Random Nonsense #1

New York's Radio City Music Hall announces David's April 2006 concertsIt’s random nonsense for you today, as you seem to like it so much.

As we’ve seen many times before, it’s often amusing to pose a casual, perhaps bizarre – and almost certainly pointless – question every now and then. Your answers entertain, intrigue, and sometimes even kick off a jolly good debate.

So, let’s kick off with this one:

If you could go back in time and attend just three concerts, which would you choose and why?

Please choose:

1. A David Gilmour concert
2. A Pink Floyd concert
3. A concert by any other artist

There’ll be one of these each week from now on, so enjoy them, if you can.

David and the band were Stateside two years ago today, getting ready for the first of two shows at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, which we’ll fondly recall tomorrow.

Many thanks to Angelo for providing today’s photo.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

173 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #1”

  1. 1. Gdansk
    2. Pompeii (I know it wasn’t a public concert but that’s a good enough reason right?)
    3. Guy Pratt at The Pigalle Club last month 😉

  2. 1 David at the Mermaid in 2006. So intimate and unexpected.
    2 Pink Floyd at Crystal Palace in about 1971? The first of many special moments.
    3 Daniel O’Donnell at Inverness in about 2002 because he read my wife’s name out on stage. Nuff said.

    Ian Pearson

  3. Cracking topic. This is gonna be good.

    But, to business;

    1. I would choose David Gilmour’s RAH show, where Mr. Nick Mason turned up. Technically, this could be for Number 2 as well, but I bet that was a moment to cherish for evertone in attendance. Watching the OAI members, along with Mason, must have been a highlight.

    2. I would have loved to have seen a gig from The Wall with Floyd. It probably would have been amazing. Live 8 comes close, but watching The Wall being built and the whole extravange of it all would have been great, especially Mr. Gilmour on top of the Wall playing C Numb.

    3. Probably Live Aid for me. Ok, It’s lots of artists, but the meaning behind it is why I choose Live Aid.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  4. Wow! When that old web page popped up, it brought back some memories! I actually tried to refresh my browser.

    I’m gonna hop into my time machine…

    1. David Gilmour at Radio City Music Hall
    2. Pink Floyd Division Bell Tour at RFK Stadium, DC
    3. Grateful Dead 1985 at Merriweather Post Pavillion, MD

  5. My three concert wish list is

    1) Jimi Hendrix, even today there is an aura about his performances captured on film but to see & hear it for real, I would love to hear from anyone who has seen him.

    2) Pink Floyd “pulse” concerts at Earls Court. About as grand as Floyd concerts could be (I find The Wall too depressing, guitar work aside)


    [And your David Gilmour concert is…? – FEd]

  6. Another deceptively difficult question..

    1. David Gilmour concert

    Well on the face of it, it would be the first of the three RAH concerts from two years ago, why, not least because a ticket mixup prevented me from attending but i would’ve got to see another hero of mine David Bowie. That and i would’ve enjoyed trying to spot myself on the DVD. But wait… I did go to a RAH gig and it was magical in its own way, so on that basis i would choose one of (how many were there?) the meltdown concerts, 2002, i enjoy listening to that concert often, and to have been there would have been incredible.

    2. Pink Floyd concert

    One word will suffice here. PULSE. Any of these will be fine.

    3. Concert by another artist

    Don’t give us too much selection will you……….

    Well as this seems to follow on nicely from the live albums question the other day, i will go for one of the shows i picked from there… Jimi Hendrix – Live at the Fillmore East.

    If i could i would attend all four of the shows he performed that night. Nothing i can put down will do the shows justice if you haven’t heard them, and if you have then i’m sure you will agree.

  7. 1- Royal Festival Hall gigs
    2- Earls Court, The Wall Tour
    3- Rory Gallagher- Ulster Hall, Belfast, Xmas Gigs

  8. Ah, this is a very good one. Let’s see…

    1) I’ve been extremely fortunate to have seen shows from both of David’s solo outings, but 1984 was 24 years ago (good grief) so perhaps I’d have to revisit something from his About Face tour to rejuvenate the ol’ memory banks.

    2) As for Pink Floyd I’d dearly love to see one of The Wall shows…perhaps later in the tour when all the bugs had been worked out. Of course going back to the early 70’s when they performed Dark Side in one set and Wish You Were Here in the other (with Echoes and Careful with That Axe Eugene as encores!) might be more tempting.

    3) And for my wild card, I think Zeppelin around ’71 would do it. Or Beck in ’76. Hendrix in ’68?? No, Zeppelin. Yeah that’s the one. For now. Ask me again in 10 minutes.

    (Great question!)

  9. Hello!

    I have been too busy to play the previous nonsense games, but nice to come back for this one!

    Mine are:

    1. DAVID GILMOUR, ROME, 26th of March 2006 (because after years and years of Pink Floyd in my ears, I finally had opportunity to see David on a stage. And it was absolutely fantastic!)

    2. PINK FLOYD, LIVE AT POMPEII, October 1971 (ok, it was not a real concert, but I’d have liked attend it! Because Roger was in the band too, the scene of Pompeii is wonderful, they played perfectly and – as we can hear and see in the DVD – it was an ultraworld experience!)

    3. RADIOHEAD, FLORENCE, 22th of June, 2000 (because I’ve never been so excited as I was that night).

    Wow! God bless David, God bless Pink Floyd, God bless Radiohead, God bless you all!


  10. David Gilmour at RAH (David Bowie Gig)
    Pink Floyd at Earls Court (October 1994)
    The Blue Nile (Barbican 2006)

  11. For me, the answer would have to be Pink Floyd together for LIVE 8.

    It was the one we had been waiting for, got, and will probably not see again.

    Seeing it on TV was one thing, would love to have been there.

  12. I put to the first and the same level a David Gilmour concert and a Pink Floyd concert; the reason is that I saw both concerts and I think that made me feel the best moments of my life.

    I have to say that I remember with pleasure a Ramones concert in Italy in 80h (I was 18) and it reminds me of my fresh and lost youth.

  13. If I could go back in time, I would go to a David Gilmour Concert (On an Island tour would be nice).

    I have seen Pink Floyd seven times and I was fortunate to see David’s first two solo tours and although I would love to see Pink Floyd again, I would prefer David solo.

  14. Ciao,

    As a usual sourpuss I say that the question is proposed in a wrong way. Fed, if I would go back in time I would attend to shows which I have never seen. Since I saw DG and PF more than once all my three would be different artists.

    For sure:

    Nirvana in Milano (the day after I had an exam in university… and we know that the concert in Rome 2 days later was last concert of Cobain)

    Led Zeppelin

    Deep Purple 1972 MK2 (Actually I saw mark II in Milan in their last tour but it was in 1990 or so….not the same).

    And many others…… 🙂

  15. 1. David Gilmour — One of the Royal Albert Hall shows from the DVD taping
    2. Pink Floyd — Tough one. Either The Wall at Nassau Colisseum (Feb. 28, 1980), or an Animals show from Oakland or Boston.
    3. Rush, Live in Rio.


  16. 1. RAH London 29th May 2006

    They say Rick did some crazy organ work during the jam section in Echoes, (you can hear it on unofficial recordings from that night, so i’m told). Also there is Arnold Layne and CN with David Bowie, which i like very much.

    2. Pink Floyd – Oakland 9th May 1977

    My two favorite PF records performed in a row. With Careful with that Axe, Eugene as second Encore! The Pig! The Nuclear Family! The Welcome To The Machine movie! The hard rocking versions of Have a Cigar , Pigs & Dogs! The finale of Shine On 6-9 with David and Snowy in perfect playing in perfect unison!

    The guitar playing must have been amazing to witness, Snowy and David were on fire that night…

    3. Led Zeppelin – London, 10th December 2007

    This must have been quite good show. Maybe Polly and/or David can give a short review? They managed to get a ticket after all…

    Greetings from Berlin,

  17. This is going to take some thinking about but as for random questions there is an article in today’s paper about the 25 best riffs, and to be honest the list is a load of rubbish (Pink Floyd aren’t in it at all and it’s debatable that The Who song – My Generation – contains a riff (it’s more of a chord sequence) so could we use that as a random question some time?

    I don’t mean to high-jack the thread but it would be interesting to compare people who have good taste (ie us) to those that they got to pick the top 25.


    PS are we going to get to see your choices for the concerts FEd?

    [Maybe later. I have a long list for future random nonsense, but suggestions are always very welcome. I like your idea. – FEd]

  18. 1. I wonder if David remembers: back in ’68 he did a gig with Pink Floyd in my home town Vlissingen, when they toured Holland. I was too young by then. How I wish…

    2. David’s Meltdown concert in 2001.

    3. The Sex Pistols in Huize Maas, Groningen, Holland

  19. 1. gdansk 2006
    2. one of the few pf concerts with david and syd together
    3. live 8 for the floyd reunion

    to angelo: nice photo!

  20. If you haven’t noticed yet, love the random nonsense.

    1. David Gilmour OAI in Vienne. Just seemed like a great show to attend from the tour and maybe I could have borrowed a few glasses from Igor & shared a glass of wine with Michèle. Opportunity missed #1.

    2. Pink Floyd The Wall at Naussau Coliseum, NY. I was in high school at the time & I probably could have gone to that show but guess I didn’t realize the magnitude till it was all over. Some of my friends were there. Opportunity missed #2.

