Random Nonsense #2

Just for the heck of it, because we’re all strangely curious and it’s that time again…

What are you listening to at the moment?

Music, that is. (Sorry if you were patiently waiting for me to shut up so that you could type ‘Birds singing’ or ‘Wife nagging’, but a list of songs would be much more useful to anyone looking for something different to listen to in these sad times of beeps, whoops and muthaf*ckers.)

The song playing right now, please. No porkies.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

171 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #2”

  1. Now Playing:

    Currently I am enjoying a CD of Neil Young recorded on his 2005 tour… this is a compilation of acoustic tracks… the usual gems are here… Heart Of Gold – After The Goldrush – My My Hey Hey – Needle & The Damage Done – Comes A Time… but there are also some tracks not typically played acoustically… most notable are Cortez The Killer and Powderfinger…

    As I just popped the CD in it is My My Hey Hey that is playing at this moment…

  2. Actually, I’m up to “A Pocketful of Stones” from “Remember That Night”. Seriously.

    Other music I’ve listened to today are “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straights and “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull.

    Quite a departure from these, I also regularly listen to Metallica and System of a Down.

  3. No music playing right now as i’m at work (coffee break) & it’s frowned on to listen to music, however much i moan that it would improve productivity, my request is falling on “deaf ears”.

    But in my car right now i am listening to “Any way the wind blows” by J.J.Cale & im in real danger of being a bit too laid back when i get to work.

  4. Just right now, I am listening to a weird Indian version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller hit, that a friend made me discover.

    Otherwise I’ve been listening this morning to Brian May’s “Another World” album.

  5. Well, right now it’s some version or another of Dark Side of the Moon – as it has been for the past 15 or so years for me. Not everyday, but certainly every other day interspersed with other – you can guess which – songs and albums from the one-and-only-band in the world that soothes the senses.

  6. Bumble Bee – JJ72

    A really good album (Self titled JJ72)

    Never really listened to any of their other albums and they have disappeared off the face of the earth (as far as i can tell) which is a shame as their bass player was quite cute (god, i hope that is the woman, bad memory)

    And i saw them at v-2000 or 2001 and they were spectacular. Almost as good as Muse actually. 😛

  7. Right now I’m listening to “Dogs”, on the album “Animals”, simply a masterpiece and so actual…

    Have a nice day


  8. The new Raconteurs Album “Consolers of the Lonely”, which is just magnificent!

    So long,

  9. Jamin-a by Fabrizio De Andrè (search it, he’s one of the best Italian poets of all time..)

    have a nice day all

  10. Talk about freaky connections! As I’m listening to Heart of Gold from a 2007 acoustic compilation of songs from the Chrome Dreams 2 tour by Neil Young, I’m reading Dr Death’s post. WOW!

    I’m sure I’ll chime back in and at that time (or two) post another song (or ten!).

    Hey FEd, when I get back should I fetch a cup of coffee for you? Just say the word! :O)

    Good morning all,

    [No coffee for me, thanks. – FEd]

  11. I’m listening to Guy’s Planet Rock show from last Sunday and “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull is currently playing.

    It’s an album I do possess that I haven’t listened to for a while. I might play it later.

  12. I’m currently listening to a great Norwegian band called “Tellusalie” – slow Neil Young influenced stuff. There are not only blackmetal fanatics up here, you see.

    Crosby and Nash’s Page 43 is also a favorite at the time.
    Plus Pink Floyd’s Is There Anybody Out There and Big Stars’ “third sisters/lovers”

  13. “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits.

    I wanted to lie and say something cool but… I just couldn’t bring myself to it! Media Player is on random 🙂 haha!

    It just moved to “Voices Of Old People” by Simon & Garfunkel, I had no idea I owned such a strange recording…

  14. “Mistreated” by Deep Purple, suggested from my Rock Pig friend Tim, who is working to increase my British rock knowledge.

    This song is cool! And I am reading some curiosity about the band: I discovered right now that they are in the Guinness World Records for the most noisy concert, with their Rainbow Theatre performance, in London.

    Some days ago, Italian press agencies wrote also that “Smoke on the water” is the most loved riff, according to an English poll. Do you know the poll? These are the first ten, if you are interested:

    1) Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
    2) Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
    3) Walk This Way – Aerosmith
    4) Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
    5) Sweet Child O Mine – Guns N Roses
    6) Paradise City – Guns N Roses
    7) Ace Of Spades – Motorhead
    8) Enter Sandman – Metallica
    9) Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    10) Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N Roses

    I am reading the bloggers’ listening. Nice topic, Fed! I will have a good list of songs to listening to, in the next days. I just fear I will have some difficulties to find the weird Indian version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller hit!

