'The Tonight Show'

David performing for 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', April 2006

They asked (told?) you to wave your arms in the air and, boy, did you wave them?

Whether you were there or not, if you have any memories from seeing David and the band perform for ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, approximately two years ago – aside from the swaying and arm-waving, that is – don’t keep them to yourself.

What did you think of the show? How does it compare with others that feature live music? Do you have a favourite television performance by David? If you can share it without pointing anyone towards YouTube (there, I’ve just done it for you) and remember that offering to make copies of television broadcasts is a no-no, that would be grand.

Thanks to everyone for their flashback memories of the ‘On An Island’ tour’s first 20 concerts. They’ve been a pleasure to read. There are another 12 to come, so please be prepared to cough up more of the same for Manchester, Glasgow, London, Klam, Munich, Vienne, Florence, Venice and Gdańsk.

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Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I remember seeing it on The Tonight Show and again via davidgilmour.com. Both times I was struck by the fact that they did not show Rick Wright. Were they afraid to show an older musician? Or were they afraid to show an older musician who does not have the name recognition of Crosby and Nash? I took offense at that.

    NBC, which was once the American network to beat, has become the weak link of our media. They have “Law and Order,” not much else. Programming on NBC is flat-out boring if not obnoxious, and then they slap Rick in the face by not showing him.

  2. lol @ the swaying! i laughed so much at that. if it had been recorded at night, do you think they’d have asked the crowd to hold their lighters up in the air? 😉

    it’s always good to see dg on tv, but jools holland’s show is the best. he makes an effort to show that he knows something about the artist, even if they’re not well known.

    i also enjoyed the aol sessions.

  3. Unrelated question to the topic, but Remember That Night related:

    From the pointless trivia category, does anyone know what David Crosby says to the audience right before ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’? It sounds like a dedication of sorts, but I can never make out what he’s saying.


  4. Boo Commercialism….got to pay those mortgages though. Gee, I could retire this year if I could only figure out how to live off on $200,000 per year.

    David Gilmour is the star and I think because he is more marketable then Mr. Wright. No offence Mr. Wright, I love your organ playing and love the piece in the new DVD when you play the old Albert Hall organ…Wow, what a treat indeed.

    Jay Leno is a big dork wanna-be Soprano type, and doesn’t hold up to Mr. Carson in the least bit. What a disgrace! Seeing DG, RW, GP and good old Stevie Jam under any circumstances is completely tolerable by me so, “throw your hands up in the air, [and] wave them like you just don’t care”. I would probably think more than twice to make the 8 hour drive to LA even if I managed to get a ticket somehow. Now, fly to New York for Letterman and I’m there!

    Cheers to good fun and honest opinions…Right Fed?

    [Indeed. I thought David was going to run through some Celine Dion numbers when I saw all those hands. – FEd]

  5. Hi FEd,

    I saw this Tonight Show when it was aired in CNBC on my satellite TV. I regularly see Leno’s show to improve my English (no comments please about how that is possible with such a show 😉 ). That was a nice surprise and they performed outside the studio, but I tend to agree with Victor that the appearance on Jools Holland’s show was better.

    Best regards,


  6. I remember enjoying watching Dave and co. on Leno, though what irked me was the sound mix. It seemed a bit “off”, which is the best way to put it. Combining that with excluding a song off the broadcast to lure fans to the website was a bit put-offish for me as I’d rather view it on tv than the net any day (though that’s just my minor personal preferences).

    I feel that Leno, Letterman, and others tend to showcase some great bands and artists but treat them with indifference when it comes to time constraints; I’ve seen far too many occurrences where an artist will be bumped from the nights line-up due to extending the monologue or a rambling actor/actress eating up too much time.

    Favorite Gilmour TV appearances: (1) Dave’s 10/84 appearance on MTV’s Guitar Greats concert performing You Know I’m Right and then taking multiple solos on Green Onions and Johnny B Goode. (2) A brief stint with Spinal Tap doing Big Bottom (Dave on bass). (3) Backing Townshend on the Tube (1986).


