Raffle prizes

David Gilmour Christmas Raffle 2007Thank you for entering our Christmas raffle by sending in your six numbers over the weekend. Please click the image to your left see if any of them proved lucky for you.

Prize draws will take place on Wednesday and Friday of this week, Monday and Wednesday of the next.

The prizes/draws are as follows (feel free to opt-out of any draw, if you so wish):

Wednesday 12 December: Premiere Draw, four winners

One programme, from the ‘Remember That Night’ premieres, signed by David, plus an Odeon Leicester Square VIP pass. Three runner-up prizes of an unsigned programme and pass.

Friday 14 December: DVD Draw, two winners

– One Best Buy ‘Remember That Night’ DVD (Region 1), with three-track CD.
– One Borders ‘Remember That Night’ DVD (Region 1), with poster.

Monday 17 December: Guitarists’ Draw, three winners

– One copy of Phil Taylor’s book, ‘The Black Strat’.
– One set of GHS strings for the guitar of your choice: Strat or Les Paul.

Wednesday 19 December: CD Collectors’ Draw, two winners

– One three-track US radio promo CD.
– One exclusive four-track Abbey Road/PBS CD.

We kick-off this evening with a special prize draw just for the ladies.

We have two brand new, never-before-seen David Gilmour scarves – of all things – (one in navy, one in crimson), which are due for production next year.

Made in Uruguay from 100% pure lambswool, embroidered with tassels, no less, they both have the wireman logo at one end and the now-familiar ‘David Gilmour’ logo at the other. The navy one has white embroidery, the crimson one has black.

The winners of these are Lynn (42) and Stephanie (57).

Well done, both. Please let me know where your prizes should be sent.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 3PM (UK time), should you wish to talk about scarves, or anything else.

Here’s a bit more from Phil Taylor…

Are the red Strats modified, besides the EMG and electronics? Perhaps a pre-CBS or Callaham bridge block? (Ernest Peske)

Not currently. They have had different parts: bridge saddles, string trees and springs at times.

It’s been said that Eric Clapton retired Blackie because the guitar became unplayable. With electric guitars, and particularly Strats, being so interchangeable (swapping necks, changing electronics, etc.), can a guitar like a Strat truly become unplayable, and, if so, how much more life do you estimate is left for David’s black Strat? (Andrew)

Parts can always be replaced on a Strat. See my book ‘The Black Strat’ for all of the changes to David’s.

I was wondering, was David’s black Strat used on ‘Live at Pompeii’, or could it possibly be the Strat that El Magnifico used on last year’s tour? (Amedeo)

No, see my book, ‘The Black Strat’, for more information.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

140 thoughts on “Raffle prizes”

  1. Congrats to the winners and all the potential future winners. For this one, I will solely be a spectator. And it is my own fault too for not checking the blog over weekend. O well.

    C’est la vie.



  2. What other site does this for its fans, bloody amazing the more i think of this. Thank you.

    Off to a pantomime tomorrow,i am really looking forward to going (second childhood comes early) its strange, i used to hate going to them when i was the age when you are supposed to enjoy them….. thats all behind me now!

    OH no it isn’t, Oh yes it is…

  3. Hi Fed, just managed to get a number, lucky 100 i hope!

    Quite a lots hapened recently, the run-up to christmas is a bit mad!

    Just to let people know that there is a poll on Planet Rocks website about the best prog rock group, and rather unsurprisingly Pink Floyd are winning.

    Hope to see you all during the chat tomorrow, i should be able to be there for all of it for once!

    I’d also like to say a (belated) happy anniversary to the website (and you’re included in that obviously.)

    Bet you felt good after sorting out all the numbers didn’t you? Something has to make up for the football result for you. Funnily enough Benitez uses a similar method for picking his team but the numbers match up to the shirt numbers and thats how he knows who will play 🙂

    Sorry for the long post, can’t think of anything to say and then it all spills out at once!


    [So that’s what Rafa’s playing at… – Features Editor]

  4. Hi Fed,

    I’d opt-out from Friday’s DVD draw. I got the DVD, so why not give some one else the chance?

    Congrats to you, Lynn and Stephanie, you’re the first to celebrate…

    Good luck to all others left waiting 🙂

    And, of course: Thanks for the raffle, Fed!



  5. congrats to the winners of those scarves. they do sound warm

    & thanks for the 67 FE’d! such a good year 🙂

    I think Phil’s giving too much away!

    hope people had a good weekend

  6. I see I dipped out on the raffle yet again,oh well, mustn’t grumble, 2007 has been a good year. I got to see DG at the Leicester Square Odeon and The Ritzy.

    The artwork I out-bid everyone else for in the Crisis auction looks great on my wall.

    There is the new live CD to look forward to.

    What else could I ask for? Another chance to see DG live perhaps?

    One last thing, does anyone know how many of the auction lots went to fellow bloggers?

    and finally….have a good christmas Fed, I hope the boss gives you plenty of time off for the festivities.

  7. Not lucky this time….always pick the wrong numbers…or always late for the raffle….

    Well, better luck next time (or year)

  8. Oh my goodness! The guitarists’ draw has QUITE the prizes! *salivate*

    Ah, number 73, you’ve served me well. Good year, 73.

  9. Very exciting to be on the list, Fed. Two thrilling weeks are guaranteed!! But what’s the meaning of the two stars on the grid? Did I (brainlessly) miss something?

    Yours curiously …

    [They’re the numbers nobody wanted, sadly. – Features Editor]

  10. Lynn and Stephanie, I bet your scarves are beautiful. What a nice surprise and well kept secret from Fed. I am so jealous!

    Good Luck to all on the prizes to come…

  11. Lynn and Stephanie, I can easily imagine you, lucky Gilmourettes, wearing your scarf with great pride! Bravo!

    What impressive work you did, Fed! Amazing!

    I hope that those 200×6=1200 numbers won’t come back to haunt you this night, you need/deserve a long sleep, I think… You deserve long holidays too…

    And this Christmas raffle card is far more pleasant to see that the old Blotto one, above all when I see my name on it (thank you). Very happy to have got #7, I had chosen it because it was the birthday of the site.

    That funny old game… Bonne chance à vos boys demain! (honest)


    [Anything to keep the old brain active, you know. – Features Editor]

  12. Hm, so I’m not one of the lucky people on the grid. Doesn’t matter, it’s only a game and you can’t win every day.

    Good luck for all the players in the drawings!

