Flashback: Los Angeles

David in Los AngelesThe final North American dates of the ‘On An Island’ tour were in LA. The first night was at the Kodak Theater, the second was at the Gibson Amphitheatre.

And, if you had tickets for the Gibson Amphitheatre, you also got to enjoy David’s Jay Leno performance, courtesy of The Blog. (We’ll focus on that on Monday, so please keep your memories of that sunny afternoon to yourself for the time being.)

If you were at either of the LA concerts…

Yeah, you know it by now.

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  1. I have no thoughts on the L.A. shows, as I was thousands of miles away. I actually have no thoughts of any kind at all, but that’s a completely different matter.

    Oh, did I say that aloud?

  2. I got there WAY TOO EARLY!! All the excitement, I didn’t realize I’d been speeding all the way up from San Diego to LA. At least we got to see some places and spend more money on other things.

    Before the show, waiting to get in…Guy Pratt walked right in front of me, but did I do anything???? Of course not, it was more like, What the hell would he be doing out here?!!!

    When we did get in there was a mad rush for the souvenirs, which of course being the bumblehead I was….
    Then I got a Heineken…then a few more!! I needed them to calm down my excitement so I wouldn’t leap over the balcony in front of me and make a mad rush for the stage.

    The show honestly left me speechless. It was well beyond my expectations which were very high of course. The only small disappointment was David didn’t play Wot’s… Uh the Deal at MY show. But Echoes made up for that, thank you very much.

    That’s it for now.

  3. Hi all! I’ve been waiting to chime in on this one! My wife and I attended the show at the Gibson.

    I had been following the blog so I knew the set-list (I tried to resist looking but couldn’t do it) and was anxious to hear Echoes. I also was hoping that since Crosby and Nash had been at the Kodak, that they would be at the Gibson as well. I was not disappointed, and I was thrilled to hear David, Crosby and Nash sing harmony together on Find The Cost Of Freedom (imagine what heights CSN&Y could have reached if David had joined them?!? Interesting thought…).

    The show was spectacular, I got to meet some bloggers and even sat with Renee (hey Renee!).

    One of the best shows of my life. Thanks David et al!

  4. I’m sorry to say, I didn’t get to go but that’s an awsome picture of David, just stunning.

  5. I went to the Kodak show with my fiancee and my mom (yeah, my mom’s a fan too). It was great.

    The last time I saw David was when Pink Floyd played at the Rose Bowl 12 years prior to this one. This one seemed to be a little bit better than the Rose Bowl show. I guess mainly because David is my number one musical influence. Maybe also because the venue was a lot smaller than the Rose Bowl.

    But anyway, it was great. Great setlist, great lighting. Great everything.

    One thing I found out later on was that there were a number of fights. I don’t remember seeing any of that… probably because I was so high up in the balcony.

    Anyway, it was a great night. I loved it. Echoes…

  6. I saw David Gilmour at the Kodak with Jorge Rivera form the Blog. It was the first time I saw a Gilmour concert with another fan and was able to enjoy every note with someone who appreciated the art as much as I did.

    Before the show, we hung out for drinks on Hollywood Blvd. After the show I escorted Jorge on his mission to get an autograph, which he did! Then, being as he had a flight out the next morning, we crashed in my room, played my acoustic, and posted our reviews on the blog ’til the wee hours of the morning…

    Hey Jorge, was up bro! Abrazos a ti y la familia!

    More memories from the Gibson and the pre-show hang out laterz….

  7. To “echo” what many have already said in their posts…I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, and when I think back to the concert at the Kodak Theatre, I’m just as speechless now as I was at the time.

    The highlight of the evening for me was “Fat Old Sun”. I remember hearing the song end (or so I thought) and thinking that was nice, and then…as David’s blistering guitar solo kicked in, I positively wept. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but more than that…it was what I was feeling. Just when I thought the solo could not get more magnificent, it did.

    It’s impossible to adequately describe the experience, but when the DVD came out, I played “Fat Old Sun” continuously for the first month, before watching the rest of the DVD, re-living those wonderful moments. And while I think “Remember That Night,” is a wonderful title…I wrote in my journal two years ago that I had certainly lived “The Nights of Wonder.”

    But, the Leno Show is a story for another day….

  8. Saw the Gibson show;

    Once we entered the auditorium, it was pretty fantastic, very much larger than I had expected. You could see many beams of light comming down from the ceiling through the smoke, and the stage was not to far away, even though we were way up.

    There were mini poster advertisements on every seat (which I still have), and everyone seemed to be excited to sit down and get one.

