Flashback: Rome

David on stage in RomeThe tenth ‘On An Island’ concert was in Rome. It was also the European mainland’s final show… or so we all thought.

After this, the band took a short break and headed to the States.

If you were in attendance at the Auditorium Parco della Musica two years ago, let us know.

This photo (yes, with added fret markers, we know) turned out to be the cover for David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD.

The chatroom is open today from 11:30 (UK).

Author: FEd

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  1. Hello folks!

    It was nice and strange to read the old page about the show in Rome. I’ve been smiling, reading my post. First of all because I wrote in an awful english! And I will do the same now, probably! 🙂

    Then because I read in that lines my enthusiasm and it’s been nice. I was so excited that night! It was magic. The opportunity to see in a live show the man whose guitar you’ve been listening to since you were ten years old. And the songs which signed so many moments of your life. David and I are not friends. But his music and I are very close friends! And it was beautiful also have the opportunity to clap my hands to David’s. Maybe it’s silly to say but, after all, clapping hands during a concert and buying cds are the only ways a fan has to thank an artist for his art, isn’t it?

    I remember any detail about that night. But I can’t write because I finished the space! FEd! Mannaggia a te! I have more to say! But you won’t stop me! 😉

    The second part is coming!

    [Bring it on. – FEd]

  2. Memories, part II

    I remember people were chatting noisily when, suddenly, the lights turned off. Immediatly all the chats disappeared and when David appeared, with his black t-shirt, there was a deep silence in the hall…that has been broken as soon as Castellorizon finished and a loud applause started! It was one of the magic detail of the night: the silence while the band was playing, and the strong applause and big smiles on the faces at the end of any track. I think it has been a great sign not only of respect that people have for David, the band and their music, but above all the proof about how some kind of music can chain you still on the chairs. It’s been beautiful, for me, to see that. I felt less stupid for my love to listen to music alone in complete silence!

    It was so clear: when the music started, the only thing people wanted was to hear the music. In that silence you could really feel alone among thousands of people. THE MUSIC AND YOU. The best way to see a concert…

  3. Memories, part III

    I remember very well the beautiful harmony among the band on the stage. They played looking one in the other’s eyes and smiling each others, having fun…and Guy jumping around the stage! And the long, long, long applause Mr Wright received when David introduced him. Half of Pink Floyd were there, in front of us! Wow, that’s not so usual!

    The first part, On an island, has been very emotional and familiar. And some tracks gave us very sweet moments too. It’s been very warm.

    About the second part, it drove people crazy! The old songs have strange effects on people!

    I remember above all when Fat old sun started. I didn’t think they would have played it, but I love that song and its genuineness very much. So, as soon as I heard the first note, I think my eyes were shining like two stars and I had a silly smile on my face!

    And Echoes. Wow, Echoes. It was really better than in Live at Pompeii. Great boys!

  4. Memories, last part…and complaints!

    FEd, you told me I could also cry a little today, right? 🙂

    Well, I have to admit I feel a little nostalgic. It’s always nice remembering beautiful moments…but it’s also sad thinking that they’re gone and they’re not going to come back again. How can’t I ask more and more of moments like that one?!! I don’t want to be ungrateful. I am really not. But a little sadness is legit, isn’t it?!

    I am joking. So magic moments can go, but they will be forever wonderful for the only reason they existed. What a wise girl I am!

    Ok, I wrote so much that now I can disappear for the next two months! But it was “my” day!

    I leave you with a some words better than mine:

    “Shameless sea, aimlessly so blue, midnight-moon shines for you. …Nowhere to choose, just blue. …Save our souls. We’ll be forever blue”.

    [Thanks for that, Lucia. I think we all understand your sentiments perfectly. – FEd]

  5. Love the picture, always thought it was from the RAH. Though I preferred the cover that had David standing on the RAH with his Les Paul….

    Anyways enough rambling…

  6. i love that photo.

    to lucia: i know how you feel and don’t think you sound ungrateful! it was a great tour. i could go to one of dg’s concerts every day and never get tired of him!

    [when the music started, the only thing people wanted was to hear the music.]

    the audience in rome sounds perfect. why do they have to make so much noise anyway???!!!

  7. Just a spurious note.

    I was watching a music video channel last night. And who did I see, but our dear friend Stevie D. playing drums with Loggins and Messina on a kicking version of “Angry Eyes”.

    The man is a real pro!!

    Cheers, mates!

  8. It just feels so appropriate that Lucia was the first one to post in this entry. Just like Michele was the first one to post in the Paris entry. It is good to read about their passion for the event and the music but also for me, when I think about this site and Italy, Lucia comes to mind and with France it is Michele.

    I know there are plenty of others in each country but to me they are the unofficial DG representatives for their countries. Please, no offense intended to anyone else.



    PS – I also miss chatting with them in the chat and hope to catch up with all at some point in the future.

  9. Very well put, Lucia. You have no reason to be concerned about your English. I wish half of my countrymen had your command of the language.

  10. [when I think about this site and Italy, Lucia comes to mind and with France it is Michele.]