    CU and good night


  13. Wow!..I feel like I’ve already won something just by making it onto the grid. And also somewhat humbled by the fact that I’ve noticed some more prolific contributors than I missed out.Just the luck of the draw I guess.Better luck next time to all of those who didn’t make it, and best of luck to all my fellow Gilmour Gridders in the upcoming draws.This is really really cool!!Thanks!

  14. I did get my answer from Phil’s book on that question, Thanks for answering Phil.

    Looking forward to the raffles Fed. As always, thank you for entertaining us.

  15. Ooh how exciting ….

    Could you elaborate, F’ed, on the method of selecting the numbers ?

    Will you be drawing coloured balls out of a velvet bag in Bert Millichip fashion ?

    Or employing a hi-tech “lotto” style machine ?

    Or just making it up ?

    In which case, If I say “allez les Rouges” will you remember to make up the number 6 ?

    [It could be the number on the back of whichever Liverpool player scores the best goal against Marseille. Then again, I could always ask the postman to pick another number for me… As you can see, it’s all taken very, very seriously. – Features Editor]

  16. Many Thanks FEd.

    It’s great to have made it onto the Chrismas Raffle Centurians board, even though there are a couple of “Empty Spaces”….

    What shall we do? to fill, those…

    Good luck to everyone who made it into the raffle. An early Merry Christmas to those that didn’t…

  17. Good luck to everybody who got their numbers in. There are some great prizes and an extra happy Christmas for the winners. I was away and missed the competition which is sad, but hey it gives somebody else a better chance. Looking forward to seeing who the winners are.

    Fed, I mentioned to Santa that The Black Strat would make a nice Chrissy present, but I was too late. At least this means I am going to get something.

    Bye for now

  18. Oh my God, FEd! I don’t know what to say! I’m completely speechless!!! Wow!

    Thank you so very much. This is extremely generous of you guys to offer this raffle, and I’m so excited that I can barely type. And it’s very generous of you to keep track of this as I think it must have been a lot of work to correlate those numbers — especially in a short period of time.

    My full name and address: […]

    I still can’t believe it! Thanks again so much!

    [Oh, bless you. – Features Editor]

  19. Hi!

    I have heard it both ways.. David is/has used Fane Cresendo speakers in his 4X12 Wem Cabs, and I have read he is using Jbl D-120’s. Both speakers have a silver/aluminum center/dome piece that can be viewed in many pics of his Wems!! What speakers are in the Wem’s and are they the original ones from the 70s and have they/some been re-coned? Please advise! Three questions..

    Sincerely, GilmourfanRuss

    [Beats me and Phil’s done his shift. – Features Editor]

  20. Way to go Lynn and Stephanie, With this weather the way it is here Lynn That will really come in handy as you know.

    This looks alot like Christmas, Fed. I hope you are ready for the Holidays.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [I was born ready, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  21. Hi,how are you?

    I’m so sorry I didn’t take part of the christmas raffle,I went for a road trip with some friends the last weekend and when I came back last night and gave a look to the blog I realised it was too late to give a try!What a kind thing all these prizes…

    Fed I haven’t heard from you for a long time,how are you mate?

    I will enjoy my David’s signed poster once I’ll get there in my room in Italy in a week,what a great association Crisis,so kind people.

    I will attend to the raffle with my mind and I hope that the prizes will give happiness to those who win!An embrace to you all

    with affection


    [I’m very well, Piero, thank you for asking. Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  22. Lynn and Stephanie congrats on the scarves. I think that is how it is spelled in plural.

    Good Luck to everyone that is in the raffle. GO 23!!!!

    Hope you weekend was wonderful Fed

    Renee B.

    [Thank you. I hope yours was equally wonderful. – Features Editor]

  23. I just checked the so called official dealer of ghs strings for serbia…they don’t sell them anymore…:-(

    this is going to be one of those days…

    I see that at least someone had a good time tonight 🙂

    So, how was it at zep gig, mr. Gilmour?

  24. Hi FED.

    Glad to see I got one of my numbers being (84), the year my second daughter was born. I honestly didn’t think I’d make the cut.

    Cheers to all.

  25. Hello FEd and fellow bloggers!

    I didn’t realize Phil was still taking questions. Where is he hiding in here?

    Could have used his advice. Decided to spruce up the Strat this weekend.

    Swapped out the original white factory pickguard for a new black pearl after-market. Excellent quality and only $9.99 USD manufactured by Musicians Gear (beats the $50+ USD you pay for a genuine Fender).

    Didn’t realize all those electronics could fit in such a small compartment.

    Only problem I had was when I re-strung it. All I had lying around were some Gibson VR 10’s (Fender recommends 9’s).

    After I tuned it up I gave it a close look all ’round and noticed my trem block sticking out about 1/2″ above the body. A few turns of the claw screws and some re-tuning and I was back in business.

    Took up most of my Sunday afternoon, but came out great… and it still goes “bbllaanngg” when I plug it in!

    Push over Phil… there’s only room for one guitar sheriff in this town!

    Cheers, Cevin

  26. Great to see so many familiar names on the grid…including mine!!! I’m so pleased just to make it in.

    My Black Strat book arrived the other day. I mustered up all the will power I could find, and handed it over to my wife for wrapping under the tree (a fake one, as I just don’t like the idea of cutting down a tree for decoration).

    Good luck to everyone!

    [I’m with you, George: fake trees all the way. – Features Editor]

  27. [A Fiat 500 and three points against Manchester United, Santa, if you’re reading. – Features Editor]

    Your “wish” is my command . . . Well, sort of. . . Some “assembly” required. . . Merry Christmas, Fed!!! Enjoy!!!

    Santa will help you out with the rest!!! ;^))

    [Thanks very much! – Features Editor]

  28. How cool is THIS??? This is WAY more fun than Blotto, FEd… (no offense). I got a number!!! 😀

  29. Hey Fed,Hows you?

    Congrats to Lynn and Stephanie on your win!

    Fed,if I can,can I pull myself out of the Premiere Draw(12th December) please as I already have a signed programme and I think it’s only fair that someone else get’s my place and a chance to win.

    I know people are going to think I’m mad but I dont!

    I’m not saying I would win the programme but if I did I think owning 2 would be greedy and selfish when someone who hasnt won before could have had the chance of winning something I think is amazing!

    Thanks Fed


    [That’s very decent of you. Good luck with the other draws. – Features Editor]

  30. The suspense of this weekend made it interesting. My wife picked #54. How’s that for the lady of mine. Should be interesting how this unfolds. Good luck everyone.

