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Readers of The Blog – and I hope you’re leaving a dramatic pause before you speak its name, now that it’s capitalised, by the way – know all-too-well just how positively nutty some of you are when it comes to all things Floydian.

So, as a tribute to your nuttiness, I thought it would raise a titter or two, maybe even three or four, to share regular examples of your most cherished ‘On An Island’ experiences.

It could be a photo of your good self getting ready for one of the concerts or cinema events, resplendent in your favourite DG T-shirt, proudly clutching some sort of prized paraphernalia while your friends stand around making oh-so amusing hand gestures behind you. Alas, we all get dragged into a corny group shot every once in a while, whether we like it or not.

Did you get a tattoo in memory of the album? Were you lucky enough to meet any of the band members? If so, were you able to coax them into showing off their pearly whites?

What of the fan get-togethers? There have been a few of those.

Have you photographed your pet in the DG beanie hat (own up) or treated your car to an Island-inspired make-over? Blue is a great colour, you know…

Come to think of it, have you tried posing behind the ‘About Face’ LP, Sleeveface-style? If so, I do expect to see evidence, but that has to be worthy of a post of its own. If not, give it a go and be ready for the call; there are a lot of rainy days coming up, apparently.

I’ll feature my favourite whenever the urge overwhelms me.

You need to get it online using an image hosting site (Google “free image hosting” for about 11,496,273 suggestions) and point me towards it, so be sure to provide its URL with your comment.

That’s the URL for the photo, by the way, not an entire gallery of shots. Help me out here.

No e-mails, no attachments, and no more than one per person, please. There’ll be other chances to submit more.

No links will be published, by the way. You’ll just have to wait to see if your shot randomly appears as a featured photo over the coming weeks.

There will be a new post on Monday, but no comments will be published until Tuesday, so don’t you go worrying about sackings or resignations, missing manhole covers or spontaneous vacations.

Oh, and don’t bother sending any examples of your concert photography. Some fans annoyed the band with their flashing cameras quite enough during the tour, so please spare us. We’ve also had that discussion before, so let’s leave it in the archives where it belongs; you’ve got them, we know you’ve got them, but we really don’t want to see them.

Above all, please be sure to get the permission of whoever is in the photo with you before sharing it, just in case they don’t wish to see their gurning features on David’s blog.

Have a good weekend, all, and thank you very much for the birthday greetings. (If you want to leave a belated message for David, please leave it here.)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

76 thoughts on “Fan photos”

  1. hi mate, hope you have a good weekend.

    so, to business.

    not sure if this counts… […] but every time i see it it reminds me of ‘Where We Start’.

    [Nice. – Features Editor]

  2. FEd,

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    I do have my passport photo with my RTN shirt on, would that qualify? lol


    [That’d be good. – Features Editor]

  3. [so don’t you go worrying about sackings or resignations, missing manhole covers or spontaneous vacations. – Fed]

    nah it’s alright, we know that “there’s no way out of here.”

    I saw on the DG birthday entry that 430-odd isn’t the record. Could i ask what is then? It could only have been one of David’s earlier birthdays surely?

    Hope everyone has a good weekend. Whether my weekend is good rather depends on how England play tomorrow in the 6 nations, and how West Ham do on Sunday. I have a horrible feeling my weekend might not be very good, but i hope everyone else fares a little better!


    [The entry for David’s birthday in 2006 resulted in an amazing 1,315 posts, but I wasn’t nearly so strict about near-identical multiple posts back then. There were many of those deleted this year, not to mention the usual unwelcome batch from people demanding things. They’re ‘Murder’, I tell you. – Features Editor]

  4. Sorry about the last post, i think this works […]


    [Sorry, I’m afraid it doesn’t. – Features Editor]

  5. “I wasn’t nearly so strict”

    Ooh…Ooh… Strict sir! Do you need whipping sir?

    Were you with a lady last night sir? Did she want it sir? Ooh, suit you!

