Flashback: Amsterdam

Steve diStanislao in AmsterdamAs had been the case with Paris, and would be the case with several other cities, Amsterdam got two concerts. Both were at the Heineken Music Hall and were, according to your comments, rather good.

What do you remember about those nights? You can jog your memory here and here, if need be.

Here’s Stevie, photographed by Polly, in Amsterdam.

Stevie had a great time on tour. If you missed the Q&A session he did for us last year, you can find it here.

And finally… The chatroom will be open tomorrow between 14:00 and 16:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

32 thoughts on “Flashback: Amsterdam”

  1. Unforgettable!

    I was there on the second night. Seeing & hearing David again after 30 years (Ahoy Rotterdam) was a great thing. Nice atmosphere, relaxed.

    Good vibrations!

  2. Off topic, because I didn’t attend any of these shows, but I just wanted to point out that Amsterdam is a very beautiful city, with so many canals that she (or it?) is sometimes called ‘Venice of the North’ (I know, I know, Lucia, it’s a blasphemy ? …)

    There is a wonderful museum too, the ‘Van Gogh Museum’ where we can see more than 200 paintings and 430 drawings by Vincent Van Gogh, along with paintings by Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Camille Pissaro, etc…

    A very nice city.


  3. Hello FED,

    was listening to the Ummagumma album which opens with Astronomy Domine. Floyd’s music goes real deeper than one can imagine. The feelings I get from the guitar work (Syd Barrett/David Gilmour) is priceless. The more I listen to all their music right up to David’s recent work, the lunatic in my head goes away.

    Enjoy your day FED.

  4. Echoes ruled!

    We had an unforgettable night with our close friends.

    And it was fun to meet Mostly Autumn fans from the U.K.!

    Stay in tune and please keep smiling.

  5. Howdy doody!

    How’s everyone doing? I hope everyone’s well. As we make our ways through the tour dates, I love reading everyone’s stories. Jealousy gets to me.

    Anyways, glad to see that the chatroom is open tomorrow! I shall be there!


  6. I remember a great emotion, not having seen David live since 1988.

    Plus the Heineken Music Hall is probably one of the best sounding venues in Europe, I had a chance to visit it during my audio engineering course and the hall is baffled with these special coupled reflective/absorptive panels which really make the difference.

  7. Both Amsterdam nights had a lot to offer. Great that David played 10 new songs, and not 2 ½ hours of greatest hits. I want to hear new stuff as well from the artists I like! I think it’s very important for an artist to move on – as well for a Fan! I thought that was very brave of David.

    After Take a Breath David said: “Hmm. That woke you up!“. There was technical problem just before Where we Start. David said: “Sorry. I’ve got a technical hitch here. I lost a bit of the guitar.”

    And the 2nd half was fantastic! First time I heard Wot´s .. Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out and Echoes! So many highlights during this set: Shine On with a different kind of beginning, High Hopes with a beautiful ending!! Comfortably Numb with Rick Wright singing! And of course ECHOES which I never thought to hear live! What a version!

    The 2nd night David offered something new: Fat Old Sun and the premiere on this tour of Coming Back to Life. Often we Fans expect something else but this Set list and everything David played and offered was just as if he took it from my Wish list!

    I can only hope that he enjoyed it so much as I did and that he wants to get on stage again in the future! I will be there that’s for sure!

  8. Dear FEd,

    I’ve taken some time to re-read and re-think my comments/frustrations, as well as those of yours and others on the blog, over what I felt had been a rather long awaited disappointment, i.e. the “new and improved blog”.

    I was wrong! I couldn’t help but feel that I should try somehow to make this right. I proceeded directly to my workshop where I have quite a collection of empty boxes piling up. Having found just the right one I made a b-line for my music room. I took my matted and framed autographed copy of David’s RTN program and carefully placed it in the box along with some packing peanuts. Off to the UPS store I went where I was greeted by a smiling, familiar face (I do a lot of shipping).

    When the young girl behind the counter saw the address on the box she recalled our previous conversation and anxiously asked, “another package to Mr. Gilmour? What is it this time?” To which I nonchalantly replied, “nothing really, just some bullshit token of appreciation”.


    [You are joking, I hope. – FEd]

  9. when will david gilmour make a tour over Mexico country?

    [Sorry, Jacob, but I really do hope that you will get a chance to see him perform one day. – FEd]

  10. I was there both nights (first night front row!). That ‘beer hall’ must be the ugliest location for a concert in the whole of Europe, but the concerts were absolutely wonderful.

    The first time I heard that first ping of Echoes I just couldn’t believe it; beautiful!

  11. What I remember the most is the frustration for not being able to go because of my very advanced pregnancy and the kid due to come out to the world at any minute. Would have been interesting if I had gone anyways, and -due to the excitement- my first baby had been born in the middle of the concert!

    Yeah, a bit disrupting for others, I know.

  12. Not sure of right place to post this or whether it will get through but just want to say Happy Easter everyone. It cheers me up to see some familar names here still writing strongly.

    Take care

    Ian Pearson

  13. [great that david played 10 new songs, and not 2 ½ half hours of greatest hits. – werner]

    i agree 100% with this. i also think it’s important for an artist to move on and that dg was brave to put his new material first.

    to cevin: i hope you’re joking!

    to mariana: i’m sorry that you had to miss it. imagine going into labour at a concert! 😮

  14. 2 years ago at this time we still hadn’t got tickets for RAH and I had yet to discover the website (never mind the Blog site!).