    Just finished The Black Strat. The photo of Phil and David is great. Thanks Again.

  31. First off, a very happy and belated 2-year anniversary to Davidgilmour.com. It’s been 15 months or so since I discovered this site and I am thrilled to be part of this community; a well-managed and professionally-run community.

    Good luck to those who submitted their 6 numbers for the Christmas raffles; oh and those generous and attractive prizes. I couldn’t be more envy of Lynn and Stephanie for winning the David Gilmour scarves – what a unique prize!

    I missed all the fun and excitement for the Christmas raffles due to work schedules. Hopefully, there will be more games on the way, will there, FEd?

    Last but not least, to Susan, you are always in my thoughts and best of luck with your treatment.

    [More in 2008, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  32. Congrats to Lynn & Stephanie!! Cool prize at that!

    Lynn, could I perhaps borrow your wrap at one of our English Accent lectures? I’d like to use it during tea…. (Thanks anyway, Steph, but Lynn lives much closer! lol)

    Enjoy, ladies!! You must be smiling 🙂

  33. [If you have a problem with that possibility, please don’t bother entering]

    I didnt, I just wasnt around when this took place.

    However, I look forward to reading about who wins what.

    Good luck everyone – some great prizes there !

    Pete – Coventry

    [Hard luck, Pete. – Features Editor]

  34. Thanks, FEd for this really nice Christmas raffle and good luck to all of you!

    And Phil, thanks for answering my question about the Red Strat.

    Cheers, Ernest

    P.S.- My stratocaster really likes his new set of guitar-strings: the GHS “David Gilmour Signature Series”. Highly recommended…

    [That’s good to know. – Features Editor]

  35. Thank you Fed for the good job! this site is always interesting!

    good luck everyone, well done Lynn and Steph!


  36. Woo hooo I’m a winner . . . I made the grid . . . I made the grid . . . woot.

    Seriously though, nice prizes and thanks for brightening up the week Mr Gilmour and Mr FEd.

  37. These are some very fun drawings; even more fun because we only have to enter once: those of us who got onto the chart are “in” and we don’t have to worry about getting any new lists of numbers together in time.

    Now, I never win these things. But I’m hoping for either the Best Buy DVD, or for Phil Taylor’s book. Any of these prizes would make me a very happy man, but those are the ones that would make me particularly happy. A boy can dream, right?

    The question about Eric Clapton’s guitar becoming unplayable, made me think of another guitar that is unlistenable. Willie Nelson’s guitar has been signed by all kinds of people, but it has a lousy sound. I would just hang it on a wall somewhere and play a good guitar. (Willie Nelson is not my taste in music. My sister-in-law is a big Willie Nelson fan; she made me watch an entire DVD where he kept playing that wretched thing.)

  38. Great !!!! I do not only have a raffle number I´m already a winner 🙂 Thank you very much Fed and David and all other involved people for this wonderful prize. I can hardly wait to see it.

    Congratulations to Lynn, we are todays lucky fellows, and good luck to everyone for the next draws.

    Please send my new scarf to: […]

    Thanks again !


    [You’re very welcome, Stephanie. Hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  39. FEd, is there a prize for biggest online idiot? I think I’m a shoo-in for that one.

    Hope to see you all in the chat room later where I’ll no doubt be sulking for not reading the blog for the last few days and missing the raffle.

    Cheers to Lynn and Stephanie. Seriously. I’m really happy for you. I mean it! 😉


    PS–Didn’t Led Zeppelin do well?

  40. [We have two brand new, never-before-seen David Gilmour scarves – of all things – (one in navy, one in crimson), which are due for production next year.]

    Will David be bringing out his own David Gilmour socks too, blue of course, tassles as an optional extra perhaps? Please dont give any used pairs away Fed, that is one step too far (excuse the pun), probably even for the most ardent fan.

  41. Damn… missed it! I take one days vacation and miss out…

    Anyway, good luck to the first fifteen that got through…

  42. Congrats to Lynn and Stephanie!

    Good luck to everyone else in the raffle…my numbers didn’t make the cut so I’ll watch from the sidelines and route for all of you!

    See you all in the chat…

  43. David and Polly were both looking particularly gorgeous on the ITV lunchtime news today…… something about a Led Zeppelin gig?

    [Never heard of it. – Features Editor]

  44. Congratulations to lucky winners

    I checked too early on Friday and did not afterward (actually not before Monday…)

  45. Hello FEd and best regards to all.

    Wanted to let you know that I received the DG signature strings yesterday and will be stringing them up soon. Thanks very much!

    Best regards

    [Thanks for letting us know, James. – Features Editor]

  46. I almost forgot! Congrats to all of the winners of the Christmas raffle!

    Thanks again to Phil for the very interesting answers.


  47. Congrads to lynn and stephanie! Sounds like a wonderful gift. I’ll be looking for one of those when they are out.

    Hope your day is going ok fed, hope to see you in chat.

  48. I could have used one of those scarves at the Bocelli concert Friday night F*Ed…

    Put me down for a crimson one will ya?

  49. F*Ed ~

    I missed the Christmas raffle but did want to contribute a bit of cheer to the site if I may…

    Please click my name but only after you have completely swallowed anything that you are drinking as monitor costs have skyrocketed…

    [Now that’s just wrong… – Features Editor]

  50. Hi FEd,

    If I’m not mistaken I believe I’ve finally found Phil’s Q&A section. So… here goes.

    Hello Phil,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

    My question is… I’ve heard David mention that he plays a Martin acoustic at home. I recently purchased a Custom D-16RGT, (ebony fretboard and bridge), and live in the Northeast U.S. Humidity is a constant problem here. I bought a proper hygrometer for the 500 series case and a Martin humidifier. I monitor it constantly and humidify it per the instructions.

    However, I’ve noticed “ripples” that seem to come and go on the sides of the guitar between the upper and lower bouts. I usually humidify it in it’s case, but have also tried using the humidifier while on it’s stand hoping that the combination of drier air and moisture may help the wood “cure” (for lack of a better word).

    Has David ever had this problem? Am I doing something wrong… etc?

    Thanks so much, Cevin

    [Phil isn’t answering any new ones, but maybe someone else can advise? – Features Editor]

  51. Congratulations Lynn and Stephanie on winning the scarves. Both sound beautiful. Gotta love the word ‘crimson’ tho. Stirs up images.

