Guy at The Pigalle

Guy Pratt

Guy Pratt takes his acclaimed ‘My Bass and Other Animals’ stand-up routine to Piccadilly’s oh-so decadent Pigalle Club (go on, Google it) on Wednesday 5 March.

See Guy’s site for further details.

Please note that the club operates a strict ‘over 18s only’ policy. (Sorry, kids!)

To win a pair of tickets to the show, or a paperback copy of Guy’s book, just come up with a funny rhyme using the name of the venue.

Long or short, gangsta style or risqué limerick, I don’t care, just try and make something rhyme with ‘Pigalle’.

Ideally, your rhyme shouldn’t be more than a few lines and must also include the word ‘Animals’.

Good luck.

The winner will be announced on Friday, so please have your entry in by midnight Thursday mid-day Friday (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

59 thoughts on “Guy at The Pigalle”

  1. If I could only fly I would buy a ticket to see Guy…who is sure to make me to laugh and feel so silly inside. I can only imagine him there in the lights, there with his Bass and other animals, oh what a sight. Seeing him there and that smiling face, in that Pigalle Club around that Piccadilly Place…

  2. A contest…oh how I’ve missed the contests. Never to win, but for the fun of it all…

    Anyway…here goes:

    I once heard of a Guy in Pigalle
    Who had animals flown in from Bali
    Rumor was he also played Bass
    To help them keep up their pace
    And for fun they ate flower made out of Cauli

  3. How does ‘Pigalle’ sound?

    Is it Pig alley?

    Or Pig all ?


    [Why, that’s the whole fun of it. – Features Editor]

  4. i googled the word Pigalle and came up with the Moulin Rouge,
    Maybe our Guy will play there,
    well the can can do you think he would dare,
    even the animals well they’d stop and stare,
    With his Bass by his side,
    he could stroll down pigalle,
    without doubt Guy’s a man with some style.

    for those who do not know Pigalle is a place in Paris famous for ladies of the night and the moulin rouge

    Fed its good to have you back

    im now back on line, my son is all better after his accident, and at last lifes looking up. hope lifes as good for you, the blog looks very fresh,

    all the best

    maybe you know i must get a life, is there a rehab for blog withdrawal?

    [I’m very pleased to hear that your son’s better, Simon. – Features Editor]

  5. All I can say is, an American schoolteacher like myself would be a fool to enter for tickets to a British event by publishing a limerick (or, for that matter, a gangsta rap) involving animals.

  6. Is there any possibility of getting some help with the pronunciation of the word Pigalle? Does it rhyme with snail or wall?



  7. hello,

    i have painted a picture of David. would i be able to email you a picture of it?

    many thanks

    stephen dobson

    [If it’s online and you can send me the link with your next comment, I’d be glad to share it with everyone. – Features Editor]

  8. Hello Dear F.ed

    Good to see the blog again.

    I’ve heard the Live album is announced for next March. Is that true ?

    Anyway, congratulations for the design of the blog.

    The best to you

    [Thank you. (Where did you hear that?) – Features Editor]

  9. Wow! So THIS is where the blog went to. I had the other under my favorites, so I had no idea that this one was even up. I’ve been quite concerned. : )

    I don’t have a poem ready, I just wanted to express my EXTREME relief at finding out the Blog is back – Relief X-treme!! I’ve been walking in the valley of the missing link
    and I’ve had no time to think.

    Love to all – Jessica

    [That’s nothing, Jessica. I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard. Beat that. (Yes, the Bob Dylan lyrics are back, people. Read ’em and weep.) – Features Editor]

  10. I think I just might try to access the two remaining braincells rattling around in my head, rub them together, and see if they produce a creative fire. More likely, I’ll just have smoke billowing out of my ears. (;^) Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to make use of tickets to the show, but I wouldn’t mind being in the running for a copy of Guy’s book to give to a friend.

    One question before I proceed — is Pigalle pronounced like, let’s say, a swine’s choice of beverage at the pub or is it more like a backstreet for swine? Or maybe like pie gale? One word, so many possibilities …

    I know, I know, find out for myself!! I was just thinking back to the Ritzy event and Phil’s creative take on George’s last name, Geepay. ;^D


    [And how we all laughed at that. – Features Editor]

  11. What a Guy, Mister Pratt
    Knows who is who and where it’s at
    Been there, done that, met them all
    The ultimate party animal
    The show that made the punters laugh
    Would make a fitting epitaph
    A send- off at the club Pigalle
    “Often pissed, never banal”.

