Back at last

Well, well, well. Who’d have thought it?

The Blog is finally back after more than two months – I kid you not – of [imagine your own word here, because I don’t want to keep on breaking my New Year’s resolution about being absurdly patient and forgiving, even to those who probably don’t deserve it, even though New Year’s Day seems such a very long time ago].

I hope you like the modifications. The ones you can see should be self-explanatory.

Please don’t be surprised if there are a few teensy teething troubles here and there. The Blog has been completely rebuilt, its archives transferred to a new location (which was great fun, especially the waiting), so you may well find the odd broken link.

There’s no need to let me know if you spot any over the next week or two, because I am on the case. However, if you do come across any after, say, a month has passed, please do point them out in your most gentle manner.

Teething rings are not provided, by the way, so just use your fingers; they’re better, anyway.

On behalf of those who really ought to be apologising for how long The Blog has been away, but won’t, I humbly apologise. I’d also like to thank D, and the good people at TypePad, for their help and patience.

I’d love to know what you were thinking as the weeks turned to months. I’m sure there were some good rumours flying around. As long as none of them involved me getting trapped down a well, do share.

So, a seriously belated "Happy New Year!" to all, and thanks very much for all the Christmas cards and goodies.

That’s Christmas 2007. (It’s still 2008, isn’t it?)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

145 thoughts on “Back at last”

  1. Welcome back F.Ed, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’ve missed you, to a productive 2008! (or at least as productive as possible for what circumstances allow)


    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

    [Thank you very much indeed. – Features Editor]

  2. Welcome back F Ed and the blog team. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong…as someone once said, er, sang.

  3. Hi Fed welcome back. I have been checking every day to see where you were up to, must have been a complete nightmare for you. But you did it and as cliff would say congratulations and celebrations.

    And just as youre back up and running, im moving home, which is a new build and does not have a phone line in yet.

    So well done mate, be proud of what you have achieved and we shall speak very soon.

    [All the best with the move, Damian. Keep us posted. – Features Editor]

  4. Nice to have you back

    [Thanks a lot. It’s nice to finally be back. – Features Editor]

  5. My first thought: will there be pictures posted with the new blog entries?

    [There will be the odd picture, yes. – Features Editor]

  6. So good to see you back, Fed!

    2008 will look brighter now!

    I do like the different ‘blue’ colours here…

    Bon courage et bravo pour votre ténacité.


    [Merci, ma belle. – Features Editor]

  7. Yes! The Blog is back. I was starting to have withdrawls. Thanks for all your hard work Fed. And may 2008 bring everyone health and happiness.

  8. Hello David,F.E.,all my blogger friends(especially Gilmourettes)and all folks associated with keeping the blog rolling..And of course Happy New Year to all!

    I must admit I thought the blog was dead.I checked daily(didn’t lose any sleep over it though)

    David was a big part of our Christmas last year(2007)..My son Joel gave me a picture frame specifically matted for concert memento photos and ticket stub. Of course the photos(3 5X7’s) were from the OAI concerts and the ticket stub was my Massey Hall ticket.It’s hanging right over top my computer desk.

    I gave him a 45 vinyl single with picture sleeve, that I found somewhere,which David released in Italy June 28,1978.Side1 There’s No Way Out Of Here,Side2 Deafinitely.He loves it!

    I love the new look and features.Makes the long wait seem worthwhile.Really looking forward to new news,stories and discussions.

    [Thank you, John, I appreciate that. – Features Editor]


    Hello FED and ALL !!!!

    Hey, hey…finally The BLUE pill !!! Like the new look. How the heck have you been whiling away the time, FED ?

    I wish everyone well and have to admit that I was one of those who went through withdrawals. LOL

    Well, many things have changed, but, I won’t go into any great details…yet. I just want to be one of the ones to wish David an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

    It sure seems as if a great many things have gone through metamorphosis, including here and within myself.

    Like it, like it…but I have to admit…I’m feeling just a little, well, blue.

    Hope you have a good evening FED and hello to all, yet once more !!!

    Off to dinner. Spinach salad with Grilled Shrimp and a nice glass of chilled Chablis !! Yum !

    Be back later.

    Peace and Love To All !!

    Cazart !

    [How have I been whiling away the time? By shaking my head and swearing, mostly. – Features Editor]

  10. Well well well

    We’ve all been speculating wildly on the re-emergence of course.

    How splendid to see you back – or rather to be back amongst old friends.

    As an old luddite I shall no doubt take time to admit I like the new format…

  11. Welcome Back! and Happy belated New Year! as well.

    New blog looks great. I like that you keep making improvements.

    Stephen Rado

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  12. Welcome back Fed, I almost sold my laptop.

    It’s probably in here somewhere but any up dates on the live CD? thinking release dates. Thanks Fed.


    [Give us a chance, George. – Features Editor]

  13. Well, well, well… for a while there I thought maybe it had all been a pleasant dream!

    But here we are again and looking better than ever.

    Great to have you back FEd!

    Cheers, Cevin

  14. Well glad it’s back, definitely different for sure. But I like it.

    Anyways I got a black strat like David’s. I’m so happy. I think playing an all black strat makes u a better guitar player…or not!!!