    Congratulations to the wonderful David Gilmour site for a long ‘reign’. To Fed goes the prize for Endurance! How many cups of tea has it taken to get through all the crazy posts? Maybe I should say teacups: if they get thrown at a wall after patience comes to an end. Luckily you have a wonderful boss, a great organization, and your own humor to keep you level headed.

    Thank you so very much for the fun on this very generous blog site. Where all of us usually get a chance to win something. The best part is sharing the enjoyment of the music and whatever is going on on this site.

    Cheers to the great captioners, Polly’s beautiful photos, wonderful answers from the musicians and Phil Taylor. We’ve had annoucements of weddings, dates, births, birthdays, anniversary’s, illnesses (sadly). There have been ‘differences’ of opinion, sharing of information, some crazy receipes. Well, an endless list of mainly a great time which we don’t want to see end. It’s been a heck of a party.

    But most of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to David and his family and friends/band and all who are connected with the Gilmour site.

    Sorry to be a bit of a twit this morning, but I was excited to see my name on the raffle grid and I, also, can’t believe that that much time has flown by!

    My wishes to all for a wonderful New Year, and prayers to those in need.


    [Thank you very much for that, Jan. Merry Christmas to you. – Features Editor]

  52. A Fiat 500 and three points against Manchester United, Santa, if you’re reading. – Features Editor]

    Happy to see you like italian cars (i’ve got a yellow one many years ago: it was very essential but it was very nice and easy to drive:nowadays it is a modern evolution rich with all the comforts) I hope that Santa will bring it to you really! For the points against Manchester i don’t know if Santa has the power to do it!

    Unfortunately I missed this special raffle but never mind : for me it’s very special every time i can be here!

    Yesterday i was in a swimming pool with sea warm water (for the exercises of my knee) and near it there were large windows in front of a beach, with a wonderful sunset: the only thing it was missing was DG / PF music to dream in front a such perfect vision. Every occasion is good to think about him.

    Have a nice evening
    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

    [Do you like the new Fiat 500, Elisabetta? It looks great fun. – Features Editor]

  53. hope DG & PS had a good time at the led zep gig

    there’s a slightly longer news clip of DG & PS on NDTV 24×7 (new delhi telly)

    not the post gig interview that’s knocking about, just a general news clip

    hope folks are ok?

  54. Fed

    can I have one of the two remaining numbers? If I can – you pick…

    [Sorry, but no. I did consider picking two names at random, but many others also missed out, so it’s just not worth the grumbling to give two people another chance. – Features Editor]

  55. [PS–Didn’t Led Zeppelin do well?]

    Apparently so, i’ve heard nothing but good times (bad times).

    Yep I know, I can hear the groans.

    Anyhow, Fed, and I know youre gonna say its your job, but for 2 wonderful years on the blog I thank you very very much. It’s a good place to come.

    Pete – Coventry

  56. [Your “wish” is my command . . . Well, sort of. . . Some “assembly” required. . . Merry Christmas, Fed!!! Enjoy!!! – Dr Phang]

    “Your wish “, reminded me of a joke. . .

    Wee Jimmy is visited by Santa and asked what he’d like for Christmas, he’s been very, very good and God sent Santa to grant him any wish at all.

    “The wife and I are afraid of flying, we’d like to visit our daughter in the USA for Christmas, could you possibly build a bridge across the atlantic and we could drive the car across ?”

    Santa sucks through his teeth and says, “mmm, depth of ocean, thousands of tons of cement, threat to wild life, logistics, weather at this time of the year, petrol when everyone else catches on…” sucks through teeth again… “is there anything else you might like Wee Jimmy ?”

    Wee Jimmy thinks for a moment and says, “Santa, Could you explain women to me ?”

    Santa is silent for a few minutes then says, “How many lanes?”

    ash X

  57. Just thought, I hope Gilmourettes are not offended by my joke, some of you don’t know me. . . I am a woman.

    (We should just continue to make sure they never do understand us 🙂 in true us and them fashion!)

    ash X

  58. [My Black Strat book arrived the other day. I mustered up all the will power I could find, and handed it over to my wife for wrapping under the tree (a fake one, as I just don’t like the idea of cutting down a tree for decoration).]

    I’ve got a fake tree too and I love it.

    Anyway back to the matter at hand, I went to Borders book shop with my husband yestersday and I took Mr Taylor’s book off the shelf in order to purchase it. But just when I started to flip through the book do get a sneaky preview of it’s contents, my husband promptly took the book out of my hands and paid for it. He told me that I cannot look at it until Christmas day.

    Oh well, that is two things to look forward to on Christmas day then, one of them is the Remember That Night DVD and the second is The Black Strat book. As you can imagine, I am counting the days. 😀

    Good things really are worth waiting for, aren’t they?

    Best regards.


  59. [Anything to keep the old brain active, you know. – Features Editor]

    Surely a Sudoko (or however the stupid thing is spelt) would have been easier?

    [Do you like the new Fiat 500, Elisabetta? It looks great fun. – Features Editor]

    It does but according to Sundays Top Gear it isn’t as good as a Fiat Panda. Looks a lot nicer though, but you still can’t beat a good old Golf in my opinion.

    Seeing as every Christmas lots of stupid and unreadable quote books come out you should write one called “Fed’s Pearls of Wisdom” or something along those lines – then there would finally be one worth reading!

    [Golfs are great. I’d happily take a BlueMotion Polo, if Santa’s low on Fiats… – Features Editor]

  60. Hi all! I’m excited to see my name made it to the grid! Good luck to everyone else who made it!

    It was cool to see that David made it to the Zeppelin reunion show. Hope he and Polly enjoyed it. It must have been fantastic!


  61. It is pretty amazing how many people didn’t make the grid (both people that missed out and people who submitted numbers but their choice was already gone).

    It is also pretty amazing that only two spots were left unclaimed.

    You did a great job in structuring this one FEd.



  62. Fed, I feel the same as some of the others. Please remove me from Wednesday’s raffle, as I have already won a signed programme. Best if someone else wins one. It truly is cherished.

    Congrats to Lynn and Stephanie.

  63. Thanks for selecting my birthdate as my hopefully lucky number, Fedster. I’ll opt out of the Premiere draw, and the DVD draw, so as to give others a better chance of success at these very nice items.

    As this time of year starts to see people otherwise occupied with Yuletide malarky, and with less time to spend online, so my very best wishes to all here for a lovely Christmas, and a happy, and healthy, 2008.