    3. Queen at Wembley in 1986. I was in England back in 1986 at the University of Bath for Summer studies. I remember seeing a poster promoting the show & wanted to go but it would have wiped out my funds. Who knew that would have been the last time to see Freddie perform? Opportunity missed #3.

    Honorable mention: Metallica/Guns & Roses at Giants Stadium, NJ. Eventually I saw both bands but I understand this show was unbelievable.



  21. Ok Fed, now you’re talking!

    My 1st choice isn’t a concert in the traditional sense but in the literary sense ‘a musical performance given in public’, it sure is!

    1. July 20, 1969, Pink Floyd perform in a BBC studio to the Apollo 11 moon landing – imagine!!
    2. August 9th 1980, The Wall Live at Earls Court
    3. Any one of Davids RAH shows, preferably the night with Bowie.

  22. 1. WYWH tour for the simple reason it’s the finest album ever commissoned to vinyl and with raving and drooling and gotta be crazy on the bill, it incorporates the best 2 songs off the under-rated Animals album.

    2. PULSE TOUR 94 EARLS COURT. Reason being I was at three nights and need pinching every now and then to make sure I really was.

    3. RAH 29.30.31ST 2006. Needs no reasoning at all. If anybody questions my reasoning for choosing these, they are in the wrong place.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  23. I have to say that I’ve been to so many concerts and seen so many bands, I just wonder if any of the lists will include shows that I attended.

    For a music lover like myself, this is a tough, tough one to limit to just three.



  24. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen some great Pink Floyd and David Gilmour shows over the years….and I would be more than happy to attend all of them again (except the one in ’94 when the seats collapsed).

    However, as I missed all of the following, my top three would have to be:

    1. The RAH show when Nick Mason turned up – for the same reasons given by Simon J

    2. Live 8 – for obvious reasons

    3. U2 at Cardiff on the Vertigo tour – I almost went, but the tickets were just a bit too expensive

  25. Strange happenings…

    FEd, I clicked on my bookmark for David’s site and I was presented with the “original” homepage from Dec 2005. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon!!!! It was OK earlier this morning, what’s going on???

    As for going back in time to attend just three concerts (great topic BTW, FEd) mine would be…

    David in Venice 11/08/06. Why? An excellent setlist.

    Oh, almost forgot, just the small matter of the best possible outdoor venue in the world, St. Marks Square… To have seen and heard David playing there would for me have been transcendental.

    PF at Knebworth 05/07/75. Graham Chapman performing MC duties, great support line-up (well almost, how did Linda Lewis get on). Two Spitfires “buzzing” the stage as the show started. Preview of Animals material. Echoes for an encore.

    Queen at Wembley 12/07/86. Freddie and the gang at their consummate best. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

  26. 1. I’d relive Pompeii – cos I was only three years old at the time and would like to remember it all. Mum said I screamed and cried throughout the concert. I told you I loved PF.

    2. Any David RAH concert – I was there for them all.

    WYWH – without doubt the best PF album ever – Shine on!

    If I could have a fourth fave, it would be the Venice Concert, 2006 – from when the stage collapsed to the actually concert was an amazing time for me – met my husband too!

    [Something from another artist? – FEd]

  27. hi fed,

    that would be

    1) gdansk in 2006
    2) the 1977 animals show in vienna (it’s my birthyear, and my mother attended that concert)
    3) U2 POPMART in Sarajevo in 1997

    all the best,

  28. Fed – from another artist? Neil Diamond at the Greek Theatre during the 80’s.

    I went to California and my cousin took me to see him and he really was amazing! And then I bought the live album.

  29. Dear F’ed …with our limited experience of attending live shows I think I would go for

    1. David at the Royal Albert Hall…our first live gig ever and absolutely brilliant with the bonus of having Nick Mason there and Echoes.

    2. The Division Bell tour, Earls Court…. I am so glad we saw David live before the DVD came out of this one as there was much gnashing of teeth as to what we missed. Pompeii would have been great as well. I could always have gone round retreiving Nick’s drumsticks or even been the dog…held by Richard, stroked by David and glared at by Roger!!!

    3. Lastly any other artist would have to be Roger Waters but with his own band not with any of the above.

    However, given half the chance if I could go back in time I’d love to see all the Floyd ones.

    As I was unable to post earlier in the week I think the best live CD is yet to come. Gdansk of course followed by PULSE. The airline copy we wore out flying to and from South America.

    Have a good weekend

  30. Hi Fed,


    1. David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006…

    2. Pink Floyd “The dark side of the moon” live in 1973 at Earl’s Court…

    3. Pink Floyd “The division bell” live in 1994 in Udine, but I was only 10 years old and my father left me at home…

    Are you happy for last night’s match Fed??

    Bye everybody

    [Very. You wouldn’t also like to see some other band or performer, Piero? – FEd]

  31. 1. A David Gilmour concert

    Although fortunate to have attended, I would do the Royal Festival Hall 2002 again.

    2. A Pink Floyd concert

    Pompeii 72. I remember hearing/reading somewhere that during each day of filming a couple of young lads came up from the nearby village. They were allowed to sit behind the cameras. How fantastic was that.

    3. A concert by any other artist

    The Beatles anywhere really but if I had a choice it would have been on the London rooftop or the TV studio when they recorded ‘All You Need is Love’ Xmas 67. (I still remember my Dad saying, as we gathered round the TV, “Must we listen to this row?”)

  32. I will get back on this topic this evening.

    [Does it matter? – FEd]

    I was just trying to be passionate about my loves. But no wordsmith am I.

    [By the way, my comment was a response to your “Whoops, should I have said that?” (in ‘Favourite live albums’), just in case it wasn’t obvious. – FEd]

  33. 1. David Gilmour, Hamburg 11.03.2006
    2. David, Venice 12.08.2006
    3. Chris Rea, Berlin 15.02.2008

    With best wishes to all of you from Berlin

    [No Pink Floyd, Ina? Or are you really saying that David – particularly when performing with Richard, Guy and Jon – IS Pink Floyd? Because that would be deliciously contentious. – FEd]

  34. Hard to make a choice so many I would have loved to have seen.

    David Gilmour – About Face Tour, New Haven Ct. I was opening a new business at the time and had to stay home to keep the business open so all my employees could go to the show.

    Pink Floyd – The Wall 1980 in NYC
    George Harrison – The Concert for Bangladesh

  35. Hi FED.

    Thanks for the very interesting theme. Not an easy choice at all, especially about Pink Floyd.

    I would love to see this Concert again. The Weather was great and I was there with a lot of Friends and we had a great summer day and Night! David & band played fantastic, the castle behind us, we sang along with David, had a great time! I think he enjoyed it as much as we did!

    The 1977 in The Flesh Tour must have been great. They played two complete Albums: Animals and Wish You Were Here. David with the Black Strat playing the powerful guitar solos of: Dogs, Pigs, Shine On 1-9 ……!

    I saw a few DVDs of him lately: Monterey, Woodstock and Stockholm. His playing is fantastic.


  36. Unoriginal I know, but have seen loads of other bands. Many have tried and all have failed to inspire me like the Floyd did.

    So its a hat trick for PF from me!

    Pink Floyd Pompeii 1973
    Pink Floyd Earls Court 1973
    Pink Floyd Earls Court 1994 (my best ever concert)

    Would have also liked to have seen the BBC sessions at Paris Theatre in London 1970, and 1971.

    Another wee thinker FEd?


  37. If I could go back in time, I would say 1968. For I went to a concert that opened with Blue Cheer and then The Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart and Ron Woods in the group and then closing the concert was Pink Floyd with David Gilmour playing.

    The cost of the concert was $3.50 to get in at the Shrine Auditorium in LA, California. Now those were the days!

    Wish you all could have been there.

    Take Care,

  38. Great topic, FEd, and yes….a seemingly easy question to answer, but when you get down to it…it becomes very difficult!

    1. I’d probably also go with the RAH concert where Nick Mason played.
    2. I’d love to see any of the June 1973 performances from the Dark Side Of The Moon tour (US).
    3. The Doors at the Hollywood Bowl, July 5, 1968

  39. 1. David solo- Royal Albert Hall w/ Bowie

    Arnold Layne was wild (though I may change after hearing [and hopefully seeing-hoping for some DVD extra] the Poland concert

    2. Pink Floyd-1971 at Carnegie Hall, New York

    the most beautiful concert venue I have been in (though certainly seeing PF with all five members would be great)

    3. The Band at The Last Waltz – probably the greatest rock concert ever

  40. [And your David Gilmour concert is…? – FEd]

    OOPS, sorry Fed, if i had a brain i would be lethal. To be honest i was so grateful & happy at being able to watch David at the RAH on the 29th & in Leicester Square for the premier (3rd row) that i dont feel i have missed out but if pushed i would say GDANSK!!

    Oh by the way, your new defender Bendtner did well last night saved a certain goal on the line, will Arsenal pay the PENALTY at Anfield!

  41. My choices are :

    1. Vienne in France (2006)
    2. A “The man and The journey” concert (1969) but the question is so hard to answer !
    3. Toto at Le Zénith in 2006 (or maybe Roger Waters at Bercy in 2007)

  42. 1)David Gilmour, Gdansk – I need a slow motion replay.

