Favourite live albums

Pink Floyd's 'P.U.L.S.E' CD from 1995 As we’re on the topic of live albums…

Do you have a favourite (officially-released) live album?

A list of five would be nice.

I’d have to include Pink Floyd’s ‘P.U.L.S.E’, as well as ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’, on my list. Neil Young’s ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ cannot be overlooked. The Beatles’ ‘Live at the BBC’ has numerous high points…

And this is where it starts to get difficult.

The Who sounded pretty damn good ‘Live at Leeds’. Nirvana would create one of few recent (well, it’s quite recent) classics when ‘Unplugged in New York’. But can anyone with ears really leave out Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock? Or Monterey? Or the Fillmore East, for that matter? And what of those two great showmen of the 20th century, James Brown (‘Live at the Apollo’) and Elvis Presley (‘In Person at the International Hotel’)?

Let’s see what you come up with. Five, if you can manage it, please. Official recordings only.

If you wish to continue the discussion in the chatroom, doors open tomorrow at 15:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. 1. Pink Floyd: Pulse
    2. Metallica: S&M
    3. The Who: Tommy Live
    4. Roger Waters: In the flesh
    5. Pink Floyd: The Wall

  2. – Deep Purple: ‘Made in Japan’
    – Pink Floyd: ‘Pulse’
    – Peter Gabriel: ‘Plays Live’
    – Queen: ‘Wembley 86’
    – Nirvana: ‘MTV Unplugged in New York’


  3. Well, PULSE most definitely. Hm… I’m a big fan of 4 Way Street as well and Eva Cassidy’s Live at Blues Alley. All the others you mentioned, I would include in my own personal list, especially Live at Leeds. Well, and especially the Hendrix… Well, and especially the Neil Young…

    Also, Benny Goodman Live at Carnegie Hall, Live at Fulsom Prison/San Quentin by Mr. Cash, Ellington at Newport, Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East, and Clapton Unplugged.

    When I was a kid, I listened to Sly and the Family Stone a lot (I still do) and I swear I remember my dad buying me a Sly live cassette from a pawn shop… Long gone now, and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. (Trying to remember music from my childhood is like trying to remember smells with your face in a cloud of cigarette smoke – “take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind, down the foggy ruins of time.”) My mom used to sing So Far Away to me… took so long to get it back.

    [“Blowing like a circle around my skull…” – FEd]

  4. My five would have to be:

    1.Pink Floyd – Is there anybody out there?
    2.Pink Floyd – Pulse
    3.Led Zeppelin – How the west was won
    4.Neil Young – unplugged
    5.Rush – Exit stage left

    I’m sure that David’s upcoming Gdansk live cd would be on that list, had it been released already.

    Have a good week everybody.

  5. In alphabetical order and no repetition of the classics FEd mentioned.

    – Jeff Buckley – ‘Live At Sin-é (Legacy Edition)’
    (One man with a Blonde Fender Telecaster, reverb & clinking of glasses) RIP 🙁
    – Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – ‘No Quarter’
    (No Comment 😉
    – Portishead – ‘Roseland NYC’
    (Trip Hop & Orchestra = 🙂
    – Queen – ‘Live at Wembley ’86’
    (with Nate on backing vocals… and a few others 😉
    – Neil Young & Crazy Horse – ‘Weld’
    (‘Like a Hurricane’ just isn’t ‘Like a Hurricane’ unless it lasts for 14 minutes 😉

    [14 minutes isn’t quite enough, is it? – FEd]

  6. Great discussion FEd.

    Bet everyone will struggle to name just 5. Will be checking up on this blog regularly to hear of any classic albums I may have missed.

    Here’s my 5…… er, well I think so.

    Pulse cos it also includes DSOTM live
    Wish you were here
    Tres hombres by ZZ Top
    Led Zeppelin 2
    Never mind the bollocks by the Sex Pistols

    Picked these 5 because I could play them to death and never get bored of them.

    This is really tricky, are you sure you didnt mean 50 albums?

    [I’m absolutely sure. I could have been really mean and insisted that they’re all concert recordings, rather than recordings for television, radio and such like, but then I’d have had to leave out one of my favourites. (And I’m sure that some smart-arse will tell me that these albums shouldn’t even count.) – FEd]

  7. 1. Cream, Royal Albert Hall
    2. The Allman Brothers, Live at Fillmore East
    3. Band of Gypsys
    4. Bob Dylan, Before the Flood
    5. Pink Floyd, Pulse (of course….)

  8. 1- Pink Floyd-Pulse
    2- Stagestruck-Rory Gallagher
    3- 24 Nights-Eric Clapton
    4- Irish Tour 74-Rory Gallagher
    5- From Across The Pond-Robert Cray

  9. Good one – but pretty hard once you get going. These are I think my Top 5, in that they’re the live albums I listen to most frequently (and in no particular order):

    1) David Gilmour – Remember That Night
    2) Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous
    3) Thelonious Monk – Live at the IT Club
    4) Benevento Russo Duo – Live at Bonnaroo 2005
    5) Kool & The Gang – Live at the Sex Machine

    It’s criminal what I’ve left out…but five is five, even though I’m missing out Led Zep’s “How The West…”, Rush’s “Moving Pictures” and countless Phish and Dead live albums. And I bet that the minute I hit the post button another five that I should have posted will pop into my head…


  10. Fleetwood Mac ‘Live In Boston, Vol. 1’

    ‘Jumping at Shadows’, crawls up the back of your neck, and makes ya do ‘The Rattlesnake Shake’. No lie:)

    Friends, I’ve had the privilege of seeing another guitar legend. Last night, my son Kameron and I, saw Mr. BB King perform at the Tennessee Theater, here in Knoxville. The theater was built in 1927 and is absolutely gorgeous. It has now been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Last night’s show was a fund raising event to help keep it open for another 75 years or so.

    Before the show, there was a private auction for the VIPs, (very invested persons) one of which I am not. After a long period of waiting on the street, watching them sip their cocktails, the doors were opened to the rest of us HIPs (hardly invested persons), yes that’s me, so that we were able to attend a public auction before the show began.

    I had never been to an auction before and boy was I excited. There was a replica of BB’s beloved Lucille on auction, and bids were flying in from all over the VIP section. After a couple of Jack Daniels and Coke, I was ready to shout my own bid…

  11. …The guitar closed out at $15, 500, if I remember correctly, which is more than my car is worth.

    After the auction, BB came out on stage where he was welcomed with a well deserved standing ovation. I was surprised and a little disappointed that he didn’t play Lucille very much. He told stories most of the time. He said that he couldn’t remember anything recently, except for the fact that he is 82, and that he suffers from an illness called ‘Need More’, which is why he keeps performing. He’s such a funny man. I reckoned that while he was talking he was conjuring up the energy he needed to play out those sultry solos he’s famous for.

    During the times that BB played, he didn’t seem like an 82 yr old man, he appeared to be full of vim and vigor, just like always. Even though I didn’t get to hear my favorite song, ‘Sweet Sixteen’, I felt that I had witnessed something very special and will always be grateful that he came out and played for us.

    It’s just too bad that my good experience was made less pleasant when this fella with his beautiful, long, curly black hair, walked in 10 minutes after the show started, stinking of gasoline and chewing tobacco, and sat right beside me, yuck, what a waste of such pretty hair:(

  12. Fed, you’ve opened up a can of worms here.

    Number 1 is without any hesitation Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s “Live Rust”. I got through my final session of uni with this album keeping me company during the all nighters. There is something extremely special about this album.

    No. 2 & 3 is a tie between “Delicate Sound of Thunder” & “Pulse”. Recordings from the 1988 concerts at Wembley made up the majority of “Delicate Sound of Thunder” and, as I was there, it has special meaning to me.

    No.4 The first live album that I ever bought was “Made in Japan” Deep Purple. What can I say?


  13. Todd Rundgren ~ Utopia Theme
    Neil Young ~ Time Fades Away
    Frank Zappa ~ You Can’t Do that on Stage Anymore Vol.1
    Tubes ~ What do you want from Live
    Richie Havens ~ Freedom (Woodstock)

  14. Well, my Favorites are several but I’ll try to list the best:

    1. Pink Floyd – PULSE
    2. Dream Theater – SCORE
    3. Led Zeppelin – Soundtrack From The Song Remains The Same
    4. Genesis – Live Over Europe 2007
    5. Pearl Jam – Live At The Gorge

    So what do you think?

