Hardback 'Black Strat'

Phil Taylor's book, 'The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour's Black Fender Stratocaster'Just to put a temporary dampener on things…

Phil Taylor’s book, ‘The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster’ will hopefully be available in hardback edition from 15 September, published by Hal Leonard.

The hardback copy will hopefully be an extended version with additional pages, but “144 pages” is not true, because the specifics have yet to be confirmed, so please take that figure with a pinch of salt.

In reality, the deal hasn’t yet been finalised, so all of the above is subject to change.

There will be an update from Phil as soon as details are official, including news of those extra pages.

You can pre-order the hardback edition from the usual online retailers – at your peril, of course – but do consider your local bookshop, if you can.

What’s not open to question is the fact that you can still order a copy of the first edition softback from TheBlackStrat.com. The price has been reduced to £15.95 and Phil is going to be signing the remaining stock.

Please note that books ordered since yesterday afternoon, and those that will be ordered right up until Phil’s supply has gone – from TheBlackStrat.com – will be signed. No books were signed prior to those ordered yesterday, when the price was reduced.

Don’t forget that the chatroom will be open from 13:00 (UK) today.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. It will be great to see Phil’s book reach a broader audience.

    “Broad” is a relative term here. To be fair, though, the book does not seem to have been intended for a large audience. It’s not a typical rock and roll biography. I’m sure it would have sold really well if it had been written as an autobiography (“My Life With Floyd”). Phil may have thought about it, but regardless of that, he stuck to his vision and wrote the book that he wanted to write. It can only have been a labor of love.

    And I always admire those who stick to their vision and do their thing, not for fame and riches but for the love of what they’re doing.

  2. Thanks for clearing up the whole ‘signed/unsigned’ palaver 🙂

    I had my acoustic re-stringed while I waited in a Worcester music shop this morning. I also bought a strap and a ‘Swipe’.

    Total spent on various accessories (including tuner and stand) since starting my beginners guitar course two weeks ago – £43.64 …being able to play an A or Em chord without looking… absolutely priceless 😉

  3. Excellent news FEd, do you know if they are considering having Phil’s book to be available in the States also?

    Leaving for work right now and I’m afraid I won’t make the chats today.

    Enjoy and have a good day all!

    [Yes, it will be easier to get if you’re in the States. – FEd]

  4. A bit backwards but interesting. Typically the hardcover book comes out first followed by the softcover version. Guess we’ll see how and if it all pans out. Do you know if the remaining soft cover books will also be numbered?

    As a matter of fact, I was thinking about The Black Strat yesterday.

    I received a promotional flyer from a music retailer promoting the new Slash guitar. Gibson released not one model but three and all in different price categories. An Epiphone model for about $1,000, then two different Gibson models at about $2,500 and $4,000 respectively. Seemed to me like a nice way to compromise and provide something to many at different price points.

    The interview I read with Slash stated that in particular he was extremely impressed with the Epiphone model.

    The unfortunate reality is that an Epiphone is still a better quality instrument than a Squire.



    [I’m afraid I don’t know for sure if they’re numbered. I don’t think they are. – FEd]

  5. good news. i haven’t read it all yet, but it’s a nice book.

    i couldn’t make today’s chat, but i was there yesterday and would like to thank nate and thomas r for chatting with me. 🙂

  6. i know pink floyd and you since 1975 and i love your music

    i sell guitars and many instruments in France

    i just say to you i am a big fan of your music

    sorry for my english


  7. Hi FEd,

    I like the book a lot, but I’m really not sure if I would buy a hardcover if it does not contain quite more information than the “old” one.

    As Andrew stated, usually the hardcover comes first, but also usually the first copies get signed, too not the last ones… I think the missing Black Strat signature was the reason why the softcovers were printed first, and probably they sold more than expected, so that a hardcover should be the logical step to do.

    … and it is a chance to correct minor errors, too 😉

    Best regards,


  8. [Yes, it will be easier to get if you’re in the States. – FEd]

    How so FEd?

    [Well, you won’t have to have it shipped from the UK, so it will be faster and cheaper. – FEd]

  9. OK.. so I just bought another copy… The Blog and its ‘source material’ IS crack!

    Anybody want a (non defaced by Phil) copy? 😉

  10. Glad to hear The Black Strat will be in hardback. I am a book collector and prefer hardback books in my library.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

    David’s black Strat history kind or reminds me of what Trigger said about his 20 year old broom in ‘Only Fools and Horses’: “Yeah, it’s the same broom, it’s had four new handles and twelve new heads”!!!

    Still in shock about the CBS headstock though. I can definitely visualise it being sawn to resemble the smaller 50’s style headstock. Ha, ha, ha.

    Best regards.


  11. Fed,

    I’ve just finished watching the Strat Masters DVD which you put me onto and although Mr G isn’t in it, its a very informative film with lots of great guitar players.


    [Thanks for that, Paul. Good to know. – FEd]

  12. It’s an interesting read with plenty of good points and a couple of so so points. And a bit of me is a little disappointed that a longer, hard cover version is coming out second … but I can look at my very own black Strat and be happy.

