Flashback: Toronto

On stage at Toronto's Massey HallIt’s two years to the day since David and the band were in Toronto for a two-night residency at Massey Hall.

Were you there? If so, do let us know.

There was a great atmosphere at these gigs, by all accounts. Guy thought the first night was one of the band’s best performances. Your thoughts on this, as always, are most welcome.

If you have nothing better to do today, why not look over the fan comments for the tour’s 13th and 14th shows?

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Author: FEd

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54 thoughts on “Flashback: Toronto”

  1. Wooo! Toronto! Lookin good in Canada! Wish I could have made it to Massey Hall…

    Yawn, that’s my contribution today.

    Peace y’all

  2. The Massey Hall concert on April 9th was every bit as memorable as the “happy accidents” that got me there – starting with me throwing my back out on the morning of December 18th 2005!

    Bedridden and surfing the net I was fated to stumble across the internet blurb detailing the ticket PRE-sale that following Tuesday (tour? I had NO idea David was even coming out with a new lp!!); a couple of days later I scored a pair of seats – 8 minutes after tickets went online – which was a major shock because the two seats were front row and DEAD center; that following Christmas, my brother- in-law Alan excitedly snapped up the chance of joining me at this concert (fortunately for me as I couldn’t think of a soul I’d want to go to the show with, and had planned on hawking the extra ticket in front of the venue).

    April 9th, 2006 – that whole day was absolutely perfect in every way. Weather-wise it was a crisp sunny day in Buffalo – driving up to Toronto early, listening to a radio broadcast of the Mermaid Theater show while in transit; chatting incessantly with my bro-in law about my previous Pink Floyd / Roger Waters concert experiences – arriving in Toronto, with a quick stop at our hotel room first before setting out for a bit of sightseeing; then eating & drinking…

  3. …The walk down Yonge Street to Massey Hall was heavenly, smoking a couple Cuban cigars, with the both of us feeling anxious in anticipation for what we were about to witness.

    The scene at the side entrance to Massey Hall seemed almost surreal; Alan and I chatted up 3-4 fans, who recanted stories about the 1984 About Face concerts at this very same venue; briefly we spotted Rick Wright on the 2nd floor catwalk taking a smoke break.

    Short moments later a lone maroon-colored van creeps up to the curb out of which appears David and Polly!!! The group goes silent as all eyes are upon them. I’m thinking “this is soooooo un-freakin-believable!” as I wave and smile to Dave/Polly, and get much the same back. This pre-show surprise has me smiling ear to ear, my heart racing a mile a minute all the while Alan is smiling and quite catatonic !

    Moments after we settle into our respective seats the lights dim – smoke billows from the wings and fills the first few rows – I barely see the vague specters entering onto the murky stage; Dave and his backing band are suddenly there … “in the flesh“! Somehow through the ink-black darkness I spot Rick Wright (illuminated by the gooseneck lamp over his rig) inspecting his keyboards; he looks up and I manage to catch his eye and flash a toothy smile and 2 thumbs up; Rick sheepishly smiles and sends a thumbs up back…

  4. …My goose bumps now have goose bumps as, signaled by the hollers of applause all around me, I spot David standing no more than 8 feet away amidst the darkness! Then, that lone spotlight hits the shadowy figure wrapped in the swirl of milky fog and the strains of Castellorizon. Gilmour fires up that beautifully mercurial, pathos-drenched Fender sound that only the Master’s fingers can create, and we’re off and running!

    Throughout the show, Alan and I exchange glances – shaking our heads in a silently shared sense of dumbfounded joy and disbelief. Its Alan’s first time at any Floyd related concert and his excitement is visually palpable; It’s my 8th time, yet first seeing Mr. Gilmour solo, but I‘m feeding off of Alan‘s enthusiasm making my experience that much richer.

    The first set ends all too soon, and during the break we’re cackling at each other like a pair of crows ! We both agree that the live reading of On An Island is an emotionally stirring experience; each and every song seemed to be imbued with a renewed vigor and vitality that the recorded counterpart seemed to lack, all sounding every bit as impassioned as it was precise.

    To list favorites would require another blog entry entirely!

    The second set was, simply put, a Floyd fanatic’s dream come true (well, at least for THIS Floyd fanatic!). Highlights included High Hopes, Wots … Uh the Deal, Fat Old Sun, and of course the magnum opus of the night, Echoes.