  64. Hey FEd, congrats to you and David (from a relative newcomer to this site) on the second anniversary of the site. And congrats to all the winners of the latest prizes!

    So David and Polly made it for THAT gig?! I remember when he launched RTN for North America, David was asked about THAT gig and whether he would be attending.

    I think David said he probably would, and then when he was asked whether he was going to get in line for the tickets, he said no, he would just pull some strings!

    That caused a moment of pregnant silence in the hall, as it was difficult to tell from David’s expression whether he was just kidding or serious.

    Meanwhile, I’ve decided this year that all the adult people who are on my “$30+” gift list will receive a copy of RTN (thankfully for my wallet, there aren’t that many, though!). So I’ve been going to my regular electronics shop and picking up copies of RTN.

    The more I watch and listen to RTN, the more I realize how much of a steal it is for the price you pay. There are so many little sublime moments in the music that grab your attention on repeated watchings.

    Examples are the delicate, gentle last couple of minutes of Echoes, and the equally delicate little piano solo Rick plays on Wish You Were Here.

    Anyway, the first of three “season-defining” games for the Reds is about to begin in Marseille. Have a good weekend everybody! Hopefully by Monday, the Reds will have two wins in the bag before facing Chelsea.

  65. Scarves? How exciting. Congratulations to Lynn and Stephanie.

    Any chance we could sneak a peek at one?

    Great idea, this raffle. I think this way seems much more efficient than the last one, Fed. You had to keep telling us to pick another number which made for double the amount of work I’d imagine.

    Sadly I missed the chat today. I am having java issues and I don’t mean Starbucks:) I hope it will be a quick fix because I miss you people!


    [Sorry, there are only two of these scarves and they’re now in the post. – Features Editor]

  66. What a surprise, I’m one of the lucky ones 🙂

    It’s also my favourite number refering to a song from one of David’s colleagues. Do you know?

    I think Mr. Gilmour knows him well…

  67. Yes! i made it to the grid!! number 2!! should be lucky eh? it will be the number of goals the reds will score tonight with Marseille at 0.

    Fed, i noticed the following

    Monday 17 December:
    Guitarists’ Draw, three winners

    – One copy of Phil Taylor’s book, ‘The Black Strat’.
    – One set of GHS strings for the guitar of your choice: Strat or Les Paul.

    there will be 3 winners and 2 prizes? or does it mean you have 2 sets of strings? or is one prize missing? or will there be 2 winners?

    Good luck to all who participate and of course an advanced congratulations to the winners!! Exciting!!!!!

    [One winner will get a copy of Phil’s book and two winners will each get a choice of either one set of strings for a Strat, or one set of strings for a Les Paul. My apologies for the vagueness, Emiel (believe me, a holiday can’t come soon enough for my liking). – Features Editor]

  68. Just back from London, where i saw Led Zepplin last night WOW! What a concert, they were awesome. Spotted a certain Mr Gilmour there, i hope he enjoyed it as well?

    Great to see i’m in the draw, thanks FED.

  69. [They’re the numbers nobody wanted, sadly. – Features Editor]

    Considering the amount of people participating (and each one with six numbers), that’s a very interesting outcome, statistically speaking … I wonder if the chances for this to happen are high or low? Mathematicians to the front!

    FEd, could I opt out of the Guitarists Draw on next Monday? That will leave more chances for the real guitarists amongst us.

    Have a nice day, everybody out there!

  70. I didn’t say yet.

    Happy birthday 2 years old David site. Happy Holidays for David and everyone.

    I never win since I came here on September. But I am enjoying here. 🙂

    Thank you very much.

  71. Well, I missed the Christmas raffle but congratulate the lucky winners now and those to come!

    Also, congrats to the anniversary of this site. I have so enjoyed coming here and sharing my OAI live experience in NYC with all of you, as well as hearing about all the shows, and seeing all the great pics, and reading bandmembers Q&A. This is an amazing site.

    Happy Holidays to our hardworking Fed, and to all of you.

    Tara (NY)

  72. [I’ve noticed “ripples” that seem to come and go on the sides of the guitar between the upper and lower bouts. – Has David ever had this problem? Am I doing something wrong… etc? Thanks so much, Cevin]

    I would suggest, let someone check the instrument. I never had a problem like this on my acoustic guitars.

  73. Hey, I’m on the grid! Great!

    Forgot to say happy birthday to the blog, which is a pretty important thing to a lot of us.

    Speaking of great, 4-0! Now that is great!

  74. * Silly me ! I really shouldn’t have sung “Allez Les Rouges” so loud , I think they heard me !

    No, seriously, it was a logical win for your boys, nothing to add, except that I am very happy for you !

    * [feel free to opt-out of any draw, if you so wish]

    Please, you can exclude me from the Guitarist’s draw (Monday 17 December), as I am not a guitarist and will be given the Black Strat book by a friend for Christmas, ok ?


  75. [Elf yourself – Posted by: Matt at December 11, 2007 04:35 PM]

    Just placed that link in my favourites folder.

    Brilliant, I loved it!

    Just know wee Alex is gonna be in stitches when he sees it. Thanks.

  76. Hi Fed and all Fellow Bloggers

    Good Luck to Everyone in the Raffle


  77. Wow! Lynn and Stephanie…i am really jealous. When you receive those scarves tell us a little bit more about it. Lucky girls.

    Hope, one day, i could go in London. London has everything; David Gilmour, Led Zeppelin, Fed…

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Strange smells, traffic jams, an unreliable public transport system… – Features Editor]

  78. Congrats to Lynn and Stephanie, wow, I envy both of you so much, what for great gifts you lucky winners won!

    Sadly there is no more chat sheduled so far???

    Anway, looking forward to the raffle!

    [There may be one next week. Please keep an eye on the calendar. – Features Editor]

  79. [Please click my name but only after you have completely swallowed anything that you are drinking as monitor costs have skyrocketed… – Matt]

    WOOOOOHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Genius!!!!

  80. Hi, FEd,

    Just a question. Will these DG Scarves be available through Anthill soon??


    [Next year, yes. – Features Editor]

  81. If I may share –

    I finally got to see our local PBS broadcast of “Remember That Night”, it was a well represented and promoted broadcast.

    During each interval, the announcers did an excellent job in describing the DVD and their thoughts about David Gilmour’s work.

