RTN back on PBS

Don’t forget: PBS are again broadcasting part of the ‘Remember That Night’ concert.

If you’re in the US, please check your local TV listings, just in case any of the following times have changed.

Wednesday 5 March
Butte, Bozeman, MT: KUSM –
Missoula, MT: KUFM – 22:30 

Friday 7 March
Butte, Bozeman, MT:
KUSM – 03:00
Missoula, MT: KUFM – 03:00 

Sunday 9 March
Rapid City, SD: KBHE – 00:00
Minot, Bismark, Dickinson, ND: KQSD –
Rapid City, SD: KPSD –
Sioux Falls, Mitchell, SD: KCSD, KDSD, KESD, KTSD, KUSD –

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

38 thoughts on “RTN back on PBS”

  1. Hmm…didn’t watch RTN for quite some time…almost a week or so….tonight I’m going to see my second favorite guitarist and singer – Chris Rea, and I will watch RTN when I come back…that will be a treat, don’t you think?

  2. Hi FEd, hope all is well with you.

    If I remember rightly there was talk about explaining all the “Easter eggs” on RTN. is that right or have I missed something? Apols if I have.

    Ian Pearson

    [Nothing missed and all is well, thank you. You’ve waited so long, it seems that you might as well wait until it’s really Easter. Please hold on for just a little longer and we’ll give the DVD’s hidden extras the full Gunther von Hagens treatment. – Features Editor]

  3. Happy New Year and welcome mates,

    happy to be here just in time for David’s birthday.

    I like this “new face” of the blog… is blue enough and I like very much the “categories” area.

    Next week I will be in London…does anyone know if Camden market is operating after the last firing?

    Usually i love Camden town, a glorious jump into my teenage years.

    A kiss to “my” FEd, I missed you

  4. Dear Fed,

    Just (literally) flown home from Chile and delighted to see the Blog site up and running. Glad to know it was a technical problem and nothing more sinister.

    On the long flight from London the Madrid Santiago section on LAN Chile airlines, as one of the CD’s you could tune in to, they had PULSE (Disc 1 only though) and even playing it 8 times or more non stop it still sounded great.

    Whilst in the Atacama region we visited the oldest church in Chile at Chiu Chiu which had an external bell tower reached by some rickety worn down stone steps. The sign said ‘Do not climb steps’ (we thought ‘and that includes you Guy’) and could visualise Guy saying to David ‘We are not playing Shine On on those bells!’

    Oh well back to reality but its good to be in England now the Blog is back!!!! Well done Fed and its probably going to take at least 2 months for me to find my way round!

    [Welcome back, Heather. – Features Editor]

  5. Please, I have two questions:

    – Why are there no more photos on the blog entries ? They were all so nice…

    – Why don’t you accept new registrations for the chatroom ? [Stuff & Nonsense page/chatroom/register]

    And, ‘never two without three’, so…?… Will I have to wait until it’s Easter to get answers? Hmm…

    Bonus: a very subtle and haunting music on the site today…


    [When I have some new photos, they’ll be here. There’s really no point in putting up old ones. Likewise, when I want more chatroom registrations, I’ll gladly invite people to sign up. There are many, many people currently registered for a chatroom they’ve never visited and, perhaps, have no intention of visiting. – Features Editor]

  6. [… Please hold on for just a little longer and we’ll give the DVD’s hidden extras the full Gunther von Hagens treatment. – Features Editor]

    Another fine “clinical” retort, FEd.

    Are Fedora’s compulsory for the Easter egg relevations.

    [A fine idea, Ken. I think that would be fitting. (Bring your own scalpel.) – Features Editor]

  7. [Nothing missed and all is well, thank you. You’ve waited so long, it seems that you might as well wait until it’s really Easter. Please hold on for just a little longer and we’ll give the DVD’s hidden extras the full Gunther von Hagens treatment. – Features Editor]

    Ooooo, goodie. You’re going to be giving out Easter Eggs on Easter. Will we have to wait until the Catholic Easter (March 23) or the Orthodox Easter (April 27)?



