Flashback: Milan

David on stage in Milan's Teatro ArcimboldiThere were two gigs in Milan: the eighth and ninth dates of the tour were held at the beautiful Teatro Arcimboldi, the first of which was exactly two years ago.

If you were there, we’d love to hear from you.

If you weren’t there, take solace from knowing that, together, we’re going to re-visit all the other concerts from the ‘On An Island’ tour. Maybe you’ll be able to share a memory or two a little later.

This photo isn’t in the Galleries, so do click it for a closer look.

Alternatively, click here to read-up on the first Milan show, and here to read-up on the second.

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  1. It was 35 years ago today that probably the greatest album ever was released… The Dark Side of the Moon

    P.S. Well done to the Ospreys as well. Welsh rugby is on a roll at the moment…

  2. hey dave,

    keep up the incredible work, if you can try getting back to the US for a few shows, we miss you over here… if you celebrated it happy easter, and good health to you.


  3. Sorry to be off topic but Happy 35th birthday to the UK release of Dark Side of the Moon!!! 35 years of being one of (if not THE most) influential albums in rock is a nice little celebration I’ll have to toast to… once I get home that is!

    … now, back to your regularly scheduled Milan memories currently in progress :O)


  4. Hello, Fed.

    Off topic, but I want to wish David a Happy anniversary, for today is exactly 35 years since “Dark Side of the Moon” was first released. Where has the time gone…..

  5. A gift for the 20th anniversary of the marriage? A couple of tickets for On an Island show in Milano, 24 march 2006.

    So I and my wife went from Vicenza (about 200 km far from Milan), not too much traffic on the highway, so we arrived early in the afternoon. Cold day, wind and light rain.

    Waiting for the show in a warm bookshop and at the Arcimboldi gate when David Gilmour arrived. Only a fast hallo with his hand and, sadly, no autographs.

    Finally, after a long wait for leaving the jackets, we were in our seats in this beautiful theatre.

    Some minutes after 21 pm the lights went down: then the first effects of Castellorizon. The show was very, very good and for the first time I listened live some true masterpieces like Comfortably numb, High hopes, Echoes, Coming back to life, Shine on…

    Only some little problem with the sound (too loud) in the first half.

    Coming home in the night with new, wonderful memories.


  6. I lost this event.

    Fortunately I saw the concert in Florence.

    But I know that the Milan concert is beautiful, in Arcimboldi Theater, the sound had to be fantastic, but for me the background of “Santa Croce” church is the best.

    Bye Bye

  7. Milan is “just” 5 hours drive from my home. So I was on the road with my friend Peter.

    The theatre was modern and very nice. I had a good seat during the first night.

    Special moment was when David introduced the Band and came to Mr. Wright. Wright got a very euphoric, loud and long applause. All band members smiled. And then the Audience started to sing: Richard, Richard, Richard …. for a least a minute. I think David began also to sing with them. A great Audience the Italians are.

    During a few On an Island Songs we clapped along. During the intermission a Friend saw the band members of Simple Minds!

    David changed the song list in the 2nd Set. First night they played Wot’s … Uh the Deal, Wearing the Inside Out and Coming Back To Life. Second Night: Wearing The Inside Out, Dominoes and Fat Old Sun.

    High hopes was very long during the Second Night!! And there was absolute silence. Echoes of course mind blowing again! During Wish You Were Here David let the audience sing a strophe alone!

  8. I was at the second show in Milan, March 25th, and I remember very well that night of two years ago because it was set in one of the happiest moments of my life. A couple of nights before that one, me and my wife had known that we were going to have a child the next November…

    All the time throughout the concert, those songs were being inscribed in my heart as the soundtrack of what we were about to live.

    Especially “On an Island” has become a musical counterpart matching the thoughts and feelings of those beautiful days. Even now, at two years distance from that night, sometimes while watching my daughter I return back to those vivid moments again, and I sing it in my head.

    Ludovica has a special passion for “Smile”…

  9. I remember that night… 🙂 And I will probably for the rest of my life…

    Great concert! The crowd was amazing.

    And Rick missed the first Echoes “ping”… He played some weird “casio” sound lol. After he hit the right note, he high-fived with Jon for hitting it.

    So, when’s the next tour? Hehe…

  10. Could I miss this occasion?

    I was there and I remember it as an intimate venue. I was used to Pink Floyd mass shows. To see David Gilmour in such an intimate place was like having them playing in my lounge. I still remember the chill down my spine when I heard Echoes (search my blog entry on the day of concert).