    See u later


  15. Welcome back, dear FEd!! Forget belated new years’ greetings — it seems to me that there are some other special days coming up that are worthy of celebration, so let’s start there!

    There certainly have been some amusing rumours going around;^) Hmmmm, don’t think I started any, but who can remember that far back:-D Maybe we’ll ‘dish’ about some of the more creative rumours while clucking around The Barn during an up-coming chat (not-so-subtle hint, that).

    I finally read the black Strat article, which was very informative and may well force me to buy a copy of Phil’s book. I didn’t read the Strat article until February 18, when the ‘Titan of Tone’ bit was posted. You see, I’d decided to make a stand (to whom, I’m not sure) not to read it until the blog came back to life! But then the Titan of Tone thing broke my resolve! Guitarist magazine got it right, didn’t they?

    Welcome back to everyone (:^))

    Peace ‘n’ love!
    Washington State

    [I salute your style, Comrade. – Features Editor]

  16. Where are my manners? Good job on the blog remodel!

    It has a very nice appearance, the color scheme is perfect, and it provides easy access to all kinds of information. Really very nice and worth the wait (biting my tongue a bit there)!

    Peace ‘n’ love,

    [Well, the make-over didn’t take two months, and wasn’t the reason for the absurd delay, I hasten to add, but I’m glad that you like it. (It seemed rude not to tart it up a bit after such a lengthy absence, and the old look was very dull, I thought.) – Features Editor]

  17. Wow! Hello, and Happy New Year to Fed and fellow bloggers! (Feels strange to say that in late February!)

    I’ve been anxiously waiting to convey my compliments to Phil Taylor for the Black Strat book – great work, very informative, also to GHS for the D.G. strings – very nice!

    So good to see the return of the son of Blog!

    Bill C

  18. I really hope you got some good vacation time in FEd! A lot of us were worried you wouldn’t be back, I’ll admit that I am one of them.

    Three Cheers for FEd and the Blog and David!


    [Thanks very much. Thank you for not giving up on it. – Features Editor]

  19. Welcome back. You have been sorely missed.

    My favorite rumour was that you were sacked by EMI and the upgrade was a smoke screen whilst they looked for a replacement. As if you could be replaced.

    It is you, right?

    [Sure is. Sacked by EMI, you say? Haven’t they lost enough staff lately? Anyway, David’s my boss, so his record company and management have to tolerate me whether they like it or not. – Features Editor]

  20. Welcome back! Your hard work is appreciated and you were certainly missed. The new format looks great.

    You know, F.Ed., this once again is a welcome outpost in the midst of things…

    Great to have you back!

  21. Cool. Glad the blog is back. Really did miss it. But not in a manic sort of way…yeah right LOL

    FEd hope your holidays were great and Happy New Year or should I say Happy Leap Year?

    By the way FEd I am selling girl scout cookies, had to keep busy somehow.

    Renee B

    [Mmm, cookies. – Features Editor]

  22. The rumours were rampant, and our hearts were heavy everyday as we logged on to see the Feb 1 post mocking us.

    Most of all, we were concerned. We were concerned about our seemingly lost connection with our musical inspiration. We were also concerned we had lost our faithful FEd, who has guided us through the last 2+ years. However reluctantly, you, FEd have become a close friend of us Irregulars, dare I say family member.

    Everything looks great, and I am so looking forward to a chat and getting back together with everyone!


    [Bless you. Keep that up and we’ll have a chat marathon on Friday. – Features Editor]

  23. Caption…

    Eye’m Back

    (Think again F.E. if you think you can get away without getting goofy captions because of no pics.Check out this blog’s issue header photo for my inspiration)

    [We definitely need more pictures. Can’t be doing without captions. – Features Editor]

  24. Hello Fed and all. Happy New Year and Happy New Blog!

    It really looks great Fed, all your hard work has paid off. I have really missed this place and hearing all the news of David’s possible new projects!

    Do you have anything exciting to tell us about for the new year???

    [Not just yet, but maybe soon. – Features Editor]

  25. FEd et al;

    Brightest of Blessings to you!

    Wow, I did miss you and the chats, very much. How was you rather extended holiday?

    I was thinking you guys might be holding out for David’s b-day next week.

    Welcome back,


    [I wish it was a holiday. – Features Editor]

  26. I will keep this short & sweet…as if you’re used to that FED, I’d have to buy you a pint if it was !!! Anyway, I happen to enjoy the …hmmm, sleekness of this new machine. Blue chrome. Yes, veddy nice indeed.

    I look forward to another year with you, FED and all the rest of you. I have come to love this community and ( listening to Blue Light from AF ) I consider you all ( you know who you are ) my Friends. Out of the Blue. You all keep me safe from the storm. The storm that is Life.

    Well, FEd and all at the new changes are great, so far…keep up the great work.

    Peace and Love To All !!!

    Cazart !

    [I’ll take all the credit for the blog (The Blog, whatever), thank you. It’s now proudly independent. – Features Editor]

  27. Yeah, I was jonesing for some Blog action. I checked here every day (some times twice in one day!) in hopes of this blog being up. Interesting look now, I must say.