    Throughout this song, Alan’€™s eyes were bugged out in complete disbelief, jaw planted firmly on the floor, all the while drumming on my leg (he’€™s a drummer so I can’€™t even begin to blame him). I’€™m looking on smiling like a glue-sniffing court jester, feeding off his enthusiasm and excitement…

  5. …Could the encore top this? In a word, YES!! A searing version of Comfortably Numb follows a rousing, sing along version of Wish You Were Here, and boy was it incendiary. Imagine the following image, if you will — David Gilmour, eyes squeezed tight with head tilted slightly back, wringing the neck of his beloved Strat; ripping an arpeggiated solo to the outer reaches of space all the while backlit by a pencil-thin fan of green (slowly changing to orange) laser beams soaring over head. Got it? It’s THAT final image that’€™s forever etched into the fabric of my brain from this most magical of concerts.

    The night’s events had us so stimulated it would take several more hours of pool playing and drinking before Alan and I were able to come down from our auditory high to even consider grabbing some shut eye.

    For this Gilmour nut-job, who’s been kicking himself ever since missing out seeing Dave’€™s About Face tour in 1984 (around 5 times, last I counted), a lifelong dream had finally been fulfilled that night… and by God, I want more!!

    To date, when Alan and I meet at various family events, invariably we’ll trail off from the rest of the family and speak at length about the magic of that night – the first class musicianship and the emotionally entrancing effect of the songs played in concert – in tones of utter disbelief.

    Thank you David and band. Thank you Polly.

    …and finally, thank you – one and all – for putting up with my raving-on about something that happened 2 years ago.

    Nuff said (I promise!),

  6. I was there on that first night in Massey Hall. Two moments stand out for me.

    The first moment occurred when, with all the smoke and all in the first set, a fire alarm went off somewhere in the grand old building. David made the comment between songs “What’s that? A fog horn?”

    Then after the final Comfortably Numb solo I remember David throwing the pick to the guitar stand and inspecting his fingers for damage. He worked hard this night.

    Very memorable.

  7. Remember That Night? You bet. But the whole period between the tour announcement and the concert was pretty much an emotional roller coaster for me.

    I was listening to Q107 and heard the announcement for David Gilmour at Massey Hall. I live in Niagara Falls and had never been to Massey Hall in Toronto so I went online to find out about ticket info. Holy Crap! They were available for presale then.

    So I tried a few selections and got a couple of balcony seats. If I had known then what I knew later I would have maxed out the credit cards buying tickets.

    So life went on and I discovered the Blog which is just the greatest site with the best people anywhere. Thanks FEd.

    I had been itching for some live Gilmour/Floyd for quite a while having seen many tours since my first concert ever with Dark Side of the Moon. Then the set lists started to surface and WOW, he was playing Echoes which is probably my all time favorite tune and I don’t think I had seen it live since 1975. I used to tell myself if I could see Echoes live again I could die a happy man. Talk about irony.

    Then my wife informed me that she didn’t wish to see the show. After I made sure she wasn’t brain damaged I asked some friends along all who couldn’t make it. WTF? So I looked on Ebay thinking maybe I would sell a ticket and my greedy eyes spotted a single front row center ticket. Should I?

    Never sat front row before and I couldn’t think of a better time than now. Blew the kids college fund and bought it and then recouped my losses by selling my pair to an appreciative guy from Massachusetts…

  8. …The On An Island CD was out and it was great, the shows were all getting great reviews, I had a great seat and the concert was getting near. Life was wonderful.

    Then the feces hit the proverbial fan. Having had health issues for many years I have routine ultrasound testing. This time I was informed that there were possible spots on my liver and would need a CT scan. Got the CT scan and results were inconclusive and now I would need an MRI. I got the MRI two days before the show so I didn’t have the results when I went.

    And then the show. I can’t believe that David could have possibly played any venues that were more intimate than Massey Hall. I met some people from Europe, Quebec, and a guy from Buffalo who brought along his teenage son. I’m not sure he knew how lucky he was. He did when it was over. And I don’t believe that smile came off my face the whole show.

    I had read about problems with the NYC crowd. People shouting and just plain making noise through the OAI set but the Toronto fans showed once again that they are first class. And the band played on.

    David’s guitar playing was superb as expected but I couldn’t helped but be impressed with how strong and clear his voice continues to be. Guy Pratt has more fun than people should be allowed to have. Stevie had a big grin on his face the whole evening.