    [Not bad. – FEd]

  15. Well Fed, Pulse is a definite choice by far. One More Car One More Rider, Eric Clapton who’s 63 by the way today/yesterday, love “River of Tears” on that. Strat Pack with all those amazing acts except Ron Wood who spoiled an awesome evening. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Live at The El Macombo in Toronto and finally, haven’t seen it but would love to see a release of About Face. So I’ll choose Delicate Sound for now.

    Sorry, had to throw another show in there.

  16. My “live recording” listening experience is limited, but here we go…in no particular order:

    Pulse – Pink Floyd
    Shakira MTV Unplugged – Shakira
    Mirrorball – Sara Mclachlin
    Alicia Keyes Unplugged – Alicia Keyes
    BBC Sessions – Led Zeppelin

    I guess that’s pretty eclectic.

  17. When deciding which landmark albums to include in a Top 5 Live Albums, one always has to ponder… how much of this was actually live… and how much was redone in the studio? That’s a tough call. It’s a shame we can’t list top live albums, officially released or not… because I could list several Pink Floyd shows from 1969-71… San Diego ’71… Rotterdam ’71… Fillmore West ’70… Hyde Park ’70… I could go on, but…

    Top Five Officially Released Live Albums:

    1: Band Of Gypsys – Jimi Hendrix… only 6 songs and the centerpiece, Machine Gun, is perfection!

    2: Alchemy – Dire Straits… Perfect flow. Knopfler is superb throughout. Tunnel Of Love is a tour-de-force.

    3: Live At Monterey – Jimi Hendrix Experience… Jimi introduces himself to America… and kicks its collective arse!

    4: PULSE – Pink Floyd – Disc II is perfect. Disc I has some great moments. Would have preferred Disc I be Shine On followed by Division Bell…

    5: Live Bullet – Bob Seger… great, early era Seger

  18. ok, this should be easy (though I can probably name at least 10!). So, in no particular order:

    1) Get Your Ya Yas Out – Rolling Stones
    2) Young Vic live (included with new Whos Next) – The Who
    3) Rust Never Sleeps – Neil Young and Crazy Horse
    4) Live at the Boston Tea Party – Peter Green’s Fleet. Mac
    5) Live on Two Legs – Pearl Jam

    (honorable mention – The Jam – Live Jam / Bruce Springsteen live 1975-1984)


  19. Great news about David’s live album – something to look forward to.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. This is my last week at my current job and I am looking forward to a little downtime before starting the next one.

    5 Live Albums that I’ve revisited recently and really enjoyed.

    1) P.U.L.S.E
    2) Peter Gabriel Plays Live (especially Disc 2)
    3) Supertramp – Paris
    4) No Quarter – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
    5) Queen and U2 at Live Aid 1985

    Cheers !


  20. PULSE (Pink Floyd)
    Back in the US (Paul McCartney)
    Scab Dates (The Mars Volta)
    And All That Could Have Been (Nine Inch Nails)
    Is There Anybody Out There? (Pink Floyd)

    Nirvana’s Unplugged is a good one as well. I know Pearl Jam actually has a couple of good ones… especially the official bootlegs they released from the 2000 tour. Can’t really think of others that I’ve heard but those are my mentions there.

  21. good topic Fed. not in order, for me:

    Eva Cassidy @ the Blues Alley
    Dire Straits – Alchemy
    Eric Clapton – 24 nights
    Deep Purple – made in Japan
    The Band – the last waltz
    Roger Waters @ Berlin
    The Allman Bros band @the Filmore 71

    (and the DG live @ Gdansk, I know it will be one of my favourites..)

    have a nice week everyone,


  22. 1) Pulse (Pink Floyd)
    2) Minimum-Maximum (Kraftwerk)
    3) Live aus Berlin (Rammstein)
    4) Palast der Republik (Einstürzende Neubauten)
    5) Devotional (Depeche Mode)

    A lot of German people here, hahaha.

  23. ‘P.U.L.S.E’
    Get Yer Ya-Ya’s out – The Stones
    Frampton Comes Alive – Peter Frampton
    Road to Hell & Back – Chris Rea
    Live in Aught-Three – James Mcmurtry

    An eclectic collection but five is too few to pick

  24. Good morning FEd!

    Very difficult, that thing. How many live albums of how many artist have been recorded? Thousands….. you can’t know them all.

    I have a collection of nearly 500 CDs, and it contains some of my favorite live recordings:

    -Ummagumma / Pink Floyd (my first contact with PF)
    -Pulse / Pink Floyd (the LED is still flashing)
    -Live at Leeds / The Who
    -Just one night / Eric Clapton
    -??? / Rory Gallagher (there are several live recordings, I don’t know which is my favorite, maybe that one from the Rockpalast-night in Essen, but it’s officially only on DVD)

    Of course, there are some more, but hard to find these five.


  25. This one is a good one, i would go with.

    The Who Live At Leeds
    Is There Anybody Out There (Wall Live)
    Heaven and Hell Live At New York (black sabbath/with Dio)
    Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds Live

    A live On An Island cd would be a nice addition to the collection 🙂


  26. Hi FEd

    My favourite albums are

    2.On an Island
    3.Metallica Black Album
    4.Yngwie Malmsteen Marching Out
    5.Guns & Roses Appetite For Destruction

  27. 1. PF; Ummagumma, June, 1969, (Disc 1)
    2. PF; Is There Anybody Out There?, 1980
    3. Allman Bros.; Live at the Fillmore East, 3_12&13_71 (SACD)
    4. Neil Young; Live at the Fillmore East, 3_6&7_70

    Honourable Mention:

    Otis Redding; In Person at the Whisky A GoGo, Spring 1966
    Led Zeppelin; How The West Was Won, 6_25&27_72
    Lynyrd Skynyrd; One More From The Road, 1977
    Mahler Series, Michael Tilson Thomas & S.F. Symphony, (ongoing)

    [You left a space for David’s new one. Good. – FEd]

  28. Well Fed, you pretty much mentioned my 5 live albums already however here is my list in no particular order

    The Who – Live at Leeds
    Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E
    David Gilmour – Remember that night (does this count)
    Hendrix at Woodstock
    Wishbone Ash – Live Dates.

    As other lists roll in i’m sure i’m going to wish i could revise this one but it’s the first five that come to mind on a Monday morning.

    [‘Remember That Night’ doesn’t count, but just look at some of the posts above yours. Five, wasn’t it? There’s not much counting going on. – FEd]

  29. The ones I always seem to find my way back to are:

    Delicate Sound of Thunder – Pink Floyd
    Recital Of The Script – Marillion
    Live Baby Live – INXS
    Unplugged – Neil Young
    Live 93 – The Orb

    (PS FEd, looks like fourth is all yours now – we just didn’t show up and play yesterday. Dismal performance, apologies to all who sat through and watched that dross).

    [I think it would have been a different game had Cahill been playing, that’s for sure. – FEd]

  30. You’re not making it is easy with only 5, and offical ones at that!

    Hmm let’s see, well..

    The first live album i bought was in fact one you mentioned, Jimi Hendrix Live at Filmore East. I paid nearly £20 for this cd, and all that JUST for Machine Gun. As it turns out, it wasnt half bad 😛

    Bob Marley, Live at Lyceum, also one of my favourites.

    Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Famously Ziggy’s last concert, and as i am constantly reminded, my aunt was there.

    So where are we now, three albums, two to go…

    Does a dvd concert count as a live album? i shall assume it doesnt so i have to discount Mr Gilmour in concert…

    Yes this is tricky indeed.

    Ok lets pick an obvious one ‘in the fle… no wait.

    PULSE obviously, as if i need to give you lot any reasons why?

    So to the fifth, i think im going to go for David Bowie’s Stage. it has some of my most favorutie music on there – with that Live twist we all love.

  31. hallo !!!! …

    my favorite official live album is ”delicate of sound of thunder”…..

    An excellent sound and incredible power !!!

    Your great fan !!!!…ALEX

  32. This question of best live albums leads me to a question i wanted to pose..

    I was at a party recently, where i got chatting with a guy who was saying that live albums are just not that good unless you had actually been present at the particular concert. Personally i do not agree.

    I find listening to music that i love, live, seems to bring a new level to it (sounds awful i know) perhaps level is the wrong word, but you know what i mean, the different arangements and eras in some cases that make the music effect you in different ways. Just looking at marooned for example i have heard many different versions, all slightly different but all superb.

    So do you guys think it is important to have been at the concert to enjoy a live album?

