PF/DG soulmate) – live PF, live DG, live Ron, AHM…. you are too good to us 🙂

    Right…now I’m going to be too excited to sleep. Got to be up at 6am to go to Bedford Autodrome for a race day. The only thing that would make life any better would be to find Nick Mason riding shotgun as my instructor 😉


  41. *Caption*

    Tell me the truth dahling, do these spots make me look utterly marvelous?

  42. It’s a dichotomy, to be sure, but I have often said that while AHM is Floyd’s weakest effort, it includes some of their best work. These are some of David’s best solos. I saw Roger in 1987 and he played “If” from that album, which was a pleasant surprise.

    I was amazed, delighted and surprised to read that David will play it live. Let me echo the many who have already written things like: “Please record this and release it in some form or other,” and “I wish they could take this on the road here in the States.” I have fond childhood memories of that album. Even though as an adult I no longer really like AHM, I really do appreciate what Floyd were trying to do.

  43. Sounds like fun! Good luck friends!

    I must admit, I really enjoy smaller one-off shows than gynormous gluttonous tour runs. I caught the 2001 Meltdown gig & it was (and still is) very, very special to me.

  44. If only I had a passport and cash . . . .

    At least the Gilmourettes will be represented. Have a ball, Lorraine. We expect a full dissertation 😉

    It was great to see some of you in chat today (Friday). Hope I can make it again, soon.

    Have a great weekend, everyone.


  45. David, great surprise!!! You’re a legend of rock!!! Atom Heart Mother forever and ever!!!

    I hope for a “great performance of Floyd” so soon!!!

    We love you, Gilmour!!! Brazil is Pink Floyd!

  46. Well, this has been a good week for the blog. A post just about every day and then end the week with awesome news like this!!!


    Wish I could go, but I live about 10.000km from where it is… OH WELL.

    Cheers and have a great weekend FEd & tell David to practice, he hasn’t played it in many years!! *_*

  47. I can’t believe David is going to play Atom Heart Mother. Wow, and on my birthday, the 15th, so I will be traveling from the Netherlands to see it myself!

    This is the best present I could wish for.

    Full of surprises this Mister Gilmour, more than other former Floyd members!


  48. I´d love to be at Cadogan Hall on June 15 but I´m on vacation.

    Lorraine and all others with tickets, have a lot of fun there.

  49. Unbelievable.

    I secretly hoped David would revive this awesome song on his forthcoming live album, what with him having the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra at his disposal.

    This’ll do just fine though! As long as it is recorded!

    I’m so curious as to how he’ll approach the song…

  50. Given these new events can I change my one wish for an extra on the Gdansk Live CD?

  51. That new wireman kicks butt. WOOO, LIVE IN GDANSK IS GONNA BE SWEET. HAHAHAHA!!

  52. got my tickets! can’t wait. i reckon he will play fat old sun!

    [Just to remind you all, it will be the rock suite from ‘Atom Heart Mother’ only, with some of Ron Geesin’s music. That’s the first side of the album only. – FEd]

  53. Like many others, with my fingers crossed, I hope the performance of David Gilmour at the Chelsea Festival will be recorded.

    To those who are going to be at the event, have fun!

  54. I sure have missed you guys. I had to move to a place that doesn’t have internet at all. I hate it but I’m waiting on my new house to get ready, so it’s kinda ok, I guess, for now.

    But sometime in July I will be in my new place and will be back online and I can’t wait. I really miss chating with all of you and hope it will not be much longer until I can again.

    Tracy keeps me updated on what goes on, I hear there’s a lot of cool stuff going on now. The picture thing is cool and, man, the new concert is way cool. Wish I could be there.

    Hope this finds everyone doing well. Things are looking and sounding great Fed. Hope to talk to you all real soon and have a great weekend.

    Miss You Guys!!!!!!!

  55. hi fed,

    it’s incredible news. this album is never performed by david and waters… like they don’t want to remember it. i hope that this concert will be filmed and edited on dvd, if not, just few people would have the chance to watch it. the other ones will just download bad audience shootings, from minicam or mobile phones :((((

    plz ron, make a dvd from this – live.

  56. Wow, it would be extremely amazing to witness such a performance… Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait ’til David brings the show to America 😛 (hey, I can dream, right?)

    I’m sure everyone who’ll get to be there will have a wonderful time. Please, do tell us all about it.

  57. Oh no! I wish I could change my plane ticket for June instead of July, for I would really enjoy seeing the concert. But maybe there will be other surpises in July. But I won’t hold my breath.

    I hope that everyone will have a great weekend.

