Flashback: Dortmund

Richard Wright in DortmundI don’t know where the time has gone, but it’s two years to the day since David and the band kicked off the ‘On An Island’ tour in Dortmund, Germany.

Were you there? If so, I’d love to ‘hear’ you reminisce on what was, by all accounts, a beautiful night at the Konzerthaus. I know that I wish I’d been there.

We’ll be flashing back to each of the tour’s 32 shows, with a favourite of Polly’s photos from each gig.

Clicking the photograph will take you to the Galleries, where you can see this shot in all its glory.

Alternatively, should you wish to refresh your memory, click here to return to the corresponding blog post from 2006, and read what was said at the time.

Hamburg tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. CAPTION: Are you sure that photo is not bray studio rehearsals with Roger doing “goodbye cruel world” in the next room???

  2. O Yes !! It was fantastic show 🙂

    Parkett rechts Reihe: 22 Platz: 18 – it was my place 🙂

    See You on next DG show !!

  3. I was there that (Friday) evening in Dortmund…

    A small nice venue. A very good band. I could feel every single note bend of David’s.

    What can I say, a perfect concert…


  4. This show was special as it was the tour opener and we didn’t know what was going to be played and nobody would have imagined what we were about witness.

    I went with Thomas, Oliver and Arne.

    The concert hall was a littler smaller than the other venues of the tour and so the show even felt more intimate.

    The first half was OAI, which was better live than on the record. I still like Castellorizion better as a show opener. I remember Then I close my Eyes (which was played even quieter and gentler than on the later tour dates) and Take A Breath as highlights.

    As for the second part of the show: The new arrangement of Shine On was beautiful. Wot’s…Uh The Deal – what a surprise.

    Then they did Echoes. You couldn’t hear the first “Ping” as the crowd went nuts after that slide-solo in HH. Then Rick’s Leslie-Piano-Intro hit us – we were in shock! When they went into the “Space-jam-section” after the guitar solo, we knew they we’re going to to the whole piece.

    A night to remember indeed…

  5. Ah! It is always nice to share stories. Can’t join in though, I wasn’t there :/

    FEd, have you actually been on tour with the band?

    [I was lucky enough to go to Poland with them. – FEd]

  6. Hi Fed

    is it possible to remember the great Norman Hurricane Smith who if the news is true has passed away?

    [Yes. Sadly, the news is true. And others have been mentioning it across the previous two or three posts. – FEd]

  7. Yes I was in Dortmund on March 10th, 2006. Two years ago now – time is passing by too fast.

    At this time I thought this would be the only David Gilmour show I could manage to visit and I was so unbelievably happy when I kept the ticket in my hands. I had to drive 300 km one way by car, had to take a day off in my company but for the first time to see David Gilmour live nothing was too much.

    And then I saw the best concert in my life: The sound, the light and the private ambiance in this small location (only 1500 people) – incredible. Anyway nobody knew the set list. “On An Island” was expected and wonderful but every other song was a surprise. I can´t describe the audience´s reaction of the first Echoes-ping. The incredulous whispering: Echoes…. it´s Echoes….

    I had the luck to see also the concert in Munich and one in the RAH – they were both fantastic – but Dortmund will always be very special for me.

    Thanks again Mr. Gilmour for this wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience !!!!!!

    I wish you all a wonderful week,

  8. 2 years already? Then, it’s about time for another tour, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

    Fed, you’re ok? I see the weather is really bad there….

    [Fine, thanks. – FEd]

  9. I was not in Dortmund but in London at the Mermaid (which was the first public performance) coming from Canada to see David playing songs that we never heard before (the cd was released that day). We enjoyed it a lot.

    I will always remember that night.

  10. Ah yes, the unveiling of the tour…and the reappearance of ‘Echoes’ to a set list. That was an exciting time to be a fan.

    Cool idea this one…flashing back to the 2006 Tour. Ties in nicely to sharing our pics from that year. A theme becomes apparent…

  11. “Remember that night”

    I was “comfortably numb” in USA with “High hopes” that i would be able to see a show or two from his tour “one of these days”

    I was “lost for words” when i saw the setlist, and felt i was “coming back to life” from being “marooned” during the “time” that had passed since i last had a chance to see David play live.