    [Nah, that’s rubbish. – FEd]

  33. Secret World Live; Peter Gabriel, great sphere, and for me first class musicians.

    Live Start the Fire: RPWL a German band started as a Pink Floyd cover bad but when a close friend died they started to write and came with an WYWH stylis album; “As God Has Failed”. On this live recording they go back to their roots and cover a Syd Barrett song and some Floyd licks.. fabulous.

    Seconds Out; Genesis, a classic.

    Another Time, Another Palce; Magenta, if you like Genesis, i think you’ll like this too. An awesome album, with some great guitar work and unbelievable bass loops from Matthew Cohen.

    Strange Behaviour; Karnataka. This soft celtic Prog band was too quiet on their studio albums, but this live recording is splendid. Rachel Jones is one of the leading roles and now married with Matthew Cohen, see Magenta. Another lady on this album is Ann Marie Helder and she is the girl friend of Dave Kilminster, one of Roger Waters’ guitarists…

  34. My list..

    1. P.U.L.S.E
    2. Metallica S&M
    3. Rush R30
    4. Delicate Sound of Thunder
    5. Iron Maiden Live after Death (1986)

  35. Not an easy one Fed!

    1. Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound Of Thunder
    2. David Bowie – Bowie at the BBC Radio Theatre
    3. Ozric Tentacles – Live at The Pongmasters Ball
    4. Roger Waters – In The Flesh
    5. Metallica – S&M

  36. In no particular order:

    Led Zeppelin, How The West Was Won
    Deep Purple, Made In Japan
    Thin Lizzy, Live And Dangerous
    Pink Floyd, Is There Anybody Out There?
    The Who, Live At Leeds

  37. On a separate note FEd, I just discovered that there’s a new DVD with a soundtrack provided by David and narrated by the late Arthur C. Clarke called Colours Of Infinity. Apparently it’s now available from Amazon!

    Just thought some irregulars might be interested!

  38. Hello,

    Five live albums? Nice topic, I do enjoy a good live album, almost as much as chocolate fudge cake.

    Mine would have to be, all taken from records I own:

    Led Zep. – How the West Was Won
    Neil Young – Live Rust
    Oasis – There and Then (alright it’s not an album, but it’s rather good nevertheless)
    M – En Tête à tête
    Aimee Mann – Live at St; Anne’s Warehouse

    I didn’t include ‘Pulse’ as it goes without saying that it’s great.

    Dom (snowed under with work)
    x x x

  39. 1. Pink Floyd – Pulse.
    2. Led Zeppelin – How The West Was Won.
    3. Muse – HAARP live from Wembley.
    4. Deep Purple – Made in Japan.
    5. Rory Gallagher – Stagestruck.

  40. My 5 in no special order are drum roll…..

    Pink Floyd, Ummugumma
    King Crimson, USA
    David Bowie, Stage
    The Tubes, What do you want from live
    Genesis, Live (1973)

  41. Looking through my music collection I don’t have that many live albums. I used to find them disappointing and lacking in quality. I felt that the thrill of a live performance as in being there and that it didn’t necessarily translate well to a recording. This was some years ago though. Now technology has improved and the quality of live recordings can be almost as good as the real thing. ‘Remember That Night’ is a case in point.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that I can’t come up with a list of five. Naturally I’ve got ‘P.U.L.S.E’, although only very recently, and I’ve been meaning to get ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ on CD for some time (vinyl copy is in the loft).

    I look forward to hearing other people’s favourites.

  42. with the exclusion of p.f. live stuff (although i would
    like to hear a legal live recording of their bbc shows;))
    i name my five:

    beach boys – live 73
    motörhead – no sleep `til hammersmith
    grateful dead – live/dead
    spiritualized – live at the royal albert hall
    brian wilson – pet sounds live in london


  43. Hope I am not too late to send my 5 live choices. I was away in London, got stuck at Terminal 5 – wonderful building but…..

    Rolling Stones and REM live albums plus three unplugged (do they count?) Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton

    Ian Pearson

    [They count. – FEd]

  44. My favourite live albums are

    Pink Floyd – P.U.l.S.E.
    Queen – Live at Wembley 86
    Phil Collins – Serious Hits live
    Genesis – The way we walk (The Longs and the Shorts)
    AC/DC live

  45. Ten Years After – Live (can’t remember where but it was a double album)
    Pink Floyd – Ummagumma (The live album)
    Van Der Graff Generator – Real Life
    Porcupine Tree – Live in Italy
    Soft Machine – Live at the Paradiso

    Pete – Coventry

  46. Does the BBC recording of Pink Floyd at the Empire Pool in 1974 count as official because although it hasn’t been released on Cd the fact that it was recorded by the BBC means that they had permission so does it count as an official recording?

    [No, it doesn’t. – FEd]

  47. Pink Floyd – Pulse
    Marillion – Marbles by the sea
    Genesis – Live over Europe 2007
    Kraftwerk – Minimum Maximum
    Roger Waters – In the flesh

    And I’ll have to replace one of them if David releases his live album.

    [Now the question on everyone’s lips: Which one would you replace it with? – FEd]

  48. doh,

    Just realised that list was supposed to be ‘live albums’. Sorry about that as i posted in early hours while half asleep.

    my new list and still on top is

    Joe Satriani live at The Grove, Anaheim, CA
    George Thorogood live The Cincinnati Gardens
    Motorhead No Sleep til Hammersmith
    The Who live at Leeds

  49. Hi Everyone,

    What an excellent Friday I had, I met Nick Mason (again) at St Paul’s Gallery, Birmingham for the launch of his Relics artwork. He was in a jovial mood and it was great welcoming him back to Birmingham.

    Anyway off the top of my head my favourite live albums are as follows:

    1. Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E
    2. Roger Waters – In the Flesh
    3. Roger Waters – The Wall – Berlin
    4. Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder
    5. Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same

    Best regards.


  50. Whoops, how can I forget the live section of Ummagumma with the best ever recording of Careful with that Axe, Eugene.

    Sorry, I know that now makes six but I was really wracking my brains as I don’t have many live albums.

  51. Pink Floyd – PULSE (who wouldnt choose that?)
    Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There?
    The Who – Live at the Royal Albert Hall
    Yes – Yessongs

    And David’s new live album

  52. My favourites:

    – Remember That Night
    – P.U.L.S.E.
    – Delicate Sound of Thunder
    – Is there anybody out there? (live)
    – Dire Straits – Alchemy

  53. Hi everyone.

    1-Noir Désir: Dies Irae
    2-Pink Floyd: Is There Anybody Out There
    3-Neil Young: Live At Massey Hall
    4-Queen: Live At Wembley ’86
    5-David Bowie: David Live

  54. P.U.L.S.E. – Pink Floyd
    Live at the Massey Hall 1971 – Neil Young
    Live at Leeds – The Who
    Live Rust – Neil Young
    Farewell to the World – Crowded House

  55. [So do you guys think it is important to have been at the concert to enjoy a live album? – rob]

    It is extra special if you did happen to attend (as my elder brother, who was at Mothers when Ummagumma was recorded, keeps telling me) but a live album as it happened is the next best thing if you were not there.

    Pete – Coventry

  56. WOW,

    that’s a Hornby’s style question. Which was the novel? HIGH FIDELITY. And tough too.

    What is a good live album? well, a good live album is not the mere repetition of a record. It is “essential” when expands and enhance the record experience. But there are albums that sound preety much like the record version and we like anyway….. In few words there are studio bands and live bands.

    Gosh, it is a pity that few people mentioned THE LIVE rock album. I say THE. It is MADE IN JAPAN by Deep purple. Now I do understand many things of you, folks. Listen to that!!!!

    Another live album which is THE LIVE PSYCHEDELIC album and has not been mentioned much is UMMAGAMMA disc 1. Gosh, folks? light your torches and listen to it!!

    The other three…… I don’t know now but surely the third one is way far from the second….


  57. 1. Deep Purple ‘Made in Japan’
    2. Pink Floyd ‘Pulse’
    3. Roger Waters ‘In the Flesh’
    4. Dire Straits ‘Alchemy’
    5. Peter Gabriel ‘Secret World Live’

  58. Renaissance ~ Live at Carnegie Hall
    Rick Wakeman ~ Journey To The Centre of the Earth
    Pink Floyd ~ Pulse
    Yes ~ Yessongs
    The Beatles ~ Let It Be

  59. [When I was a kid, I listened to Sly and the Family Stone a lot (I still do) and I swear I remember my dad buying me a Sly live cassette from a pawn shop… – Jessica]

    Was it “Sly & The Family Stone – Live at the Fillmore East 1968”? I forgot about that. That would have made my five…

    Speaking of which, if I had a mulligan I’d take back BBC Sessions and pick L-Zep ‘How the West Was Won’. That one gets much more play on my geeky music machine…

  60. 1. P.U.L.S.E.-Pink Floyd
    2. Unplugged-Eric Clapton
    3. Royal Albert Hall-Cream
    4. Aqualung live- Jethro Tull
    5. Gdansk live- David Gilmour

  61. [currently listening to: joe cocker, “mad dogs and englishmen” – victor]


    Nice call…

  62. Interesting lists but in true Andrew fashion I will deviate from the popular norm of what has been listed. Mind you, nothing wrong with the ones listed, for example, I think Clapton’s 24 Nights is awesome as are the PF live releases but I’m choosing a different collection.

