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Werner with Igor Sklyarov and his band in Venice

My chosen fan photo for the month of March is this one, courtesy of Werner.

Werner, seen here on the left, met Igor Sklyarov (second left) and his band on the streets of Venice on 12 August 2006.

Igor, or course, was invited by David to perform on stage after David had spotted him busking.

Thanks to everyone for forwarding a photo for consideration. I enjoyed seeing them, and will be showing off many more as the weeks roll by.

If you have one and want to see it here, get it online and include the URL with your comment.

Thanks again for sharing this with us, Werner.

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The assorted ‘hidden’ extras from the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD are still being discussed here, by the way.

Author: FEd

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  1. This is my favorite story to come from David’s tour: David spots Igor Sklyarov around town and invites him to play, as F’Ed describes above. What a special event that must have been!

    This is what I admire so much about the way David does things. David like to be well rehearsed because he is a pro, but he is also able to shake things up a bit to make things interesting.

    Another example of this is the time when he played “On The Turning Away,” apparently on a whim and without telling the others. He knew that they would join in, and they did. (This must have been a scary moment for Stevie D, who hadn’t played this song before.)

    I get the sense that David really wants to strike the right balance between improvisation (having fun) and rehearsing (being prepared). My opinion is that David has hit this balance spot-on!

    F’Ed has already thanked Werner for the photo. At the risk of seeming redundant, I’d like to thank him as well.

  2. Hi Werner!

    Thanks for sharing your photo ~ it’s a pleasure to put a face to a name;^)

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  3. Hi, Werner, thank you, and your T-shirt is very nice!

    But, -professional deformation, maybe- I counted the number of glasses: 3×10 + …4(? last row)= 34?…

    I think that the glass harmonica consists of 36 glasses (I learnt that on the blog), so, where are the two glasses missing ? in your pocket as a nice souvenir maybe? Oh !!! What a shame !

    Just kidding of course. Thanks again!


  4. cool photo, werner! thanks for sharing it with us.

    igor’s story is a great one, isn’t it?

    looking forward to more photos, fed. 🙂

  5. Caption: Werner begins to sweat as Mr. Sklyarov asks, “Where’s the Beaujolais?!”

    Today is my son’s birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Ian!


    [Have a good one, Ian. – FEd]

  6. Good choice of photo.

    Here’s one of me and some mates in London: […]

    [Thanks for that. Please keep them coming. – FEd]

  7. That’s great! Hi Werner! 🙂

    The expression on Igor Sklyarov’s face when David and Polly asked him to play was just priceless.

  8. [I think that the glass harmonica consists of 36 glasses (I learnt that on the blog), so, where are the two glasses missing ? – Michèle]

    It looks to me as though there is at least one glass in the man on the right’s hand, so he is probably holding both of them. Having said that I am due an eye test at the weekend so don’t hold me to anything!

  9. Hi FED, enjoying the comments by everyone on their concert memories. I suppose after all the flashbacks for the concert shows are thru we can find out more about the vintage black strat replica? I know, I have to be patient, but I’m still curious.

    Beckham, isn’t he great.

    [There’s still no update on the DG Strat. When there is something to say, I’ll let you know, whether the flashbacks are over or not. – FEd]

  10. Hi Everybody and thanks for the kind words from all of you.

    Here is a bit more about the Photo if you want to read:

    First Concert in Venice David started Shine On and surprise, surprise – there was a glass-harp musician playing along with him. I thought maybe the one from the On An Island Album.

    During the next day I wandered around the beautiful town and I really saw this musician again playing classical tunes with two others. I couldn’t believe that David enlisted him right from here. Now I understood what David meant when he introduced him the evening before with words like: “Igor Skylarov… he plays for you in the streets of Venice.””

    So I watched him playing and talked to his daughter, she sold some of his CDs to the audience. During an intermission I had to ask him how he met David Gilmour.

    Igor’s answer:

    “David Gilmour walked by last week with his wife. When they saw us playing they stopped and watched. They stood there for about 20 minutes. Then he responded to me…”

    To be continued…

  11. Nice pic. Wonder if Werner took some lessons from Igor too.

    Off topic, I was in a music store earlier this week browsing through the CD racks and came across something that just made me sick. Can you believe that someone actually put out a tribute album to James Blunt. I can understand when bands/artists have been recording for 20 years with multi-platinum recordings and a tribute album comes out. But what has James Blunt given us other than a whiny song about how beautiful someone is?



    [Dear God, now I’ve heard it all. – FEd]

  12. Wow Werner…to be sure this must be a fond memory for you.. you lucky duck you!

  13. Continued…

    “He said that he will play a concert on Marcus Place and that he would like me to play the glass harp during one song. I naturally said yes. In Russia there are many Pink Floyd fans and I of course I knew about his music. Sadly it all had to be postponed.”

    How was it standing on stage and playing on Marcus Place?

    Igor Skylarov: “Unforgettable!”

    Did you have the chance to talk to David Gilmour, a few private words?

