Flashback: Chicago

Violet's cat, clearly enjoying David's 'On An Island' CDTwo years ago this very weekend, the ‘On An Island’ tour rolled into that wonderful town – Chicago – for two nights at the Rosemont Theatre (yes, it’s Theatre, not Theater).

Your thoughts, if you were in attendance, please. We’d love to know what you remember most clearly from these shows.

If you wish to enjoy the initial reaction to these concerts all over again, there were some great comments submitted immediately after both Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s, performances.

And, for a change, here’s a photo of a cat. (Thanks for sending in your picture, Violet.)

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

43 thoughts on “Flashback: Chicago”

  1. Caption: On an Island is purrfect (sorry, but someone had to say it).

    And I finally remembered which joke you were refering to on the other topic. I spent all day trying to remember what joke it was and then when I remembered it was one of those “oh THAT joke” moments!

    Good luck against Blackburn tomorrow.


    P.S. I like the way you slipped the English lesson bit in about theatre in there.

    [It’s a mistake I made the first time ’round. – FEd]

  2. i spent some time reading the comments from ’06 and found this one:

    [hey all you camera flashers out there, has anybody posted pictures from any concerts on a website?? i’m sure people who didn’t get to go to the concerts want to see what we got to see. – matthew]

    [i’m sure people who did get to go to the concerts want to break your legs… – fed]

    lol, i know i did!

  3. Nice picture! I’m adopted by two cats, too, and they’ve taught me to adore cats in general 😉

    That’s it with my semi-topic comment…

    Best regards


    PS. Have a good weekend, or what’s left of it, too, FEd. I enjoyed the last blog entries a lot. What about a blog entry about […]?

    [Yes, I like that one. We’ll do it soon. Thanks for the suggestion. – FEd]

  4. I’m still kicking myself for missing this show, but my friend who did the catering said that everyone was really cool and that he was very much starstruck. JEALOUS!

  5. It is nice to see your cat has such good taste when it comes to music Violet. Beautiful animal! I think it is saying “Play it again for me, please!”

    I hope you keep the pictures coming Fed. It is so much fun wondering what you will post next. It is so nice that you take the time to do so.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Ah yes, Gibson’s steak house, pre concert chow…tasty!

    Wow, were gonna be that close to David and the guys..outstanding!! Hey, where’s Crosby and Nash.. we are by an airport?..Ohh well, they still sound awesome vocally and that beautifully sounding black Stratocaster this close, I think we will live..

    Wow, fire orange tracer fire..take a breath, take a deep breath now. A Pocketfull of Stones, Echoes, David and Richard, that middle solo, Richard’s angry Hammond! David’s spot on leads took me back to Floyd in Milwauke 1975.

    I swore I felt angry birds from Pompeii gnawing at my soul during the middle seagull part. All the great musicians, sound and lighting. Roger would have been proud of the Wednesday crowd, they were well behaved.

    It all ended way too soon and left us thinking, if Floyd doesn’t reunite, then we just saw somthing we may never see again.

  7. I was fortunate to go to Chicago with my daughter. I’m not sure which one of us was the most excited, I would have to say me, because I was seeing David Gilmour and experiencing it with her.

    The show was tremendous, everything was perfect, the seats, the sound and the show. We went to our room after-wards and it overlooked the Rosemont Theatre and we watched them load-out then leave, all the time a Lightning Storm in the distance provided a show of its own, all while we enjoyed a Chicago Pizza.

    We over slept the next day, which messed up our plans of going to Ohio to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that did not seem to matter, that’s a trip for another day.

    It’s hard to believe 2 years have passed.

    Thanks David for keeping it fresh with the music that never gets old, the DVD and Bits and Pieces sprinkled about to keep us excited.

    And to you FEd for putting in the hours and labor of Love it takes to manage the Blog in a way that seems to keep the David Gilmour Experience alive and fresh.

    [Thank you, PK. I appreciate that. – FEd]

  8. Hard to believe it’s been 2 years since that fantastic Show. It is still fresh in my memory.

    Got a room at the Crowne Plaza right across the street from the Venue. I was with my ex girlfriend then, she was kind enough to pause her usual emotional and mental meltdowns, so I could get in the zone for the show. Now she moved on to another ChickenHawk, but whatever.

    Those banks of green lasers will be etched in my mind FOREVER!!