    Enjoy your weekend

  15. One more week by Colvin Quarmby but I’m only listening to music while I have a break from my maths.

    Thanks for the chat yesterday. What are you listening to Fed?

    [The Blue Van, ‘Product of DK’ – yeah, yeah! – FEd]

  16. As I type it’s skindeep by the stranglers. love that song. mind you it’s a mixed bag, my ipod is on shuffle .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

    After tuesday I do hope fearless starts shortly.

  17. I should really use this as an opportunity to promote some great act that I am listening to which I think you should all listen to but that would only be dishonest. I am currently listening to the traffic outside of the office that I no longer officially work in.

    The last song I heard was ‘High Hopes’ which finishes with perfect timing on my arrival at said office (If I start on Lost for Words at home that is! – What a great pair of songs that is!).

    Have a lovely weekend everybody!

  18. Ah, before I forget.

    Just for Italian fans (or for those who understand the Italian language), there are two podcasts about Pink Floyd (and not only) on the Auditorium site (the place where David had his concert in March 2006).

    The podcasts are about the “Rock lessons” sessions by two famous “music journalists” who work for the newspaper “La Repubblica” (which dedicated a lot of pages to David during the tour, because one of them – in particular – is a great fan of Pink Floyd).

    One lesson is about the Dark Side of the Moon, the second one is about The Wall.

    Click my name.

  19. i’m listening to most of the Blind Faith stuff. As well as cream. 🙂 At this moment at least :0

    But while i’m wrinting this down, i am listening to Dream On – Aerosmith 🙂

    good day everyone! Good day to u Fed 🙂

  20. Jon Anderson’s 1st solo album, Olias Of Sunhillow, is entertaining me at this time.

  21. ‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’ by Caravan. I doubt many people know this band…

  22. After the recent lists of live albums I’ve been listening to Alchemy (Dire Straits). Just bought it on CD as I only ever had it on vinyl and haven’t heard it in years. Deep Purple (Made in Japan) arrived this morning so that be on later today!!

    But by Monday David will again take all 6 slots in my car cd player as per usual!

    Have a great weekend FEd and all.


    [The same to you, Paul. – FEd]

  23. I finally got around to opening the CD of Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint “The River In Reverse”.

    A great track is “Tears, Tears and More Tears”

  24. The Very Best of Mick Jagger.

    Having been a Stones fan for 30-40 years now (scary to write that), I am familiar with Mick’s solo work too. I was skeptical at first cause I couldn’t believe Mick could put out a best of. But surprise, it actually is really good. And once Memo From Turner comes up I always find myself hitting the repeat button.

    Rock on.



  25. I am listening to the AC/DC DVD Stiff Upper Lips.
    Very cool!

    Claudio from Ravenna.

  26. Thanks to a good friend, I am listening to a young man playing ‘Echoes’ on piano. It a classical masterpiece. I can just imagine myself sitting in a gorgeous concert hall with vibrant ‘Echoes’ all around me, minus the ‘well heeled big wheels’, of course.

  27. The end of Astronomy Domine and beginning of Careful With That Axe Eugene (Ummagumma versions) until I went out of my car…

    Hey, it’s weekend for me 😀 A nice weekend to all!


  28. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    This is being played whilst on hold on the telephone to a mortgage lender.

  29. Media Player is on shuffle so a bit of everything.

    But at this precise moment in time as I hit the blog an 8 and a half minute dance remix of Little Red Corvette by Prince is caressing my ears.

    Will hang on til I know what shuffle throws up next……………..

    Silence, recorded ayt the Gravesite of Martin Luther King by P.M.Dawn.

    Very short and then straight into The Kick Inside by Kate Bush.

    This is very quickly turning into a twitter so I will hit post now…

  30. The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely.

    Best record of 2008! Absolutely brilliant rock’n’roll album! Highly recommended.


  31. Mostly Autumn – The Gap is Too Wide on my XM streaming at work….

    The Brits really are the best music makers, IMO!

  32. Of all the times to catch me. . . right now the kids have on one of their CDs, so I’m listening to Cruella De Vil, the original, performed by Bill Lee. One of Walt Disney’s best all time villians IMHO. Maybe on some random nonsense day we can talk about our favorite villians.

    Thanks for a great chat yesterday, FEd. It had been awhile since I’ve been able to make chat. It was nice to catch up with some Irregulars.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Finish those taxes, Tuesday will be here before you know it 😉


  33. – Right now, I am listening to the so moving ‘Sleeping Sun’ by Nightwish, a Finnish symphonic metal band.

    Strangely enough, they often play live a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘High Hopes’, a very interesting version.

    – ‘muthaf*ckers’, hmm… a new one for me, sounds very poetic… Did Dylan Thomas often use it ?


