Random Nonsense #4

This is a good one.

A suggestion from Taki today, but with a few twists (because you’ve had some easy ones so far, it’s about time you put in some serious thought, so I’ve made it a wee bit more difficult).

If David chose to put out a CD of his finest guitar-playing (no, before you ask, he isn’t), which songs would make this best-of compilation?

All albums should be considered – Pink Floyd and solo, not to mention session work – but the total duration should not exceed 160 minutes.

Yes, you can fill two 80-minute CDs, if need be. Please number the songs as you list them.

Official releases only, please, but only what’s officially available on CD. No DVDs this time, I don’t care about your ripping and burning practices.

Hard? It gets harder.

As was the case with the Pink Floyd retrospective, ‘Echoes’, the songs have to segue together, so really think about it. You might have to spend an entire day listening to tracks, finding out which ones flow nicely into others, so have a good excuse ready for the boss.

Last, but not least, give this fantasy compilation a title for bonus points.

And remember, this is about David’s guitar-playing.

Have fun…

The chatroom will be open between 17:00 and 19:00 (UK), should you wish to throw ideas around.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

117 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #4”

  1. Oooo… my brain hurts! 😉

    Remember folks that you can build ‘playlists’ for your chosen track order in iTunes and turn on the ‘Crossfade Playback’ in the Playback preferences to get a simulation of the segues between songs.

    In the words of Owen Paul, ‘You’re my favourite waste of time’ 🙂

  2. Oh! Too hard, too long, sorry, I’m not able to do that, really sorry…


  3. Oh FEd, you are evil!! If I didn’t have to work and had a full day to spend on this, I think I would have to be either dreaming or dead!!

    Looking forward to what other people come up with though!!

    PS. I got the all clear from the heart specialist after my little scare a while back:-) It was put down to stress. So bring on the Gdansk album – I need as much chill time as possible!

    [Good news, Brian. Very pleased to hear it. – FEd]

  4. Okay, here is my attempt of a best of guitar songs which, in my mind’s eye anyway, segue together.

    1. Mudmen (such a beautiful piece this)
    2. Raise My Rent
    3. Fat Old Sun
    4. Let’s Get Metaphysical
    5. Marooned
    6. Signs of Life
    7. The Blue
    8. Mihalis
    9. Funky Dung
    10. On An Island
    11. Echoes

    And the title of this album would be – The Etheral String Bender.



  5. FEd,

    You may need to keep this thread active for a month or more. Quite a challenge.

    Hmmm…also noticed that the Latest News page was just updated. I guess they do listen to you.



    [Or you. Coincidence, you think? – FEd]

  6. Do we get paid for this?

    Title: “I Should Pause To Take Stock”

    1) Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5
    2) There’s No Way Out Of Here
    3) One Of These Days
    4) Blue Light
    5) Sorrow
    6) Sheep
    7) Short And Sweet
    8) Goodbye Blue Sky
    9) Yet Another Movie/Round And Around
    10) Echoes
    11) Dogs
    12) Wish You Were Here
    13) It’s Deafinitely
    14) Young Lust
    15) On An Island
    16) Money
    17) Run Like Hell
    18) Cry From The Street
    19) On The Turning Away
    20) The Blue
    21) Mihalis
    22) Time
    23) Comfortably Numb
    24) Any Colour You Like
    25) Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9

  7. AWESOME… right down my alley!

    Hey FEd, does the winner get to choose their favorite pain killer of choice after ruminating on this one? hahahaha

    Nice work Taki and FEd!


    [I think it could cause a headache or two, that’s for sure. – FEd]

  8. Hey FEd,

    I thought I’d have an advantage, but you added some excellent specifications 😉

    Give me some days to re-think and expand my already existing 80min compilation..,

    Best regards and thanks for taking the time to expand “my” nonsense #4…

    [Remember folks that you can build ‘playlists’ for your chosen track order in iTunes and turn on the ‘Crossfade Playback’ in the Playback preferences to get a simulation of the segues between songs. – Nate]

    As a linux user, I use Amarok to manage that task 😀


    [My pleasure, Taki. Thanks again. – FEd]

  9. RANDOM?? My Ar*e.

    Can I create my own Blotto game too!

    [Oh, it’s easy. Just take away the songs that you don’t think belong on ‘Echoes’ and replace them with songs of your own choosing. Piece of cake… Right? – FEd]

  10. This is what I came up with.

    CD1 (73 Mins)

    Shine on you Crazy Diamond – PULSE
    High Hopes – The Division Bell
    Money – Dark Side of the Moon
    Echoes – Echoes
    Learning to Fly – PULSE
    Wish You Were Here – PULSE
    Time – Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live)
    Young Lust – The Wall
    Sorrow – A Momentary Lapse of Reason

    CD2 (80 Mins)

    Castellorizon – On an Island
    Breathe – PULSE
    Run Like Hell – Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live)
    Take a Breath – On an Island
    Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)–Is There Anybody Out There
    Marooned – The Division Bell
    Not Now John – The Final Cut
    The Show Must Go On – Is There Anybody Out There
    Any Colour You Like – Dark Side of the Moon
    A Saucerful Of Secrets – Ummagumma
    Smile – On an Island
    Wot’s…Uh the Deal – Obscured By Clouds
    Where We Start – On An Island
    Comfortably Numb – PULSE

  11. fed, this isn’t easy! i’ll get back to you.

    hope to see you in the chatroom later. x

  12. Ciao Fed,

    today I will say something which won’t be appreciated by the majority here.

    The premise is: this blog has been interesting and funny all along past years because it was a living entity dealing with actual activities of DG. An album, a tour, a dvd…..

    Now the site is making me depressed. It is very Pink Floyd style from this point of view. Pink Floyd music has been depressing, many times, or let’s just say melancholic. The Wall is VERY depressing. In these days the blog reminds me of the verses “…quiet desperation is the English way…”. It is very English and too melancholic.

    Ok, all Pink Floyd fans have a “friendship” with depression, intimacy, etc. etc. But, and here I am at the core of what I meant, with only a live album on the horizon….

    This site is made up of blog entries which make me feel like when I say with my friends “Do you remember when we were young?” It is sad. All blog subjects are the memory of a show, the memory of a track, the memory of a solo…

    [Well, I’m sorry to say, that’s all we’ve got. Until something new comes along, we can only look to the past. Or look somewhere else. But I take your point, of course. – FEd]

  13. …It is all a reminescence. It is really getting sad. Now, the compilation of the David songs…. I do not think that people can or want to go on all the year with these kind of things. Only a freak has a day by day schedule of Pink Floyd and DG music forever. If I imagine myself making the tracklist I would say to myself “get a life!!!”

    That’s why I post rarely. I post when I’ve got something to say, something I feel interesting. I do understand that Fed, you have a problem in finding subjects. But now the schedule has more meaning than the content itself: everyday there must be something to throw in…. I do not want to spend the rest of my days remembering..

    [That’s fair enough, but I get paid to run a blog; if I don’t give people the chance to have their say, I wouldn’t be doing my job. I’m not too concerned about the response. People are free to ignore topics and comments… I know that I would if I had some spare time and a million sites to visit. And these posts weren’t titled ‘Random Nonsense’ by accident. You might think it’s stupid and pointless, but some people clearly think it’s a bit of fun. Frankly, if that’s all I can offer right now, that will have to do (when the alternative is to offer nothing). – FEd]

  14. Well, I think it’s just a test to see who can read correctly and who can respect all the rules.

    Because it’s not difficult to put random songs with guitar solos as I have several times seen on the blog till now, but the challenge (I think) is to respect all the game rules! (I read at least 5 constraints -and I’m not sure I understood them all perfectly.)