    What did I do in the interim between last year and this new year? Listening habits didn’t change… more Floyd… more Gilmour. Kept myself occupied until you returned.

    Its nice to have one of my favorite destinations back in action!


  28. Welcome back FEd, and everyone else!! The blog looks great.

    Happy New Year to all, it’s good to see things coming back to life in here:)


  29. You were gone this whole time? I never noticed. I’ve been hibernating in my Chicago apartment all winter. Just woke up to eat three deep dish Chicago style pizzas before going back to sleep until April.

    Welcome back, though.

  30. Wow, I’m speechless…

    …I took you for roadkill, FEdley. But I’m glad to see you’re back and in 3-dimensions (I presume of course, if you are in fact the REAL Fed. Not to feed anymore conspiracies or anything.)

    How’s it feel to have that gag removed?


    [It’s certainly a relief to no longer have to rely on people who don’t work as quickly, or care as much, as I’d like them to. It’ll be nice to be able to do things for myself, instead of getting sucked into that silly cycle of endlessly asking and waiting and hoping. That’s asking and waiting and hoping that Person #1 will ask Person #2 before the week is out and get back to you with something resembling progression, by the way, because it seems that everything is always the responsibility of someone else, so you haven’t a sodding clue what’s going on half the time. It’s definitely easier to do as much as possible for yourself. – Features Editor]

  31. Its good to have you back as two months is too long not to be privy to “matters Gilmour”.

    Perhaps you could make us all feel better by announcing the release of the live Cd is very soon.

    I had read that it is delayed already till near the end of this year.

    [Can’t do that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  32. For once in my life the insomnia has paid off! It’s very nice to see the blog open again.

    Hello to everyone out there in cyberspace, it’s nice to reconnect after all this time.

    For me, the year started with a new job, more grey hair and the same old bad habits. Nawww, I have changed some of my bad habits, just not the ones that I enjoy.

    Anyway, I can’t complain at the moment, I’m doing alright and I hope everyone is having a good year.

    Thank you, David and Polly for keeping the blog going. We love this place and missed it terribly.

    Welcome back to the loony bin, Fed. You have been missed by many, and I thank you for all you do. The place looks very nice:)


    [Thank you very much. Good luck with that new job. – Features Editor]

  33. Love the new look, have not explored the features. This blog is the best thing on the Net, and its absence has made me even more fond of it. It is great to have you back!

    My thoughts as the days became weeks and then became months: Words that I would get in serious trouble for using in the presence of my students. I kept wondering what could possibly be taking so long to upgrade. But I don’t know nearly enough about these things to be any kind of a judge. That said, the results are certainly worth the wait.

    [I’m no expert, either, but I do know that it shouldn’t have taken anywhere near as long. – Features Editor]

  34. Back with a bang! Though how you arranged the earthquake to signal your return, I don’t know.

  35. The quick links are a great new feature. Looking forward to fresh new stuff.

    I went through the Syd Barrett blogs again. His pleasant words brush my mind almost daily…thanks Syd…and thank you, for this great website!

  36. Well, well, well! The Blog returns!! Great to have you back F’Ed. I’d just like to assure you that we’ve all waited patiently for this day, that there has been no speculation, conjecture or plain old rumour whatsoever and that we were all utterly convinced that in the fullness of time, you’d return. Never doubted it me 😉

    Good job i managed to get some work done in the last few months as any hope of that happening again has just gone out the window.

    As I say, great to have you back!

  37. Great to finally have you back Fed. I’ve really missed this special place. It’s not easy hanging around at a school gate with Duran Duran fans you know!

    [Sounds nasty. – Features Editor]

  38. Hello FED and the web page team! Hello David and family!

    Welcome back in the net. Daily I controlled the Blog in the morning.

    It is so nice to see you back, Fed!

    The Design of the new blue Blog is very beautiful. I look forward to many pieces of news about the musical activities of Mister Gilmour.

    It is already at the end of February, but I wish you Fed, Mister Gilmour and his family and all blogger friends a healthy year 2008.

    With best wishes from Berlin

    [Thank you, Ina. I wish you the same. – Features Editor]

  39. Coincidence that the return of the blog came with the biggest earthquake that the UK has had since 1984? I think not! Your power and influence extends far and wide FEd 😉

    Perhaps it was just a side effect of the power surge caused by the sheer volume of people rushing here 😉

    Did you feel it FEd?

    [I didn’t, but my dog wouldn’t settle last night and woke me in the early hours. – Features Editor]

  40. Bentornato Fed,hope all is well with you.

    It’s not important how much time we took,but we’re still here.

    have a nice day everyone and breathe,breathe in the air.

  41. Welcome back my friends to the Blog that never ends….Ladies and Gentleman Mr David Gilmour.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  42. Wehaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!

    Welcome back FEd and congrats on the new look. Great to have you back. Really missed being with you and all our fellow irregulars. Never realised how much you held our community together. Missed you all so much.

    Looking forward to 2008

    Best regards


  43. Nice to see you back, FEd!

    Hope you had – besides all the behind-the-scenes-anger with the technical difficulties – the opportunity rest for a while.

