Random Nonsense #3

Moving away from music for this one (although it will be back soon, don’t fret), today’s completely random topic invites you to share an answer to the following simple question, if you wish:

Which 27 movies/TV programmes/video podcasts did you last see?

Just kidding. One movie will be fine, thanks.

The chatroom opens its doors at 14:00 (UK) today. They will close exactly two hours later, so please don’t be surprised when you can’t get in after this time.

The flashbacks continue tomorrow, with Los Angeles. Please keep ’em coming.

That’s all for another week. Enjoy the weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

116 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #3”

  1. Yet Another Movie?

    I saw ‘Bourne Identity’ on DVD last week for the first time. Good Reviews of ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ made me want to see that when it came out but I felt I couldn’t until I had seen the previous movies. Bourne Supremacy has arrived for me to watch this weekend!

    If I don’t see you good folks in the chat… have a great one 🙂

  2. Believe or not Remember That Night.

    Not the whole 5 hours but my wife and I put on some DVDs to check out our new TV and RTN was the last we played.

    We are going to wait to buy a Blu Ray. I have been reading it is better to wait to until the end of ’08 or the beginning of ’09. Now that the format war has ended what I have read is the prices will come down and the technology will improve.

  3. Last night’s viewing was a movie called “White Noise” with Michael Keaton followed by the first episode of the latest season (probably second to latest as I’m in Japan) of CSI.

    Nothing yet today as I’m still at work – even though it’s 21:15.

  4. Deadliest Catch

    Just something about the danger that keeps me coming back. Those are very courageous (or crazy) men on those crab boats.


  5. Hello fed, hope you have a good weekend.

    I’m off to charlotte n.c. for the weekend for a race.

    [Enjoy. – FEd]

  6. Casino Royale. Had it on DVD for months.

    Nate, all the Bourne movies are quality. Hope you like them.

  7. “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” by Sidney Lumet with Philip Seymour Hoffmann Jr., Albert Finney and Ethan Hawke.

    Great title, great movie. Nice music, too.

    Support you local cinama and watch it there!


  8. The Shakiest Gun in the West. I love Don Knotts :))

    Have a lovely weekend.


  9. I am out of my comfort zone here……

    Apart from footie and the news I really dont watch a lot of TV.

    However one of the last films/movies I went to see was Quadrophenia. Early 80’s ?

    Pete – Coventry

  10. “John Adams” mini-series on HBO….

    Haven’t felt like posting much. Our dog, Ginger, had a rapid decline in health due to a brain tumor. We just put her down on Wednesday.

    Amazing how pets become such big parts of our family, no?

    [I’m so sorry to hear that, Angelo. – FEd]

  11. here is what is – daniel lanois (on dvd)

    a great look over the man’s shoulder and his working processes. very much recommended.

  12. Good grief! Things have gotten SO busy that, not only did I miss a great question with Random Nonsense #2, but I actually forgot about the 2nd anniversary for those two magical nights at Massey Hall! Clearly I’m getting old.

    Let’s see, the last thing I watched was the first episode to season 6 of the Sopranos (finally!).

    My last movie, however, was ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. I have to admit that the movie never appealed to me until I found out it’d been based on a true story. After seeing the actual events recapped on American Justice, I was compelled to go out and find the DVD. Great movie! Hillary Swank was just brilliant. Very impressive.

    (Angelo, I’m so sorry to hear about Ginger. Pets ARE a part of our families so your sadness is VERY understandable. Focus on all the good stuff you remember about her.)

  13. The last movie I saw out at a movie house was The Mist. Kind of a let down for the ending (never let it be said that the movie portrayed in your own mind while reading the short story it was adapted from could be bested by the movie itself).

    To Pete (in Coventry) – repeat after me

    “We are the Mods, We are the Mods, we are we are we are the Mods!” Great flick, isn’t it? :O)

    Happy Friday to you FEd and to all!