    I’m not a loser – or at least (less pretentious) I don’t want to behave like a loser – so, I will try, but I will need a long time!

    Maybe the topic will be closed before I succeed.


  15. [If I imagine myself making the tracklist I would say to myself “get a life!!!” – Piergiorgio]

    If that was the only thing in my life, then yes you’d be right. I’m just fed up with those fancy radio stations since years and listen to my own compilations while commuting. Good music is a part of my real life 😉

    Best regards,


  16. Hi FEd,

    this is my entry and although now 2 CDs are needed, it was still *very* hard to be economical with time, actually I’d rather say painful:

    Title: Four Decades Of Excellent Guitar To Listen To…

    DISC 1 The Evolution

    1. Ibiza Bar (Soundtrack More, 1969, 3:19)
    2. Astronomy Domine (Ummagumma #1, 1969, 8:29)
    3. The Narrow Way – Part Three (Ummagumma #2, 1969, 5:57)
    4. Fat Old Sun (Atom Heart Mother, 1970, 5:22)
    5. The Nile Song (Relics, 1971, 3:25)
    6. Burning Bridges (Obscured by Clouds, 1972, 3:30)
    7. Any Colour You Like (The Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973, 3:26)
    8. Wish You Were Here (Wish You Were Here, 1975, 5:40)
    9. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Animals, 1977, 11:21)
    10. Cry From Street (David Gilmour, 1978, 5:19)
    11. Let’s Get Metaphysical (About Face, 1984, 4:09)
    12. Comfortably Numb (Delicate Sound Of Thunder, 1988, 8:56)
    13. Marooned (The Division Bell, 1994, 5:28)
    14. Then I Close My Eyes (On An Island, 2006, 5:27)
    (Total playing time 79:48)

    DISC 2 It Takes Time To Express Yourself

    1. A Saucerful Of Secrets (Ummagumma #1, 1969, 12:48)
    2. Echoes (Meddle, 1971, 23:31)
    3. Dogs (Animals, 1977, 17:04)
    4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Delicate Sound Of Thunder #1, 1988, 11:54)
    5. Sorrow (Delicate Sound Of Thunder #1, 1988, 9:28)
    (Total playing time 74:45)

    It would take me pages to explain why I choose each song, and in my opinion they segue perfectly together 😉

    Of course, I’ll have to revise the list in September or then expand it to triple CD…

    Best regards,


  17. I made a single list to distribute between 2 CDs, as follows, in this sequence:

    1 – Shine on You Crazy Diamond
    2 – Learning to Fly
    3 – Poles Apart
    4 – Wish You Were Here
    5 – Time
    6 – Another Brick in The Wall Part 2 (live version from ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ album)
    7 – Comfortably Numb
    8 – Echoes
    9 – On the Turning Away (live version from ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ album)
    10 – Coming Back to Life
    11 – Red Sky at Night

  18. This will take multiple posts to get through… so please show some patience. An undertaking of this nature would require a trip to the studio… much like Echoes did… so when you see my list, you have to understand, there are certain parts that would be added or edited at the tail ends of songs that would enable a smooth flow into the next choice.

    If you could hear what I hear… (in my head) you would understand that maybe a bit better. That said… let’s get started…

    First, the title… Seems that Floyd like to name their compilations after a song, or even a lyric in the song… (see Shine On… see Echoes… see Oh By The Way…) so a David Gilmour compilation would have to be named with that in mind…

    It would also be a reminder that this is just a small compilation of the lengthy and extraordinary career that he has had, as well as a tribute to the fans who have supported him these many years. All of which leads us to my title…

  19. David Gilmour – A Fleeting Glimpse

    Side I:

    Cluster One
    A Pillow Of Winds
    Have A Cigar
    The Fletcher Memorial Home (vicious, biting solo)
    What Do You Want From Me
    Another Brick In The Wall Part I
    The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
    Another Brick In The Wall Part II
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    One The Run
    Time/Breathe Reprise

    Total Time: 79:36

    Yes, so I cheated… but you cannot include Another Brick II without the set up… radio does here in America all the time… ruins it when they do that… and Breathe-On The Run-Time/Breathe Reprise absolutely must go together…

    Side II to follow…

  20. David Gilmour – A Fleeting Glimpse

    Side II:

    On The Turning Away (Live from Delicate Sound)
    Coming Back To Life
    Wish You Were Here
    High Hopes
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V
    Comfortably Numb (Live from Delicate Sound)

    Total Time: 79:58

    Too many great songs that had to be left out… While I absolutely love the 1969-1971 era, the songs are so long that I could have had two 80 minute discs with a grand total of about 11 songs…

    Murder was included on disc II but was pulled when the time ran over 80 minutes… Out Of The Blue, one of my all time favourite Gilmour songs, was left off as well, mainly because it mostly features Dave singing with a piano and there’s no massive guitar solo… On and on… this song or that song that didn’t make the final product… but what a list that did!

    And as a final, fitting reason to release A Fleeting Glimpse as I have laid it out… it syncs up perfectly with a classic movie… something Jack Nicholson played in… =)

  21. Piergiorgio, please keep posting when you have something interesting.

    The nights are getting brighter, don’t you think?


  22. [today I will say something which won’t be appreciated by the majority here. – Pier.]

    Today ? 😉

  23. Gilmour’s Classic Electric and Lap Steel Moments

    Disc one:

    1)Castellorizon (OAI) 3:49
    2)Mihalis (DG 1978) 5:55
    3)Coming Back to Life (TDB) 6:16
    4)Fat Old Sun (AHM) 5:20
    5)Wots…Uh the Deal (OBC) 5:20
    6)Money (1981 ACoGDS version) 6:36
    7)No More Lonely Nights (appearance with Paul McCartney from 1984) 4:40
    8)Echoes (2001 Edit from Echoes) 16:30
    9)Sorrow (AMLoR) 8:49
    10)Marooned (TDB) 5:25
    11)So Far Away (DG 1978) 6:15

    Disc two:

    1)Shine On You Crazy Diamond (2001 Echoes Edit) 17:30
    2)Time/Breathe Reprise (DSotM) 6:46
    2)No Way (DG 1978) 6:14
    3)Comfortably Numb (The Wall) 6:24
    4)Run Like Hell (Live 1980 from Is There Anybody Out There) 6:00
    5)Murder (AB) 5:00
    6)Take a Breath (OAI)
    7)All Lovers Are Deranged (AB) 3:13
    8)Island Jam 2005/2006 (from Bonus CD that came with initial copies of OAI sold at Best Buy)
    9)High Hopes (TDB) 7:50

    That would be Volume 1 and there would be more on Volume 2.

  24. I think it will be interesting to see the combinations people come up with. Maybe stir up some songs people don’t pay as much attention to.

    It will take me a bit to get mine together, but fun to try. Even if some think it’s a bit silly or nerdy. Sort of a ‘here’s some of my fav’s’ thing. Even tho we don’t need reasons to listen to the beautiful guitar of David Gilmour.

    I don’t envy you trying to come up with new things for us to be entertained with. But you do a great job as far as I am concerned. I do feel that alot of the ‘zest’ was lost when the blog was off for so long and it may just take a bit for people to get back ‘into it’ again.

    Please keep hanging in there with us.

    [Thank you, Jan. – FEd]

  25. Wow. That’s going to take some thought. *opens Winamp and begins to think* Yeah, you may not get mine till the end of the summer. ^^; oh well

    To Piergiorgio:

    I am sorry that it is that way for you. Perhaps it is about the past for some here. However, it is not everyone’s past. For some of us, it is a chance to get a feeling for something we have not yet experienced. A chance to dream of something that might be. A chance to look into the future… A chance to express what we may not be able to express elsewhere.

