Those Easter Eggs

Thank you for all your DVD Easter Eggs comments. It was nice to know that you found everything.

Here’s what’s hidden – and ‘hidden’ – on the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD:

Disc One

Nothing much here, but it was quite enjoyable letting you believe that there could be something other than Wireman serving ice cream after ‘Where We Start’ (if you chose to ‘Play All’). If you hadn’t noticed it, give it a try.

Disc Two

Starting with everyone’s favourite…

The impromptu acoustic ‘Echoes’ from Abbey Road immediately follows ‘Dark Globe’, but only if you select ‘Dark Globe’ from the menu. You miss it if you choose to ‘Play All’.

David playing the cümbüş (on a yacht, back in 1993) can be found if you wait for a firework to appear on the main menu. You have to be quick with your remote control’s Enter/OK button.

Some fans dancing at the Royal Albert Hall to a dance remix of ‘On An Island’ can be enjoyed (?) if you catch the firework on the ‘Royal Albert Hall’ sub-menu. Again, be quick.

The documentary, ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’, has bonus footage/extended scenes – as explained at the start. Press Enter/OK when you see Wireman appear in the top-right. Titles and times are as follows:

Guy’s Tour Bag: 0:19:42
Wine Glasses: 0:26:14
Philadelphia Story: 0:37:40
Burano Trip: 0:40:56

Wireman is your prompt during ‘The Making of ‘On an Island”, too. There are eight bonus clips of David discussing the album. No imaginative titles for these ones, but here are the times, should you need to know them: 0:01:02, 0:04:05, 0:06:44, 0:09:03, 0:10:07, 00:12:03, 0:13:40 and 0:15:09.

So, that’s it.

Thanks again for your patience in waiting for this list, not to mention your efforts in finding the goodies.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

78 thoughts on “Those Easter Eggs”

  1. Nice one. I’ll now have to go back to check out the ones I couldn’t find.

    I got the DVD for Christmas and it spends most of the week in my DVD player. I tend to listen to whilst I’m cooking. I don’t know why, but OAI goes very well with the sound and smells of the kitchen.

    Also, being the student I am, I spend more time thinking about things other than essays. With that in mind, I thought of a ‘rainy day’ topic the other day. Do with it what you will. It is:

    The fantasy dinner party. Which five people would you invite to have dinner with you and what would you cook them? They can be artists, musicians, politicians etc. It goes without saying that David is at the top of all our lists.

    Hope all is well.
    x x x

    [I like that, Dom. We’ll do it one of these days… maybe even today, if anyone’s interested (as surely all that can be said about Easter Eggs has been said by now). That question often tends to crop up when I’m with friends and a bit drunk, actually. It’s guaranteed to amuse. I’ve had some good debates about inviting Jim Jones (the controversial reverend, not the rapper) and Sir Bobby Robson. I’ve never got beyond invite list to menu, though. Must have a think about that. – FEd]

  2. So, no EEs on Disc One after all… :0(

    And I was so looking forward to new revelations too.

    You certainly managed to wind everybody up with that one FEd.

    [Not a sausage. And on April Fools’ Day, too. I should have been really unoriginal and predictable and made up silly ones just to see who looked for them. Or not. – FEd]

  3. Thanks so much for this list, FEd! I really appreciate it. I’m printing it out to save with my DVD.

    I’m not very patient when it comes to techno-stuff — just being able to get the DVD player and the speakers to work together in synch is enough excitement for me!

  4. Good stuff. Now I can print out the entry and include it with my copy of the DVD for future reference. That way in 20 years I won’t have to rack my brain trying to remember how to get to all those bonus goodies.

    Thank you for sharing all the details.


  5. Hi FEd!

    Well, I think, I found all of them.

    The ones behind wireman were quite easy, because they were not really hidden. The difficulty was more to check, that wireman was there in the upper right corner.

    Pure easter eggs for me were the clips behind the fireworks (very hard to see, that the square-button in the menu disapeared for some frames during the fireworks) and (more or less) Echoes, because it was not on the track list.

    IMO the interview-clips on “Making of…” are not only a discussion, my feeling is, that David is looking back into his life and OAI is a very personal thing for him.


    [Indeed. I think they deserved to be covered in the original post for that very reason, even though they weren’t ‘hidden’. I was slightly disappointed that few people mentioned them. – FEd]

  6. Nice to know we found them all, but I thought for sure there would be one nobody found.

    David is good at making people think.