    2)Pink Floyd, 30 Sept, 1971 – Paris Theater, London

    3)Woodstock- I would require a portable shower, a toothbrush and plenty of clean clothes;)

  43. [PF at Knebworth 05/07/75. Graham Chapman performing MC duties]

    Ken, i was there too.

    Floyd were late getting on as i remember & also there was a delay once it started & not knowing why (after reading Nick Mason’s book i now know it was a power supply problem)

    Other memories of that day:

    – thinking Captain Beefheart was just a noise,
    – disappointed Steve Miller did not sing “the Joker”
    – the spitfires,
    – the toilets (not a group, a convenience, allegedly, YUK!)
    – getting home as it was getting light, my parents were angry, i must have been a sod.

  44. Two i’ve already attended, the other i wish i could’ve been at.

    1. David Gilmour at the Kodak Theater. I wish i could go back and see the clowns fighting at the bottom. i was so high up in the balcony that i didn’t even notice. maybe it was because of the lights and the awesomeness going on on stage.

    2. Pink Floyd at the Rose Bowl 1994. Just a spectacular show. It was my first outdoor show and it to me it was the best. It’s funny though because at the time i never heard Astronomy Domine before and with the oil slides going the crazy psychedelic music going on, it kind of scared me (i was 14 at the time).

    3. The Smashing Pumpkins’ supposed last show in 2000. Hearing the bootleg and all the buzz around it made me want to get in there. It’s alright though because they ended up coming back seven years later.

  45. 1) David Gilmour, Royal Albert Hall (could have attended if the ‘Sold Out’ tickets hadn’t been on ebay for zillions of quid!!!

    2) Any Animals Tour gigs (my favourite Floyd album!)

    3) Queen at Knebworth 1986

  46. Hmm – as the question is random nonsense, I s’pose I should verify the technicalities involved in going back in time in a similarly nonsensical way. ie do we just go back in time but remain in the same location or are we also able to ‘land’ anywhere we choose, a la TARDIS.

    If the former, then it would have to be Pink Floyd at The Sheffield City Hall 1970. The novelty of seeing Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast live and Atom Heart Mother with brass & choir. If the latter, then The Concertgebouw Amsterdam 1969 for a ‘The Man and The Journey’ performance. Both shows for the unusual aspect of cooking and carpentary respectively.

    DG at Manchester 2006 or Paris 2006 with GGitS.

    Love to have seen Yes around 78/79 with the classic line-up or to really get my monies worth from the blog time-travel deal, a Beethoven ‘gig’ in the 1800’s! Take in a bit of sight seeing as a bonus whilst I was there.

    Dave [Sheffield]

    NB.Does the winner for best suggestion get to make the trip?

    [I wish! – FEd]

  47. 1. Any of Gilmour’s solo tours. I haven’t been able to get to any. Coming to Tampa Florida at all in the future? 🙂

    2. Pink Floyd Division Bell Tour in ’94. I was at 3 here in the United States (Philly, Giants Stadium and Yankees stadium) and then a friend and I flew over to England to catch the last two nights of the tour at Earls Court.

    3. Lollapalooza at Randall’s Island (can’t remember which year, I think ’92)- it was just awesome!


  48. 1. A David Gilmour concert :
    any of the concerts on the On An Island tour at the royal albert hall .

    2. A Pink Floyd concert :
    any of the concerts at earls court on the Division Bell tour . oh to have heard dstom live !

    3. A concert by any other artist :
    there are a couple and i can’t make up my mind which i prefer more .

    queen live at wembley 1986 . freddie mercury was an amazing performer . i would love to have seen him live .

    marillion on the misplaced childhood tour of 1985/86 . they supported queen in manhiem germany . that one gig i would have given my backside to see . freddie mercury and fish at the same gig , wow !

  49. Hi there!

    1. David Gilmour in a small location. In the tour-documentation on RTN, the amphi-theatre in Viennes loooked nice and also that castle somewhere in Austria

    2. Pink Floyd during the time of “Wish you where here” and “Animals” in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund

    3. Difficult to say, perhaps one of the great southern rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd or Little River Band or The Allman Brothers


  50. Whilst we are on the subject of Time Travel, Lorraine is reporting that dg.com has reverted back to 2006 as viewed on her internet connection. Have you been playing with that Tardis FEd?

    I told her not to complain as she can get to see the whole ‘On An Island’ tour again 😉

    [Nothing to do with me, honest. – FEd]

  51. Nate, Lucia, Heather, and Jayne:

    How could I leave out Pompeii???? What a great choice! (This just gets tougher and tougher!!)

  52. 1. David Gilmour live at Clam Castle in Austria. I can imagine watching and listening on a hot summer’s night.

    2. Dark Side of The Moon live, before the album was released.

    3. Rory Gallagher, any concert, anywhere.

  53. 1. A David Gilmour concert
    I’ve seen David three times now, can’t I see The Beatles?

    2. A Pink Floyd concert
    Dark Side Tour (Only one I missed!)

    3. A concert by any other artist
    YES, circa 1972

  54. Ugh, this is a bit tough

    1) For David – probably one of the Royal Albert Hall concerts. Any of them would have been alright by me, Crosby & Nash would be amazing (we only got Cros’ in Glasgow, haha) and either Bowie or Mason would have just been a brilliant bonus.

    2) Pink Floyd – Definitely one of the P.U.L.S.E. concerts in Earls Court, when I personally feel they were at their best, I love the Division Bell material, more than I like anything from the Wall era. (My dad went when I was too young to know anything about Pink Floyd, haha!)

    3) This one is really tough… either somewhere small like Leeds to see the Who in their prime or just any date and any venue at all to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse, that would be awesome 🙂

  55. Hi Fed,

    1) I would like to have attended any of David concerts on the last tour! Unfortunately it came at slightly the worng time for me and I couldn’t afford to go.

    2) Unusually I would go back to the Division Bell tour for this. Specifically the Earls Court date where the seats collapsed. I was there. But I’d would get the telephone number of the girl using the phone box outside. She was dressed in black leathers and rather nice! Although it may change history and I’d loose my current wife and kids so perhaps not a good idea!! LOL.

    3) Any Bowie gig from his Ziggy era. One of those defining times in music.

    Cheers, Jon

  56. Ah… that homepage. Brings back memories, and you have to click on features to get to the blog!!!

    Great idea to go back in time Fed.

    [Nothing to do with me. – FEd]

  57. Oh, I LOVE these “what if?” questions! Let’s see

    1) An early European About Face tour date with I Can’t Breath Anymore as the 2nd encore. I missed out seeing this tour and my favorite albums of Dave’s are the first two, so seeing this tour would have satisfied that craving rather nicely!

    2) Pink Floyd concert – I’m going to break the rules here:

    * Royal Festival hall 2/14/69 (The Man and the Journey)
    * Town Hall, Birmingham 2/11/70 VERY bizarre set list
    * Knebworth Festival 7/5/75 – last Darkside-early Animals/Wish You Were Here)
    * Hollywood Bowl 9/22/72 for embryonic Darkside and more.

    3) Again, I’m going to cheat here. If picking one, I’d say The Who 9/18/71 for their blistering Who’s Next performance at the Oval cricket grounds. To see as many favorite bands at once I’d pick certain dates and certain packages (The Who/Led Zeppelin at Merriweather Pavillion 5/25/69) – The Who/Fleetwood Mac/Pink Floyd – Shrine Auditorium 1968).

    Awesome mind-teaser, FEd… keep em coming!


  58. Happy Thursday.

    Here goes.

    1. April 4th, 2006 Radio City Music Hall. Up close and personal. Best damn night I had in years. In a big city with my favorite guitarist. What more can a girl ask for?

    2. I would have loved to see a Wall show. Still to this day one of my fav albums to listen to. 1979 brings back many memories. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago. Damn, I getting old.

    3. This would have to be either a Led Zep show or Queen at Wembley (love this DVD, next to RTN). Maybe someday see a Zep show????

    Have a great day.

  59. This is a good topic FEd.

    Well here it goes

    1. David Gilmour at Massey Hall in Toronto (I’m Canadian!! Go figure)
    2. Pink Floyd Animals Tour, so Probably Oakland 77 (I’d love to See Shine 6-9 live!!)
    3. U2 Vertigo Tour Live in Chicago.

    Hope that should suffice for now.

    [Yep, that’s great. You’re one of the few that could list the requested three, so, really, thank you. – FEd]

  60. David Gilmour: I think it would have to be Venice, but without the rain !

    Pink Floyd: Pulse at Earl’s Court, as I wanted to go but due to a series of logistical disasters didn’t, which has irritated me ever since.

    Other: I think one of the free concerts that Sigur Ros did in Iceland the other year. Having recently watched the DVD, they look phenomenal live.


  61. 1. Vienne ’06
    2. Oakland Coliseum 1977
    3. Difficult choice as there are a few. I think it would probably have to be a Neil Young gig: probably the one from Live Rust. Runner up is Placebo at the Olympia, Paris in 2000.