    I cannot express how many times people have looked at me and went “David Who?” when we began to speak of great musicians. I was overjoyed when i found one person who know who Mr Gilmour was. Much as I am in this site.

    Most importantly though, this is a place where people with like opinions and tastes can commune and exchange ideas on the thing that they enjoy. It is a place to belong. And that to me is not something to find depressing.

    I’m sorry FEd…I’m rambling again….

    [I’m glad that you get something out of it, Diane. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  26. This is an awesome question. Here goes it!!

    Disc 1

    1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5
    2. This Heaven
    3. One of These Days
    4. Keep Talking
    5. Coming Back To Life
    5. Dogs

    Disc 2

    1. Castellorizion
    2. On an Island
    3. Marooned
    4. Echoes
    5. Sorrow
    6. Comfortably Numb
    7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9

    Title: ‘Into the Black: The Best of David Gilmour’

    Storm can design the cover.

    Hope that works for you FEd. Maybe bug David to look at these and make a compilation with Bonus Stuff.


    -Adrian J. Emond

  27. Interesting idea. Wish I had the time to explore it.

    Here’s some real random nonsense for you:

    While the blog was down an edict came down at work saying that we are not to send messages to any blog of any kind at work. Apparently some twit uploaded a picture of his/her cubby which included their computer monitor which happened to have proprietary information on it. I didn’t see what it was, but the foolish actions of one individual caused problems for the rest of us.

    So, alas, I will not be able to post as much as I would like, nor in a timely manner.

    It almost sounds like this person had their own blog and the company just doesn’t understand anything.

    [Hard luck, Andrew. – FEd]

  28. Oh, this is a marvelous topic!

    I’ve put Julie’s list in the iTunes as a playlist and after a run through I’ve got to say that it’s brilliant! Oh, what a pleasure!

  29. Good afternoon Fed, I haven’t finished my song list yet, but I’m trying.

    I was just so offended by Piergiorgio! I never imagined you got such terrible mail. I think you do a great job at what you do. If it hadn’t been for this site I would have never gotten to see David perform, or made that wonderful trip to London. I’m glad to go back and relive those days. We were so lucky to have David perform again and have this site to go to for info.

    You know I can’t understand why some people come here if they are not satisfied with this site. Seems to me that David likes it very well or it wouldn’t be here. And David’s real fans like it just as well.

    Thank you Fed, for all you do.

    [Shucks. – FEd]

  30. Hey FED, did you think of this topic while working in the garden? Only the mind of a genius can dig up this random nonsense topic #4.

    Oh great, now I’ll have to uncomplicate my mind and come up with my list of music and a title a little later than sooner.


    [Have fun. (It was Taki’s idea, I just made it more difficult.) – FEd]

  31. No deadline I hope, FEd. It will take me a long while to compile the list, but I definitely give it a try.

    I’ve been pretty laid back and relaxed (or should I say getting quite lazy) these days. I enjoy reading more than posting, let alone thinking and picking my brain. By the way, those flashbacks have been excellent treats to me, very entertaining, I must say.

    [There’s no rush, so take your time. – FEd]

  32. Call the album “A Collection of Songs You Could Dance To, But You’d Rather Listen To The Music”

    1. “Dogs”
    2. “Echoes”
    3. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”
    4. “Let There Be More Light”
    5. “Fat Old Sun”
    6. “On The Turning Away”
    7. “It’s Deafinitely”
    8. “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” (from Ummagumma)
    9. “Take A Breath”
    10. “High Hopes”

    I didn’t bother tho think about how these songs segue together, since I have neither the time nor the mental capacity. So some of these songs may not go together.

    Perhaps someone could take up the challenge of arranging this list to make it all work?

  33. Piergiorgio, I couldn’t agree more! Well, at least about all of the rehashing of old memories. FEd, I thought I basically said the same thing, and you didn’t let me off the hook that easy. Perhaps Piergiorgio said it more eloquently than I.

    When we first started going over the concerts again, I was frustrated that we were looking in the past, yet again, rather then looking to things of the future (the Strat, Live CD, etc). However over the past month or so my feelings about it have changed. . . . .

    [Again, we can only look to things of the future when details come out. And we do. What do you expect to fill all the gaps? Nonsense? Chats? So there’s nonsense and there are chats, dull as these may be to some. Like it or not, there are more things behind us than ahead of us. – FEd]

  34. We know the CD is coming in September-ish, no news on the Strat (yet) but FEd will surely tell us the latest news as it comes. David could have very easily shut the blog down until there was some new news to talk about. After all, he is paying FEd, and if there is nothing new to talk about he could’ve saved himself some money.

    I’m very glad he didn’t decide to do that. Even if we are just rehashing old memories, or getting to know each other better through ‘Random Nonsense,’ we are still getting the chance to ‘spend time’ with friends we have made over the past couple years. That is something I’m very grateful for, especially after the hiatus over the holidays.

    So thank you David, and thank you Fed for truly treating us like friends/family and not just shutting things down because there is nothing new to talk about.

    Thanks to all of my friends that I’ve made here over the past couple of years, for contributing to the blog and touching my life in a very special way more then you could ever know.

    Peace, Love and Happiness to you all

    [Thanks for getting it. – FEd]

  35. Happy Birthday Mike.

    I won’t go into the songs because there are too many to choose. I’ll agree with everyone’s choices, they’re all good.

    Perhaps the title would be “Relics of a Lifetime”.

  36. That song that Freddie Mercury and the big woman sang…………..

    Oh yes, Barcelona! Barcelona!!!!!

    [No comment. – FEd]

  37. I’m having a hard time with my list because there are so many songs to choose from.

    But I will get there. It’s a good way to get through the day at work!

  38. What I always liked on the blog is that we are often solicited, forced to reflect, to challenge ourselves (limericks, captions, etc…). It’s certainly not a blog for lazy people and I appreciate that very much.

    I’m working hard on my compilation, and I like that !

    We need to challenge ourselves, good for mental health.

    Please, keep doing that, Fed. Merci.


  39. [Oh, it’s easy. Just take away the songs that you don’t think belong on ‘Echoes’ and replace them with songs of your own choosing. Piece of cake… Right? – FEd]

    Actually, Taki has made a pretty good job of making a comprehensive list.

    I am very impressed Taki, I may use yours as a basis for mine with a few changes, if that’s O.K.

  40. I’ve not got through the song bit yet but my working title is “Colour us Blue” (although I did toy with the idea of “Would this do?”).

    That’s a start right?

    Anyway, work beckons, I’m off to sit in the lovely Scottish sunshine with my ipod now – it’s a hard old life sometimes.

  41. to piergiorgio: if you don’t like it, don’t read it. complaining and criticising all the time is boring and depressing. maybe you should get a life.

    i’m still thinking about my list. i think these songs are worth remembering.

  42. Hi Fed and all,

    Interesting thoughts, from Piergiorgio. Never thought of it that way.

    However, I kind of feel the opposite: The blog and webpage is “the place” where things are alive, news are posted, etc. I think it’s only natural to dwell a bit on the past – given the history and “long life” of PF and DG. And I pop in almost every day to read a bit – (even though I dont post a lot, don’t always feel I have anything to say) – whether it’s “random nonsense”, news, competitions…It’s almost always amusing to me.

    I think that the important thing is that the blog, webpage and chat is ALIVE, with new posts and invitations to join in, almost every day. This is the first – and only – webpage, I follow regularly, out of pure interest and enjoyment.

    So, to Fed who so brilliantly keeps things rolling: You’re doing a good job. Keep Smiling 🙂


    [Thank you, Lene. – FEd]

  43. [to piergiorgio: if you don’t like it, don’t read it. complaining and criticising all the time is boring and depressing. maybe you should get a life. – victor]

    Yeah, what he said.