  14. Last film I saw on TV was yesterday “Road to Perdition” – I fell asleep.

    Last film I saw at cinema was “The Kite Runner” – the book by Khaled Hosseini is MUCH better.

    The best film I saw in the last months was at cinema “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn. A really great movie with an amazing soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.

    Have a nice weekend

  15. Venus (Peter O’toole / 2006) – extraordinary; I was touched by this movie, I just wish I could finish out so well. Much much more than its ostensible geezer/teezer plot. Corrinne Bailey Rae’s music seduces you too.

    So try it, after you are finished amusing yourself with the RTN menu interface (!) and you’ve opened a few windows to let some of the ‘Echoes’ out.

  16. my wife picked up a horror movie from the local supermarket, we both love horror movies but i had to do a double take when i saw the title……pulse!!

    totally forgettable film i’m afraid. unlike the other P.U.L.S.E.

  17. What is a movie?? How does a cinema look like?

    Ok. I’m kidding 😉

    I saw “Ratatouille” in a movie theatre some months ago and the last movie for me on tv was “Airforce One” with Harrison Ford some weeks ago.



    FEd, who wants to know all that stuff? Is it just entertainment for you and us or is there any deeper sense?

    [It just passes the time. There’s nothing deep about this place. – FEd]

  18. [“We are the Mods, We are the Mods, we are we are we are the Mods!”]

    Great film Darren.

    Apart from my Monty Python films (movies) it is one of the very few non music DVDs I own.

    Pete – Coventry

  19. U2 3D, totally new dimension of live gig screening, it was in cinema, so I think it counts, if not it will be probably Bee Movie or Ratatouille (I have an 8 year old daughter, and she asks me quite often to go with her).


  20. I don’t get out to the movies anything like as much as I’d like to… But the last film I saw was “Juno.”

    Ellen Page is a great actress, and I predict a long and successful career for her. I’ll give my thoughts on the subject matter without giving too much away.

    This is a powerful movie that, to me, REALLY defines family values. The family are not thrilled with the facts they are presented with, but they stick together and support their daughter through it all.

    The phrase “Family Values” has been hijacked by the Right, which would have not taken this situation so well. A right-leaning American family would likely have thrown the poor daughter out of the house. (Excellent music in this film, too.)

  21. Wow…there’s a question…with four kids 6 and under I can’t remember the last movie I watched in its entirety. As it is I keep seeing the same scenes in Ratatouille over and over again. 🙂

    I did, however, rent “Clockwork Orange” to watch sometime over this weekend if I can find 2 spare hours…

    Hope to get in the chat today – have a great weekend everyone!!!

  22. I have seen a few lately so please indulge me…

    And There Will Be Blood ~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Gone Baby Gone ~ Disturbing, but very powerful

    Sweeney Todd ~ A bloody mess with some suprisingly good vocal performances. 75% of the movie is singing…

  23. “Heima”, the documentary movie about Sigur Ròs tour in Iceland. Despite the cold weather there, it warmed my heart!

    Enjoy your weekend

  24. The last film I watched was “Sweeney Todd.” I thought it was fantastic. A little over the top with the blood and all, but still good.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  25. the last mimzy on the film channel.

    to be honest I’ve not been to the picturehouse since the whole star wars/jajabinks fiasco, that and listening to the person who controls the finances for the british film industry say he only wanted to financially support british films that were like gosford park! which, let’s face it, was kack.

    so I don’t have the will to support british cinema until heads roll, so to speak.

    I believe johnny-foreigner makes films!

  26. well, recently, i saw DG live in concert, yes, you on dvd!.. i love your sneaky smile.

    hm, movies… recently i saw talledega nights, sasha is awesome.

    my fav at the moment is ‘atonement’… great book and also james mcavoy = awesome.

    love you dave xo

    ps. ‘being john malcovich’ and ‘truman show’ are in the top five of being on an island 😉

  27. the last movie i saw at home was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    the last movie i saw in a theatre was… ummm, i don’t even remember. it’s been a while since i’ve been to a movie theatre. i think we saw Rambo or Cloverfield but i can’t remember.