    Dom (tired from essay writing)
    x x x

  62. My picks are the following:

    1) As David goes, either the About Face Tour at Hammersmith Odeon in Boston or On an Island Tour Royal Albert Hall with Nick Mason

    2) Pink Floyd I would have liked to have attended the Boston Garden, June 27, 1977 (both Animals and Wish in their entirety and a flawless gig by PF)

    3) Genesis I would have liked to have attended either Lyceum in London, May of 1980 or Madison Square Garden that same July.

  63. [RADIOHEAD, FLORENCE, 22th of June, 2000 – Lucia]

    Arghhhh I forgot Radiohead! It woud either be Glasto 03 or 97.

    x x x

  64. 1. One of the Royal Albert Hall’s concerts.
    2. Munich, 03.07.1988, because I was there 20 years ago (where have those two decades gone?)
    3. Just pick one Bon Scott era AC/DC concert…



  65. [Honorable mention: Metallica/Guns & Roses at Giants Stadium, NJ. Eventually I saw both bands but I understand this show was unbelievable. – Andrew]

    Andrew – I was at that Faith No More / Metallica / Guns ‘N Roses show at Giant’s Stadium…actually I have seen each of these bands 4 times (GNR 5x). Who would have thought that when Metallica finished their 3 hour and 45 minute set, GNR would go on for over 3 and a half hours too…all after a good hour of Faith No More…I think it started at 7 in the evening and we got back to the car sometime around 3:30!

  66. 1. PF – any concert in the 70s, just because I would want to see them live with long hair and beards playing Echoes

    2. DG – RAH with David Bowie

    3. Peter Gabriel, somewhere in Italy, as Italians are a great audience at any live event

  67. 1 – David Gilmour : Live at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve seen great shows during this tour, but the DVD makes me discover a very beautifull arena, so why not one of the three nights there?

    2 – Pink Floyd : Well, the year 1977 saw the Animals tour, and my first months on earth. It would have be funny to see the band at this period, though I’ve read several times that they didn’t really enjoy the audience’s behaviour.

    3 – Queen : No matter the date, I would have like to attend to one of their shows, during the Freddie Mercury era.

  68. Now as for my three concerts…back in time…anything goes…

    1. David Gilmour – Either the Radio City show I saw (just to be able to relive it all over again) or the Royal Albert Hall Show with David Bowie.

    2. Pink Floyd – February 20, 1972 at the Rainbow Theater (Echoes AND Saucerful of Secrets – it couldn’t get better than that could it…Careful and One of These Days among others…I guess it could!

    3. Other Artist – Mozart (1785) at the ballroom of the Mehlgrube in Vienna, Austria…just how cool would that be!?!

    I have seen a lot of concerts – almost all of the bands I’ve ever wanted to see (I’ve blown many a budget), but I think seeing Mozart would still beat out Alice in Chains, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc…the few that I missed that are now too late…

    Fun topic – thanks FEd!

  69. Goodness me. I’m feeling privileged (for once) at having been to concerts others put on their list – i.e P.U.L.S.E shows and Meltdown.

    1. David – tough call between the Vienne and Florence shows for the venue and the vibe (rain puts me off from Venice).

    2. For sheer impact I’d have to go for the last London Wall show I think … although I’m sorely tempted by the idea of Knebworth and some of the Mid 70’s shows as described above.

    3. Tough tough toughedy tough call. For historical bragging purposes it would probably have to be a London Hendrix gig when he blew away Townshend, Clapton, Beck and assorted other wannabes! Radiohead’s legendary set at Glastonbury would be up there too.

    Sorry to lack my usual laser-like clarity but this is about the reasons as much as the answers, non?

  70. 1. David Gilmour: RAH, 2006
    2. Pink Floyd: Earls Court, 1994
    3. Any other artist: Kate Bush, Live at Odeon

    Good comment, I hope 🙂


    [Sounds good to me. – FEd]

  71. 1. David Gilmour, RAH, 2006, any night. Finely tuned machine on musical hallowed ground.
    2. Pink Floyd, Nassau Colliseum, 1980. My biggest concert regret, thwarted by my own parents for being 14 years old. (I still cry *sniff sniff*)
    3. Jimi Hendrix, any show. A true legend, in the flesh, need I say more?

  72. No. 3

    Going back in time allows me to raise them from the dead. Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Bach, Sibelius, Wagner … Paganini, Hendrix, R.Orbison, Elvis, Beatles, Queen, J. Joplin, J. Croce …

    These are more than three, but strange question – strange answer.

    Your question is completely unfair. Sounds like: Who’ve been the first two beings on earth? Please only gents!

    Hey, David should play for a long, long while for all who love his terrific music.

    Remember that rain… Munich 06. I do.

    With my very best wishes for staying alive forever
    Manfred C.

  73. If time, money and physics were not issues, I’d go to the concerts of:

    1. Led Zep
    2. Hendrix
    3. Mozart

    Jersey Mike: I had just turned 14 when Floyd played that concert in 1980 (The Wall at Nassau Coliseum). My parents not only let me go to the show, they actually ACCOMPANIED me!!

    It’s something that all of us remember very fondly, and of course we had no way of knowing that it would be the last time a 4-piece Floyd would play in the USA.

  74. David – Any of the Concerts from the About Face Tour.

    Floyd – Toss up between The Wall or the Raving and Drooling Tour, The Wall probably just shades it.

    A N Other – The Police, Synchronicity Tour. 1983.

    And if I could just slip in another ( I normally play by the rules but will break them this time) The Doors Live at the Hollywood Bowl.

    When I was younger I wanted to be Jim Morrison.

  75. I’ve finally been able to make my mind up (It’s not as easy to choose as it sounds is it?)

    1. David at the RAH in 2006 when Nick Mason joined them on stage.
    2. Any concert from the 1977 Animals tour.
    3. The Who at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970.

    Sorry i couldn’t be more specific about number 2 but i don’t know any of the particular places that Pink Floyd played off-hand.

    Does anyone here have a certain Mr Wells email? If so could you ask him if he could lend FEd his machine?

  76. 1. David at Vienne – my kind of setting
    2. Pompeii – do I really need to explain?
    3. I’d like to have seen The Beatles, anywhere really.

    As for the OAI band. That’s my favourite band – ever!

    PS I’m having a lovely time here in 2006.

  77. OK, the three that I would choose would be:

    1. David Gilmour at the Clyde Auditorium as I was lucky enough to be there & it was just the most fantastic night.

    2. Pink Floyd, any concert at all but I think one from the 70’s (especially with Echoes in it)would be so special.

    3. Allman Brothers Band at the Fillmore East with the late, great, Duane Allman.

  78. 1. David Gilmour – Florence 2006.

    What could be better, my favourite guitar player in my favourite city. Wonderful sound and scenery and a lovely 3 day holiday with my wife. Also sticks out in my mind because we nearly walked straight into David and Polly on the day of the gig! They were looking for somewhere to have lunch I think so we didn’t bother them. Also what do you say? Sort of wish I had said Hello and thanks for all the hours of enjoyment over the years, but can’t help thinking it would be awkward for all involved. I didn’t want to be a pain in the arse!

    2. Any Floyd Gig from between ’69 an ’72 would do me!

    3. Neil Young – Hammersmith Apollo 6th March. I was there, first time I’ve seen him live and he was fantastic. Solo acoustic first half, full band second half… feedback guitar solo heaven! I have to say I think this could be my number one gig of all time.

    Sorry I’ve rambled on a bit!

  79. 1. David Gilmour, Rivermount, Chicago.
    2. Pink Floyd, I’ve seen both Pulse and Division Bell several times each. Fantastic.
    3. The Who in Greensboro, N.C. around 1979 (with Keith Moon).

    I’m ready for another.

  80. 1. David at Massey Hall.
    2. Pink Floyd at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal (I was there twice).
    3. Led Zeppelin (in the next year, may be, there is a rumour…)

    Sylvie de Montréal

  81. 1. David in Venice on, I believe it was, August 11th 2006. He played Astronomy Domine, and an unexpected On the Turning Away. Great show!!!

    2. Pink Floyd, Live at Pompeii.

    3. Neil Young and Crazy horse, any show in the late 70’s when they performed Cortez the Killer.

    Nice topic FEd.

  82. Easy one this time Fed.

    1. Remember That Night at RAH without a doubt
    2. The Wall concert – whichever one was the best
    3. Led Zepplin – I always wanted to see them. ( I was also waiting for Black Sabbath to tour Australia in the 70’s, but they didn’t)

    I would also like to add that Division Bell is one of my all time favourite albums and I would have just about given anything to see the ‘Pulse’ concerts.

    A few old memories resurfacing here Fed.


  83. Hi FED, here are my three:

    1. Yet to see a David Gilmour concert with his current band.
    2. Pink Floyd, Vancouver 1975. I remember the huge speakers in each corner of the Pacific Coliseum. Awesome laser show.
    3. Alice Cooper 1973. Billion dollar babies tour. I mean, Alice is a classic watch.

    And for the record if it’s O.K. with FED; Ten Years After in Vancouver 1972. Seeing Alvin Lee right in front of the stage is a priceless memory.


  84. Wonderful idea FEd going back in time. It´s hard to decide but I think I would choose

    1. David – Solo : DG World Tour 16.04.1984 Mannheim -€“ so close at home but I wasn´t there.

    2. Pink Floyd: Pompeii 1972 -€“ not only for David´s sight :-), but also for being once in an open air concert without beer getter and beer take awayer (sorry for this English).

