Flashback: Frankfurt

Phil Manzanera and Guy Pratt on stage in FrankfurtOn this day in 2006, David and the band made a welcome return to a German stage for the tour’s fifth show, at the breathtaking, majestic Alte Oper.

And what a stage it was!

Of all the theatres visited, I think this one looked the most impressive. I only wish I’d been there. If you had a ticket, how do you feel about the concert two years on? Make me green with envy, why don’t you?

Polly’s photo is from that night’s performance.

If you care to, click here to jump back to the blog post for 18 March 2006, and read what fans had to say about the gig at the time.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. just out of curiosity, how many of the concerts from the tour were filmed?

    off topic – I’ve just read that Anthony Minghella has just passed away! 54 and a heart attack! 🙁


    [I couldn’t say, sorry. – FEd]

  2. Hi Fed and all..

    A really atmospheric image captured by the lovely Polly.

    Looking forward to reading some of the memories from the show..best wishes…martin_D

  3. *Still patiently waiting for the RAH flashback*

    I just heard about the death of my favorite director, Anthony Minghella….

    Great talent, great loss…

  4. Grr… I was only in Munich, so there are still more than 4 months before my turn to comment will come 😉

    Anyway, nice to read what happened at the other places!

    Best regards,


  5. Dear Fed,

    thanx for the flash backs to the wonderful tour of David 2 years ago.

    I have been lucky to get tickets for Frankfurt, 24 hours after the tour was announced, almost all tickets were sold out.

    This is my review.

    Part 1

    Taking off for a flight of fancy……

    Being a Pink Floyd fan hasn’t been easy over the last decade, with their last show and album dating back as far as 1994, leaving the fans craving for good Floyd music, but without any high hopes for any Pink Floyd comeback soon. So the news of David’s new album and worldwide tour has been the best news one could imagine. However, getting tickets for the almost immediately sold out concerts has been quite a cliff-hanger, and coming from Cologne one had to cope with the fact that on exact the same evening, Nick Mason was visiting there for his signing-book tour…

  6. does anyone know what bits of music the examples are for?

    i think i’ll print it out and get my friends at school who are learning french at a-level to see if they can translate it.

    [Excellent idea. Tell them it’ll be good practice. – FEd]

  7. So wait a tick…

    Are we going to all the shows over again?

    [Only in your mind. – FEd]

  8. All these shots make me think about moving across the pond so I can see some concerts.

    Then I thought about telling immigration “I’m moving here so I’ll be closer to David Gilmour’s concert venues” and I decided that’s a little weird. I need a better cover story or something. 🙂

    I do have concert envy though. Big time.

  9. “hey you” Green with envy? “wots uh the deal”? “what do you want from me”? you do know “green is the colour” and you have “High Hopes” for people to “Keep Talking”. you must be “obscured by clouds”

    let me “take it back”

    “one of these days” “us and them” will not have so much “sorrow” and feel “marooned” and “poles apart” as David will again show “signs of life” and yet again leave us “comfortably numb” and “lost for words” shouting “it’s a great day for freedom” and we shall feel as if we are “learning to fly” “when you’re in” the USA again.

    until that “time” i will save my “money” in “another brick in the wall” for the tickets.

    I must now “breathe” before i suffer “brain damage” and go off to “the great gig in the sky”

    David, “Shine on you crazy diamond”, i “wish you were here” for “yet another movie”

  10. [lovely Polly. – MARTIN DOVE]

    watch out, you may soon be saying “careful with that axe, David”

  11. Caption..


    Wat up dude?..

    Not much..seen David?

    Nah..didn’t show up..don’t think he likes my shirt

    Cool..let’s do some James Brown

  12. Kinda strange seeing “The BLACK Strat” in someone else’s hands on stage….no??



  13. I got a kick out of yesterday’s comments after the fact and also would like to say “Merci Beaucoup” Michele. Hope that’s write, er, right!

  14. Part 2

    So we were very appreciative of sitting in the audience, filled with anticipation and excitement, waiting for the gig of David Gilmour to begin in Frankfurt’s Alte Oper, a venue with style and class, appropriate to the quality of event which was about to take place here very soon.

    Having enjoyed his previous solo gigs in Düsseldorf’s Philipshalle in 1984 and London’s Royal Festival Hall in 2002, and having listened to his new CD “On an Island”, we were quite aware that no pigs would fly like in the gigantic, bombastic Pink Floyd shows of the good old days, but that we could expect a show of one of a kind, captivating the soul and mind, not by predominantly rocking features, but with a more sombre, laid-back, melancholic undertone.

    As usual, David performed in black t-shirt and jeans; unlike other rock stars he never is dressed like a parrot, British understatement at its best from the beginning.

    Like in his concerts before, in the first half of the show he played his whole new album, beginning with the stage immersed in a warm blue light. With the fusion of the warm floating sound, one really got the notion to be moved to a the beach of a Mediterranean Island, just in time to be defrosted here in Germany after the unusual cold winter. The next song was performed in a warm reddish light, making you believe you would be floating in the sea, with waves ebbing and flowing, in the light of the fair sun beams in dawn. Wow!