  28. Watched Cool Hand Luke last night for the umpteenth time. Never get tired of it though.

    Gotta love that Luke.

  29. I’m sorry for you and your family, Angelo. I do understand how strong the bond between a pet and a family becomes. We invite them into our homes and they become a loyal member of our pack. It’s sad when they leave us, so very sad.

    My thoughts are with you and the family.

  30. The Godfather part II was on last night. Though I’ve seen it many many times, it’s like DG/Pink Floyd, I can never get sick of it.

    I’m very sorry to hear of your dog, Angelo. We put our black lab down last August because of cancer. She was only 7 years old. The emptiness in the house was so sad, that we bought a new black lab female pup three days later. She was not a replacement, however she really helped us through that time period.

    I hope things get better soon for you and your family.

    Have a good weekend all.

  31. Sorry to hear about your loss Angelo. I can’t imagine what family life would be like without our cats. The good memories will last though….

    Just caught a rerun of “In the Line of Fire” on India TV…Eastwood and Malkovich are simply stellar.

    Have a nice weekend all.


  32. I would have to say that I watched The Deadliest Catch which is a great program about crabbing up in Alaska on the Discovery Channel last night and it’s great. I was wondering if you get the Discovery Channel, Fed.

    Plus I had to watch The Last of the Mohicans before going to bed last night and that movie really gets to me.

    Fed, I just wanted to share this with you and everyone out there. Thanks to your talks about smoothies last year, I decided I would try it and thanks to Becky (who I met at the Barnfest) who told me about Weight Watchers, I have lost 84 pds and I’m back to my normal weight and I feel great.

    So Fed and Becky, I wanted to thank the both of you for your great advice and support.

    I hope that everyone will have a great weekend,

    [Nice one, Thomas. (I do get the Discovery Channel and never miss ‘Most Evil’.) – FEd]

  33. Angelo, I’m really sorry to hear about your loss of your dog. They are just like family and I do know how you feel. They can put you into a wonderful mood when you come home from a hard day at work with their cool looking smile and tail aways waggy, greeting you as you walk in.

    Please take care.

    Your Friend,

  34. Peter Gabriel – “Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped”

    (In case you couldn’t tell I’m also a PG fan)

    Have a good weekend all!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  35. The last film I watched was AVP-R (Alien vs. Predator – Requiem) For those of us who waited a long time for someone to put those two together, the first AVP and this one were well worth the wait for my friends and I.

    Hey FEd, have we done the last book we’ve read in a a previous blog? I don’t remember. If not, Eat Pray Love was an excellent read, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

    Of course I’ve read Polly’s books 3 or 4 times each. I really enjoy the way Polly writes.

    Any-hoo, ciao.

  36. Not kidding, coincidence:

    The Wall, interesting movie feat. B. Geldof, with an exorbitant music score …

    KatzenHai from Cologne, Germany

  37. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in high gear, I’ve been glued to the TV set, but I think the last movie I saw was “Semi-Pro” with Will Ferrell. Nothing beats playoff hockey…except a David Gilmour concert or DVD!

    I’m very sorry to read about your dog, Angelo. I’m thinking of you and your family.

    Congratulations, Thomas! That’s terrific! Good job!

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

  38. Hi, Thomas! Way to go!!!

    FEd, you’re the only other person I know who watches Most Evil.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog, Angelo. Pets are such sweet companions…I really feel for you.

    On a happier animal note, there is an interesting article called “Minds of Their Own: Animals are smarter than you think” in last month’s National Geographic. You can click my name to read it.