    OAI was just fantastic and the second set even better. Sometimes when you have high expectations you end up disappointed. Not a chance of that. It is not possible for me to describe the intense elation that accompanied the entire show. I could try but wouldn’t do it justice…

  9. I was present on the second night second row right in front on David!!! What a treat!!!

    I was also in town the night of the first gig but beacause I couldn’t be in the audience, I just thought…hmmm… Should I just do at the Massey Hall in case i meet someone…

    And it was worth it because I met Guy in the back of the building smoking a cigarette…and later on, Rick joined him. Although he didn’t go completely outside, I was able to say hi to him!!!

    And finally later when the band came out, everyone was waiting for David but I knew that it would be impossible to run into him so I just thought; let’s try to see someone else. And so I met Jon!!!!!

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, WHAT A SOUVENIR I HAVE FROM THAT WEEKEND!!!

  10. Good morning Fed, hope you’re having a good day. I hope I catch you in chat tomorrow.

    [Thank you, Tracy. Might catch you tomorrow. – FEd]

  11. …Echoes was the highlight for me but it was all outstanding. Comfortably Numb rocked the audience for the final song and when it was over I was left stunned. It reminded me of the Wall show in NY. We saw the last performance and when it was over we were left wondering “What now”? We did however leave with a brick from the Wall. Can’t be many of those floating around.

    As I left Massey Hall the irony of “If I could see Echoes live again I could die a happy man” struck me. Still didn’t know the results of the MRI. I might have liver cancer. But it was still a good night. In the end I didn’t but I sure was shitting bricks in the mean time.

    I recorded CD’s of the set list for the concert and it’s a good thing I have 6 CD changer in the truck because those two haven’t been removed for two years. As life went on the RTN DVD came out and I was one of the fortunate ones to be selected to ask David a question which he answered live. Kudos to Phil for pronouncing my name correctly as it usually gets butchered in a variety of ways.

    And now I’m retiring. 52 working days left but who’s counting. I guess that means I’m free to work as a roadie for David’s next tour. Dreaming again. Maybe I’ll just throw the kayak in the truck and tour North America.

    My apologies for what seems to be an exceptionally long post. Thanks to FEd and the bloggers for two plus years of sharing our thoughts.

    Joe Ferrerio
    Niagara Falls, NY

    [Christ, that is an emotional roller coaster ride. Thanks for sharing it with us, Joe. – FEd]

  12. I was there, first row balcony. It was my first visit to Massey Hall. What an amzing venue.

    The concert was awesome. There were so many highlights but some stand out more than others. The first set had to be Take a Breath and On an Island and in the second set Echoes, Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.

    As I was walking out I heard a man say to his friends “I can die now” – that pretty much sums up the concert.

    I want to thank David and the band for an unforgettable evening, it was night to remember.

  13. Joe Ferrerio,

    I have to tell you something… I have never read such a poignant and beautiful account such as the likes of your Massey Hall experience. I’m humbled, inspired and speechless (and for those who know me, thats next to impossible to fathom!).

    Here’s to celebrating the only life we have to its fullest extent. May you have an extra long, joyful and fruitful retirement filled with many days of kayaking and road work with Mr Gilmour!

    Dream on, my friend…..

    So totally moved,

  14. Well, if I would have known who David Gilmour was two years ago, I probably would have gone to this show on the 10th because that is my b-day!! But it was nice to read some of these!!!

    Cheers all
    Adrian J. Emond

    [Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Adrian. Have a good day. – FEd]

  15. Thanks to Darren and Joe for the incredible accounts. I don’t have any problem with long comments as long as the contents are relevant and these were.

    Thanks again 🙂

  16. How about Liverpool – Arsenal FEd …?

    Isn’t David a big Arsenal fan and you Liverpool…?


    [True. – FEd]

  17. The wife and I had traveled up to Toronto early that day. We were very excited. I hadn’t seen David since July of 1994 at the Toronto CNE (Pink Floyd), and the anticipation, well you can just imagine.

    This time it was different. The venue was beautiful and much smaller in scale than any Floyd show I had seen, and that definitely added to the excitement. I knew we had third row seats, but didn’t realize just how close we were actually going to be.

    I didn’t want to miss anything by going to the restroom, so we didn’t drink before the show. In the end, I’m so glad, because I felt we took in much more of the show than we would have, by being tipsy.

