Live loops

Have you heard them yet?

If, like me, you prefer not to have random sounds forced upon you, because most random sounds tend to be pretty annoying, please make sure that you have your speakers switched on and up when you visit David’s homepage from now on. You won’t want to miss these.

They’ll also be coming to the Stuff & Nonsense page every Friday night (UK time).

As was the case with the studio loops, David has kindly shared some live treats with us all.

There will be no fan fare (yes, an assortment of memories are associated with those two little words, I know) heralding each one. Nothing will be explained, no questions answered – just enjoy them.

The chatroom will be open today from 12:00 (UK).

Thanks for all your Pigalle-related rhymes. If you haven’t already submitted your entry, you have just short of two-and-a-half hours before the contest closes. Entries to be left at the previous post, please.

The winner will be announced tonight.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

44 thoughts on “Live loops”

  1. Welcome back, I didn’t get a chance to wish you all a happy new year before Christmas so I hope I’m not too late now.

    Nice to see you ‘leaping’ back into action at an appropriate time.

    Tom B – Dublin

  2. I am John from Malaysia. Small country in Southeast Asia.

    I just love everything that David does. The one thing that I yearn for is a Pink Floyd reunion. More than that, I really, really want to see David play. I will consider it a great tragedy in my life if I never get to see him play.

    Would he come to these parts? I hope and pray he does. I must be his biggest fan in Asia. Would he meet his biggest fan?

    Too much to ask. Sorry. Just give me a chance to watch him play live. Would make a simple guy like me the happiest man in the world.

    In the meantime, I await any new music that David is going to put out.


    [I hope your wish comes true some day, John. – Features Editor]

  3. I normally visit this Blog at times when my wife is asleep in the next room. Out of not wanting to wake her up (self-preservation) I normally don’t have the sound on. But it was either yesterday or the day before when work was cancelled by a snowstorm, I was here in the middle of the day, and I heard a strange loop that was new to me. It was strange, it was peaceful, it was evocative of the tide coming in at the beach on a lazy summer day. It was beautiful.

    And now there are NEW loops to check out! Listening to one now would surely awaken my wife… But letting her sleep means I have to miss the loop… I smell a divorce!

  4. Yes, the new loops are absolutely superb.

    While we’re on the subject of David’s music, I came across a few tribute bands over the holidays . . .

    Pink Freud – Gilmourettes tribute band.
    Pink Flawed – A really bad tribute band.
    Pink Fraught – Phil praying David’s gear won’t develop technical faults during a gig.
    Pink Fraud – A really, really, really bad tribute band *politically correct version*.
    Pink Fried – David being hurled over the stage after getting a shock from a microphone.
    Pink Flowed – Gigs in the rain.
    Pink Flied – Chinese tribute band.

  5. hello

    i have the link for the painting i did of david (click my name above).

    many thanks


    [Nice work, Stephen. Thanks for sharing it with us. – Features Editor]

  6. so a new blog, a new RSS feed as well.

    i wont get excited about it, although i have missed the triumphant return, patiently waiting for a new post to trickle through to my computer, only to stumble onto the site today click ‘the blog’ optimistically, whats this……. im late. Again.

    Good to have you back FEd, how are things?

    [Good, thanks. Yourself? – Features Editor]

  7. Just love this subtle ‘Echoes’ sound, pecisely because of its subtlety…

    Happy first February 29th to The Blog !

    Of course, ‘first’ only makes sense if it’s followed by ‘second’, ‘third’ …


  8. how about pink food?

    they just play corporal clegg over and over again and throw food at each other!

  9. A belated “Welcome Back F’Ed”. I was worried you had fallen into the digital abyss (not a hole), never to return.

  10. Stephen: it has the perfect intense DG’s expression!

    I was wondering there is a strange link between the title of Guy’s book ‘My Bass And Other Animals ‘ (and pigs?) the word Pigalle (Pigalle place in Paris) and its nickname “Pig Alley” given by Allied soldiers…isn’t it?

    The live loops : how can we miss them? they are remarkable.

    Have you, dear F.Ed and all of you a nice weekend
    bye/ciao Elisabetta

  11. yipee the blog makes a triumphant return ! i am glad something has gone right today !

    my mom slipped in our kitchen this morning and bashed her head on the side of our fridge . as her right eye was really swollen and very bruised dad and myself took her to my local hospital , we have just come back . thank god all she had was an almighty black eye and a bit of hip pain , normally if she falls she breaks bones so she is very lucky .

    i love the music on the front page . it is very relaxing . the beautiful sounds of echoes .

    nice to see you back fet ed ! chat with you later .

    new york dan, the problem you have can be easily sorted out . invest in a set of headphones , they don’t have to be expensive. then you can hear the loops without getting a gob full from your good lady !


    [Sorry to hear about your mother’s fall, Linda. – Features Editor]

  12. Live Loops…??

    More of a Fruit Loops person, me….

    ba dum tish!

    And then there’s the politically incorrect band with the anti-establishment theme featuring German Pharmaceutical Company employees…

    Punk Thalidomide…

  13. Here’s my poem just for giggles – because you’ll see that there’s no rhyme for Pigalle and I couldn’t shoehorn animals in there…so here it is just for fun 🙂

    Bigalle, pigalle, ha ha comedy you are
    You well versed bass player, ha ha funny you are
    And when your mouth is near the mic
    You’re totally a great laugh
    Almost made me choker
    With your head up and big smile
    Saying “keep on laughing”


    Great to have the blog back. Do I get kicked in painful body parts if I ask why?


