Something about a live CD…

You know that David will be putting out a live album in the not-too-distant future, right? And that it will be a recording of the Gdańsk concert from August 2006, with ‘assorted extras’ thrown in?

Well, David doesn’t want to give too much away just yet, because it’s obviously still a work in progress and things do change, but I can say that there will be a documentary included in some shape or form.

And that’s all I can say, but speculate yourselves silly, if you wish.

A bonus disc? Audio? Video? Maybe a means of viewing online, or perhaps it’s something you download? Is it only about Gdańsk? Is it an edit of ‘Remember That Night’ material, or made up of brand new footage?

So many questions, yet no answer other than the usual apologetic repetition about how that’s all you’re getting for now, unfortunately. There’ll be more when the time is right.

Still, it’ll be good to know what your inquisitive little minds are thinking, and hoping for, right about now. I think I can hear the whirring and clunking from here…

That’s all for another week, so enjoy the weekend. (Perhaps you’ll find time for one last check of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD before every disputable ‘Easter Egg’ is listed next week?)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. It sounds really cool, Fed.

    Plus I hope that you and everyone will have a great weekend.

    Take Care,

  2. I’m not going to speculate about the DG Strat, so I’m not..


    [There’s nothing to add about that just yet, sorry. – FEd]

  3. No problem, Fed. Looking forward to the live cd and all the other bits & bobs…have a good one!!


    [Both guitar and live album will be worth waiting for, you’ll see. – FEd]

  4. Sounds like a lot of goodies again, FEd. Thanks for the update.

    Best regards,

  5. the short form answer would be “whatever Dave has up his sleeve, I’m game for it all!”

    The longer answer would be: knowing what the “Breaking bread….” documentary was like, and how cameras were roving and rolling at (seemingly) all times, I can imagine a huge event such as the Gdansk show will not be without more of the same.

    I’d have to think that a video of mostly this footage will be used for the documentary, with the usual stuff put in for good measure: interviews with all the movers and shakers present as well as much rehearsal footage and whatnot.

    Might it even be in a format that is part CD/part DVD. Hell, even another cinema event!

    Its all good and I’m waiting with bated breath!

    have a great weekend, all….

  6. Thanks for this interesting info about the new CD 🙂

    Have a nice weekend.


  7. Hello,

    nice news ! We’re waiting for the CD or (better…) the dvd with a lot of music, pics and every thing else…

    Have a nice weekend mates

  8. ah something to brighten up a very busy day ( which is why i missed the chat , i was all over the city today , mostly listening to pluse sitting in traffic jams !)

    fish relased his album 13th star with a bonus dvd disk . i hope david’s one will be something simillar .

    as to whats on it , whatever he does is fine with me . the extras on RTN were cool !


  9. Assorted extras.

    I’ll settle for an Orchestral Remix of OAI, with Zbigniew Preisner and his ensemble thrashing it out with David and the band.

  10. Excellent news FEd, thanks for sharing the tidbits you know so far. It’s always fun looking forward to a new CD with live versions or variations. Documentaries – audio or video – whew, there’s nothing more satisfying than words from your favorite artist, describing their art or revealing more about their perspective, or even themselves. I can’t wait … oh, but I must.

    Have a great weekend. CT

  11. “Speculate yourselves silly”? OK !

    A new CD and a new tour!! It’s been 2 years and I’m dreaming big.

    A good weekend to all.

  12. Looking forward to the live Gdansk release, whatever form it will take. However, since you’ve asked, he’s a few things that I’d be happy to spend my hard earned money on (in no particular order):-

    – The best bits of the Gdansk concert/documentary on a DVD to accompany the CD (along the lines of the special edition of the OAI CD)
    – A cinema event showing the best bits of the Gdansk concert/documentary (along the lines of the great RTN cinema events)
    – Some footage of the Gdansk concert broadcast on TV
    – And, of course, Easter Eggs…..lots of them 🙂

  13. WE don’t need no speculation….

    Have a good weekend one and all.

    Oh and as I don’t get to the chatroom these days I ought to just say “Hi Kim” (she likes that, you know ….)

  14. I am so looking forward to this live album (this and the RTN DVD are retribution for sadly missing the OAI series of shows in the US).