  7. I like the dvd very much, but I have a question.

    During Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine documentary, there is footage from Venice rehearsal (rescheduled one) and David plays a very nice melody or theme on acoustic guitar.

    I don’t know what it is and I like it very much. Can I find it anywhere, official recording, of course?

    btw, last week Live From Abbey Road dvd was delivered to me. On An Island is great and I found the interviews very interesting. Personally for me it could be the whole of David’s session on both discs, but I’m happy with what I have, as no Polish TV channel has purchased this series so far.


    [I don’t have the DVD to hand at the moment, sorry, so I’ll throw your question out there to all intrepid readers. – FEd]

  8. [Not a sausage. And on April Fools’ Day, too. I should have been really unoriginal and predictable and made up silly ones just to see who looked for them. Or not. – FEd]

    So your preamble as to where the easter eggs were was true then.

    I apologise for doubting you. But given what day it is…

    Pete – Coventry

  9. [The fantasy dinner party. Which five people would you invite to have dinner with you and what would you cook them? They can be artists, musicians, politicians etc. – Dom]

    Nice idea. Hard to decide which to invite, though…

    Best regards,


  10. Hi

    Here in Dubai we have had Roger Waters playing twice. Is there any chance that David might bring his band out here? I would prefer to see the best of Floyd.

    [Sorry, Lynne. There are no plans for any shows anywhere at this time. – FEd]

  11. it’s hard to know if you’re winding us up today, fed!

    to dom: if i could pick five people to have over for a dinner party, i’d pick

    1. david
    2. john lennon
    3. the dalai lama
    4. al gore
    5. nicky wire from the manic street preachers

    and we’d have my special spag bol!

    [Sounds good. – FEd]

  12. Sweet I got em all! Thanks for the list !

    And I decided to look around and noticed…10 CHATS ALREADY IN APRIL! You’ve been a busy little FEd haven’t you?

    So weather has turned nice…It’s actually quite sunny out today and at least 10 degrees C (that’s warm for still having about a metre of snow on the ground, and normally waking up to -10 degrees) So I enjoy it while I can!

    Have a great “April Fools day” Everyone!


  13. Oh ! Thank you !

    I also thought that the clips hidden behind Mr Wireman were not Easter Eggs but, mince alors ! I was mistaken, as I have to confess that I totally missed those of ‘The Making of ‘On An Island” . I am feeling so stupid …

    But thanks to Fed’s rigour and precision, I could easily find them, and what a delight ! Lucky Matthew Evans !

    Et, cerise sur le gâteau, even the Easter Eggs are subtitled !

    Really a great DVD !


  14. Oh ! Dom ! What do you suggest ? :

    [The fantasy dinner party… It goes without saying that David is at the top of all our lists.]

    If I had to cook for David, I think I would be so terrorised that I would break all the dishes !

    I wonder, what recipe could I choose that he doesn’t yet know ? …


    [Well, you know that French cuisine is the best in the world… – FEd]

  15. My 5 –

    Bill Bailey
    Ian Rush
    Sheryl Crow
    David Gilmour

    [Ah, Ian Rush… – FEd]

  16. […and David plays a very nice melody or theme on acoustic guitar. I don’t know what it is and I like it very much.]

    Tomasz, it’s High Hopes, no ?


  17. Fed

    I thought there might just be a very special hidden treasure that nobody found and it would be let out of the bag here. Never mind, it has all been some fun.

    Trouble with inviting famous people over for a dinner party is that you don’t really know what they like or dislike (meat eater or vegetarian) and you don’t want to get it wrong. I recently had a fillet steak lightly marinated in Kakadu plum and barbequed – it was fab. Fed, if you’re not a vegetarian please try it.

    All the best

    [It sounds delicious. – FEd]

  18. Wow, that’s quite a list.

    I’m especially impressed that you have it down to the very second that the Wireman appears. That must’ve been a lot of work. 😉

    [If you’d posted your list a day earlier, it wouldn’t have been! I thought my poor old laptop’s DVD drive was going to explode at several points. – FEd]

  19. Hello FED, now it’s the invite celeberties over for dinner.

    My choice on five/six: David Gilmour/Polly Samson, Phil Taylor, Alice Cooper, Jack Nicholson and FED.

