A new Wireman

WiremanMany moons ago, I’m sure you recall, there was a contest to suggest things for our beloved Wireman to do.

Wireman is the animated character on the homepage, now symbolic of David’s solo career, based on an original wire model by David Macilwaine.

There were plenty of clever suggestions, but the winning idea was Ben’s: Wireman should play the glass harp – wine glasses to you and me – as did David and the band a few times during the second leg of the 2006 European tour. (Just where has the time gone since then?)

Not forgetting Igor Sklyarov’s fine contribution in Venice, of course.

Click the image and have a look. Be sure to turn your speakers up.

Hope you like the result, Ben.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

65 thoughts on “A new Wireman”

  1. Very nice I must say….better than I thought. Music is perfect with it. Well done.

    Happy Wednesday to everyone.

    Renee B.

  2. I love it!

    It’s inspirational, in fact I may just have a go at tuning a glass harp myself tonight.

  3. I always log into the blog via the homepage. So the first thing I noticed was the new wireman image. Awesome.

    Not only a great idea but wonderfully executed.

    Now, imagine a new RTN release with wireman doing the whole concert. Hmmmmm….probably not.



  4. Wow, that’s some serious glass rubbing! He really knocks back the wine eh! No wonder he’s so wobbly! Not like the real David of course!

    Ben, you are one lucky so and so! Congrats!

    Oh and FEd, I bet some guitar buff is going to comment that he’s playing the wrong guitar for this tune… sheesh!

    [To which I’ll reply: In Wireland, all guitars sound like that. – Features Editor]

  5. Good suggestion, Ben.

    I have been waiting on the new Wireman! I love him:)


  6. Regardless of whether Ben likes this or not, I do.

    Wireman lives quite an interesting life, it must be said, and I’m sure there are quite a lot of people who want to be Wireman.

  7. The new Wireman is fantastic, I’m well impressed.

    Well done Ben for the suggestion.

  8. Caption: “Vino need no education”

    That wine is better suited in a GLASSMAN, hey Ian????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  9. [To which I’ll reply: In Wireland, all guitars sound like that. – Features Editor]

    Wim Fwom Wireland.
    Wgds Gewoff Duffy (Wublin)

  10. Love the new Wireman.

    I think a series should be commissioned dedicated to the Wireman family. That way we can learn about Mrs. Wireman, and the Wireman children. And we can see what Wireman does when he is not performing on David’s homepage.

    I’m sure he leads a busy life.

    [I’ve been thinking of a Mr Blobby-style Christmas single, if that helps. – Features Editor]

  11. Wow ! such a rich idea, Ben, and such a great design!

    I see one glass filled with Chianti, one glass filled with Worthenbury wine and one glass filled with Beaujolais…

    Of course, the glass which is almost empty is the one of Beaujolais, because Wireman couldn’t help drinking it…


  12. Lovely! There are a couple of parts where the animation fits the guitar playing so perfectly.

    I also love the fact that David has a sip out of one of the glasses and then picks up his guitar for the music.



  13. Tonight, my wife will tune some glasses and I’ll play some Shine On… myself.


  14. Hi Fed,

    Like the Wireman. Good timing with the song. Nice rendition of the song, too.

    Have a good day, all


  15. It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood gets hold of Wireman, and makes a situation comedy about him.

  16. FEd, I hope this new wire wine glass and guitar man makes the cover of the new live album due later this year. I hope it’s a triple live album and want to hear the songs with the orchestra.

    The RTN DVD was great and compensated me for sadly having to miss the OAI tour due to financial problems.

    If he does tour again, bet your arse I will see him. MARK MY WORDS!

  17. How skilled that wireman is. He can play the glasses and the guitar while wearing mittens.

    And I think one of the glasses has a fine Cabernet or maybe a Pinot Noir.



  18. Cool! Bravo Ben. Very cool the effect between the wireman and the music.

    The music…wow, the music. Shine On’s guitar excites me every new time as the first one I listened to it. And glad to see David appreciates Chianti drinking from the glass!

