DVD Easter Eggs

Front cover of David's 'Remember That Night' DVDWell, did you find them all?

Now don’t be a show-off, but I’m sure some people would love to know which ones you found and what you enjoyed most.

I’m sure that most of us could guess what you enjoyed most…

Just one at a time, please.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD included some hidden video goodies, accessible by various means. Commonly known as ‘Easter Eggs’, these surprise clips were deliberately dotted around the two discs for you to find.

Some like to hunt for them, others stumble upon them purely by chance.

Either way, if you found any, now’s the time for you to reveal where the goods are stashed.

Almost all mention of ‘Easter Eggs’ has hitherto been forbidden in order to allow fans in South America and Japan, who had to wait (and wait… and wait…) for a very late local release, to have time to find them for themselves.

Hopefully, seeing as it’s Easter, enough time has now passed for the surprise to be joyfully spoiled, but please let everyone have a part in the surprise-spoiling. No long lists, please. Nobody likes a know-it-all.

If goes without saying, but, if you still don’t wish to know where they are, don’t read the comments below.

And, if you celebrate it, Happy Easter.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

115 thoughts on “DVD Easter Eggs”

  1. I wanted to wish David and his family a HAPPY EASTER. Also to Fed and all the bloggers. If anyone has to travel, be careful and come home safe. The gas prices are so high I dont see how anyone could afford to.

    Anyway I’m glad we can talk about the easter eggs, because I need help finding some.

  2. I found 2:

    Acoustic Echoes (terrific!!)

    A montage of dancing audience members during Comfortably Numb

    I’m sure there are more that I haven’t found yet…

    If you celebrate it, Happy Easter FEd. Just think, it was about a year ago to the day that we had our Pixie/Fairie discussion in the Chat…Good times

    [Was it really? – FEd]

  3. Happy Easter everyone.

    Nailed to a cross on the first day, on the 3rd he arose, on the 4th day he was handed a fender strat. That’s the Passion for ya.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. The Judy Garland imitation. I fell over when I saw it….

    No, really I did. I was trying to copy David and I tripped over my dog….

    PS: I’m noticing your tweaks on the Blog, Fed. It’s coming along…

    [Thank you. – FEd]

  5. ECHOES Acoustic is a different and GREAT experienced version! THANKS to David to make this on the DVD!

    HAPPY EASTER to you FED, DAVID & family and all on this blog, have a nice time…


  6. The nice little goodie with David, Polly and someone that looks very much like a brother of David’s and some friends on a boat with David playing the beginning of ‘Then I close my eyes’.

    Found that one by accident really, got button happy at the right moment. 🙂

  7. I couldn’t find any of those Easter eggs! However, when playing RTN for the first time I saw the acoustic Echoes set. When I wanted to find it again I couldn’t, as it wasn’t on the track listing, so it was obviously an EE. Hopefully now someone will reveal where it can be found again!!

    Happy Easter, bon vacances, have a great weekend (delete as applicable)



  8. I’ve seen the “acoustic Echoes”, the “Playing of the Turkish Instrument on Astoria”, and the “Techno Dancing of the crowd at RAH”. I forgot how I found them at the moment…

    Are there any more hidden gems? I can’t wait to read further….keep em’coming!

    [Yes, there are more. – FEd]

  9. Ah yes, the easter eggs. funny that u mention the DVD. I was up so late last night watching the 2nd disc.

    In terms of the “EASTER EGGS” any time u see the wireman press OKAY on your remote.

    My favorite is when david is in venice i think and there in the hotel room he tells the story of Roger and his Bass. it was pretty funny and how Rick had one too many to drink.

    I hope that was not too long FEd!!


    [Just right, I reckon. – FEd]

  10. Won’t speak about my favourite, since I think that everybody will say the same thing, so, I think that ‘On An Island dance remix’ is very funny (because it’s not really David’s style…).

    Tim, Fed,… Dimanche… ‘Que le meilleur gagne!’ But, which is the best? That is the question…


    [God, I’d give just about anything if Liverpool can win on Sunday. I’m already feeling sick at the thought of facing Manchester United. – FEd]

  11. i love acoustic “echoes”!!!

    if you haven’t seen it, it’s right after “dark globe”. but you have to select “dark globe” from the menu and not “play all”.

    a fab weekend to all. x

  12. I think i’m with everyone else when i say that the acoustic version of Echoes was the best of the easter eggs. other than that, i’ve only seen that one. not sure where any of the others are.

  13. In the next two days of vacation i’ll watch it back, i remember the little red wireman to be pushed on the keyboard sometimes, to see a video inside the video.