    Take Care,

  58. Well, I was already toying with going on the Sunday night, now I definitely am! Tickets booked and my best mate and I will be treating it as a birthday present to ourselves as it’s our birthdays on the 19th and 20th of June! What a way to celebrate :o)

    Can’t wait.

  59. Is great to hear the new sound on the site…beautiful version of “A Great Day For Freedom”…more expectation for the live CD!

    Another possibility: “Atom Heart Mother” appears in the set list like another bonus track (audio or video)?


  60. I see that Caroline Dale will be the cellist for AHM. She’s a fabulous musician (she was in David’s 2002 Meltdown band and plays on the OAI album, and he makes an appearance on her Such Sweet Thunder album, if I’m not mistaken). Great news!

    I hope someone on this board who will be attending will be able to provide us a detailed account of the evening.

    I must admit, I never would have imagined David playing this piece again. Nonetheless, should be a great show.

  61. Would love to have gone but we’ve got a 13 week old baby girl and she say NOOOOOOOO!

    Looks like it will be a lot of fun and I will be hopefully hearing the results (officially or otherwise) as some point.

    Interestingly, no touts are selling tix on eBay for this – good!

  62. Thank you for the heads up Fed!

    Are you able to confirm that this will be just the title “suite”? If side 2, specifically Fat Old Sun, is on the bill, I’ll be on the next plane across the pond ; )

    Thanks again,

    [It’s just the album’s title track. – FEd]

  63. I’ve been away over the last week on a father & son camp, and now I’ve returned to this news. It made me feel quite emotional I must admit, but hey, whoever gets there, enjoy the moment and tell us all about it afterwards. Aus is a bit far away!


  64. “Some of it now, like Atom Heart Mother, strikes me as absolute crap, but I no longer want or have to play stuff I don’t enjoy.” – David Gilmour, November 1994

    “I think both [Atom Heart Mother and Ummagumma] are pretty horrible. Well, the live disc of Ummagumma might be all right, but even that isn’t recorded well.” – David Gilmour, Der Spiegel, June 1995

    “At the time we felt Atom Heart Mother, like Ummagumma, was step towards something or other. Now I think they were both just a blundering about in the dark.” – David Gilmour (from wikipedia)

    interesting that david decided to participate in this. i’m glad he did though. i like the whole album.

    [Indeed. David is allowed to change his mind, isn’t he? Those comments were made after finishing a far more complete, accomplished and personally-satisfying album and tour, don’t forget. High standards and all that. (I’m sure that ‘Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast’ will not be performed at Cadogan Hall, by the way. Frying bacon and eggs onstage probably wouldn’t go down well at such a classy gaff.) – FEd]

  65. Ciao, two words about the MUN, the Italian band that will play with Gilmour.

    These guys have been working on the project since 2001 or so and chasing Geesin for a while. When they told me and others that they were going to play AHM in London I couldn’t believe them.

    Then their drummer Andrea told me a few months ago that Geesin was trying to get Gilmour on stage and I just thought they all lost their minds….and here we are.

    We were playing in the same small clubs for students in Florence, I can’t even imagine how scared they must be now thinking that they will share the stage with David Gilmour!

    We were also competitors, Florence is too small for two Pink Floyd cover bands, and not so gentle to each other, they were always dreaming about something big….it paid off with interest!

    I will be there to cheer for them, well done guys!


    I really don’t know what happened with David, but since 2005, we get so many wonderful music, concerts, releases, suprises … What’s next? Playing Pompeii again? No, just a joke.

    Thanx David for everything!


  67. I already bought my Ticket…and checked as “done” one of the five (now three) things I always dreamed to do during my life.

    This is amazing!!!

  68. I think it’s time to start a new Blog subject.

    I’ve just read that story today in The Sun about Michael Eavis turning down Dave’s offer of playing at Glastonbury.

    Talk about a missed opportunity!

    Don’t worry Dave, all is not lost. Channel 4 are holding their televised T4 On The Beach again at Weston super Mare on July 20th. Perhaps someone can contact them and arrange for you to do a special evening performance. Hopefully they will snap you up.

    There will be a large crowd there, but no mud I’m afraid.

    Best Wishes,

    [Great post. Almost as entertaining as the story itself (i.e. not very). – FEd]

  69. CAPTION 4: “Got Floyd?”

    CAPTION 5: “Lulubelle as the Miss June centerfold in PlayCow Magazine….mmmrrrrowww!”

    CAPTION 6: “I’m carbon neutral and you’re not…”

  70. Caption contest:

    Elsie to the cameraman from Fox News: “Turn the UDDER cheek? This IS my best side!”