    The new desings and features of the blog look great – only one suggestion, while I type this: Could it be possible to enlarge this field where we can type in our comments a litte bit? The type is a little bit too small for the tired eyes of old dogs like me ….

    Yours, awaiting very thrilled what the year will bring “Gilmour-wise”, esp. the new live-album!

    [Thanks for the kind words and good suggestion, Georg. – Features Editor]

  44. What a nice day! I wake up to hot coffee, a pretty little dusting of snow outside and, most importantly, The David Gilmour Blog.

    How good to see you again, FEd. What have you been up to for the last couple of months? And hello to all the bloggers. The new features look good…you even have a tag cloud.

    Very cool,

    [Well, I toyed with the idea of making voodoo dolls to pass the time, but thought better of it. – Features Editor]

  45. Glad you got all that sorted out, FEd. Whatever it took. Fine. But:

    I am enjoying greatly the music snip that’s playing these days – sounds like an Echoes improvisation to me (I hope I’m not incorrect in that – I will be banished). I wish it were longer…

    (Can these bits be made into downloads?)

    [I wouldn’t expect so, sorry. – Features Editor]

  46. Hi all!

    Good morning FEd! Was it the earthquake in the UK this morning, that broke the barriers? I had something like that in mind…

    Another thing I was thinking of during the last weeks, were the lyrics of a PF song from the Division Bell CD “…coming back to life….” or something like that, I have a look for it later…

    Welcome back, FEd!!!


  47. Come now, FEd, just as the Reds hit the bottom of the stink pit, you vanish! And just as they make a TORR-id comeback, you pop up again! Hmphh!! Redesign problems indeed! Or were you trying to prevent Hicks from buying you out??!!

    Anyway, welcome back.

    And what’re David and the band up to? I hope they’re laying down new tracks and/or new tour plans.

    [That’s mere coincidence, my friend. – Features Editor]

  48. Welcome back Fed!! Great to have somethings back in working order. Now my life can continue…jk

  49. Glad you’re back, spent my visits here looking back at previous posts & cringing at some of my daft comments. I can add even more now!! (sorry Fed)

    [Spare a thought for me, Graham. I had to read every one of my posts – and, God, there are some corny ones – so that I could add all the category tags, which really meant frequent agonising over whether I should change each and every irritating ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ to the much more natural (for me, at least) lower-case equivalents. Going for a 24-hour system from now on had nothing to do with stopping the scratching from inside my skull, really. – Features Editor]

  50. Hi again FEd

    So much has happened since you went to the dark side of cyber world.

    Liverpool are out of the FA Cup.

    It’s a cruel world.

    But welcome back


    [Thanks for reminding me, Dave. Just as I was starting to get over the upset, too. – Features Editor]

  51. I’d be happy to send you a voodoo doll kit, FEd. (You just pay shipping and handling.) Takes away the trouble of making the everyday voodoo dolls one so often requires in today’s busy, annoying world.


    I believe I have missed you all even more than I realized….

    [Aww, bless. – Features Editor]

  52. Hi FEd,

    I am so glad that you are back. I was really beginning to wonder.

    I’m afraid that I was one of those sad souls who said that I cried myself to sleep when the blog was down. :))

    My lunch hour (and week ends) was not the same without my daily read of the blog.

    Welcome back everyone.

    Best regards.


  53. Welcome back! I have to admit I was beginning to doubt that the blog would ever return but I’m very glad it has.

    I haven’t had a chance to check out the new features yet but look forward to doing so.

    Help! Where’s the preview button gone?

    [You want it back? – Features Editor]

  54. Fed! Its great to see that you are back and you were truly missed by all of us. I hope that the new year has been really good to you so far and I hope that while you were gone that you were able to get the rest of your place remodeled as planned.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Well, now that you mention it, I do have a nice, muddy trench in my garden. – Features Editor]

  55. Welcome back!!!

    I really missed having the blog as part of my day.

    I will always remember the day the blog came back since the 26th is my son’s birthday.

    He enjoyed two of his gifts I purchased from Anthill-The Black Strat book and the GHS string for his Stratocaster.

    [I hope your son enjoyed his day, and his goodies, Howard. – Features Editor]

  56. This Blogger is undergoing a technical upgrade so please be patient…

    In the meantime here’s a poll to help you pass away the moments that make up a dull day…

    Over the past months has the Features Editor been:

    1. Worried about maintaining the audience built up over the past two years…
    2. Re-negotiating the original two year contract and failing miserably…
    3. De-toxing in the Priory due to excessive alcohol and substance abuse over Christmas…
    4. Stop! We don’t care…

    I must admit I don’t like the look of the “new” Blog. It’s as if you’ve gone back to an early beta version from Windows 3.1…

    [Fair enough. – Features Editor]

  57. Hi dear F.Ed.,welcome back!

    how are you? It’s a real pleasure to see the blog is working again in its new release!