    A nice weekend and Happy Easter to all.

    Love & ciao

  14. Happy Easter to everybody.

    I found a few of the DVD Easter eggs, but everytime I watch the DVD, I enjoy the music and the memories so much I don’t want or simply forget to interrupt it for the egg.

    Sounds like I’ll have to dedicate a late-night session for the eggs only. Probably well into the night …

    Enjoy the weekend,

  15. Acoustic Echoes was amazing. It just shows how a great song done by great musicians can be done in a different format and still be great.

  16. I found three, (nice fireworks wink,wink) are there any more?

    Echoes was brilliant!

  17. Guy’s tips for efficient traveling and how to pack a backpack was a funny find, but I can’t remember where that egg was exactly. I’ll search again and look forward to finding others – thanks to all for sharing eggs you’ve found.

    Happy Easter everyone. Hope to catch up in the chatroom next week.


  18. … woke up with headache today, took a bath and enjoyed RTN again, and the headache was gone. *That* was *the* easter egg for me 😀

    BTW: I resisted and did not press OK when wireman appeared (right now the last encore, comfortably numb, finished)… I’ll do my best right now after I’ve enjoyed a fine concert.

    Best regards from the snowy Bavaria. We did not have a white Christmas, but we’ll have a white easter, they say. Strange times…


  19. Happy Easter!!

    I’ve probably found the same four EEs as most people; Echoes (“the acoustic version”), Dark Globe, the grainy footage on a boat and the OAI ‘trance mix’ with the crowd footage (which is way too short!). After toiling with pressing the correct button at just the right time, I then accidentally discovered you can access each of the EEs after selecting the Credits then using the Fwd Skip button on the remote control (well it works on my DVD player!!!).

    Are there any others I’ve missed? I was really hoping Mr Mason appearing on stage at the RAH would be hidden there somewhere:-(

    [That was Mr Mason’s decision. – FEd]

  20. Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. I also enjoyed watching David play the cumbus on Astoria.

    FEd, are the wireman parts considered Easter eggs?

    Have a good weekend everybody.


    [I would say so. Maybe… – FEd]

  21. “…deliberately dotted around the two discs…”. Hmm, the ones I’ve found are all on the second disc. I must go and watch the first disc again.

    Like everyone else I enjoyed acoustic Echoes but the “OAI dance remix” made me laugh the most.

  22. Good afternoon everyone! Slightly tired from staying up til one watching Yellow Submarine (I’ve never seen it before, so I watched it with a friend) lol my parents walked in and were like “ahh good memories”

    lol ok anyways the E.E.’s! ok doke I found two of them. The acoustic echoes, and the always wonderful cumbus playing…still tryin to figure out the remix one lol.

    Have a nice relaxing long weekend everyone!

  23. [Acoustic Echoes is my favorite…too bad it was only a part of it… – Comfortably Dumb]

    The BIG DVD Easter Egg surprise of acoustic Echoes recorded at Abbey Road is exactly how it was played on the day. That was the only part that was performed. It was so spontaneous and magical. It was certainly an unforgettable and emotional moment.

    I think I have found most of the eggs.

    Happy Easter.

    Best regards.


  24. I noticed that the cut-outs of the inner sleeve of the blu ray discs have an egg shape. Now I know why.

    Happy Easter!


  25. thanks for the heads up about the easter eggs . i was dying to know !

    i am listening to one of my favourite solo singers , fish , on planet rock radio but as soon as the show is over ( in about half an hour ) i will go and have a look at the dvd , go through whats been posted here so far and see if i can find those darned elusive easter eggs !

    fet ed i belive on sunday your beloved liverpool are playing my beloved manchester united . may the best team win (sadly thats united – league positions don’t lie !)

    happy easter fet ed !


    [Well, at Old Trafford, it seems that the best team doesn’t often win. But I take your point about league positions. – FEd]

  26. I am the lizard king. I can do anything… oh wait… wrong place for that.

    oh well…

    What are you talking about? easter eggs? I like to make easter eggs… Green is the colour of the uh… day? was that song about St Patricks Day?

    “Remember That Night” we hunted for eater eggs?

    I got a golden ticket!!! wait wrong movie…

    As you can see i went Mad when I found I had Acoustic EchoesEchoesEchoesEchoesEchoesEchoes.

    Happy Easter and safe travels to all!

    be kind rewind.

  27. More than three Golden Eggs, eh? Hmmmmm … something to do over the weekend then, I guess!

    It sounds as though you might be engaged in some nail biting Sunday, FEd — and not because you’re frantically trying to uncover eggs, either! Good luck on ‘your’ team (only for this particular game, of course) coming in on top.