    Cheers! And tomorrow also more toasts!

  19. I was wondering what ever happened to Ben’s wireman!

    It’s an awesome wireman at that! Excellent job! Love the music too!


  20. Love the new wireman!

    Now let’s see Pete Cornish incorporate the wine glasses to the effects loop with David’s talk box hose going straight from the wine glass and an on/off switch that reads Effect/Swig.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  21. Nice job! I thought the idea with the Glass Harp was so, mmm… glassy on “Remember That Night” anyway, so this is a good choice.


  22. That’s one thing Wireman has on me:

    He can drink more wine than me!

    Classic Wireman!

    [Oh, I don’t know about that, Simon. (Bet he can’t hold his cider, though.) – Features Editor]

  23. Me and my friend tried the wine glass thing. It sounds just like the original record. I’ve always loved the wireman, he has character… don’t you think FEd?? But he should not have too many sips off the wine or the glass could go out of tune – or he could!!

  24. Nice one Ben!

    Wireman accidentally manages to spill some wine down his neck. I like it!

  25. Love the wireman (my glass harp is hopelessly out of tune – probably has something to do with the fact that I keep stealing the wine from the glasses) 😉

  26. Love the wireman’s playing.

    How much does he have to drink before he becomes ‘comfortably numb’?

    Does he ‘have a cigar’ with his wine?

    Sorry i’ll stop the puns now before i get really carried away and make a comment about being ‘in the flesh.’

    oops too late…

    [Someone set the ‘Dogs’ on him, quick. – Features Editor]

  27. Very nice wireman! Although it’s somewhat disappointing how much more musically able a man made of wire is than me…

    Hope everyone is well,


  28. Very nice indeed.

    Besides the lovely animation, we’re even getting all kinds of tips for wines to try out!

    My guess would be one of the glasses has Brunello in it!

  29. I love the new and improved blog. I love the additional wireman to show david’s solo career also.

    I had no idea that this site could ever improve it was fantastic to begin with (I can not believe how the time has passed!) Fed keep up the great work and in advance i would like to wish David a very Happy Birthday and many, many more!

    lpenner (WNY)

  30. Hey all,

    I like the new wireman a lot. It reminds me the wine glass experiment in Munich which I enjoyed a lot…

    Best regards,


    PS. Am I the only who also has to think to the old “The Saint” series with Roger Moore and wiremans chiseled grandpa on the front credits?

  31. I love this new wireman,but love old wireman too and every thing is about David’s and “that’s all remains” of “my” PF band.

    I really feel what you mates and you FEd are feeling about our blog and group.

    Beautiful thought all is about crisis and more over all DG did.

    There are not a lot of people so “moving heart” like David and his family.

    Thank you

  32. whats the status of the Live CD that was to be released? is it still on?

    [Still on, yes. – Features Editor]

  33. 😀 I like it. Very well done visually and of course musically!

    Regarding what wine is in the glass: from the looks of it, I believe it’s a nice Cote du Rhone. Not sure of the year.

    Hi, FEd.


    [Hello. – Features Editor]

  34. Love the new wireman! Clever.

    May not have a chance to get on the blog tomorrow so I would like to wish David a very happy birthday one day early, if I may.

    Happy Birthday, David. Many happy returns of the day. Hope that you and your family have a lovely celebration. Here’s to your continued good health and happiness and success.

    my best to you all,

  35. Congrats to Ben on his winning suggestion being adopted.

    Wireman… Wineman… Shine on…


  36. The new wireman was brilliant and quite realistic too if one should believe the footage from the OAI-tour; no doubt that David likes to drink wine 😉

  37. Whimsical…

    You must be so thrilled Ben,deservedly so!

    3 glasses..I’ll assume 2 are reserved for David and Polly(perhaps for a birthday toast)..who’s the 3rd one for?

  38. Wireman looks good, and that may be the greatest start to a song ever written, especially live.

    Later Fed.


