Flashback: New York

David Crosby and Graham Nash join David on stage in New YorkNew York was the first stop on the North American leg of the ‘On An Island’ tour.

There were two shows, on Tuesday 4 April and Wednesday 5 April, both of which were at Radio City Music Hall.

David Crosby and Graham Nash were surprise guests.

Were you there, too? Looking back, what are your fondest memories from these nights?

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37 thoughts on “Flashback: New York”

  1. I was there. In New York on April 4th for David’s concert. The concert hall was beautiful and not too large. The anticipation was wonderful. This was going to be great. (Now if only everyone had sat down and shut up and stopped going for drinks and had put away their &^%)(*# cellphones.)

    The concert was superb. It sounded great, the lightshow was fantastic and I was as close to heaven as I’ll ever get. I couldn’t believe my luck at being there!

    One little story: the boys were playing High Hopes and it was stunningly beautiful. Just as “the grass was greener” part began, there was a loud, high-pitched sound that lasted for maybe 15-20 seconds. You should have seen the look on David’s face! He went from being in the groove of that lovely song to frowning and looking around like, “kin ell! What is that?” Someone got it sorted out and the rest of the song was perfection….

  2. …A fun moment was the introduction of Rick. Wow! What a roar from the crowd! I do believe he got a standing O….

    I’m not an outwardly emotional person but this experience was a very emotional one for me. Tears cames to my eyes more than once during the concert. I found myself dreading the moment when it was over.

    This was the best, most personal concert I’ve ever been to and I thank David and all the boys in the band and the crew and everyone who made it happen. I hope I’m lucky enough to see them again sometime.


  3. Wow – has it been that long ago already!?!

    It seems like yesterday I was leaving work early to get to the City for an early dinner before the show.

    I was at the second night and was psyched to hear that Crosby and Nash were surprise guests the night before and was hoping they would be there again…which they were.

    The whole show was all one big highlight for me. Seeing David and Rick again after 18 years had gone by was spectacular…and of course…Echoes…

    Too much to tell, a lot of fantastic memories that will never be forgotten…like waking up at 3:30 AM at the wrong train stop…oops 🙂

    Thank you again David for making the trip!!!

  4. It was a great concert!

    A pro and a con of the internet is knowing basically what the set list will be. I figured Echoes would be played since the band preformed it at every European date but I was really blown away by how well it was preformed. I just didn’t think it would be as good as any version that Pink Floyd played.

    The band was great. Richard Wright’s singing and playing really stood out (looking forward to his new record). I can remember of feeling of excitement when Crosby and Nash came on the stage.

    I have seen every American Pink Floyd and David Gilmour tour since ’80 and thought David’s playing was as good if not better than ever.

    I am very much looking forward to David’s next show in New York-perhaps going back to another venue where Pink Floyd performed, Carnegie Hall.

  5. Hard to believe it was two years ago.

    I was there on the first night. I bought one ticket and went solo to the show. Which is fine, I don’t need someone else there for me to enjoy the show but all I could think about was that I wished my oldest daughter could be there. She is the one that is the most into music and she appreciates classic rock like PF.

    Luckily we had the RTN screening in NYC last September and I brought the whole family to that one. And when David decides to tour again, all efforts will be made to get at least two tickets so that she can come along.

    Anyway, I sat in the last row of the first mezzanine. Certainly sitting closer gives you a different experience but what is great about DG & PF is that you don’t need to sit right in front to take it all in. In fact, sitting a bit further back is probably better for both sound and show.

    I was very pleased.



  6. [now if only everyone had sat down and shut up and stopped going for drinks – becky)

    i’d be interested to know if anyone heard the end of “high hopes” or not.

    a fab weekend to all. x

  7. My son, Matthew and I attended the April 5th show and it was truly a magnificent and special concert for the both of us.

    Matthew was blown away by all of the “On An Island” songs and their stellar production and performances but was completely floored when he was able to witness David, Rick and Dick re-create the music of Pink Floyd right before his eyes. These legendary names that he had heard so many times were right before his eyes.

    When “Wish You Were Here” started he grabbed my hand in support as he knew that this song was going to affect me deeply. My mother had passed away recently and I had told him that WYWH had a new meaning for me. It was such a tender moment and memory for me and one that I would not have had if it weren’t for David’s touching music.

    Thank You sir…

  8. First, I have to thank my wife for allowing me attend the New York concerts. I work as a journalist covering auto racing for ESPN.com, and the NYC shows came between two work weekends for me. So I was away from home for a loooong time…Kathleen’s reward came a few days later when she attended the Chicago concerts with me.