    Do you want some leather chaps sir? Ooh…

    Suit you Sir…

    [You’ll note that I’m still extremely lenient when it comes to Fast Show references, though. – Features Editor]

  6. I have a picture of me doing David’s pose on the cover of On an Island does that work??? Also pictures of my Black Strat…

    [Sure. Choose one and let me know its URL. – Features Editor]

  7. [not to mention the usual unwelcome batch from people demanding things. – Fed]

    What is it with people making comments saying what they want David to do for the following year? They’re supposed to give birthday wishes not birthday demands. If you “take a breath” and “smile” it might not seem as bad or tiresome.

    I feel sorry for David because it seems no matter what he does there is always some ungrateful sod that wants more and they never keep it to themselves, instead they feel the need to shout about it at great length. Hopefully though this very blog shows him that most of us just want him to be happy and we will support any decision he makes (not that he needs our backing of course, i’m not trying to suggest that at all).

    Have a good weekend. (and mostly this week i’ll be talking about …)

    [I realise that some fans will always argue that it’s just a ‘Cry From The Street’, but it does get tedious. – Features Editor]

  8. happy belated birthday david!

    get cracking with another tour! glasgow and RAH were the best experiences of my life.


  9. Another Happy Birthday to you, you’re worth 2 birthday wishes…

    here is one photo of my many tattoos inspired by artwork from your albums… […]

    i have added many more since this photo…

    [Thanks for that, Greg. – Features Editor]

  10. Hey FEd? You remember my picture of my art, back in December-ish? Would that qualify cause I don’t have anything else really…



    [Of course I remember it. That’s good enough for me. – Features Editor]

  11. just poping up to say goodbye . well for a week . i am off to buxton in derbyshire via manchester tomorrow then spending the other half of next week in cardiff . you won’t miss me on this blog but you might miss me if there is a chat !

    [You’ll note that I’m still extremely lenient when it comes to Fast Show references, though. – Features Editor]

    and friendly liverpool fc references too !

    talk to you when i get back .

    [Have a good time, Linda. – Features Editor]

  12. That year was very good to me to say the least. I was fortunate enough to meet quite a few of my fellow DG Bloggers at the pre-show get-togethers.

    I have to say the moment that will live with me forever was at when I got to meet ‘The Lord of the Strings’ himself at Abbey Road. Thanks once again to Tomasz from Poland for inviting me.

    Here’s the link with me, my big-azz grin, and David in the balcony of Studio One after the band finished taping: […]

    So what did I manage to say to David when I met him?

    “Humina-humina-humina….th-th-thanks for everything…”

    [Thanks for that. (The person on the right doesn’t mind this photo being shown?) – Features Editor]

  13. Oooo, I like this idea, FEd. A lot! Thanks! Now, what to send in?

    Happy weekend, everyone…


    PS–Sorry to hear about the passing of Norman Smith.

  14. The only item I can share is a poster I recieved from the cinema which I will put up in my hopefully new snooker addition.

    I’m so still bummed out about Jeff Healey and wish if I may that Sun TV channel in Canada will broadcast a tribute to him Saturday @ 7pm. He was special to me and an influence in my life as well as David.

    Thanks Fed.

  15. Fast Show Reference

    I had another listen to on an island last night “Which Was Nice”

  16. Hi Fed,

    I’ll check my archives for a good picture, in case I won’t find one, there is enough time to take one 😉

    Have a nice weekend


  17. Hi F.Ed !

    I think I’ve got a pic for you. It’s my “On An Island” collection. It’s a pic I took some weeks ago.

    To prove it’s MY collection, you could see a ‘pass’ on the middle of the pic, with the name ‘Jujufloyd’. It’s an unofficial french forum pass used for David and Roger’s gigs in 2006, just in order to recognize each other in the crowd.

    Well anyway, that’s my collection, and I’m pretty proud of it ! 🙂


    Have a nice week end !

    Juju, from France.

  18. Better late than never !

    Hello FEd, hello everyone. It’s lovely to see everyone again.

    ash X

  19. Boys Bach…

    I’m exhausted after listening to the Welsh International Rugby team win the Triple Crown by beating Ireland…

    P.S. And almost as good news! The scum are out of the FA Cup… sarted!

  20. This is a great idea fed. I hope im sending this right, im not that good with url. So here goes […]

    [It worked. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  21. Hello FEd, hello everyone. It’s so nice to see the Blog back. Sorry I’m late, I’ve been very busy and even if you had been here to try to distract me, I wouldn’t have had time to write.