    My wish for a live album has been granted. My estimate is it may be either a 3-CD set or a double CD (sans stage bantering and cheering cut to help put the CDs be 80 minutes even each) and a DVD.

    Thanks FED! You are the man!

  15. Hi FED,

    the live recording is just another precious add to my collection. Perhaps there will be some footage clips on the after show house party.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Whirring and clunking?! You should be smelling smoke clear across the big pond, by now!

    Thanks for the update, I love having something special to look for on the horizon.

    Holy cow, this is going to be good!

  17. Thank you for the latest goodie update, FEd;^)

    Not only is my little mind whirring and clunking, it’s beginning to smoke in anticipation! I’m wishing for every possible extra (greedy bitch that I am) and, in addition, I’ll make a wish upon a star for David to tour behind the release! You did say to speculate ourselves silly, right? So …

    Here’s my pitch to David for said tour: As handsome, full of vitality, and musically inspired as he was before the whole On An Island release/tour, he seemed to become even more handsome, youthful, energized, inspired and more full of mischief as the tour progressed. And then there are all those songs that didn’t make it on the OAI album just begging to be given life!

    “Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past; I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast; If she’s passin’ back this way, I’m not that hard to find; Tell her she can look me up, if she’s got the time.”

    Peace ‘n’ love always!

    [Nice song, that. – FEd]

  18. F’Ed: you are a tease. And as usual we can’t resist. We’ll always take as much as David is willing to let us have. More Excitement and something more to look forward to. Lucky us. Thank you in advance, because I’m sure it will be wonderful. Live, how cool. I’m calling this information my anniversary present. My husband and I will celebrate our 33rd Mar 29th.. We celebrated in 2006 by going to the April concert in Chicago. Best anniversay present ever, so far.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. Signs of spring soon too I hope.


    [Happy Anniversary, Jan. – FEd]

  19. [but speculate yourselves silly, if you wish.]

    Gdansk ? A bonus documentary ?

    Since our Features Editor attended the show, I am expecting a DVD full of his/her adventures there…


    [That would be pretty dull, believe me. Other than the press conference, concert, and drinks later that night, it was mostly channel-hopping and clock-watching for me. I didn’t run up a £160 telephone bill over two or three days by accident. – FEd]

  20. oh boy, this is exciting. i hope to see some NEVER BEFORE SEEN stuff. i hope it is video.

    as for the DG strat i have my black strat already so i am happy, though i still might buy one? I wonder if it will have The Jimi Hendrix strap????

  21. Hello Fed, thanks for the update, on the live album. I’m thinking two music discs and one dvd disc. All I know is it will be first class like everything DG organization does including the Blog, which by the way I am really enjoying the new format. Fine job everybody.


  22. Suggestions:

    A 32 hour documentary mini-series….

    Ok, seriously. The personal touches are very endearing features. More of Wireman if there is video footage. A documentary is always nice, but I’d like to see David ‘host’ or narrate.

    How about something for wanna-be guitarists and fire-side guitar folk like me? A tablature of something or a mini OAI lesson?

    How about an alternate version of an OAI tune that he’s toyed around with?

  23. David and Pink Floyd have released far more live material in the past quarter-century than albums of original music.

    That said, I think the concert from Gdansk will be different. By all accounts, it was a very special night. The music sounded fresh and the band was in rare form. The elements fell together perfectly. I think this will be a very special disk. And so it is with anticipation that I await the release of a “Live in Gdansk.” It might well live in my CD player for quite a while.

    Extras? Maybe there will be an oversized booklet with lots of Polly’s photography. I’d like to know more about the labor movement that this concert was a commemoration of. I’m a teacher, a humanist and a historian of sorts, so that would be all right with me.

  24. Well Fed, you know how to tease us. It’s nice to know that there is something on the horizon.

    Have a good weekend and hopefully we’ll hear more from you next week.


  25. Hi FEd, that’s great news, hopefully it will be released in the Summer.

    My vote for the extra portions is to be a physical disc of some sort & not a download.

    Thanks & Have a Great Weekend


  26. Greetings!

    Well, the Gdansk concert will probably cover two CDs.

    When it comes to the bonus, I hope its a third CD with the songs that where exclusively played for certain regions, which werent played on the Gdansk concert. Like “Dark Globe” and “Wearing the Inside Out” for instance.