    [It’s a tad repetitive, and comparing crimes/ranking them on a scale is always going to be highly contentious, but I like it. – FEd]

  39. Not a film but a few episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Great to have them on DVD…


  40. The Boob (1926, small town boy fights the city slicker for the local girl). Not too bad I must say. A lot of good honky-tonk music; but who knows when that was edited in!

  41. The biggest thing this exercise has taught me is that my memory is shot.

    Been reading the last few days, but I watched my BluRay of 2001: A Space Odyssey over the weekend.

  42. Angelo! No! I’m so sorry to hear that, mate. No shortage of animal lovers here. Including me, so I know your grief, my friend.

    That little girl of yours needs some extra hugs this week.


  43. Hey everyone….love these Fed..Unfortunatly Fridays are the only days I can post. School takes up a lot of my time.

    Movie I saw recently was “Naked Brothers Band –The Movie.” Kids tend to take over my tv. I should buy them their own.

    Hope you have a great weekend everyone. I hope the same goes for you Fed. Coaching my first Under 12 coed soccer game tomorrow. Hopefully we win. Go Revolution!!


    [Good luck. – FEd]

  44. Just been watching Dexter (is the book any good?) which is another cracking series from across the pond, and Battlestar Galactica Season 3 on DVD.

  45. I have just been forced to watch Coronation Street. Does this count? What a load of rubbish!!

    Have a great weekend all.

    P.S I apologise to all Corrie fans in advance, I was joking (tongue in cheek).

  46. Hi FED, my last movie was “Prom Night”. My next movie to see is “88 Minutes” with Al Pacino.

    Perhaps my random nonesense; which is the most interesting album cover of all time, being MEDDLE by Pink Floyd. A magnified fish eye, but I haven’t identified which species it is. Does anybody know the species? My guess is a trout.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

    [I’ll add it to the list. – FEd]

  47. Bart – Scent of a Woman is in my top 15 movies: GREAT FILM!!!

    Also, NewYorkDan, I must add that I saw Juno three times in the theaters, and I thought it was top-shelf as well. The songwriter from the Moldy Peaches, WOW, it’s fit so well with the feel of the movie. The whole film felt so intimate. : )

    As for my last movie, it was almost Reefer Madness (the musical) but we didn’t finish it, so it’s techniquely Le Triplettes de Belleville.

    Has anyone seen Dan In Real Life?

  48. I just watched Casablanca.

    What can I say, I love the classics! Bogart, Bergman, Henreid, Reins, Greenstreet and Lorre. “Here’s looking at you, kid” and “We’ll always have Paris” – need I say more?

  49. As I’m feeling verbose:

    Last DVD – “Once upon a time in America” – an epic spoiled somewhat by a dubious misogynist streak.

    Last movie – Sweeney Todd – surprisingly enjoyable – I’m not always a fan of musicals

    Last TV – Friday Night with Jonathan Ross – well until Patsy Palmer came on anyway …

    Off to Cambridge for a fine 21st Anniversary lunch on Saturday (I was a child bride you know …)

    4 games to go …. I rather fancy clinching it at the Bridge.

    [Congratulations. (Yes, that would be satisfying.) – FEd]

  50. Last show “Remember that Night” on a 52 inch HDTV, excellent!! The last program was “LOST”.

    It is coming close to three years that I had to put my beloved Black Lab of 16 years down. There are still times that I extremely miss her.

    Note: First fly over with smoke of the stearman this season, yeah!

  51. Just watched “To Live and Die in LA” again, from 1984, one of my fave movies, with great music from Wang Chung.

    Actually I think the movies in the 80s were much better than the new ones, same true for the music and tv series!

    I want to go back to the 80s!

  52. Spinal Tap

    Watched it with my son, Harry, who got the idea of it straight away.

    He then went and learned to play all the songs including the mandolin solo from ‘Stonehenge’ and the bass part for ‘Big Bottom’ – God knows what my ex wife must have thought when he got back to her house!