    [Definitely Catholic Easter. – Features Editor]

  8. Oh boy, I was still checking the old blog feed daily (instead of actually visiting the old site) up until now. So… albeit a bit late, still: welcome back!

    Seems you got the blog going at full speed again. Wonderful!

  9. It’s a funny old world…

    I saw Springsteen last night and when we got back I put on RTN specifically Fat Old Sun to show the guys how a guitar is really played….

    DG is almost in a trance when he cranks it out….

  10. FEd, I’m so happy to hear you say that you’ll discuss the Easter Eggs soon! I’ve had some of the Irregulars walk me through it privately, and I’m still not sure I’ve caught on.

    Bless you for taking pity on the techno-challenged! This will be better than getting a chocolate rabbit!

  11. I’m having an overdose of RTN! Watch it every night!

    Call the doctor please………

  12. i just wanna say that i love rtn!!!

    [Thanks for sharing that, Victor. Spare a thought for those for whom the PBS broadcasts will be a first experience of the concert. Quite lucky, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  13. i’m getting all prepared for DG’s b-day. will there be anything special? is he doing anything special on the blog?

    [Birthday messages are very welcome, of course. From midnight tomorrow, please (there’ll be a separate entry for them, so please wait for that so they’re all in one place). – Features Editor]

  14. [There are many, many people currently registered for a chatroom they’ve never visited and, perhaps, have no intention of visiting. – Features Editor]

    I would love to be able to visit but office hours dictate differently for me at the moment. I am just waiting for a day off to co-incide with a chat day.

    Yay, I finally got broadband too so hopefully next opportunity I shall be able to “chat” away. Can’t wait. :))

    [No problem, Julie. Hope you can join in soon. – Features Editor]

  15. Do you think there will be people who watch RTN on PBS and then wonder how they are supposed to access the Easter Eggs?? Afterwards they would say, “I kept pushing the buttons on my remote but all it did was change the channel….”

    C’mon, you must know someone that is so obtuse.



    [Yep, I know a few. – Features Editor]

  16. Getting my fedora ready!

    And yes, the folks who haven’t seen RTN are in for more than a treat–it’s an amazing accomplishment, one that gets better and better with time.

  17. Hello all!

    Just popping in to say howdy. I hope everyone who has those stations watches RTN!!

    Ohh, and a message to Marcus_Buick and Gab:

    I took your advice from last year and purchased Atom Heart Mother. All I can say is Wow. What a great album. Summer of 68 is a fantastic song. I think David needs to go back on tour so he and Rick can perform it :o)

    How are you doing FEd? Good I hope…Any More chats scheduled for the upcoming weeks?

    That’s it from me. Enjoy your week everyone!

    [The next one’s next week. – Features Editor]

  18. honest I will get to the chat room FE’d!

    plus it is extremely nice to get the email and the offer all the time, it’s not a case of never wanting to, just other reasons that don’t have anything to do with you FE’d or the fine folks here, just me

    no offence ever meant by not showing

  19. I too love RTN, and looking forward to sending out a b-day wish to the Gilmour!

  20. Caption…

    David Copperfield can only dream about magically releasing doves out his eyes like David G. can.

    (Yuk..Again from the header photo and running out of ideas from it…We need pics FEd!..old ones are O.K.)

    No need to announce TV broadcasts of RTN as everyone visiting here already owns it and can watch it anytime they want to…Right??

    [Not really. If it’s on TV, you can recommend that a friend watch it. I care more about your friends watching it – and enjoying it – than you buying it on DVD. So I’m just letting you know that David’s on TV this week, not assuming that everyone reading already has a copy. Nobody has to pay any attention to redundant posts such as this one, if they don’t want to. You can nod politely and wait for something else to follow it. When I’m swamped with new photos and hot, exciting news, maybe then some PBS repeats won’t matter too much. Until then, it’s something to write about, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  21. I’m fairly certain PBS is not going to be cool enough to show this in my area. I’ll keep my eyes on the listings and keep saving for the DVD…all bases covered.