    3. Other Artist: Queen, 24.12.1975, Hammersmith Odeon – what a great Christmas Eve.

  85. 1) David’s show at the Royal Albert is one of my favorites of all time, so I choose that.

    2) Pulse. My favorite Pink Floyd show.

    3) One of the two.

    What can I say? David and Pink Floyd’s shows are the biggest escaping shows in my life, meaning I can’t seem to get to one.

  86. In the Flesh 1977…Montreal, but any show on that tour will do.

    Darkside of the Moon “Earl’s Court”…1st performance

    The Wall 1981…last show of tour

    I hope all is well. I really wish I had seen a 2006 show, but I am sticking with the original line-up for my fantasy gigs. However, any indoor show during 2006 would be 4th pick for sure.

  87. why

    1. either of these two nights at the radio city music hall two years ago
    2. the wall earls court ’81
    3. roger waters 02 19.5.08 🙁

    have a fun weekend all

  88. Just to comment on the whole topic of concerts in general.

    You look at what Rob said above about the Faith/Metallica/Guns concert and you realize that today a lot of that spontaneity of rock and roll is gone. It is such a business but those days where a band would play into the night or just mix it up a bit are so unfortunately yesterday. Plus with ticket prices, what value are you getting?

    I give David a lot of credit for at least trying to mix up the sets during his last tour and being spontaneous.

    I think concerts are still enjoyable but certainly not like they used to be. And part of it is the fans fault as well. For example, leaving early before the last curtain call. Yes, you paid for the ticket, they performed, the least you could do is stay to the end and show some appreciation. But then many times, after the last note is played, the act walks off the stage and right into their limos. So they don’t hear the applause anyway…

  89. …That was apparent on one HBO broadcast of the Rolling Stones at MSG. Last note played, off the stage and right into several waiting limos. Mick had his very own, the others had to share.

    Then I heard of a PF show in Canada when they toured for the MLOR tour. What I heard is that after their last encore they walked off. But the audience was insistent for them to appear again. Light came on and the crowd still cheered for more. So the band came out again and did SOYCD. True? Don’t know, but gosh that sounds good.

    So, yes, it would be great to be able to go back and experience some of those early rock and roll shows. Those shows where the creative aspect was showcased and appreciated. Where people weren’t just looking at their watches trying to avoid overtime. To me the only recent bands that had that attitude were the Dead, Guns and Roses & Phish.

    Thanks for the soapbox.


  90. On another note…just a little personal info.

    I saw the Pulse and 1987-89 tours both. The 1987-89 Pink Floyd tours blew away the Pulse tours in my opinion. Not even close. I’ve discussed this on here before and to each their own. But just b/c that Pulse dvd is better than the Delicate Sound of Thunder vhs doesn’t make that a better show.

    ‘Gold lasers with the ability to blind ones eyes aside’…that ’94 tour was barnum and bailey for sure. way too big and i have a feeling that if you poll people on here who have seen both…they will tell you how unbelievable those 1987-89 shows were…just magical. and they were hungry and had a lot to prove and a lot on the line…big money on the line to be honest.

    just a thought that I thought i would bring up.

    Delicate Sound of Thunder doesn’t get a lot of love on this site compared to Pulse! But it was better imo!!!!

  91. Another show I would have liked to have been to would also have been one of the bar gigs that the Floyd did after a show somewhere and jammed some blues tunes and Gilmour and ROY BUCHANAN were onstage together playing…

    Can you imagine seeing that in a club? Oh my!!

    [That would have been February 1988, in Australia, as ‘The Fishermen’. – FEd]

  92. Many possibilities here, but this one stands out for me in a big way, so I’ll just list this one in reverence:

    Beethoven’s first public unveiling of his 9th Symphony.

    Totally deaf when he composed it and of course deaf when he first directed it in its premiere performance.

    He could not hear the wild response from the crowd upon completion and had to be turned around by a member of the orchestra so that he could take it all in…must have been spine tingling!

    Wish I was there..what a great moment that would have been!

  93. 1. Pink Floyd~ Foxboro stadium 5/20/94 Front Row
    2. David Gilmour~ Radio City music hall New York 4/5/06 10th row
    3. Led Zeppelin anywhere

  94. 1. Wednesday Night @ The RAH
    2. Hyde Park 1974 (I think)
    3. Woodstock


    p.s. If there were any live shows supporting the first DG solo album I’d want the time machine to stop there first 🙂

    Was that too blatant a hint?


  95. On my birthday I would pick the following;

    1. David Gilmour, OAI at Massey Hall
    2. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon 1974, Ivorwynn Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario.
    3. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, 1972, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

    [But when it’s not your birthday, you’d pick…? – FEd]

  96. Hi FEd,

    1. RAH with David Bowie
    2. A toss up between WYWH & PULSE
    3. Beatles-rooftop

    How has your week been so far?


    [It’s been full of lists. How about yours? – FEd]

  97. 1. David Gilmour, Kodak Theater, April 19, 2006 ~ heaven, indeed.

    2. Pink Floyd, Division Bell tour, Earls Court ~ would have been a real high, without a doubt.

    3. Concert for George, Royal Albert Hall, November 29, 2002.

    I’ve seen many concerts including The Beatles, The Byrds, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, CCS&Y, Joe Cocker, and many others. Then there are the concerts I missed like the Cream Reunion at RAH, Jimi Hendrix, Janis, and Otis Redding at Monterey Pop, and countless others, but I’d love to have been present for the concert for George. I think it would have been an amazing experience, so that’s my choice.

    My choice for dream concert in the future would be David Gilmour with the same line-up as 2006. The Everly Brothers are singing ‘Dreeeam, dream — dream, dream, dreeeam’ so I thought I’d take their advice;^)


    [‘A Concert for George’ was on TV last night, funnily enough. Good choice. – FEd]

  98. 1. David Gilmour – one of the Royal Albert Hall concerts.
    2. Pink Floyd – one of the Pulse shows in Earls Court.
    3. Led Zeppelin – Earls Court, 1975.

  99. You may call it random nonsense, but I think it’s great. We all get to know each other a bit more with posts like this.

    1)David Gilmour – Gdansk
    2)PF – Pompeii (No brainer, right Gilmourettes?) but if that doesn’t count then Nassau Coliseum for The Wall
    3)It’s a toss up between Woodstock and The Beatles on the London rooftop

    Thanks for everything FEd! Have a great weekend.


  100. Wow Fed, that is a real toughie.

    Actually I have to say that I wouldn´t want to miss any of the gigs I attended since 1980, neither from Pink Floyd, nor David, and so far I didn´t miss any tour. David is the only artist I would travel around the world to watch performing.

    This is my ranking, but all are my true Number 1:

    1) David´s RAH and Frankfrut gigs as my No 1,
    2) the PF Momentary Lapse of Reason gig 1991 in Cologne, and then last but not least
    3) David´s About Face gig in Düsseldorf 1984 as No 3.

    Speaking of these events, when can we hope for David´s next live gig? Somehow one is craving for another one.

    [I’m sure you’re not alone. – FEd]

  101. 1. David Gilmour, Vienne, France, 2006

    I was lucky enough to see both shows at Radio City, which were pitch perfect, but at Vienne the whole band just seemed to be having so much fun. I’d made it to the amphitheater early without knowing more than two words of French. I sat as close to the stage as my ticket would allow, and David’s beginning to Shine On, as the wine glasses played behind him, was breathtaking.

    2. Pink Floyd — Was it in Amsterdam that they first played Dark Side live? What a show that must have been…

    3. Jimi Hendrix, any show, any time.

  102. I loved the RCMH show#1. I sat up front and it was worth every cent.

    1)If I could I’d go back to a 1964 Beatles concert that I had front row seats for but the day of the show I had pneumonia with a fever you could fry eggs with. My foolish mother said I could see them another year. They stopped touring a couple years later before ever returning to my city. I never forgave her for making me stay in bed.

    2)I’d go to the very first concert ever given. I’d like to think it was some hot near naked greek chick with a harp.

    3)Floyd @RCMH – Animals

  103. 1. David Gilmour – OAI Tour, RAH concerts (2006)
    2. Pink Floyd – PULSE, Earls Court (1995)
    3. Peter Gabriel – Growing Up Live Tour (2003)

    I don’t have specific dates of the shows, quite frankly I’d be happy with any of them because I have never been fortunate enough to see any of these artists live! But I can always dream! lol!

  104. 1. Any show from the “About Face tour” (living at Lake Powell then)
    2. Any Pink Floyd show at the UFO
    3. Beatles playing on the roof for “Let It Be”

  105. 1- david gilmour live at radio city music hall (second night, cause i`d been there for the first one).

    2- first live presentation of dark side.

    3- any concert of the argentine band “invisible” playing “el jardin de los presentes” album.

  106. 1. One of David’s Royal Albert Hall concerts. Well, he didn’t come to Norway… 🙁

    2. One of the Pink Floyd’s 1977 concerts. Sure, I like modern Floyd, and the lightshows, but I like the DSoTM to Animals era better!