  12. There once was a gal Chantalle.
    Who went to see Guy at Pigalle.
    She laughed all night long
    Was it because of the bong?
    No that would be criminal
    He is just a funny animal

  13. CAPTION:

    While Guy tries out the .110″ gauge fiber optic strings on his upright, FEd goes ballistic looking for his missing blog-upgrade cables…

  14. Oh that is awesome

    Wish Guy could come to Calgary, Canada

    I would go for sure but i’m under 18, but oh well

    [There’s no need to brag, Adrian. – Features Editor]

  15. Hi,

    I think that there should be CDs of Remember That Night At The Albert Hall and David Gilmour In Concert 2002!! There are great vocals and the songs are all great!!

    Are these concerts ever going to be on CD?

    I hope so!!


    [If there are any plans to release them on CD, no one’s told me. There will, however, be a live album to remember the 2006 tour by, so keep an eye out for details. As soon as David wants to tease you with specifics, I’ll gladly play my part in the wind-up process. – Features Editor]

  16. Here goes:

    Guy was asked to play at the Pigalle.
    All the animals were sitting in the galley.
    He finished his gig.
    He was so hoping the pink pig would be his,
    that was waiting for him in the alley.

    (Sorry Guy! I was not sure how to pronounce “Pigalle” but I wanted to give it a try)

    Thanks David and Fed for bringing the blog back and letting us have a little fun.

    The blue color here reminds me of David’s socks last summer at the live questions and answers session. Such good memories!!

    Wishing you the best!

    [Those socks were my inspiration… – Features Editor]

  17. Many a lonely night crying myself to sleep …….. Its back hooooooooraaaaaa.

    Great to have you back.
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  18. The Pigalle Club in town is the place where Guy will perform with his bass
    the animals outside however hard they tried could not gain access to the place.

  19. unfortunately i can’t make it to london for this show, but i saw guy last year and recommend seeing him.

  20. CAPTION:

    As Guy applies the fake tan to Posh Spice, Phil can’t help but think “I’m having no part of this. Shades on, walk away quietly”.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  21. [would go for sure but i’m under 18, but oh well – Adrian Emond]

    [There’s no need to brag, Adrian. – Features Editor]

    Heh heh. Good times.

    Anyways, as for cette contest, won’t be entering for quite obvious reasons (age, traveling). So I wish everyone good luck!

    [Won’t you just look at all these youngsters; coming on here, flaunting their youth… – Features Editor]

  22. [Won’t you just look at all these youngsters; coming on here, flaunting their youth… – Features Editor]

    They’ll be old and wrinkly one day too (like me). Soon the botox, so soon.

  23. Maybe not following the correct meter of a limerick but here goes…

    Guy, the King of British Burlesque
    Had titillation tattoed on his chest
    On his way to the Pigalle
    He kissed an animal tamer in the alley
    She stripped him bare, made him stand on a chair
    And left with nothing but his vest…

  24. Sorry, can’t go to London on 5th March, so, Guy, please…

    Bring your bass and other animals to Pigalle,
    Lovely cabarets there: ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘La Cigale’,
    What? in London? NO! in Paris! but be careful,
    Attractive creatures there could make you a fool!
    Don’t tell your wife you could get lost in hot Pigalle!!!

    – So, my friends, Matt, Andrew, see, ‘Pigalle’ rhymes with ‘Cigale’ ! Does this help you ? lol!

    – And to those who could think I have become crazy, please, click my name…

    – Are there still pointy sticks and ‘delete’/’eject’ buttons here? I hope not! Maybe Fed’s 2008 good resolutions made them all disappear…


    [Oh, they’re still here, believe me. – Features Editor]

  25. So guy grabs his Bass and other Animals,
    And heads off to the Pigalle,
    For we all here understand,
    Entertain us – he shall never fail,

    Sexy Dita Von Teese has stripped there,
    That’s a really interesting stat,
    And also the chairs are quite small,
    So I’m not going – I’m Fat!