    They also mentioned about David Gilmour being a very generous giver and his heavy involvement in charity work.

    Nice work by the PBS and I am very pleased and impressed by it.

  82. Matt, that had to be the funniest thing I have seen in years. Seeing David, Rick, Phil and Guy as elf’s just blew me a way. Fed do you ever think that David and the others will see that? I really think they like it.

    Thanks for laughs, Thomas.

    Ps, Fed you would make a good Elf.

    [Thanks. – Features Editor]

  83. Congratulations to Lynn and Stephanie!! I’ll have to score one of those as soon as they’re on the market — they must be beautiful.

    I’m so damn happy to see my name in the grid. Somehow that feels like winning already:) Considering the time difference (as it pertains to posting sooner-than-later), I’m amazed to see so many ‘left-coasters’ in their own little black boxes … nine by my count. I’m having more fun at this moment than I ever had with Blotto (even though I had to have Lynn explain the meaning behind the ‘extremely complicated’ directions — choose six numbers and one will be chosen for you — d’oh). It seems so clear now that I feel like I should be assigned a dunce cap to go above my name;D May I please have the one with Wireman on it?

    FEd, didn’t this particular game/contest give you a massive headache over the weekend? I’d have lost my mind if I had to sort through and assign numbers to names for more than five minutes!! In fact, I’m getting a headache just thinking about it …

    [Abba’s Australian tour of 1977 left its mark on many people, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

    That was too good not to revisit!! Clever FEd, always on the ball for sure.

    So, should we expect an anonymous review of the Led Zepplin concert? It surely would be interesting to get the insider’s story from an extremely talented musician or that musician’s extremely talented wife/writer of lyrics and short stories. I’ll bet they all had a fantastic time! Just joking about the review, sort of …

    Caught a tidbit of info that someone had paid $168,000 for two tickets — yikes! I don’t think they bought them from any legitimate ticket outlet, do you FEd? Wonder if they proceeded to pound the alcohol before the concert, got hammered and are now themselves wondering how the show was? Heh-heh, I know, I’m evil …

    Win or not, this is going to be a fun week, FEd. Thanks for dreaming up these contests and thanks to David and Polly for providing the loot! Take a bow kind sir(s) and/or madam(s) — you’ll have to imagine the thundering applause;)

    Peace and love to you all!

  84. Matt, I really enjoyed the “Elf” attachment you sent to Fed. We are still laughing.

    I know you said it was “just wrong” Fed but didn’t you just give a big belly laugh when you saw it? David and the rest looked so cute. Thanks Matt!

    Don’t you just love Christmas!!

    I have the Pink Floyd box set and the Black Strat book on my Christmas list. Santa are you reading?

  85. Thanks Matt, that was so elfish of you.

    To Cevin, I’d take the guitar to your dealer, sounds like the neck is warped to me somehow.

    And Fed, please elimiminate myself for the Black Strat Book, let someone else have a go.

  86. Congrats to Lynn and Stephanie! Well done ladies.

    BTW FEd… I was extremely fortunate a while back and won an autographed programme from David previously.

    So should lightning strike twice, and my number (79) is chosen for Wednesday’s drawing, please draw another.

    I had it professionally matted and framed. Looks fantastic! Some lucky winners out there will not be disappointed. The programmes are truly amazing.

    Once I’m finished with my music room I’d like to send in a pic.

    Good luck to all,

  87. Fed,

    I want to let you know that the strings arrived today and I will be stringin’ up me (in best hillbilly drawl) git-fiddle soon. Seriously though, a big thank you to you and all at DG.com for them.

    I want to congratulate Lynn and Stephanie on the scarf win. Way to go Gilmourettes!

    Good luck to all that made the grid.


    [Hope you like them. – Features Editor]

  88. hmmm my numbers are 1, 9, 92, 100, 26, 12.

    Now thats that bit done, he sits and waits.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  89. Nice one Matt. But you forgot to add StevieD… You know he has a craving for green clothing and tights.

    Congrats on last nights result FEd.

    Now for “It’s A Knockout”. Did you see the “Irregulars” banner on TV at half-time? (Not you FEd. surely…)

    Hope you’ve had enough time to wrap up the Raffle prizes. It’s great to be in the Bran tub, good luck to my 97 fellow entrants…

    The constant generosity of David’s site never ceases to amaze me. He doesn’t have to do any of this, but he does, that’s what makes him and this site so special.

    Thank you, so much.

    [I missed it, sadly. – Features Editor]

  90. [I’m with you, George: fake trees all the way. – Features Editor]

    We have a fake tree, even that is dropping needles when i took it out of the box!!

    & Matt that was really funny, brilliant.

  91. [I missed the Christmas raffle but did want to contribute a bit of cheer to the site if I may.. – Matt]

    Thanks for that, Matt. Very silly. It made me laugh out loud.

    I see I am not alone in neglecting to check the blog over the weekend and missing out on the chance to enter the raffle. I must be more attentive in 2008!

    Good luck to all those who did make it on to the grid.

  92. Congratulations to Lynn and Stephanie on winning the first draw. Sounds like we need to arrange a blogger get-together soon, so you can show them and show off 😉

    Stephanie, Lynn, just for winter silliness’ sake and with all those numbers, throw in a ‘BLOTTO !’ winner’s yell…

    Good luck to all raffle contestants. Not sure whether ‘rafflers’ is proper English.

    Missed yesterday’s chat as I was at a very boring conference, thinking of better ways to spend my time.

    Anyway, BBC1 will be on on my tv tonight, 22:45 GMT, I believe.

    A big “thank you very much” to Phil for all those answers. The ‘I don’t know, it seems to be covered in black paint’ one was priceless.

    Best regards,

  93. [I missed the Christmas raffle but did want to contribute a bit of cheer to the site if I may.. – Matt]

    I’m glad I wasn’t able to view this from work yesterday, I’d have been in so much trouble. roflmao

    It’s great Matt! Thank you.

    I love that bit at the end, lol:)))))


  94. Oh, in this case, my best wish to Timbo with my lucky number!

    And congratulations to Lynn and Stephanie

    Have a nice day


  95. [I’m with you, George: fake trees all the way. – Features Editor]

    While this seems a simply green approach I think there are a lot of variables that apply to everyones circumstances. Who knows what they make fake trees from and what the environmental footprint is for every fake tree produced?

    Mass distribution of real trees invariably leaves wasted trees cut and not purchased. They also use a fair amount of energy in transportation costs.