    I watched some recordings from one of those concerts, and I was amazed! Sadly no official DVD & CD releases…

    3. Any Led Zeppelin concert!

  107. Aggh! Once again, you’re killing me!

    I’ll limit my choices to shows I’ve actually been fortunate to attend…

    1. David Gilmour, Radio City, April 4, 2006 (More about that tomorrow, of course!)

    2. Pink Floyd, JFK Stadium, Philly, September 19, 1987. My first Floyd concert (and first time seeing “Echoes” live!), so that was a magical night.

    3. Roger Waters, Nisssan Pavilion, Bristow, VA, September 23, 2006. No, it wasn’t exactly Floyd, but Roger’s band still did a killer “Dark Side” show.

    Sure wish I could have stuck a Moody Blues concert (with orchestra) in there…

  108. My picks –

    1. David Gilmour’s Gdansk concert – heard a lot of good things about this one. But again, I would go to any of David’s concerts.

    2. Pink Floyd’s “The Pulse” at Joe Robbe Stadium (Florida)- their kick off tour and it was right at home. Sadly, we weren’t there.

    3. The Beatles “Farewell concert” at Candlestick Park, San Francisco – their very last concert together.

    Have a good weekend all.

  109. 1. David at any of the Royal Albert Hall concerts. This place looks so beautiful on the DVD’s that are recorded from there and David’s music is so moving.

    2. Pink Floyd live at Pompeii. This way I could see and hear some of the older Floyd and also Pompeii.

    3. Luciano Pavarotti at the Metropolitan Opera, any time. What a great artist that will really be missed.

    Good question Fed.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


  110. 1. David Gilmour at Venice, second night… I think it was great
    2. Pink Floyd at Earls Court during The Wall Tour
    3. Led Zeppelin… any show!

  111. Being from Montreal, I would have liked to see David in Toronto (2006) but could not get the tickets (but I won 2 tickets to the Mermaid and it was magic). That’s the first choice.

    The second would be the Beatles somewhere in 64-65.

    The third would be seeing Jimi Hendrix in Montreal.

    But I saw the Floyd 3 times: 71, 72 and 75 in Montreal; that last one was outdoors with the full moon rising during the whole “Dark Side Of The Moon”

    But you know what: I need more.

  112. Good Question:

    #1: A toss up between my first ever concert in my life. Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto D.S.O.T.M. Tour 1973 or Nassau Colliseum 1980 Wall Tour with David on top of the wall.

    #2: About Face Tour at Massey Hall, saw two spectacular shows there that were special.

    #3: Led Zep, Physical Grafitti Tour in Montreal. That was a highlight I’ll never forget also.

    So many to choose.

    Fed, how are your fingernails? Arsenal and Liverpool should be a good one again next week. The winner will win in a shoot out. The Winner is —-?

    [I daren’t make predictions, Frank. – FEd]

  113. 1 The Who 5-6-07 Ahoy Rotterdam
    2 David Gilmour 19-3-06 Heineken Music Hall, Rotterdam
    3 Pink Floyd Division Bell Tour 1994 Feyenoord Stadion, Rotterdam

  114. 1. David Gilmour, RAH, 19th of May 2006…

    2. Pink Floyd; Kralings Bos, 1970. I was too young, my brother and his friends went. A few years later he died, but he infected me with the Floyd virus.

  115. [1979 brings back many memories. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago. Damn, I getting old.]

    Wendy, you’re older than you think… :0(

    It’s almost THIRTY YEARS AGO!!! ;0)

    [the toilets (not a group, a convenience, allegedly, YUK!)]

    Nice one. They were pretty much bog standard, for the time, as I recall Graham.

  116. 1] David Gilmour, Meldown 2001.
    2] Pink Floyd, Holland Pop Festival, 28/6/70.
    3] Robert Johnson, Greenwood, July 1938.

  117. [By the way, my comment was a response to your “Whoops, should I have said that?” (in ‘Favourite live albums’), just in case it wasn’t obvious. – FEd]

    True, true. 🙂

    I guess I should have read it properly. Serves me right for sneaking a look whilst I was in the middle of working. 😉

    The three concerts I would go back in time to watch are:

    1. David Gilmour – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon to witness Mihalis, Out of the Blue and Let’s Get Metaphysical live amongst his other songs. Heaven.

    2. Pink Floyd – Live at the Superbowl back in 1972. To hear the excellent version of Careful that Axe, Eugene and the most romantic piano ending to Echoes. Also giving me the chance to hear the musice that made the Dark Side of the Moon recording.

    3. Live Aid 1985. There were a lot of great artists perfoming that day.

    Have a good weekend everybody.

    Best regards.


  118. [No Pink Floyd, Ina? Or are you really saying that David – particularly when performing with Richard, Guy and Jon – IS Pink Floyd? Because that would be deliciously contentious. – FEd]

    Hello Fed!

    I never saw Pink Floyd live.

    David and Richard stand for 50% of Pink Floyd. Guy, Jon and Dick have taken part in gigs with Pink Floyd for so many years, so I would say they are co-members. That means to me David Gilmour and his band 2006 represented Pink Floyd in best quality.

    The amazing proof of that was “Echoes”. It sounded as good as in the old days (or better?). But it is only my personal view.

    Have a nice weekend Fed

    With best regards from Berlin

  119. 1 – David Gilmour, Royal Festival Hall
    2 – Pink Floyd, Hyde Park, 18th July 1970
    3 – Hawkwind, Space Ritual Tour

  120. 1. I know I would have missed out on his On An Island stuff, but I would choose a concert from his About Face tour. I suppose if I hadn’t already attended the Radio City concert I would have chosen RAH or Gdansk.

    2. Any one of those few gigs in early 1968 in which they were a five piece band.

    3. The only other band I’d want to see that I already haven’t seen is the Beatles, so I’ll say Shea Stadium.

  121. Easy enough for me:

    1. A David Gilmour concert – 2006-08-11 – Why? Because of the performance of “On the Turning Away” !!

    2. A Pink Floyd concert – ANY 1977 show – Why? Animals and Wish You Were Here albums both played together made for one awesome show, I’m willing to bet.

    3. A concert by any other artist – tough to say, but I would have to go with The Beatles… Why? because it’s The Beatles man, why else?

  122. Would that be shows that we actually HAVE attended in the past? If so it would be:

    1) David Gilmour in Vienne 2006. Oh, if he would do it again.
    2) Pink Floyd in Oslo 1994. They won’t do it again.
    3) Yes in Oslo 2004.

  123. 1) David Gimour, amphitheatre antique de Vienne, 31 juillet 2006
    2) Pink Floyd performing “The Wall”
    3) Dire Straits, Christchurch, New Zealand, 7th March 1986

  124. 1. Impromptu Central Park concert (summer 1972) Bruce Springsteen with special guests
    2. Montreux Jazz Festival (summer 1983) Ricki Lee Jones
    3. Fox Theater – “Save the Fox concert” (summer 1976) Lynyrd Synyrd

    [A David Gilmour concert? A Pink Floyd concert? Ah, forget it. – FEd]

  125. Hi FEd

    I’ll keep it short as there are already so many posts…

    1. Would have to be David performing at Castle Clam. It seemed to have a very intimate atmosphere.

    2. Would be Pink Floyd performing one of their last concerts with Roger. I grew up with Pink Floyd in its later (present) guise and missed its earlier incarnations.

    3. Would have to be any concert with Kate Bush performing “Running up that hill” with David on guitar.

    Have a great weekend FEd and friends.


  126. 1. David Gilmour – Vienne 2006. It would have been lovely to experience the show in such beautiful surroundings.

    2. Pink Floyd – Pompeii. How wonderful just to have sat quietly in the background.

    3. Radiohead – Glastonbury 1997. Before I discovered this blog Radiohead had completely passed me by. However the strength of feelings both ways expressed here made me think that I should listen for myself. I did and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    [Oh dear. – FEd]

  127. 1. 31st May in the Royal Albert Hall once more please; it was that good!

    2. Kralingen 29th June 1970. When Floyd was playing the sun came up: it must have been magical. But… they didn’t play my favourite song – Cymbaline – so maybe I’d rather choose Abbaye de Royaumont, 15th June 1971, because of the setting.

    3. Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come in Glastonbury 1971.

  128. 1. RAH 30/5/06 as I was there, and still thinks it’s my joint favourite with…
    2. Chateaux de Chantilly (Paris) July 1994, Division Bell tour as I was there as well.
    3. Any of Eric Clapton’s early 1990 concerts at the RAH, as they were amazing.

  129. [David Gilmour – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon to witness Mihalis, Out of the Blue and Let’s Get Metaphysical live amongst his other songs. Heaven.]

    Whoops, I forgot to mention the year – 1984.

  130. [Before I discovered this blog Radiohead had completely passed me by. I did and I’ve been hooked ever since. – Lynn]

    Yeahhhhh! Lynn, you made my day! FEd, what a pity she didn’t mention Dylan 🙂

    I am joking. You know since I attend this blog I’ve learnt also to love some Dylan’ songs. Even if “love” is too much. “Tolerate” is the right word!

    Silliness apart, it’s always beautiful to learn something new from people and since I attend this blog, a lot of new and good music entered in my life. That’s nice!

    Peace & Love

  131. Hey Blake,

    I have to agree that the Momentary Lapse of Reason album/tour and the accompanying DSOT album/video don’t get the attention they deserve. Personally I absolutely loved that tour, and the album/video (which should be on DVD!!) are treasured favorites. There is some absolutely spectacular music from that period and I never understood the people that scoffed or complained.