    I saw the band getting out of the theatre with a bunch of people but no autographs..

    The concert was at 9,00 but I supposed it was at 9.30. So I arrived (after a short trip) to Milan in front of the theatre something like 10 minutes before the beginning. I got panic! Smoked a “Cigarette” and got in… I was searching my place when castellorizon begun…BANG …no time to wait…I was In.


  11. Dear Fed!

    Two weeks ago I tried to send you an image from OAI-tour. I haven’t asked you for help earlier, because I’ve been off for Easter holiday.

    I can’t figure out how to send you one image from one of the gigs at Royal Albert Hall. You know, I have a very nice one, of Richard Wright – shining in a green light – in front, and David shining in white light – far more behind.

    Can I ask you for help, how to e-mail you that snapshot?

    Thank you very much

    [I’m sorry, but photography wasn’t allowed during the concerts, and I tried to discourage fans from taking cameras along (even if staff at some of the venues couldn’t be bothered to stop anyone from using them). It would be hypocritical to invite you to send in such photos now, no matter how good they are. – FEd]

  12. speaking of Milan FE’d

    check out the guy in the background at the David Sylvian gig (click my name above)! it’s from the tribute page on myspace

    have fun

    [Nice T-shirt. – FEd]

  13. Hey!

    Did I miss the chat today? Oh well, maybe I’ll catch you guys one of these days.

    Have a lovely week FEd.


    [You didn’t, it hasn’t started yet. (It’ll be open in about half an hour.) – FEd]

  14. I saw the second concert in Arcimboldi. Me and a friend came from Bolzano a third one from Germany to Milan. I found it quite funny to see 2 guys from Simple Minds on the Theatre bar. Some buses from Croatia had also arrived.

    Amazing setlist (The FatOldSun-Solo was the biggest surprise).

    In front of the theatre loads of black-market T-Shirts for 10Euro while inside the theatre the T-shirts were sold for 40Euro!!! The 10Euro T-shirt is still in a whole after two years and I wear it quite often 😉

    Unfortunately we did not see “wot’s uh the deal”, it was the day before.

    Almost a month after this concert one of my friends brought me a fine present from a Barcelona Market: a double-cd. Some freak just recorded the whole show (and in a good audio-quality for a bootleg). Anyway, it’s the same CD they sold some months after at Roger Waters’ Tour-Stop in Milan in front of the Venue. Funny, isn’t it??

    [That’s one word for it, yes. – FEd]

  15. Smile…

    Do all Italian male names end in ‘o’ and all Italian female names end in ‘a’ ?

    Hello to Alberto, Lorenzo, Claudio, Piergiorgio,…, Roberto, Marco, Sergio, Massimiliano, Stefano, Enrico, Paolo, Fabrizio, Mirko, Carlo, Riccardo, Francesco, Alessandro,…etc…, who wrote on the blog today or two years ago on the occasion of the Milan(o) concerts…

    Hello to Emilio, too, and to all the ‘…a’ ladies from beautiful Italy !


  16. [Some freak just recorded the whole show (and in a good audio-quality for a bootleg). Anyway, it’s the same CD they sold some months after at Roger Waters’ Tour-Stop in Milan in front of the Venue. Funny, isn’t it?? – Oskar]

    I watched David Gilmour in Concert again the other day and I liked his comment before playing Smile. He said “here’s some new stuff so press record now.” David seems to be very good at dealing with hecklers too.

    It’s a shame though that he has to deal with such things. I don’t see what’s wrong with sitting quietly during the music and then clapping wildly when the music stops, and only standing at the end. Why do people feel the need to tell everyone else what they think or show to everyone that they have had one too many? That and flamin’ mobile phones.

  17. I was in Arcimboldi’s theatre for the 2 gigs with my girlfriend that did not know David….I remember her with a stare of astonishment ….at the end of the first concert she asked me: It was a dream?

    Ciao FED!

    Claudio from Ravenna Italy


    My wife & I were involved in an incident with a couple of low lifes a couple of weeks ago.

    We went shopping to Horsham one morning which is a very pretty town in West Sussex about 20mins drive away from where we live. As we approached the town centre two men carrying shopping bags stepped into the road & one of them deliberately swung his bag at our car as we drove past, he knocked the mirror off smashing it.

    We stopped & confronted them not really understanding why anyone would behave so stupidly.