    [Not to my knowledge, no. Maybe after a few drinks… – FEd]

  34. I’m having a ’90’s flashback at the moment: the “Bloody Kisses” album by Type O Negative.

  35. For me, the iPod is playing “On the Run” right now…

    I love my iPod…always plays the best music!!! Just segued into Faith No More – Epic…

    Speaking of which, I just got lucky enough to score 2 tickets to see B.B. King – 6th Row!!! Very psyched.

    [Enjoy, Rob. – FEd]

  36. Dave Gilmour – There’s No Way Out of Here

    I love all the solo albums of David.

  37. LOL Erin!!!

    I set that song to be the background music on my kids computer when the sleep mode slideshow starts. After about 20 minutes I find myself unfreezing the machine 🙂

  38. No Porkies, FEd.

    At this moment, I’m at work listening on my MP3 player to Sweet July from Richard’s Broken China album (dreaming that David could do this track REAL justice, perhaps one day he will get the chance). Let’s hope Rick invites David (and Guy, Jon, Stevie, Dick & Phil) to hit the road with him, just as soon as he finishes his new album.

    Now that would be Sweet (even if it wasn’t July).

  39. Ok, got into work a little while ago. In the car I listened to Seven Moons, the newest product from an amazing pairing (Robin Trower and Jack Bruce). Just a second ago I was watching/listening to Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green) performing Rattlesnake Shake on the Playboy After Dark tv show from 1969.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  40. [‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’ by Caravan. I doubt many people know this band]

    Bart, yes I know of them, my mate had one of the LPs whose title always caused great amusement, “cunning stunts”

  41. And one other one that I pulled out of my collection recently:

    Slash’s Snakepit – It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

    This was his first solo band after Guns N Roses. Good stuff too that I think many overlook. Some of it is hard to find as I think there were only two releases with this band cause then it was onto Velvet Revolver. And I like this stuff more than Velvet Revolver as it has a bit more of a rock edge to it.

    Also, for a Friday, that title is very appropriate as it signifies the start of the weekend for many….enjoy it!



  42. I’m listening to an album by a band called Starflyer 59. The album’s called Leave Here A Stranger. It sounds a lot like the Beach Boys.

    I’ll probably put on some Floyd after that. I’m at work right now so it all depends on what I feel like.

    [Good shout, Michael. – FEd]

  43. The new REM album – Accelerate.

    Never really liked REM that much, but this album has blown me away – I’m a fan!

  44. There’s No Way Out Of Here, when you come in, you’re in for good (even, especially, if you’re a mime…).

  45. Good afternoon!

    In this moment at 17:10 CEST I don’t listen to anything. But in a few minutes, I will hear some greatest hits in the rehearsal of German pop idols (also known as DSDS).

    In my live outside tv-studios I prefer The Eagles (their latest CD) for the moment, from time to time something from Pink Floyd (Pulse, Division Bell) and Blues artists.

    Have a nice weekend

    [I’ve been listening to The Eagles’ latest a lot as of late. Good call, Herbert. (That title-track is rather special, isn’t it?) Don Henley’s lyrics are always worth waiting for. – FEd]

  46. [Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. This is being played whilst on hold on the telephone to a mortgage lender. – Julie Davies]

    Given their business, they should have chosen PF’s “Money”, though 😉


    [Or ‘Pigs’. (No offence to any mortgage lenders reading, of course. It applies to so many other occupations, too. I’m sure you’re not all greedy b*stards by nature.) – FEd]

  47. right now it’s a personal itunes playlist

    the final cut from the final cut
    next: a horse with no name by america
    (then grandad by clive dunn!!!)

    I think I’ll be swooshin’ those flares this weekend

    have fun one and all FE’d!

  48. In the air tonight – Live version – Phil Collins
    Kula Shaker – Strange folk – All songs

  49. I’m currently listening to a female choral group called All Angels…surprised? I was when I heard them on Chill FM.

    Its a dramatic change from my usual DG/PF playlist but hey…these girls can really sing. They would make a perfect accompaniment to Mr. Gilmour should he consider doing a repeat performance of the festival hall concert.


  50. Well, I just got back from dropping the kids off at school and at the moment I have the OAI CD back in the car’s player. We were listening to “This Heaven” as it is my daughter’s favourite track. It puts us all in a good mood to start the morning off.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  51. At the time I found the question today, there was no music on because my kids were watching Star Trek on the TV.

    However, in the car, I am playing U2 Achtung Baby. On the kitchen radio/CD player there’s Momentary Lapse of Reason.

    Stuff that seems to be on frequently, besides David/Floyd, is Kaiser Chiefs, Gorillaz and a wierd assortment of things my kids like. (I tried putting them up for adoption.)