    However, having seen both tours, I would never say one “blew away” the other. The Division Bell tour had some incredible moments that I thought were better, and so did the Momentary Lapse tour. As much as I’ve always loved Roger’s contributions to the band, the years without him were absolutely spectacular and I am SO grateful for David, Rick, and Nick for carrying on.

    (Oh yeah, your fantasy pick of the gig where David and company joined Roy Buchanan’s group for an after hours club jam is DEFINITELY one I’d kill to see…nice pick!)

  132. 1) David Gilmour – Kodak Theater: My girlfriend had moved to LA from Chicago and bought me tickets for that show, but between then and the show we broke up and as far as I know she sold them on ebay or something. Oh well I did see one of the shows in Chicago and it was fantastic, probably my favorite all time concert.

    2) Pink Floyd – Live 8: Who wouldn’t have wanted to see that piece of history?

    3) Roger Waters – Dark Side of The Moon tour: I have seen this show twice in the last 2 years, in Detroit and Las Vegas. It’s a great show, but I like it because I like the contrast between Davids presentation of the material and Rogers. (don’t worry, I prefer David’s). However I am looking forward to seeing Roger’s show in Denver at the end of this month.

  133. [Before I discovered this blog Radiohead had completely passed me by. I did and I’ve been hooked ever since. – Lynn]

    O no! There must be an antidote we can prescribe….should we quarantine her?

    Start the IV, we are losing her….



  134. My three concerts are:

    1- David Gilmour Live @ Rome, 26 March 2006

    I was so excited about the concert that when David appeared on the stage, my heart got so crazy that I had to leave the audience for 2 or 3 minutes…

    2- Probably Live at Pompeii

    I live so close to Pompeii that I would go to the ruin with my scooter

    3- Radiohead, Live @ Paris, Canal+

    Pink Floyd and Radiohead, my two music lovers..

  135. – David Gilmour at Venice Aug.12th 2006
    – David Gilmour at Venice Aug.12th 2006
    – David Gilmour at Venice Aug.12th 2006
    – David Gilmour at Venice Aug.12th 2006………..(for ever and ever….) sigh
    – Any of Pink Floyd concerts that i never enjoyed…..sigh

    have you all a nice week end
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  136. Some errata after reading more posts….

    Andrew, your Pink Floyd concert memory of the MLOR Canada encore reminds me of a story my best friend Mason recanted to me. He was lucky to see the The Who play at Madison Square Garden in 1976.

    Not known for encores at that time (meaning, if you got one you were EXTREMELY fortunate!) the band did their set and left the stage. The house lights and music came on, yet the crowd would not leave. Incrementally the crowd got louder and louder refusing to leave…. continuing on for some 20 to 30 minutes!! The Who’s respective vehicles turned around, en route to their hotels, and climbed back on the stage for a 3 song blinder of an encore. Talk about dedication!

    Also, in response to Gus’s post of the first Dark Side concert ever, it was at the Dome in Brighton – January 20th, 1972.


  137. Have loved reading this topic FEd, thanks for doing it 🙂

    On my first foray, I’d go to the RAH to see David. Then Division Bell at Earls Court.

    I’d go to these because all the gods and demons conspired against me to prevent me going.

    Then I’d go see Peter Gabriel at Wembley on 08/06/04 because I saw him on the 7th and it was a fabulous concert.

    Now on my next excursion . . .

    ash X

  138. [Start the IV, we are losing her…. – Andrew]

    Too late, I’m afraid, but the music of Pink Floyd and David will always be my first love. It’s been with me since my teens.

    Lucia – I’m glad at last to be able to thank you. Your enthusiasm was what sparked my interest.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  139. 1. Bucks Fizz
    2. Rick Astley
    3. ABBA

    Only joking!

    1. Floyd, Bercy, Paris, Lapse of Reason Tour
    2. Floyd, The Wall, Earls Court
    3. Marillion, Fish Era

  140. 1. Gilmour at Theatre Antique de Vienne. Arguably the best Echoes of the tour.

    2. The ’71 Paris Theatre London John Peel show. Echoes, Embryo, Fat Old Sun, One of These Days. What more could you want?

    3. Miles Davis at the New York Philharmonic 1964. Miles himself said in his autobiography that this was the best band and performance of his career.

  141. Ken F, Tim C, Graham:

    I was at the Knebworth spitfires one. I lost touch with the people I went with and have never met anyone else who was there until now.

    The toilets WERE dire. If we went again as time travelers we could go a few days before to hire a camper van with all mod cons including toilet and shower. We’d have to do some research with regard to currency since although we’re relatively rich today, today’s currency would not be legal tender.

    Or, we could go back a lot further, open a bank account and leave it to gain interest so by the time we got to the right time, there’d be more than enough money.

    ash X

  142. [1979 brings back many memories. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago. Damn, I’m getting old.]


    Thanks, I was wondering who would catch that first. Slip of the fingers. Yes, I have a 30 year high school reunion this year. Damn, I am getting old.


  143. Lynn,

    Welcome to the light !

    I’ll see you at Glastonbury 2007 – I’ll even hold your umbrella 😉

    “I was dropped from moonbeams
    And sailed on shooting stars”

  144. 1- David Gilmour

    Any of the Remember That Night concerts. I bought the On An Island album and found it a bit tired. But after listening to Rember That Night, I understood what David was trying to do and loved it. It would have been magic to have had that realization in the flesh so to speak. Nothing like live music, eh?

    2- Pink Floyd

    One of The Wall concerts from 1980. As a unit, I think this was probably Pink Floyd’s peak. Sure there were all the interpersonal issues, but this likely helped the music – especially given that the album was based in negative emotion. Listening to the Is There Anybody Out There, it sounds like everybody knew in their hearts that it was then and wanted to go out with a bang.

    3- Other artist

    This one is very difficult. I would have loved to have seen Led Zeppelin, but I would have to say Woodstock. There was loads of crap but there was also a few magic moments from artists such as Joe Cocker and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

  145. [As David goes, either the About Face Tour at Hammersmith Odeon in Boston – Terrence Reardon]

    Is there a Hammersmith Odeon in Boston? I know there used to be a Hammersmith Odeon in London. I think it has changed its name now though.

  146. Christopher…thought it was funny you said Robert Johnson in Greenwood. My whole paternal side of my family is from Greenwood and my grandfather had 12 brothers and sisters and so it is a bunch of relatives.

    Anyway, my father was born in August of ’38 and R. Johnson was killed there in August of ’38.

    My joke is that my father didn’t get any of that soul… passed right by him!

    I always drive around the downtown areas of Greenwood where the shanty-houses were and where he supposedly hung out and it inspires a lot of thoughts!

    P.S. I find it very interesting that so many people are mentioning the About Face tour as a wish list concert. I wonder why Gilmour didnt play anything on his last tour from the 1st two albums? I am a little shocked that he didn’t at least play Murder. Has anyone else wondered that? That is a GREAT album!

  147. I find it very interesting that so many people are mentioning the About Face tour as a wish list concert. I wonder why Gilmour didnt play anything on his last tour from the 1st two albums? I am a little shocked that he didn’t at least play Murder. Has anyone else wondered that?

    That is a GREAT album!

  148. David Gilmour: Whilst the prospect of seeing Dave in Europe would be nice, I would have to say one of the Radio City Music Hall gigs in ’06… Great venue in the most amazing city… really, what more could one hope for?

    Pink Floyd: How about Port Chester, NY… 22 April, 1970…

    Robert Johnson: To walk into an old blues dive in the Delta and actually witness Robert playing… singing… hell, living the blues… are you kidding me?

  149. I wouldn’t like to see a concert I have already seen, and I feel a bit lucky thinking that I was at some of the gigs mentioned here (Radiohead included, hehe).

    OK, if I could I would like to see:

    – Pink Floyd: TDSOTM premiere, New York Radio City Music Hall, 1973.
    – Pink Floyd: 1987, any concert, maybe Versailles, looks great!
    – The Who: any live concert of the 1976 tour.
    – David Gilmour: the RAH, where I could not go being a slave of the company I work for (but no worries, I saw him twice in Milan!!)

    I still have one of the tickets for the London show…and I still get really sad if I think about it, what a show!!

  150. Thanks Blake for Roy and David playing together? My, I would love to have seen that. I hope there is footage of that. Wow!

    You never know enough of what has transpired.

  151. Here’s my list:

    1. David at the Massey Hall in Toronto…ooh no wait I was there..lol….For sure the RAH with Mr. Mason… I guess it’s a little obvious.

    2. Pink Floyd, Earls Court, 1994… Any one they did there…Even though I saw the tour at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, the band was so tight when they arrived in London that it must have been crazy!!!!

    3. Any Beatles concert…Even though I’m not a big fan of their 60-64 songs, they are probably the biggest band of all time…Even if I’m a really big Floyd fan and they are my favourite band.

  152. -David at the RAH
    -Roger Waters at Earls Court
    -Would have died to have seen Elvis live


  153. 1.Any Gilmour Concert
    2.Any Gilmour Concert
    and finally……

    Enough said 😉

    I just wanted to keep my post “Short And Sweet”

    Have a Great Weekend All!