  44. I took a break out of my ‘schedule of Pink Floyd and DG music forever’ today, to download the free Coldplay single and it’s good 🙂 …cueing it up for a third listen…

    [I need to do that. Thanks for the reminder. – FEd]

  45. [I need to do that. Thanks for the reminder. – FEd]

    No problem. Good luck as their server is getting slammed.

    [No, I’m not going to comment on that. I’m not. Good tune, though. – FEd]

  46. Why not include DVDs? Would be more interested in doing it!!!

    As far as I’m concerned David’s best solos are on Echoes Live @ Pompeii, Sorrow and Comfortably Numb (BOTH UNCUT!!!) at Earls Court 94…Also the RTN solos on This Heaven and Fat Old Sun are a massive improvement on the studio albums!

    Most recorded output tends to be holding back somewhat!

    If I have to stick to studio albums though it would be DOGS, SHINE ON, and, most especially, POSSIBLE PASTS, FLETCHER MEMORIAL HOME & FINAL CUT – they’re just beautiful!

  47. Can I please get behind two lists? – because mine would be too close to them and might be considered plagiarism of some sort. It would be a hybrid of these two excellent suggestions: SIMON J., who would call the album “Happy Days” and Terrence Reardon, who would call the album “Gilmour’s Classic Electric and Lap Steel Moments”

    On Simon’s List I would replace one: I personally prefer Comfortably Numb on Delicate Sound of Thunder.

    On Terrence’s I’d replace almost all the songs that exist live on Pulse for the versions he might have listed – except Comfortably Numb, which I prefer on Delicate Sound of Thunder (heavier, grittier) as mentioned above.

    As a tribute to both of these great suggestions and the David Gilmour website and blog, I would title the album: “Wire Man’s Happy Electric and Lap Steel Moments”.

    Great suggestions from these two fellows!

  48. [today I will say something which won’t be appreciated by the majority here. – Pier.]

    [Today ? 😉 – Michèle]

    O my FEd, you are rubbing off on Michèle. I love it, that is so funny.



  49. Magnets & Miracles – David Gilmour

    Disk One:

    2.A Pillow Of Winds
    4.Have A Cigar
    5.The Fletcher Memorial Home
    6.What Do You Want From Me
    7.The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
    8.Another Brick In The Wall Part I
    9.Another Brick In The Wall Part II
    10.Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    13.On The Run
    14.Time/Breathe Reprise

    Total Time: 74:44

    [Great title, by the way. – FEd]

  50. Magnets & Miracles – David Gilmour

    Disk Two:

    15.Cluster One
    16.On The Turning Away (Live from Delicate Sound)
    17.Coming Back To Life
    18.High Hopes
    20.Then I Close My Eyes
    21.Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V
    22.Wish You Were Here (Pulse Version)
    23.Comfortably Numb (Pulse Version)

    Total Time: 77:24

  51. Of course if FEd really wanted to make it difficult we would have to fill up two 8-track tapes keeping in mind the segue from channel-to-channel. Now there is a challenge. Wonder if anyone still plays their old 8 tracks or is that living too much in the past?

    One more comment, let’s keep in mind that although there are a number of irregulars in here there are also quite a few newcomers. And there are people who just discovered this blog as well as David’s music. There are billions of people out there and in here there are just a few. So for the people who are just discovering DG, this is all new to them even if for you it was in the past. If the past isn’t interesting to you, why keep playing DSOTM & WYWH?

    We can all be teachers by sharing our experiences & knowledge. And isn’t it great when you get to turn someone on to something you love? Doesn’t it kinda make you feel good?

    Enough said?



  52. This one will take some time and thought.

    Just out of interest where can we find the setlist for Gdansk to get an idea of extra goodies where played?

    Hope all is ok with everyone.

    How r u Fed? Liverpool v Man U 4 the cup? I’d like to see that.


  53. Thanks Ed Lopez for your kind remarks. I appreciate them greatly.

    FEd, I think your reply to simonemery has got to be the best of the year yet!

    Happy Days!

    Simon J

  54. Youpi, youplala, ça y est !

    I always hoped David/PF put out an instrumental album, it’s why my first CD is totally instrumental.

    Title: ‘David’s Pearls’

    Disc 1:

    1- Cluster One
    2- Mudmen
    3- Signs Of Life
    4- Then I Close My Eyes
    5- Castellorizon
    6- Marooned
    7- Raise My Rent
    8- The Narrow Way P.1
    9- More Blues
    10- Island Jam 2005/6 (American CD)
    11- Let’s Get Metaphysical

    Total time: 57:31


  55. [I am very impressed Taki, I may use yours as a basis for mine with a few changes, if that’s O.K. – Graham Knight]

    Sure, go ahead, if I had to, I’d choose the creative commons license for it.

    To all that send lists: thanks for the response, I saw some interesting songs, that were also on my list at some point. The challenge for me was not to make the list endless, but still represent various eras in the career of DG choosing songs that include either solos or riffs that I like in order to learn them…

    My disc #1 shows how DG evolved his guitar playing over the years, while #2 gives us more details in a few songs. If I did this later, I’d replace some songs with their live version of the new record.


  56. ‘David’s Pearls’

    Disc 2:

    1- Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
    2- Wot’s Uh The Deal
    3- On The Turning Away
    4- The Blue
    5- The Final Cut (for the guitar solo)
    6- The Narrow Way P.3
    7- A Pocketful Of Stones
    8- Near The End
    9- High Hopes
    10- Sorrow (Live DSOT)
    11- Comfortably Numb (Live DSOT)

    Total time: 79:29 (full up!)

    I had GR8 fun !

    Now, I’m looking forward to Random Nonsense #5 ! Yeah !


    [That will be a really, really easy (EZ) one, don’t worry. – FEd]

  57. Speaking of David’s guitar playing, there is a vote going down on the virgin media homepage looking for the 10 best guitar players of all time (click my name).

    Kind regards

  58. Good topic, but it’s not for me…I’m not so patient.

    I’ve read Piergiorgio’s point, don’t want to say it’s right or not. I think it’s a fair point and everyone here can say how he feels. For what is my feeling, I don’t know.

    Three days ago we had a bomb explodin’ in the city, a mafia attack to a man. Mmm what can I say, I feel…disgusted. Yes.

    Don’t wanna see blood on the street no more.


  59. My faves:

    Comfortably Numb – Pulse
    Blue – either record
    Entire Dark Side of the Moon
    Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1 and 2

  60. Being a bit of a lazy arse, my choice would be 40 minutes of Comfortably Numb and 40 minutes of Echoes.


  61. There is no way on Earth that I could possibly make a track list that would do David’s entire career justice and I leave it up to those brave souls who think they can (there will always be a score of tracks that should be included on such a compilation but wouldn’t…thus pissing off a …well score of people)

    However the title in my opinion would have to be:

    “He Plays A Mean Guitar: David Gilmour’s Finest”

    Oh and by the way Fed, I appreciate the postings of silly little topics to get our brains going. I would much rather have that than the alternative…..nothing.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    [Cheers, Josh. – FEd]

  62. Hi everybody! Here is my list, hope you appreciate it

    1 Poles Apart
    2 Comfortably numb
    3 Mudmen
    4 On the Turning Away
    5 Time
    6 Have a Cigar
    7 Wish You Were Here
    8 Atom Heart Mother
    9 Fat Old Sun
    10 Then I Close My Eyes

    Part 2

    1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (live from PULSE)
    2 When You’re In
    3 Is There Anybody Out There
    4 Echoes
    5 Dogs
    6 Smile
    7 Mother
    8 Coming Back To Life (live from PULSE)
    9 High Hopes

    Unfortunately I have to disagree with Piergiorgio, it’s not so easy to run David Gilmour’s site and Fed always comes up with something interesting, at least he tries to involve all the people to share their own thoughts and feelings, don’t you think? It’s not so depressing…

    Just my opinion about the topic.