    Like many other DavidGilmour.com lurkers, I was familiar with the setlist that David and the band were playing. I had heard the BBC gig and a recording of one set of the opening German show, so I was familiar with the band’s sound.

    That said, I was stunned at the power of the performance. The ‘On An Island’ set was wonderful, especially when Crosby and Nash joined David for the title track and ‘The Blue.’ But it was a true joy to hear many of the Floyd classics from the 1970s performed in a much more intimate venue than the five shows I saw on the PULSE tour. RCMH is a fabulous venue with comfortable seats and fine acoustics.

    The second set blew me away…

  9. …The highlights were the electric ‘Fat Old Sun’ and of course ‘Echoes,’ which was mind-blowing in terms of both sound and visuals.

    The NYC crowd was VERY rowdy, as many of you no doubt know from audience recordings of the shows. On the 5th, there was a particularly disruptive group near me who argued incessantly during the quiet tunes like ‘Then I Close My Eyes.’

    All in all, the best concert experience of my life – even better than seeing a DSOTM set at Earls Court in 1994.

    David and Richard are the true basis of the Pink Floyd sound, and Stevie D. did a superb job on the drums.

    Roll on the live Gdansk CD!


  10. I was there on the second night with my husband and best friend. I had never seen David in concert, so this was a dream come true for me. My first time to New York too.

    I remember walking in and seeing David and I thought I was going to faint! It was “fantasical” (that’s fantastic with a little magic). I loved everything about the show.

  11. I attended the April 5th show with my dad and we both had an excellent time.

    Highlights from the show had to have been the opening with the large fog screen in front of the band and getting to hear Crosby and Nash do harmonics for David.

    Some song highlights had to have been Fat Old Sun, Coming Back to Life (a favorite of mine) and of course Echoes (a true masterpiece).

    It was a great night and something I will not soon forget, I just cant believe two years have gone bye!!

    -Mike (Philadelphia)

  12. This was the concert I had planned on attending :o(

    Tickets were too expensive at the time. I read reviews, and it seemed like a great show. We need to get David to play one of the venues in Boston.

    Just missed the chat today…I keep doing that. I have to start waking up earlier.

    Hope you have a terrific weekend FEd!

  13. The best memory I’ll take from the concert is the fog curtain. It just kept falling like a waterfall and took forever to clear up, but then in a blink of an eye it did and there was David in clear view center stage. It’s kind of sad that it wasn’t filmed, but on the other hand it makes the memory of the actual event stand out a bit more (rather than reconstructing memories from the DVD, which I have a tendency to do).

    Also I remember the anticipation of which songs would be performed, and the excitement of hearing Fat Old Sun as one of those songs.

    I also remember the momentary state of confusion I was in when David decided to follow up Castellorizon with This Heaven. Because you know we had barely a month to memorize the lyrics of seven songs then he throws us a curveball like that. But then it got me thinking, because even before the concert I had speculated that maybe since they were stateside C&N may show up, but of course until David introduced them it was only speculation.

  14. Lucky dogs, all of you who were there. Missing these shows was one price that I paid to become a teacher, as I was in a teacher training program at the time. Due to the program, I had neither the time nor the money to attend the shows. It killed me to miss David’s show like that. He hadn’t played in New York as a solo act since 1984 (when I caught him at the Beacon Theater).

    There is no way of knowing if David will do another tour or if such a tour will come to New York. If he does play New York, I’ll try really hard to score a ticket.

  15. I went with my wife and some friends on the 5th. The whole experience was tremendous, even the drive up there. We entered the Lincoln Tunnel and it began to snow as Brain Damage was on the radio. Very surreal.

    And what a fantastic show. I just sat there in awe (you could say it was awesome!)

    2 years ago already. Wow. I turn 40 in 15 days. I can enter my mid life crisis a happy man…maybe I won’t have to buy a Porsche!

  16. I am very jealous of you all who attended these shows. The RTN DVD is beautiful and having seen DG 19 or 20 times I know how powerful that show must have been.

    His guitar tone on the DVD is to die for!

  17. The most wonderful moments of the April 4 show for me were:

    – Crosby and Nash – didn’t expect it; wonderful surprise!
    – The whole “On and Island” set – the material really came across so well when performed live. It increased my appreciation for the album.
    – Fat Old Sun – Steve really rocked the drums during David’s fantastic solo.
    – Of course, Echoes – it was a long time dream of mine to see and hear this performed live. Dave and Rick were “in the zone” during this one.