    Lorraine, you will be able to tell that I’m not doing much vacuuming 🙂

    ash X

  52. I’m writing from work. I am playing Bach in my classroom to set a mellow mood.

    But last night I was listening to a nice album by BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS, called “Midnight Radio.” Before that, it was an album by DADA called “American Highway Fower.”

    I hope to get the new R.E.M. album soon. It’s their first rock album in a decade and I really need to know that they’re back to form. This is a band that I studied my way through college on, listened to with my first girlfriend, etc.

  53. “My” music (as every day)…today is “The Court of King Crimson”, “Echoes”, “Stairway to Heaven”, and a CD of “tuareg rock” by Tinariwen.

    I think that music is one of the best gifts in the life.

    With love from Rome

    [Well said, Diana. Can you imagine life without it? – FEd]

  54. I just clicked on my ‘special favorites’ — the first song that opened up on random-shuffle is “If You See Her Say Hello”, from Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks album. My ear must catch this song every time it plays. Seems to me that I posted a few lines from this song in a comment recently …

    “Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past;
    I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast; If she’s passing back this way,
    I’m not that hard to find;
    Tell her she can look me up if she’s got the time”

    Followed by David singing Dark Globe, and then Simon & Garfunkel’s Old Friends. Sounds like a misty, melancholy, moody day a-comin’. Sorrow just started playing … what a fantastic song! Scarlet Tide by Alison Krauss, She Belongs To Me & Gates of Eden by Bob Dylan.

    Sorry FEd for more than one song. I stop to listen to the song when I should be hitting ‘post’. Random shuffle, random thoughts …

    Peace ‘n’ love everyone!

  55. then: cecilia simon & garfunkel
    now: damaged goods by gang of four
    next: kinderfeld by marilyn manson

    might put on some vinyl after, the chamelions or some david sylvian

    speaking of which, as one of my new years resolutions is to open my mouth and say things, i think DG should get to work with mick karn (defo) or david sylvian (possibly)

    mind, I think I’ve said that before

  56. [I tried putting them up for adoption. – ash]

    I’ve been told that you get a better price on ebay. My parents joke about doing the same thing sometimes. At least i think they’re joking…

    At the minute i’ve got Chaldean Crossing by The Enid playing but i think i’ll put some Who on soon but i always struggle to choose what to play, there’s just too many great songs.

  57. Currenly listening to Berlioz – Les Troyens – Vallon Sonore

    Rock music started to annoy me…that happens when you’re middle aged, I suppose 😉

  58. Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder.

    [Very nice. Reminds me of Thomas’ joke from yesterday’s chat, too… – FEd]

  59. Wendy Carlos’ Switched-on boxed set. Know who she is? Switched-On Bach and Brandenburgs. My Pop introduced that music to me when I was 7yrs old and I still love that music today.

    Also listened to today so far: Michael Franti and Spearheads – YELL FIRE! Don’t got it? GET IT!!!

  60. Listening to the soundtrack of “Once”, the small Irish film. I thought it was lovely. The song playing right now is called “Leave” by Glen Hansard.

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

  61. just bought bob dylan’s subterranean homesick blues off i tunes so i am listening to it now . ( why do artists give their songs such hard titles to spell !)

    have a good weekend

  62. Lynn:

    Type O Negative…I know that’s still in the tape player in my stereo in the garage…I think I might have to change my oil tonight and listen to it. My car says thank you in advance!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    Cheers!!! It is 5 o’clock somewhere – thanks to Andrew as well…I will have to dust off my copy of that Slash specialty later on as well – I haven’t listened to that CD in ages…great topic FEd!

  63. Midlake – The Trials Of Van Occupanther

    Really good album with some awesome harmonics going on! Check it out if you get the chance.

    Edan – Beauty and the Beat

    Hip Hop album that’s really well thought out, some good mellow tracks on it. This isn’t the stuff that gets played on air, not because it’s got lots of bad words in it just because it’s too good for radio as they tend to play crap:)

  64. Robin Trower – Bridge of Signs

    Love those blues guitarists.

    Hope you’re doing well FEd. It would be great if you could give us an update of what’s taking up time in DG’s life these days.

    Have a great weekend all.

    [I’d only do that if David specifically asked me to, as he’s a private man, as you know. But I’m told that the live album’s coming along… – FEd]

  65. Lynn:

    Type O Negative…I know that’s still in the tape player in my stereo in the garage…I think I might have to change my oil tonight and listen to it. My car says thank you in advance!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    Cheers!!! It is 5 o’clock somewhere – thanks to Andrew as well…I will have to dust off my copy of that Slash specialty later on as well – I haven’t listened to that CD in ages…great topic FEd!

    Oh and now the iPod is playing Porno For Pyros – “Freeway”.