    My favorite egg-surprise so far is the acoustic Echoes bit at Abbey Road. The spontaneity, twinkle in David’s eyes, everyone getting ‘into’ it, and the musicians bowing to the balcony of Bloggers! Really a fun moment in DG Blog history;^)

    As Adrian stated above, always check out the extended scenes! One of my favorites is just before the Klam Castle bit when Guy is extolling the wonders of his new backpack to Jon — zipper compartments for this, hidden pockets for that, and when Jon tries it on, he says only, “But I don’t feel stylish.”

    Thanks FEd for the expanded comment space. It’s so much easier to work within the larger window;^)

    Peace & love!

  28. I found three, and of those, my favorite is acoustic Echoes. How lucky were the fans who got to be there for the performance!

    Have a Happy Easter, everyone!

  29. All talk and no help at all!!?!?!? Isn’t the purpose of these comments to reveal where the EE are?!?!?!

    These are the two I’ve found:

    ACOUSTIC ECHOES: Disc 2 watch ‘Dark Globe’ and simply leave it running- it will go straight ino it. DOESN’T work on PLAY ALL…

    DAVID JAMMING ON BOAT: Disc 2 on main title screen- you have to be a little quick for this one! Basically after about ten seconds a little firework goes off (don’t worry if you miss it cos it keeps happening). Select the firework and enjoy!

    There MUST be some on Disc1 but I haven’t found them- so info on HOW TO would be good!

    Hope this helps!

  30. I`m going to have to watch disc 2 again I think. There are more easter eggs than I thought.

    `Echoes` acoustic? now that`s one I have to find!!

  31. Thanks for the Echoes, Victor. All I’ve seen is on the 2nd disc without Play All are the firecrackers popping, hit okay and you are on the way.

    Why was the Guy scene with his luggage added? Wasn’t much really. Must have been a teaser.


  32. Ah Michele, it is good to know that France awaits another big show-down at the Theatre of Dreams … a nightmare for F’ed ? We’ll have to wait and see ….

    Oh by the way, feel free to tell us HOW to access these bloomin’ eggs won’t you …. just knowing what they are is not enough !

  33. Acoustic Echoes….need I say more..?

    Found others can’t remember how..would be great if ya let us know how you found certaing Eggs, no?

    Well Happy Easter to all…

    Renee B.

  34. happy easter one and all

    and I must admit these easter eggs are far better for the waist line 🙂

    thanks for the pointers Adrian J & Victor

    FE’d – it’s this kind of negative thinking that lets united get away with it time and again and if you’re not careful the easter bunny will only bring you weight-watchers chocolate! ;o)

    hope all at DGHQ and the board have fun

  35. Please ask Verizon to at least spell the guy’s name right (click my name).

    “David Gilmore of Pink Floyd?”

    [I’d imagine they’re probably more concerned about getting the ‘Pink Floyd’ in at every available opportunity, not to mention counting the money, but thanks for pointing it out. – FEd]

  36. Wow it’s been ages since I blogged here. I have been way too busy with life stresses, but I’m back now.

    The Easter eggs are terrific, and I would like to know how many in total there are. So far I have found three, and Echoes is stunning. Whoever thought of this hidden Easter egg thing …..was a genius! Many thanks.

    Cheers to all
    Bob Mitchell

  37. The “Easter Eggs” that I have found were great, but I am still hunting as they are hidden well by the Waskaly Wabbit.

    I want to wish David and Polly, Rick, Phil, Guy, Jon, Steve, Dick and of course you dear Fed a very Happy Easter.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [The same to you. – FEd]

  38. Oh my, there are so many good eggs I could never pick one as the best. I like them all that I have found so far.

    Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

    I like the new Post box Fed. Much easier to see as I type!

  39. If u check out Wikipedia, it reveals specifically how to get to all three of the Easter Eggs on the RTN dvd, but I hear there’s more, FEd? Help me please, anybody! 🙂


    [The trouble with Wikipedia is that there are many errors. And, in this case, an incomplete list. – FEd]

  40. Hmmm… I’ve only managed to find easter eggs on the second disc. Great fun it’s been too.

    They’re all great but I’d have to go for Acoustic Echoes being my favourite and Judy Garland being the funniest. That one comes under my list of “Things you thought you’d never see, even if you live to be 1000”.

  41. I suspect I missed half of the Easter eggs! Maybe it is not a real easter egg, but Dark Globe moves me everytime.

    This is my easter egg to wish you all an Easter full of peace. Just a curiosity, but I found it nice and congratulations to the English people, who invented it:

    “The peace symbol was originally used by the British nuclear disarmament movement. It was later generalised to become an international icon for the 1960s anti-war movement.