    One of them had his pit-bull terrier with him, the other one looked a bit like Frances Rossi from status quo… on a bad day, they were both very drunk. my wife had by now phoned the police giving a description of one of the men who could hear my wife talking to the police just as my wife mentioned that he had a row of three earrings, the low life went on to shout “don’t forget to mention my c*ck ring too, love, wanna see it? the police heard it too…

  19. …I told my wife to get in the car I felt I could handle the guy better without my wife getting angry with him, he was calm with me but getting wound up with my wife. A police car arrived & went off to apprehend the guy with the pit bull who had since moved away. Then “Frances Rossi” started to get agitated & was trying to goad me, by now I could hear sirens & assumed (correctly) it was another police car coming to the scene.

    The police car stopped & 4 policemen got out & jumped on this guy & handcuffed him & led him away. The officer told us we had to make a statement at Horsham police station while they took these guys away.

    As we waited in police reception we were told by someone else also waiting to see an officer what had happened & she described the two guys to us. Apparently they are well known locally as low lifes & ” Frances Rossi” has just come out of prison for attacking two other guys with a meat cleaver….Gulp!

    The police seemed in a hurry to take our statement however these two guys had resisted arrest at the scene after we had departed & a “meat wagon” had to come & take them away meaning no one was available to take our statement. We were told they would contact us. This meant us meeting with the Police in a pub car park later that evening to complete a statement…

  20. [Do all Italian male names end in ‘o’ and all Italian female names end in ‘a’ ? – Michèle]

    No, dear Michèle. “Michele” is a male name in Italy! Really! But in italian it doesn’t sound as nice as for a beautiful french girl, ma belle. 😉

    Beautiful memories in this page too…and Rome is coming!

  21. …By the way the incident took place at 11am, how can people get in such a state at that time of the day?

    We had to go back to the police station last thursday, my wife now has to make a statement as the police told us these two are accusing us of trying to run them over…..god how I wish that was the case now!!

    We found out the name of the person who carried out the needless attack on our car & thought after making yet another statement that would be the end for a while.

    However while watching our local TV news last night the mans name appeared & he has just been charged with the murder of an old lady from Horsham which he carried out on saturday while on bail from the offence which involved us.

    When i think what could have happened to me or my wife i shudder, hopefully he will now be going away for a long long time.

    This makes our respective football teams’ results over the weekend a bit meaningless really.

    [Absolutely. That’s a terrible story, Graham. I’m glad that you and your wife are OK. Hopefully those thugs will get what they deserve, although I’m not sure what that should be. – FEd]

  22. [Do all Italian male names end in ‘o’ and all Italian female names end in ‘a’ ? – Michèle]

    Ciao Michèle.

    No we have also names which end in e or a. the male for your name is Michele!!! (accent on second e, ch sounds K). (and andrea, etc…) 🙂

    [Wasn’t there but I have been to Milan once. Beautiful city. – Frank]

    Frank, your kindness is beyond everything…even truth. Milan people will get upset but Milan is everything but beautiful. (no river, no green, concrete and cars, polluted…..)

  23. [It’s a shame though that he has to deal with such things. – Thomas]

    Nowadays bootlegs have lost their appeal. Years ago, in the time of vinyl and cassettes and no mtv, a bootleg was the only way for many to HEAR a live show of their bands. Some of them are masterpieces in the “unofficial” live recording hystory of bands.

    On many other occasions a bootleg was a memory. I feel quite silly if I think to that now..but when I went to my first pink floyd concert I was 16. And spent the whole time with this walkman up in my hand while listening to concert. I made two cassettes, I called them Pink Floyd live in Monza (and date) and wrote a short note on the inside. It is a memory, for me. The recording is not only pink floyd but also voices of people around etc.

    Bootlegging was (and in many cases is) a romantic thing….not a business.

  24. Hello, I’m unable to enter the chat. It’s my pc or I’ve to do the access in another way?

    sorry for my absence.