    Small world, Linda. My Dad had a fall and had to have a hip replacement. It’s been a nightmare since Christmas looking after him and Mum. Thank goodness he’s very much better and we are all more relaxed.

    Simon, good news about your little boy 🙂

    I’ve caught up with the conversations now, some really hot stuff going on, also some really entertaining posts.

    I like the look of the new Blog FEd. Thank you for the invite to chat, I’ll try to make it next time.

    ash X

  22. At dawn we went down through empty streets to the harbour
    Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after

    Every time I hear that part I see this… […]

    Taken a couple of years ago, in Kastellorizo, during my summer holiday…

    Also, one of my favorite films, Mediterraneo was filmed there…not during my stay, though…

    I’m not sure if this fits your description, Fed, but I thought I might send the photo anyway…btw I loved Kastellorizo gallery.

    Have a good weekend, everyone

    [Very nice. – Features Editor]

  23. He didn’t want to wear my OAI tee-shirt, he didn’t want to watch religiously my RTN DVD, but he enjoyed very much his new sleeping bag…

    Does that work ? its not that funny, but I like it… […]


    [That works. Merci. – Features Editor]

  24. Hi FEd,

    Well I don’t normally like put my ugly mug on the net but I thought I would share this picture of me crossing the famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road as it was an unforgetable and most enjoyable day.


    I hope this link works. Please let me know if I doesn’t so I can try an get it to you again.

    Best regards.


    [It works. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  25. The only thing that was crazy was getting a tattoo of Wireman on my back shoulder blade and I remembered how shock you and the rest of the bloggers were when I went on the chat room that day and told you… Plus my wife and friends love it.

    Hope You have a good weekend, Thomas

    [Are we all going to get to see a picture of it, Thomas? – Features Editor]

  26. Dear sir,

    Welcome back!


    This picture i had printed on a shirt 😉

    During the encore, i walked towards the stage and stopped walking when i stood 5 meters away from David… more peopled followed 😉

    During “Comfortably” the lights came from behind David, so i was in the spotlight. David busy with his solo opened his eyes and looked at my shirt… Probably his thoughts were; “Mmm we don’t sell them…”

    On a warm day in July (the 7th) i read the news about Syd, during our holiday in Austria.

    The creepy thing was that my David Gilmour shirt was hanging up side down on the washing line and yes Arnold Layne is for me the “ultimate Syd Barrett song”.

    Shine On!

    Nick from the lovely south of the Netherlands.

  27. Hi Fed

    This is good?

    Please select one.

    My cat likes this CD. He is a very good listener like me.

    Have a nice weekend.

    [That’s cute. Thanks for sharing, Violet. – Features Editor]

  28. […not to mention the usual unwelcome batch from people demanding things. They’re ‘Murder’, I tell you.]

    Why would someone think that David’s birthday is an occasion to make demands? Aren’t you supposed to GIVE birthday gifts, not DEMAND them? Talk about disrespect, man!! We are supposed to like David around here, not harass him.

    BTW, I have no photo to share. Nobody wants to see my mug on David’s blog, anyway. I don’t think it’s putting myself down to say that visitors to the Blog are into a more interesting subject, one that can write music, play guitar and sing.

    [That’s fair enough, but it’s just to fill a gap. I also imagine that David and Polly get tired of reading about themselves. – Features Editor]

  29. hey david

    im 13 and pink floyd has been my favorite band since i could listen

    my dad is the biggest pink floyd fan ever but he never got to go to a concert. that sucks huh

  30. [I saw on the DG birthday entry that 430-odd isn’t the record. Could i ask what is then? It could only have been one of David’s earlier birthdays surely?]

    wasnt it the condolence for Syd’s passing? there were quite a lot of posts too?

    [Yes, there were more than 900. – Features Editor]

  31. Hi Fed,

    here I go with my photograph, which is actually my wife sitting in the rain while the Munich concert…

    It’s URL is […]

    The reason why I chose this picture, is because it shows that even bad weather can’t destroy a nice night with finest music…

    It is also anonymous enough, since probably even our friends/relatives would recognize her 😉

    Best regards,


  32. I discovered On an Island at night while sailing on the Irish Sea. Alone steering the boat, gliding on the sea under starry sky, it was so moving.