  9. Hard to believe the tour and album are TWO YEARS OLD now!! Time seems to be accellerating, or maybe I’m just slowing down… Soon there’ll be a live album from Gdansk and, if we’re very lucky, another album of original music will follow. And if we’re extraordinarily fortunate, David will tour again. And if I’m one of God’s chosen, I’ll get tickets for a show. (I know, David’s an atheist. Grant me some poetic licence, will ya?)

    Oh, how selfish I am! I could dream of peace on Earth, and end of homelessness and eradication of starvation, but instead I dream of an album and concert tour with a show that I can attend.

  10. About cats…

    I remember, a long time ago, someone wrote on the blog: “Dogs have masters. Cats have servants.”

    If so, I would be a servant, but FEd would be a master… No! I don’t like that!


  11. The concert at the Rosemont will always live in my mind as the best and most wonderful concert I have had the opportunity to attend. I loved the reverberation of the music. You could feel it.

    I will never forget the smile on my husbands face when David started to play. I’ll never forget the smile that David gave to some of the band. Oh what a lovely sight..that smile.

    But best of all, to be there to hear the band live, the beautiful music from these wonderful musicians. Extraordinary. It was heaven.

    Thank you David for touring one more time.

    (Oh, and one more thing, Marc Brickman’s green rays shooting out over David’s head.)


  12. I was just remembering that night the other night. I went to both shows. There hasn’t been a night that great since. Either everything is digression from then or I don’t make enough money to make life more interesting. It is probably mostly the former.

    I was never so excited about anything as I was for these shows. Only being in the front could have made this better. I was in the back both nights, but it is a small place so every seat is good. I had binoculars that seemingly brought me up to the 12th row. I felt like a camera man, panning this way and that. It was hard to pan off of David, since I knew just how rare and cool this chance was to see him right there. But, with such a great band, I had to have a close up with the other half of Floyd in attendance and the magnificient one and co.

    What else could I possibly say to convey how it felt to be there? We were sharing a dream in Chicago, it felt right! (insert guitar solo here) take it away David, but please take it back again.

  13. How adorable is that!!

    Speaking of cats….I happened to look down my dark hallway to see two glowing eyes staring back at me, frightening when you’re not thinking about it being your cat!! :O

  14. Hey FE’d

    a congratulations is in order!

    can I spell centre, centre and not center also? made my monday 🙂

    should have taken a picture of LeeLoo yesterday as she was chillin’ to DSotM

    have a good week @ DGHQ

    I’ll not mention the rovers result

  15. [Marc Brickman’s green rays shooting out over David’s head. – Jan]

    I remember this from the RAH.

    Nice cat.

  16. What a great show. Was there for Wednesday and kicked myself for not also taking Thursday night off from work so I could go again.

    There was a family sitting next to me, husband, wife, son 10, daughter 12. It was very obvious the parents educated these kids about David and Pink Floyd and was very cool to watch them enjoy the show almost as much as the adults.

    BTW- To Kerry who mentioned Gibson’s Steakhouse in Rosemont. Next time you are there go into the lounge and ask the piano player to do Great Gig In The Sky. He loves playing it, and a lot of other Floyd.

  17. Ciao folks,

    Off topic:

    Italians voted yesterday and today for a new government. Which will hopefully last more than a couple of hours.

    As usual a lot of parties, and some of them related to old “ideals” fascism and communism. For the Americans here, there is no fascist or communist like you think….

    But what I want to tell you is that we have also a party called “sinistra critica” which is a joke in the name itself. It makes me laugh so much. This name can be translated as….”Critical left wing”. These are “critical” communists. But not in the sense of important, crucial but in the sense of criticism.

    What the hell is a “critical left wing”? Are they complaining about everything all the time? Their mission is to break balls anyway?

    Gosh, guys…Italian politics is F*CKED!!!

  18. Piergiorgio, at least you get to vote for your prime minister. In Britain we are being governed by someone who wasn’t voted for. Instead he just got the job because his boss stood down, then he chickened out of an election last year – and they call Britain democratic!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was ruined a bit by having to go back to school today after two weeks off.

    While we are talking about pets although this is going to sound really strange i’m sure my dog actually took notice of the TV when i watched RTN. Normally she doesn’t pay it any attention but i’m sure she was actually watching the screen! See, David’s music is so good even animals like it, not many musicians can claim that, i bet. (Although i don’t think my dog likes the barking on Seamus because she can’t work out where it’s coming from.)

    Sorry for the waffle Fed, i got a bit carried away.

  19. This cat reminds me of the cat I owned as a teenager. Syd (owing his name to who else?) was an orange tabby/persian mix who was usually observed in that very position!