  39. Bloody brilliant, well done Ben for the idea, and perfectly executed. Good job!

  40. Wireman, who could forget Wireman? Every morning when I get up I see wireman tattooed on my shoulder blade when I look in the mirror and I love it.

    I hope everyone will have a great day, Thomas

  41. Impressive work! The wireman image is very well coordinated with the music selection; and those glasses of wine sure look appealing even to someone like me who doesn’t drink and who was never attracted to any wine…


  42. Wow Ben! Aren’t you excited over the new Wireman? Your good idea was put into action in an expert way wasn’t it? Really a great addition to the “life of the wireman”. . which could be a contest that could go on forever, couldn’t it Fed?? He is very talented and well loved here for sure, along with you Fed, of course!


    [Of course. – Features Editor]

  43. Very nice…but maybe next time you could get wireman to do some charity work…like feed the homeless???

  44. Dear F.Ed.

    so nice this Wireman!

    you are right when you tell: does the time fly? but those memories (Igor Sklyarov’s fine contribution in Venice, of course) are ever pulsing in my hearth, now refreshed with this animation.

    Thank you for this gift
    ciao Elisabetta

  45. He’s a pretty cool guy… 10 points for wireman.


    Hysteron proteron

  46. Fed

    How about the wireman having a beer now? If he has too many we might get him to fall over. Maybe if he was a little more bent he might take up something along the chemical line. Hey you never know!!!


    [Wilko, you just reminded me of something: Does anyone remember, back in olden times, a computer program which allowed you to make a character called Pob, or something like that, jump, clap, fall asleep, etc.? It was very basic, but strangely amusing. Nobody seems to remember it. I try not to recall the Eighties, for obvious reasons, but I know that I didn’t imagine this little chap. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please speak up. – Features Editor]

  47. Hello Fed!

    We saw David 2006 live in Venice.

    I think this new Wireman is very nice. It pleases me very much.

    Best regards from Berlin

  48. Yes, the wireman is a great touch!!! Everything here always exceeds expectations. Good show!!! Tall Ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Obscured By Clouds!!!” Enjoy!!!

  49. Fed,

    Don’t remember the computer game you refer to but I do remember one where you play a bartender and you have to keep sliding beers down to the customers. If you miss, the beer goes flying off the end. It was quite amusing.



    [That sounds good. – Features Editor]

  50. [If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please speak up. – Features Editor]

    You’ll need to remember the name.

    I was more of a Lemmings person….. 🙂

    [Ah, that takes me back. It was probably some really basic home-made project running on an old BBC Acorn, rather than a ‘game’ as such. It said “Pob can…” at the bottom and you’d type in some witty suggestion. More often than not, he couldn’t do it, but he could jump. – Features Editor]

  51. WoW Fed! I remember back when the computers back in the 80s had that format on the old floppy discs. It was great and now you never see it anymore.

    Hope you will have a great day Fed.

  52. Found it!

    Fed – I’m sure some of the verbs you used were risque as well 🙂

    [Hurray! There he is, that little red munchkin. I knew he wasn’t a figment of my imagination (mullets have a lot to answer for in terms of memory loss in people of a certain age, I think). Thanks, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  53. Andrew and Fed, the bartending computer game you’re referring to is Tappers.

    Later Guys.


    [Whoever’s on duty in the chatroom bar has a new nickname from now on, then. – Features Editor]

  54. Wow: i’ve read till now all more than 400 msgs for DG’s birthday! It’s fantastic to see how fans really love him.

    I’m going in Cologne for a couple of days visiting the international hardware exhibition, I’ll be back in the second half of next week: the first thing I’ll do on my pc will be to read your next news, of course.

    Have a nice weekend dear F.Ed. and Bloggers!


    [Enjoy yourself in Cologne, Elisabetta. – Features Editor]

  55. Good day FEd, how’s it goin’ eh! I think this new wine glass version of the wire man should be the artwork for the upcoming live album, what do you think?

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