  7. What did you think of the show?

    Disappointed… The Leno show isn’t known for live music and probably never will be. I can only think it was a PR attempt to get DG more visible to the US audiences. DG and the band were treated shabbily by being crammed in at the end and why didn’t Leno interview DG????

    And finally I can only hope that trained snipers were pointing their weapons at the audience to force the arm waving… 🙂

    The Jools Holland show was much better although RW’s vocals on Arnold Layne were not his best…

    Bring back the Old Grey Whistle Test, I say. 🙂

  8. Yeah, the Leno thing was a bit embarrassing, but David and the band were completely unflappable. And clearly David’s soloing (though brief) dispelled any suggestion that this was just another basic pop spectacle.

    You asked about favorite Gilmour-related TV appearances. One that springs to mind was his 1987 spot on Saturday Night Live. I recall my sister had control of the TV. She and a friend were watching a movie and refused to interrupt it so I could watch my hero. I was incredibly pissed that I had missed this moment and it seemed I’d never get the chance to see what had transpired that December night.

    Then about a year or two later, one of my best friends…who ALWAYS manages to dig up even the most obscure music-related material…compiled a tape for me of various musical moments involving David. Sure enough, the SNL clip was there in all it’s musical glory!

    David performed the extremely cool instrumental ‘Song for my Sara’ playing (of all things) a black Steinberger.

  9. I haven’t managed to view the Leno performance yet, so it may well be the best. But from what I have seen from the television parts of the tour I like Astonomy Domine from Abbey Road the best. A grand performance indeed that even rivals the original performances of the song from way back when.

    I thought it a tad strange it didn’t make the actual tv broadcast however.

  10. The Leno Show taping was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Just being at a production like that and going through the ropes of being an audience member is a complete story in itself, but I was fortunate enough to also meet Marc Brickman and to see Polly and Barrie Knight, and that made the day extra special.

    It’s funny, though, that looking back, I tend to remember some of the smaller details the most. Like the fact that although it was a warm day, and we were lined up outside for at least an hour — none of the Gilmour fans seemed to accept NBC’s offer to be part of the indoor (and air-conditioned!) studio audience. We all wanted to remain outdoors and wait for David in the concert area.

    One regret I have is that I did not know anyone from the blog at the time. Although I was fortunate to meet many of them later on…I would have loved to have met them that day too.

    One image that stands out in my mind is that I was with some friends from LA who wanted to go to Santa Monica for dinner after the taping. Traffic was very bad in the area, and we actually ended up hanging around the Universal Citywalk, waiting for the freeways to unclog. We didn’t have tickets for the Gibson show, but we saw a number of people in their Floyd and Gilmour concert shirts, going to the show. I was struck by the fact that the concert crowd included people of all ages, both genders, and many different ancestries. I spoke with several people who were not native English speakers and I was struck by how this music really brings so many people together and breaks through barriers. It made me think we should put the Gilmour fans in charge of working on some of the world’s problems.

    I’ll always be grateful for the chance to attend the Leno taping — many thanks to David, FEd, and everyone involved!

  11. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I think the lack of Rick Wright might be because whoever is in charge of what footage is shown on tv doesn’t know who Rick Wright is. When Pink Floyd played at Live 8 there was a lack of shots on Rick, and many people attribute this to the editor not knowing who the fouth member of Pink Floyd was after David, Nick and Roger. (Those kind of editors are grade A Philistines.)

    Is there anyway of seeing this performance? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Tonight Show on British cable channels, and I’d rather not try looking on the dreaded website-owned-by-Google-that-contains-dodgy-videos-that-shall-not-be-named. (This is worse than Harry Potter isn’t it!)

  12. Thanks to New York Dan and Julie for the insight on the album cover of MEDDLE.

    Without reading Mason’s book that’s the last thing (a human ear) I would have thought of being underwater.

  13. Hi all.

    I remember the night before the Gibson show, I was ANXIOUSLY waiting to see if I would get the e-mail from Fed saying I was going to Leno. I was so excited when I finally received it.