    Thank you for this moment still present when I listen again to the CD.

  33. By Jove F’ed, that must rank as one of the more satisfying sporting weekends for you …. will you be a bit “fragile” on Monday ?

    [It wasn’t a bad weekend, that’s for sure. – FEd]

  34. Not sure if this qualifies but these are the gifts that my son and I exchanged this past Christmas as I described in my Back At Last blog issue post.

    Rest assured F.E. that we didn’t snap the photos.I think they are from the gallery actually […]

    [Unfortunately, the link you sent doesn’t work. – FEd]

  35. Fabulous idea… can’t wait to see all the creativity.

    I can imagine how extreme many of us “the nutty” can go…

  36. [Thanks for that. (The person on the right doesn’t mind this photo being shown?) – Features Editor]

    That person in the background is Julie Davies, and she’s given me the ‘okay’ (thanks Julie!)

    Still pinching myself…did that really happen?

  37. Hi FED,

    Nothing related to the current blog here at the moment, just trying the new one out for the first time. But just back from Dublin. What a weekend. Can’t wait for next weekend. Bring on the French ! Have you got a ticket ? You’re more a round baller though aren’t you?

    I reckon DG would make a great stand off ! Nobody would dare touch him and he would make Johnny Wilko look like a pudding !

    I attended all 3 of the RFH concerts, but didn’t take a camera, unlike the numptys beside me flashing all the time !

    Take care FED.

    Come on the Taffs ! 2 Grand Slams in 3 years, thats stuff of leg ends !!!

    [Back from Dublin, eh? Very nice. I haven’t got a ticket. We tend to lose whenever I go, so I’m very happy to stay at home for this tournament. – FEd]

  38. Hey Fed,

    I hope this url works. I traveled across the pond for the On An Island shows at the Royal Albert Hall. While visiting London, I took a side trip to the Battersea Power Station. Maybe this photo can be shared with our fellow bloggers.


    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado

  39. Hello there

    This is me with Guy Pratt in Piazza San Marco, Venice on August, 12 2006 in the afternoon (Just on the left of the stage)

    Riccardo from Bergamo (Italy)



  40. it’s on myspace, but DG has a page there so hopefully it should be viewable: […]

    missed the tour, silly numbers pfft

    took this at the RTN show in edinburgh

    it was extreme to get to hear the songs from the album on such a good audio & visual scale

    taken with a camera on a phone

  41. Hi FEd,

    Had a rummage and found some old pics and relics from the Floyd tours, and this is, by far, the best photo I have.

    A link to a photo of wee Alex in his tour tshirt and Guy at the Brixton Ritzy. Hope the link works.


    You bet you’ve got the wee fellows permission for this to be posted, he cant wait to see it online.

    Hope Guy likes the result too. What a star!

    Thanks again mate, you know what that trip meant to us. We will ‘remember that night’ forever.

  42. spookily enough it’s the old number of the beast!

    Results 1 – 10 of about 6,660,000 for “free image hosting”. (0.10 seconds)


  43. Hi,

    Here is my try at an “upload”. Hope it works.

    Fed, meet Hunter Beaudreaux, our Katrina disaster rescue buddy. His family could not keep him since they lost everything in the hurricane. We adopted him through a rescue center that brought him to Alabama. Isn’t he beautiful in his favorite shirt?

    Here is the URL […] I’ll try again if this does not work.

    Thanks Fed!

    [Please do try again, Barbara. It didn’t work, sorry, and I’d love to see him. – FEd]

  44. […]

    I hope this link works, I’m still figuring out the whole photo thing.

    I made this shirt, especially for you, dear FEd, as you were the one who blessed me with the Leno tickets.

    That was an unforgetable show! It was amazing to be right at David’s feet, watching him play. It was also the first time I met some very special Irregulars: Gabrielle, Renee, Angelo, Susan . . .and others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

    The memories and friends I’ve made here will surely last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone!


    [Bless. – FEd]

  45. Hope I’m not too late for this?

    Anyway my photo is from The Odeon Premiere when I was lucky enough to have my question posed to David and my ugly mug up on the big screen.