    Cheers from Norway!
    – Gardar (Go Liverpool!)

    [Well said. C’mon you Reds! Give Everton a good hiding tomorrow. (Er, excuse me.) – FEd]

  27. All I can say is bring on the orchestra in Gdansk. Can’t wait to see the FULL SHOW and an interesting faux pas or two.

    Thanks for the update.

  28. Thanks for the good news Fed. Anything David would like to share with us would be great.

    I hope he does not think we are just a greedy bunch (and we really are, aren’t we?) that wants him to just work, work, work. It is just hard not to want more of us wonderful music. I am so glad he has not changed his mind about another CD. Thank you David for giving us something to look forward to!

    I must go now and look for more easter eggs. Thanks to all for the hints of where they are. Can’t wait for your list of the eggs hiding places Fed.


  29. Thanks Fed for the info, I just love surprises!

    Have a great weekend Fed.

    [The same to you. – FEd]

  30. Nice to hear he is looking at bringing something else out – can’t wait. Does that man never stop?!!

    Look forward to seeing it whatever guise it may take the form of.

    And those Easter eggs…. I’ll find them all this weekend hopefully!

  31. What I really hope for is that we finally get the 10 minute live version of the “Island Jam” that the band played after the presentation of the “Remember that Night” DVD in the Odeon cinema!

    It was simply mind-blowing and it would be a shame should it rot in some dusty archive!

  32. that’s cool…I’m thinkin’ of a new album coming soon…

    have a nice weekend everyone!


  33. Hi

    I am looking forward to this cd, bring it on!

    Also met Nick Mason last night – a real gentleman!


  34. Hi FEd,

    your sentence “Maybe a means of viewing online,” lets me hope. I’d love an online archive where each of the OAI tour attendees could view/download footage about the concert she/he went to.

    In times where web space, bandwidth and traffic isn’t a show stopper anymore, it would be a perfect gift to the fans, especially if we could download them easily (i.e. as the videos offered on in the past). Just add a small voucher in the disc package…

    Best regards,


  35. Have finally tracked down Acoustic Echoes…brilliant and OAI dance remix…very funny. Having earlier discovered the boat scene. Thank you those who pointed out how to get to them.

    I’ve now decided to wait for you F’ed to enlighten us further as I’m scared of either hurting the DVD or plunging Surrey into a power cut of monsterous proportions if I press a wrong button!!!

    Thank you for the update on Gdansk…..oh for the Island Jam from Odeon Leicester Square on a DVD section…bliss.

  36. I wish it could be available in my country, in Hungary. Unfortunately the ‘Remember that night’ DVD is not available in the shops.

    It would be very good to listen to the whole Gdańsk concert, in the DVD’s extra tour movie, there was only a part of this concert.

    I hope there will be many extras! 😉

    Have a nice weekend!


  37. I wait in marvelous anticipation.

    A cool bonus goody would be tracks from the About Face tour!


  38. Hey FEd,

    Sounds like a DVD of the Gdansk show will be available to go with the live CD.

    [Does it? – FEd]

  39. Great news!

    David never stops,what a great musician,can’t wait to listen to his great gig in Gdansk,hope there will be maybe an extra with a short (or maybe more) filmed performance of David with his magic guitar taken from this gig!

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend.How are you Fed?


    [I’m very well, thank you. How are you? – FEd]

  40. Remember That Night: Live in Gdansk – – The CD

    We have in our hands a very fine DVD, arguably (re)setting the standard by which live concert videos are judged. So – this cannot be outdone – esp by an audio-only product.

    I don’t know… so what should this thing be? Something ‘new,’ for sure. Live interview snips? One-off outtakes – songs not on RTN? Duets with guest performers? We’ll see…


  41. i’ll take whatever’s on offer and probably two copies of it!

    thanks for the update. i think it could be an audio documentary on cd instead of dvd. there are lots of unofficial ones on sale. something for your mp3 player?

    a fab weekend to all. x

  42. Dear FED

    I am really looking forward to this Live CD release!!

    My hopes are that on the bonus disc, which I hope to be a DVD, there will be Live footage shot from Gdansk for example, high hopes with the full orchestra, astronomy domine live concert version from Gdansk, on the turning away from Venice, everyone is screaming for this to be included, Sam Brown’s version of Great gig in the sky!!!