  53. Across The Universe, interesting renditions of some great Beatles tunes.

    Interestingly enough our buddy Roger Waters does a pretty good version of the Beatles’s Across the Universe – not in this movie of course.


  54. We just watched Juno yesterday! Pretty good movie!

    I can easily relate…not with the whole getting pregnant thing, but her character’s only 2 years older than me! And she’s got a nice sense of humour! Lol!

    But yea t’was a good movie!

  55. Into The Wild – a true story directed by Sean Penn.

    It is a great movie with many beautiful scenes of nature. The music was done by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam who did an admirable job and I absolutely enjoyed it.

    I agree with Davie, I highly recommend it.

    As a matter of fact, we just finished watching this movie probably an hour ago and I was thinking of sharing my thoughts about this movie on the post, and coincidentally, it’s the topic for today – WILD!!

    Have a nice weekend.

  56. hi, i’m from argentina.

    my mail is […], contact me. thanks! i love pink floyd!

    [Sorry, Romina. People leave messages here. I do not publish e-mail addresses. – FEd]

  57. sorry to hear about your dog ginger, angelo . been there 3 times and it is just so sad . my heart goes out to you and your family .

    movies : i was in an escapist mood so i put on die hard with a vengeance . i love jeremy irons ! at the cinema it was the james bond film die another day .

    TV programmes : mythbusters ( i am sorry for being so lame but i love that show !) also match of the day . i don’t watch tv that much .

    video podcasts: history of the travelling willburies .

    have a good weekend fet ed . let’s hope united beat blackburn and liverpool beat fulham ( you have the much easier match !) .

    what do you think of the in fighting between the 2 owners of liverpool ? distracting for the team or not ?


    [It’s very sad. These men know nothing about football, nothing about the passion and traditions of the fans or the city. They shouldn’t have been allowed to buy the club in the first place. That said, businessmen usually are soulless and self-interested. Pity. – FEd]

  58. the last film i saw was “the aviator”.

    btw fed, did you ever list your 3 gigs for first random nonsense? one from dg, one from pf and one other? and also why?

    [I don’t think so. I’d go for: Dortmund, 2006 (because I was invited at the last minute, which wasn’t particularly helpful, so I couldn’t make it); Earls Court, 1994 (any show, they were all unbelievable); and I’d have liked to have seen Sinatra in his pomp… Maybe at the Royal Festival Hall in 1971. – FEd]

  59. Meddle:

    In Nick Mason’s book, he writes that the cover for the Meddle album is an ear under water. A human ear, I presume.

    So, sorry, it doesn’t seem to be a fish eye at all.

  60. Jessica — “Dan In Real Life” is a great movie! The storyline is good, and I really enjoyed the locations where it was filmed….Rhode Island, I believe? I love his parents’ house!

  61. Hello 🙂

    Only 2 words for my favourite movie of all time: The Godfather trilogy [well..maybe not part 3] but still the best! Followed by The Departed 🙂

    Have a nice day guys! You too Fed.

  62. I recently watched “Jumper” and I thought it was really good, great story line and great acting. I am starting to really like these Random Nonsense things!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend FEd!!

    Adrian J. Emond

  63. je ne parle pas anglais mais j adore pink floyd cette musique me suis depuis 27 ans et pas une ride toujours la meme joie de l entendre

  64. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words. It warmed my heart at a time when I needed it….

  65. “You can give him a ukulele and he can make it sound like a Stradivarius.” – [Bob Ezrin]

    So I’m searching David always on ukuleledisco.com but never see him playing here.

    Instead I’ve seen Patsy Monteleone playing and singing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. You should explore all these great musicians too. Kind of mad stuff here. Four strings are enough – sometimes.

    Stay tuned. Manfred C.

