Flashback: Paris

David on stage in ParisAfter the first two shows in Germany, there were two more in the French capital: at Le Grand Rex, on the 15th, and L’Olympia, on the 16th.

Your memories from these concerts, please. We’d love you to share them with us.

Which moments are most clear in your mind?

Today’s photograph is from the second night in Paris. Click it for a bigger version.

Author: FEd

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29 thoughts on “Flashback: Paris”

  1. I was there, at Le Grand Rex.

    Two years later, when I think of that night, some pictures come to my mind :

    – David, entering the theatre at about 16h, so close to me, oh !

    – The strange ‘Art Déco’ façade of The Grand Rex with the letters ‘DAVID GILMOUR’ on it. (Click my name.)

    – David, making his saxo cry, in a redlight halo, wow!

    – The ceiling of the theatre, looking like a starry sky, such a perfect environment for OAI live!

    – David, playing the subtle outro of High Hopes on an accoustic guitar after the lap-steel, so moving.

    – The enthusiasm of my husband (not specially a PF/David fan).

    No flying pigs, no fireworks, no plane crash, just a man in a black T-shirt, his friends on stage, his guitar, his smile, sharing with us his passion, the music in an intimate old theatre. What an experience!

    That night, I definitely and forever stopped hoping for a Pink Floyd reunion.

  2. I know I am very lucky, I was also at L’Olympia…

    Same trip to Paris, same band, but, this night, ‘Fat Old Sun’, wow ! and a totally different experience, too.

    David seemed to enjoy his night very much, to have great fun, he was so decontracted, he constantly spoke French, often joked, he even danced ! (true)

    There was a technical problem during ‘Shine On’, he had to stop playing, he said in French with his lovely slight accent “Qu’est-ce qui se passe?”, so everyone laughed and applauded, a very nice athmosphere. The audience sang ‘Happy Birthday’, etc, etc..

    Not forgetting of course the lovely Sam Brown and her beautiful ‘Great Gig In The Sky’, he said ‘J’ai réussi à la convaincre’, and longly kissed her (Wish I was her !!!…)

    While coming back home to Lille in the night, I thought that maybe it was the last time I saw him, such an uncomfortable feeling, I didn’t know that there would be another wonderful experience to come in July: Vienne !


  3. I was at the Olympia !

    It was an amazing evening with a lot of surprises…. a “Happy Birthday’, Sam Brown on Great Gig, Echoes, but also the first performance of Fat old sun on this tour. And of course the incident on Shine on you crazy diamond.

    I was 16, and it was my first concert. Thank you David and all the musicians for this night !


  4. Last time I had seen David Gilmour live before the On An Island tour was at his 2002 acoustic shows. We were, me and my future wife, on the last row of the arena… Though we liked the show, it was really frustrating to watch it from that far.

    So we decided to have the best seats we could afford for these 2006 shows. And what a suprise to discover the first night that me and my wife were seated on the first row… What a huge experience… Being at 3 meters from David Gilmour playing my favorites songs, seeing is fingers when playing his solos, watching every smile from the musicians to each other on stage is something I won’t forget.

  5. hello,

    back home from London…a lot of wind and rain,but I love rain,wind,clouds,smoke-sky and everything …in that country.

    No memory about this concert (I was in Italy) but just a question: it will be possible to live again “those emotions” in a not too far time, PLEASE?!

    really,with love

  6. Great snap this!!

    can some of these not be made into desktop thingys, if you know what i mean?

  7. Mince, alors! La France a perdu…

    Bravo, Wales, a well deserved win, and – cerise sur le gâteau = icing on the cake – your 10th Grand Slam! Total respect!

    ‘Happy Days’, Fed, Simon, Victor, Rudders,… !


    [Thank you. Little Shane did well, didn’t he? – FEd]

  8. it was really a great show : but i saw him in Vienne too, and i must admit it was a lot better in Vienne (what a difference between a tour beginning and a tour ending, even for so great musicians!). there was more space, the sound quality was a lot better. The olympia was too… little for that kind of music, and it was a shame as the concert was really good!

  9. Two years on and the memories are still very fresh. Just as it was yesterday.

    I arrived early to see the big red letters on the Bouleverd des capucines near the beautiful Opéra Garnier. Lots of people are waiting already and the show only starts in 2 hours!!!

    It was really worth the wait: The whole first half was the magnificant album On An Island apart from a small trip to memory lane with Sam Brown coming on stage to sing The Great Gig In The Sky.

    Time went very quickly unfortunately, but even I thought this concert couldn’t get any better. Just enough time to have a beer at the bar when it’s time to go back to my seat and enjoy what was left to be already an evening to remember. There was a slight technical problem at the beginning of SOYCD that was very professionaly repaired. But the climax was without doubt Echoes being played. Couldn’t dream of a better live performance.

    Merci Monsieur David Gilmour d’être ce que vous êtes et de nous avoir un peu fait voyagé avec vous. A bientôt.

  10. Thanks David for producing the music you do. I have listened to your music since I was young and so were you. (Not that you are not still young at heart.)

    You never cease to amaze me with the overall quality of each song you create. From the beginning, the music you produced was hauntingly beautiful. Even during the days of the psychadelic times Pink Floyd’s music stood out amongst all others. Now you have taken that music to a new and more beautiful state than ever before.

    My only wish is that you will live forever and continue to create the new music that flows from within. I wish this so that even when I am gone my children and their children will hopefully feel inside as I do when I hear you playing your instruments.

    Finally I thank you for taking the sounds of a guitar from just music to heart stopping sound.

