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David in Guitare Xtreme magazine

The latest (that’s the March/April) edition of French magazine, Guitare Xtreme, has a rather nice spread devoted to David’s guitars, gear and good nature.

If you can read French*, you can read the full article over in the Press archives. Click the sample page to go there right now.

Many thanks to Michèle for sending it in.

If you spot any magazine or newspaper articles about David which you think may be of interest to readers of The Blog, please let me know.

*A translation service is not offered here, by the way, so please don’t ask.


Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Great! Thank you Michèle. I will ask my sister for the translation service…I need it!


  2. Great Find. I didnt understand most of it, but was able to figure some stuff out. The pictures were great too.

    I’ve always tried to replicate David’s sound, but I realize that it’s more than just gear. His technique is his own, and only David can sound like David. I think that’s one of the reasons he is so admired.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend FEd.

    [I did, thanks. Did you? – FEd]

  3. Flashback Hamburg… Flashback Paris… “We don’t offer a translation service here…” Judging by the number of comments/responses to a majority of your lastest posts you seem to be missing your “target” audience FEd… almost intentionally. What bug crawled up you arse and died? “C’est que se… what the fu**”


    [Target audience, you say? Because the most recent posts concern Europe, you mean? Or could it be because I’m not giving something away? With respect, I don’t care how many comments come in. If there are a dozen comments relevant to each post – and there have been more posts per week as of late than at any other ‘quiet’ time, by the way – and if just a few people enjoy reading them, that’s fine by me. If recalling David’s concerts on David’s blog isn’t relevant to David’s fans, then I don’t know what is, particularly as there’s nothing else of relevance right now, no matter how much we’d all like there to be. As always, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. And if you can’t read it, because it’s not in English, don’t expect me to translate it, because I’m afraid I simply don’t have the time, or inclination, to do so. – FEd]

  4. Once again, I question the wisdom here in America. In other parts of the world, many people speak multiple languages. But because I’m American, all I know is English. This is a time where French would be a good thing to know.

  5. I understand that FED doesn’t provide a translation service but I’m sure Michele will gladly give us a translation in her free time.




  6. I knew I should have paid more attention in my French classes, darn it! I did enjoyed looking at the article and the pictures.

    Thanks for the link Fed and thanks to Michele for sending it in.


  7. Just want to add that Shine On is still a great song when opening the site. Thanks.

  8. Wish I could read French! But looking at the pictures and some recognizable words on the article, I can tell it is a very detailed write-up. The pictures of both young and old David Gilmour are nice.

    Thank you very much Michele.

  9. I dont think I remember much of my French lessons, but…I could practise trying to decipher this article, right? I better not time myself…

    Hey FEd, spring there yet?? I thought we were entering warmer days and I was getting ready for some sun, but this morning is -2C so…I guess not. Hope all is well!

    [I think so. The weather’s been lovely – yes, that means dry – here for a few days now. – FEd]

  10. L’article dans la magazine est tres grande!!

    Je ne suis pas parle français…

    Vivre la France.

    [Trop grande pour un traduction si on ne parle pas beaucoup français, non? – FEd]

  11. J’ai le magazine en question… Vraiment bien coté informations sur Gilmour mais trop court 🙁 … Et puis il se fait rare dans les librairies


  12. Don’t these people realise that you have enough to do FEd?

    How’s that US economy doing today? 😉

    Joking aside I think it’s fab that you post international content. It’s great to just view these articles even if you don’t understand them fully. Pictures say a thousand words, right?

    If someone in the ‘community’ ends up translating or providing transcripts, as has happened in the past, then that’s a special bonus.

    [As long as they don’t need me to work on them before they can be posted, yes. – FEd]

  13. Just to assure you FEd (in light of Cevin’s post) that many of us are here, as always, but simply have nothing constructive to add to the recent posts. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading the stories.

    Thanks Michele for the magazine link. And if anyone wants help translating then try the on-line translators like “Systran” they are great for this kind of thing.

    Me, well I’m off to France to get myself a copy! Bon voyage!


    [I know that, Paul, but thanks for the support. – FEd]

  14. Thanks for that Michele. I’m having great fun trying to translate it. There’s not any swearing in it so I’m finding it a bit difficult. I’m not sure about the dishwashers, pirates and chickens aboard the Astoria either – think I may have got that bit wrong….

  15. Thank you Michèle.

    Some great pics of David’s gear, although I have no idea what has been written.

  16. Looks like an interesting article, too bad I don’t read French. Reading music is another issue though, but still I can’t figure out which songs the riffs in Ex-2 and Ex-3 are taken from.


  17. merci michèle!

    i only know a little french, but that’s ok. these guitar mags always say the same old thing anyway. if it was something really important, i’m sure the uk/us media would quickly pick it up and give it to us in english.

    it’s only right to talk about articles in other languages for our friends around the world. and it’s not fed’s job to translate!!!