    I met Guy once,
    At the premiere in the Ritzy,
    I’d had about Twenty pints by then,
    So I was a bit tipsy,

    So it’s the conclusion of this show,
    We hope you enjoy in many ways,
    All of us here at the blog want to say,
    All the best and Happy Days!!

  26. When Guy brought his show to Pigalle
    He worried about his finale
    Erotic ideas from museums,
    You just had to see em!
    Inspired songs from Animals and La Vallee!

  27. Hey,

    the blog finally back… Thanks Fed!

    Good luck to the competitors, I won’t participate here. I love limericks (take a look at ISBN 1-8547-1085-0 for some very funny hours) but being a non-native English speaker I do not want do deface me 😉

    Best regards,


  28. Guy takes his Animals tour to the Pigalle and bloggers worldwide exclaim, “Pigalle, Schmigalle, Frigalle, what the heck really does rhyme with Pigalle…”



    PS – No tickets for me as unfortunately I don’t plan to fly over the pond for this monumental event.

    [No problem, Andrew. The contest is open to everyone and, as it’s a bit last-minute, that’s why Guy threw in a copy of his book as an alternative prize. If all entrants could mention whether they’d like the tickets or the book, that would be appreciated. – Features Editor]

  29. FEd!!!

    Good to have you back. The blog looks great. I kept checking the old blog, wondering when it was coming back. I’ll have to update my bookmarks now.

    I’ll be adding my limerick later today (hopefully)


    [I’m going to extend the deadline to mid-day Friday (UK), if that helps. Also, whilst we’re on the topic of bookmarks, I’d like to mention that Firefox’s ‘Live Bookmarks’ feature is damn useful. – Features Editor]

  30. ~I can’t make the show, but would love to win the book 🙂

    So Guy Will Play At Pigalle
    He’s Really Making His Rounds!
    It Must Be Good For Morale~
    Unless He’s Visited By Simon Cowell!

    Bass & Animals Will Gather
    For A Little Fun & Cheer~
    Watch Out For The Confetti,
    For It Could Land In Your Beer!

  31. There once was a fine chap named F*Ed
    Who asked “Book or tickets instead?”
    To see the Animals show by Pratt, My plane plans fell flat
    So I’ll opt for something well read.

  32. Well, well, well – nice to see all of your familiar names and comments again, on this sparkling new blog! And HI to you again, Fed. I had actually stopped checking the website every day…

    Glad that none of you gave up.

  33. Simon –

    SOOOOOO glad to hear that baby Aaron is doing better. It is quite a relief to hear that truly fantastic news!!!

    on the much less important stuff – if Guy’s prize is deemed to come my way then his book would be the best as I have no immediate plans to fly across the pond. Cheers!

  34. Well, well, well, just thought I would check out to see if normal service has been resumed and lo and behold!!!

    Nice to have you back FEd, love the new graphics – easy on the eye.

  35. Hey, welcome back! I am rubbish in limericks, so I give up and I simply wish good luck to you all. Tim, you already had your Guy’s show, greed man! I say that with love, my friend, of course! And I know you enjoyed it, so I understand why you’d like to attend it again.

    Very glad to see you all again! I hope you’ve had a good rest, FEd.

    All the best to David and all the other friends

  36. […If all entrants could mention whether they’d like the tickets or the book, that would be appreciated. – Features Editor]

    Already submitted without stating my choice of prizes. After just reading some of the other entries I see that I don’t stand a chance. However, book for me please unless the tickets come with round trip tickets with accommodations to and from Canada.

  37. Hi all! Welcome back and happy new year! Glad to see you’re finally back.

    Wouldn’t you know it? Just as you come back on line the company I work for decides to block access to the blog! So here I am at the public library since no internet at home. Oh well… my posts will probably decrease exponentially (though I’m sure SOMEONE out there may be rejoicing over that).

    So Pigalle huh? How about the following?

    “Guy once played at the Pigalle. I missed the show, doncha know? I ate a bad tamale. They said we could rap, what a load of crap! Think I’ll sit here and moan.”

    I know, its awful… but on the off chance this is a drawing type contest it COULD win! If I do, a book would be nice.

    You all have a great day.