    Once we got to the Leno show I remember the folks at the studio tried to get those of us waiting to see David to go inside the studio to see Tom Green, but nobody would budge… we were there to see David, period!

    Yeah, they asked us to wave our hands (I did!), yeah, Leno was an idiot…. but I didn’t care.

    I stood no more than 8 feet from David for the whole Leno performance, maybe 15 feet from the farthest band member. When the band entered and left I was a foot from them. The performance was great too!

    I was happy to be there, and for me the Leno taping was in some ways better than the show at the Gibson that night, if only because I was so close to the band.

    It was a great experience!


  14. There is one where he does a song with BB King. I liked that, though you could not hear him. But Put A Spell On You with Mica Paris on Jools Holland was damn good!!!

    Enough Said!!


  15. First, thanks again FEd for hookin’ us up with tickets to David at Leno! I kept calling home, asking “isn’t there anything from the Features Editor” in the email? My daughter finally found it in the deleted items box with a couple of hours to spare! Yikes!

    Jared and I parked in the last space near the office area at the NBC studios. Soon after, a pick-up came blasting into the parking lot with an anxious-looking young woman at the wheel. I asked her if she was coming for the Leno show and told her where she might find parking. As my son and I were waiting in line the same blond woman walked by and I saw her homemade shirt that said “Thanks FEd, Erin” on the back, so I hollered out to her and Blogger visiting began, soon including Susan, Angelo and others. We all had a good time sharing our PF/DG music and concert stories. Angelo was briefly the title holder for ‘having come the farthest’ but in the end lost out to an Australian guy who had shown up.

    As the David Gilmour contingent enjoyed passing the time visiting and telling our stories to one another, Leno show people began trying to hustle Bloggers into attending the main show because they didn’t have much of an audience. As David’s Blog guests, we were going to be ushered back to the outdoor stage area and have first position right in front so no one was particularly interested in seeing the Leno show at all, just David and the band! We had a pretty good laugh about that.

    After a while, we were ushered through the studio and outside to the stage area. I noticed two extra mike stands and knew that we’d be enjoying Crosby and Nash, too. Yippee!

  16. I love watching David and the OAI band play anytime I can. I have to agree with Victor regarding the Leno run Tonight Show though. It was like here they are and wham, bam, thank you Mam, it was over.

    I think that the band would have gotten better respect on Letterman or even Conan O’Brien than they did on Leno.

  17. …Leno’s ‘fluffer’ (heh-heh) came out and strongly encouraged arm waving as it would ensure that we’d have screen time — liar, liar, pants on fire;^)

    I had a good spot close to the stage, between Guy and David, and was completely thrilled when everyone came onstage! Finally, I could see David, see him playing that black Strat!

    After the introduction, David and the band played a shortened version of OAI. After seeing just how boring the studio show was, I wonder why they didn’t shorten the time allotted the two studio guests and give these true music legends more airtime!

    Anyway, to be able to see David play the guitar that he’d played for so many years, on all those amazing albums, was a dream come true! Watching his fingers bending the strings, caressing them and making them sing, was a beautiful thing!

    After the show, we were treated to Wish You Were Here and the tears started to flow — it was incredibly moving and I’ll never forget it as long as I live. I know I’ll never have an opportunity to experience something that intimate and special again, and I thank David, Polly, and you FEd, from the bottom of my heart for making it possible:-) And to be able to share that memorable experience with my son — thank you all so very much!

    Peace ‘n’ love always!

  18. Caption..

    David gets a kick out of Guy playing L.A. cop as he orders: REACH FOR THE SKY!!!

    I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch this. The performance was of course great, but i remember thinking that the waving was kind of corny and not characteristic of a David audience, hence suspecting encouraged choreography.

    I would have loved to have seen David on a Sunday morning show on A&E called Private Sessions. A classy, intimate 1 on 1 interview show (with performances), hosted by a delightful and well prepared host, Lynn Hoffman.

  19. My moment in the spotlight is documented in photo 18 of that particular Gallery. Directly below Stevie’s drum is an arm with a white ONE Campaign bracelet on it! That arm is connected to me;^) For a moment I thought I was actually visible in the photo used above. I wore a bright red shirt that day. But, alas, when I looked at the larger photo that red is actually someone’s baseball cap. Well, at least I know I was there, right? And I’ll never forget it!