    We buy our tree from a local tree farm. The transportation costs are minimal. Trees not purchased stay in the ground. And it supports my local farmer who sees a tree indifferent to soybean, corn, or tomatoes.

    Most importantly, my children enjoy the experience and it’s a wonderful tradition!

    A lucrative farm will stay as such and avoid being sold to become the next strip mall or condominium complex. It supports green spaces. 🙂

    Obviously, this does not work for everyone. Some folks live in regions where you can’t grow pines very well. Others live in cities where it’s not easy to get to a farm. Exceptions will be made!


  96. I hear David was at the Led Zep reunion concert!

    Did he enjoy it or have any thoughts about the show i wonder? 🙂

  97. I’m pleasently surprised I made the grid! I’m thankful for the opportunity!

    You can take me out of the Friday 14th drawing because I have the DVD with the super-cool bonus CD. Someone else should have a chance at that one.

    I’m really looking forward to the live CD and these scarves sound compelling. I wonder if they’ll only be for the ladies.

    Thanks again!

  98. Hello,

    back from Paris: a lot of globalization,but a lot of love for Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.

    Thank you very much for these two years together,thank you dear FEd!

    I’m very happy for the magic reunion of Led Zeppelin and I know David enjoyed that night.

    Long,long life to rock and roll and to the bands


  99. Hi all,

    Good luck to all of you who got a number on the raffle board. I’ll enjoy reading of all the winners etc.

    Fed, will there be any new scheduled chats before Christmas? Can’t see any in the calander. (Couldn’t make it to the one yesterday).

    If not – I’ll take this opportunity to wish all fans and bloggers, and yourself Fed, a merry christmas and a happy new year.


    [Thank you very much, Lene. The last chat of 2007 will be some time next week. Details will be added to the calendar as soon as possible, so please keep an eye on it. – Features Editor]

  100. Hey, congratulations Stephanie! How fun! Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

    Of course you may borrow the scarf, Susan…as long as you don’t get Marmite on it…ha! ha!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you in the Blogger 100!

  101. [Strange smells, traffic jams, an unreliable public transport system… – Features Editor]

    Really. I thought the “tubes” in London ran quite well when I was there but that was 20 years ago. Guess things have deteriorated since?

    Also, note to Gabrielle and anyone else who cares, I understand that the person who bought the Zep tickets and paid $168,000 actually got them through a charity auction (click my name below). Yes, a lot of money to spend on a concert but then the money is also not going to some tout. I think this is a good thing. I think many will agree once they know the facts.



    [Don’t mind me, I just don’t like London. Too many bad memories. – Features Editor]

  102. I don’t have a guitar yet but i’d like to get one after christmas so is it ok if i stay in the guitarists draw as the strings will be used one day if i win them?

    I’ve decided to get a guitar but i don’t know whether to get a red or black one! David’s main guitar is black but one of the first DVDs i saw when i started to get into Pink Floyd was PULSE so the red guitar is important as well.

    [Of course. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  103. It’s funny, but a year ago whenever someone mentioned Liverpool Football Club I thought of loads of guys in red strips running around chasing a ballie thingie but now whenever someone mentions Liverpool I think of FEd and the blog. Funny how things change. Nice result yesterday, by the way!

    While on the topic of change, I spotted a photograph of Pink Floyd in the Radio Times announcing the Pink Floyd story that’s on later tonight. Guess what? No Syd and David fronts the band in the photograph! Blue moon tonight!

    About bloody time. I guess we all know who Mr Pink is now eh.

  104. Matt, that was fantastic! Especially Rick’s picture, it went perfect with his moves! LMAO!!

    Thanks for a spot on the card, FEd. Congrats Gilmourettes, on those scarves. I can’t wait to add one to my collection.

    Glad to see you are back up on the computer, Susan. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and sending good vibes your way.

    So David and Polly, when can we expect a review of the Led Zeppelin show?? Yeah, I know . . .but it would be cool.

    Everyone in the holiday spirit? BAH HUMBUG!!


  105. Thanks all, I couldn’t include Stevie (unless I did another and exculded someone else) as the site allows only fours elves at a time.

    Like you say, Hopefully this can be forwarded on to the “elves” for some holiday cheer if it hasnt already been…

    Ho-Ho-Home, home again, I like to be here when I can…

  106. Hi FEd

    1) “Saw” David and Polly arriving for the Zep gig in a BBC website videoclip on the celebrities who attended the gig.

    2) Last night, I went back and watched once again a DVD on The Making of Dark Side of the Moon. It’s part of a series called The Making Of of various classic albums, and consists largely of interviews with band members regarding how each track on the album, as well as the album itself, came together.

    It’s a wonderful DVD.

    After watching RTN – and assuming that the songs David plays on stage are essentially his creations – it is interesting to once again look at who claimed credit for what on that album. Suffice to say that sometimes, the further something recedes in the rearview mirror, the more the facts come into focus.

    3) 4-0! Ooh la la! What a performance. Clearly, putting Kewell and Benayoun on the wings turns the Reds into an all-conquering outfit. I think the team yesterday may be the best configuration, with just the right amount of finish (Torres and another), drive (Kewell, Benayoun and Gerrard) and crunch (Mascherano). Hopefully, Rafa keeps it together for Sunday, and then let’s see how they fare against top-quality opposition.

    [I definitely believe that Peter Crouch’s days are numbered. – Features Editor]

  107. Welcome back, Susan. Good to see you on again.

    Hilarious elf thingie, Matt.

    Wonder what the participants are thinking 😉

  108. [I’m with you, George: fake trees all the way. – Features Editor]

    See… FEd likes ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ 😉

  109. [After watching RTN – and assuming that the songs David plays on stage are essentially his creations – it is interesting to once again look at who claimed credit for what on that album. Suffice to say that sometimes, the further something recedes in the rearview mirror, the more the facts come into focus. – Raipod]

    Nice comment Raipod!

    After giving up listening radio 4-5 months (those announcers made me mad and angry) I’m listening to my complete Pink Floyd and DG MP3 collection in my car every day when commuting to work or traveling around to meetings. In my humble opinion there are more songs and not only on the Dark Side Of The Moon album that their credits were not given to the composer(s). I also think that I’ve listened to some bass lines that sound more DG than RW like…

    Any way, no conspiracy needed to appreciate good music 😉



  110. […Apparently so, i’ve heard nothing but good times (bad times) – pete]

    Very droll, our Pete. Very droll!