    [Good to see ‘When You’re In’ mentioned, Piero. Good shout. – FEd]

  63. Well well, here we go:

    Cd 1:

    1.On an Island (On an Island, 2006)
    2.Echoes (PF, Meddle, 1971)
    3.So Far Away (David Gilmour, 1978)
    4.Fat Old Sun (PF, Atom Heart Mother, 1970)
    5.The Nile Song (PF, Music from More, 1969)
    6.Run Like Hell (PF, P*U*L*S*E*, 1995)
    7.I Can’t Breathe Anymore (David Gilmour, 1978)
    8.The Narrow Way (PF, Ummagumma, 1969)
    9.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, 1-5 (PF, Wish You Were Here, 1975)
    10.Where We Start (On an Island, 2006)

    Total running time: 76:42

    Cd 2

    1.There’s No Way Out Of Here (David Gilmour, 1978)
    2.Marooned (PF, The Division Bell, 1994)
    3.Yet Another Movie/Round and Around (PF, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, 1987)
    4.Comfortably Numb (PF, P*U*L*S*E*, 1995)
    5.The Final Cut (PF, The Final Cut, 1983)
    6.Dogs (PF, Animals, 1977)
    7.Sorrow (PF, P*U*L*S*E*, 1995)
    8.Take a Breath (On an Island, 2006)
    9.You Know I’m Right (About Face, 1984)
    10.High Hopes (PF, The Division Bell, 1994)

    Total running time: 79:41

    That’s it.

    [Like it. Love ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’. – FEd]

  64. Thanks for the birthday wishes Ben.

    Still trying to get a list together Fed, finding it hard to leave stuff out.


  65. [I was just so offended by Piergiorgio! – Tracy]

    Michele knows I am a sourpuss. And Fed too.

    I am sorry to have offended any of you. Let’s just take my past post as a “feedback”.

    If you want to read it in another way: David Gilmour, you have to make another new record or we will make compilations forever….. better? 😉

    [to piergiorgio: if you don’t like it, don’t read it. complaining and criticising all the time is boring and depressing. maybe you should get a life. – victor]

    [Yeah, what he said. – Amedeo]

    “Yeah, what he said” is definitely amusing. Is this GANGSTA rap?

    I hate these people on the blog. You are like the HAMMERS on THE WALL: the rabid Pink Floyd fans.

    “So ya thought ya, might like to go to the show….Are there any PIERs in the theatre tonight?
    Get ’em up against the wall. — ‘Gainst the wall!
    And that one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me.
    Get him up against the wall. — ‘Gainst the wall!
    And that one looks Jewish, and that one’s a coon.
    Who let all this riffraff into the room?
    There’s one smoking a joint, and another with spots!
    If I had my way I’d have all of ya shot.”

    Erin expressed a good point, Michele is ironic, Lene is polite etc. Luckily we have bright, ironic people who can talk more than “YEAH, what he said” and his friend.

  66. [FEd, I think your reply to simonemery has got to be the best of the year yet! – Simon J.]

    Simon I could not agree with you more!

    Fed has a real talent with taking the mick, but Fed`s best ones are telling someone who has made malicious comments that they are no longer welcome on the Blog. To tell someone to f**k off without actually saying it is great and has me in bits!!!

    And people, let’s not be too hard on Piergiorgio, he was probably having a bad day and probably regrets his comments now.

    Anyway off to think about this playlist!

    [One of my (many) resolutions for the New Year was to be more straight-to-the-point with people, particularly those that get in your way and waste your time. You know those people that stop you in town to ask if you’ve got two minutes to spare to talk about pencils for school children or mobility scooters for the elderly? God bless them and all that, but I’m fed up of spending time, when I’m in a hurry, being so damn polite and apologetic when what I really want to do is tell them to get out of my way. (As long as you do it with a smile, right?) – FEd]

  67. Hope I’m not too late… All original recordings unless otherwise noted:

    Disc 1-78:23

    Learning to Fly-04:53
    Fat Old Sun-05:22
    High Hopes-08:32
    Childhood’s End-04:34
    Run Like Hell (From “Is There Anybody Out There”)-07:06
    Short and Sweet-05:37

    Disc 2-79:53

    The Narrow Way Part 1-03:29
    The Narrow Way Part 2-02:54
    The Narrow Way Part 3-05:58
    Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Relics)-05:46
    On the Turning Away-05:41
    Wish You Were Here-05:40
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pulse)-13:35
    There’s No Way Out Of Here-05:24
    What Do You Want From Me-04:22
    On An Island-06:47
    The Nile Song-03:26
    Comfortably Numb-06:22

    Title: Play These Strings Til My Fingers Are Raw

  68. Taki, I like your compilation a lot! Some unexpected treasures in there and they are sprinkled in an interesting arrangement.

    This is the Becky way to do a compilation: on Disc 1, put every version of Echoes you can find. Do the same on Disc 2 except this time use Comfortably Numb. Voila! (I like to FOCUS!)

    Title: Perpetual Echoes and Numb Without End.



    PS–Rudders, Magnets and Miracles is a very cool title. Lorraine, I also like Would This Do?

    Peace out….

  69. DG’s AX To The MAX

    Run Like Hell
    Coming Back To Life
    There’s No Way Out Of Here
    On The Turning Away
    One Of These Days
    High Hopes
    Take A Breath
    Take It Back
    Fat Old Sun
    On An Island
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wish You Were Here
    Astronomy Domine
    Comfortably Numb

  70. Hi FED, here’s my 2 disc set.

    Title: Compassion in the Zone.

    Disc 1

    1.Breathe 2:44
    2.On the Run 3:32
    3.Time 7:06
    4.Breathe (reprise) 7:06
    5.Money 6:32
    6.Astronomy Domine 8:31 (UmmaGumma)
    7.Fat Old Sun 5:23
    8.Wot’s Uh the Deal 5:07
    9.Dogs 17:06
    10.Sheep 10:19
    11.Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1) 3:41
    12.Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) 3:56 = 79:03

    Disc 2

    1.Comfortably Numb 6:49
    2.Run like Hell 4:22
    3.One of These Days 5:56
    4.Shine on you Crazy Diamond (1-5) 13:38
    5.Shine on you Crazy Diamond (6-9) 12:28
    6.Wish you were Here 5:17
    7.Have a Cigar 5:24
    8.Echoes 23:27
    9.Castellorizon 3:54 = 79:28

    Thanks Taki.

  71. [If I imagine myself making the tracklist I would say to myself “get a life!!!” – Piergiorgio]

    Ok, New York Dan, if I may borrow your words: Piergiorgio, “Relax”. It is all in fun. Fed is doing a wonderful job keep us going until there is some news. Don’t you think anything new from David is worth waiting on? I do. In my way of thinking, if there was not going to be anything new “Gilmour” this site would be gone. I am so thankful it is not gone and is still going strong.

    Here is my CD, sorry Fed, I am not going by the rules on this one.

    Title: “David’s Gift”

    1. Fat Old Sun
    2. Wot’s Uh the Deal
    3. Fat Old Sun
    4. Wot’s Uh the Deal
    5. Fat Old Sun
    6. Wot’s Uh the Deal
    7. Fat Old Sun
    8. Wot’s Uh the Deal

    I just can’t get enough of these 2 wonderful creations!

    Thank you David so much for my comfort music. I can listen to these songs anytime and make a bad day good!

    Have a good Wednesday Fed and keep that wonderful spirit of yours! You are a treasure!