    The symbol is a combination of the semaphoric signals for the letters N and D, standing for Nuclear Disarmament. In semaphore the letter N is formed by a person holding two flags in an upside-down V, and the letter D is formed by holding one flag pointed straight up and the other pointed straight down.

    It was designed and completed February 21, 1958 by Gerald Holtomand for the Easter march planned by Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC) in London”.

    Peace everyone and everywhere

  42. Are there any on disc 1?? FEd suggests so, I can’t find them. Just three on disc 2, the techo montage, echoes and the grainy clip from on the boat??

    Come all you out there, some one must know…

    [Maybe I’ll tell you about all of them next week. Let’s see what you’ve found first. – FEd]

  43. I don’t think this qualifies as an Easter Egg but it sure was a bonus for me. Has anyone else ripped the sound track from the RTN DVD and and re-formatted to play as a CD? I now listen to RTN in my car and I’m lovin’ it.

    A Happy Easter to all.

    [That doesn’t qualify as an Easter Egg, no. – FEd]

  44. Victor, thanks for the directions to acoustic Echoes. You Abbey Roaders are a bunch of secretive dark horses. How could you contain yourselves ?

    I only found one Easter Egg, and had no idea how I’d done it. Thank you for the directions some of you have given. I’m having fun hunting now.

    FEd, the flashbacks have been a great intro to this Easter Egg hunt because we have read each others memories and remembered things but the hunt has prompted me to play the DVD’S again and I’ve seen and heard things I’d forgotten or, dare I say it, didn’t take in before. (hanging head in shame, yes, what kind of fan am I ?)

    I still think I’ve never seen or heard anything as good as Remember That Night, ever. (only the live show could possibly be better,)

    Thank you David for our Easter present. X

    ash X

  45. Dunno if I said exactly what I meant FEd, reading people’s memories made me want to see a show. (All over again.)

    The premiere of RTN and the Ritzy were out of this world and the closest you could get to a live show. So that was a good enough reason to look at the DVDs again but now there is the added magic of the hunt for bits you never saw before. So the flashbacks and hunt have prompted me to look again and enjoy it again and even more. A gift in itself never mind the goodies to be found.

    Better stop rambling now and go make some lunch.

    ash X

  46. Happy Easter David and Polly. FED. Bloggers.

    I remember that the casual discovery of the fantastic acoustic version of Echoes (immediately after Dark Globe) was a big surprise for me!

    Claudio from Ravenna – Italy.

  47. Re Easter Eggs… found the one on the boat with David playing a cumbus (I think) but that must have been taken a few years back, have yet to find Echoes so will go and do that next.

    Regarding the Judy Garland story and the visit to the radio station afterwards when Rick took over the controls, it wasn’t Radio CHAOS by any chance!!!!?……

    It seems like I still have a lot more to find other than the wireman….happy hunting.

    [Oh yes, with a capital K. Maybe even worse than that. – FEd]

  48. all the eggs were found. i like the backpack try-athalon, the radio dj story, and everything else that appeared on the documentaries.

    didn’t they have so much fun on tour? they should probably do it again.

    [How many, Don? – FEd]

  49. […boat with David playing the beginning of ‘Then I close my eyes’.]

    If I were to piece this all together, I would assume that was a vacation with friends…perhaps in and around Castellorizon…on a boat….

  50. So Fed, are you going to help us out? The DVD has been available for a while now…how about posting on how to find all the little hidden gems? Please?

    [I want to see what you found first. – FEd]

  51. Hi

    Are there more than the wireman things and echoes? echoes is realy nice!!

    Happy easter btw

    greetings from holland!!


    [There’s more. – FEd]

  52. I liked watching Guy Pratt’s facial expression when he found out he would be participating in the “Wine Glasses” for Shine on.

    Happy Easter…

  53. Hello! I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

    Can someone point me in the direction of the dancing fans? I can’t seem to find them, and I’m dying to know if the fellow dancing on the floor on the 2nd night made it in!


  54. Definitely acoustic Echoes.

    It was the first gig I was ever at, so I guess my life goes downhill from here. 🙂

  55. [In terms of the “EASTER EGGS” any time u see the wireman press OKAY on your remote. – Adrian J. Emond]

    I thought the “Easter Eggs” are hidden?! Pressing the OKAY button when we see the wireman would take us for more extended footage – I don’t believe those are the hidden “Easter Eggs”, are they? I must be confused then.

    I found only one “Easter Egg” by accident with David playing the cumbus with Polly and a few others on the boat; I didn’t find this one with the pop-up of the “wireman” though.