    Hey FEd, how was the Beach Boys concert? And didn’t you go to another concert recently? I can’t remember right now who it was you were seeing. Hope you enjoyed them!


    [I did, thanks for asking. I saw Jethro Tull last week. They were very good. – FEd]

  20. The arm waving thing was so f-bombing lame. When has anyone seen such a spectical at a DG or Floyd-related show? (Roger’s interlude before Run Like Hell on the live performance of The Wall at Earl’s Court comes to mind; but he MEANT that to be a joke.)

    One of the Tonight Show’s producers came out before the performance and went on about how “this was television and cameras are attracted to motion” or some other BS like that. I refused to participate.

    Having said that, this was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.

    David and the boys got to share billing with Tom Green (not funny) and some kid with a parrot (annoying).

    They saved the best for last.

  21. I was there at Leno and was close…though not as close as Angelo and Erin..lucky. But I did stand next to Tom Green…whatever.

    The music was cool, the hand waving was lame, I know….but if they had told me to hop up and down on one foot and sing Mary Had A Little Lamb for David…hell ya, I would’ve done it.

    Thanks Fed and the powers that be for allowing me to experience this one of a kind event.


  22. I was so excited when I got the letter from Fed saying I got tickets for the Leno show. Unfortunately, it was too short notice for me to get anyone to go with me, so this was a solo road trip.

    The day before, I made a new tanktop. The lettering on my first one wasn’t quite right, and I included a thanks to Fed this time.

    We had to be at the studio by 4pm. I got up early on the 20th and started my long drive from Sacramento to Los Angeles (about 400 miles). It was on this trip that I first paid more then $3.00 for a gallon of gas. (I know, I know, you guys over the pond don’t have to tell me how good we have it). It cost me $51.50 to fill it up. Coincidence? I think not.

    I arrived at the NBC studio about 2 or 3 pm. I’m looking for a place to park and notice another car doing the same. A lady gets out of the other car and walks into the office. I asked the driver if he was a Blogger. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, no, but my mom is and jested to Gabrielle.

    Well we found a place to park, got our tickets, now we wait. I met so many bloggers waiting in front of the studios, Gabrielle, Susan, Angelo, Renee, Mike, Kevin from Michigan and many others…

  23. …We had to line up separately from the studio guests. See, we were only going to see David’s performance, not the whole Leno show. Leno does these concert series ever summer. He makes a little outside stage and throughout the summer months the last part of his show, he has artists play. Since we were only there for David’s performance we got to get closest to the stage. The audience for the Leno show, would file in behind us.

    Well as they were letting people in for the Leno studio audience, they noticed they had room, so they offer us to go in and watch the show. None of us, Irregulars, did that. That would put us in the back when David plays. Forget that! The people at NBC just didn’t understand why we would pass up a free chance to see the Jay Leno Show. Bah! I’m a Letterman fan anyway! And that’s exactly what I told them.

    So they finally let us in; Gabrielle, Angelo, Renee, and myself stayed close and made our way to the front. We were right where David’s feet soon would be. Man, I had goosebumps. It wouldn’t be long now.

    So finally the band comes out and Jay comes up to introduce David. I was so close; I could’ve touched David’s feet.

    Now, I know they use a lot of make-up in television, but Jay had it on so thick it looked like a mask. Jay kept screwing up the introduction, calling David ‘Dave.’ One time when Leno messed up, Angelo shouts “Wrong! Do it again!” We all laughed at that, including David. That was a really special moment for me, sharing a laugh with David…

  24. …Yeah, they told us to do the hand wave and we’d have a better chance of getting on TV. I did it for about 5 seconds before I decided it was lame and disrespectful, and I put my hand down.

    They only performed On An Island, and Wish You Were Here, but they were both awesome. The OAI solos were cut down, due to time restrictions, I suppose.