    We were however touring round Mexico and apart from seeing some wonderful sights we found a couple of very good music stores in Mexico City and Cancun….heavily into Prog Rock. OAI was number 6 in the charts I think and in both stores was wired into the listening stations. In Mexico City you got the usual couple of minutes of each track but in Cancun it played the whole album and after being away for 2 and a half weeks was sheer heaven to be reunited with such wonderful music…..funnily enough thats all I remember about Cancun!!!! Still once we got home the best was yet to come.

    Keep on with the reminiscing, it’s great reading everyone else’s experiences.

    Happy Easter everyone and Dear F’ed please don’t forget our eggs!

  15. Hello,

    off topic: have a nice 1st spring day tomorrow and Happy Easter for the week end!

    Next march 25/26th will be all dedicated to the gigs in Italy…

    A kiss from a cloudy Rome

  16. AMSTERDAM HMH – Part 1

    Having listened to the OAI album a zillion times, we just HAD to visit the Amsterdam concert…

    It’s a trip of 2.5 hours from the south of the Netherlands, so we had plenty of time to prepare for the concert. On the road we listened to David’s two previous solo-albums and naturally: On An Island!

    I have to agree that the HMH is not one of the most prettiest concerthalls, but the quality of sound is near perfect. We were seated across the concert hall, so quite a distance from the stage, but the band managed to create a very intimate setting. Especially during the more quiet parts it was like a living-room concert.

    A very special moment was the outro of High Hopes, beautifully played by Mr. Gilmour and Jon Carin (with excellent sounding stringsounds I might add!)

  17. AMSTERDAM – HMH – Part 2

    Shine On I prefer in the total acoustic setting, as played by David in London, 2002. But it is always nice to hear this song performed live.

    Echoes was just hypnotising, with all the effects and the band doing a splendid job. You could tell that they were having fun on stage by all the smiles and movement (any need to mention Guy Pratt at this moment?).

    It was a great evening and we had great fun.

    Driving back home everybody was just thinking what kind of special evening we just witnessed (with a big smile on our faces). I guess we all get the same smile everytime we watch the RTN DVD 🙂


  18. Very beautiful memories/reviews here! (ciao GianLuca, how’s Amsterdam? I hope you’re fine)

    The ‘Venice of the North’? You are right, Michèle. But even if I have been in Amsterdam three times and I loved it a lot, whoever knows Venice knows that there is no way to compare the two cities. Venice is a dream which became reality. Even if the risk to get a cold moving by ferry boats is really high there!

    I wish you all a very happy Easter.

    Peace and love

  19. Hello to everyone in chat…sorry I can’t be there.

    ciao Fed,hope it’s all ok.

  20. FEd, I just pressed the wrong button and left the chat room mid sentence. If you go back in, tell everyone I’m sorry, and it was nice to chat, see them all next time.


    ash X

    [You just did, Ash (it was just about turf-out time, anyway). Hope you can all make the next one. Details on the calendar. Please click your name for that. – FEd]

  21. Of course you are right, Lucia, I went many times to Amsterdam and only one time to Venice, but Venice is by far my best souvenir… A dream…

    Have all a good (extended) weekend !


  22. Cevin: Grow up. I expect better than this from my students, who are urban at-risk youth.

    Things are not always set up to Cevin’s satisfaction, so stop pretending that’s what you’re used to. If the Blog is not good enough for Cevin, there’s a simple solution: Don’t visit.

    If a gift from David is somehow not good enough either, then maybe the problem is not David’s, or the Blog’s, or the gift’s… The problem may just lie with Cevin.

  23. It´s a pity that I couldn´t make the chat today.

    I wish you all HAPPY EASTER !

    Have fun and find all your Easter eggs.

  24. I have read the Cevin saga over the last few days and unfortunately I have to comment on this.

    Personally I just find it appalling and selfish. I always try to see both sides of the story and not criticize one’s actions but unfortunately in this case that just does not seem possible.

    Yes, saying thank you is a common polite gesture. But to think that someone “owes” you a thank you? And then throw a tantrum because you didn’t get one? Especially from someone that you don’t personally know – even though you think you do? Well, my gesture for that is a rather impolite finger standing straight up.

    Some people just don’t get it.



  25. If i would have known about david earlier i could have gone to the concert in toronto. i cry everyday because i probably could have went. And i missed roger’s concert too, though i should not mention his name on the DAVID gilmour blog…

    [Hard luck, Adrian. I hope there’ll be other opportunities. – FEd]

  26. Good story Mariana, liked that and hope everyone is well.

    Cevin, I don’t know. Hope you are alright!!

  27. I’ve never been to anywhere else in Europe except UK; but I do enjoy watching the travel programs so I can somewhat be able to relate to some of those beautiful European countries as mentioned in the flashback.

    To me, it’s a dual benefit reading the FLASHBACK, not only the reviews of the concerts are pleasurable and fun to read, I also get to learn about the different cities and locations where David performed.

    By the way, a belated thank you to Michele for the article about the Grand Rex.

    Happy Easter to you all!

    p.s. FEd, isn’t it time for the DVD’s “Easter Eggs”?

    [It will be time for Easter Eggs when I publish the next post, children. I’m sure you can wait a few more minutes. – FEd]

  28. [Posted by Cevin on 20 March 2008 at 07:49]

    [You are joking, I hope. – FEd]

    if hes not, i would be willing to provide a very nice stable home where it would recieve lots of love and would be taken care of…

  29. Travelled over from Ireland for the gig – was fantastic (apart from a 6:20am flight to get there!)

    Echoes was mind-blowing and I loved the “rocking out” end to Fat Old Sun.

    The audience seemed a bit subdued to me though.

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