    David explained later in the tour, why he changed the song lineup to have Breathe, Time, and Breathe reprise start the show. That wasn’t the case yet at Massey Hall and I’m so glad.

    It was so magical, having the lights dim, and the start of Castellorizon, as the fog appeared. Then David’s shadow walked on stage, and the crowd went nuts. Like some of the others who were there, my wife and I would occasionally look at each other in awe of what we were seeing.

    I tend to love instrumentals, and I really liked the studio version of Then I Close My Eyes, then I heard it live. I was blown completely away. The whole first set was spectacular.

    At some point the smoke detector had gone off, and David said “What is that strange noise?”, which we had all chuckled at…

  18. …During the intermission, a couple walked up to us from the balcony, and had stated that they had tickets for our exact seats for the next night’s show, and then it dawned on us. Why didn’t we get tickets for both nights? (What a dumb ass I can be sometimes.) They said they were really enjoying the show and couldn’t wait to sit up close the next night. I told them, they were in for a treat.

    Then the second set started with David’s new rendition of Shine On. It was awesome. They played Fat Old Sun, Wot’s Uh The Deal, and Wearing The Inside Out, which coincidentally I had never heard live in person, so that was special.

    When the first ping of Echoes rang out, I got chills up my spine. They played it so well, that for me, it’s going to be hard to ever top that again.

    The wife and I couldn’t stop talking about it all night, while we were partying it up, at the hotel. I knew then, as I know now, it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Now here we are two years later, hoping that we have not seen the last of, in my opinion, the best contribution to music ever.

    Thank you, David, for all you have done for us, over the years.

    Thank you, FEd, for letting us revisit these great times.

    Rochester, NY

    [And thank you for sharing your memories. They’re a joy to read. – FEd]

  19. Nice work Darren and Joe …

    I was totally transported.

    F’ed, got over your excitement yet ? … Couldn’t believe the BBC sport headline (click my name).

    [I’m coming down slowly. Arsenal should have had a penalty in the first leg, it’s true (although they seem to have forgotten the trifling fact that they’d have had to put the ball past a fine shot-stopper in Pepe Reina to actually benefit from the referee’s advantage). Liverpool’s penalty was clear enough to my blinkered eyes. What do you think? You win some, you lose some. And, if that decision hadn’t been given, then the tug on Babel before he scored the winner could have resulted in a penalty, too. And, even had Arsenal scored from the penalty spot in the first leg, it still wouldn’t have been enough to take them through. So… It’s a funny old game, as they say, and Wenger’s complete lack of humility is equally amusing. – FEd]

  20. I was there on the 9th of April. What a fantastic show.

    Massey Hall was perfect, intimate, inviting… It was an extremely emotional night for me, as it was the first time I got to see David live in concert.

    I can’t put it into words… Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps.

    I remember the first ‘ping’ in Echoes. I knew the band was going to play the song, but still, realizing it was happening was mind-blowing. I let out a loud shriek.. which I kind of regret doing now, but I couldn’t help myself =/

    It was a wonderful night; a night I’ll remember forever. Thinking about it always puts a smile on my face.

    Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart.

  21. I was there the second night and it is still a good souvenir for me.

    It was a very fast trip from Montréal to Toronto, we just slept one night and returned the next day but it was worth it!

    I was first row, in the first balcony. I remember my excitement when I arrived close to Massey Hall.

    I wasn’t lucky enough to see David after the show but…it’s alright, I survived!

    When will you come back to Canada, David? And maybe Montréal next time? Pleaaaaase!!!

  22. Thanks Darren for your account of that night at Massey Hall. Having been there on 9/4/06 you are bang on. Simply the best concert I have ever seen. My son and two brother-laws still talk about it to this day also.

    Thanks David, Polly, Band and Crew. “Rock and Roll will Never Die.”


  23. It’s funny how sometimes you remember the little things.

    I Remember..

    -Accidentally finding out about these 2 shows on Christmas Eve 2005 while checking out Ticketmaster on line and being able to score tickets for the 2nd show.

    -On concert day, being so excited, posting on the blog that we were now jumping in the car for the 3 hour drive.

    -During the trip, stopping at a roadside gas station and spotting Guitar World’s issue at a kiosk, featuring David on the front cover with the headline “DAVID GILMOUR SPEAKS!”. How random is that?