    Everyone sitting around us was really nice to talk with, they were all wondering what was going to happen, and I didn’t let on that I knew some from the blog…….but even so, I was about to be surprised that night myself.

    I loved the way it started with the old familiar heart beat, and how fitting that was….great ice breaker. The first half was so nice, will never forget the smoke. Second w/ Echoes, Wot’s, Fat ol Sun, Find the Cost of Freeedom….was very nice also.

    However, I was shocked to see Arnold Layne….they pulled that one off very well! The band did an ~*outstanding job*~!

  9. Oh yes, I was at all three shows in LA. The Kodak show was great but at the Gibson show I was able to get Mr. Gilmour’s guitar pick! He threw it out and it hit me in the chest!

    What a night! One I’ll always remember!

  10. My son and I went to the show at the Gibson amphitheatre and we had a great time.

    The show I thought was sensational and Dave seemed to be in top form. We especially enjoyed “Echoes”. The performance of On an Island gave me new appreciation of that album as well.

    We saw both of the Waters shows when they came through( the Hollywood Bowl and Verizon Wireless) and I would easily pick Dave’s show over Roger’s. That said, it was a treat to see all of Floyd in one calendar year.

    I hope that Dave continues to make music even if there is no touring, because his guitar sound is unique and his playing is melodic and lyrical. The faux Daves on Roger’s tour were great guitarists but they lack whatever it is that makes Dave special.

    My son and I are coming to London the first week in June and hope to soak up some of the English atmosphere that produced Pink Floyd.

  11. sounds like this was a great show.

    i really enjoyed “find the cost of freedom” at the rah. i’m glad you got to hear it.

  12. From my father’s previous post you got the gist of what we witnessed at the outstanding show Mr. Gilmour and friends put on at the Gibson.

    I would love to keep seeing the Floyd perform in whatever fashion they are capable of. The 94 show Pink Floyd put on at the Rose Bowl is still to this day one of most memorable experiences that I have ever had and was able to share that with my father. So far it has continued through the years, and hopefully will.

    See you around, all.

  13. Went to the Gibson on 4/20…great show.

    Hung out with some bloggers (Angelo, Erin, Tim and his wife…etc.).

    The show was so awesome. Sat with Tim Taylor and his wife for the first part of the show then switched back to my seat after intermission. (Someone showed up late and claimed their seat, how can you show up late to see David? Losers!) But it was great to see the show with Tim and have all those pleasant smells around me.

    Echoes was off the hook…..and On An Island was so effin cool.

    But I think best of all was starting a friendship with some really excellent people.


  14. Chris Kirby, it’s cool that you got David’s guitar pick!

    Sounds like this was another great gig. Wish I’d been there.

  15. The Gibson Show was the last of my adventures (or so I thought) during the OAI Tour. Had some fries and a hot dog with Renee, Erin, Tim and his wife. Being there was no table available on Universal Walk (is that what it’s called) we ate on top of and around a garbage can! LOL! Do you guys remember we tried to get a table at that other place? Wasn’t there someone else who was supposed to meet us three?

    The show itself was very emotional for me. I pulled out my little binoculars that I had bought for the shows and gazed at the band all night…especially at David’s guitar work. I can’t remember all the details except that I was moved by High Hopes, Echoes, and Where we Start.

    As I left, I walked through Universal Walk and caught some of a tribute band there hoping to catch up with more bloggers. I didn’t see anyone, and after seeing the real thing any other band would fall short. I went back to my hotel room with my David Gilmour appetite fully sated and feeling truly blessed.

  16. You and Pink Floyd are my youth; so thank you for the music that has grown with me in my heart!

    You are still handsome David and your voice is like the sound of the wind and angels!

    From Veronique of the south of France (Toulon).

    Take care!

  17. c’est de la bonne music (the final cut)

    salut david, je te felicite pour vos meilleure solo de guitare

  18. I was at the Kodak Theater show – was 20 feet away from David. Magical evening for sure.

    Only problem i had with the Kodak theater was that there were too many music industry people there. All of which were trying to get backstage.

    All of them, of course, were denied = Pure Comedy!

  19. Made it to the Gibson show. Almost didn’t go, work night, long drive, etc. Almost turned around twice because of LA traffic. Thank God I didn’t!

    When I saw the program list of band members, I was ecstatic. Richard Wright, John Carin, Guy Pratt, Dick Parry ??? WOW! This is gonna be good!

    To begin with “Breathe” was totally unexpected. “On An Island” was great but when I spotted the bell hanging by Steve’s drumset I gasped, Is this possible? Will he play “High Hopes”? Oh my God, he did. And to also play “Echoes”… This was too much to ask for.

    What a great and memorable show.

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