    Remember that night, Cheers.

    [I love Jack Nicholson. Thanks. – FEd]

  20. You are not kidding – we really have to be very quick to catch the firework in order to see some of these hidden Easter eggs – pretty tricky.

    “David playing the cümbüş (on a yacht, back in 1993)”; so that was at least 13 years ago David wrote this special piece of music with the cumbus – I am so glad he used it on the “On An Island”, it surely compliments beautifully with “Then I close my eyes” – an absolute magical piece for me to use in relaxation and meditation.

  21. Hmmm… The dinner Party… Who to invite and what to cook… How ’bout I invite ‘W’ and Darth Vader (aka Cheney) and maybe Petreus (rhymes with “Betray Us”) for some tasty arsenic stew. That would make me a national hero.

    I haven’t got anger management issues, have I?

  22. i thought i had them all f.e.d. just didnt have time to get back to you with a final count.

    thanks for sharing.

    go sabres!!

  23. YAY! Happy Birthday to me – Easter Eggs!!! Sweet!

    “Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin’ ship; my senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip, my toes too numb to step: wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin’. I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade into my own parade. Cast your dancing spell my way.
    I promise to go under it.”

    My favorite verse of my favorite Dylan song. Just because. : ) My family had the line “I’m ready to go anywhere. I’m ready for to fade into my own parade,” painted on a big banner for my going away party when I moved to Chicago.

    Thanks for the eggs, FEd!

    [Happy Birthday, Jessica. “And it’s Easter time, too.” – FEd]

  24. Fed, may the best team win! as long as it’s……

    [Hey, I’m missing the Stones for this match, so my boys had better-bloody-win. – FEd]

  25. As for my five, they would have to be:

    David – I bet he has an excellent taste in wine.
    Nigel Slater
    Jean-Luc Godard
    and therefore Anna Karina
    Stephen Fry

    I’m thinking honey roast porc with vegtables followed by something involving chocolate. I’ll let Nigel decide…

    x x x

  26. [During Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine documentary, there is footage from Venice rehearsal (rescheduled one) and David plays a very nice melody or theme on acoustic guitar. – Tomasz]

    I may be mistaken and as I don’t carry the DVD around with me wherever I go (I know… I am such a bad fan!) but isn’t it the guitar parts from the more recent and more ‘acoustic’ version of ‘High Hopes’?

  27. Ah, the full list. I’ll save this one for posterity, though I think I’ll remember the little gems as long as my memory holds out.

    Five dinner guests? David Gilmour, Polly Samson, Geoffrey Canada, Doris Kearns Goodwin, The Features Editor.

    I’d prepare a traditional dinner of pollo guisado, arroz blanco, habichuelas rojas, una ensalda de papa tradiciónal, and I’d make my wife’s viciously delicious flan with a fresh pot of Café Bustelo (Dominican expresso style). A nice red wine would accompany our evening through out.

    *sniff* Mmmmmmm, gooooood…..

    [I’m there. – FEd]

  28. Happy Birthday Jessica!

    FEd, I tried to log on to the chat room but somehow the password that was given to me a while back didn’t I have to do something different to sign on?

    Happy Wednesday to you all and it’s time for me to go to work. Hope to see you all in chats another day.


    [I’m very sorry to hear that, Veronica. I’ve sent you a password reminder, if it helps, but nothing’s changed. The chatroom is now closed, although a room password is in place for those who arrived before closing time (there is no longer an e-mail list in operation, so the day’s password is only known to those who made it to today’s chat). I’m going to think of a better way of handling our ‘lock-ins’ from now on. Details will be here sometime next week. – FEd]

  29. For Dinner I would really enjoy having Neil Young and his wife Peggi, David Gilmour and his wife Polly & our dear Friend “FED” as the guest of honors.

    Dinner would be Halibut stuffed with crab, corn on the cob, Baked potato with all the extras to put on it. Dessert would be cheese cake with fresh blueberries on top. Plus the beverage would be a real fine white wine. I hope that makes a few of you hungry. lol

    I hope everyone will have a great day.

    Take Care,

  30. Dinner guests? How about…..

    1. David Gilmour
    2. Eric Clapton
    3. Keith Richards
    4. Jimi Hendrix
    5. Stevie Ray Vaughn

    Tough to leave out Brian May but the above are all Fender players. So we can keep dinner quick and simple with just spaghetti and meatballs, a fine red wine like Silver Oak or Jordan Cabernet and then move to the music room where each can pick the guitar of their choice and jam.