  15. Part 3

    Of course the audience had been totally enthused and cheered David emphatically after each song, even more so after his gorgeous guitar solos.

    David had been somewhat tight-lipped during the show regarding the interaction with the audience, but before the break he said in German: “Nach 20 Minuten Pause komme ich wieder mit alten Sachen!”

    And that had not been an empty promise, the sights and sounds following the break have been so awesome that one hardly can find the right words to describe them. When the legendary song Echoes was performed, the lightshow was so captivating and infatuating that one’s mind really took off for a flight of fancy! Only too sad he didn’t play my fave song “Learning to fly” and nothing from his old solo album “About Face”. But one can’t have it all, and the last song played actually had been one of my faves too: “Comfortably numb”. It needs no mentioning that the audience cheered everyone of his band frenetically, but the applause for Richard Wright of course had been overwhelming.

    We returned home with the feeling as if we would have spent a holiday weekend on a Mediterranean Island or even in space. I’m sure, no other artist, no other music; no other show can accomplish that like David and his gang! As Pink Floyd fan one knows, one is really spoilt by the quality of their spellbinding, mesmerising sights and sounds for ever, the gigs of all other artists are paling in comparison. So please David, please don’t let us wait another long time like that for a new album and concert tour! We want More, More, More!!!

  16. @Andrew: that is not ‘THE’ black strat, just one of David’s other strats. Also, it has a white pickguard instead of a black one.

  17. Hey, everybody. Just to let you know how Gilmour-saturated my mind is: I recently went to San Diego on a business trip. Going to my seat in the very back of the plane, as it always is, I checked the seating guide above each row: ABC on one side and FED on the other. FEd! I thought of you.

    Then looking out the window while we were taxiing (is that a word?), I noticed a large plane with OAI on it. No, it’s not On An Island airlines but Omni Air International or some such.

    Fellow blog-gal Lynn met me in San Diego and we did a little sightseeing when I wasn’t in meetings. We went to an exhibition in Balboa Park: A Day in Pompeii. All about the eruption of Vesuvius and nothing about our lads (harrumph….).

    Afterwards we walked through the park, looked down and saw Wish You Were Here scrawled in the sidewalk cement.

    The references are everywhere!

    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s concert reminiscences…very evocative and touching. Thank you.


    [Worrying, isn’t it? – FEd]

  18. great review, ulli!

    [the next song was performed in a warm reddish light, making you believe you would be floating in the sea, with waves ebbing and flowing, in the light of the fair sun beams in dawn.]

    i know exactly what you mean! that was also a special moment for me. the mood lighting was just right there.

    sorry to hear about anthony minghella. 🙁

  19. Ulli !!

    So nice to hear from you – a lovely review and a special mention for your parrot – lol.

  20. Dear Fed, Ben and Victor and all, ty so much for your nice words regarding my review, and you are right, it had been an awesome concert, like the RAH gig, as every David gig is a mesmerizing event, so one is really craving for another one soon.

    Looking forward to the chat tomorrow. TY Fed for that nice Easter suprise!

  21. FEd,

    I want to do a flashback to the time when the blog was being updated and there was speculation as to what was going on with you.

    There were a number of people who thought you were getting the boot or that you went on to greener pastures or you were just in a contract dispute negotiating for an additional million to your salary. And same people were wondering who was writing those brief update entries, particularly that one where you made a reference to “smoking crack.” Many saying that FEd would never use such crude language.

    Some still wonder if you are man or you are woman – as if that matters. Hey, maybe you are a hermaphrodite. Anyway….

    Personally I had faith that it was you and that you and the blog would return. But it was amusing to hear all the theories as to what was going on. Funny what happens with this group when they are left up to their imaginations.



    [You can say that again. (I apologise for the crude language, by the way. It’s amazing what you’ll say when you’re stuck in a stupid situation.) – FEd]

  22. Dear F.Ed. and friends,

    every single post about DG’s tour is a great memory which is simply added to all the neverending reminders, memories, through which this incomparable website is daily filled and permeated with, so thank you all for sharing your thoughts

    No matter about your identity F.Ed…the only important thing is that this site has never lost its magnetism!

    Ciao Elisabetta

    [Oh, you’re too kind. – FEd]

  23. Our THIRD GIG we saw from this tour. Thomas and me travelled approx. 500 KM to FRANKFURT that day by train.

    The gig was again fantastic, however not like as Dortmund and Hamburg was. I think the sound wasn`t so good as we had places in the left of ground floor and under the balcony (a roof over our heads) – I think the sound in the middle of the arena was much better.

    Anyway – we enjoy it again!

    PETE, Frank & Thomas from GERMANY

  24. Nice vivid write up, Ulli – thank you for that.

    I enjoy very much reading everyone’s flashback; thank you.

  25. I have been there with my son (11 YO who is playing some of Gilmour & PF songs, such as: Echoes, Time, and Dogs).

    We traveled all the way from israel to see the show… it was great… !!!

    Hope to see more some day …

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