    Best wishes for a Happy Easter all!

  56. Well, I need some help finding these… I found the Acoustic Echoes (thanks victor) and LOVED it, but I would have never thought to go about finding it the way I needed to…

    I barely have an hour to check the blog and make some peanut butter toast, much less find all the Easter Eggs: HELP!

    “Oh, help me in my weakness,” this drifter is saying…

    [“Should I put them by your gate? Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?” (I’m going to wait a day or two, but do keep reading.) – FEd]

  57. i’m more of a savoury person. can’t believe i missed you guys live. david… you have the most beautiful tone to your voice (yeah, your guitar rocks too) but i love your tone.

    happy easter, best wishes from a new shipper xox

  58. Heading for some strong liquor now, fed….dear oh dear

    [Not half, Paul. I think today’s result calls for a week of gloominess. And another stupid international break only compounds the misery… – FEd]

  59. Hi Fed,

    I, too, found the already mentioned 3 easter eggs on disc 2, but no other and none on disc 1… I’m curious to see if there are any. I went through all menus and tried a lot, but I did not boot my DVD reader equipped PC to examine the tracks on the disc directly (I hope my stand alone DVD player did its job correctly; it’s my third after 2 that couldn’t play all my discs).

    Best regards,


    PS. Guitar aficionado that I am, the easter egg I liked the most was acoustic Echoes, of course 😀

  60. Hello FEd.

    Just waiting to know all the EE.

    Off topic: I’m making a collection cd of David Gilmour/Pink Floyd blues, and it would be useful if David released some day his soundtracks to “Ruby wax takes a Trip”, Arthur c. Clark’s (RIP) Colours of infinity and Floyd’s Carrera panamericana, because of the blues numbers featured on it! would you ask David if we can, one day see it realesed? maybe selling online on the main site? Arthur C. Clark’s death could be a proper opportunity to do it!

  61. All I can say is that the DVD is extraordinary, and the idea of putting the hidden “Easter Eggs” on the DVD is just brilliant, clever and it’s a real treat.

    Thank you.

  62. Oh my, I’m so confused now. I thought I had found the eggs. David talking about the New York trip, Guy with his back pack, and David talking about how Polly puts the lyrics to his music ???? Are these eggs? I am not seeing what some of the rest of you are talking about. I must try again.

    I think I saw the people dancing but I can’t find it again.

    Echoes as an egg? Can’t find it ya’ll, anyone have anymore suggestions? And David playing on a boat?

    Oh dear, I really feel dumb and not comfortably. Maybe a list in the days to come Fed? That would really be good of you! But until then I won’t give up trying to find the prize eggs.


  63. That funny old game… So, Tim, it was a dream, and FEd, it was a nightmare. As we say, ‘Le bonheur des uns fait le malheur des autres’…

    But, -[I think today’s result calls for a week of gloominess. – FEd]-, sure of that ? Won’t you be happy and proud to reveal to us David’s secrets? to show us our weakness? to tease us ?

    “More than 3 Easter Eggs”, you said ? the others on disc 1 , maybe ?

    Won’t you laugh loud behind our back this week ?


    [Oh no, I’d never do that. – FEd]

  64. With regard to the easter eggs……now I am starting to find them.

    [God, I’d give just about anything if Liverpool can win on Sunday. I’m already feeling sick at the thought of facing Manchester United. – FEd]

    With regard to the above………you never gave enough.

    [Better stop rambling now – Ash]

    As Led Zeppelin say………Ramble on !

    Pete – Coventry

  65. Clicking OK when Wireman shows up, I don’t consider those to be Easter Eggs as the DVD instructs you to do this. It is additional footage that you don’t get while watching the disc but I don’t think it is a true EE.

    Someone above mentioned how to get to acoustic Echoes.

    Here is how to get to the Cumbus playing on the boat and it is easier to do it on a computer than on a DVD player.

    On disc 1 watch the main menu screen and wait for some fireworks to explode in the upper right of the screen. Then with your mouse click in that area or hit OK and you should get to the special EE with the Cumbus.

    Hope that is helpful. Would love to hear direction from some of the others out there other than the clicking on Wireman.



  66. “Dark Globe” followed by “Echoes.” An oddball combination. I had not found “Acoustic Echoes” at all, good to know that it’s on the disc.

    Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night.

  67. i stumbled over one by accident, i never found another one, not to mention finding the first one again despite the fact having played them at least 40 times.

    i’m a simple user, not a freak, maybe that’s why.

    happy easter to the Gilmour family and all the bloggers.