    FEd would you be interested in being the bartender for the night??



    [I’d be delighted to, Andrew. – FEd]

  31. How long before someone suggests the following 5 dinner guests?

    David Gilmour
    Roger Waters
    Nick Mason
    Richard Wright
    Syd Barrett

    What do you think? And you know that was not my original list.



  32. I’m an Iranian student in Melbourne, Australia. Bought the DVD a week ago and couldn’t stop watching it over and over since then. I have to admit that I burst to tears when I watched the live performance of Remember That Night. It’s AWESOME, well done.

    You may not know how many young fans you have in Iran. They still live and breath the Pink Floyd music, your music and tones.

    I don’t know what to say anymore but I do wish I can see you here in Australia on stage someday soon 🙂

  33. [I’ve had some good debates about inviting Jim Jones… – FEd]

    That’s fine over a bottle of Merlot. But for heavens sake, don’t drink the Kool-Aid!!!!

    [And I thought I’d cause offence by simply mentioning the guy. – FEd]

  34. Dinner party guests and meal?

    1) David Gilmour
    2) Neil Peart from Rush
    3) Stephen Fry
    4) Ian Rankin
    5) Leonard Cohen

    The meal would be my wife Tracey’s incredible home-made pizza.

  35. [By the way Dom, these dinner guests, can they be dead people, too. – Jessica]


    x x x

  36. Happy Birthday Jessica! Enjoy

    Well, I only found one egg (acoustic Echoes) – since I found it I didn’t realize it was an egg…I’ll have to check the others out, but that version of Echoes was “killer!”

    Sorry to have missed the chat today…too early for me today…

    5 guests – I’ll go with living:

    1. David Gilmour (naturally)
    2. FEd (for your humour and help with topics to discuss)
    3. Billy Idol (that would just be a gas)
    4. Pele’ (because he is Edison Arantes do Nascimento)
    5. Steve Jobs (intriguing chap that he is)

    Of course, all Irregulars would be invited too…

    Now what to serve…besides the wine and beer…

    For the carnivores:
    Venison Sauerbraten with fresh Spätzle and steamed vegetables

    For the herbivores:
    Ratatouille Niçoise served with rice and French doesbread

  37. If we arrange to have these dinners at 7pm (BST) on a Sunday then we can listen to Guy on Planet Rock as his show has been relocated to that more sociable hour.

  38. Nate, you’ve beaten me to it on two blogs now about Guy’s radio show.

    As for the dinner party thing is there any restriction on who can be invited?

  39. I’m not sure Thomas, I think this Easter Egg thread has been somewhat hijacked 🙂

    I was awaiting official rules 😉

    [That’s what I like to see. Anything goes for this one, Thomas, it seems. If the deceased are allowed… (Are animals allowed, Dom? Cartoon characters?) – FEd]

  40. What fun and games !

    Fantasy Dinner party

    1. David
    2. Donald Sutherland
    3. Billy Connelly
    4. Sir Alex Ferguson
    5. F’ed (to sit next to Sir Alex!)

    To eat …. a selection of fine Indian cuisine

    [Well, you know that French cuisine is the best in the world… ]

    F’ed, chatroom blood has been spilled over this issue you know …

  41. [Excuse me, what is that ‘French doesbread’ ?????? – Michèle]

    Sorry Michèle

    I meant to write simply “French Bread”…

    [But it does sound believable, if you say it with the right accent… – FEd]

  42. Dinner guests…

    1. David Gilmour
    2. Polly Samson
    3. The whole OAI band!
    4. Phil Taylor
    5. Pete Cornish

    I’ll cook a nice dinner!


  43. [And I thought I’d cause offence by simply mentioning the guy. – FEd]

    You’re going to have to try much harder to offend the likes of me! 🙂

  44. Well if anything goes then how about this crew?

    1. Emily
    2. John
    3. Eugene
    4. Corporal Clegg
    5. Arnold Layne

    So Corporal Clegg could show off his medal and we can See Emily Play while Arnold Layne plays dress up with Emily’s clothes. Eugene can keep saying Not Now John. And everyone would yell Careful With That Axe Eugene.