    My eyes were fixed on David, and at one point as he was looking out over the crowd I got a feeling. I don’t know what it was, but it gave me goosebumps. I turn and look to see what he is looking at, and there in a raised tower is Polly. It made perfect sense. I looked over to Angelo, who had noticed the same feelings and also looked. We just smiled at each other. I think we are the only ones who got it. Angelo and I are tuned in, like that.

    For me, this was the best experience of the whole OAI tour. I was so close to David and there couldn’t have been more then 300 people, so it was a very intimate performance. I got to share a laugh with David, and got to feel his connected to Polly, both of which were magical. It may have only been two songs, but everything else about it was perfect.

    I thank you again Fed, for sending me the tickets. That experience will surely stay with me a lifetime.

    Have a great week, friends


  25. I was there, right in front actually. I meet Renee and Angelo and some other bloggers, Hi guys! I remember going through the wait for the confirming E-mail from Fed, it took forever and when we finally did get it, we got 2 copies! Fed was having trouble that day! Thanks again Fed!

    What I remember the most was really how close we where, at the regular show the band stands about 10-12 feet from the edge of the stage..at Leno he was right at the edge. My friends flew in from Atlanta to join us at these shows and they really enjoyed them as well!

    One really funny note..when Leno was doing a taped Promo after Mr Gilmour had played, he held the CD upside down, the director pointed this out and someone from the audience loudly said “Go on do it again!” We all laughed including Leno and the band!

  26. I know Jay is a DG fan, but I was very disappointed at the way The Tonight Show showcased DG and the gang. I think there was such a time restraint placed on the band. Hence the shortened version of On an Island, and no RW shown as someone already pointed out. There should have been some talk with David on this talk show. This TV apperance had great potential, but missed the mark through no fault of DG’s or the gang.

    Ah well….that’s my moan for today!

    Bob Mitchell

  27. Nice pic!

    I am the kind of person who prefers music in a religious silence and context, but it seems they have had a lot of fun! Nice.

  28. It was great to see the band perform on The Tonight Show. It was the first time I had wanted to see the show since Johnny Carson retired.

    The talent far exceeded what that show deserved.

  29. [From the pointless trivia category, does anyone know what David Crosby says to the audience right before ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’? It sounds like a dedication of sorts, but I can never make out what he’s saying. – Peter McConnell]

    I believe he said “This is a song for our times.”

  30. It was an awesome performance, and experience being so close to the band. The Leno staff looked puzzled when none of the DG fans wanted to come inside for the studio portion of the show. We were obviously there for one reason:) And no one wanted to leave the outside stage miss an opportunity to catch a glimpse of David.

    It was a great way to start the day off, followed by an unreal evening at the Gibson….I relive that day over in my mind all the time!

  31. Blasting into the parking lot! Come on now, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think . . .?! Yeah, neither did the Washington State Patrolman. LOL.

    I liked your post Gabrielle, and can’t wait for the rest. It’s fun to read people’s experiences of shows, especally the shows you too were at. It gives it some new perspective.

    Sorry we didn’t know of you then Lynn, I always like meeting new bloggers. Maybe the opportunity will present itself again. We can hope . . .

    Hugs to all

    [Glad to see that you’ve changed your tune on these ‘flashbacks’. – FEd]

  32. I should probably explain my earlier comment.

    David’s performance wasn’t lame, but the show was.

    Typical American TV. Corny and loud.

    Sorry FEd.

  33. My favourite TV performance was when Jools Holland ‘found’ a tiny striped tent in the middle of the US somewhere and stepped inside to discover that it was a ‘Tardis Tent’ and Mica Paris and David were ‘inside’ ready to play ‘Put a Spell on You’.

    …and ‘French & Saunders’ of course… 😉

  34. Fed, it’s gonna be a great match! Good luck! Hope everything’s alright for everybody…

    I’m waiting for the spring here in Spain, and always thinking about you all! Hope David is fine.

    With affection

  35. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for myself being as young as I am to appreciate this probably one last time. Being that close to legends of the music world regardless of where we were was definitely a thrill.