  66. [Very nice. Reminds me of Thomas’ joke from yesterday’s chat, too… – FEd]

    Which joke was that?

    Have a good weekend all.

    [The kind that stays in the chatroom. – FEd]

  67. A birthday gift of mixed cd’s from my sister – songs from our childhoood

    Playing RIGHT NOW – You Oughta Know / Alanis Morisette

    In the last 15 minutes, I’ve listened to Boston (Peace of Mind), Buffy St. Marie (Little Wheels Spin and Spin), What the World Needs Now (Burt Bacharach), Love Somebody (Doris Day), Will You Be There? (Michael Jackson), Smackwater Jack (Carole King), Cecelia (Simon and Garfunkel), and Tutti Frutti (Little Richard).

    It’s been a rough week so this has been very cathartic. I’ve missed the blog.

  68. I have the cd player on shuffle, and right now, it’s playing Riviera Paradise from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s In-step. The album is ok, but I really like that particular song. It’s dreamy, with water flowing and such.

    Before that it was In the mood, by Glenn Miller. I have Obscured by clouds in there, as well as On an Island. Anytime now, I’m hoping to hear Burning bridges, Mudmen, stay, Red sky at night, etc.

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Mine has already started as I’m drinking this brew.

  69. Dear FEd..

    …It’s perfect: no life without music and love.

    By Ipod, CD, DVD every day is a good day with music.

    I manage a Media and Research Department and often remain at my desk for 9/10 hours …not possible without music, nor for the brain, nor for the heart ..

    Have a very happy week end!

  70. Kansas – Monolith (what a great album) plus The Who – The Who by Numbers

  71. Hi Fed,

    just switched to the Blog while hearing “Take it back”. Now it’s continuing with “Coming back to live”. We all know that I’m listening to The Division Bell…

    with best regards from the past
    Manfred C.

  72. Literally, Sweet About Me by Gabriella Cilmi (but listening to it as part of her album).

    Good lyrics and a good voice.

    However, upon release of all of the RTN Easter Eggs I did watch the whole thing through again the other day and wow, it is such a cool DVD.

  73. Hi FED,

    the song at the moment that I am listening to is “Turn up the Radio” by Autograph. And the song in my head at the time before login in to the blog was “Do you feel like we do” by Peter Frampton.

    The porkie I would have picked would have been “Black Magic Woman” by Santana, sure enjoy the guitar work/solo by Carlos.

    There you have my random nonsense. FED, maybe we need completely off the wall nonsense?

    [You might, but I sure as hell don’t! – FEd]

  74. I’m currently listening to a lovely tune by the Incomparable Ray Charles, ‘I got a woman’.

    One final joke to end the week:

    How do you make AntiFreeze? Just take off her nightdress! (Think about it!)

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  75. “Goldenes Handwerk” – by German Funpunk-Band “Die Aerzte” – song about the special people playing drums, sung by their drummer Bela B.

  76. Hey Fed,how are you??

    I’ve been gone that long everything’s changed and,down to your hard work,I love the new look.

    Anyway,right now I’m listening to Led Zep – Stairway to heaven.

    [Thank you, Melanie. I’m glad you like it. – FEd]

  77. I have i-Tunes on shuffle & at the moment it is Start Again from Teenage Fanclub from the album Songs from Northern Britain.

  78. Hi FEd, good evening.

    Indeed, a very special album. Don Henley is not only a good writer, also a good vocalist. I have that CD-set sometimes in my car and play it while driving home at night on that “long road out of Cologne”

    I really like The Eagles since I got the Farewell I Tour DVD. But I never understood, why it was a farewell-show. A joke, I think….

    (BTW, do you know D. Henley’s Live DVD “Inside Job”? Hotel California is brilliant…)


    [I know it and couldn’t agree more. – FEd]

  79. I’m listening to Arnold Layne…

    It’s a version recorded in the fine city of Guelph, Ontario early last year. A fine, fine version but I’m a bit biased…

    Guy Pratt even commented that it was “a valiant effort”

    I’m now listening to Hey Joe by James Marshall Hendrix…

  80. Currently I can’t stop listening to Jose Gonzalez, the guy is just amazing! I saw him in concert last week and was blown away.

  81. [Or ‘Pigs’. (No offence to any mortgage lenders reading, of course. It applies to so many other occupations, too. I’m sure you’re not all greedy b*stards by nature.) – FEd]

    Yes, like solicitors. I have worked at a few different practices as a humble secretary and their quench for money astounds me. I have known a few who put money before anything else. Some of them live and breathe it.

    I work in the property law department (conveyancing) and liaison with mortgage lenders is an everyday occurrence. Mortgage lenders and their telephone hold music, what joy! Still it give me a chance to sneak and check out the blog sometimes. :))

    Back to the topic in hand. I am enjoying quietude at home the moment. Mmmmm, what a pleasant change.