    The meal would start with a Saucerful of Secrets soup followed by Pigs on the Wing and maybe some Sheep. For dessert it would be Island Jam.



  45. Dinner party suggestions

    hmm…. I feel mischievous

    David Gilmour
    Roger Waters
    John Lydon
    Lemmy Kilmister
    Liam Gallagher

    with Mr T acting as bouncer for the evening

  46. The first guy on my list would be GOD. If he doesn’t exist, I’ll have some leftovers, and if he does, I need to have a chat with him, there’s some things on my mind.

    Marie Curie-Skłodowska (Madame Curie) because she was a complete and utter genius, and I have a huge amount of respect for her.

    William Shakespeare for all the obvious reasons.

    Edgar Allen Poe, simply because he was a lunatic and I love that in a person.

    I would also like to invite David, I think he would enjoy meeting my other guests.

    I have decided that although I am one fine cook, I won’t cook anything. I would rather spend my time visiting with my company. So, I reckon I would just serve some nice bread and wine with some special cheeses and dried fruits and nuts.

    It’s a good thing GOD is coming since three of my guests are dead 🙂

  47. Hmm, I have finally seen all the Easter Eggs. The Cumbus one sounded familiar!!

    As for my 5 people to a Dinner.

    1. David Gilmour
    2. Roger Waters
    3. Richard Wright
    4. Nick Mason
    5. Guy Pratt

    Now that would be an interesting dinner.

    David & Roger would have to sit on either side of me so I would feel loved!!

    Cheers FEd

  48. Galileo
    David Gilmour

    I would have us discuss This Heaven as David breaks the bread and pours the wine while playing his version of Astronomy Domine….

  49. Well, then, dead people included:

    1. David Gilmour
    2. Martin Luther King Jr.
    3. Robert Kennedy
    4. JK Rowling
    5. Doug Greenhaulgh (my favorite teacher, if you’re wondering; he died two years ago, and I would very much like his advice on where my life is going… 🙂 and just to see him again.)

    Dream meal to share… mmm, lamb, smashed potatoes, home-made Italian bread (my specialty) with cheese fondue, buttered broccoli and asparagus, and the chocolate/peanut butter/brown sugar creation that I threw together last week for dessert. (It was quite delicious – YUM.)

  50. [How long before someone suggests the following 5 dinner guests? David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Syd Barrett. What do you think? Posted by Andrew]

    Sounds jolly good to me, Andrew.



  51. Finally I decided whom to invite:

    1. David Gilmour, no need to explain why…
    2. Michael Palin, for his humor and travel experiences.
    3) Pete York, a fine drummer with a long history in rock.
    4) Nick Mason, to see him eat apple pie and talk about classic cars ;-).
    5) Andrea Camilleri, because I love how important good eating and drinking is in his books.
    6) FEd, for the hard work trying to entertain and support us fans (and curiosity, of course).

    Vegetarian as I am, here is my menu:

    – fried feta cheese, olives, mozzarela with tomatoes
    – pasta aglio e olio and/or moussaka (without mincemeat, of course)
    – radicchio with roquefort dressing
    – types of cheeses with grapes
    – dark chocolate and espresso or mokka, apple pie 😉

    As drinks I’d suggest a good single malt (bushmills two woods, …) or champaign as aperitif, a good dry red wine for the main meal (xynomavro) and a port for the cheese. At the end I’d offer good dark German beer for the talking…

    Best regards,


  52. Dinner Guests

    Professor Chronotis
    Dr.Emmett Brown

    We will eat out at the (Starship) Bistromath and travel back in time to see all the great concerts of the past.

    ash X

    [I always knew you had a great mind, Ash. – FEd]

  53. My dinner party

    Menu..English style fish and chips with plenty of ale


    Ozzy Osbourne
    Bob Dylan

    Wouldn’t a conversation between the above 2 be hilarious?

    For more laughter, how about these 2 great comedians

    Jerry Seinfeld
    George W Bush

    And for some serious banter and just because I admire everything about him..Leonard Cohen

    [That would be very good, John. – FEd]

  54. Thanks for all the Easter Egg info. There were a couple that I didn’t find.

    Blimey, these challenges are rough. Now to name a few people for dinner…very difficult. SO many interesting people in the world.