    [Nah. – Features Editor]

  14. Just a question/thought: is there a chance to offer the loops for download?

    I’ve already edited some small ring tones for my cell phone (i.e. 3:15 to 3:43 of “wish you where here”, when my wife calls) and some of the loops seem to be perfect for such a propose…

    Best regards,


    [I don’t think that’s on the horizon, Taki, but it’s good that you’re enjoying them. – Features Editor]

  15. Hi to all, and greetings to my most special man David. My big Wish, over the Years, to play Guitar with him…privately…

  16. I’d like to chat a while but this stupid pc is too slow.Maybe I’ve troubles tonight.

    just to wish you a nice evening,everyone,ciao Fed.


    [Hopefully we’ll catch up soon. – Features Editor]

  17. Hello there everyone out there in blogland. I’m new here. Well relatively new as I’ve been following the blog, but I’ve never posted until now. Wonderful to see that you finally got the blog up and running FEd. I’ve missed it. Although I’m not sure why for the past few day it sent me to the old layout with no new posts. Oh well. I’m here now. Anyways it looks wonderful. ^^ Happy posting!

    [Welcome aboard, Diane. – Features Editor]

  18. Linda, you may have single-handedly saved my marriage! I’d never even thought of headphones to solve this problem.

    Now, if we could only solve the problem of my being a bit DENSE……

  19. Nice job on the new blog. It will take me a while to figure everything out but it’s fun doing it.

    Welcome back fed, and all you bloggers. See you all in chat.

  20. There is always the band with Ian Anderson as special guest called:

    Pink Flute

    Long time readers of this blog will remember me talking about a dream I had with David releasing a new flute album that came with a special DG flute.



  21. I really hope that everyone will have a good weekend. Plus I’m really glad that you’re back Fed. I’m just sorry that I missed the chat room. It’s been so long since it’s been open.

    Take Care, Thomas

  22. Welcome back FEd, I’ve been checking my old RSS feed daily in some bizarre hope of finding you there- but I’m sure you must have known that your cunning trick of changing the domain name for the blog would not keep me from finding it for more than three days!

    Also quick favour- could you ask Guy to delay his stand up routine at The Pigalle by 10 days so I’ll be 18 and old enough to go! (I’ve been trying to think of something to do for my 18th for a while too!)

    Thanks FEd!! and happy 2008!


  23. The loops are real nice. Sure have been enjoying them.

    I like how creativity just flows from the Maestro, Mr. Gilmour.

    Have a good weekend all, hope to make the chat.

  24. ooooh this new look blog is posh!

    Hope everyone is well. It`s great to have the blog back!

    And to Stephen, that painting is amazing, you have a real talent!

  25. [Linda, you may have single-handedly saved my marriage! I’d never even thought of headphones to solve this problem. Now, if we could only solve the problem of my being a bit DENSE……]

    happy to help dan . don’t worry about it . you are not as thick as i am !

    my i pod goes everywhere with me so i am used to using headphones to listen to music . it is second nature to me !

    thanks for the good wishes to mom . she is in a bit of pain and still in a bit of shock but she will be fine .

    Linda Island Lady .

    p.s fet ed i got the prize i won off this site before christmas ( the cd from abbey road ) 28th of december last . i couldn’t let you know as the blog had gone . thanks for that . it is on my i pod and has been really enjoyed !

    [Happy to hear it, Linda. – Features Editor]

  26. knip dyolf is the name of a band that suffers from dyslexia !

    ( before anyone get on my case i suffer form dyslexia so i am making fun of myself not anyone else !)

  27. No chat yet for me. Gotta fulfill a promise to my little one and go to Chuck E Cheese tonight…

    (a pizza place filled with games, prizes and the like for all you unfamiiar)

    Have a good weekend all!

  28. Glad to hear about the live loops from David. Coincidentally, I have a reminder to myself to ask about one particular piece of music that was played on Saturday, 2/9 at exactly 4:40 p.m.on the homepage…the music was very spacey and with a very nice yet heavy drum play? FEd, is it possible to track back to that date and replay it on the home page again?

    And Stephen, your painting is outstanding. Was it with the palette knife; or did you use the brush?

    [It might come back around again soon. Keep listening. – Features Editor]

  29. Well, I like these loops. They sound very relaxing and sometimes I need that, while working on my PC. So keep them alive, FEd.

    Have a nice weekend

  30. hi Veronica_from_Miami

    i used a brush and laid the acrylic on really thick.


  31. I’ve just enjoyed David’s Loops for the first time and as a budding/learning musician I’d love to have David dazzle us now and then with a music or guitar lesson or such, like a Master to student situation that I’m sure many folks would enjoy tremendously, like say, a monthly tune-up or musical puzzle or game for learning, or just some thoughts on musical creation…

    cheers, everyone! tony in the WEST end of the USA

  32. Good to have you back, but…

    I’m very sorry to say that the previous design was a lot prettier than this. A lot. Sorry. 🙂

  33. I join your happiness – congratulations Tom!

    cheers to everyone
    ciao Elisabetta

  34. Love the loops. Can’t wait for the live CD. Will you be revealing details soon?

    [Hope so. – Features Editor]

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