  68. Thanks to the easter egg with the tuning of the glasses, I could myself tune some wine glasses, and I can now play the intro to Shine On… live 😀 I just need somebody here to play them for me, so I can play the guitar-part..

    Love the easter eggs (at least them that I’ve found. Waiting for help..)

  69. hey FEd, i’m from greece and it is now that we have easter in here! so you must tell me (and tell all of us basically!) where are all the others, except acoustic echoes (extroadinary) and david jamming on his boat! where are all the others ???

    peace to you all people.

    [Well, here’s one: Go to the ‘Music Tracks’ menu on Disc Two, then the menu for ‘Bonus Tracks From The Royal Albert Hall’. When you see and/or hear a firework, click OK/Enter. – FEd]

  70. I would like to know where I could get a ‘Hysteron’ t-shirt, like the fella in the RTN video?:))

  71. Of course Acoustic Echoes was my favorite. I’ve been (very slowly) trying to learn the outro part that David plays. It’s a brilliant improvisation, since David couldn’t reach the upper frets that he usually uses for the outro.

    I hope Easter found all happy and well.

  72. Hi all,

    today I couldn’t resist, so I booted my other PC. I spent an hour or two but couldn’t find an egg on disc #1. I only found slightly different durations of the first tracks of “part one” and “part two” compared to the “play all” (~0.40 MByte). I had not more time to check if there are any oddities in the audio parts, but maybe someone else has more time (and *luck*).

    I’ll be on a business trip the next 2-3 days, so do not expect any entries from me on this topic.

    Fed, I’d like to thank you for this thread. It was a nice way to tick away the moments that make up a dull day 😉

    Have a great week,


    [Enjoy your business trip, Taki. If it’s possible to enjoy a business trip, that is. – FEd]

  73. Just a quick message to say I won big bucks on a Man U/Chelsea double yesterday, therefore…

    Happy Days!
    Simon J

  74. The Easter Eggs were easy to find. Since I have a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome, I fiddled with the DVDs when I got RTN and I was like “HOLY SH*T, didn’t expect to see this”.

    One question FED, has David and/or Rick considered wearing in-ear monitors or are they alright with their hearing?

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. If I can get an answer, I’ll let you know. – FEd]

  75. Re Easter Eggs.

    Perhaps we will get the answers on the 1st of April.

    Now why does that date suggest some form of mischief by FEd??

  76. ‘Fireworks’ ??? Strange… I found 3 Easter Eggs on disc 2 without using any firework…

    I found, on my dvd player -like everyone- ‘Acoustic Echoes’ after Dark Globe, then David playing cumbus on a boat (not the Astoria, I think) by selecting ‘next track’ on my dvd remote control (? = télécommande) during ‘Acoustic Echoes’ and the Dance remix of OAI by selecting ‘next track’ during the Cumbus Egg… Les trois en suivant…



  77. [Clicking OK when Wireman shows up, I don’t consider those to be Easter Eggs as the DVD instructs you to do this. It is additional footage that you don’t get while watching the disc but I don’t think it is a true EE – Andrew]

    i agree . all it proves is that you can follow instructions. a genuine easter egg is one which is not pointed out in advance .

  78. (Ramble On – Pete-Coventry)

    🙂 It’s all the belt tightening and marching and long descriptions of every rock that gets me.

    (those of you who know what I’m talking about must also have readdddddddd the bookssssssssssssss)

    ash X

  79. I was glad to be able to participate in the chat today, it’s always a fun time. We had an interesting conversation, trying to finagle info out of FEd to define the Easter Eggs or extras, and how to find them, either through the wireman or fireworks, etc. Call it what you like, there are hidden bonus features with various ways to access.

    I tried to figure out how to find them again on the DVD player to possibly describe how to get there, or count them up, from the clues given so far–turned out to be too difficult or I’m too lazy, so I cheated a bit and played the second DVD on my computer (Windows Media Player).

    I found that if you hit “Play All” and then go to the menu on the computer, the Chapters seem to play everything sequentially, but if you go further down on the computer’s menu, everything is repeated in the Title sections. I found several of the bonus features between Title 13 and Title 31 (play Chapter #s in each Title).

    I didn’t find any extras this way on the 1st DVD.

  80. I extracted the audio from the dvds (dont be mad Fed, it just shows how much i enjoy the dvds) because i wanted to take Remember that Night in my car and enjoy it there also…

    I found 17 clips of audio and interviews not on the regular portion of the dvds.