    Igor Skylarov: “Yes, after the concert there was an after show party in a Hotel. We were also invited (other Band members and Daughter). And I could talk a few times with him and the other musicians. I asked him if he will play in Russia one day. He replied that he knows that he has many Fans in Russia. He said maybe one day he will play there. David Gilmour has never acted like a superstar. He is normal person.”

    Fantastic and a great example about the whole On an Island Tour! Just shows how relaxed it was and how open-minded David Gilmour is.


  14. Great shot Werner. That’s one to be proud of. Thanks for posting it.

    That is a nice part of the dvd, where David asks Igor if he would like to play on stage.

  15. Way to go Werner…nice placing the name with the face. Happy Birthday to Mike’s son, Ian too!


    In a moment of deluded self-grandeur, Phil Collins bogarts a spot next to his adoring fans…

  16. Seeing we’re approaching another tour anniversary, I thought I’d share this picture in case you’re mucking around your albums (you probably have one of the venue anyway as well as a slew of Polly pics to put up that day).

    I have pics of what may be the first two organized pre-concert get togethers, but I’m not even sure if I still have current contact info for them all.



    [Nice. Thanks, Angelo. I’ll be very happy to use it. – FEd]

  17. Hey Werner,

    nice to meet you here too – we saw so many gigs together now, I especially remember David`s great 3 RAH gigs in London…!

    Really nice photo.

    See you soon in London again 😉

    P.S. Nice choice FEd !!!

  18. I set up 36 glasses and filled them with wine trying to see if I cud playse thees ting or doo som Floyd andss i hic…tink im gona be sic….hic

    scuse me…..

    I Love YA MAN..hic

  19. Hello FED and All !!!!

    Well, I won’t be making chat because I’ll be working my new job up here in Hobe Sound, FL, USA.

    Very nice picture btw,Werner !! As it so happened I had not taken a picture of Igor as I had no clue that he was propositioned by David to join him for that night’s show !! Funny thing though, son of gun if I had my camera, I know I would’ve taken the shot. i distinctly remember seeing you lined up with Igor and crew to take that shot ! Rack a fras sis boom bah ! I passed by !! expletive…………..

    Anyway, FED when is the next possible weekend open chat going to be ? Also, not that I have noticed, but Stockman, give a holler.

    A big hearty hello to Veronica, Ulli and of course Gabby and all of the rest of you (you know who you are) !! So much has happened and is still happening. God, I want so much to able to reconnect with you all, but my schedule really overrides “normal” channels. Lemme know when there might be another weekend open session, eh, FED ?

    [Details of chat sessions, as always, are on the calendar. Please click your name above to see the calendar. I don’t recall many weekend chats, though. People tend to work five days a week, don’t they? I know that I try to. Anyway, all the best with your new job. (Five days a week?) – FEd]

  20. Hello Werner, nice to meet you! Wonderful picture you sent in.

    Happy Birthday Ian!

    Fed, this is a very nice thing you are doing with the pictures. Exciting also. Thanks to you for taking the time to post them. I am really looking forward to the new ones to come.

    Have a good weekend!


  21. What a nice picture. I bet it was a real treat meeting Igor Sklyarov.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

    Best regards.


  22. Oooo, I like seeing fan photos. Thanks!


    PS–Damn that film Young Frankenstein! When I see the name Igor, I think it’s pronounced Eye-gor.

  23. Now that’s what I call a great ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse 🙂

    Thanks again Werner!

  24. Great story and great pic!

    I will spend my weekend learning to play something strange, so the next one to meet David in the street and join the band could be I! mmmm….doesn’t David need an air band?

    All the best

  25. Ciao,

    I would like to have the opportunity to show my face but I have to make a great effort to make one of my pictures sound related to DG….

    What do you suggest, Fed?

    [Photoshop? – FEd]

  26. Fed, ive been having problems entering the blog since christmas. i tried entering my original password for my chat account and it said it was wrong.

    Ive tried to request a new password reminder but it seems like you have taken the request section off of the site..

    then i tried to register to ask for help and that function was enabled.

    any chance of getting a reminder sent to my email?

    [Certainly, Liam. You should have one waiting for you. Please let me know if you have any further problems with the chatroom. – FEd]

  27. i recieved the email. that was the password i was using to get in originally. ill give it another go when the chat is next open.

    thanks for sending the reminder. much appreciated.

    [No problem, Liam. You should have mentioned it sooner. – FEd]

  28. Magic photo Werner!

    Chatters : Wee Alex was with you yesterday and had fun, thanks for looking after him.

    PS, was good to hear from Ash again, hope you’re keeping well.

  29. Thanks Werner for sharing your picture. What a great story too! It raised the little hairs on my arms. 😉

    I’m sure that’s a memory that will last a lifetime.


  30. Nice picture and an admirable interview you did with Igor. Thanks for sharing that with us, Werner.

    p.s. Best of luck to your new endeavor, Raymond.

  31. Hi Fed, I was wondering if you were still taking pictures? If so I wanted you to see this one, it’s the picture of myself, melissa, becky with Gilmourette shirts on. When we were in london for the show.


    [Many thanks. – FEd]

  32. [i distinctly remember seeing you lined up with Igor and crew to take that shot ! – Raymond McAteer]

    So Raymond our Ways nearly crossed!?


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