    I shouted its “a great day for freedom” and asked my wife “what do you want from me” if she would get me tickets to one of his shows…

    She told me to “take a breath” and to “keep talking”

    I felt as if i was “on an island” with “a pocketful of stones” in my desire to see his concerts…

    Then out of “the blue” she got me tickets to his concerts in chicago and i thought is “this heaven” or what?

    I still think of the great show he put on for us, “Then i close my eyes”, and “smile” as i sit here playing with my “dominoes” watching the “fat old sun” set in the “red sky at night”

    [Greg wins. – FEd]

  12. Hi all!

    I have seen David in Dortmund, it was an absolutely great night!

    Most surprising to me (and I think to everybody else) was that the band played a full-time version of “Echoes”, one of my all-time favourites! And it was even better than the album version!

    Dortmund was the first time for years that they played it in public, am I right?

    Greetings from Belgium!

    [It was certainly one of the first times (since Pink Floyd’s ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ tour). – FEd]

  13. I didn’t attend the Dortmund show, but I remember, I was so excited – when the setlist was revealed on the blog – to realise that David had performed a song from Obscured By Clouds.

    OBC was the last PF album I bought because I had read many negative criticisms about it, but in fact, it’s one of my favourite PF albums; imho, it sounds like a genuine David album, with nice similitaries to OAI.


  14. cool, would love to see more pictures from all the gigs.

    you’re right, where has the time gone? 🙁

  15. Hey FEd,

    I have to say, I’m really not feeling this topic. After being gone for so long, and lots of other possible topics (such as: Easter eggs from the DVD, a live CD, the Strat, just to name a few) it just seems . . . boring. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been reminiscing about those shows since I saw them, not to mention, reminiscing with everyone in chat, and at other blogger gatherings.

    As I type, I do realize, maybe this is for the people who weren’t around here during the shows. To give them a feel for how we felt. I dunno for me it just seems old hat. No offense, Fed, just how I feel.

    Speaking of chats . . .are there any planned soon?

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!


    [It’s a good thing that I’m not doing this solely to please you, then. If there’s a chat scheduled, I’ll tell you about it. When there’s news about the Strat and live album, I’ll tell you about that. We will discuss the DVD Easter Eggs before the month is out, but that will be when I can fit it in around things that I feel other people may be interested in. If you’re not interested, don’t contribute. – FEd]

  16. Hi all… here I am at the public library again… what a cool idea to re-visit each night of the tour! Can’t wait to chime in when you get to the Gibson!

    It IS hard to believe its been two years already!

    Have a great day all!

  17. It truly is a flashback …

    Black & White picture is always my favorite, I like both of the pictures taken by Polly in Dortmund as shown in the gallery.

    Shamefully, I didn’t know anything about David Gilmour’s 2006 scheduled concerts until I discovered DG.com and it was already in September 2006. I wish I was in one of the concerts. Nevertheless, I can visualize how marvelous the concert was just by reading the comments and thoughts from the bloggers.

    Good stuff, thanks.

  18. Interesting to see the telelinks from the past tour(s). Great shot of Richard too.

    Thanks Fed and Polly. Very high tech sh, stuff I mean. LOL

  19. I was not there, but it’s a nice idea flicking through the memories album.

    Have a very nice day


  20. It is nice to revisit the tour. If David comes around again I’d like to see more than one show, because this stuff is really special. Just look at the impact it has had on so many people.

    I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be at the first show, and be surprised at all the wonderful songs that were played.

    Great idea FEd, for thinking of doing this.

    Shine on, David.

  21. [it’s a good thing that i’m not doing this solely to please you, then. – fed]


  22. Changing the subject completely…

    Has anyone seen the film “Children of Men”?

    The Pink Floyd pig can be seen floating outside the window of a civil servant’s dining room during a scene in the Ministry of Arts which is housed in Battersea Power Station…

  23. Just saying hello, and very glad the blog is back.

    Unfortunately, I missed the tour here in the US, but was at the Branford Premier of the Remember That Night.

    OAI is amazing, as is the DVD-RTN, and god bless David Gilmour. I am enjoying a re-kindled, albeit one-sided love affair with him at the moment…!

  24. [Greg wins. – FEd]

    That certainly was “out of the blue” wasn’t it? He waited “until we sleep” and then posted. His total is “so far away” that trying to beat it would be “murder” if i didn’t “raise my rent.” In fact there’s “no way” i can beat it.