    1. Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade – Live Frogs Set 1&2 (especially set 2 where they play PF Animals set)
    2. Nils Lofgren – Night After Night
    3. Queen – Live Killers
    4. Guns N Roses – Live Era: ’87-’93
    5. Rush – All the World’s a Stage

    On the first one in Set 1 they play a 12 minute version of Shine On & you can buy each set separately. I include the Guns set because there is no other official live release & parts of this one really rocks.

    Interesting that I haven’t seen anyone mention Cheap Trick Live at Budokan, Skynyrd One More From the Road or KISS Alive! Of course anyone who knows the history, knows that KISS Alive! was not truly a live recording but one that is heavily overdubbed.


  63. [So do you guys think it is important to have been at the concert to enjoy a live album? – rob]

    Not necessarily but extra special if you were there.

    I remember winning tickets to see Alice Cooper play an intimate evening at Electric Ladyland Studios in NYC. Probably 100 people in total at the event and I sat in the first row in front of Alice. The show was recorded and broadcast on radio. I have a copy of that radio broadcast and it is also one of my most memorable experiences.



  64. Excuse me for my entry…I haven’t seen it was for five albums:)

    [It’s not easy, is it? – FEd]

  65. Tell you who I would like to hear a live album by…………..Riverside.

    An incredible Polish band. Not very well known about in the UK but, I understand, quite well known in Europe.

    They have incorporated ‘SOYCD’ into one of their tunes to great effect.

    Pete – Coventry

  66. How about an entry on the two or three worst live albums and why? Could be an interesting twist instead of always asking for the best. Might evoke an interesting debate. No?



    [If anyone wants to throw that in, I’m sure they will do. ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ is just so subjective. You can’t go far wrong with ‘Favourite’. – FEd]

  67. Ok, up to the plate:

    5.It’s Been A Long Time – Steve Forbert
    1.Live Archive 04 (Once Above A Time) – Steve Hackett
    3.Live At Nearfest – The Strawbs (band version 1974/5)
    2.P.U.L.S.E. – Pink Floyd (I only have the DVD)
    4.Year of The Horse – Neil Young

    Order is lucridus (oops, sorry Steve H., ludicrous).

    This list only because it’s what’s near the top these days. Five ain’t enough or Live-CD is such a constraint (probably good thinking on your part FEd – and life is mostly about constraint & complaint) and I am constantly trying to make this into ‘My Favorite Things – and Why You Should Care.’

    Thanks for the distraction.

  68. FEd,

    My favourite five, for what it’s worth, are…

    Is There Anybody Out There?
    Delicate Sound Of Thunder
    Made In Japan
    Coldplay Live 2003

    I’ve had the privilege to have seen 4 out of these 5.

    Of course you don’t have to have been there, but it’s great to have official album releases of gigs one has witnessed (in the flesh, nope, I didn’t see that one).

  69. [If anyone wants to throw that in, I’m sure they will do. ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ is just so subjective. You can’t go far wrong with ‘Favourite’. – FEd]

    Excellent point. Then how about least favourite?

    I’m thinking of one but it is so much not my favourite that I can’t even remember the title.



    [That works for me. – FEd]

  70. Mine:

    1. PULSE – Pink Floyd
    2. Yessongs – Yes
    3. Live at Wembley – Queen
    4. Is There Anybody Out There? – Pink Floyd
    5. House Of Yes ~ Live at the House of Blues – Yes

  71. Ooohhh, this is fun. Okay, here are my five:

    Is There Anybody Out There
    Eric Clapton-Unplugged
    Led Zeppelin- How The West was Won
    Duke Ellington- Live at Newport 1956

    Of course, there are many more, but these stand out at the moment…

  72. nate, i didnt know portishead had a live album, i’ll definitely look that one up, and your neil young choice.

    still havent ventured past ‘after the gold rush’..

  73. My list:

    1. David Gilmour – Remember That Night
    2. Pink Floyd – PULSE
    3. Live8 and (Live Aid)
    4. Eric Clapton – Unplugged
    5. Pink Floyd – live at Pompei
    6. Elvis Presley – Comeback Special ’69

    and many, many more…

    Hope you like my list, FEd !

    Ernest 😎

  74. Lynyrd Skynyrd – One More From the Road (my first live album and where I mastered the art of air guitar!)

    Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive (the only case I can think where a live album defined a career)

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps (it’s obvious)

    The Grateful Dead – Europe ’72 (perhaps “the” live act of all time, the last with member Pigpen)

    Jeff Beck w/ Jan Hammer Group – Live (rock fusion heaven)

    I feel a little guilty not mentioning our benefactor here. But I think it’s more a case of what wasn’t released.


  75. My top five would have to be:

    1. Pulse – Pink Floyd
    2. The Dance – Fleetwood Mac
    3. Live Bullet – Bob Seger
    4. Live over Europe – Genesis
    5. Live in Gdansk -David Gilmour (it’s not released yet, but if the DVD is the same as the album, then I know it’s going to be amazing !!!!!!!!!)

  76. 1. PULSE
    2. Is There Anybody Out There?
    3. Seconds Out – Genesis
    4. Live Over Europe 2007 – Genesis
    5. Delicate Sound of Thunder

  77. My fav’s would have to be

    Coldplay live 2003
    King Crimson live in Japan
    Delicate Sound of Thunder
    Is there anybody out there?

  78. FEd,

    In no particular order-

    Ummagumma-Pink Floyd
    Space Ritual- Hawkind
    Live at Leeds- The Who
    Absolutely Live- The Doors
    Rock and Roll Animal- Lou Reed

    Not an easy list to make, I’d probably have a different list tomorrow!

  79. Ok this is tougher than I thought…

    1) Pulse – Pink Floyd
    2) Delicate Sound of Thunder – Pink Floyd
    3) The song Remains the Same – Led Zeppelin
    4) Live – Robin Trower
    5) A New Day Yesterday Live – Joe Bonamassa

    Honorable mention…

    1) Alchemy – Dire Straits
    2) Official Bootleg USA ’06 – Jeff Beck
    3) Live at Berkeley – Jimi Hendrix
    4) Wild Night Out – Jimmy Thackery
    5) Made In Japan – Deep Purple

    [Five honourable mentions? That wins me a bet. – FEd]

  80. Most have been mentioned already on here, but here are a few more that merit mention. I leave out Pink Floyd and related albums because those are obvious choices. I include bands that more or less come from a few generations back, because performing their live music was the most important aspect of what these bands did, if that makes any sense. I actually prefer some of these bands’ live albums to their recorded stuff, Lobos excluded (I love all things Los Lobos).

    Lobos – Live at the Fillmore
    Lobos – Acoustic en Vivo
    Grand Funk Railroad – Live Album
    Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus
    Allman Brothers – Live Fillmore East
    Garcia Acoustic Band – Almost Acoustic

  81. Hi Fed.

    here are my favorite Live albums.

    PINK FLOYD – Is there anybody out there?
    NEIL YOUNG – Year of the horse
    CREAM – Royal Albert Hall
    JIMI HENDRIX – Live at Monterey
    FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM – Earth Inferno


  82. 1. Queen: Live At Wembley ’86
    2. P.U.L.S.E – Pink Floyd
    3. Live Rust – Neil Young
    4. In the Flesh – Roger Waters
    5. Frampton Comes Alive – Peter Frampton

    Happy Monday to you all.