    Radio City is an excellent venue for a show. Although we have some lovely venues in Connecticut! (hint, hint)


    Mike From Connecticut

  18. My wife and I were there on the first night.

    RCMH was the perfect venue for David’s show. The audience consisted of many different age groups and it was amazing to see how popular David is with all age groups.

    My highlight was when everyone stood and sang along with David to WYWH.

  19. I had the extreme privilege of attended the April 4th show. Sure doesn’t seem like two years have gone by, as the memory of that night still shines so brightly in my mind. I’d never been to Radio City before, so seeing my guitar god at such a legendary venue was the recipe for pure musical bliss.

    It’s hard to pick highlights from a show that was so seamlessly stunning, but the arrival of Crosby & Nash and the performance of “Echoes” were amazing moments.

    There are times in one’s life that we wish we could relive over and over again; that night was one of mine.

    Thanks again to David, the band, and everyone who made that night possible.

  20. I was there on the 4th. I was glued to watching David’s fretwork and may have missed a lot of other things happening on the stage. Why I didn’t go the next night I’ll never know.

    I recall one of Pratt’s bass speakers sounding blown. And last, I remember staying awake all night in the hotel bed with a big grin on my face replaying the concert in my head.

  21. Hello,

    I attended the show on April 5th. I had a 7th row aisle seat so must of the noise was behind me and I could see the stage quite well. Being so close was just wonderful because I could see David’s facial expressions as he played.

    One of the highlights for me was hearing David Crosby and Graham Nash singing harmony with David during On an Island. The other show stoppers for me were hearing What’s the Deal and Echos being played live. The visual effects for Echos were just wonderful and I felt transported back into the mid seventies.

    Before the show started, I had requested that the arm be removed from my seat to give me more room and as the usher was customizing my seat I see Jon Carin coming down the aisle looking for an usher or someone to get him back stage, I pointed him out to the person who was fixing my seat and he went up to Jon and lead him back stage. It made me feel really good to have been able to anonomously assist David’s bandmate.

  22. Another funny thing was that every once in a while, between songs, some man or other would yell out professions of love–purely platonic ones, no doubt–for David. At one point someone yelled, “Gilmour is god!” After the concert was over, some really wound-up guy screamed out, “David, I LOVE you, man!!!” Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

    I want to say that one of David’s kids said “Hi, Daddy!” at some point during the concert but maybe I actually heard that on RTN or some other bit of (officially sanctioned, licensed and totally appropriate) video? It’s hard to keep all this stuff straight.

    And, yes, Victor: we pretty much didn’t get to hear the acoustic ending to High Hopes, did we? Was it better in the days when people smoked pot and did psychedelics and were mostly quiet and zoned out instead of drunk and rowdy? I’m thinking, yeah…. 😀

    Still, it was the best concert I’ve ever been to!!! It’s really been great thinking back and reliving it a bit.

  23. I was not at the NYC concert but was at the Royal Albert Hall in London & was blown away by the show.

    To the 1st note David played on his guitar to the last note, my hairs on the back of my neck were stood up.

    Just wonderful.


  24. I was fortunate enough to see both NYC shows. The first night I was in the second to last row, way up top, and the second night I was about 12 rows from center stage. The music was superb both nights.

    Here’s two memories– sitting up top, the green lasers were below us…and looked alost solid. On the second night, they looked amazing above us, like a laser ceiling. Both views were really cool.

    Lastly, I distinctly remember the second solo in Comfortably Numb, you could just feel the intensity…and I remember hoping that this would not be last time I hear it live.

    Thanks for coming to NY David!

  25. I think I’m gonna wear out my RTN dvd.

    I’ve watched ‘Fat Old Sun’ so many times that I’m afraid I’m gonna burn a hole clean through it. Is that possible, even?

    I don’t know what it is, but I adore that song. I love the entire dvd, but whenever I take it out to watch it, I always want to see FOS, first thing. I have only one complaint about it; It’s too short!

    I have been watching it here on on the DVD page, so I can give my copy a rest. I hope I don’t wear out your video too, Fed:))

    Sing to me…sing to me…

  26. I had no idea there was any tour going on near me at that time. I knew there was an album out. Shame on me. Wish I could have seen this or any other of the North American shows.