    -Walking up to Massey Hall and seeing David’s name up on the marquee and realizing that this is really going to happen, and while in line, wondering if any of these other people are DG bloggers.

    -The 1st note..the last note and all in between.

    -Finally finding out what it’s like to feel enraptured as opposed to elated upon walking out 3 hrs later.

    -Getting home at about 2:30 A.M., and blasting OAI on the HiFi, oblivious to neighbours.

  24. Of course I was there, it was a last minute decision, rush seat with obstructed view (this meant I was going to both nights). Top of the rafters, obstructed view, but pure magic anyway.

    I want to give a shout out to the lighting effects creator, Marc Brickman. I tell you from the cheap seats, the lighting was spectacular and really nice to have something to focus on besides the fact that I could not see Rick at all.

    This blog made the experience as well, as we all waited for the show to start, I was able to tell others not so addicted to this blog a lot of information about what was about to unfold and the anticipation that had built up from hearing the reviews of fans from Europe and the NY shows, only added to the evening.

    The music wasn’t bad, anyone who was around at the time would know I posted pretty enthusiastic posts about it at the time, it was a wonderful experience and I would attend any concert I could, any seat, for a Mr.G experience.

    Hope to have the opportunity again.

  25. Hi FEd, i’m happy to say that i attended the 1st show on April 9 – (I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!)

    The show was Awesome, Massey Hall is a truly amazing, intimate venue. We had 10th row centre floors, which were the perfect seats.

    Everything about this show was just perfect and the memories will last forever. I had tickets for the second show as well, but gave them up – i did not want anything to ruin the memory of that 1st show – so hopefully the persons who went the 2nd night had the same kind of enjoyment.

    Highlights of the show were Fat Old Sun, Shine On, Take a Breath & Echoes. Come to think of it, every song was a Highlight!

    Also, I was lucky to see David’s show at Massey Hall in May 1984, wow that was almost 24 years ago! Time does fly!

    So thanks David, for all the memories!!


  26. Good reads – thank you all for the flashback concert reviews: … Frankfurt … Paris … Rome … New York … Toronto …though I wasn’t at any of the concerts, I feel the excitement just by reading about it.

    One of these days I’ll make the chat!

  27. Happy Birthday Adrian.

    Well, the first show, we all rode in a limo to T.O. Got to the Hard Rock Cafe and met the illustious Rudders. He said afterwards that I was “Mad as as bucket of toads”. How nice of him. We have been friends since, I must say.

    My friends and I had the first row centre balcony, and the light show was prime there. Way to go Marcus, I’ll never forget the green lasers there.

    The highlights for me were songs I’ve never seen live before: Fat Old Sun and Wearing The Inside Out. The applause during Richard’s intro was outstanding. Thanks for being on tour Mister Wright. You grooved on Echoes big time as well.

    Day 2, I drove my wife to the show and sat on the floor, 15 rows back right side of stage. What a different perspective of the laser show from the previous night. Can’t remember if Dominoes was that evening, it was great to hear Phil’s version this time round, very surreal sound as you can see on RTN.

    David, Thank You for 2 fabulous nights in T.O.

  28. […and finally, thank you – one and all – for putting up with my raving-on about something that happened 2 years ago. – Darren]

    Darren, that was a fantasic recollection. Rave on, rave on!

    Best regards.


  29. We’re learnin’ Adrian some good music, I see 🙂

    Great stories from Beppo and Joe.

    I love this Blog!

  30. April 13th 2006, Massey Hall…

    A few weeks before the concert I first met Howard Bayliss who very kindly sold me a ticket for face value. This was for one of the two friends who went with me. The other friend flew over from the UK to see the concert…

    We arrived very early to check out Massey Hall and then ate at the Hard Rock on Yonge Street. I’d emailed the Hard Rock asking them to play DG/PF songs but as is their want they ignored my request… Maybe they were still pissed at DG asking for his Black Strat back…

    As we ate we I saw a white Limo drive by and I said “That’s got to be Frank Par”… and lo and behold he appeared a few minutes later recognised my black Fender T-shirt and we chatted for a short while.