  83. For my $$, Floyd’s all-time best live album was the first disc of Ummagumma. It shows the power of early Floyd. So my list would be:

    1. Pink Floyd “Ummagumma”
    2. The original “Woodstock” concert album
    3. Rolling Stones “Get Yer Ya Yas Out”
    4. Chicago “Live at Carnegie Hall”
    5. The Eagles “Hell Freezes Over”

    [Ah, The Eagles… Who had the stupid idea of keeping the list limited to just five albums? – FEd]

  84. Well first off it was great to be back in the Chat Room today hangin’ out with everyone. I’ve been away too long…that work thing was interfering (in a good way) 🙂

    I’m going to list my 5 before reading any of the other posts…that’s when I’ll probably start kicking myself after seeing all the good albums I’ve temporarily forgotten about…it was hard to leave out Delicate Sound of Thunder…but my wife’s had me on a Bon Jovi kick lately LOL

    1. Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E.
    2. Alice in Chains – MTV Unplugged
    3. Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive
    4. Guns N’ Roses – Live Era ’87 – ’93
    5. Bon Jovi – One Wild Night: Live 1985 – 2001

    If I was still 12…I’d have had Kiss Alive II on there somewhere…so I guess I’m dating myself with that comment 🙂

    Can’t believe I’m leaving out Rush, Thin Lizzy and Metallica, but I guess Bon Jovi would go when David releases the “official” live recording…

  85. Hi FEd,

    nice challenge for us…

    Here are my favourite live albums:

    5. Monty Python: Live at the Drury Lane
    4. Iron Maiden: Live after death
    3. AC/DC: If you want blood, you’ve got it
    2. Pink Floyd: Ummagumma (Disc 1)
    1. ?????

    And of course a lot of others that others mentioned or not.

    Best regards,


  86. 1. D. Gilmour: Remember that night
    2. Pink Floyd: Umma Gumma Live
    3. Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden
    4. Einstürzende Neubauten: Palast der Republik
    5. Muse: HAARP

  87. Part one – the boring bit

    Bloomin’ heck. 5 favourites. I have to confess that I have a preference for Live rock albums.

    “Why?” I hear you cry

    For me the great Live albums represent the definitive version. Studios are great for sitting on stools and polishing and multitracking and so on, but in my opinion something is often lost. Taking our own favourite guitar God as an example, I cannot think of ONE track I prefer on the album to that on the DVD … imagine my quivering excitement at the Live CD if you will.

    The great Live album is a single take, preferably unbacked, version as the band wants to play it and by definition is often a greatest hits package as well. The “filler” is too ambarrassing to air on stage.

    And liking the heavier end of rock it should also invilve a bit of old-fashioned, balls-out, loud and proud strutting also …

  88. Top five live albums in no particualr order:

    Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E
    Allman Brothers Band – Live at Fillmore East (DeLuxe Edition)
    Oasis – Familiar to Millions
    Paul Weller – Catch Flame, only 6 weeks to go before I see him live 🙂
    Neil Young – Live Rust

  89. “That wins me a bet”?

    Just make sure my cut is placed in the proper bank account by Friday.

  90. Part 2 – the list (PF etc albums taken as read)

    Deep Purple “Made in Japan” – it’s had a few mentions. Every single track is THE definitive version. Studio versions sound like cardboard next to these. Standout moment – “Highway Star” launched little Tim’s love of the electric guitar

    Led Zeppelin – “How the West was won” – I thought it couldn’t get any better – then this comes along. “Since I’ve been lovin’ you” is just sublime but this is fantastic from start to finish.

    Genesis – “Seconds Out” – Less “Rock” than the others but full of power, panache and, surprisingly perhaps, passion

    Thin Lizzy “Live and dangerous” – a few weak spots but I simply cannot let “Rosalie” and “Still in Love with you” escape

    The Who – “Live at Leeds” – check out recent “full” version. It’s what we would all like to do with 10 strings, two planks, some tubs to thump and a strutting lead singer at our disposal …

  91. P.U.L.S.E
    Still Growing Up-Peter Gabriel
    No Security-Rolling Stones
    Miles of Aisles-Joni Mitchell, is it my imagination or has no one listed a female artist yet?
    David’s new one

    There are some great ones mentioned by everyone else.

    ash X

    [You could be right about the absence of female artists thus far. Good choice. (There’s some seriously funky playing going on on ‘Miles of Aisles’, isn’t there?) – FEd]

  92. If the list had been just four albums then it would have been easier for me. I would have easily picked PULSE, Is There Anybody Out There, The Who live at the RAH and David’s new live album. But because its’ five i have to choose one from things like Frampton Comes Alive, Past Lives by Black Sabbath, live Yes, Stranglers and Led Zeppelin albums. Whereas normally people complain they get too little i’m complaining that i got too much! [never satisfied am i? :)]

    If this was a true desert island discs thing and we all got a special item, would an iPod with 10,000 more music tracks count? I guess that’s strectching the rules.

    Thanks for the chat earlier, for some reason i was suddenly logged out and by then the chatroom had been locked so i didn’t get to see the end of the film discussion or say goodbye, but i’ll just have to leave the goodbyes for next time!


    [Film discussion, you say? I don’t seem to remember that. Or I don’t want to. Hmm. – FEd]

  93. Hello FED, here’s my list of five;

    1. Pink Floyd: Pulse
    2. Led Zeppelin: How The West Was won
    3. Neil Young: Live Rust
    4. U2: Rattle an Hum
    5. Rolling Stones: Get your Ya Ya’s Out

    Of course for the record, David Gilmour’s Live recordings go ahead of the last four on the list.

    [I’m sure you mean that the one official live recording will. And I agree. – FEd]

  94. Without rating:

    Genesis – Live Over Europe 2007
    Chris Rea – The Road To Hell & Back
    Queen + Paul Rodgers – Return Of The Champions
    Billy Joel – 12 Gardens
    Phil Collins – Serious Hits… Live!

  95. Delicate Sound of Thunder – Pink Floyd
    A Live Record – Camel
    Live Chronicles – Hawkwind
    Live Flames – Snowy White & The White Flames
    P.U.L.S.E. – Pink Floyd

  96. 1. Floyd – Pulse
    2. Bob Dylan – Live at Royal Albert Hall (or at Boudakhan)
    3. Floyd – Is there anybody out there
    5. James Brown – Live at the apollo

    [Do you want to choose another one? – FEd]

  97. Coma Divine by Porcupine Tree

    Seriously, each open-minded PF fan should give this a listen!


  99. Hello,

    this is my list

    Remember that night (a taste of Paradise in DVD)
    TOMMY (The Who)
    The tracks from THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME (Led Zep)
    NO QUARTER (Jimmy PAGE and Robert PLANT)

    The best for all of you and a kiss from Rome

  100. I’ll leave out PULSE, except to mention that the 2nd disk has taken up permanent residence in my car stereo, so obviously it is highly ranked. Here’s my mini-reviews in no particular order:

    1. Yes – Yessongs

    From the opening of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite to the final notes of Starship Trooper, this showcases very intricate live rock performances. The only real flaw is substandard audio. Highlight: “Perpetual Change”

    2. Allman Brothers – At Fillmore East

    Proof that jazz can be played with two electric guitars and a Hammond organ. Highlight: “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”

    3. The Grateful Dead – One From the Vault

    Kicking open the Dead’s immense tape archive, this documents the live debut of the “Blues for Allah” album in a small club in San Francisco. The Dead employed high tech signal processing to remix the original 2 channel recordings. Highlight: “Eyes of the World”

  101. 4. BB King – Live in Japan

    For years only available as an import album from Japan. BB King at the peak of his skills in the early seventies. Highlight: “Sweet Sixteen” (Check this one out, Melissa.)

    5. The Miles Davis Quintet – Four and More and My Funny Valentine, The Complete Concert 1964

    Miles himself counts this performance at a benefit show as a unique performance by any of his bands. The tempos on the standards are extremely fast and the ballads are exquisite. Highlight: “My Funny Valentine”

    This was a great topic. I thought I’d share why these albums stand out for me. I love live recordings. In fact these albums would also be on my top 10 of all albums.

  102. top 5 live albums eh ? ok here goes :

    1:is there anybody out there ( the wall live ): pink floyd . for some reason i find the live version better than the studio one . less depressing .

    2: pulse: pink floyd . i have annoyed people stopped beside my car at traffic lights by turning up astronomy domine ( not on purpose , i do like to play music loud when i’m on the road !) it is worth it for that alone ! also for dsotm .

    3: return to childhood : fish this was taken from the 20th anniversray tour of the brilliant marillion album misplaced childhood. i saw gigs on the tour twice in england in bolton and crewe and really enjoyed it . fish is a mind blowing performer .

    4: marbles by the sea: marillion . from the first night of the 2005 web fan club convention , a full perfomance of their 2004 album marbles . it’s is an amazing album , even better when you hear it live . plus i was actually in the front row of the gig this was recorded at .