  18. Hey technophobes…

    Get of your derrieres and go and use the t’internet! BabelFish is a good translation service as are many others…

    And, SHOCK, HORROR!!! if you do it yourself you may learn something for next time…

    The kids today want it all spoon fed to them instantly without any effort! Oiks!

    Just thank Michele for the article and be grateful…

  19. Un grand “Merci Michèle”.

    Lorraine, you got me quite curious about that translation 😉

  20. Hello,

    thank you michele! I think I’ll do just the same if some Italian paper is going to have news about DG.

    Here, in Italy, young people are very involved in ’70s and late ’60s rock bands and I’m so happy when my daughter listens to “my” music.

    Dear FEd what kind of bands are in your heart?

    A kiss from Rome

    [It would be wonderful to see what’s being written in Italy, Diana. Thank you. My favourite bands are from the same period: The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Eagles… I’m going to see The Beach Boys in a few weeks, actually. I’m not sure what to expect. – FEd]

  21. “U.K director Tony Van Ende has cast Chris Field to play the lead role in a film based on events in the life and times of psychedelic renegade Syd Barrett”.

    Just to let you know, not to start any discussion. It is confirmed on the official site of the actor.

    Wow, I am curious…to see if they will make a good work. I hope it will be a nice and correct biopic and not the classic movie about the “damned rock star”. Too many rumours were told about Syd in these years, not always correct, probably. I hope the director will meet the people who lived close to him. This could be a good occasion to let the people know Syd as people who loved him remind him.

    [I couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope they do Syd’s name, memory and genius justice. – FEd]

  22. [FEd: My favourite bands are from the same period: The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Eagles…]

    This is always near the top of my mind as I read posts from David Gilmour’s (or other artists, other sites) fans: what other discs have a lot of fingerprints on them?

    Understanding the risk of deviating from the specific interest and purpose of any specific fan blog, site, it seems a question worthy of some kind of bloggy pursuit – if the question is asked well. With popularity (commercial success), egos, ‘how artists get along with other artists’ aside: what musicians and performers would you like to see in your personal all-star gig (I would presume DG to be one)? …and where, in the world, or (reasonably) our solar system would this happen (Pompeii has been done)?

    Me? I’d answer the question if it was somehow pursued.

    Just Curious. Thanks, FEd.

    [I’ll fit it in soon. It has been done – at least, in part – here before, so hopefully nobody will grumble that they’re not “feeling” it, or that I’m “missing” my supposed target audience, if we do it again. – FEd]

  23. FEd,

    Couldn’t agree with you (or some of our fellow bloggers) more. It certainly isn’t your responsibility to translate anything. I suppose that’s why I took offense to your comment. It seemed to me to be a bit harsh and uncalled for.

    As to your question about “giving things away”, I never indulged in this forum looking for “freebies”. I am proud to say that I have been one of the few fortunate enough to receive one (which I still have and will cherish forever). At that time I did also offer to send David a gift in kind, which you and others at One-Fifteen were glad to accept. I was told that I would receive an e-mail when it was received. Luckily I was able to track the package after it landed in the U.K. I could even tell you who signed for it. Did I ever receive any notification from anyone at your end… no! I suppose a “thank you” would be totally out of the question. But don’t sweat it, here in the U.S. we’re used to that sort of thing.


    [Here’s the problem: I don’t work for One Fifteen. I’m the best part of 200 miles away from the One Fifteen office. Unless I nag One Fifteen to find out what’s been delivered to their office every day or so, I don’t know. I can ask to be kept updated – Lord knows, I do – but that doesn’t mean that I will be. I don’t like bullshit tokens of appreciation any more than I like bullshit tokens of apology, so I’m not going to thank you, parrot-fashion, for something I don’t even get to see, let alone know with any degree of certainty will even find its way to David. That would be patronising. I can only thank you in advance for the kind gesture and help you send it to the right place – which I did. In any sense, it’s not exactly practical to thank each and every person that sends David a gift, even though it would obviously be polite to do so. And if I could be there to greet the postman with a clipboard and pen each day, ticking off the goodies as they come in, I’d gladly let everyone know what’s been received. But that’s just not possible. I am sorry that I couldn’t give you an update on what happened to your gift. It reached its destination, but then UPS told you that before I could have. Now, is there a third unrealistic thing that you’d like me to do, or be, today? That’s in addition to being an insincere, psychic, automatic-mail-confirmation-on-legs, as well as pleasing this “target audience” with, I suppose, non-existent news that will delight every single person reading. Maybe play table tennis with my feet whilst peeling an orange? – FEd]

  24. Well, as David would say in his lovely French “Vous êtes tous trop gentils” (=’you are all too kind!’). Thank you.

    So, no translation (not able -above all about technical stuff- and no time), but maybe this quick sum up of page 3 would help you all:

    PART 1:

    ‘DG, l’alchimiste des émotions’ (no need to translate, I think…)

    – 3 reasons to show you why 2008 will be a DG year:
    1. 40 years ago, DG became the guitarist of PF instead of the Crazy King Syd Barrett.
    2. 35 years ago, DSOTM was released.
    3. Custom Shop Fender is expected to release a DG signature Strat.