    Your fan forever

  11. Great reviews, mes amis.

    I’m enjoying these very much. As a certain voice and guitar of a certain defunct band once said

    “Takes you back, doesn’t it?”

  12. Apart from wanting to see Steely Dan, Sam Brown singing Great Gig is the only one on my list!

    Worth the entrance fee that one.

  13. Oh, I am so jealous of all your wonderful memories! I wish I had a heart warming story to tell about one of the live concerts, ah, but sadly I do not….

    No worries, I have my DVDs to keep me happy! From young David, to mature David. They are all wonderful and I still have my dream of seeing him live one of these days.

    What about you Fed? Would you tell us about one of the exciting concerts you have seen of David’s? I know all of us unfortunate bloggers that have no memories of a live show would love to read your story. Give it a thought and a post, would you please Dear Fed?

    Have a good Monday!

    [Oh, I don’t know about that. It might embarrass some people. – FEd]

  14. I was there both nights.

    The first night at “Le Grand Rex” featured a superb sound but the performance was a bit cold.

    I was impressed by “Take a Breath” and listening to “Echoes” live for the first time was a real treat.

    The day after at “L’Olympia” was different. Sound was a little muddy but the feeling was much better than the previous night.

    Sam was our first surprise and she did a great performance. The second surprise (for all) was the tech problem that occured during SOYCD. Unlike the first attempt, David performed a blitzering intro instead. Electric atmosphere it put the show on another level.

    Great show and by walking out I was just thinking “too bad I will not be able to make it to London”. But some old (and not rolling) stones had to come.

  15. This brings back memories….

    It was great seeing Mr. Gilmour live in Paris, twice… And it was of course a wonderful experience meeting both him and Mr. Wright outside their hotel just before they went to do the soundcheck at L’Olympia.

    The last of the two concerts was the best one in Paris I think, a bit special with Sam Brown showing up. The technical problems Michèle mentions made it even more special, as Mr. Gilmour always give something extra in his playing when things have gone a bit wrong (you can hear this on old live recordings also).

    I had a great feeling on my trip home to Norway, not only because it was two great nights, but it was only a few days before I would be on my way again to attend the Amsterdam shows. It was a beautiful spring in Europe.



  16. These are such special memories to share. I appreciate being able to read about them now, as I had barely discovered the internet and knew nothing of this site when these shows were going on.

    Thanks for the picture Michele, it is a beautiful theater.

    Shine on and have a good week, friends.

  17. My wife and I arrived in Paris by Thalys from Brussels around 14:00, if I recall well. Checked in to our hotel just around the corner of the venue, headed back to Le Grand Rex for a little “reconnaissance” and then went for a stroll down to the Louvre.

    David’s Castellorizon opening sent electricity into the audience instantaneously.

    We enjoyed the performance a lot, although the people walking in and out up on the high balcony during much of the first half was a bit annoying.

    We went for a quick visit to the Sacre Coeur the next morning to finish our stay in Paris and headed home still enjoying the afterglow of ‘night three’.

    Best regards,

  18. To our celtic cousins…

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

    “May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you
    In the palm of his hand.”

  19. Two words = GRAND SLAM!

    We’ve only gone and bloody done it!

    To sum it up, I guess this Grand Slam is about as good as many of the lucky people who went to see David in Paris.

    Paris may be the city of love, but Wales is certainly the country of hangovers at the minute!

    Well done Wales!

    Happy Days!
    Simon J

  20. Just to say, thanks for sharing your memories!

    And a hello to all of my friends here!


  21. To all who are Irish or Irish at-heart: Happy St Patrick’s Day.

    I am at this moment wearing the brightest green shirt I could find. (The downside is that it’s a short-sleeved shirt and this is a cold day.)

  22. I’m from Brazil and in 2006 I went to Europe with the aim of achieving a dream that I have had since my childhood. I started on Pink Floyd’s world when 10 years old during the AMLOR tour. To say what I felt when I saw Gilmour for the first time in my front is something that does not get an explanation, I was totally numb and tried to remember every detail of it.

    I have been to 2 shows in Paris: Le Grand Rex and Olympia, as well as in Amsterdam, Rome and New York.

    Listening to the Great Gig in the Sky was something special. Seeing Gilmour having problems with the guitar pedals on SOYCD causing distant echoes made me just feel privileged to listen to a new version of the song!

    Nobody trusts me that I came from Brasil just to see his shows, but well…sometimes I still don’t believe too. When the show was over I stayed outside and bought a poster in black and white from the Paris shows. It survived the trip and now it’s in my room.

    Hope to see you in Brasil Dave! Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. Very happy to see at least one Brazilian fan happy with David’s tour…

    Thank you for sharing your dream with us, Jefferson, it is a very moving story, and I bought the same poster as yours at the same place outside The Grand Rex, but not sure if it was an official one… 😉


  24. still in suspended animation waiting for Manchester and RAH, eagerly reading the blog to see how the shows went. this was a daily, no, 5 times a day, ritual waiting for my big day. what a year that was.

  25. [Oh, I don’t know about that. It might embarrass some people. – FEd]

    Now you have us interested! I bet it would be a great read!

    I hope everyone had a Happy and safe St. Patrick’s day!


  26. I was there too at the Grand Rex….

    First, excuse me for the faults because I’m French and I want simply to say what wonderful moments I lived at the Grand Rex, March 15th 2006.

    It was very great, magnificent, and a grand moment for me.

    It was too short and I returned to the North of France with wonderful dreams !

    Bienvenue chez les C’htis David ! It’s an expression : you are welcome in North of France.


  27. I was lucky enought to be able to attend these 2 shows, and then London and Vienne.

    Must say, Vienne was the best one for me, maybe the magic of this open air theater.

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