    The URL is […]

    It’s a bit grainy as I used my mobile phone (didn’t want to use a flash camera as I know its very annoying).

    This was the high point of the year for me.

    Thank you David and well done Stuart Maconie for teasing all three anwers out.


    [Do you have another one, Mat? This one’s not working for me. – FEd]

  46. FEd, here is a facesleeve of me and ‘David’ taken by Erin, I hope this works for you.

    I was reaching for ‘On an Island’ in this picture, not another beer. . .


  47. I have a picture of me from ten years ago with a Pink Floyd The Wall caricature collage T-shirt and the CDs of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and The Division Bell stacked on my lap. Problem is, I don’t know how to scan and upload pic and would that count.

    [I’m afraid I’m only going to consider it if it’s related to ‘On An Island’. – FEd]

  48. “it would raise a titter or two”

    Bob Monkhouse was a comic genius and once opened up his act by saying “Fold your arms ladies, there’s a titter in the audience”…

    Think about it!

  49. [It works. Thanks for that, Paul. – FEd]

    Thats me and yer man at The Underbelly in Edinburgh, great night it was.

    Thanks Fed.


  50. Hello FEd!

    I have lots of artwork about the band members which perfectly shows my nuttiness. I send you some of them, please choose one instead of me – I can’t 🙂


    Best wishes,
    Liz from Hungary

    [I don’t think I can choose, Liz. They’re excellent. Thanks for sharing them. – FEd]

  51. Hi Fed.

    Here I send you a Photo which i made in Venice 12th August 2006. Link: […]

    It shows me on the left side (with David Gilmour T-shirt of course) standing next to Igor Sklyarov and his Group somewhere in the streets of Venice.

    That I met him was of course pure coincidence. I asked him how he met David Gilmour and Polly and he told me few details about it. For me it shows what a great man David is. Always trying to surprise the Band members and his Fans with unanticipated Adventures!

    Hope the link and picture works for you! Im sure Igor and his Friends dont have anything against publishing the photo!? Or should i try another one?


    [That should be fine, Werner. Great photo. – FEd]

  52. [That person in the background is Julie Davies, and she’s given me the ‘okay’ (thanks Julie!) – Angelo]

    It’s not a very flattering one of me, I’m afraid. But no probs, Angelo.

  53. [Do you have another one, Mat? This one’s not working for me. – FEd]

    Is it the link not working or the quality Fed?

    Try this link… […]


    [The first one didn’t work at all, but this one does. Many thanks. – FEd]

  54. Hi FED,

    This photo is of my daughter and I waiting for the DG concert in Oakland, CA.


    [You’ve got your daughter well-trained, haven’t you? Thanks for sharing. – FEd]

  55. This is the before picture […]

    This is a Fender Squier Stratocaster which is about 4 years old. Plays and sounds very well but I wasn’t that happy with the look or the action…

    This is the after picture once the guitar was Gilmourised! […] The neck is a Fender Squier II neck dated mid eighties, the pick guard has just been spray painted black… no extra switch or shortened whammy bar ….. yet!

    The guitar has been so well set up I would find it hard to think the proposed Fender DG Strat will be any better… but we will see.

    So this may not be “nutty” or have mass appeal to some Gilmourphants but this is what OAI “inspired” me to do…

    [Fair enough. Looks good to me. – FEd]

  56. [Unfortunately, the link you sent doesn’t work. – FEd]

    Sorry about that. I’ll try 1 more time. […]

    [That does. Thanks, John. – FEd]

  57. Well, I don’t exactly have the fan photos you’re looking for, but I think I finally found a way to share those drawing I did a while back… Do these work?


    [They sure do. I’ll keep all the artwork to one side for now, but keep it coming. – FEd]

  58. Here’s a posed photo of me and my roommate in Floyd/Gilmour gear getting ready for the 2nd annual Day of Our Lord David Gilmour. […]

    … All right, I should explain that…

    So, Kori and I were spending just about every waking moment watching Live At Pompeii, the Meltdown Concert, and Pulse. There was ALWAYS a Floyd album playing, and it was starting to become almost obsessive. So one day, Kori and I decided to abstain from anything Floyd or Gilmour related for a whole month. We would then pick a random day on which we would watch everything and re-overdose on great music. Now it’s on a yearly basis that, on November 16th, we celebrate the Day of Our Lord David Gilmour.