    … my thoughts of the last two months:

    • Jan 7th: the Blog is still closed, maybe the F.Ed can enjoy a longer holiday this year…
    • Jan 14th: and no one speaks, and no one tries
    • Jan 15th: where were you why the days slipped by from my pc?
    • Jan 16th: I’m holding out for the day…without a sign from
    • Jan 17th: a Blog a day keeps the doctor away
    • Jan18th: One world, one soul
    • Jan 21th: Blog or not to Blog, this is the question
    • Jan 23th: ok, take a breath..a deep breath now
    •Jan 25th: our weary eyes still straight to the the screen though down this blog we’ve been so many times
    • Feb 4th: high hopes to see the blog again open
    • Feb 18th I suppose that you wouldn’t have disappointed us, but not even you by your work in progress! i believe you are doing the best you can !

    Keep well, my best wishes
    thank you ciao Elisabetta

  58. Welcome back Fed!

    I’ve been waiting to say that the D.G. signature stratocaster strings are still sounding great after a few months. I would recommend that anyone who plays guitar give them a try.

  59. “Help! Where’s the preview button gone?

    [You want it back? – Features Editor]

    Yes please…

  60. Welcome Back, FEd! It’s great to see you and everyone here!

    I’m with Tim C…as a luddite, I’m still getting used to things, but I tell ya’…forget voodoo dolls, you need an industrial-strength sledgehammer to take care of techno-trouble! I would be glad to loan you mine, but having just upgraded to Vista…I’m keeping it close by.

    Good luck with everything, FEd! As our friend Simon would say…”Happy Days!”

  61. Fed,so glad you’re back!I hope the last two months were good to you!The new blog looks really nice,great work!It will need a short time because I have the habit of the “old” one…

    So,in a week there’s an important birthday,they say…How is David?hope at his best!

    I’ve missed you.See you soon mate


    [David’s well. Working hard on a certain live album. – Features Editor]

  62. It’s great to have you back Fed. I had given you up as lost in the digital wilderness. I’ve been stopping by every day for old time sakes, so today is a great surprise.

    I lucked up on a tv program the other day paying tribute to Scotty Moore, Elvis’s guitarist with David doing a great version of the song “Don’t”, really made it a Gilmour song.

    Looking forward to more on the blogoshere.

    [Couldn’t agree more about that song, Fred. – Features Editor]

  63. Welcome back FE. Glad to see things are returning to normal.

    Sorry, but I have to agree with Rudders, the new look seems like a step back. And why is it so narrow? This doesn’t seem like much of an “upgrade” to me. And I’ve never heard of a blog being down for upgrades. Usually you can use the old version without trouble.

    [It’s a completely new blog. The upgrade was botched, so I started from scratch. Sorry that you don’t like it. – Features Editor]

  64. Hi Fed,

    Glad you are back and looking great. I look forward to lots of new DG news in the coming weeks!

    I thought I’d share my experiences of the Blu-Ray DVD with you for my first post back…

    After waiting (sort of) patiently for weeks after the SD DVD came out, I finally upwrapped on Christmas Day my lovely… SD copy of the DVD… 🙁 Dad had bought me the wrong one!!

    So another few days later I finally got round to seeing it in all its brilliance. And it was worth the wait! And don’t worry (not that you would I expect) we shall be using the SD DVD as a demo disc here at our shop.

    Now what about this live CD… SACD anyone? 😉

  65. HELLO FED!!!

    it is rather nice that you and all at DGHQ are back amongst the living er well the internet version of living anyway!

    hope all are doing fine? and that no one was hurt in the Great Earthquake of ’08

    there’s been quite a bit of Floyd and Mr G on the telly whilst you’ve been away

    TOTP2 sky 111
    Pulse – Dark side of the Moon sky 271

    I got RTN from Santa 🙂

    now did i hear right that there are some easter eggs to be found?


  66. Well….HAPPY DAYS!!

    It’s been great reading all the posts above, I’m now back to normal again!!

    Welcome Back FEd buddy, what a great year so far hey! I have to mention Wales in the 6 Nations!! We beat the English..Get In! Grand Slam? It’s almost orgasmic!

    Nice to see all the old faces here. Heres something to cheer you all up, I’m sticking to my New Years Resolution…..I don’t go out 7 nights a week to the pub anymore!!! I’m down to 6!!

    All the best,
    Happy Days!!
    Simon J

  67. Hi FED,

    glad to see things are running smooth again on this Blog!
    I noticed some interesting new tunes on the site…

    I have this strange feeling about not only a new David Gilmour CD this year, but also ….?


  68. F*Ed,

    Very glad to see you again. Hope 2008 has started well for you and yours…

    Thanks in advance (I’m sure ) for all the hard work in re-instating our beloved BLOG

  69. Welcome back, Fed and Blog. Well, the Blog looks pretty nice, hopefully it flies nice.

    Like they say, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself. I hope you have better success with the new Blog.

    Mike 🙂

  70. [I’ll take all the credit for the blog (The Blog, whatever), thank you. It’s now proudly independent. – Features Editor]

    Okay then, let’s celebrate The Blog’s Independence Day (or should that be FEd’s Independence Day?).

    Then, wham, hit me with your best shot, fire away …

    [David’s well. Working hard on a certain live album. – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm, I’d happily mark that off the rumour list, FEd. I’ve got a smile on my face, and a song in my heart, with this particular Features Editor comment. Oh, we’re going to have some fun, aren’t we FEd?