    5:queen live at wembley 86

  103. Here’s my 5:

    1. Pulse
    2. Delicate Sound Of Thunder
    3. Eagles “Hell Freezes Over”
    4. Frampton Comes Alive (just because)
    5. Led Zep “The Song Remains The Same”

  104. [Who had the stupid idea of keeping the list limited to just five albums? – FEd]

    Wasn’t it you, dear FEd? How much more do you want? 😉

    But, no matter if 5 or x , there are some live recordings here in this thread, which I owned as Vinyl-LP a long time ago. And now I’m wondering if these are also availiable on CD…. Amazon, here I come ;-)))


  105. My five in no order

    1)Welcome to the Canteen-Traffic
    2)Live in Hyde Park-Red Hot Chili Peppers
    3)The Concert for George
    4)Deep End Live-Pete Townshend
    5)Delicate Sound of Thunder-Pink Floyd (as well as anything else they did live but this because I saw them for the first time on this tour 1987).

    [Deep End Live… Good call. That version of ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ is exquisite. – FEd]

  106. You’ve done it to me again FEd… my albums and cds are now scattered all over the place while I try to choose just 5..

    Johnny Winter-Live Johnny Winter And
    Beach Boys-Wow! Great Concert!
    Pink Floyd-Pulse
    Genesis-Genesis Live(1974)
    Jimi Hendrix-Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight
    Blue Wild Angel

  107. 1: Pink Floyd, “Pulse”
    2: Fleetwood Mac, “The Dance”
    3: Pink Floyd, “Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live”
    4: The Eagles, “Hell Freezes Over”
    5: Bon Jovi, “One Wild Night”

  108. 1. Pulse -Floyd
    2. Neil Young – live at Massey Hall 1971
    3. Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive
    4. Genesis – Seconds Out
    5. Peter Gabriel – Secret World


  109. Hi Fed,

    it’s a momentary choice, of course

    Secret World Live – Peter Gabriel
    P.U.L.S.E. – Pink Floyd
    Live! – The Police
    Tour 2007 – Hereos del Silencio
    Cool Water – Daniel Lanois

    very much looking forward to the gdansk concert, it’s sage to say it will become a regular for a long, long time…

    all the best!



  111. 1. Remember That Night (I’m counting this one as an album because sometimes I put it in the DVD player, turn off the TV and just crank up volume on the stereo.)

    2. Pink Floyd: P.U.L.S.E.

    3. Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported

    4. Dire Straits: Alchemy Live

    5. The New York Rock and Soul Revue: Live at the Beacon

  112. Just five???

    Three slots are easily filled by “P.U.L.S.E.”, “Delicate Sound…”, and “Is There Anybody Out There?” Roger Waters deserves high marks for “In The Flesh” and “The Wall Live in Berlin”.

    Outside of Floyd, I’d say Pete Townshend’s “Deep End Live” (although it does have that Gilmour touch!), and The Moody Blues “Live at Red Rocks”.

    Whoops, that’s seven…

  113. 1- Delicate Sound Of Thunder
    2- Eric Clapton “Just One Night”
    3- Woodstock
    4- Eagles “Hell Freezes Over”
    5- The Concert For Bangla Desh

    There’s a lot more but I had to choose

  114. Another album for the list…’Real Live Roadrunning’ Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris.

    ‘Top Gear’, is one of my absolute favorite television shows, and I think James May is the perfect man for me. Captain slow, himself:) Just thought I’d get that out there.

    Fed, I’ll bet you are really the ‘Stig’, aren’t you?

    [Put me behind the wheel of a very, very expensive car and I’ll prove that I’m not. – FEd]

  115. An aftertought would definetely be The J. Geils Band’s Full House.

    That live show rocked Detroit big time.

  116. Live Bullet- Bob Seger
    Wings Over America- Paul McCartney and Wings
    The Concert For Central Park- Simon and Garfunkel
    The Wall Live at Berlin- Roger Waters
    The Last Great Traffic Jam-Traffic

    No particular order, just the five I listen to most often.

  117. I agree with most of your favorites. I’ll add a few odd favourites of mine:

    – Jethro Tull, Bursting out
    – Talking Heads, Stop making sense
    – Nephew, Roskilde 070707 (danish band)


  118. 1: Roger Waters – In The Flesh live
    2: Queen – Live at Wembley
    3: Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live (but i prefer Growing Up Dvd: the question is, are dvd included?)
    4: Pink Floyd – Ummagumma
    5: Deep Purple – Made in Japan
    6: (this is my AS ROMA heart speaking) Antonello Venditti – Circo Massimo

    Ciao e FORZA ROMA!!!! I hope we will beat Manchester United this evening. And I would like to meet Arsenal in final in Moscow


    [I also hope you beat Manchester United this evening. – FEd]

  119. 1.PULSE

    Hope you don’t mind 6

    Steve Harriman.

  120. Favorite Live Album Cover: Pulse – Pink Floyd.

    Man, that’s just a cool design…let me go change the battery on the blinky light….

  121. [Film discussion, you say? I don’t seem to remember that. Or I don’t want to. Hmm. – FEd]

    Funnily enough I don’t remember it anymore either. It must have been a false memory my brain created for me.

    [Put me behind the wheel of a very, very expensive car and I’ll prove that I’m not. – FEd]

    I always knew that you weren’t the Stig because you are far more secretive than the Stig is. And you’re the first FEd as far as I know, but the first Stig was killed after the man behind the helmet told people that he was the Stig. So all in all, your identity is more hidden than the Stig.

    It’s more likely that you’re a retired spy or something. 🙂

  122. 1) David Gilmour – Remember That Night
    2) Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous (still love it after all these years)
    3) Queen – Live at Wembley
    4) Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive
    5) Rush – Live in Rio (rocks, sad that the audio is a bit crap though)

  123. [So do you guys think it is important to have been at the concert to enjoy a live album? – Rob]

    No, but I think the opposite could be true: if we attend a concert, we may like to have it on CD, as a souvenir.

    Maybe it’s why people are sometimes looking for bootlegs. In that case, I don’t think it’s offending the artist, on the contrary…


  124. Pink Floyd/David Gilmour – Pulse or RTN
    Pink Floyd – The Wall Live or Live at Pompeii or Live 8 – I couldn’t decide!:)
    Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years
    Scorpions – Tokyo Tapes
    KISS – Alive 1

    as a 6th and almost in there:

    Neil Young – MTV Unplugged

    enjoy & don’t forget

    have fun

  125. My list,

    U2 – Under a blood red sky
    Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E
    Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsies
    The Who – Live at Leeds
    The clash – From here to Eternity

    Try & enjoy the games Fed. i know i wont, i fancy Liverpool more than the Gunners, i should have more faith.

    [You can have the league game, but let us have the Champions League games, please! – FEd]

  126. Oh yeah…to jump on Andrew’s question, I’d like to throw in a candidate for “most disappointing live album”.

    Now I may be remembering the wrong title so don’t quote me, but a few years back I excitedly picked up Coltrane’s ‘Live at the Village Vanguard’. I’m no jazz expert by any measure, but I have a little over 100 jazz albums so I at least know what I like.

    20 minutes into this mess and I’m thinking “dear God when is he going to stop tuning up??” I know Coltrane squandered his immense talents on heroin, but who’s responsible for recording this ‘trane wreck??

  127. Hello!!! ;^)

    Lately… Mmmmm…

    – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn!!!
    – Electric Ladyland!!!
    – Kind Of Blue!!!
    – Sgt Pepper’s!!!
    – Black Sabbath!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Mountain Battles” – “The Breeders!!!” Something new… WOW!!! ;^)’)/

    Jolly good show!!! Tally ho!!!

  128. Besides the obvious…

    Dr. Feelgood – Going Back Home
    Status Quo Live
    Knebworth Live – Various Artists
    Genesis – Seconds Out
    Camel – A Live Record

  129. Mitch Ryder “Red Blood, White Mink”
    Comment : sings the Stones stuff even better than Jagger!

    Wings “Wings Over America”
    Comment : a full and powerful show

    The Nighthawks “Live at the Psyche Delly”
    Comment : blues rock at it best

    Supertramp “Paris”
    Comment : a classic

    Lee Clayton “Another Night (live)”
    Comment : a great singer backed by a fantastic guitarist

  130. My favorite 5 live albums are:

    1 – Jimi Hendrix – Live at Wookstock
    2 – Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E.
    3 – U2 – Under a Blood Red Sky
    4 – The Clash – From Here to Eternity
    5 – Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio

    I would like to mention 5 more live albums that may not be in the top five but are at least somewhere at the top 10.