  71. Good to see that you are going Tim!

    Damn, I am going to have to dress up a bit now 😉

  72. [Damn, I am going to have to dress up a bit now 😉 – Nate]

    Well, it does say on the website that there isn’t a dress code, but I’ll still make sure I look smart.

    Thanks for letting us know about David. I managed to get two tickets for the second row so I might get a stiff neck and I might not be able to see stuff at the back of the stage, but I should get a very nice view of David and it’s all thanks to you Fed. Although I must admit that at first I thought you meant that David was just going as a spectator, it wasn’t until someone asked that I realised David was actually playing!

    [Oh, I’d never announce where David is going in his spare time. I’d be as popular as avian flu if I did that. – FEd]

  73. [Michele, Lucia, I am at your disposal …. jump on a plane, I’ll meet you at the airport and buy you supper …. come on, you know you want to 😉 -Tim]

    …and Gordon Ramsay’s place is really handy for the venue too!

  74. Lorraine/Nate:

    Who would have thought the three Ritzy Cavaliers would meet again so soon ….

    Lorraine, of course I’d love to stand you a dinner at Chez Ramsay but unfortunately booking one month ahead is essential …. ah well, Fish & Chips it is then …

    Nate – I fully expect a bespoke t-shirt for the occasion – I’m sure Funky Dung gives you something to work with.

  75. This news is simply astonising. Atom Heart Mother to me is the greatest album ever made, I never thought I’d see anyone involved in it peform it live, and seeing that Ron was doing it I got tickets, now with David this is so exciting!

    Best wishes
    Matthew North

  76. [Oh, I’d never announce where David is going in his spare time. I’d be as popular as avian flu if I did that. – FEd]

    It was just me being exceptionally slow on the up-take, for a change!

  77. It looks like some of the marginal internet media is getting us blog commenters to do their research for them (click my name). Pretty funny.

  78. This is a total (but pleasant) surprise and the first thing that sprang to mind were the comments that Mike H reminded us off.

    At the time they were made I was totally shocked as Atom Heart Mother/Ummagumma are real favorites with me.

    So maybe David has revisited them and come to the conclusion that they were not just ‘noodling around’ at the time.

    This is great news and I really hope he enjoys playing it again!

  79. AHM is one of my all time fave Floyd albums (ranked fifth behind WYWH, TDB, OBC and Meddle). Glad to see DG coming to accept AHM at his age.

    I first heard AHM as an 11 year old in 1987 when my dad bought me the cassette tape and I loved it immediately. The title suite, Fat Old Sun and Summer 68 are my three favorites from the album.

    I think this will be DG’s first go at AHM since early 1972 before being dropped forever.

  80. Thanks for letting us know in time Fed, because I managed to get tickets!

    I’m so looking forward to this!

    [Have a great time. – FEd]

  81. This is great news. I sure hope that one day he will sit in with someone to do ANIMALS. That is the one that I want to see live before I die.

    Have a great day
    Blake in Nashville

  82. Just don’t believe that article in the Sun after the RAH concert. Wow, David Eavis must be a real dickhead to turn David down. He is on a loser. Glastonbury would have sold out on its own if David had been the only name announced. What a tw*t.

    David & Will Young in the same place, my idea of heaven.


  83. When I went to the venue’s site yesterday there were only 9 seats left which were not so great.

    As I was making my booking on the phone, more tickets came in as the organisers who were also selling tickets handed over their allotment to the venue so I was able to get a better ticket.

    Flight and hotel booked now also.

  84. [Just to remind you all, it will be the rock suite from ‘Atom Heart Mother’ only, with some of Ron Geesin’s music. That’s the first side of the album only. – FEd]

    Great stuff – even better that “just” Fat Old Sun! Looking forward hearing some of the sweet slide guitar he plays on that piece – and the “imaginary western” power chords that open AHM!


  85. That’s flippin typical!!

    I’m in London this coming weekend to see a different show in Islington!! There’s no way I can get back again the following weekend.

    Best of luck getting those tickets guys. I look forward to the reviews, should be a great show – boo!!

  86. Hullo FED and All !!!!

    This is fantastic news. Like so many others here, I would like to echo the sentiment that this will be recorded for the fans. I’m hoping to get the ‘Live in Gdansk’ recording for my birthday which is next Thursday.

    Also, FED, I am curious about why I haven’t received any e-mails regarding the room password for Chat days to my e-mail inbox. Is it because I’ve become an “Irregular” ?
    Just curious, ‘cos I would’ve liked to have made chat today. Oh, well.