    Have a great weekend.

    Best regards.


  82. Right now I am listening to the MC5, Kick Out The Jams….

    [I’ve played that one today, too. – FEd]

  83. Ok, I just finished Rudy, by Supertramp…and the next song is….She Loves You from The Beatles.

    Yeah, that’s shuffle for ya. But I’ve listened to just about everything today.

  84. I’m listening to Eagles – Lying Eyes.

    They are coming to town June and I cant wait! They are my second favorite band, David being the first, of course.

  85. Gordon Lightfoot, “Rainy Day People” from his Complete Greatest Hits CD.

    It helps me to relax.

  86. I’ve just been listening to David’s first two solo albums… sorry it’s not very interesting- but they’re very good!

  87. Pink Floyd, Live at the Oakland Coliseum from 1977 – just simply incredible!

    David was on Fire that night!

  88. I am an inveterate shuffler so right now I am being treated to “World in my eyes” by Depeche Mode – I’m not quite sure where that came from *looks up on media player*

    Ah, it’s courtesy of my old pals at Q magazine….

    Last active choice was (forgive me F’ed) “In Rainbows” by Radiohead (hoorah) on my way to get a curry in the car this evening.

    Looking forward to ending Arsenal’s sorry season for good on Sunday ….

    Just flipped to “Don’t let the sun go down on me” by Dame Elton … nice…. for some reason this era of Elton reminds me of a visit to Madamme Tussauds as a young child .. something of that whistful melancholy I think … music’s a funny old thing, isn’t it?

  89. Am I too late?

    Howlin’ Wolf’s version of Spoonful. I do love that song.

    In fact, I’m having fun looking for different versions of it.

    This is a fun topic….

    Cheers, everybody,

  90. Tune on the ipod right just now is At The Crossroads by Snowy White – superb!

  91. Haven’t posted in a while….but this one caught my eye..

    Currently listening to a group called Vampire Weekend the song “A-Punk” and “Mansford Roof” and “Ladies of Cambridge”. Not your typical type of music but it’s pretty cool to me.

    Hope everyone is doing great. Have a nice weekend Fed.

    Renee B

  92. Lucia,

    That’s right – Deep Purple were so loud you couldn’t hear them!

    That’s a fine list of riffs – I heard one lone voice on the blog wonder why there is no DG in the list but David is not imho the “riffmeister”.

    One notable ommission though – where’s “Back in Black” by the diminutive Antipodean mock schoolboy and his boisterous chums? That riff will put the ripples in your artex and no mistake.

    Not ‘arf …

  93. Howdy FEd,

    I just walked in, from work. I was listening to DSOTM. Before that, Joss Stone’s Body, Mind & Soul.

    I hope you had a good week, and have an even better weekend.


  94. [Gates Of Delirium ~ YES – Parish]

    Hey Parish!

    I saw Jon Anderson live a couple of weeks ago and he ended the night with ‘Soon’ which of course you know is how Gates sublimely ends. I was moved to tears.

    I think you know what I’m talkin about.

  95. Hey Fed, can I just suggest to you and everyone else out here in Gilmour land to pickup Peter Gabriel’s “Growing Up Live” DVD? It’s fantastic! Especially “The Barry Williams Show”.

    I know the only thing that PG and DG/PF have in common is knowing how to deliver incredible sights and sounds but I STRONGLY recommend y’all do yourselves a favor and go and purchase this one, YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  96. I am listening to Staying Alive – Bee Gees

    Hope that works!!

    Cheers FEd and Have a good weekend.

  97. Hello all…

    Right now I’m listening to “The Night they Drove ol’ Dixie Down” by the Band. I saw “The Last Waltz” and was hooked.

    And, I’m also listening to the sounds of the TV coming from my living room. I just moved into a new apartment last week, and it’s finally coming together :o)

    I keep missing the chats but I’m gonna do my best to be at the next one.

    Take care all, and have a lovely weekend. Especially you, our Fearless Leader, FEd!

    PS. I decided it would be a fitting touch to the place to add a nice Liverpool flag in my bedroom. It’s right above my bed.

    [Beautiful. – FEd]

  98. Picking up the kids from school, the last song playing was ‘Pour Le Monde’ from Crowded House.

    CH was another great show at the Paramount in Oakland, so was Tori Amos, last year. That’s a great venue and we get to recount the wonderful night with DG there, next week – I can’t believe it was two years ago …

    Have a great weekend. CT

  99. Hey, been off the blog for a while. Nice new format.

    I was just listening to my itune mix of Cyndi Lauper and Creedance.

    In my car is Dark Side of the Moon.

    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  100. Anybody knows when David Gilmour will play in Brazil?