    99% were on disc 2.

    i dont think there was a lot of extra stuff on disc 1, maybe 1 or 2 tracks… since i extracted the audio i really cant say where it was…

  81. Hi all… I’ve only seen acoustic echoes and the cumbus clip. Haven’t been able to bring up the dance mix of OAI. I gotta say…. my fingers were raw from pressing buttons every time Wireman came up for intermission…. there’s just GOTTA be something there!!!

    Acoustic echoes is probably the best easter egg I’ve ever seen. Loved the spontaneity of it…. it seems like it took the band a minute to get into the groove.


  82. Yes, I found the acoustic version of echoes and the cumbus footage. Thank you all!

    The best bit though was trying to educate my Dad, Gordon in what easter eggs were on a DVD. He is still a little confused I think!

  83. I just want to say thank you for all involved in hiding the easter eggs. It is so clear that a lot of time and thought was put into the whole production of this DVD.

    Being technically challenged, I of course had no hope of finding any egg of any variety left to my own devices. It has been a fun to read everyone’s comments and I look forward to viewing the material contained in the cracked eggs.

  84. Uhhh is this an easter egg?

    On disk 2 i clicked the fireworks and i got the cumbus vid then, i waited a while and when the fireworks came back i clicked it and it played Wots…Uh The Deal.

  85. So did we collectively find all of the Easter Eggs or are there really some on Disc 1 that nobody seems to have discovered?

  86. Easter eggs I found:

    – acoustic echoes
    – David playing cumbus on a boat
    – people “dancing” in the audience
    – Guy and his backpack
    – music from classes and David explaining the chord sequence
    – David talking about rain in PA 1968, and radioshow

    Is that all of them?

  87. The Easter Eggs that I found were:

    1. Acoustic Echoes
    2. David Playing the Cumbus
    3. On An Island Techno dance mix – people dancing in the royal albert hall – which was funny
    4. Guy and his backpack
    5. Music from classes and David explaining the chord sequence
    6. David talking about rain in PA 1968, and radioshow

    But I cheated and looked thgrough disc 1 using windows media player after spending hours looking the proper way, and I really think that there can’t be any eggs on the disc 1 – visually anyway apart from audio clips that people say they have found!!!

    So please FED, can you reveal all of them now!!!

    [Not yet, but soon. There is something on the first disc. Not really an Easter Egg, but something ‘fun’. Nice list. It doesn’t tell anyone how they go about finding them, though. – FEd]

  88. Wireman selling his stuff during intermission on disk 1 was cute…patiently waiting for a customer that never came. That was a nice surprise and reinforces his place in DG Fandom…

    What was very touching and personally satisfying was that DG shared a very personal memory: the cumbus being played on what looked like the cabin of a boat that, I imagine, was floating around Castellorizon. The tune he was playing…I’ll never hear OAI the same way again.

    “Remember that Night”? Well, I imagine that was one of those nights he was remembering when he wrote that song and that album. His friends live on in his memories, and now they live on in ours…

    My reaction upon finding that? Shocked, then excited, then honored. It was great finding all the other tidbits, too? Acoustic Echoes has been touted, but what I think it captures is just how special the whole 2006 Tour experience was: a warm celebration of music, spontaneity, and camaraderie among all involved…

    [Ah, finally. Thank you, Angelo. Now we can all forget about the first disc, ’cause that’s it. – FEd]

  89. [There were eggs? – alt gilmour]

    Yes, but only good ones. Like the lot of you!

  90. I don’t know whether it qualifies as an easter egg, but I was surprised to hear a somewhat different version of “Then I Close My Eyes” as backing track of the photo-slide-show.

    Greetings from Berlin,

  91. [Wireman selling his stuff during intermission on disk 1 was cute… – Angelo]

    I missed that, but think I’ve got them all now.

    You find the dancing fans at the BONUS TRACKS FROM THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL menu on disc 2.

  92. [“Should I put them by your gate? Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?” (I’m going to wait a day or two, but do keep reading.) – FEd]

    *sigh* By my gate would be lovely… I keep scrolling to see if someone posted a new one; we’re hearing about the same ones over and over again “an’ here I sit so patiently waiting to find out what price you have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice.”

    [I know, I know… “Did I hear someone tell a lie? Did I hear someone’s distant cry?” – FEd]

  93. I have just sat and watched most of Disk 2 again to review the Easter Eggs that I had found previously to check with the ones listed here and I must say again what a fine DVD this is. Never mind the Easter Eggs… repeated viewings of ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ are rewarding and somewhat revealing.