    – Queen – Live at Wembley
    – Nirvana – MTV unplugged
    – Xutos e Pontapés – Ao Vivo no Pavilhão Atlântico (portuguese rock band with 29 years)
    – The Doors – Absolutely Live
    – AC/DC – Live

    The Post is only about live albums, but i would like to take the chance to put here my favorite albums of all-time.


    Best Regards
    Adriano Rocha

    [Please hold that thought for now Adriano. We’ll have a day to discuss our favourite albums of all-time soon (divided by decade, naturally, to make selection easier). – FEd]

  131. My Fav live albums:

    1) Bruce Springsteen – Live in Dublin (ok, it’s “folky”, but if you watch the dvd, you will see how much fun the band has playing the music & how the crowd reacts to this & the “guts” of reworking his own material into a different style/format – amazing)

    2) Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E (no need to explain)

    3) Dire Straits – Alchemy (Mark Knopfler has got such a signature style of playing his guitar. You hear one note and you know it’s him – a talent he shares only with the one and only Mr Gilmour)

    4) David Gilmour – Remember that night (Fat Old Sun, Echoes, Wot’s….Uh, the Deal – say no more!)

    5) Bruce Springsteen – Live 1975 – 1985 (After 20 years the story he tells leading into The River still give me shivers down the spine – and I know it word for word)

    (Supertramp – Paris & Dire Straits – On the Night (because of the beautiful version of Wild Theme) are close “seconds” on this list)

    Good to have the blog back!

  132. Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder
    Moody Blues – A Night at Red Rocks and Justin Hayward – Live at San Juan Capistrano (tied)
    Eric Clapton – 24 Nights
    Yes – Keys to the Ascention
    Renaissance – Live at Carnagie Hall

    Can’t wait to hear David’s New one.

  133. Pink Floyd – P.U.L.S.E
    Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder
    Rammstein – Live Aus Berlin (these guys put on a great show just like Floyd did)
    Rammstein – Volkerball
    Pink Floyd – Is there anybody out there?

    I’ve only heard a little of this one: Michael Franti and Spearhead live but still a fabulous version from his album YELL FIRE

  134. [Miles of Aisles-Joni Mitchell, is it my imagination or has no one listed a female artist yet? – ash]

    Correct, ash – me included – I had Ellen McIlwaine on my working list; I don’t own ‘Women in eMotion’ so I can’t advocate that – but I have the bits of her ‘live’ on “…The Polydor years’ (xcel) plus, I saw her live at ‘The Schuper House’ on Niagara Street in Buffalo (NY) (I was a drunk college twerp and, OK, so I’m old now) and her throaty slide just opened my eyes. It’s an album in my mind, eh (does that count)?

    [4.___ – Kris]

    Kris – nice going with the invisible preference – I feel that way some times; I get it: that was one of my early choices…

    [Cool Water – Daniel Lanois – bernhard]

    bernhard – Daniel Lanois, good job – I have a lot of his music, but missed this live one so far – DL is an experimenter and I do like that.

    See FEd, it’s about me, again.

  135. [BB King – Live in Japan. Highlight: “Sweet Sixteen” (Check this one out, Melissa.) – EchoesBob]

    Thanks for the suggestion, Bob, and thanks to digital downloads, I am now the proud owner of that. Yes sir, I am definitely digging Sweet Sixteen’! (^_^)

    As a blues brother yourself, you should have a look at this one; Live at the BBC – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. It’s even better than Fleetwood Mac-Live in Boston vol 1,2,3.

    This is not the Fleetwood Mac that most people know, so if you don’t know Peter and Danny Kirwan, this will be a proper introduction.

  136. [Still Growing Up-Peter Gabriel – ash]

    Damn, I forgot that I have the Wembley gig that I attended on that tour on double CD.. official release… signed too 🙂

    I also have his gig I attended at the Eden Project last year too. Great idea those official bootlegs… hint, hint 😉

    I also forgot Simon & Garfunkel – Central Park (1981), The Eagles – Hell Freezes Over, Metallica – S&M and Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense the first time round too 😉

    Thanks for the reminders people! I have DVDs of these but they were CDs too.

    It was five… per post… wasn’t it FEd? 😉

  137. Hi Fed,

    Cracking topic…perhaps go for most impressive live DVD next!! Although I am surpised at the lack of Remember that Night appearing in everyone’s top 5! My top 5 are:

    1. Remember that night – David Gilmour
    2. Jeff Buckley – Live @ Olympia
    3. Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture – David Bowie
    4. Pulse – Pink Floyd
    5. Anybody Out There – Pink Floyd

    [‘Favourite live DVDs’ is on the list, don’t worry. There’s lots of random nonsense ahead. – FEd]

  138. Like everyone else, I actually need more than five (probably at least twenty-five) but most of mine have already been named.

    I can’t believe, though, that two of THE GREATEST live rock albums haven’t been chosen up til now so my list has to include FREE LIVE and UFO’s STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT.

    Add to them Jeff Beck LIVE AT BB KING’S, UMMAGUMMA and MADE IN JAPAN and I’m out of places.

    Now, about live dvds…..

  139. Hi FED,

    as for female live albums/performance, there is only one choice for me; Christine Mcvie and Stevie Nicks live in Chicago, Fleetwood Mac (1975 Album).


    [Not a bad choice… – FEd]

  140. Hi all… a little late on posting this one, but I’ve been too busy to get to the library. My top 5 live albums are

    1. David Gilmour live in Gdansk (I know, it isn’t out yet, but as often as I play RTN and wish I had it on CD, I know it will get the most play of any live CD-or studio recording for that matter!).

    2. Yes Keys to Ascention I and II (I’m surprised nobody mentioned these as they cover a lot of ground for Yes, have amazing sound and new studio work mixed in!).

    3. Metallica S&M (I’m not a big Metallica fan, but this album really grabbed my attention- so much that I also have the DVD).

    4. Cheap Trick At Budakon (Someone said they were surprised nobody listed this one- it was the 2nd live record I ever owned. I remember I walked maybe 3 miles to the local record store to buy it one hot summer day shortly after it was released…this album took mediocre at best songs and made them classics!).

    5. Derek and the Dominos Live At the Filmore East (a new discovery for me

  141. While I truly enjoy many live albums, my top five are:

    1–Delicate Sound of Thunder (my first Floyd-related tour) *cough–DVD Please–cough*

    2–Weld–Neil Young

    3–You Had To Be There–Jimmy Buffett

    4–Electric Folklore–The Alarm

    5–Just Roll Tape–Stephen Stills

  142. Nate, you got yours signed ? ? ? I’m not jealous or anything. Humph.

    Meddle, I haven’t heard the album you’re talking about but I do love Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks.

    Xapam, her name sounds familiar, but I can’t recall having heard Ellen’s work. I googled her though and I wish I had heard something now 🙂

    Funky FEd ? Have I got to put on my finest silver and you can be a mean old daddy ?

    ash X

    [Sure, what the heck? – FEd]

  143. 1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Live Rust (Not rust never sleeps)
    2. The Allman Brothers Band – Live At The Fillmore East
    3. Bob Dylan – Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1966)
    4. Derek & The Dominoes – Live At The Fillmore East
    5. Led Zeppelin – How The West Was Won

    I just wish there were more live floyd albums that could go in my list and i hope the david gilmour live cd will be there.

  144. Here are the best live albums:

    1)Pink Floyd – PULSE (best sounding live disc)
    2)Genesis – Seconds Out (awesome live album)
    3)Rush – Different Stages (Rush live at its peak)
    4)Triumph – King Biscuit Flower Hour 1981 (KILLER!)
    5)Kansas – Two For the Show (excellent show and finally being reissued)

    Honorable mentions:

    1)Queen – Queen Rock Montreal 1981 (came out in Oct)
    2)The Who – Live at Leeds (expanded 2-CD issue)
    3)Bob Seger – Nine Tonight
    4)Iron Maiden – Live After Death
    5)Jethro Tull – Bursting Out

    Five worst live albums (don’t mind me FED)

    1)KISS – Alive (this is a fake live album with doctored audience noises and studio overdubs galore)
    2)Ozzy Osbourne – Live and Loud (Ozzy sounds tired here)
    3)Aerosmith – A Little South of Sanity (band is boring here)
    4)Queensryche – Live Evolution (without Chris DeGarmo they stink)
    5)Styx – Arch Allies 2000 (without Dennis DeYoung, Styx became Spinal Tap)

  145. Nodody mentioned:

    Kansas Two For The Show (Dust In The Wind)

    no Elton John at all

    Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, John Mc Laughlin Friday Night In San Francisco

    somewhat strange, biggest surprise in the lists for me Hanoi Rocks, who remembers them?