    Thank you.

    [There are no plans for any concert in any part of the world, sorry. – FEd]

  101. Try! and Continuum — John Mayer

    I’m listening to a lot of John Mayer, and a lot of jazz, like Dave Brubeck Quartet. It’s great stuff and both give me good rhythmical and melodic ideas for my guitar playing.

    Still listening to Meddle though, I love playing along with Echoes, especially the seagull sounds.

  102. Graham:

    I know Caravan. Contemporaries of early Floyd and Soft Machine. Robert Wyatt was drummer and vocalist in Soft Machine, and rumor has it that Wyatt is currently playing the cornet with some guy from Cambridge…

    I’m listening to a band called ‘Drivin and Cryin’ right now. Think ‘Southern Rock Meets Nirvana.’ It’s a little harder than what I normally listen to, but see, a friend took me to their concert a few years back and I kinda got hooked. All of the songs have hilarious stories behind them, and he tells these stories in concert.

    It’s not quite the same listening to the songs without this commentary, but I still have fond memories of the show.

    Robyn mentioned Wendy Carlos, above.

    I met her once, probably about twenty years ago. My friend is a film editor and Wendy was at his studio one day when I came by for lunch. I think Wendy was being considered to do the music for the movie that my friend was working on. Anyway, Wendy must have mistaken me for a musician. We had a strange conversation about musical scales that have over 20 notes, and scales that don’t resolve (don’t end on a higher verson of the same note they started on).

  103. Eric Clapton – Somewhere over the Rainbow.

    May just pop in The Wizard of OZ and Dark Side of the Moon after Slowhand.


  104. My personal playlist – “This Heaven” just ended and Juno Reactor has started, to be followed by Blackmore’s Night, Enigma, Pink Floyd, James Asher, and ends with Gilmour.

    What a wonderful day!

  105. I’m listening to Cornish Pasty of Tim Renwick’s Privateer CD and a sweet piece of music it is.

    Tim was kind enough to hand write me a note when he sent the CD which was really appreciated. I thoroughly recommend this to all David’s fans as it is a great CD.

    Prior to that I gave Lindsey Buckingham’s new live offering “Live at the Bass Performance Hall” a spin. The man’s a genius.

  106. Hello everyone!

    It’s sunny outside! At least for the next few minutes…hopefully.

    I’m listening to the radio -this instant- and Whitesnake is on…:) it’s back to the big fluffy hair!!! hahaha!

    But actually on my CD player I have an Argentinian/Alaskan guy, Kevin Johansen, which I really like at the moment. Don’t know if it’ll be of much help to anyone else… unless they are ready to explore rock in English and Spanish!

    Have a nice weekend everyone…

  107. Silence at the moment Fed, but last night I gave Echoes a fair hit out while I lay in the dark half drunk on vino.


  108. I’m Listening to Whiskey Train by Procol Harum. It really takes me back to the late 60s and those were the great days, when concerts were cheap and the music was great.

    I hope everyone will have a great weekend and by the way Fed, what are you listening to at this moment?

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Ray Davies, ‘The Getaway (Lonesome Train)’. – FEd]

  109. Norwegian music..

    Trang Fødsel – Drømmedame. Quite nice actually.

    The band is “Trang Fødsel”, meaning tight birth, and the song “Drømmedame” means a woman you dream of. Like a beautiful woman. Radio playing.

  110. Right now I`m listening to “Amsterdam Stranded” by Midnight Choir – a Norwegian band who plays relaxable tunes.

  111. Right now I´m listening to, and watching, the “Return Of The Champions” DVD by Queen + Paul Rodgers. Hope the next tour will be as good as this concert.

    Wish you all a nice weekend !

  112. [I decided it would be a fitting touch to the place to add a nice Liverpool flag in my bedroom. It’s right above my bed. – Ax]

    To quote John Lennon “How do you sleep?”

    In our divided household, F’ed, you may be glad to know that there has been the miraculous re-appearance of a scarf bearing the legend “European Champions 1977 / 1978” in garish red and yellow.

    Luckily it is on the chair in the spare bedroom ….

  113. Rockabye Baby!

    – Pink Floyd
    – Radiohead
    – Zep
    – Stones
    – Bjork
    – Beatles

    We have a 3 week old. Thank God for these babified versions.

  114. [‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’ by Caravan. I doubt many people know this band…]

    Very popular band Bart.

    But right now I am listening to :

    ‘What we have sown’ – The Pineapple Thief
    ‘Fear of a Blank Planet’ – Porcupine Tree

    And recently I have listened a to a lot of European music such as:

    Gazpacho (Norway) – Night
    Riverside (Poland) – Rapid Eye Movement
    Kingston Wall (Finland) – 1, 2 & 3

    Pete – Coventry

  115. The Mist Covered Mountains / Wild Theme by Mark Knopfler, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall on May 30th 2005 [official release].