  66. Thanks for the article Becky… very cool.

    As for my latest movie… last night, a film titled: Cashback… this is a bloody brilliant film! The film’s tagline is: Sometimes love is hiding between the seconds of your life

    Do yourself a favour and rent/buy this… it is a magnificent film…

    Currently listening to: The Division Bell…

  67. Hi FED, and thanks for considering future random nonsense on the album cover of MEDDLE.

    However with some indepth research/with some success, it could be a giant SQUID. At least the colours match somewhat. On the other hand, could this be a topic of furry little creatures huddled together inside a cave staring at a lost pict?

    Nah, let’s not get into completly off the wall nonsense.

  68. Just got back from a family vacation in Florida.

    I watched “Juno” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks” on the plane rides and a few forgettable movies on the Disney channel (yawn).

  69. ‘Death at a Funeral’. I watched this last night, and it’s the funniest movie I have seen in a very long time. I laughed so much my ribs hurt.

    I hope someone else has seen this movie and can agree with me, or else I must have a very demented sense of humor.

  70. My most recent DVD viewing is The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story. It’s very well done and retells the fascinating story of the start of one of the best and most influential bands in rock and the drug induced breakdown of their original song writer and lead man Syd Barrett.

    Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright retell how Syd’s slip from reality haunted the band for many years and this is clearly demonstrated in the tracks Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here. There are also insights from former girlfriends, landlords, flatmates, producers, managers, friends and famous fans.

    The DVD also features rare early footage of the band performing; including a live show at the UFO Club, and an appearance with former landlord Mick Leonard and his awesome light machine. Robyn Hitchcock performing Dominoes and a extended interview of Dave Gilmour talking about how Wish You Were Here was written.

    I highly recommend a viewing for all PF and DG fans.

  71. I watched The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford last night. The movie has a stark texture to it that makes me feel as though I’m watching a flicker-show of tintype photos, with a ghost-like, detached voice narrating as if it’s reading from someone’s old diary. The acting, dialogue (not overdone, lots of contemplative space between the lines), and cinematography were fantastic, in my opinion. Of course, some may find it ponderous and grim but then that’s what is was, right?

    Last week I watched Gallipoli — another beautifully-made film with extraordinary acting, directing, and music, especially the end music by Tomaso Albinoni “Adagio for organ/violin in G minor.” Very moving. Again, the story is grim in it’s realism but it is a true story, one which continues to be played out in some fashion throughout the world to this day, sadly.

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  72. Angelo, I too am so sorry to hear about your Ginger. Animals are truly a percious gift in life with their unconditional love and sweet souls.

    We don’t go to the movies often, but we do watch them at home. The last one I watched and one of my most favorite is “Raising Arizona”. This movie always makes me laugh.

    Fed, do you ever find time to watch a movie?


    [I do. I tend to buy DVDs which gather dust for weeks before I finally get ’round to watching them. The last I saw was ‘The Bunker’, with Anthony Hopkins acting out Hitler’s last days. – FEd]

  73. I actually went to the movie theatre about 2 weeks ago, first time in years cause I don’t count the RTN broadcast as a movie. Anyway we saw the move 21 which was about some MIT students who learn a card-counting process and start taking Vegas by storm. Very good movie.

    But honorable mention goes to another number movie, 1408 with John Cusack. You like horror flicks – then you must see this one.



  74. Shine a Light…. The Stones film. Go and see it and your fear of aging will recede. If, like me, you are not a huge fan of the band you will be surprised at just how good they are. Surprisingly it also has some good jokes in it.

    Watch out for the closing shot, very cool.


  75. [In Nick Mason’s book, he writes that the cover for the Meddle album is an ear under water. A human ear, I presume. – NewYorkDan]

    That’s right, if you open the album cover up you will clearly see a submerged human ear.

    Best regards.


  76. to graham: if it’s the one i’m thinking of, i thought “pulse” was ok.

    to fed: thanks for the list. sinatra was cool. did you see the show in cardiff last week?