    …Yeah… It’s a tish weird… but then, my grandpa’s cane, it turns into a sword and my grandma prays to pictures that are pasted on a board.

    [“Well, the devil’s in the alley, mule’s in the stall… Say anything you want, I have heard it all.” – FEd]

  59. Hello Fed. Sorry my first try did not work.

    Hunter Beaudreaux doesn’t actually go with the “On an Island theme” (his Mom is a little slow minded and read the directions you posted wrong again, sorry.) He has on his Pink Floyd shirt. His Island shirt was dirty…

    He is really a sweatheart and has brought much joy to our family since we were blessed to have him come live with us.

    Have a good day Fed and thanks for your patience! Here is the URL […]

    [He’s lovely. Animals are usually exempt from all my rules, by the way. – FEd]

  60. i can’t wait to see some of these pics!

    fed, stay at home on saturday! don’t even leave the house, just in case!!!

  61. Dear DAVID,

    Me and my wife saw you on 30th MAY 2006 at ROYAL ALBERT HALL .

    It was a DREAM !

    After the concert we wait 2 hours at the scene door but you never show up !

    Michael and Mariana

  62. [He’s lovely. Animals are usually exempt from all my rules, by the way. – FEd]

    Oh, so you are an animal lover also. I knew you really had a soft heart in there!

    I am so glad my upload worked. Sending twice is not too bad for the first time..Ha! I can’t wait to see what pictures you feature. Reading these post really make me want to see them all!

    And thanks, Hunter B is a beauty isn’t he!

    Have a good Thursday Fed.


    [Thank you, the same to you. (And, yes, he is a beauty.) – FEd]

  63. Dear Fed,

    First of all: please apologise for my poor, poor language. It is so frustrating not being able to express what I reallly intend to say. Please use your red pencil …)

    Those three nights at Royal Albert Hall were highlights in my life. This snapshot is taken at the first night, 29th of May, at 10.46 pm.

    [No apology needed, Terje, but can you please send the URL again? I did not receive it. – FEd]

  64. This is a picture of Becky, Tracy, myself and a bagpipe man. It was taken during our trip to London for the North American premier of RTN.

    Does this qualify, Fed?

    [Sure. Thanks for sharing. – FEd]

  65. Hello,

    I only send this mail to give you a strong greeting. David is like a part of my family.

    Marcel Dupin.

  66. Hello Fed!

    Here is a “self portrait” i took of myself during the intermission of night 2 of the RAH run […]

    and this is the 3 legged Dog that lived at the pub we all met at […]


  67. Hi fed

    just some snaps from happy times gone by […]

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  68. This is a photo I took at Leicester Square. Seeing all those giant billboards and getting to go to the Premiere there was definitely one the highlights of the whole OAI experience !



  69. Dear Fed,

    what a great idea that is, asking us fans to share pics of our fave moments regarding On an Island.

    The pic I´d like to share is from the wonderful Odeon Premiere of RTN.I hope the link is coming through, and the post too, as I tried to post several times, but as it seems, nothing came through.

    Happy Weekend to all!


    [Got it. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  70. [getting to go to the Premiere there was definitely one the highlights of the whole OAI experience !]

    Me too !!

    Pete – Coventry

  71. Todos nós brasileiros esperamos um show de David Gilmour aqui,principalmente aqui na cidade de Curitiba-Pr- Brasil será que um dia vai acontecer?

    Esperamos que venha

    um grande abraço

  72. Hi FEd,

    I am just not good at doing this but I am going to give it another try. I know this may be way past the time frame you expected us to turn in the photo; but I have had a lot of troubles working through this. I think I finally got it right and hope it comes through this time.


    I remember that night … the picture was taken in Miami, Florida in July, 2007. It was a beautiful evening and we all had one thing in common to talk about on that evening – David Gilmour’s music for which we are all enchanted with.

    Thank you.

    [Got it. Thanks for sharing it. – FEd]

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