  154. 1) 26 March 2006. Auditorium, Rome, Italy. I was at this concert.

    2) 5 July 1975. Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. Pink Floyd were at their apex. They performed live songs from DSOTM, WYWH, ANIMALS. What a concert!! Remember that time….

    3) The Concert for Bangladesh in 1971 with G. Harrison and other friends.

  155. 1. David at the Royal Albert Hall
    2. A concert of the Division Bell tour
    3. An orchestra night concert of Eric Clapton, 1990

  156. 1- David Gilmour – Théâtre Antique de Vienne – 31/07/2006 (the atmosphere, the band on fire, Echoes, the connection to Pompeii, the old stones, “J’espère que vous n’aurez pas trop mal aux fesses”, the wine glasses, the beautiful stormy sky, the fantastic audience… et tout, et tout, et tout …)

    2- My only Pink Floyd concert was at Château de Chantilly, France in 1994, it was great, but I would have liked to attend a PF concert in the 70s with a quiet and respectful audience, to enjoy live songs like ‘Cymbaline’, ‘Grantchester Meadows’ or ‘Embryo’. And … long hair… 😉

    3- The concert of the three tenors (Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, José Carreras) in the front of the Eiffel Tower, in 1998. Oh, it’s not a rock concert, I hope it counts…


    [An excellent idea, The Three Tenors. – FEd]

  157. Dear Fed,

    It is pretty hard to choose from gigs I’ve experienced, but let me try:

    1. David at Royal Festival Hall, Meltdown 2001. What a magic heavenly sound he got out of his acoustic guitars!
    2. 20th of October 1994, Earls Court. Simply the best gig, ever!
    3. The reunion at Live8: Moving, thrilling, amazing (I’m not able to choose another band …)

    Still have a nice weekend

  158. Hey Blake,

    In response to your query of why David didn’t play any songs from either of his first two lps, I’ve often wondered the same thing. I can only think the he wanted to be single minded about exposing the audience to his new body of work and leaving the past be the past; in short, he’d been there and done that, now its time to move on to newer pastures. (However, having said that, he DID play more than several old Floyd chestnuts in the latter half of the show blowing my whole theory out of the water!)

    Maybe when it comes to his more personal solo work and, probably more importantly his private life, he felt that playing the entire lp would do the subject matter more justice in conveying where he’s at in the present tense.

    Just a hunch, don’t quote me on that….

    [You can probably find similar comments from David, and quote him, though. – FEd]

  159. Hi all!

    Hrm, concerts. Well considering I’ve never been to any concert before, any would do well, preferably with Mr. Gilmour. (Honestly I’ve always wished my first concert would be either a Pink Floyd or a David Gilmour concert!) But to answer the question at hand…

    1) Any one of the small venues Mr. Gilmour performed at near to where I live would suffice ^^(Maybe theres hope for a Tour near Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania yet? *sigh* One can dream…)

    2) The Delicate Sound of Thunder tour at Nassau Colliseum, New York. The video release of this is where I was first introduced formally to Mr. Gilmour and the legacy that is Pink Floyd. Incidentally, does anyone know if there is a DVD version of this or plans for one? The tape we have is getting rather old, and its hard for me to find a replacement. Any ideas F’ed?

    3) Oh the possibilities. I’ve never really thought beyond the two listed above. There are so many good musicians out there to chose from. Perhaps Queen live at Wembley Stadium?

    [There is an unofficial DVD available, but it’s a shoddy copy from the tape, so is best avoided. There are no plans for an official release, sorry. – FEd]

  160. Hi FED,

    Alice Cooper’s 2008 tour has just been announced and he will be playing England; Southampton, July 23rd @ Guildhall and then the next night in London, July 24th at the British Motor Show Music Festival @ Excel Centre, Docklands. Hope you check it out?

    September 19th in Vancouver for me. All in all it’s just another legend in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

    Do enjoy your Monday morning sunrise.

    [Thank you. I’ve never been a fan of his, to be honest. I’ve never been much of a rocker. – FEd]

  161. 1. David Gilmour in Gdansk. I was there, and the concert was unique, pure magic, OAI with orchestra, ”A Pocketful of Stones” with Leszek on grand-piano and High Hopes and CN with orchestra.

    2. Pink Floyd – one of the shows from 70s. There is no official live material from that period so it would be fine for me to see one of the shows. Unfortunately I was too young to catch the band on tour, not to mention other obstacles.

    3. Pearl Jam, Katowice, 2000. I wasn’t there, but it is considered as one of the best live acts ever held in Poland.

  162. Hi,

    here is my jump in the past

    – Pink Floyd in Pompeii
    – David Gilmour, On An Island tour / Rome 26th March 2006
    – A special mention (that hides a dream…) is for LED ZEPPELIN – London, December 2007

    A kiss from Rome

  163. 1. David, closing night at the RAH.

    Meeting the bloggers, second row seats in stalls, splendid atmosphere, David and Richard solo in the High Hopes ending, Echoes, seeing the musicians, friends and audience having a wonderful time. A memory to last for a life time.

    2. Floyd, June 21 1988, Palais de Versailles.

    My first ever gig. Completely knocked my socks off. Party atmosphere all day in Versailles and what a venue. The performance and the venue redefined the term ‘immersive experience’ for me. Pity there is so little official footage of that specific gig except for GGITS on Delicate Sound of Thunder. I still get goosebumps when I watch it.

    3. Roger, The Wall, Berlin 1990.

    Technical flaws and musically a few guests who, in my humble opinion, butchered a few good songs, yet a historical gig. Symbolism of the wall coming down at the end made Berlin go berserk.

  164. Beppo, thanks for the Who story. It is that kind of dedication that I was talking about that I feel is missing today. We are all too corporate.

    [… I’ve never been much of a rocker. – FEd]

    That seems to be a contradiction as you are a big Who fan. I can see it now, FEd pumping his fist in the air and chanting…School’s out for summer….



  165. 1. David at Radio City, 2006!!!!!!!
    2. Pink Floyd, The Wall at Nassau Colisuem, 1980
    3. Allman Brothers, Live at the Fillmore-when Dwayne wuz alive!!!

  166. Hey Andrew,

    You are So right! I even find the concept of encores as being very trite. I mean, c’mon….. we know band X is coming out… why all the hoopla of clapping as if we’re trying to coax the band out for one more go ’round?

    The music industry is very staid and stagnant too, which is probably why I love groups such as Floyd/Who/Pearl Jam… and bands of their ilk, who aren’t affraid to establish their worth by extensive touring and brilliant musicianship/songwriting and a care for their respective fans.

    These bands are the type that will mix it up now and again, throwing caution to the wind and really going all out for their fans.

    Wish there were more like them….

  167. [There is an unofficial DVD available, but it’s a shoddy copy from the tape, so is best avoided. There are no plans for an official release, sorry. – FEd]

    Pity. I’m aware of the unofficial DVDs available for purchase and download but I’ve always been wary of them… Quality is always questionable, and there’s the preference of something that’d sound wonderful on our 5.1 Dolby surround system ^^. I suppose if one could obtain a copy they could always clean the sound up on the computer… But I’d still rather support Mr. Gilmour and his causes rather than some random peddler looking to make a quick buck…And I’m sure he feels the same.

    Oh well… I do tend to ramble don’t I? Many Apologies for that.


    [Ramble away, Diane. This is the place for it. – FEd]

  168. David: I am very lucky as I saw the About Face tour and 2 shows from the OAI tour. The show I wished I was at would have been December 28th, 1991. It was a Central TV broadcast and both David and Jools Holland were co-musical directors. In addition, David played bass guitar on ‘Big Bottom’ with Spinal Tap. Classic!!

    PF: October, 15th, 1966, The Roundhouse, London; The launch party for the International Times and Pink Floyd. This is the show that engaged the psychedelic movement. Soft Machine also played. Historically, this show is of fundamental importance.

    Other: Aretha Franklin backed by King Curtis and The Kingpins at the Fillmore West, March 5th-7th, 1971. If you’ve heard these recordings, you know how special those nights were. Thanks to these recordings I can be there every night!

    In fact, live recordings that capture history are vitally important to humanity, both in the past and the future, and that’s why live recordings (of any type) will always be made.

  169. 1) David, last night at the Royal Albert Hall – I thought I had missed out but managed to buy the tickets in the week before the gig. I was in an end box with a perfect view of centre stage. Nick Mason appeared for the last few numbers, and Echoes was superb.

    2) Wembley November 1974 – Echoes, all of Dark Side Of The Moon, plus two numbers from Wish You Were Here.

    3) Simon and Garfunkel in Hyde Park – perfect on a warm summer evening – the only flaw were the idiots who were walking about shouting into their mobiles while The Sound Of Silence was being sung. However they could not detract from the awsome experience of hearing good music being performed as the sun was setting and the blue sky was fading into a dark, star filled night.

  170. What songs did Nick Mason play on at the Royal Albert Hall concert?

    I know it was said it was his choice not to be on the DVD, but I was just wondering what he did contribute to live at the concert.


    [‘Comfortably Numb’, wasn’t it? – FEd]

  171. Would choose any David Gilmour show since he DIDN’T come to AUSTRALIA.

    Pink Floyd show would be either Wall @ Earls Court, and any show from 72-77.

    3rd, Zeppelin, of course!

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