    Enough about my dad bragging about the Wall shows in 1980, we finally got to see him play again, twice in one day!

  36. I totally agree with Adrian, about `I put a spell on you` with Mica Paris and Jools Holland. What a great track!

    The first time I saw this performance was years ago on a great channel 4 show called `Rock Steady`. At the time I was not what you would call a Floyd fan, but because of my passion for anything guitar, I knew David was an outstanding player. And this performance did not disappoint! And with this and P.U.L.S.E I became a DG and PF fan!

    It`s a real shame `Rock Steady` only lasted a short time. I thought it was a great programme!

  37. My favorite David Gilmour TV appearances I have seen in the good ol U.S. of A. is The Tonight Show (despite OAI was shortened to a four or so minute version).

    The Saturday Night Live appearance is second with DG playing with the SNL band (I didn’t see this until 1998). I assume he named the instrumental “Song For My Sara” after his-then six year old daughter.

    The Right Time where he played Purple Rain with Tom Jones when VH1 USA aired it in August of 1993 (one year after it was first broadcast on BBC TV).

    DG playing with The Who on Quadrophenia in 1996 which aired on HBO in the US in July of 1996.

    The Guitar Greats is in fourth place.

  38. [I saw Jethro Tull last week. They were very good. – FEd]

    Glad to hear you enjoyed them FEd. I saw JT way back in the early 70’s, while on tour supporting “Thick As A Brick”. Ian Anderson inspired me to take up the flute. I still pick it up every now and then to toot a bit.

    Sorry, much too long ago for an ‘I Remember’ review.

  39. Hi all.

    Boy, who would have ever thought there would be so much disdain for arm waving??? OK, OK! I’m converted… I shall never wave my arms again. And I will promptly go burn my Live8 DVD which features a smiling David Gilmour… do I dare say it? Waving his arm! The scandal of it all! How COULD he? Someone must have TOLD him to do it! LOL.

    I don’t care… I waved my arms at the Leno taping and had the time of my life… you non-wavers just deal with it!

    Have a great day all!

  40. We arrived just before noon, picked up our complimentary tickets with a picture of David on them. Somehow after several hours another line started and then we were told it was being formed for David, yes we were standing behind a few others that got there after us. But not to worry, we could clearly hear the guy tell us to wave our arms from about 8 feet from the stage. He told us “if we wanted to be seen on TV, we better wave our arms!”

    David’s performance was great, it was a shorter version, which I’m sure was thought up by the guy who had us wave our arms. I loved every second of it, was very, very nice to be there.

    After the show had ended, the mastermind of the show came out again and started throwing free things into the crowd; frisbies, T-shirts, etc. Again he was demanding everyone sit up, and roll over like a good dog for them… he was ignored, put the stuff back in the bag… and got a finger!

  41. Hi Fed

    Could you be kind enough to send me a password reminder for the chatroom? I should be able to catch the chat room today.

    Regards Damian.

    [There’s no chat today, sorry, but there is one tomorrow. One password reminder sent. – FEd]

  42. Hi everyone, hope you all are ok.

    Nothing much to say, I saw James Taylor last week, do you like?

    [Hope you enjoyed. I’m not too familiar with his work. – FEd]

  43. Fed, the big girl hasn’t started singing yet!!!!!

    [True, but I think Riise’s days are numbered. – FEd]

  44. NEWSFLASH ….


    Sorry for the joke Fed, I feel your pain (sort of) you should see some of the cruel e-mails I’m getting lately!

    Example of one:

    An Arsenal fan, a Scouser and a Chinese man are in the hospital maternity ward. The doctor goes out to the fathers and he tells them that there has been a mix up with the babies.

    He says, “each of you go in and choose a baby that you think is yours, then come out and then we will review the situation.”

    The Arsenal fan goes in first and comes out with a baby. The docter immediately spots a fault.

    He approaches the Arsenal fan and says, “come on lad, you know that’s the Chinese baby” to which the Gooner replies “I know, but there is a Scouse baby in there and I ain’t taking no chances!”