    [Sorry for being unable to help. (Do you have the latest version of Java installed? Click your name above to check.) The chatroom is open to all and will be for another 50 minutes. (Has anyone else had difficulty entering the chatroom today?) – FEd]

  25. Graham~

    That is terrible but I am sooo glad that your wife and yourself came out of this unharmed. I hate 99% of the “people” on this planet…

    I tried to catch you in CHAT but was unable to log on for some reason. I hope they send them to the chair…

    [Do you use Firefox? – FEd]

  26. [Do you use Firefox? – FEd]

    I dunno F*Ed as I am here at work. The Java script starts up but then it just hangs there….hmmmm

    [Firefox is playing up for me today. Please check that you have the latest version of Java installed by clicking Emilio’s name above. Several people have remarked recently that they can’t access the chat at work all of a sudden… – FEd]

  27. I do have this…..

    Verified Java Version
    You have the recommended Java installed (Version 6 Update 5).

    I do not have this though 🙁

    Chat access

    [Very strange. I’ll look into it for you. If anyone else has encountered difficulties with the chatroom as of late, please let me know. – FEd]

  28. [Nowadays bootlegs have lost their appeal. Years ago, in the time of vinyl and cassettes and no mtv, a bootleg was the only way for many to HEAR a live show of their bands. Some of them are masterpieces in the “unofficial” live recording hystory of bands. On many other occasions a bootleg was a memory. – Piergiorgio]

    i meant the heckling thing though

    on the subject of firefox i used to have that, try internet explorer instead, it worked for me, although now for some reason it does work with firefox.

  29. Another Italian male name that ends in e is Cesare, which is Caesar in English. (Michele = Michael)

    Sorry, but I’m bored out of my mind at work.

  30. Hi, Piergiorgio, will you believe me if I tell you that I was missing you on the blog these days ? It’s the truth…


    Michèle, not Michele

  31. to graham: glad you’re ok.

    [and rick missed the first echoes “ping”… after he hit the right note, he high-fived with jon for hitting it. – bran]

    this is the type of memory i think fed was hoping for!

    [Absolutely. I find it interesting, what little things stick in our minds. – FEd]

  32. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. I have just seen another Television report & the culprit is being remanded in custody untill early April at least he cant do any more harm now.

    I am glad i managed to pop into chat to say hi & look forward to making the next chat.

  33. Just to let everyone know, Planet Rock is going to stay open until the end of April now because there are interested parties, but a deal hasn’t been signed yet, so GCAP are keeping to going a bit longer. That means at least one more month of Pink Floyd and David music on the radio!

    Although David was excellent as ever on Radio 2 when he was on Steve Wright’s show last year, my opinion of Steve didn’t change. He said he’d watched the DVD but then asked questions which suggested he hadn’t, he only seemed to want to talk about Roger and Pink Floyd which I thought was unfair to David to say the least.

  34. Alberto: Thanks for sharing your great Flashback story with us. It must have been a really special time for you and your wife. Now every time you look into your daughter’s eyes… what a wonderful way to Remember That Night.

    Graham: That was a scary scenario. There but for the grace of God… my condolences to that poor old lady’s family. Some people are so sick.

    DSOTM: 35 years and counting, a timeless classic, it seems like it was only yesterday. Where do the years go? Tomorrow I’m 53 and counting…:0(

    Just managed to make it into the chat, but then spent too long lurking and got timed out, D’OH (mustn’t be so subdued next time).

    I need to re-visit Disc 1 for elusive EEs.

    [Happy Birthday, Ken. – FEd]

  35. Sorry to make things so negative, but I got a massive Virus last night, and we had to re-format everything, so I’ve lost over 1300 pictures, and all my music from iTunes, and all my other stuff. Sigh. I’ll start fresh! A new day!

    Anyways, Happy DSOTM day! Hope all is well in blogland!


  36. Oi… Knight!

    Was this geezer who whacked your wing-mirror carrying a green Fender Telecaster? Did he have a pig-tail, a black waistcoat, blue jeans and white trainers? Nooooo… he didn’t.

    I hope you publish an apology for framing me for the incident! It cost me 50 quid to get Parfitt to give me an alibi! The Bill were all over me like a cheap suit!

    Anyway must dash… just writing a few more songs which is getting a bit hard with only three chords…

  37. Graham…

    Ignore Frame’s comments he’s trying to scam you! He only paid me 20 quid for the alibi…

  38. A day late I know, but on returning to work today and revealing yesterdays (I hope this doesn’t read as confusing as it sounds) flip calendar date, the fact of the day was, “1973 – Pink Floyd released their legendary album, DSOTM”. Whilst this is no news to any of us, the fact was nicely paired with “Great things are only possible with outrageous requests”.

    Perhaps perfection was the outrageous request made by everyone involved with the making of it, because for my mind DSOTM is as close as a group of musicians have come to recording the perfect album.