    Barbara P

    [Gosh, all this praise… Piergiorgio, you should say that The Blog is boring more often. – FEd]

  72. Hi All!

    I haven’t been here for a long while and so many things have been changed!

    I cannot wait to hear this Live album from Gdansk, cause I was really impressed by the documentary footage from RTN DVD.

    Greetings All

  73. Hello,

    back from Amsterdam where there’s still a lot of PF music everywhere!!

    “My” CD is called “With All My Blue”:

    – On an Island (slow as an overture)
    – Castellorizon
    – Poles Apart
    – If
    – Island Jam
    – Echoes (cut with three parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond)
    – Atom Heart Mother (central part)
    – Comfortably Numb (mixed with Smile)
    – Sheep (mixed with Run Like Hell)
    – Sorrow
    – On an Island (end as an Adagio)

    To Piergiorgio:

    Oh boy, to reminescence is a part (and just a part) of our daily life. The blog is to enter in “a band of four old friends” with past, present and future time!

    The “absent” presence of David Gilmour is just a little bit as a short meeting to “take a breath” day by day without sadness, melanchony and nothing else BUT with the way WE ARE, NOT WERE.

    A smile from Rome

  74. FEd, this has got what grey matter I may have, well and truly frazzled.

    I’ve spent hours trying to come up with an appropriate setlist, but I’m just spoilt for choice by all of David’s material. Filling 160 minutes sounds easy, but There’s No Way.

    All I’ve managed to come up with so far is the title… “Non-Random Sense”…

  75. Hi.

    It took me some days to think about it. You said we should take care also to the running order and if the next song fits to the one before. So that’s what I would love to here in one flow:

    I would call it: David Gilmour – “It’s Deafinately”

    cd-1 (all studio versions)
    1. Castellorizon
    2. On an Island
    3. Murder
    4. Sorrow
    5. On the Turning Away
    6. Cruise
    7. All Lovers are Deranged
    8. Young Lust
    9. Have a Cigar
    10. Time/Breathe (reprise)
    11. High Hopes
    12. The Narrow Way Pt.3
    13. Fat Old Sun

    cd-2 (all studio versions)
    1. Marooned
    2. The Blue
    3. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    4. I Can’t Breathe Anymore
    5. Dogs
    6. Short and Sweet
    7. Comfortably Numb
    8. Take a Breath
    9. A Spanish Piece (from “More”)
    10. This Heaven
    11. Green is the Colour
    12. Then I Close My Eyes
    13. Near The End

    That’s it. I left out the classix like abitwII, wywh, shine on etc.


  76. These are all very interesting indeed.

    I am surprised there isn’t “Brother Where You Bound” from Supertramp on here. That’d eat up 16:30. Great guitar in IMO.

    [There’s a distinct lack of session work throughout this thread. ‘No More Lonely Nights’ has a fine solo… – FEd]

  77. Hi Fed, all,

    There are some great set lists on here, I haven’t the time to sit down and think of one at this time.

    I like Rudders’ title the best, that is a keeper.

    One thing I would include in mine is a ‘new’ track, something previously unreleased (like When the Tigers Broke Free). In this case, I was thinking ‘You’ve Got to Be Crazy.’

    For a title, I can’t come up with anything better than Rudders.

    As far as Piergorgio’s remarks, I can understand completely where he is coming from. I have been coming here since 2 months after the Blog opened, and can appreciate his remarks. But, this place is still a great community of fans. Which includes great memories.

    Like Fed said, there is more behind us than in front of us. It’s a reality that some day, this will not be around anymore. David could have shut the place down a long time ago, but he hasn’t yet.

    So it isn’t laden with cutting edge stuff- big deal. I am going to appreciate the fact that I can come here and see familiar names, good clean fun, and silly nonsense. it’s so much better than the other sites that are laden with “I’m a bigger fan than you, I know more than you, so F*ck Off” crap and posting a bunch of unfounded rumors as truth.

    So, Piergiorgio, I understand and respect your point of view, but don’t give up the ship yet. 🙂

    Have a great day all,

  78. I’ll need a bit more time to finish my list. My wife has given birth to our second daughter, Isabella Chiara (kee-AH-ra), so I’m on diaper duty and the like.

    I’ve compiled a master list that I need to whittle down considerably, but Rudder’s title of “Magnets and Miracles” will be hard to beat… This is good fun, me likes…

    [Congratulations on the new arrival, Angelo. – FEd]

  79. Happy b’day Jersey Mike. Miss u bro.

    My discs…

    Dark Side of the Moon in entirety
    Wish You Were Here in entirety
    Animals in entirety
    Delicate Sound of Thunder in Entirety
    Empty Spaces/Young Lust
    About Face

    I think you get my picture. It is all so damn good.

    RTN is so sick too. His tone is brilliant.

  80. [As long as you do it with a smile, right? – FEd]

    Haven’t figured out a way to smile through the phone yet. Damn telemarketers. I realize it’s a job for them, but I can’t take it anymore..5-6 calls a day..Yikes!

    It’s gotten to point where I’m afraid to answer anymore. And that’s really sad..at least for me.

    [They’re always fun. If they ask for someone in particular when they call, be extremely polite, ask them to hold, and tell them that you’ll just get the person they’re after. Then just leave them hanging there for as long as you like; they’re never there when you return. Pretending to be hard of hearing is also amusing. Perhaps not very mature, but amusing. – FEd]

  81. Sorry, FEd, I just don’t have it in me to go through all that. I did try, but I didn’t get very far until I realized just what it would entail for me to go through and crossfade everything, find the similar keys and changes… I just can’t bear it right now.

    I have enjoyed reading the other attempts, though. : )

    No news on Kori’s brother, Russ. I’m hopeful for now.

  82. Division Bell – ALL
    OAI – ALL

    I haven’t got much time, I’m on work lunch, but two tracks are a must – On The Turning Away and Poles Apart. Some of the most beautiful guitaring I have ever heard.


  83. FEd, what a great excuse to trot out all of David’s music!

    After a careful listen, I think that there are many title possibilities for this 2-disc compilation — all from High Hopes — Constantly & Without Boundary; or Dreamed of World or Nights of Wonder or With Friends Surrounded and of course, Magnets & Miracles, the latter a great name (split) for each disc.

    Here’s my ideal 2-disc set featuring David’s guitar wizardry, assembled for the most part as couplets:

    Disc 1 — Magnets
    Astronomy Domine, 8:29, ’69
    Fat Old Sun, 5:22, ’70
    Echoes, 23:31, ’71
    Murder, 4:59, ’84
    Cry From Street, 5:19, ’78
    Time/Breathe, 6:46, ’73
    Wish You Were Here, 5:40, ’75
    Comfortably Numb, 8:56, ’88
    Shine On, 11:54, ’88
    Time: 78.56

    Disc 2 — Miracles
    Marooned, 5:28, ’94
    Wearing the Inside Out, 6:40, ’94
    Wot’s… Uh the Deal (Outside In), 5:20
    Castellorizon, 3:54, ’06
    On An Island, 6:47, ’06
    Run Like Hell, 8:00, ’05
    Take a Breath, 5:44, 06
    Lost for Words, 5:14, ’94
    Sorrow, 9:28, ’88
    High Hopes, 7:55, ’05 (pulse)
    Where We Start, 6:40, ’06
    This Heaven, 4:22, ’06 (aol)
    Cluster One, 5:58, ’94
    Time: 78:50

    Lola from Maine

  84. Now I understand why it takes David so long to put together an album 🙁

  85. [They’re always fun. If they ask for someone in particular when they call, be extremely polite, ask them to hold, and tell them that you’ll just get the person they’re after. Then just leave them hanging there for as long as you like; they’re never there when you return. Pretending to be hard of hearing is also amusing. Perhaps not very mature, but amusing. – FEd]

    Or getting into a conversation with them about the product or service and trying to convince THEM to buy it ^^. Fun Times.