    OK: David, the Pharaoh Akhenaten, Sigmund Freud, Audrey Hepburn, and Richard Feynman. No, wait! Minnie Pearl, Richard Nixon, Dame Edna Everage, Rasputin and Pai Mei (was he fictional?). Arrrggh….. (Actually, this is fun imagining these disparate people having dinner together.)


    PS–Salaam, Mohamadreza. Chetori?

  55. Hi FED,

    the DVD easter eggs comments has me putting on my dinner plate for my invites; Peking duck, Spiced Lamb on skewers, candied potatoes, asparagas and lightly fried red pepper in oil served over rice.

    For dessert will be deep fried bananna with sherbert.

    Have a great night.

  56. Here’s my list!

    1. Mick Jagger
    2. Keith Richards
    3. Ron Woods
    4. Charlie Watts
    5. My boss (Who, just like me, is a nutty Rolling Stones fan. Once he knows I got good connection with the band members, he’s be bound to promote me/give me a raise!) 🙂

  57. [How ’bout I invite ‘W’ and Darth Vader (aka Cheney) and maybe Petreus (rhymes with “Betray Us”) for some tasty arsenic stew. That would make me a national hero. I haven’t got anger management issues, have I? – NewYorkDan]

    I would say yes to that question and no to you being a national hero.

    Surely you could be a little kinder. It’s one thing to not respect the people elected to office at present but have some class and respect the position they hold. Plus, surely you have heard threats to the President are against the law.

    Bash their politics if you must but why even kid about bringing harm to them…? If you keep talking like that the Secert Service may be knocking on your door.

    Sorry Fed. I just had to respond to his statement.

    [It wasn’t me, Barbara. I wasn’t even there. Honest.- FEd]

  58. Jim Jones for dinner Fed? I’d like to hear your interest for this guest.

    I would love to invite David, Polly, their children, they were so cute on the dvd, and you Fed, of course. I would serve a home cooked southern meal. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, peach cobbler and sweet tea. Maybe invite Paul and Ringo also.

    From the US I’d have to ask George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Now wouldn’t that be a lovely table full of people!

    Name the date Fed, I’ll pluck the chicken!

    [I’ve always found history’s bad guys fascinating. In Jones’ case, you could argue that, for a while, he was actually a good guy. I’d love to discuss his thoughts on religion and politics, because I happen to agree with some of the things he said, and his dream of a socialist utopia is absolutely intriguing. His would be an incredibly interesting head to get inside. Besides, his descent into paranoia was staggering, and paranoid people make great conversation. Shame on me, but I’d just much rather spend an evening with someone who is considered evil than someone like Mother Teresa (bless her). – FEd]

  59. I know. . .

    Kong Qiu (Confucius)
    Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha)
    Jesus (Christ)
    Abu I-Qasim (Muhammad)

    Hysteron Proteron.

    For this meal I would serve ‘Humble Pie’. But Julia Child and Jacques Pepin would prepare it. . .

  60. Fantasy dinner party eh

    1 Santa
    2 Easter Bunny – obviously
    3 Jesus
    4 A tiger
    5 Rene Magritte

    Have a good day

    Ian Pearson

  61. 5 for dinner:

    Oliver Reed
    Alan Bates
    Keith Moon
    Ringo Starr
    Richard Harris

    Having that lot round would have been fun.

    Pete – Coventry

  62. Fed,

    They say you should always place a defender on the line & your new defender Bendtner proved the point last night & Arsenal paied the PENALTY.

    Looking good for your mob at Anfield now.

    [And you should have had a penalty… – FEd]

  63. 5 people for a dinner party, hmmm.

    1. David Gilmour…naturally
    2. Rick Wright
    3. Kelly Brook…for obvious reasons!
    4. Freddie Mercury

    And Finally:

    5. Warren Gatland (What a guy!)

    I’d cook Cawl for starters, Welsh Lamb for Main Course and a Pint down the local for afters!

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  64. Oh, thank you! Yeah, I missed at least 2 or 3 of them.

    Glad to have instructions. I have big doubts my brain could discover them without help!

  65. [Shame on me, but I’d just much rather spend an evening with someone who is considered evil than someone like Mother Teresa (bless her). – FEd]

    Hmmmm…so FEd’s five maybe as follows:

    1. Jim Jones
    2. Charles Manson
    3. Osama Bin Laden
    4. Hitler
    5. Napoleon

    Wow, what a killer dinner list. Just imagine the banter.