    Perhaps one day I will get the chance. (And if it presents itself…I will FIND a way to get tickets ^^)

  27. when i knew that i was going to the concert, that i was going to see david gilmour live for the first and maybe the only one in my life, when i climbed up on the plane here in buenos aires, argentina and my trip started, that was the most emotional thing.

    oh and the concert was AWESOME, the best concert in my whole life, except if i’m going to another david gilmour concert.


  28. I see a pattern in your Flashback Questions, FEd. So I will withhold comment.

    I got to see the Chicago and NBC performances.

    [We’ll look forward to hearing about them, Kevin. – FEd]

  29. unfortunately, I didn’t go, but I heard that one was one of those “once in a life time” shows


  30. Fed, I was wondering how come I couldnt get into chat. I think my password still works.

    [It should do, I cannot change it. Please note that the chatroom closed at 17:00 (UK time) today, ‘locking in’ whoever was present at closing time. You wouldn’t have known the day’s random room password – to join the ‘lock-in’ – unless you made it to the chatroom before closing time. Your own password is irrelevant when prompted for the room password. – FEd]

  31. My memory is walking up three or four flights to the top balcony, walking through the entrance, looking down upon the stage-set, and welling up with tears. A dream was coming true.

    It was profound to think that Dave’s last performance there was the legendary DSOTM show in the early 70’s.

    The rising steam curtain was so ethereal and hearing his powerful, crystalline voice belting out the first verse of “This Heaven” was amazing.

    RCMH is actually a great place to see a show from the very top balcony. The only better place would have been the $800 seats in the front row.

    The performance and lighting were flawless and incredibly moving. I got chills several times.

    Come back anytime, Dave!

  32. I’m weighing in pretty late here, but…

    I can not tell you how excited I was when I woke up on 4/4/06. I’m a pretty sociable guy, but very few of my friends are Pink Floyd fas…and fewer still are David Gilmour fans. That day I met some David Gilmour fans/bloggers outside of Radio City and went over to Heartland Brewery for some drinks. It felt like a “coming-out-the-closet party”…

    That day I also got to be in David’s presence up close at the stage door entrance where he was hounded for signatures. There I became acutely aware of how selfish fans can be for a piece of scribble and how uncomfortable he was with that.

    So though I came within three of the Radio City getting stand-by tickets that night, I felt quite satisfied on Day One and was filled with anticipation for Day Two.

    Now, I was fortunate to get tickets for 4/5/08 a few months before thanks to a pair of fans from this Blog, Deborah and Laura, who had extras to unload. Before that point I missed out on any tickets thanks to hoarders and Ebay-istas.

    I met some fans again at Heartland Brewery, and then went to catch the show with my wife (binoculars in hand). Then I took it all in…

    The steam curtain (as with when DSOTM was performed there over thirty years earlier). The music. The lights. Then how David’s guitar soared through the hall. I felt transported…

  33. …Echoes and Comfortably Numb stand out in my mind from that night, but already specifics start to fade from memory. What remains is a feeling framed by random visual/aural memories…its the same feeling that keeps me listening to David and his music and what will keep me drawn to them even if he records a tune whistled through his nose on wax cylinder… I just wish I had words to describe the place his art has in my life?

    What should have been a one-off opportunity to catch David turned out the be the first of several as I became lucky enough to see him again. From being a fan in isolation to a fan with friends from around the globe is surreal, and these precious moments will stay in my grain through the rest of my days.

    P.S. Apologies if I post this here but I would like to weigh in on the “Three Concerts–Random Nonsense #1”. I hadn’t the time or energy to weigh in earlier:

    1) David Gilmour: 2002 Meltdown Concert at Royal Festival Hall (David unplugged is a treat..SOYCD and Je Crois Entendre Encore stand out)

    2) Pink Floyd: October 21st, 1971 at Williamette University in Oregon. (A random pre-Dark Side concert and set-list at a small venue for 1,200…on my wife’s second birthday)

    3) Other Artist: Sly & The Family Stone at Woodstock. (Few appreciate the artistry and the impact of Funk/R&B’s Syd Barret-esque figure)

  34. David Gilmour, please come to Brasil to play for us.
    I am going to your show, it ties to foot.
    David Gimour sings the music
    with Roger Waters.
    Grantchester Meadows.
    Longings of seeing you to sing
    Green is the Colour, Cymbaline.

    your fan
    Alessandro Floyd

  35. I was lucky enough to bring my son for the first time at age 16. We had the best seats in the house according to him.

    As for my thoughts –

    After seeing at least 1 performance from every tour since the ’60’s (If not 10 or 20) each one is precious in its own moment.

    Thank you always David – Nance

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