    If a person walked within 10 feet of him, he would roll on his back inviting you for a rub.

    What a slut!

  20. Me and my wife went to the Wednesday show. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Well,I can remember most of it.LOL.

    As soon as we walked in there was a heavy fog just lingering about. As soon as I saw that I knew we were in for a mind blowing light show.

    And it was! I have been to a lot of concerts in my time and I must say this was the loudest I have ever seen. The Hiwatt’s were just pounding you right in the chest. Excellent small venue for a concert.

    I can honestly say that I will always “Remember That Night”.

    Thanks David.

  21. I was there on Thursday.

    I can remember the moments leading up to the first note being moments of total anxiousness. When the lights went dark and the fog began to fill the stage as Castellorizon began, the realization that I was actually at a David Gilmour concert hit me.

    Every song was played in true perfect form and the light show was superb!!! If I could have afforded it I would have bought tickets to every show.

    Thanks again David for On An Island and for touring. I hope that I will have the privilege to see one of your concerts again soon.

    Thanks FE’D for allowing us to voice our feelings as we Remember That Night!


    [No, thank you for voicing them. – FEd]

  22. I was there for the Wednesday show. It was my first time seeing him in concert. I’ve never been to a Floyd show either, so what a treat!

    Some guy here on the blog said he had an extra ticket to sell, and agreed to sell it to me. I planned to meet him at a nearby hotel, but he never showed, and never answered his phone when I called!

    So, I thought I was going to be out of luck after driving three hours.

    So I did something I never thought I’d do…Bought the ticket from a scalper in the parking lot.

    And I am so glad I did. This was a top 5 concert ever for me. Phenomenal. I’ll never forget seeing David walk out and play Castellorizon with those lights shining from behind him. Gives me chills!

    And I remember the crowd singing Time with David as loud as they could. So cool. The DVD is fantastic, but can never replace what it felt like to be there.

    I can’t believe two years has passed already.

    Thanks for the opportunity to relive a great memory, FEd.

    [I’m sorry that someone used this forum to mess you about. Name and shame, if you wish. – FEd]

  23. Caption..

    Sufferin Succotash, I love this CD! Simply a purrfect meow mix.

    Adorable cat, Violet. Must provide you with plenty of joy.

    [There are more cute pets to come… – FEd]

  24. Ahhh… Chicago.

    Part 1… Getting the tickets…

    When I first heard about the US tour, I just had to get tickets. Unfortunately in less then 30 seconds, all the tickets were gone.

    So… I ended up paying some *Donkey’s rear end* on Ebay $250 per ticket for 4 tickets to the first night’s show at the Rosemont Theater… I was not too happy about having to pay so much money but at least I was going.

    Kindness is not dead however…

    I posted here hoping to get tickets for the second night somewhat cheaper, if not for face value (due to being almost broke from the tickets to the first nights cost). Some kind person (thanks for posting my email, Fed!!) replied to my post and offered me 4 tickets for face value!

    So there I was, tickets for both nites for everyone going, but no Hotel… (I live in North Carolina). I hopped on the internet and quickly secured 2 very nice hotel rooms…

  25. Part 2… Showtime.

    The 12+ hour drive to Chicago was filled with Floyd and solo Gilmour. We got to the Hotel and took it easy until the night of the Concert.

    The first night was wonderful, almost… My daughter loved the lights and was singing with the music and really enjoying herself until some loser in front of us asked us to keep her quiet… a memory she still has…

    On An Island was even better live than on CD and I really enjoyed it. Echoes was an amazing performance as was all of the second half. *Side note: as soon as the lights went down for the second half both nights, it seemed the entire crowd felt the time was right to “light it up” giving the room a sweet smell*

    The second night was great. Dominoes!!!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE DOMINOES!!!! Another performance of Echoes… even better then the night before.

    It seems I am out of space, so I will leave you with this, Rosemont Theaters shows were brilliant and a very nice memory that my family will share.

  26. Have mercy, I remember… two years have gone by, doesn’t seem that long…..got those tickets thru a broker, it was the only way….

    Had no clue where we were sittin and when we discovered we were 4 rows in front of the sound board…omg, I knew I could die a very happy death, lol. I was going to get to see David Gilmour and literally see him play.