    If you picked fictional people, then maybe:

    1. Blofeld (from James Bond movies)
    2. The Joker
    3. Norman (Anthony Perkins Psycho character)
    4. Cruella De Ville
    5. Dr. Evil



    [You left out Simon Cowell. – FEd]

  66. [You left out Simon Cowell. – FEd]

    Would that have been on the first list or second list? LOL.



  67. […Shame on me, but I’d just much rather spend an evening with someone who is considered evil than someone like Mother Teresa (bless her). – FEd]

    Hear hear!

  68. Adding a couple more to my dinner party guest list to discuss our evolution..

    Albert Einstein
    Xaviera Hollander

    Did we come about by the “Big Bang” or “Bang Big”?..

    Physicists and sociologists are still battling this one out…should be interesting!

  69. Lots of good lists. Picking just five is hard.

    My list would be:

    John Lennon

    And, of course, David Gilmour.

    Fictional list:

    Mad Hatter (Alice In Wonderland)
    The Joker (Batman)
    Austin Powers (Yeah Baby!)
    Hawkeye Pierce (M.A.S.H.)

    And of course, Prince Charming, but I think I found him already 😉

    Have a lovely weekend all!

  70. FEd, thanks for verifying my password for the chat room; I was confused and misjudged the time. Hopefully, I will catch the chat next Tuesday with which the hours work better for me. Much appreciate your hard work of trying to accommodate all of us.

    As for my 5 dinner guests, whom I believe will enjoy each other company and they are:

    David Gilmour
    Justin Haywood
    Robert Plant
    Pete Townshend
    Paul McCartney

    Thank you.

  71. I may be way too late… but I’m good. I went out and bought RTN DVD on the very first day it went on sale. (You never know how available they’ll be.) Holy smokes! It was On Sale for about $12 !!! Thanks, I needed that.

    I watched it on an evening soon after. And then I stumbled upon the Easter Eggs. I haven’t been able to reproduce it though. But whilst fiddling with the remote control, I must have pressed a certain combination or succession of buttons, Viola: David playing the banjo-thing song from OAI’s “Then I Close My Eyes.” It looked like he’s sitting on stairs in his houseboat with family/ kids working in the kitchen area. It felt like a personal gift.

    It was a spooky/”Twilight Zone” experience, as that banjo/boat melody hits a chord in me. And here he was playing it in a boat, just as it is played in a boat in the recording. I had the odd feeling that I’d just pulled Merlin’s sword from the stone.

    So here it is. Did I win anything?

    [Sadly, no, but I’m glad you like it. – FEd]

  72. Barbara:

    Relax, it was only humor. Being that I do not have any arsenic (or other poisons) and have never attempted to contact any government official, there is no threat here. Just free speech, which is guaranteed by the same constitution that Republicans routinely ask us to forget.

    I disdain a politic that says we are allowed to detain and torture people we don’t like. I don’t trust a politician who tells me there’s no money to help the poor but them gives big tax breaks to big oil companies (the very same companies that are right now making more money than anyone else in history).

    I find it hard to stomach an administration that inherited a surplus budget and squandered it to the point of a NINE TRILLION DOLLAR deficit. How many schools is that? And let’s not even discuss the war in Iraq that was based on lies and deception.

    You may agree with leaders who do these things, Barbara. I don’t, and it is my right to say so. Just as it was your right to say what you said.

  73. [You may agree with leaders who do these things, Barbara. I don’t, and it is my right to say so. Just as it was your right to say what you said.]

    New York Dan,

    I’m relaxed and could not feel better.

    What you didn’t get in what I said was the respect part.

    Also, I see now you’ll never get it. Just reading what you wrote above you don’t sound like a happy person. Maybe you should take your own advice and relax yourself, or possibly move to a place that suits your political beliefs more?? Only a suggestion, again, it is your right.

    I never said I agreed and or disagreed with the politics of today. All I said was to show the office respect and not threaten people harm, even in “humor”. Don’t even suppose you know what I think about the politics of today.

    I wish you well and hope you have a good day. I think you posted on here that you were a teacher. Surely respect is something you understand and desire.

    Sorry again Fed for being way off topic.


  74. ‘Respect’, ‘Humour’, ‘Fun’, … Are they incompatible words ? Maybe the ‘common denominator’ could be ‘Tolerance’…

    Sorry if that doesn’t make sense in English, it does in my mind.


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