    I think I said that Frank was as mad as a bucket of frogs which I can now say is completely true. 🙂

  31. The concert itself was very good albeit spoilt by the drunken f**ckers in front of me…

    Memorable moments…

    – Dick Parry’s shoulder twitch
    – The Ping
    – The fire alarm going off
    – Fat Old Sun was stunning…

    I finally got myself a tour programme about 9 months after the concert and decided I wanted a Black Strat just like DG…

  32. I just wanted to tell Angelo that I have been very interested last night in reading his comment/story on ‘Night 14, Toronto’ 2006 blog entry (on 12 April 2006 at 00:33). I think I missed it two years ago.

    Angelo’s comment just reminded me how important it is to make your own opinion by learning by yourself, without letting anyone else influence you.

    I think that ignorance, rumours, credulity can lead you anywhere…


  33. [We’re learnin’ Adrian some good music, I see – NewYorkDan]

    Yes, it was a long hard search but I found it and am now overly addicted!!!

  34. FEd,

    Help. I am on broadband now, have downloaded Java but everytime I go to the chatroom is says Get Java and there is no log in prompt. I am going around in circles.

    What am I doing wrong?



    [Please click your name and check that you have the latest version installed, Julie. – FEd]

  35. I would like to say a specific thanks to Claire Singers who was in the crowd at the second showing at Massey Hall that fine April. I hope that through some means she can read this and know that I am very grateful for her keeping me company during such an intimate (and life changing) evening.

    I cannot express how thankful I am that she chose such an awesome seat to watch the show (middle balcony right smack in the middle…..I know I’m a lucky bastard).


    Can I also add that this was the greatest concert that will ever happen in my lifetime?! Canada on a whole cannot thank you enough for giving us the privilege!

    Hope all is well with the Gilmour crew, family and their families, cheers to each and every one of you, hope to see you in Canada again some day!


    Ryan Farrell
    Blonde, curly haired Gilmour superfan
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    [I’ve passed your message on, Ryan. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  36. Yes, I have the recommended version. I just keep going to the chatroom and it keeps saying “get Java” I keep getting verification that I have the up to date version.

    Around and around.

    Am I forgetting to do something when I go to the chatroom?

    [No, but is your browser definitely Java-enabled? Please click your name to find out. – FEd]

  37. Hello Fed,

    Off topic Question. How is Gilmour and Company going to include the song “Time” from the Gdnask gig?

    Unfortunately, this song had a huge mistake happen when it was played live in Poland 2006. Trust me, it cannot be salvaged to incorporate it into a live CD. Are they going to take this song from another show and throw it in?

    Hey mistakes happen, it just shows us that these fine band members are human…just curious.

    Thanks, Fed!

    [We’ll all find out when the album is finished. – FEd]

  38. Damn Rudders, had I known you were going to be there I would have met up with you for a drink at the Hard Rock (Alan and I were there for several hours… harassing the hapless bartender for the lack of Gilmour/Floyd, to no avail).

    Next time, right? ;O)


  39. i’ve said it before, and i’ll repeat it for you now. the first night in toronto featuring david gilmour was the best show i’ve ever been to.

    i’ve been to thousands of rock shows all over the land and have yet to encounter one as special and meaninful as that. such a small and beautiful venue.

    i remember jon perched on a stool on the edge of the stage that was dwarved by the massed gadgets of auxeminies. the new album sounded great. the second set was dreamy. i still haven’t heard a better version of fat old sun, or wot’s the deal.

    thanks for the memories. this is one i’ll never forget. come back and visit again.

    hope everyone is enjoying this beginning of spring.

  40. Thanks to all who have given such great reviews. Only problem is that they make you feel jealous.


  41. I Remember the Night well, Toronto is an amazing city, and we left Cleveland for the 300 mile trek on Saturday, and we had tickets for Sunday evening’s show. This is the first and only time we had traveled so far for a concert!

    Fell in love with old Massey Hall, met Peter from the blog & his son!

    The evening started out with perfection listening to On an Island live, then of course the favorite….Echoes! That song in itself was worth the price of admission and the travel! To see a performer of David’s caliber in a small hall was, well, amazing to say the least!

    Thanks so much for a memorable evening & trip David! Hope you come around again soon!

  42. FEd: My old password for the chatroom doesn’t work. Can you help?


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  43. I will say that the show on the 10th, the second of two in Toronto in 2006, is one of the very best of the tour. It was because of this show that I had a deeper connection with On An Island.

    There are those rare moments when one finds themselves completely engulfed in music; feeling every note as it washes over you like a morning rain while your body, heart and soul absorb it like so much oxygen to a man gasping for air.