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [I can’t wait to start Blotto II. – Features Editor]

  71. Simon J!

    Three down and two to go! I’ve ordered the England Wales DVD as I couldn’t get to see it locally… something called the Superbowl was on! Ingrates!

    And we were singing Hymns and Arias, Land of my Fathers, Ar Hyd Yr Nos….

  72. Remember that blog,
    The warmth and the laughter
    Hard drives burn…
    Though the page was deserted
    In December it went down, through empty upgrades to the server
    Bloggers may leave …but we’re here everafter…

    Welcome back FEd ! Happy New Year !


  73. Thanks for asking about the live cd, George. I’ve been chomping at the bit to hear some news about it. I was trying to exercise some patience and restraint. Imagine that, me, someone who buys a toilet brush and has to open it in the car before I get it home, having patience?:))


  74. Happy new year,

    this is easier to read it does look a bit retro, I have to agree with Rudders there. but hey, one of the best albums of all time was made in 1973 ( technically retro ) so can we really complain ?

    Hope everyone is well and happy 🙂

  75. Well now we can finally stop crying ourselves to sleep every night! 😉

    Great to have you back FEd and it’s good to be back here again! I hope you’re doing well.

  76. I have to agree with a few others, i would think the preview button would be a helpful return, especially with my typing skills…or lack of.

    The new look blog will take a bit of getting used to but straight away i enjoy the larger type.

    As for my thoughts while the blog was away, i did wonder if it would come back this year, your throw away comment in the blog before xmas “thank you for the last 2 years” made me think that it was a veiled good bye.

    I also thought maybe i should get a life after one poll on here (no i wasn’t crying myself to sleep, only after a few soccer results did i do that) i decorated a bedroom instead, earning some credits from the missus.

  77. […me, someone who buys a toilet brush and has to open it in the car before I get it home, having patience? – Melissa]

    Toilet brushes?? I never knew this about you Melissa! Glad to see your self deprecating humor is still intact.

  78. Hello and thanks for coming back to life. I missed the frequent doses of all-things-Gilmour, although I habitually checked for new input – glad to finally find some from the blog. Hi Fed, hope you’re doing well.

    It’s nice to have the chatroom on the same page. The new category and recent comments features are cool.

    Looking forward to an upcoming chat with everyone.

    Take Care. CT

  79. Hey, Fed, great to have you back!

    I have to agree with Rudders – I don’t like the new look, either….it will take some time to get used to it…

    Things are getting messy here, but I’ll make sure to check the blog as often as I can…

  80. Welcome back FEd and bloggers. Have definitely missed the blog. It has been worth the wait.

    FEd, aside from your troubles trying to get answers from people, I hope you are having a good year so far.

    [I am, thank you. How about you? – Features Editor]

  81. I’ve been having a decent time so far. Real busy with work though, which can be a drag.

    I should have gone with my original idea (musician), instead of what I ended up with (Pharmaceutical machinery mechanic). Hey at least, I know how cough syrup is made. Now, where is that case of beer?

  82. I’ve been kicking myself for not getting in at the close of last year to wish everyone happy holidays and a good new year. Talk about missing the boat! I’ve been standing on the shore staring at an empty sea.

  83. Now it really is a Happy New Year!!!

    Welcome back Fed!!! You have been missed…as you surely know by now.

    In any case – the blog looks great…I need to get used to it is all.

    Most importantly we all back together again – YEAH!!!


  84. Hi FEd.

    It’s great to finally have you back.

    Was it just a coincidence that just 4 hours after being up and running again, that the UK has it’s biggest earthquake in almost a quarter of a century!!!

    I must agree with Rudders regarding the loss of the “preview” button, (it’s preferable to be able to edit one’s comments before committing it to the ether).

    But hey, you’re back and that’s all that matters.

    I’m sure we’ll all get used to the new format soon enough…

  85. Hi Fed ! Good to have you back. I really missed you and all the familiar names here on the blog.

    I like the new 2008-look of the blog but to have the preview button back would be nice.

    Looking forward to have a lot of fun here again and of course waiting for the first chat session.

  86. My o my. My productivity at work was at a very high level and will probably slip now that you are back. But so nice to have you back. Let’s say “You Did Well.”

    You do remember me…right? LOL.



    [Sure do. Hope all’s well, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  87. Great to have you back FED!

    It took missing the blog for 2 months for me to finally make a comment here.

    I hope your “Computer Difficulties” are in the past.

    [I hope it won’t be your last comment, Ken. Thanks for taking the plunge. – Features Editor]

  88. So,so happy to see that everybody is still alive!!!Here in Canada, haven’t had so much snow for many years! Nous sommes ensevelli sous la neige…

    Fed, i hope you are satisfied about your work,it seems so long for us.

    Bye now.
    Sylvie de Montréal

  89. Here’s a psychedilic moment. I just found out the blog is back up and running. Right after that I run out to pick up my daughter from school. Turn on the car and radio station is playing “Welcome to the Machine.”

    Is that Twilight Zone or what??