    Some little things I have noticed: Polly’s body language in the car park 😉 , that ‘On an Island’ artwork that is part of the studio ‘set’ for the interviews, the ‘England Team Coach’, wind turbines, Roadie calling ‘Syd?’ on stage at RAH, Heelys, best ever use of the word ‘wankers’, D-COOL on the jet and the Gdansk footage that is just whetting my appetite for the live CD. Gavin Elder did a superb job of capturing the atmosphere and should be congratulated… again 🙂

    A couple of my favourite things hidden away in the DVD booklet are the photos of a real Wireman (on table?) and the glassman which I remember you (FEd) rushing off to photograph during one of our extended chat sessions.

    [Yes, I pulled down a curtain to get a good background for that. – FEd]

  94. well, fearless f.e.d.,

    i suppose i’ll have to give it another look and i’ll have that final count for you.

    have a good day.

  95. Hi, good morning!

    Well, easter was a long time ago. I found the acoustic version of Echoes already when I got the DVD-set last year, playing them track by track. But I never spent any thought that it was something “special”.

    Anyway, the idea to hide additional clips in that way is absolutely brilliant. I have to play the discs again….


  96. [best ever use of the word ‘wankers’ – Nate]

    Full ACK! I laughed loud and then had to explain to my 14 year old daughter what the word means 😀

    Sadly enough, but IMHO a very good approach if you want to describe 99,999% of local politicians…

    [Enjoy your business trip, Taki. If it’s possible to enjoy a business trip, that is. – FEd]

    Belated thanks FEd. I enjoyed at least a part of it. Since a few years I always plan some spare time and use it to do a bit sightseeing instead of being jailed in conference rooms only 😉

    Best regards,


  97. [Ah, finally. Thank you, Angelo. Now we can all forget about the first disc, ’cause that’s it. – FEd]

    Never thought of this as an easter egg, dear FEd… It was just a virtual pause, standing for the real life pause the band took.

    Best regards,


    [Yes, but nobody had mentioned it before, I don’t think. – FEd]

  98. Dave……….Hello again…

    Hope to see you out on the road again. Geared up ready for another trip to LA Kodak theater!!!

  99. At the beginning of the Gdansk footage, I have been delighted to recognize – behind lovely wireman – the brightly coloured small houses of Burano Island in Venetian lagoon … I remember …what a beautiful and picturesque little island !


  100. Random Observation:

    Jon Carin is playing slide guitar for a few bars on the Easter Egg ‘Acoustic Echoes’ whereas he didn’t appear to do so on the full Echoes version on RTN (or elsewhere from my recollection).


    …now back to your regularly scheduled blogging….

    [Keep those random observations coming. I like random observations. – FEd]

  101. [Dave……….Hello again… Hope to see you out on the road again. Geared up ready for another trip to LA Kodak theater!!! – Mark (Syracuse New York)]

    Hmmmm….is Letterman doing a tour? I can’t imagine who else he could be addressing like that? Any ideas?



  102. OK, FEd. You said, “Now don’t be a show-off… No long lists, please. Nobody likes a know-it-all.” But I think this has gone on long enough. There has been long enough and there seems to be several people who are having a hard time finding everything. I’ve decided to post my list and how to find them (sorry if it seems like I’m showing off).


    [No, with respect, it seems like you’re telling me how I should do my job! I decide when this has gone on long enough, not you, and there will be a list later this week – really – because I work to a schedule and that’s always been the plan. Good list, though. – FEd]

  103. I’m sorry you took what I wrote the wrong way. I wasn’t trying to tell you how to do your job, nor was I telling you that you should wrap this up. Everything I was saying was meant to be taken in good humour. I apologize if it didn’t come off that way.

    I would have appreciated an email from you instead of having you “tear me a new one” on such a public forum. You could have opted to not post my message at all, if you found it so insulting, and responded to me privately. I would have found that to be more considerate.

    This is going to be the last time I will be visiting this blog.

    [My replies are meant to be taken that way, too. I apologise for offending you, Kevin. – FEd]

  104. I retract my comment about not visiting this blog again. The fact that you were willing to apologize to me (as I to you) has made me reconsider.

    We all have bad days and say things the wrong way. We’re only human.

    Also, after receiving your personal email and reading what you said about the way that some people go after you and nag you, I sympathize with you. I work with the public and completely understand how people can get on your nerves. I was also flattered that you used my list to verify you own. And I did notice that you posted the entire list on a different thread – I receive the blog via RSS and saw it immediately.

    Obviously we both thought it was about time to put it to rest – but you’re right, it was your call.

    I will continue to read and enjoy your blog. I will also take note of your sense of humour (my dry wit and sarcasm has gotten me in trouble in the past).

    Glad to put this behind us. All the best!

    [All the best to you, Kevin. I appreciate you writing back. – FEd]

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