  146. Ok, 5 worst live albums:

    1) Led Zeppelin: Song Remains the Same (sounds bloated and self-absorbed)
    2) The Yardbirds – Live in New York (the band is inspired but the bull fighting cheer overdubs and clinking glasses sounds so inane you gotta wonder what glue the producer was sniffing when he put out this mess)
    3) Steve Vai – Alive in an Ultra World – heartless wanking that shows no soul or creativity. After the first couple of songs you know where all this is going … NOWHERE.
    4) Joe Satriani – Live in San Francisco – same as above. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.
    5) Steve Ray Vaughan – Live Alive – its sad as I’m an uber SRV fan, but this doesn’t find its peak like his Carnegie hall or live in Montreaux fixins. Best to leave this one on the shelves collecting dust.

    Nuff said,

  147. […Ellen’s work. I googled her though and I wish I had heard something now 🙂 – ash]

    ash- it is all rather personal; still, Ellen McIlwaine is worth your time.

    You know, DG has Jimi Hendrix guitar sling and seems rightly possessive of it; Ellen say’s she pledged ‘clean’ on Jimi’s birthday and that he died on hers – “I don’t know what things like that mean, but they mean something.” Maybe those two should get together and jimi-jam.

    I have no problem lining up EM’s ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ (S.Winwood); David Cousin’s ‘Blue Angel’, Steve Forbert’s ‘Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home’, Steve Hackett’s ‘Set Your Compass’ and DG’s (RTN) Echoes and taking a journey. Call me a melancholy son-of-a-sailor.

  148. Remember That Night…David Gilmour
    Pulse…Pink Floyd
    Live at Leeds…The Who
    Alchemy…Dire Straits

  149. come on fed, you wont let me have Prince in there??

    if i couldnt pick that i’d probably go with The Who – Live at Leeds

    let me add, i do realise the irony that the particular artist has been going on an anti-bootleg crusade! 😀

  150. top 5 OFFICIAL recordings… LOL, you dont want the bootleg collectors wish lists huh?

    my top 5

    1. Pink Floyd – live at Pompeii – I simply love the live performances of the band from this era… the music is something special and this DVD captures the magic they had… Floyd at their finest. (please give us some more official floyd from this era!! – sorry, resistance is futile.)

    2. David Gilmour – Remember That Night – A great concert with stunning visuals and mind blowing TrueHD sound highlighted by some really wonderful classic Floyd tracks, what more needs to be said?

    3. Simon and Garfunkel – Concert in central Park – Great songs, great performances… the highlight of the duos career in my opinion.

    4. Pink Floyd – The Wall Live – Live Wall with awesome audio quality. Nothing more needs said… except wheres the video?

    5. The Doors – In Concert – Live Doors music (like Pink Floyds) is even better then studio material, this release captures the best of the Doors.

  151. [Maybe it’s why people are sometimes looking for bootlegs. In that case, I don’t think it’s offending the artist, on the contrary… Michèle]

    That’s exactly it, Michele.

    It also puts one’s spirit right there into the concert. It is if you are actually at the concert.

    I used to secretly like all those “warts and all” recordings, too. Whoops, should I have said that? 🙂

    [Does it matter? – FEd]

  152. my 5 best live albums

    1. Pulse – PF
    2. Peter Gabriel – Secret World Live
    3. Eric Clapton – 24 nights
    4. Nirvana – Unplugged
    5. U2 – Under a blood red sky

  153. 1. My favourite live album is certainly Ummagumma’s live disc, that was for many years the only live official release from Pink Floyd. In my opinion it crystalizes the best ever versions of the songs (Careful… and Saucerful… are alltime highlights for me).

    Outside Pink Floyd (which excludes the Live 8 perfect rendition of Comfortably numb), I am very fond of:

    2. Tom Waits’s “Nighthawks at the diner”
    3. Leonard Cohen’s “Cohen live”
    4. Eric Clapton’s “24 Nights”
    5. Peter Gabriel’s “Plays live”

    Would classical music be allowed, my 1st choice would be Beethoven’s 9th symphony recorded live in 1951 at Bayreuth’s Festival (directed by legendary maestro W. Furtwängler), which would put Peter Gabriel outside the top 5.


  154. I’m late for this and not really sure I have 5 but here is my short list.

    David’s Remember That Night
    The Wall
    Harry Belefonte…Live at Carnegie Hall
    All that comes to mind right now.

    Have a great evening.

  155. 1. David Gilmour: Remember That Night (This one does count FEd, because I often just crank up the stereo without turning on the TV)

    2. Pink Floyd: P.U.L.S.E (Enough said)

    3. Dire Straits: Alchemy Live (A different approach to the Stratocaster. P.S. It would be great to hear/see DG and Knopfler team up on a song or two)

    4. Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported (All Along the Watchtower is worth the price.)

    5. The New York Rock and Soul Revue: Live at the Beacon (Steely Dan meets Phoebe Snow meets Michael McDonald meets Charles Brown, etc. It simply rocks.)

  156. [Styx – Arch Allies 2000 (without Dennis DeYoung, Styx became Spinal Tap) – Terrence Reardon]

    Hear, hear….

  157. Well, I dont own 5 live albums myself, unless I count in those 3 live albums I own released by Norwegian artists you probably dont know of… So I’ll see what I can come up with.

    1. P.U.L.S.E. – Pink Floyd (Shocker! I also got the DVD.)

    2. Living with the Past – Jethro Tull (My dads. They’re brilliant!)

    3. Falling in Between Live – Toto (Birthday present I gave to my dad. I also saw them in 2006!)

    4. H.A.A.R.P. live from Wembley – Muse (Brilliance!)

    5. The Biggest Bang – The Rolling Stones (Well, not an album, but the best darn DVD deal I’ve ever purchased! Over 50 live performances from their last tour plus a documentary!)

  158. Hmmmmmmm …

    1 – Chris De Burgh – High on Emotion : Live from Dublin ( Chris De Burgh puts on a heckuva show ) my favorite song on the set : Spanish Train

    2 – Billy Joel – 12 Garden Lives – ( If Robin Williams was a musician, he’d be Billy Joel, unbelievably funny talented and touching, did I mention the songs are gorgeous ) my favorite song on the set : Scenes from an Italian restaurant.

    3 – Jean Jacques Goldman – Un Tour Ensemble ( The French David Gilmour, also the brains behind allot ( if not all ) of Celine Dion, Patrick Bruel, Johnny Haliday etc … etc … etc … ) my favorite song on the set : Je Marche seul

    4 – Bob Dylan – Live at Budokan – ( Just the Best Dylan ever for my ears, everyone hates it but I don’t care ) my favorite song on the set : Don’t think twice it’s all right

    5 – RINGO STARR AND HIS 8th ALL STARR BAND TOUR ( Believe it or not, pretty dammmmmn good )

  159. [come on fed, you wont let me have Prince in there??]

    Kris- I am getting it now; slow and getting slower.

    It’s after midnight (that’s a song too) USEST, can’t sleep and I am scrolling along FEd’s new&blue blog pages and drawing a blank about the meaning of the rest of life. Pondering the last post on this scroll: so, that brilliant __ choice was not, in fact, your creative highpoint but an exercise in editorial discretion? Well, I’m sorry for you. I’ve been looking all over for that unnamed album…

    As far as the prince-of-piece goes, well, I like Patti Smith doing ‘When Doves Cry’ quite well.

    (Ash – gee, I meant to work Ms. Smith into a list, I know I did, but I always draw a blank when asked the really big questions.) I should chuck Horses (Live 2005) in at this which-ing hour (Royal Festival Hall, London).

    So: ‘Land’ is on ‘Horses,’ while ‘Doves’ is on ‘Land’ (The album).

    FEd, are we still doing this one or has my glass run out? I’ve had the most fun.

    [So clever, too. – FEd]

  160. Back on track… ;^)

    Bob Dylan – Live!!!
    John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk – Live at Carnegie Hall
    Nico – Drama of Exile!!!
    The Doors – Absolutely Live!!!
    Cream – Wheels Of Fire!!!


  161. I can’t believe that i forgot Colvin Quarmby’s live album: Live at Bridgenorth.

    I expect no-one else here has even heard of the band let alone heard the CD but they are a great band, and I’m kicking myself now.

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