    WWWWWWWHAT?? Italy is also ME! When Firenze will come up you’ll read my old post 😉

    Just joking.

  11. [i could go to one of dg’s concerts every day and never get tired of him! – victor]

    If i hit the jackpot on the lottery i’d just stick it all in the bank and if david did another tour i’d buy a ticket for every night! what a holiday that would be.

    Thanks for the chat yesterday Fed, and for making me think about the conspiracy but thats another matter. You weren’t kidding when you said you would do more chats were you? Three in one week and another already planned for next week! We’ve never had it so good.

    And finally, a prediction for tonight (we could do a prize free sweepstake!) I think it will be 3-0 to France. I can’t really think who will actually be able to score for England.


    [2-1 to England, I say. I can see Beckham scoring. – FEd]

  12. First row.

    From the first row everything is different.

    I’ve been in Paris and Milan too. But in Rome I was in the first row!!! 4 meters from the stage, from musicians, from “the dream”… You can see the eyes, you can see fingers, you can “smell” the music… It was amazing!

    When you “love” someone so much, when you love so much the “thing” he does (better: they do) and you can have it so close…it’s another world, a kind of parallel world.

    In Rome I think the band played better than Paris and Milan: not because I was in the first row! Maybe it’s a strange thing but David Gilmour, and his guitar, his music, can touch my soul like no other!

    So thank you David! Thank you Richard! And thanks to all “the guys”!!

    Hold on Venice…I’m coming!!!


  13. Lucia, reading your memories made me come back to David’s concerts two years ago and dream a little on a grey day, thanks for that. I am still not sure if I am sad that it’s behind me or simply happy and grateful that I could live such wonderful moments, I think I am happy … I am sure, in fact.

    And thanks to the blog for giving us the opportunity to share our memories.


  14. [WWWWWWWHAT?? Italy is also ME! When Firenze will come up you’ll read my old post 😉 Just joking.]


    From a male perspective, surely you would understand. LOL.




    A lot of memories …just sound all over the hall – sensation of blue colour everywhere – blue eyes – some old shadows – THE old SWEET smile – memories – new sound: castellorizon and on an island – the hammer of the heart – memories – smiles and Rick born again – eyes and the deep blue and to absorb and breathe and drink pure music again – ECHOES – tears – Camden and Pompei – something old and something so new…memories and today.

    Thank you to be born again you too David.

    Thank you for the past and the present.

    I’m waiting for the next tune of heaven and the future and tomorrow are so near…


  16. Dear FED

    Are you going to tell us where to find all the eggs now as everyone has said what they have found and nobody can find any on disc 1?

    Please answer when you possibly can!! Will you have another blog article listing them or will you tell us in these comments?

    All the ones that have been revealed i have found now, that is why I am asking!!!

    [Patience, Matthew. Patience. – FEd]

  17. “It is good to read about their passion for the event and the music but also for me”

    Andrew, mate, don’t kid yourself 😉

    Thanks to Lucia and all our correspondents for another lovely wallow in the Roman bath’s of memory …. and this man always looks forward to hearing from you Pier.

    I think it’s always a good sign that you leave a gig with a slightly heavy heart …. It’s a rare thing to know that you are experiencing something special in “real time” and let’s face it, we don’t expect that experiencing David live is a frequent event. Some of us (as I constantly remind you) were stupid enough to miss out this time around … imagine how THAT feels!

    As I noted at the time of the DVD premieres, we may well never see the guitar played quite so well again ….

  18. Many thanks to Lucia for so eloquently sharing her Flashback with us all.

    It’s nice to see the Calendar being put to good use again FEd.

    A plethora of chats planned for April, great.

  19. sorry i missed the chat today fet ed . dad and i spent the day in 2 accident and emergency wards with my mother . she had another accident . second one in a month . she turned in the shower and the mat went out from under her knocking her over . she even bruised the same part of her face as last time . things have been more than a bit stressed today .

    thank you to lucia and all those who have spoken about there memories of the concert in rome . took my mind of the rubbish we all went through today nicely 🙂

    until next time


    [Sorry to hear about your mother, Linda. Look after her, won’t you? – FEd]

  20. Hello fed and blogger friends,

    I’m so sorry I haven’t been in chatroom in a while. I’ve been keeping up with the blog late at night. Since i have twin grandbabies now i’ve been busy during the day.

    It’s been nice reading everyone’s memories. Especially from other countries i’ve never been to, keep them coming.

  21. Oh Lucia, what a story you told! Your memory of the concert is just beautiful and very well expressed. I enjoyed reading it all.. Thank you!


  22. [2-1 to England, I say. I can see Beckham scoring. – FEd]

    No such luck. England lost 1-0 and Beckham was pants.

    [Oh well. The important game was Luxembourg-Wales, anyway. – FEd]

  23. Once again and magically, I thought I was in the concert in Rome sharing those memories like everyone else.

    Lucia, Luca, Diana…thanks for sharing your wonderful flashbacks. I wish I was there.

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