    Hoping all is well with everyone. I’m no longer pulling my hair out over my mother’s/ grandmother’s situation cos I had it shaved down. One of these days, I will find a decent enough pic of m’self to send on to here.

    Well, I’m out fer now.

    Peace and Much Love To All !!! Be good, FED. Cazart !

    [There’s no e-mail list these days, sorry. To get to the ‘lock-in’ and to chat beyond closing time, you have to find your way to the chatroom before it closes. Times, as always, can be found on the calendar. Please click your name for that – and have a happy birthday. – FEd]

  87. Atom Heart Mother performed by Geesin and Gilmour MUST be captured on DVD!!!!

    This show will have incredible historic value – it would be a complete shame if it wasn’t made available to the public for viewing!

    Please someone release a DVD of this fantastic event!!!! I’ll buy a copy, and I’m sure many others would too.

  88. This has already been mentioned, but we’ve waited over thirty five years for this, so I think we deserve our fifteen seconds…

    Mr David Gilmour, you have got some bloody nerve, after all these years of slagging off AHM and doubtless hurting Mr. Wright’s feelings for a piece he obviously put his heart and soul into, and now you’re playing it and he’s not?

    Something amiss in the Kingdom of Denmark? One suspects some distance between Mr. Geesin and Mr. Wright over who actually composed what perhaps?

    Still, the glorious AHM gets another airing! Cheers all the way from Canada!

    [You’re obviously entitled to your feelings, Gordon, but do you know for sure that Richard wasn’t also invited to perform? Or Roger and Nick, for that matter? – FEd]

  89. Great idea.

    Another one: I’ve followed Pink Floyd, and David Gilmour also and of course, since their beginning. Unfortunately, I could never attend any concerts … I’m living now in South Africa. Could Dave organise a concert in Johannesburg (like Joe Cocker 2 months ago)?

    Just a suggestion ….

  90. It’s another fantastic opportunity to see Mr Gilmour live.

    I went immediately to the venue site and saw the tickets sold out for 15th so with a heavy heart I bought one for 14th.

    Then I surfed over to the Chelsea Festival site and found some for 15th stil available – so I bought one as well! I’m soooo happy! A great present for my birthday on June 18th.

    And I’ll see the event twice (in case someone else – Rick or Nick – decides to pop in on Saturday).

  91. Richard, Nick and Roger invited ?

    I can’t bear to watch. . . gonna drown my sorrows.

    ash X

    [Now, I didn’t say that… – FEd]

  92. [You’re obviously entitled to your feelings, Gordon, but do you know for sure that Richard wasn’t also invited to perform? Or Roger and Nick, for that matter? – FEd]

    There’s a statement that stirs the pot.



  93. a few extra tickets have been released for the sunday atom heart mother show, though I’d moove fast!

  94. I’ve been busy over the last week and missed this announcement. I’m truly jealous of our European brethren who are attending.

    The Atom Heart Mother Suite has always been one of my favorite Floyd pieces. As the first side length composition it was clearly the precursor of Echoes. The music in the piece stands the test of time, but the sound effects seem a bit dated now. Perhaps this is why David and company have distanced themselves from this work over the years.

    For last month’s “Best DG guitar work” topic, I went through AHMS and edited together the highlights of David’s paying on the piece: the slide solo at the end of Fathers Shout, the blues solo in Mother Fore and the doubletrack slide and lead solo follwed by the finale with the choir and brass. In total it runs about 7 minutes and easily stands with any other work David has done over the years.

    There is real artistry in Atom Heart Mother and it greatly deserves this airing in public. “Silence In the Studio” indeed.

  95. I would definitely want to acquire some good psychedelics to obtain a maximum sensory performance at this show. I suppose some might argue that Atom Heart Mother is weird enough, and would send anybody on a trip on its own with a listen. Well, psychedelics or not I would still love to tattoo my brain with a live number like this anyday. Wish I were there.

    Have a great time everyone!

  96. Good news that David decided to perform Atom Heart Mother, great piece of music and still sounds great.

    Unfortunately I can’t make it as I have different travel arrangements, but to those who are going to attend, enjoy the show and I will be waiting for your reviews.

  97. Hello everybody.

    I’m the guitarist in MUN and I’ve been engraved by David’s hypnotic sound since I was 4 and my father put on WYWH…

    I’ll fly to London with my own Black Strat and see where she will bring my fingers.

    See you soon, David.

    [Good luck, Federico. Enjoy the shows. – FEd]

  98. My ticket arrived today!

    I have always had a soft spot for Atom Heart Mother as it was the first Pink Floyd album I bought and it brought a hint of hope for the future in my dim dark days of teenage angst.