  39. Hi FED, how are you feeling today?

    I’m sending this message out there that David Gilmour likes to be addressed as David, not Dave. I think I spelled his last name wrong once (Gilmore as opposed to Gilmour.)

    I too make mistakes.

  40. I was There! Came from Russia to see David’s show!

    That was one of the best moments of my life.

  41. Thanks Pier. Milan must have changed since very way back. Firenze was beautiful also with statues and all and I hope that hasn’t changed.

    Graham, glad you and wife made it safe, makes you wonder about situations.

    Fed, is there or was there a chat today?

    [There was. Please click your name above for the calendar. Details are always there. – FEd]

  42. raving and drooling was i at this point for the Chicago shows to arrive…

    Hi to everyone!!!!!! how is everyone? Fed, how are you? I hope all is well…

    happy 35th birthday to Dark side of the Moon!!!! Friken great album!!!!

    all this talking and memory lane stuff has gotten me ready for another tour! could you please ask David to read the blog and hopefully it will get his tour bug going….

    would he be willing to play a few songs in my backyard while he is here i wonder??? i will provide the party favors!!!

    “oh by the way” any news on the new CD?

    “Oh by the way” part 2… the Box set was pretty darn nice once all the errors were taken care of! Amy at EMI was so awesome!!!! she took good care of me and a few others who had issues with missing and switched discs.

    pretty random post i know…

    “oh by the way” part 3…. Tell David to get a PS3 and put the SACD darkside of the moon in and select the space skin for a truly mind blowing experience…

    [Anything else? – FEd]

  43. I’ve been reading the comments posted above. And that is a NICE photo of David up at the top!

    Fed, I have not been getting invites to join the chat lock-ins. The only invite I’ve gotten is the one you sent specifically to me a few weeks ago. So I think I may still need to be added to your email list.

    On another note: I just got a Summer job teaching children between 6 and 9 years old. I’ll be leading a series of workshops on cooking, drama, science, and writing. It is very different from my regular job, teaching inner-city kids who are suspended from middle school and high school (ages 12 through 18). This Summer job is a much better fit for me, and I hope to parlay it into a permanent position.

    Happy birthday, Dark Side of the Moon!!

    [There are no more invites, sorry. No e-mail list. Good luck with your Summer job. – FEd]

  44. I’ve Seen Arturo Brachetti At The Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, But I’ve Never Seen David Gilmour… Unfortunately!

    Michele=Michael. Victor=Vittorio…

  45. [Sorry for being unable to help. (Do you have the latest version of Java installed?) – FEd]

    Thanks Fed but I think it’s my pc. It takes too long to load java…

  46. [Hi, Piergiorgio, will you believe me if I tell you that I was missing you on the blog these days ?]

    No Michèle, but it’s the nicest lie you could tell me, lovely french lady….. 🙂

  47. I had been present to both shows, 24th and 25th March 2006, and I listened to, and watched, the two most incredible concerts of my whole life.

    The first night I was so excited that I barely listened to the songs. I was too much INSIDE the emotions that I was feeling. I physically nearly had an orgasm.

    During the second show instead, I really listened to songs and watched David and his marvellous band on stage. And I even had a bigger orgasm than during the first one. I’m not joking at all.

    I went also to the Florence show, but for that one see you on 2nd August 🙂

  48. I was in Milan on 24th march. Just 4 hours for arriving!

    Great gig. Dave is really the best guitar player I’ve heard. Sound as a cd, lights really “pinkfloydy”. But I was upset during Shine on. The public was too noisy.

    Anyway, thank you Dave and also to the fantastic band.

  49. [Planet Rock is going to stay open until the end of April now…]

    Thanks for the update, Thomas Robinson. I was just thinking about Planet Rock this afternoon while I was at work – I am glad that they extended the deadline to switch off the broadcast. A few more weeks to be able to listen to Guy Pratt on the show even though by the time I get to listen to him, it’s no longer a “live” show for me…

    It is sad to hear that there are no more invites or email list to join the chats. Sadly, I can’t join the chat during work; nevertheless, I’ve been enjoying reading those wonderful experiences of those who attended the concerts. Thank you.

  50. [There are no more invites, sorry. No e-mail list. Good luck with your Summer job. – FEd]

    Too bad but I do totally understand. Guess we’ll see how my schedule and your schedule will coincide in the future. Let’s hope it will at least once this year.



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