  86. [They’re always fun. If they ask for someone in particular when they call, be extremely polite, ask them to hold, and tell them that you’ll just get the person they’re after. Then just leave them hanging there for as long as you like; they’re never there when you return. Pretending to be hard of hearing is also amusing. Perhaps not very mature, but amusing. – FEd]

    Well the one I always enjoy is to turn the tables. Ask them if they have purchased or used the product. Or ask them if they would? If they say no, ask them why not and why would they recommend it to you then. That is sometimes very fun.



  87. Congrats on your new bundle of joy, Angelo. Enjoy your many sleepless nights ahead, because it all goes by way too fast; as I’m sure you know by now. I can’t believe my ‘baby’ boy will be 6 tomorrow (May 2nd). Happy Birthday Gabriel!

    Great job to everyone on the CDs. My vote too, goes to Rudders. Great title, my friend.

    I hope to see some of you in chat tomorrow, but if not, have a great weekend.


  88. Ok, finally!

    Been tinkering in the workshop and have come up with this little beaut of a compilation. Simply entitled Short and Sweet, the vast array of songs and solos is anything but!

    Disk One

    1) Shine On (Parts 1-5) 13:30
    2) Time (direct segue into….) 7:04
    3) Dogs of War 6:03
    4) Your Possible Past 4:26
    5) Marooned (direct segue into…) 5:29
    6) Narrow Way (Part 3) (direct segue into…) 5:57
    7) Young Lust (direct segue into…) 3:30
    8) Cluster One (direct segue into…) 6:00
    9) Your Possible Past (direct segue into…) 4:26
    10) Childhoods End (segue into…) 4:33
    11) High Hopes (segue into…) 8:32
    12) Sorrow 8:48


  89. Disk 2

    1) Mudmen 4:20
    2) On An Island (direct segue into…) 6:47
    2) Give Blood – Pete Townshend (segue into…) 5:38
    3) All Lovers Are Deranged 3:15
    4) Raise My Rent 5:51
    5) No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney 5:14
    6) Let’s Get Metaphysical 4:09
    7) Where We Start 6:46
    8) The Final Cut (abrupt segue into…) 4:45
    9) Near the End 5:50
    10) Coming Back To Life (segue into…) 6:19
    11) Shine On (Parts 6-9) 12:22
    12) Comfortably Numb 6:24


    That’s it! Great Random Nonsense!


    [Cheers, Darren. Like that. – FEd]

  90. I failed. On two levels.

    1) I set out this morning to construct my list, but it was just toooo much. In theory I have the time ‘cos I’m on holiday on the beautiful island of Eleuthera (that means “freedom” folks) but it actually means I can’t be arsed. I tell you, in the Bahamas, nothing is worth that kind of effort. The wheel wouldn’t even have got invented here. I mean, we’re already at the beach, who needs to move anything anyway !!

    2) My list would have been inferior anyway to some of those above. To do this properly you need a better knowledge of David’s non-Floyd work than I can pretend to have. And also I believe some of David’s best work is “barred” – try the Shine on from In Concert and Fat Old Sun from RTN for starters.

    Not being a sourpuss though – great idea and Michele is spot-on (as always!) when she says it’s good to be made to THINK ….

    I’ve a lot of time for Pier. I like a little provocation and dissent – that is also the “English way” mate as well as a little quiet desperation which we’re all partial to here.

    In this case I disagree – I like remembering, lists, opinions, nonsense … this particular string is very much in keeping with what has gone before and is, in my opinion, what keeps it all alive. I’d go so far as to say that, for me, this is the whole point. News is good, updates are nice, opinions and wit – priceless.

    Lots (not quite all, mind) of good examples in response of how to disagree and be constructive, funny, sympathetic with it…..

    Any sign of that pig yet ?

  91. [Of course if FEd really wanted to make it difficult we would have to fill up two 8-track tapes keeping in mind the segue from channel-to-channel. Now there is a challenge. Wonder if anyone still plays their old 8 tracks or is that living too much in the past? – Andrew]

    I still listen to them. 🙂

    Only a few of my jazz 8-tracks survived, and I don’t go through too many pains to get my old ones again, but I am trying to bring back cassettes and walkmans in Chicago.

  92. First, a belated happy birthday greeting to Jersy Mike from an old melancholic grey-haired granny;^) Soon, the grey, so soon …

    Angelo, contratulations on the arrival of the new little lady! She was so excited to get involved in this Irregular family she decided to show up a bit early, eh? Happiness to you and your growing family, my friend:)

    I’m never going to get around to Random Nonsense #4 so I’ve decided I’m just going to make a setlist of everyone else’s setlist for my own listening pleasure! Does that make me a bootlegger?

    I’m posting this before I manage to make it disappear like the last four or five comments I’ve tried to post! I seem to have a knack for clicking somewhere outside the window while I’m trying to compose something that sounds at least a little bit interesting and everything just disappears!

    So I guess I’m a magician AND a bootlegger;^D Yikes.


  93. This one has got my brain thinking… I think these songs flow into each other quite well.

    DISC 1
    01: One of These Days – 5:58
    02: Wot’s…Uh The Deal – 5:03
    03: On the Turning Away – 5:34
    04: Sorrow (PULSE) – 10:44
    05: Sheep – 9:50
    06: Castellorizon – 3:54
    07: On an Island – 6:45
    08: Money – 6:20
    09: Time/Breathe (Reprise) – 6:05
    10: Bring the Boys Back Home (interlude) – 0:32
    11: Comfortably Numb – 6:21
    TOTAL: 67:04

    DISC 2
    01: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-9) – 25:52
    02: Marooned – 5:28
    03: Coming Back to Life – 6:12
    04: Dogs – 17:03
    05: Echoes – 23:31
    TOTAL: 78:06

    NOTES: On Time, I omitted the very beginning (the clocks going crazy), so that the end of Money crossfades straight into the rototom intro of Time. Also, an alternative title for the album was ‘Take it Back’ but I prefered ‘A Pocketful of Songs’. Anyway, hope you like it…

    [Definitely. Good title. – FEd]

  94. Hello FEd,

    Long time since I came around here, guess I have been busy making films and helping the needy around Africa in Turmoil, in Kenya and more recently Zimbabwe…

    So to the point, I need to know the password I was not aware of for access to the room or any of the places so that I share a few thoughts with you and your team…

    Best regards

    [Welcome back. If you mean the chatroom, then I’m afraid there are no passwords e-mailed these days. You just have to get in before closing time. (Team?) – FEd]

  95. [I’ve a lot of time for Pier. I like a little provocation and dissent…In this case I disagree – I like remembering. – tim_c]

    As far as #4 goes here, I’m happy to let the others do the heavy lifting.

    Being somewhat of a gray-sport myself, so I have a natural empathy for Pier’s view. Oh, I hardly have a life, compared to many: and here I am.

    Still, I can’t help note the irony, as much of David Gilmour’s, and Pink Floyd’s, work is about remembering, the passage of time, missed opportunity, feelings lost.

    What was once a songful prescience, a premature wisdom in perspective (a young man’s song of the old man; looking back), all of a sudden becomes appropriate – and David is “caught up” with his work.

    For me, it’s such a pleasure to watch David and Richard re-live ‘Wearing the Inside Out’ on RTN.

    I don’t have a problem with remembering; it’s usually kinder than the original moment, anyway.