  116. Marillion – Easter, admiring Steve Rothery’s awesome underrated guitar style and tone.

    I also notice how it’s quite similar to Mr Gilmour’s. Anyone agree?

  117. Wearing The Inside Out. Love that song.

    May 3rd is a benefit rock tribute to Jeff Healey in Toronto. I’m currently scheduling friends to be there that evening.

    Jack Bruce, Ian Gillam, Randy Bachman, Colin James and David Wilcox to name a few guests who will be playing.

    Come up anyone, it’s for a worthy cause too.

  118. Hi FEd.

    Funny question because it’s 9h in the morning and I just started the computer and the cd-player surfing the net and listening to “Sonnet 18” from “David Gilmour – In Concert”. I find it a very good song to start the day.

    This period I listen a lot to “The Gutter Twins” – a project by Mark Lanegan w/ Greg Dulli. Yesterday night in the train from Verona to Bolzano it was “Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies”.

    So a little psychedelia is always in it.


  119. Well, currently (like five seconds ago) I was listening to “On An Island” (the single). Before that some “Firtin with Disaster” by Molley Hatchet. Following this was “Achilles Last Stand” by Led Zeppelin. “The Scarecrow” by Pink Floyd.

    Well, before I go and do this, I’ll make a list.

    The Gnome
    What Do You Want From Me
    Interstellar Overdrive
    Several Species of Small Furry Animals…
    Comfortably Numb
    Not Now John
    Hey You (note: Nick Mason does an excellent job on the live version of this song on Pulse Live)
    The Nile Song (speaking of which do you know where I can get a copy of the movie More in the US?)
    Ibiza Bar

    That does it for Pink Floyd in the last six hours.

    Moving on, “The Spirit of ’76” by The Alarm, “The Stand”, yet again by The Alarm, “Permanence in Change”, “Sixty-eight Guns”, “Blaze of Glory”, and “Rescue Me” all by The Alarm.

    I have run out of room. I love my Ipod. It really helps.

    [You can get it from Amazon. Click your name above to see for yourself. – FEd]

  120. “Angelina” – Marillion (from “Marbles” album)

    Good call, that is a brillaint song !

  121. I simply cannot get Dominoes out of my mind… It is such a great song and I keep playing it over again in my head and on DVD, until my girl complains for me to stop playing my Remember That Night DVD over and over and over again. I can hear her say, haven’t you heard it enough?!

    I also have been playing my compilation CD that Joe Boyd produced titled White Bicycles. I have grown to like most of the songs on it including Arnold Layne, of course, and in particular Poor Boy by Nick Drake. I seem to like his style music a lot. Never heard of him before I met Joe and bought his great book and CD.

  122. [I’m having a ’90’s flashback at the moment: the “Bloody Kisses” album by Type O Negative.]

    The question for Lynn is: “Does she listen from the very beginning, including the track Machine Screw, or does she skip that one?”

    In any event, what a great release that is especially if you’ve always wanted to hear a twisted metal version of the Seals & Crofts classic Summer Breeze.

    Play this album for the kiddies and they won’t be able to sleep for days.

    As for what I’m listening to right now? The Best of The Tubes…so, I’ll Talk To Ya Later.



  123. ah, always a nice one… at the moment that would be:

    this one, hope of deliverance, young boy – macca
    handle with care – traveling wilburys
    here is what is – daniel lanois
    weightless – chris whitley
    my secret place – joni mitchell
    dreaming my dreams with you – jools holland w/ brian eno
    A&E – goldfrapp
    charity case – gnarls barkley
    ready for the floor – hot chip
    a view to a kill – duran duran
    con nombre de guerra – hereos del silencio
    love will tear us apart – joy division

    …actually that’s a playlist

    cheers, bernhard

  124. There’s No Way Out Of Here. Then, another blast of Marooned from the Fender 50th.

  125. Listening to David Sylvian a lot these days – mostly the Nine Horses album Snow Borne Sorrow. Also Dylan – just about anything from man in the long black coat to sara to Things have changed. Beth Orton Blood red river from central reservation and the uplifting morcheeba’s big calm.

    Tom B Dublin

  126. Albums I played in last two days:

    Kansas – Point of Know Return and Vinyl Confessions
    Iron Maiden – Killers
    Phil Collins – Face Value
    Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel 1977
    Krokus – Headhunter
    Triumph – Allied Forces
    Genesis – Wind and Wuthering
    Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon
    Rush – Moving Pictures
    Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky
    Van Halen – Women and Children First

  127. A lot of records, but at the moment i can say “Goldfrapp – Seventh tree”.


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