    [I did. It was pretty good, not “glitzy necrophilia” at all, but not quite what I was expecting. I thought they butchered ‘That’s Life’ and perhaps should have closed after ‘My Way’, which would have been a poignant, if not entirely predictable, end (coming straight back on stage, with band jumping, for the applause just seemed a tad insensitive after that). But the worst thing was that I had to listen to some duffer breathing noisily through his nostrils throughout the first half. It was like sitting next to Nellie the Elephant. – FEd]

  77. [The last I saw was ‘The Bunker’, with Anthony Hopkins acting out Hitler’s last days. – FEd]

    You might also like the DVD Blind Spot: it is the astonishing true story of Hitler’s private secretary coming to terms with working for Hitler in ‘The Bunker’ after remaining silent for nearly 60 years.

    It is an interview with Traudl Junge, one of Adolf Hitler’s private secretaries revisiting the events from 1942 through the collapse of the Nazi regime, in which she tells it all…. including the final moments with Hitler within the bunker.

    Stuffed full of good information on Hitler’s character.

    [Thanks, James. I’ll look out for that one. Have you seen ‘Downfall’? – FEd]

  78. Ooo, Blind Spot is fascinating. I saw Downfall as well…. Was The Bunker good?

    [Yes, it was. I preferred ‘Downfall’, but Anthony Hopkins is first-rate. – FEd]

  79. Last movie I saw was The Matador.

    Last TV-show anybody here will know of was The Wire.

    Last thing I saw on TV was Queen, Live in Montreal (right after I saw Remember That Night..)

  80. The last movie i saw was “A Good Year”. As I am going to France, in Provence, in 3 weeks, it was a really good thing to see that movie because it is a story of an English man who inherits a vineyard in Provence.

    I loved that movie, really refreshing!

  81. Storm Thorgerson is the Pink Floyd original standing artist and childhood friend of David Gilmour. He has a new book titled Mind Over Matter 40th anniversary edition or (MoM4) it details almost every Pink Floyd image and how they came to be, including great info on the Meddle album design details. Yes, it is an ear…ahhh the sound of “intelligently produced music”.

    I never realized it until I was 20 years old and the first MoM book was released in 1996. Before, I foolishly gave all credit to the artwork, films and album covers to the band.

    I feel Storm’s artwork is just as important to me as the music, as a young Pink Floyd fan. It’s my opinion that Storm should definitely feel inclined to dip into a small share of Pink Floyd royalties indefinitely. His contribution to selling Pink Floyd albums is very significant indeed. Equal to the music don’t you think?

    [Have you seen ‘Downfall’? – FEd]

    I’ll give the DVD a spin soon. Thanks!

    [Hope you enjoy it. – FEd]

  82. Last Movie I watched… well maybe not a movie but it is a DVD…

    Wales Rugby Grand Slam 2008… it arrived in the post today!

    Diolch yn fawr Shane and the boys…

  83. Sorry to hear about Ginger, Angelo. I’m sure she had a great life. You made the right desicion and put her quality of life ahead of your own desires. Chin up, mate.

    Most recent movie: Aliens Vs Predator – Requiem.

    No Country for Old Men was also a great little flick.

    Hysteron Proteron

  84. Matador was my last viewing – I’ve always found that anything directed by Pedro Almodovar is well worth watching.

  85. I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd for the millionth time tonight, always admirative and contemplative…. I live behing the Wall, in Jerusalem, and you guys can’t even imagine how Pink Floyd’s music relates to our lives… Try to guess what side of the wall I’m on…

    The Wall Shall Fall

  86. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was the last movie I watched. Very harsh.

    It has been a very long and stressful week, so I’m about to pop Remember That Night into the ole dvd player, pour a glass of pinot, relax, and remember that night…

  87. Just watched DG Live at the Albert Hall and, having seen Pink Floyd in the UK a few times, wondering if you will be gracing Australia’s shores in the near future?

    And the movie there are many, but last good one I saw was ‘Reach for the Sky’ – an oldie.

    [Nothing’s planned, sorry. – FEd]

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