    [Ah, thanks for proving my point, Jill. – Features Editor]

  22. Just a quick question, Fed. I tried to log in to the chatroom the other night (knowing it was closed), because i`ve upgraded to windows vista, and had to reinstall java. But I think I have forgotten my password as the one I thought it was did not work. Do I have to re-register?

    Many thanks Fed.

    [No, you don’t have to re-register. Please check your e-mail, I’ve sent you a password reminder. – Features Editor]

  23. i have found only 1 easter egg but cant wait for others.

    hope everyone is great.

    blake in nashville

  24. Not sure about what Gunther von Hagens treatment is; but I bet it must be pretty elaborative, sweet and exciting. March is indeed a very special month for us to celebrate…

    Good to have the Blog back just in time, thank you.

    [Gunther von Hagens caused a stir in the UK a few years ago by conducting an autopsy on live TV. So I’d say you lost that bet, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  25. Funny, but for the first time in my life, I wish I lived in the Northern Central region of the USA.

    Montana and North Dakota are vast, sparsely-populated states. It’s beautiful country up there, and now David is visiting via PBS.

    It is a very conservative area. I wouldn’t have thought David would be popular in that part of the country. Guess I was wrong.

  26. When the Blog was undergoing the upgrades, “Remember That Night” DVD was a hot item in our household. We watched it almost every night. The DVD is loaded with good variety of songs and extras. David Gilmour’s and Pink Floyd’s music were frequently heard in our house.

    All in all, we didn’t cry ourselves to sleep at night over those two months, but I have to admit, both my husband and I can’t do without David Gilmour’s music …

    Thank you for all you’ve done, Mr. Gilmour. You are the reason we are all together.

  27. What a treat to see RTN for the first time!! I hope everyone that is lucky enough to catch it enjoys it as much as I have watching the DVD.

    Maybe Polly will share a few of David’s Birthday pictures, uh Fed. That would be nice.

  28. FED,

    Yesterday evening was a tragedy….eleven (I think more…) wild and pissed men that run for 90 minutes….striking Gunners ….Fabregas is the top player…!

    Now I hope only in the Reds…FED don’t forget please Inter out next week!!!

    Anyway I think that David is the supporter of the next winners of the Champions League.

    [Great result, wasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  29. Yo yo yo. What’s up in tha blogtown? Sorry, I felt like being gangsta.

    Anyways. I have a picture to share (click my name above)! Enjoy!



    [Shame about the coffee, Kim. – Features Editor]

  30. off topic:

    i totally enjoyed watching Arsenal last night especially at the end when the camera panned across the tearful Milan supporters. Is it wrong to enjoy watching other peoples discomfort, maybe in this case it is justified (for me anyway)

  31. RIP Norman Smith.

    Just found out that the great Norman Smith passed away on Monday evening. He produced Piper At The Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets, and Ummagumma. So needless to say, his work had a great influence on all our lives.

    Shine on…

  32. [Great result, wasn’t it? – Features Editor]

    [Not for me…. – Claudio]

    Sorry Claudio, I hope you are correct regarding the eventual winners though.

  33. FEd, I apologize about the pestering you about a live album. I did call for one a couple of years ago and my prediction looks like it is coming true.

    Anyhow, until the Gdansk disc comes out. I did a RTN live disc as a holdover.

    Last, but damn sure not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAVID TOMORROW!

    [No problem, Terrence. A separate post for birthday greetings will be here at midnight tonight, by the way, so please save your well wishes for that. – Features Editor]

  34. Just read about the death of the great Norman Smith. First it was the Floyd’s manager, whose name escapes me now. Then it was Syd. Now this.

    Where are we all going?

    [Pink Floyd’s long-time manager was Steve O’Rourke. – Features Editor]

  35. Veronica,

    The Gunther von Hagens treatment is pretty elaborative, but as for sweet and exciting… I’ll let you decide (click my name above).

  36. [Not really. If it’s on TV, you can recommend that a friend watch it… Features Editor]

    Point well taken..but I really didn’t mean this comment to be taken seriously.I was just trying to allude to David’s popularity in a lighthearted way…honest!..Guess I failed miserably.Sorry about that.

    [No need to apologise, John. Your point was fair. – Features Editor]

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