    Also other songs that didn’t make it onto remember that night!! For example – a great day for freedom from Gdansk!!!

    Would also love to have shine on wineglass version from this concert on dvd and finally odeon leicester square island jam that would be very cool!!!

    Sorry for a long list – just expressing my wishes!!!

    Look after yourself FED!!! You do a great job!!! Keep well and you too David!!!!

  43. I’m very excited about the live CD. As for speculation for some extras, I can’t think of any that haven’t been said, but some of my favorite ideas are:

    1) A Tour (Duh, that’s a no brainer)
    2) A DVD
    3) I love Angelo’s idea of something for us, campside guitarists.

    I can rest assured, that whatever David decides to do, it’s sure to please.


  44. my “high hopes” for the live cd set:

    a special double set containing the entire concert on DVD and the Audio on cd… that would be awesome.

    i want all the video footage he will offer.

    i want all the audio he will offer.

    also any news on the 5.1 SACD of OAI that was talked about?

    too much to ask for?

    [Nothing about a 5.1 SACD, sorry. – FEd]

  45. With regard to music, I would like to see a documentary about the orchestra and composer Zbigniew Preisner.

    But I read again ‘A show for Solidarity’ on the ‘Stuff & Nonsense’ page and my secret hope is to ‘see’ the development/evolution of the process that made David accept the invitation from Lech Walesa and Pawel Adamowicz to perform in Gdansk, to see the press conference in Gdansk, maybe some old footage of the events of 1980, as a reminder of how folks/workers are sometimes able – in a no violent way – to come to democracy and freedom, to change the world – at least their world.

    I think that many nations in the world (mine included) have a big lesson to take from Polish people.


  46. It would be super cool if there was more footage with David on the Astoria. I loved watching “Three men in a Boat”. Not sure if that’s already an Easter egg on RTN or not.

    Enough rambling.

    Thank you for the update FEd!!!!!

  47. …this sounds GREAT FEd!

    Hopefully there is a SPECIAL limited EDITION of the GDANSK show on DVD planned!?!!

    Can`t wait to read more great news about it. Maybe a (mini-)TOUR will be planned to promote that – it will be sooooooooo nice to see and hear David again LIVE on STAGE! – Ok, I am dreaming a little bit… 😉

    PETE from Germany

  48. I’m speculating [that it will be a recording of the Gdańsk concert from August 2006, with ‘assorted extras’ thrown in]..just playing it safe, but whatever it will be,..can’t wait!

    Perhaps a portion of the extras will the ‘best of’ fan photos that you have received? I’m pushing it!

    BTW..had my lights out for an hour earlier to respect Earth Hour. So if there are spelling mistakes, I’m still trying to get my focus back.

  49. I welcome anything in any format by David Gilmour… audio or video… they all sound good to me; and with “assorted extras” – you are very kind to us, David.

    I heard so much about the Gdańsk concert. I am truly thrilled and excited to hear that it will soon become available to us to enjoy.

    Thanks for the good news, FEd and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  50. I reckon it’s going to be a small video clip of David saying the word “pamplemousse” that I can put straight on to my ipod.

    Is it time to wake up yet?

    [Subliminal messaging would be good, actually. One for all the dieters (with basic understanding of French) out there. – FEd]

  51. Hello FEd, thank you for the invitation to speculate and express our hopes.

    I’d be happy with something that I listen to rather than watch. NOT that I don’t like watching the DVDs that David puts out, I do. But I like being able to listen whilst I get on with work round the house or garden. I keep sitting down to watch DVDs.

    It’s bad for my bum, my house is a mess, my kids starve. . . anyway my stereo system is better than my TV.

    I’m not into downloading stuff, I think that’s something the younger generation are into. I don’t know how, I don’t know how to store it or play it on my stereo and I don’t use an MP3 player so anything too technical would be wasted on me. The sound that comes out of the computer speakers is awful too in comparison to my hi-fi.

    I’m just an old fashioned girl.

    ash X

  52. There has to be a tour to promote, he must play in Wolverhampton or Birmingham.

  53. [Oh and as I don’t get to the chatroom these days I ought to just say “Hi Kim” (she likes that, you know ….) – Tim C]

    Hey Tim! lol yea won’t be a while til I get to the chatroom!