    The music was awesome, the lighting, brilliant, singin with the songs..take a breath, take a deep breath now……onnnn an iiiissslllannnd, it felt right…had most of em memorized……then the old fav’s…. holy cow. That’s one show I will never ever forget..still now when the pontoon is going down the river, we play that coming back from a late night run. I close my eyes and I am sittin right back there, 4 rows in front of the soundboard, looking at Mr Gilmour and the lot of them, him in his tee shirt n jeans, radiating music, not thru the guitar, but thru his soul.

    So ok, two years have passed, I think it’s time to come back, whatcha think!

  27. Ahhhh, the old American English jokes are in abundance.

    I’m from Canada and we spell it theatre, but we also say tire instead of tyre….

    Ok, I’ll get my coat. 🙂

    Bob Mitchell

  28. I’m also mad that I missed this concert. My wife can’t wait for David and his band to do another tour in Chicago. I heard from many fans here that it was a job well done!

    Mr. Gilmour, I hope you will be back to Chicago again some time soon.

    Best Wishes

  29. Caption #1: “9 out of 10 Strats prefer Gilmour”

    Caption #2: CATSilorizon??????

    “There may be dogs about…”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  30. Hi Fed,

    Thank you for putting this.

    “Why did you do this? I am so shamed of myself. You should have asked me first.” ~~ from cat


  31. to violet: your cat is lovely! 🙂

    to fed: it was a great idea to have flashbacks of the concerts. i love reading them.

    to everyone who has flashed back: thanks for the memories!

  32. [I’m sorry that someone used this forum to mess you about. Name and shame, if you wish. – FEd]

    Oh, I wish I could remember his name! Thanks for the opportunity though. I actually think my experience ended up being better for the situation I found myself in.

    I ended up with a better seat, and appreciated even more because I nearly didn’t get to go at all!


    [That’s a fair point. I’m so glad that it worked out in the end, Joe. – FEd]

  33. Violet, I bet you must be playing “Then I close my eyes” when you took this picture of your cat. Your cat sure knows how to enjoy good music; I can see the big smile on its face – cute picture.


  34. If anyone is interested in my original comments regarding this performance, they can search the blog. They are still here. This was quite simply the best concert I have ever witnessed live.

    I took my older brother, who had turned me onto the Floyd when I was nine or so with Dark Side of the Moon. We flew from Detroit to Chicago and had booked a hotel room down the street from the Rosemont.

    When we landed at O’Hare, we hopped a cab to the hotel and dropped off our bags. Having a few hours to spare, we were able to get seats at Gibson’s Steak House, which is nearly next door to the venue for dinner and a bit of wine.

    As we were eating dinner, a group of four men -call them “suits”- had been seated at an adjacent table. We were treated to a most interesting conversation (we were eavesdropping). These guys seemed to be plotting the next stage of Pink Floyd’s career. “I know that we can get Roger to go with it, and Nick will be on board if Roger is. If we can get David on board, Rick will follow suit.” They continued on with the hows and whys for an hour or so. For us it was quite amusing.

    As the show time approached, we left the restaurant. I had to bite my tongue, so as not to let them know that we knew what they were talking about. Damn that Gilmour!! I don’t know who they were, but they entertained us for an hour or so.

    But the real entertainment would soon follow…

    [Suits plotting. Don’t you just love that? – FEd]

  35. I had the opportunity to see David both nights here in Chicago. Without a doubt, the two best nights in my life.

    The first night I went with 3 of my best friends and my older brother. Me and my best friend Scott took the great seats – about 20 feet away from Gilmour and the others were in the back row of the balcony.

    From the very first note, I knew I was definitely going to “Remember that Night”! The music was just incredible and the audience was very enthusiastic (except for the “Insert swear word” two teenagers who were constantly on their cell phones the whole first half)!…

  36. I’ll die someday with the comfort of knowing I finally heard Echoes live at these shows.

  37. i would have to say that my favorite 2 bands are floyd & then crosby stills & nash, so this whole album/tour was very exciting for me. went to chicago show thurs night, amazing, even w/o crosby & nash.

    echoes was a highlight. i have seen floyd a few times and never heard echoes live. truly a great year for floyd fans, got to see roger later in sept. in detroit. only member of floyd i didn’t see that year was nick. pretty good!

    i own a cabin that is actually on an island in a small river in mich. every wed during the summer i am there doing work. at night i light a fire and listen to crosby & nash “another stoney evening” followed by “on an island”. it is always truly another stoney evening on an island. i think if i were stranded on an island those would be my 2 picks.

    looking forward to whatever is next david. thanks for a couple of great years. stop by if you are ever in mich!

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