  38. So Guy’s at the pigalle I hear you all wail, let’s all get tickets! We dont want to miss it. The Guy has such charm, more than animal farm. He’d rather be here than David’s old barn, recording a tune or spinning a yarn.

  39. Animals, part of a title by bass player Guy Pratt.
    He’s doing stand up, wow -what do you think about that?
    Revealing all during his routine.
    Stop the sniggers, you know what I mean.
    He’s playing live actually.
    Down at some venue called Pigalle!

  40. Tall one, short one
    look for a bit of fun.
    Tubby dude, wee gal
    hook up at The Pigalle.

    Animals, nutters, loonies too
    take a night off from the zoo.
    Hand in hand, cheek by jowl
    all go down to The Pigalle.

    How should punters be attired?
    White tie, black tie not required.
    No jacket, necktie nor cravat
    are needed to see our Guy Pratt.


    PS–I can’t make it to Guy’s show but would love to have a copy of his book. Should I be so lucky….

  41. [That’s nothing, Jessica. I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard. Beat that. (Yes, the Bob Dylan lyrics are back, people. Read ’em and weep.) – Features Editor]

    I ain’t lookin’ to compete with you,
    beat or cheat or mistreat you,
    Simplify you, classify you, deny, defy or crucify you.
    All I really want to do is, FEd, quote Dylan with you.

    [Well, your railroad gate, you know I just can’t jump it… – Features Editor]

  42. Good luck to those who participated in the contest. This is a tough one for me, but at least I learned the meaning of the word “pigalle”.

    Guy’s book is truly funny…hilarious…and interesting (sorry, Guy, if you are reading – I did find the book very interesting).

    Have a nice weekend all!

  43. I posted my silly try at a rhyme yesterday. If I were to be so lucky as to win, I would love to have Guy’s book. The trip across the “pond” is a little too far and cold for a swim right now, even to see Guy.

    How will you pick the winner, Dear Fed? I don’t envy your task. This Pigalle does seen to be an interesting place doesn’t it?

    I hope David will let you “tease” us soon with details of his new project. Come on David, please!!

    I can’t say enough how good it is to have you back Fed.

    Good day to all,

    [Thanks very much. (I think Guy should pick, don’t you?) – Features Editor]

  44. Good to see you back in action Fed.

    Guy was recently on a tv show here in Australia. It’s a music trivia show on ABC. Anyway he was pretty good at it and at the end of the show he did a brief duelling bass’s with another guest. Good stuff.

    The name Pigalle reminds me of pig alley, and a pig is an animal so this must have been a hint as to its pronunciation.Guy may be playing in a Pig alley but my sons’ rooms resemble pig sties.

    bye for now

  45. Pigalle is where Guy decides to whoo. There are no animals there, but girls who dare to bare. Is this not the San Diego zoo?

  46. Good morning,

    This is completely off topic but I just had to relay this.

    This morning I asked my 3 year old, Imogen, what the music man played at the nursery. She said he plays the drums. I then asked her if he played guitar. I then asked her who plays guitar expecting her to say “Mama” as I play songs to her regularly but she said “David Gi-mour”.

    Awwwwwww. She obviously remembers the DVD.

    Happy Friday all you good people.

  47. Great to have you back…I work in IT and know how tricky upgrades can be!

    I recently finished reading Guy’s book and thought it was brilliant.


  48. Sorry, me again.

    The only rhyme that I can think goes with Pigalle is “Igglepiggle” from “In the Night Garden”. (A children’s TV show for all those who don’t know what I am talking about)

    Sorry, can’t help it, but after all, I am only a mom.

    Ha, ha.

  49. I should point out that although Lucia has correctly pointed out that I am a greedy boy, I do not intend to “Pig all” (tee hee) the tickets to Guy’s show and I already have the hardback of Guy’s book …. so if I won I would be cheeky and ask if we could “auction” a signed copy of the book amongst bloggers – proceeds to Crisis of course.

  50. Julie,

    I for one would very much like to hear your rhyme with “igglepiggle” in it

    [Same here. – Features Editor]

  51. Oh, by the way, the new format of the blog is growing on me …

    [Thanks for that. Good to hear. – Features Editor]

  52. To Simon,

    Having sons around the same age, it is with great joy I hear your young lad is getting better.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

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