    Great to hear the new CD is going along smoothly!

    Have a great week everyone.


  54. Looking forward to the release of the live CD, of course a new tour to help launch the CD would be quite fantastic!!!

  55. I reckon it’s going to be a small video clip of David saying the word “tartiflette” that I can put straight on to my ipod.

    Subliminal message for all the non-dieters …


    [Like it. – FEd]

  56. Great news about the documentary! Seems we’re again in for a real treasure trove with this live CD.

    My wish for extras would be – besides a documentary about the Gdansk concert, obviously – a recording of the “Island Jam” played at the Odeon-premiere of the DVD, although I don’t know if this was recorded at all, audio- or video-wise.

    And, somewhat (or very) belatedly, thanks a lot for following my suggestion and enlarging this field here, FEd. Much easier to type in now!

  57. Sure that the dream of everyone here would be to have the famous gdansk concert, with philarmonic, on dvd and blue ray… it’s certainly impossible for commercial reasons or other non-evident reasons. What i really hope is to have, at least, the best moments of this concert, the tracks when the philarmonic makes the difference with a normal concert.


  58. I think we will be getting (audio or video) of the 10 minute Blues jam from the RTN premiere.

    I think and hope.

  59. Hi Fed.

    I would expect a 2/CD and maybe a limited edition for the diehards with an Extra – DVD with footage from Gdansk and maybe more material from the On An island Tour 2006?

    This would be already fantastic!!! But when I read between your lines I get the feeling that there is more about it!


  60. It’s just amazing how this lot speculates on what is to come. In fact, in some of these entries it seems like they “definitively know” exactly what is being released. The only thing that seems to be missing right now is an entry for a PF reunion and a tour of Brazil. But it’s all good.

    What will come will certainly be great and it’s good to hear that it will be the Gdansk show. Personally I felt like there wasn’t enough about that particular show on RTN, so this will be very welcome.



  61. [it’ll be good to know what your inquisitive little minds are thinking, and hoping for – FEd]

    Actually i’m hoping i’ll have a better stereo by then that will do the CD justice.

    Although we don’t yet know any specifics about what’s on the album it’s guaranteed to be great no matter what the extras are.

  62. [“Island Jam” played at the Odeon-premiere of the DVD, although I don’t know if this was recorded at all, audio- or video-wise.]

    Georg it was, even in HD, because it was screened on the 15th of September on RTN US cinema premiere,


  63. Just my 0.02 euro cents….David, please, release ALL the “On an Island” tour dates as Encore Series like The Who or Peter Gabriel or Genesis did from their last tour!

    It’ll be the greatest sold out ever 🙂

    Thx Fed, just a dream from this quiet night.

    P.S: By the way what do you think about Van Der Graaf Generator?? And what does David think about their work or Peter Hammill’s solo career?


    [I’d have to pass, sorry. – FEd]

  64. Since you asked, there are two things from the last leg of the European tour I’d like to see released as a bonus.

    “On The Turning Away” from Venice was a real surprise and it would complete the release of all the songs performed on the tour (assuming Great Day for Freedom is included in the Gdansk main release.)

    The other is the sublime Echoes from Vienne. I’ve heard it said that the Vienne Echoes was the best performance of the entire tour with Rick completely on fire and dancing behind the Hammond.

    Honestly, we’ve already received far more than could be expected with RTN and I’ll be happy with whatever comes with the release. But you don’t get what you don’t request, so there is my two pence on the subject.

  65. Dear F.Ed

    Any choice will be perfect, as it’s in DG’s style, but I suppose that Igor Sklyarov performing the intro of Shine on You Crazy Diamond with the wine glasses can’t miss out…

    again a very nice weekend to all
    ciao / bye Elisabetta

  66. Hello everybody !

    I confirm what EchoesBob said, I was in Vienne that night and “I remember (that night :)” !! Echoes was incredible !! This is my favourite song ever and to see it live !! WAW !

    And if it’s possible to have a live CD with a good sound quality, it will be marvelous !!

    Comfortably Numb was one of the best I heard on the tour too!! David is very good to do a new solo each time : Vienne and DVD versions are very different !

    Good night and good WE all (especially FED !!)

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