  90. Oh, What a fantastic surprise to check in and see things up and running:-)

    Missed you dear Fed and all here in Gilmourland.

    The Blog looks spectacular to say the least. I hope you didn’t pull out too many hairs in the process.

    [Not too many, thankfully. Not over the new design, anyway. – Features Editor]

  91. Hello Fed and all

    Nice to see the blog up and running again, the Welsh mafia didn’t cut your fingers off after all !!


    It’s fantastic to have you back FEd! Glad to see everyone again, even though I did compromise through the “lockout”! But the site looks wonderful! You all did a great job! oh and (tad late) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  93. Hi fed

    We were awoken this morning by the bed moving across the floor, and the house was a shaking. It was a bit like having my cd on, playing on an island.

    This house is made of wood and you can hear the yanks laughing, saying that aint an earthquake.

    [We are very lucky in the UK. It always amuses me how a little snow, or ‘leaves on the track’, can cause such lengthy transport delays. I don’t know how we’d manage if we had to regularly endure extreme weather conditions. That said, I hope there’s not too much damage to your new property. – Features Editor]

  94. Hip Hip Hooray!! You’re back and so are we!!!!

    I love the color and I don’t care if things are back to front, upside down or whatever. I missed all the bloggers and especially David and company news and F’Ed’s witty commentary. And I don’t care who knows that I looked for you all daily. I was wishing that I had other email contacts just to find out where you had all gone. I didn’t realize just how MUCH I enjoyed the blog until it just wasn’t there. Sniff sniff.

    Welcome back!

    love you all,

  95. Hello Fed, second day with the new blog, and to me it’s just like the OAI Album – the more you use it, the better it gets.

    Rudders will come around. He has to, he lives in Canada.

    Love the bold print and the shades of blue. Later.


  96. Holy Crap! Good to see it up and running again! I have to say some of the blog-conspiracy theories floating around were pretty entertaining in the meantime….

    I never lost faith, though. Good to have you back, FEd. I felt an odd relieving decompression when I saw The Blog was back.

    ‘Certain live album’? Love it….

  97. Welcome back FEd, just a quick note to say thank you for my Christmas raffle prize!

    Also, Hello & Happy New Year to all the fellow bloggers


    [You’re very welcome. Glad that it made it. – Features Editor]

  98. Hello FED, is there anyone home? Finally get to say thanks to you on the return of the blog.

    Also received Phil Taylor’s book shortly after Christmas which was interesting and was blessed to see his signed greetings inside the cover. Quite a surprise and the book is not far away from guitar.

    Take care.

    [Pleased to hear it. It’s a good read, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  99. So excited to post! Found this site about a month ago and no blog. But! That’s all changed now… So, a humble hello to all.

    P.S. Who is “FEd”? Is FEd the one to thank for the blog?

    [Hello. That would be me, but no thanks are required. Good of you to join us. – Features Editor]

  100. Yes, I would have to agree on the issue of both enlarging the size of the input area for comments and, YES to being to preview our comments before actually posting them. Just to make sure that 1. We can correct any typos on our own. 2. Make sure we haven’t said anything stupid, erroneous, or rash, or…[fill in the blank].

    Anyway, it is great to see some familiar people. And I AM SOoooooooooooooo looking forward to Friday’s chat. This will be great !!!

    Y’know, confidentially, FED, I have got to admit, it has been you I have missed the most with your charming diplomatic sense of being. Without you, well…well, you know.

    Gotta love ya !!!

    Peace and Love To All !!!

    Is everybody in here,
    Just nod if you can read me
    Is everyone at home ?
    C’mon – now, I know we were all feeling down
    Well FED can ease the pain
    Get us back on our feet again.

    There was a pain, the site receded, almost a distant ship smoke on the horizon.


  101. Great job, I know how tough these projects are (I’m in the middle of changing my company’s financial records to a new program). I’m just amazed you were able to backport everything, including the comments. Did you have legal issues with that?

    [Thankfully, nothing of that sort. Good luck with your project, Michael. – Features Editor]

  102. Wot’s…Uh, The Deal ?

    We’re actually limited now to the number of characters per post ?!?!!!

    I was on a roll with that last bit !!! It was an Ode to Everything We’ve Been Through.

    Gee, I guess we have to know our limitations.

    Grrrr…oh ******** well.

    Should honestly tell you the number of characters you can type up to.


    Cazart !

    [You’re allowed 999. When you reach that, you’re prevented from typing anything else. – Features Editor]

  103. Hi FEd, I must admit the new blog look does have a retro feel, and is none the worse for it.

    I immediately was reminded of the line from Yellow Submarine “Are you Bluish”?.

    Well worth the wait though, as someone once said “Never be afraid to exceed expectations”, and you haven’t.



  104. Welcome back Dear fed.

    I’ll forgive you for the long delay if you can tell me what music is being used in the latest direct line advert!??!

    Seriously, it’s good to have you back.

    [I keep meaning to ask about that Direct Line advert. – Features Editor]

  105. Welcome back FEd, it’s been a long time!

    – James.