    Icing on the cake: GHS is selling sets of strings, one blue for Stratocaster and one red for Les Paul.

    – DG is a guitar prodigy, unique sound, unique voice, making anyone cry when listening aerial solos like CN, Time, Shine On…
    – His roots and love are ‘Blues’.
    – Behind the false impression of facility, there is colossal work and use of techniques that are very difficult to master.


  25. I don’t speak French, but I saved a copy of it. The article seems very interesting, and the photos are also good.

    Many thanks Michèle!

    Have a nice day for every David Gilmour fan! 🙂


  26. PART 2:

    – ‘Toujours fidèle en amitié’ (= loyal in friendship):

    DG always took care of Syd Barrett, he personally made sure that Syd continued to receive royalties from his work with early PF. Later, after R.Waters’ departure, he helped R.Wright and N.Mason to regain faith in themselves while playing with PF. He didn’t forget D.Parry either.

    – ‘Charisme et engagement’:

    David is helping numerous charitable associations, especially for homeless people (ex Crisis) and often participates in Music Therapy programs (ex: to help children suffering from cancer). He took part in many benefit concerts to fight world poverty (Amnesty Internatonal, Live 8)

    – ‘British jusqu’au bout des ongles’ (completely British):

    Unlike most rock stars who left England in order to avoid paying taxes, he always lived in England and says he will always be happy to live there with his family.


  27. PART 3:

    – ‘Marin d’eau douce’:

    David recorded AMLOR, TDB and his last solo album in his 30 meters long houseboat ‘The Astoria’ on river Thames.

    – ‘La loyauté incarnée’ (= total integrity):

    Always loyal to his convictions, David keeps refusing to reform/tour with ‘Pink Floyd’, even when promotors offers him a lot of money (ex $150 million after Live 8), even if the others would like to reunite. David is happy to privilege his album OAI.


    Of course, Victor is right, nothing new here, sorry, I am totally unable to translate what would be more interesting: ‘The story of the Black Strat’ (page 5), too technical, even in French.

    Do like me, enjoy the photos ! 🙂


    [That’s very kind of you, Michèle. Thanks again. – FEd]

  28. Dear FEd, it’s obvious you feel wounded about some comments. Chin up X X

    I haven’t said much recently but I am reading and I am enjoying the flashback topic and all the others for that matter.

    Thanks for the magazine article Michele.

    ash X

    [Bless you. It’s just disappointing when those who have done very well out of this blog start telling me what it should, and shouldn’t, be. – FEd]

  29. Fed..please elucidate forthwith on ‘target audience’ ? Does this term imply ‘striking’ or ‘hurling’ things at certain people ?

    Enjoy your day mate..and keep up the good work.

    [I like to think so. It’s good to throw things. – FEd]

  30. Yeah, don’t be such a flippin’ grouch! Gee Wizz… I thought I had a temper. I wouldn’t want to run into you in a dark alley. Still friends?

    One last request… smile for Christ’s sakes. You’ve got a job/employer that most of us could only dream of having.

    I can understand how difficult/demanding dealing with people can be (I do it all day long).

    You’ve always been fair with me and others who’ve had issues in the past. And I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    No hard feelings mate,

    [Still friends. Issues are perfectly healthy, after all. The most frustrating thing is that many seemingly impossible things are really quite possible, they just require a bit more effort and more considerate communication, which is rarely easy to come by. – FEd]

  31. Fed,

    I think you know you have a grand audience, but some of us simply read the blog (daily) instead of commenting on every topic. Nothing wrong with that.

    Changing subject, I wonder if you can direct me to any information about David’s work with music therapy. I remember reading that he supported this cause and Michele reminded me of it.

    I am a firm believer in therapy, and have seen many examples of children with mental and physical disabilities blossom when exposed to music. Not long ago I watched an episode of ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’ and there was a boy, Patrick Henry, who was born without use of his legs, limited mobility of his arms and no eyes. His father introduced him to music when he was a toddler and was amazed at the amount of natural ability his son possessed. Patrick now plays piano, writes music and plays a trumpet for his university marching band.

    Anyway, I would love to hear any details you might have. It’s always uplifting to hear things like this.