    I’m currently sitting under a “blue light” still trying to get over the terrible weekend sport wise. As a result this will be “short and sweet.” Would you agree that David lights up the place, without him it would be a “dark globe.”

    To get to Poland did you go on a “cruise?”

    Well i’m “near the end” now, even though there’s “no way out of here.” I think maybe i should stop now as there’s a “cry from the street” and “i can’t breathe anymore.” I was trying to beat Greg’s total with only David’s solo tracks but i’m in a real “island jam” now. Instead i think i’ll just “smile,” “then i close my eyes,” imagine i’m “on an island” and wait to watch the “red sky at night.”

    Well we’re “where we start”, “you know i’m right”

    Yay, 21 titles in one post!

    [Get in! – FEd]

  25. [OFF TOPIC: Fender announces arrival of David Gilmour Stratocaster in the U.K. (click my name) – Graham Knight]

    WOOOAAAHAHAHAHA! I nearly choked on my pepper steak and fried rice….

    [Angelo, it had a similar effect on me. And no, I won’t be repeating what I said when I saw Graham’s message, or trying to explain the look the dog gave me for waking him up. – FEd]

  26. I really REMEMBER THAT NIGHT – the first concert of this tour and I WAS THERE with my friends Frank and Thomas around me.

    We had bad places (not too bad) in the balcony under the roof, however it was very good sound also there!

    After High hopes they playd ECHOES and for us a DREAM COMES TRUE to hear this song LIVE – we WILL NEVER FORGET!

    THANKS David and his great band

    PETE from Germany

  27. That’s not the new Fender Graham, it belongs to some splinter group called Plank Foyd.

    ash X

  28. [trying to explain the look the dog gave me for waking him up. – FEd]

    With my dog it’s usually a mixture of anger (you woke me up!), confusion (why did you wake me up??) and pity (poor human can’t help it i suppose) all rolled into one stare!

  29. Almost 2 years since i saw David in Toronto! What a nice souvenir to me. Just a regret, i couldn’t meet him…

    Sylvie de Montréal

    P.S. Michèle! Mes prochaines vacances en mai seront en Provence dans ton pays!!!!!!!

  30. [Greg wins. – FEd]

    Yep…right on the ‘Money’ Greg..I’ll get me coat and get ‘On The Run’

  31. I sometimes wonder, Wot’s …uh the deal’? Why do I like David Gilmour and Pink Floyd so much. I don’t really think that I am bordering on an obsession…it’s Absolutely Curtains for me. I am completely obsessed/possessed. I can’t Remember a Day when I haven’t listened to at least one Pink Floyd song, it’s been quite some Time.

    Maybe I am Learning to Fly, so that I may escape these Dogs of War with their Murder and the Sorrow they cause among the Sheep who Cry From the Street. Away from These Empty Spaces Outside The Wall, where I feel like I can’t Breath Anymore and There’s No Way Out of Here!

    But then, Out of The Blue, I am Fearless. I have High Hopes, that One of These Days, these Echoes in my head will say, “It’s a Great Day for Freedom”, and take me away.

    So Far Away, with A Pillow of Winds and my body resting where Green is the Color. I Take a Breath. What’s that I smell? …ahhhh yesssss, It’s Love On the Air. I’m finally Comfortably Numb, no more Paranoid Eyes, Definitely Lost for words, as I am Coming Back to Life under the Fat Old Sun which is ever so slightly Obscured by Clouds.

    This is where I want to Stay, Marooned forever, Poles Apart from the rest of the world; On an Island where I can finally Breathe, in the warm embrace of The Blue.

    Wish you were here:)

  32. After all this time and all the concerts I’m still right, because it’s still the best I ever saw and heard.

    I’m lucky to have the DVD and can remember that night.

    I think it’s a nice idea to remember. Thanks Fed.


  33. My best friend Bert and I were there that magical night in Dortmund. We both took a day off work and drove all the way to Dortmund from Belgium. It was one of, if not THE best night of my life. I knew the setlist before the show, but that didn’t spoil the experience one bit. I wish we could do it all over again.

    I cannot wait for the live album to come out.

  34. Sylvie, c’est fantastique ! Bienvenue en France ! Hope you won’t be disappointed, and don’t forget to drink one of these excellent ‘Rosés de Provence’ ! 😉

    I am looking forward to reading on April 9 or 10 your memories of the Toronto gig.


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