    On 10 April 2006, On An Island became very personal for me and triggered an emotional response within my heart that continues to this day.

    The second set was quite simply… perfection. Shine On… followed by Wearing The Inside Out… then a spot-on, beautiful reading of Coming Back To Life. No matter how many times I hear this amazing song, the intro never fails to stop me in my tracks and on this night, the notes that dripped from David’s guitar were Heaven-sent…

  44. …Dominoes… Dominoes… of all the choices, Dominoes! We would learn throughout this tour that David would use the second set to offer up many surprises… it’s doubtful that he could have surprised me more than he did on this night, with this song.

    Years of memories flooding through… funny isn’t it, how a song can lead you on a journey that covers 20+ years and all the many changing faces… Dominoes… you and I and dominoes…

    And then… it only gets better. Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise) – High Hopes – Echoes. Something old, something new, and something older. All played with such beauty and grace that you are left with the feeling that you would give anything at all to prevent this night from ending.

    Wish You Were Here/Comfortably Numb close the show and all you can do is stand there… in awe… feeling truly blessed to have been witness to this evening’s performance.

    10 April 2006… always… always I will remember this night…

  45. just a thought??? i think it would be interesting to see david gilmour and joe walsh do a gig. not sure how it could be done??? i say, how could you include or leave out other members of each band.

    i have long been a joe walsh fan, but sadly, to me, david gilmour is the man.

    [Did you ever see the Strat Pack concert, Howard? They both performed at that one. – FEd]

  46. Side note: Dick Parry’s switch was amazing to watch. Sends chills up my spine when I see it again and Guy doing the bass/drum line on Time. Great to hear and see that move also.

    Thanks for the memories, wish I could have shaken everyone’s hand.

  47. Sorry Fed, I think Howard referred to David and Joe Walsh playing side by side. Strat Pack dealt with David with a mob on stage conducted by an idiotic Ron Wood who didn’t include a cast of many to solo. Hint, David. It irks me no end. I’ve said my piece.

    Good luck Tuesday and the next also against Chelsea. Good match up.

    [Thank you. (And yes, I know, but the Strat Pack’s all we’ve got. Plus, it was in aid of a good cause. – FEd]

  48. I flew in from the east coast on the 9th and caught the second show. It had to be one of the finer performances I’ve ever witnessed – and I am so glad I decided to make the trip.

    You know you’re in for a treat when, during the opening notes, all the little hairs on the back of your neck start to stand up….

    I’m not sure how you ever top a show like this……..

  49. Dear F.Ed.,

    I don’t remember when I’ve noted this sentence that I read somewhere, but it let me think about the whole “On An Island” theme :

    “You can’t discover new oceans if you fear losing sight of the beach.”

    I think about the immensity of the sea, and of all our feelings about the sense of life, all the high hopes of mankind in all our targets and dreams, we can breathe these emotional essence in the whole OAI.

    This is just my little thought of today…

    I’ve enjoyed every post about the concerts. Thanks for sharing them.

    Take care
    bye / ciao

  50. I still can’t believe i made it to Massey Hall.

    When I failed at getting tickets when they first went on sale for all of 59 seconds, I thought all hope was lost, but on the 9th I was listening to the radio and heard that a block of tickets was released for the 10th show, picked up the phone, and managed to score two nice seats for my father and I (payback for taking me see Floyd at 8 years of age).

    And I think the Castellorizion intro was much better than the Breathe / Time / Breathe intro. After all, we were there to see David.

  51. I agree with Joe about having Castellorizon as the opening song. The way it was presented just sent chills up my spine. David came on in the dark while the tune’s intro was playing and then we see him through the dry ice playing that haunting solo. Too bad it wasn’t like that for the shows in London, anyone who didn’t see it missed a treat.

    One of the things that I still remember (besides the great music, the standing ovation for Rick Wright, Guy’s dancing, lasers, etc) is something that occurred during High Hopes when David went to play on the lap steel and the slide was missing. He calmly (I think) held out his hand. Just in the nick of time a figure (Phil Taylor?) dashed out and placed it in his hand. Whew! That was close. I love moments like that!

    By the way, I was one of those lucky people that were able to buy tickets in the 59 seconds that they were available. I believe that I promised to name my next kid after the fleet-fingered girl at the TicketMaster screen.

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