    [Click your name, or Google ‘Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy’, for the charity in question. (Who said there’s anything wrong with reading instead of commenting? That’s the whole point. – FEd]

  32. [I’m going to see The Beach Boys in a few weeks, actually. I’m not sure what to expect. – FEd]

    Fed, I actually saw them last summer. First time, and they were not too bad.

    Took my 68 year old mom with me (her first concert) and she loved it.

    Hope you enjoy it too.

    Happy days ahead.


    [Thanks, Wendy. – FEd]

  33. [Unlike most rock stars who left England in order to avoid paying taxes, he always lived in England and says he will always be happy to live there with his family.]

    That is one of the reasons, why I admire DG: beside him being a really great musician, he knows what his duties are. It is rare but always very comforting to see a wealthy man not become inhuman…

    Best regards,


  34. “Missing the target audience?” I thought the “target audience” were people who enjoy David Gilmour’s music. I thought that such people might like to read about David’s live shows, espesially those who were not able to attend one. And why, exactly, does the “target audience” need a translation service? It isn’t enough that F’Ed has put the article on the site for those who can read it? Come on, now. What are we all here for, anyway?

    On another note: Did Lucia say they’re making a film about Syd Barrett? Ooooh, that could be a great film or a train wreck. Let’s hope it’s a well-done film. Syd deserves nothing less than that. One (possibly inappropriate) question, though. Who would play Roger? Why do I have visions of Jack Nicholson in that role?

  35. [Who said there’s anything wrong with reading instead of commenting? That’s the whole point. – FEd]

    My point exactly.

    Thanks for the article.

  36. Hourra! J’ai tout compris d’un seul coup; pas besoin de dictionnaire!!! Merci Michèle!

    Good luck to all the English people!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  37. Hi FED, you are going to see the Beach Boys, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as I did in the mid 70’s. Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world. Wow! Is Mike Love still with the band FED?

    [He is. Both he and Bruce Johnston are touring as The Beach Boys. Al Jardin tours as The Endless Summer Band. – FEd]

  38. Michele

    Cette article est magnifique !

    Une peu de culture Française est toujours bienvenue ici

  39. FEd,

    My heart goes out to you…

    The last few days have obviously been a very trying time. What with the negative comments about the (wonderfully reminiscent) ‘Flashback’ posts, not catering to your ‘target’ audience, etc.

    And now, to top it all, you have to bail out the American economy (click my name).

    Can I suggest FEd, that you give David a nudge and get him to bring forward the release date of the impending ‘live’ CD. Hopefully this will have the effect of providing the catalyst to bring some of our American friends out of their depression. Assuming, of course, that they don’t object to listening to an old Flashback from August 26 2006 that is… ;0)

    [There will be no slashing or cutting of flashbacks, that’s for sure. – FEd]

  40. […Maybe play table tennis with my feet whilst peeling an orange? – FEd]

    You can do that too??? We must have a tournament. Your place or mine??

    By the way, the first time I read that, I missed the l in peeling and thought OUCH, that really hurts.

    Hope you are smiling as you put one on my face. As always….



    [That would hurt. – FEd]

  41. [ My favourite bands The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Eagles… – FEd]

    Great picks for some great music!… It looks like a list I would write, adding in a little Canned Heat for good measure, and of course, the great Luciano Pavoritti, God rest his soul.

    If I keep talking like this, I will give away my age for sure!!!!

    Don’t change at all Fed, your hard work and all your information is greatly appreciated. I can’t say enough thanks to David also for allowing this blog to continue.

    Have a good Wednesday Fed and when you go to see the Beach Boys, (are you coming to the US?), I hope you enjoy them and will share the experience with us.


    [Thank you (they’re coming to the UK). – FEd]

  42. Hi Fed,

    do you accept also press articles that cover Pink Floyd?

    There was a nice issue of ‘guitar’ here in Germany last November with David on the cover.

    In case you want to add it, I can scan the pages inside…

    Best regards,


    [Thank you very much for the kind offer, Taki, but I think our press should be focused on David’s solo career. – FEd]

  43. [We must have a tournament. Your place or mine?? – Andrew]

    Table Tennis..I could kick both your butts..bring it on!!..not sure about orange peeling though..

    Having read the blog for a long time now FEd,I’ve learned that David also likes the Beach Boys.Is he going with you?..just asking..and do enjoy your show! It will no doubt be great.How can it not be?!!

    [Hey, if David wants to come to Cardiff to see them, I’m sure I could drop the person I had planned to take like a hot potato… Just kidding, Mum. – FEd]

  44. Any word yet on the release of David’s Fender Signature?


    [I’m afraid not. – FEd]

  45. FEd, chin up. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. And there are some right plonkers out there. It’s impossible to avoid them.

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