    My constant playing of it caused me no end of problems with my parents, who thought PF were the devil’s spawn – how wrong they were!

  99. [Nate – I fully expect a bespoke t-shirt for the occasion – I’m sure Funky Dung gives you something to work with. – Tim_C]

    Mmmm… I have been thinking that I will wear the ‘New Castellorizon’ one I created for The Ritzy but with suit as it is Chelsea 😉

    We could always hire a pantomime cow costume 😀

  100. I echo Chicago’s Johnnie Floyd comments.

    This event is crying out for a DVD… I would buy at least one copy and probably several more!

  101. Suits aren’t expected, are they? I was thinking of wearing my usually clothing – so torn jeans and hoodie it is then!

    Only joking (really).

    [You can wear whatever you want. – FEd]

  102. CAPTION 6:

    “For Sale: Mature Friesian dairy cow. Still fertile. Excellent health, No history of mastitis. Excellent milk production. Owner entitled to modest Pink Floyd royalties. Buyer must pick up. –$60,000”

  103. Drat, I need to check David’s site more often!

    Hope everyone who is going enjoys a fantastic evening. Good luck with the show David!

  104. Yes, the dress code is whatever you like – as it says on the Hall’s website.

    I was going to try and blend in with the ‘Chelsea Set’. I need more diamonds though. 😉

  105. FEd, my comments were actually made in the hope that an insider like yourself might know the answer, and let us in on it.

    As to me being “entitled to my feelings”, sir you do me an injustice. Those were not mere feelings, they were a considered response to thirty odd years of listening to everyone in PF, except Mr Wright, slag off AHM as a suite and a whole album.

    Interviews at the time of release indicated that Mr Wright had been carefully examining the classical tradition in devotional/choral music and that this was his considered contribution, and something of which he was very proud. Concert tapes of pre-release performances (spring 70) indicate the band played the piece with great enthusiasm, Gilmour particularly, and the snippets now showing up online confirm this impression.

    Perhaps you’ll not consider me a total wally if I suggest, finally, that the repeated ovations received by Mr Wright on the last tour were an indication of something more than fan adulation.

    [I hear you. And I don’t consider you a wally. – FEd]

  106. We are going to the concert from Spain just to see David. I’m a fan since childhood.

    Anybody knows if he usually signs autographs?

    [Not often, Luis, but I hope you have a great time in London. – FEd]

  107. Is there any possibility of getting an autograph on the original vinyl or a photo with him?

    I attended the Pink Floyd concert on 22nd July in 1988 in Madrid and since then I`m looking forward to seeing David in concert again.

    As the On an Island tour didn’t come to Spain I couldn’t see him.

    [There is no planned signing taking place at Cadogan Hall, but, as always, you could be lucky if you are in the right place at the right time. Good luck. – FEd]

  108. What happened to Dave calling this the worst Floyd album ever made?

    Is hypocrisy now back in fashion?

    AHM has always been one of my favourite Floyd albums and I’ve never understood the antipathy they have all expressed towards it, but I really do detest hypocrisy.

  109. To jce:

    I may be mistaken, but I think that only narrow minded people never change their mind.


  110. I am very curious as to how this event will unfold this weekend. Will it just be a guest appearance for a song or so? Will David sit in on the entire performance? Will they spontaneously dive into some other classic tidbit?

    Very much looking forward to hearing about the details. I’m guessing there will be some kind of blog entry on Sunday evening/Monday morning about the performance?



    [Tuesday. – FEd]

  111. I was really lucky to get a front row balcony ticket for Sunday on Friday morning last week from the festival organiser’s website, having previously come to the conclusion that as it was a Sunday and we live in Derbyshire there was just no way I could do it. I bought the ticket first-a snip at 25 quid! Even if it’s in the gods, it’s only 5 seats from the front.

    Really looking forward to the show. No silly expectations – just DG on AHM itself. I hope the guitarist from Mun Floyd is happy just playing rhythm on that track! I assume he’s been practicing for months for these shows but I guess any disquiet he may have as a result of being replaced on lead and slide duties will be tempered somewhat by the ID of the replacer!

    It’ll be interesting to see how the programme runs – AHM first or a build up to it with material no-one knows? Time will tell!

    More comments and speculation on this topic, gang! This is the most exciting thing to happen since Gdansk!!

    [Enjoy, Neil. – FEd]

  112. If you’ll be going along on Sunday, have a great time – and please let us know all about it.

    There’ll be a new post – just for your thoughts on David’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ performance at Cadogan Hall – on Tuesday.

    Clicking the banner at the top of any blog page will take you there.

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