    I had the pleasure of turning 40 during the week, and the even bigger pleasure of un-wrapping my very own to keep forever and a day black Strat with Dark Side of the Moon artwork (and a stand to put it on).

    My Good Lady knew how much I enjoyed the book, so rewarded me accordingly.

    And the best bit, because it’s only a foot long, it sits very nicely on the mantlepiece. 🙂

    [Belated congratulations, Christopher. – FEd]

  13. [Being able to play an A or Em chord without looking… absolutely priceless. – Nate]

    I know the feeling. I’ve been playing for a little over a year and I still have to stare at my fingers when I play, esp. when doing bar chords, the few I know anyway.

    x x x

  14. I got the paperback version, very good read, I would have preferred a hardback but I dont think I can justify a hardback copy as well.

    Our office had a quiz night last night & I could not go, one of the rounds was a song lyric round & one of the questions was Which song does the following lyric come from: “two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl”…?

    Oh, how I wish I was there!

    [Typical, eh? – FEd]

  15. I hate it when this happens. You buy something as soon as it comes out only for a better copy to come along at a cheaper price.

    Good book, but I don’t need two copies.

  16. Thanks for the heads up.

    Been waiting for either Amazon or my local Borders store to get the book for me since Xmas and had forgotten all about it.

    A signed copy has just tipped the balance and patience isn’t a vitue any more.

    Cheers, should have my copy next week.

  17. [Yes, it will be easier to get if you’re in the States. – FEd]

    [How so FEd? – Diane B]

    You didn’t hear? Since David is not touring, Phil will be hand delivering all copies at no additional charge.



  18. Nate..

    Send your spare copy over… I’ll give it a good home… seriously 🙂

  19. By the way, I know this is not in your domain FEd but the Latest News is still from March 2. I realize not much may be going on but two months is rather stale. Too bad, huh? Certainly not a complaint but just an obvious observation. Maybe it is time to break out the Wireman by the sea?

    BUT, what is great is that the Blog is still going strong be it with news, updates or nonsense. You are a master of your domain…



    [Thanks very much. I’ve been saying for a long time now that there doesn’t seem to be any point in having a Latest News page when there isn’t any news, but, hey, what do I know? – FEd]

  20. I see that we will have to wait another month to see about the sale of ‘Planet Rock’. The newsletter says it will be May 30th, now.

    Planet Rock keeps me company on my long weekends working at the hospital. I’m glad someone is going to buy it, but I wonder if the new owners will change the format much.

    They play a good variety of Floyd stuff, but I could handle even more 😉

    Have a good weekend everyone. Happy gardening, Fed.

    [Thank you, enjoy your weekend. – FEd]

  21. Speaking of the Black Strat –

    Is there any news about the David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster?


    [Sorry, Kurt. There’s not so much as a whiff of rumour, let alone news. – FEd]

  22. I am planning to get this if it comes out in hardcover in September perhaps at the same time as the Live CD. Wouldn’t that be nice!

    I was watching a science program on The Atmosphere and they showed the area (in Arizona, I think) that was pictured on the cover of the book. Apparently it was formed over 100,000 years of sand particles in the wind eroding the rock. Very neat.

  23. F’Ed:

    Great news as far as I am concerned about Phil Taylor’s book. If I am understanding correctly that it will become available in the U. S? Looking forward to buying it. I still want to get Guy Pratt’s book and several others that are out there about Pink Floyd. I search the book stores hoping to get lucky.

    I have been missing coming on the blog for a while now because there is a pair of Peregrin Falcons that have a nest on about the 21 floor of a building accross from where I work. Quite a number of us have been keeping watch. We are hoping for a family this year. Our last batch of babies (five!) was 4 years ago. The last years have seen eggs but no hatchings. This year looks promising from all the action taking place.

    We are hopeful ‘expectant surrogate parents’. Quite something to watch these football sized fuzzy white things hopping about on the ledge so high over the traffic. Takes your breath away while they are learning to fly.


  24. il suono della tua chitarra mi fa diventare matto mi piace un mondo sei inarrivabile mi fai venire le lacrime agli occhi quando ti sento suonare la chitarra,sei fenomenale complimenti,un bacio a david.


  25. Personally, I don’t mind if it’s a hardcover or softcover book, mine is now protected by a thin clear plastic cover, it’s perfect.

    I received it for Christmas and never told you that I enjoyed it very, very, very much ! A real pleasure !

    And that, thanks to you/the blog, Fed, thank you very much for letting us know in November how to order it.


  26. Salut David, bien hâte de te revoir en spectacle au Quebec. J’aimerais aussi savoir quand tu reviens nous voir. Nous avons très hâte de te revoir.

    De la part d’un de tes vieux fans du Colisé de Québec en 1972.

  27. So this week I got a new mailing from Fender that promotes all their newest and latest gear.

    For the record, no mention of a DG strat but then you knew that already. So just confirming.



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