  96. [There’s a distinct lack of session work throughout this thread. ‘No More Lonely Nights’ has a fine solo… – FEd]

    As well as…

    Macca, No More Lonely Nights (1984) 4:42

    …here’s a Random Sense session to peruse (Total = 71:52)

    Arcadia, The Promise (1985) 4:48
    Arcadia, Missing (1985) 3:40
    All About Eve, Wishing The Hours Away (1991) 4:58
    Sam Brown, This Feeling (1988) 3:07
    Kate Bush, Love & Anger (1989) 4:39
    Bryan Ferry, Sensation (1985) 5:05
    Bryan Ferry, Slave To Love (1985) 4:21
    Bryan Ferry, Is Your Love Strong Enough (1986)5:17
    Jools Holland, I Put A Spell On You (2001) 4:16
    Grace Jones, Slave To The Rhythm (1985) 5:15
    Alan Parsons, Return To Tunguska (2004) 8:49
    Pete Towshend, Give Blood (1985) 5:37
    Robert Wyatt, Forest (2003) 7:18

    I won’t even bother trying to segue them together, it was hard enough just finding them…;0)

  97. It was fun to listen to the vast catalogue of music to find songs with incredible guitar. I managed to compile a well organized list of the most outstanding guitar tracks below. For bonus points, I included a nifty title. Give it a spin and I hope you like it.

    David Gilmour – Untethered

    1. Cluster One
    2. A New Machine Part 1
    3. Terminal Frost
    4. A New Machine Part 2
    5. Fearless
    6. Castellorizon
    7. Marooned
    8. On An Island
    9. Lost for Words
    10. Keep Talking
    11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part VI – IX
    12. Remember A Day
    13. The Blue
    14. Echoes
    15. On The Turning Away
    16. Learning To Fly
    17. Have a Cigar
    18. Welcome to the Machine
    19. Time
    20. Wish You Where Here

    I spent an entire day listening to tracks, finding out which ones flow nicely into others, and I thought I had a good excuse ready for the boss…but, my fiancé did not like my excuse…that I was spending my day participating in some David Gilmour Random Nonsense.

    I had fun, thanks!

  98. [You might have to spend an entire day listening to tracks. – FEd]

    I did, I’ve been working on my list for days, I can’t do it; it’s too difficult for me.

    Hats off to those who came up with the lists; the majority of them are beautiful compilations; not to mention the creative titles.

    Sorrow, Marooned, High Hopes, The Blue, Green is the Colour, Echoes, More Blues, Dramatic Theme, Comfortably Numb, Shine on to name a few; those are all my favorite David’s finest guitar playing music.

    I admit I’d become too lazy these days, but I sure worked very hard on the list though; sadly I am not able to synchronize and perfect my pick list. At one point, I actually yelled “FEd, what do you want from me!!!”

    If I would have my list, the title would be “David Gilmour – Indulge”

    Thanks for the music, David Gilmour.

  99. We’ve become quite good at putting a lot of songs in one CD, right? My CD’s kind of 104:58 minutes long, and there isn’t any good place to cut it, I think.

    Title: “Not Now…”

    1) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Live at Pompeii)
    2) Marooned (Division Bell)
    3) Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Animals)
    4) On an Island (On an Island)
    5) Not Now John (The Final Cut)
    6) Comfortably Numb (Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live)
    7) Smile (On an Island)
    8) Echoes (Meddle)
    9) Shine on You Crazy Diamonds 1 (Wish You Were Here)
    10) Wish You Were Here (Echoes)
    11) Shine on You Crazy Diamonds 2 (Wish You Were Here)

    Ideas for cutting down: Use Echoes from Echoes instead, and making a new abrigded version of Shine.. where the last guitar solo before first verse in part 1 is included (that is, in my opinion, his best solo).

  100. I’m still working on it FEd…I’m in the midst of moving the whole family to a new house while still owning the “old” house…I should have my list completed by the weekend if it’s not too late. I invision a few late nights of “painting” (wink wink) at the old house where the iTunes computer still is…

    My 2 cents – I love this particular random nonsense no matter what Piergiorgio has to say about it…he doesn’t have to read it…but somehow he alway does anyway…

    Any excuse to listen to more of David’s guitar work is GOOD 🙂

  101. I’ve given up! The task was just too difficult. I have 3.2 hours of tracks in my ‘5 star’ Playlist and I can’t drop any of them without maybe a few more weeks of continued listening and analysis. I do listen to other stuff you know! I even restricted myself to the studio recordings as who has ever heard a compilation/best of album with seques between studio and live tracks and back again… that’s very wrong 😉

    Many thanks for the playlists posted here. I will try a few of them out sometime.

  102. OK… I actually spent a day listening and compiling disk 1, but haven’t had time to do disk 2. I’ll make disk 2 up on the fly.

    Disk 1:
    1. Marooned
    2. Cluster One
    3. SOYCD Parts 1-5 and 6-9 crossfaded together as one track
    4. Island Jam (original version)
    5. On the Turning Away (DSoT version)
    6. Coming Back to Life
    7. Castellorizon
    8. On an Island
    9. Raise My Rent/What Do You Want From Me (with a guitar overdub by David to make Raise My Rent a loooong intro to What Do You Want From Me)
    10. Poles Apart

    Disk 2
    1. Comfortably Numb (PULSE version)
    2. Fat Old Sun (Gdansk version – I know it isn’t released yet… but its GOTTA be on here!)
    3. Take a Breath (Abbey Road version)
    4. Dogs
    5. Sorrow
    6. Echoes
    7. Coming Back to Life (AOL version)
    8. Where We Start

    To be sure we would need way more room for all the great stuff that would have to be left off… but I’ve always wanted SOYCD fused together… tried to do my own spliced version but its a hack job!


  103. New release!

    @ A Higher Altitude

    Disk 1

    The Blue
    Island Jam
    Cluster One
    Raise My Rent
    Obscured by Clouds
    Coming Back to Life
    A Great Day for Freedom
    The Narrow Way III

    Disk 2

    One of These Days
    Cry From the Street
    I Can’t Breathe Anymore
    Learning to Fly
    Fat Old Sun
    Wot’s… Uh the Deal
    High Hopes
    Near the End
    Comfortably Numb (Is There Anybody Out There? / The Wall Live Pink Floyd 1980-81)

  104. My list, finally.

    I had several titles, but you can’t beat Rudders or some of the others. I came up with…Still, Marooned.

    Disc One:

    1. Wot’s…Uh the Deal (Obscured)
    2. Breathe (DSOTM)
    3. Time (DSOTM)
    4. Money (DSOTM)
    5. Shine On Part 1 (WYWH)
    6. Mihalis (David Gilmour)
    7. So Far Away (David Gilmour)
    8. I Can’t Breathe Anymore (David Gilmour)
    9. Young Lust (The Wall)
    10. Is There Anybody Out There (The Wall)
    11. Comfortably Numb (The Wall)
    12. Signs of Life (MLOR)
    13. On The Turning Away (MLOR)
    14. Yet Another Movie (MLOR)
    15. Terminal Frost (MLOR)
    16. Sorrow (MLOR)

  105. Disc Two:

    18. Murder (About Face)
    19. Let’s Get Metaphysical (About Face)
    20. Near The End (About Face)
    21. Cluster One (DB)
    22. What Do You Want From Me (DB)
    23. Marooned (DB)
    24. Coming Back To Life (DB)
    25. High Hopes (AOL session)
    26. On An Island (AOL session)
    27. The Blue (OAI)
    28. Where We Start (OAI)

    It was too hard to give up songs so I did not even try to figure the best way to group and went for a sort of cronological order.

    F’Ed…this was a great exercise to give me some small appreciation of the difficulty in putting together an album or the Echoes grouping. Painful to leave anything off that you love.

    Thank you for putting up with one more listing. I enjoyed it.

    My best to you all,

    [Thank you for having a go. – FEd]

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