    [A very, very long time. – Features Editor]

  106. FED, welcome back. Without the blog life is very sad so I hope to have the blog for a long long time without break.

    FED, I really hope that the reds will chase away Inter…this year I foresee the same final of the last year…do you agree?

    [I’d love nothing more, but I don’t want to hear Milan’s anthem playing at the end this time. I still hear it in my head from time to time, and I’m not fond of it. – Features Editor]

  107. Nice surprise to see the blog back.

    Please can I have a blue box for my sentence?



  108. Thusday 28 February 3008:

    In a surprise turn of events the David Gilmour blog suddenly reappeared yesterday.

    Fed XXXIV the last surviving member of the great one himself announced ‘it is great to be back’.

    No news of the live album but it will not be on CD or DVD as this kind of media went extinct millenia ago.

    Rumours of this great event had been circulating amongst the descendants of the existing blog members so it is great to hear from Angelo XXIV, Martin S III, Tim XXXV, Lucia IIIV, Nickster VI, Tomasz V etc etc

    Pete – Coventry XXXII

  109. Hi there, speaking of rumours flying around….any news/rumours on the live album?

    [No news. Not yet. There are always rumours, but sometimes they’re just silly. – Features Editor]

  110. Hey FEd! Hey irregulars! Happy new year to you all. I have been checking back daily and was amazed to see it up and running today. I had a little scare last week and was in hospital so missed the site go live on the 26th – my ticker was acting up – EEEK!!

    Great to have you and the irregulars back!

    [Take care of yourself, Brian. – Features Editor]

  111. Welcome back FEd…welcome back the Blog and welcome back everyone…how exciting and I’ll write again this evening when I get home from work.

    Happy days, as Simon J always says.

  112. Welcome Back!

    Interesting new look. It sure is different. I’m on the fence about it now, so I’ll probably grow to like it. I would probably like the boxes containing the comments to be the width of the whole page, but I guess the calendar and other stuff has to be put somewhere.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter. I’m just glad to see that the blog is back.

  113. Good grief, welcome back FED and hello again Blog(gers), Irregulars and Gilmourettes.

    Gosh it feels like it’s been ages. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Blog every few days and got a bit worried actually. But then again, I sort of knew or expected you would be back in business by March 6.

    I’ll catch up on the reading this evening.

    Great to see you all back !

    Best regards,

  114. YES! the blog is back!!! and better and prettier than ever!!

    welcome back and a very belated happy new Gilmour year to all of you.

  115. Hi,

    so nice to see that since the very first steps of this revised Blog 2008 we can read very exciting news about some new works in progress…

    thank you, F.Ed., and all the best wishes to Mr.Gilmour and team

    Bye / Ciao Elisabetta

  116. Good to see that you have returned. Great new look also.

    I’m looking forward to all the new topics that you have in store for us in 2008.

    Best regards.

  117. YAY!!

    Greetings FEd, and what a FANTASTIC job you’ve done!!

    I have no complaints, other than the fact that we all missed you immensely, and missed each other as well.

    Nobody likes change, but they always seem to adjust, don’t they? A month from now they’ll forget all about the ‘old format’.

    Welcome back, FEd & Bloggers, and Happy New Year to all!!


  118. [I’ll forgive you for the long delay if you can tell me what music is being used in the latest direct line advert!??! – Ciaran]

    [I keep meaning to ask about that Direct Line advert. – Features Editor]

    It sounds strangely similar to Careful With That Axe, Eugene in my opinion…

  119. I just want to say that I love the new music on the front page. A very flattering arrangement of “Echoes”.


  120. OMG it’s great to see the blog back up and running, Looks great, Hope to talk to you all soon in chatroom. Feels like it has been forever, So glad you’re back Fed.

  121. Finally, I had a chance to explore the new Blog…love the color, the font, very soothing for me.

    I got lost a little bit as I tried to navigate the CATEGORIES, but I think I figured it out. RECENT COMMENTS is a nice touch.

    Hope all is well FEd, it must be quite an undertaking! Thank you for the nice upgrade.

  122. Fed, are you feeling the love??

    We’re laying it on you pretty thick, don’t you think?

    I see we have a chat scheduled:)


    [Oh, I’m feeling it. – Features Editor]

  123. Welcome back!

    btw I like the re-decoration and the new blog

    [Thanks very much. It’s always good to hear what you lot think, whether you like something or not. – Features Editor]

  124. Right. I skip checking the blog for two bloody days and here you are back again.

    Aargh and hurrah all at once. Welcome back. You were missed.

  125. Hi Fed!!!

    It’s great to see that the Blog is back and better than ever. I must admit that I was concerned that it might never make it back. It really is true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

    Thanks to all involved for the time and resources to keep this amazing site – and blog – going!

  126. well i am very excited to see everyone again. the new site looks very snazzy indeed.

    thanks for all of the effort, fed.

    blake in nashville

  127. Hello FEd!

    What a nice surprise to see you and the Blog back online! It looks very interesting… It’s a lot easier to find individual blogger’s comments, now; that’s for sure. And it’s very blue 😛 (which is never a bad thing). All in all, I like it!

    By the way, I never thought of the old blog as being dull, just simple. And simplicity goes a long way =)

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