    [Very good. I think some of the refereeing this season has been the biggest joke, though. I’m sure you’ll agree. I shook my head in disbelief so many times throughout the match, by the time Riise scored, it should have fallen off. (John Terry gets away with murder, doesn’t he?) – FEd]

  45. On a completely different subject…

    Phil Taylor’s Black Strat book is available for pre-order on a certain website named after a certain South American river…

    Good news is that it is half the original price and hardback… I’m glad I waited 🙂

    [You might well be. More on the hardback edition when I hear from Phil. Signed copies of the limited first edition are still available from http://www.TheBlackStrat.com, by the way. – FEd]

  46. [I think some of the refereeing this season has been the biggest joke. – FEd]

    Maybe if it was seen to be consistent it might be easier to swallow ?

    I really could not stomach watching the game Fed, except my inquisitiveness got the better of me at about the 90th minute & switched just in time to see Cole take the throw in …

    Relaxing with some good music is a cure I found.

    [Just don’t get me started on Drogba, for God’s sake. – FEd]

  47. [Signed copies of the limited first edition are still available from http://www.TheBlackStrat.com, by the way. – FEd]

    Signed? Signed? That wasn’t an option when I bought mine 🙁

    Oh well… nevermind 🙂

    [It wasn’t? – FEd]

  48. [Signed copies of the limited first edition are still available from http://www.TheBlackStrat.com, by the way. – FEd]

    Mine wasn’t signed either and I can’t find anything on the website that says they will be signed. The only signed ones were those that were given away as prizes on this blog I think.

    [I don’t know when that changed, but I just heard from Phil that there are some softback copies left from the first edition, that the price has been reduced to £15.95, and see that the site now says “signed by the author.” Sorry about that, folks. Presumably this is a new addition. – FEd]

  49. No it wasn’t. You gave a signed copy away as a prize to Frank Parr back in November but the website was only offering unsigned copies at the time I ordered in January.

    No problem… things change… no point worrying or moaning about it 🙂

    [Oh yes, I remember all our competitions. – FEd]

  50. Man, they could have asked the crowd to throw their knickers and I would have ripped off my boxers…well, maybe not that far (thankfully).

    Getting to Leno was a thrill. The day after meeting Jorge and a few weeks after meeting folks at NYC I was excited to meet more people from the Blog. People have commented about meeting before, and how we stuck together when tempted by the dark side to go in and catch the show.

    What people don’t know is how excited I was that I went up and down the line looking for others from the blog. I felt like asking every person but didn’t. I was in Blog-Kumbaya Mode but didn’t want to scare anybody! Ha!

    And once inside…man… The Black Strat just a few feet from me. The man himself so close I could see his pores. Steve and me making eye contact and goofing at a drum fill. Pointing out Erin to Guy who he met back in Fr’isco. The look between David from the stage and Polly from the scaffolding behind the crowd (unnoticed but to me and Erin)…

    I was flying so high. I’ve been a fan for so long but have never had the opportunity to revel in the music with like minded fans…and to have met so many!

    During this LA leg, the word was getting around about the Features Editor surprise from the bloggers. I remember the call I got from Rudders while walking down Hollywood Boulevard. The good feeling generated here on the Blog was there in that conversation with Rudders who detailed the plan for Glassman and the Jersey. It was there in NYC at Heartland Brewery. It was there in my Hotel room with Jorge before and after the Kodak, and it was there at ‘Leno’ and the Gibson later. This is an unusual forum indeed, and I’m thankful for it…

    And thanks for the opportunity to be there at ‘Leno’, Fed.

    [You’re welcome. – FEd]

  51. I haven’t read this blog in almost 2 years, but I guess the timing is somewhat fortuitous since not only was I at the taping, but I can even see the back of my head in the picture above, and boy do I hate it!

    The arm-waving… Hey, have you seen Live 8? Or every episode of American Idol (or Pop Idol in the UK) when they sing a slow-tempo song? Arm-waving MANIA can’t be stopped! Though it should…

    As for the performance, I was thrilled to be there, so close to greatness. Of course, the disappointment was “only” 2 songs, although one would have to be foolish to expect much more than that.

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