    Hope Coventry is treating you nice. I will be over that way for a Christmas party on Friday.

    Best regards.


  111. Funny stuff, Matt!!! The possibilities are endless. . . ;^))

    Good joke, Ash!!! HE HE HE HA HA HA!!! You are killing your chances with the ladies, though. . . ;^))

  112. Matt, thanks for the laugh mate!! Really funny:-)

    [I understand that the person who bought the Zep tickets and paid $168,000 actually got them through a charity auction … Posted by: Andrew]

    Now that’s really fantastic news! Tickets to Led Zepplin AND helping out children in need … most excellent indeed.

    Note to self:

    Must order a dunce cap for each side of my noggin. I totally spaced out that the chatroom was open on Tuesday and not Wednesday. Actually, rather than spacing it out, maybe I just had a more-than-momentary lapse of reason and thought it was still last week.

    I hopped out of bed earlier than usual this morning due to nightmares, took my time waking up while sipping my latte, logged on at 7 a.m. feelin’ all good about being right on time for the starting bell, and then, d’oh! Blast and damn-nation, I was a day off. (8^{

    Oh well, happy days, as Simon J would say:)


  113. [I was born ready, Thomas. – Features Editor]

    That you were, Fed. Always ready with a quip, retort, comment, compliment, kind thought. Never a loss for words. You are one of those people that I know I would enjoy having dinner with. You know the kind where they say pick 5 people, bla bla bla…? I can imagine quite a scintillating coversation and no bla bla bla.

    May I be excused from the drawing of Dec 19? I know they will be wonderful, but I am going to buy the cd for Rembember That Night when it comes out and would feel greedy if I won one of these.

    Thank you,

    [After such kind praise, Jan, you can be excused from just about anything. – Features Editor]

  114. Hi Fed,

    I am truly honored to be a member of the raffle board – as many have already said – I feel like I won just having my name on the board.

    Good luck to all – and congratulations to Lynn and Stephanie for already winning some Christmas loot!

    And thank you Fed for the past 2 wonderful years keeping this blog going!

    [Thank you for the posts which have kept it going. – Features Editor]

  115. OMG, that elf yourself thing is so hilarious! Thanks, Matt. That was time well-wasted.

    Congrats to Lynn and Stephanie on winning the scarves!

    Interesting to see that new items are being added to the store, including the new RTN T-shirts (one of which displays the cover of RTN – unfortunately, it looks like no one airbrushed out the extra dots on the strat’s neck before making the T-shirts – don’t they read the blog?).

    Anyway, I’ve always wondered why baseball caps are not being offered. They seem to be ubiquitous, well, in North America at least. I would probably buy one, I need a new hat after I lost my favourite Pacific Whale Foundation cap.

  116. [I’m with you, George: fake trees all the way. – Features Editor]

    We bought a high-end artificial tree about 10 years ago. It should last a long time, so the energy costs associated with it will be factored over many years. Every one who sees it asks whether it is real or not. We are just putting it up this week. Makes it seem more festive around here.

    Still, I am getting depressed at the rampant commercialization of this time of year. We end up buying too much stuff, a lot of which will not be used or really needed. This just ends up contributing to the whole global warming issue.

    On another note, my wife was concerned when I put an “Electric Mistress” on my Xmas list, until she found out that it is just an FX pedal – then she was just annoyed.

  117. [I definitely believe that Peter Crouch’s days are numbered. – Features Editor]

    Sadly, I do, too. His outpuff this year in PL games is disgraceful. Too many near misses just doesn’t cut it for a team like Liverpool. Unfortunately, the stats for Kuyt and Voronin are not that much better given that they have played more minutes than Crouch. I think that the fact that these three played off their usual form was a major contributor to the run of draws the team had earlier this year.

    So, why did Liverpool let Owen leave a few years ago?

    One of our national Sports Channels decided to show the game (from an ESPN feed). It was a great game to watch. Kewell was impressive.

    Not sure why the Reds were wearing black, though. It’s not like the other (home) team were wearing red so Liverpool had to change. Have to say, though, the black uniform is very fetching.

    [One of the better strips, for sure. So much nicer without the sponsorship, too. – Features Editor]

  118. Dear F.ed. and Bloggers,

    [Last but not least, to Susan, you are always in my thoughts and best of luck with your treatment. – Veronica_from_Miami]

    Dear Susan i don’t know you but you are in my thoughts too: all the best to you .

    [Do you like the new Fiat 500, Elisabetta? It looks great fun. – Features Editor]

    I have actually a Fiat Punto, but yes i like it.

    About the new scarves already shipped to the lucky winners..(congratulations!!) I hope that they should be available very soon as you’ve told us: they seem to be very fashionable.

    As you are celebrating the 2nd year of this site/blog, I wish to you F.Ed. and all the people involved into the realization of this fantastic site/blog all the best wishes not just only for the next Xmas but for all the best goals you can reach, wishing you HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY & CONTINUED SUCCESS… in the year ahead.

    MERCY, PEACE & LOVE be yours in abundance to Mr.Gilmour, Mrs.Polly and family , all the band mates and friends and all their families.

    Thank you very much for all

    Grazie per la vostra sublime musica
    Thank you for your sublime music

    To Mr.Gilmour: The term sublime especially refers to a greatness with which nothing else can be compared and which is beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation. This is the exact meaning of my “sublime”

  119. Hi Fed

    just popped in to let all know Aaron is making a full recovery and i have some interviews lined up so all been well things are on the up

    also did i manage to get any of my numbers

    Fed would you allow me to say a big thankyou to all the irregulars who have supported us as a family through our recent difficult time (you know who you are )

    [Very pleased to hear about Aaron. Please click your name below for the raffle. – Features Editor]

  120. I’m sure someone has thought of this before, but it might be wonderful if Roland Jamie Orzabal De La Quintana, Ie TFF and Mr. David Gilmour were ever to do something together.

    Please get back to me, if you agree with this artistic meeting.

  121. Hello FEd,

    I have found a picture of Matt Damon that looks just like the image of David on the tour programme (click my name below). I nearly jumped out my skin at the resemblance.

    See the tour programme for comparison (the Anthill accessories page).

    I think the Christmas shopping is getting to me FEd 🙂

    Best wishes,
    ash X

    [Spooky. So, now we know who should play David in the movie of his life. – Features Editor]

  122. I’m starting to wonder about Phil Taylor – his standard answer to many questions is “see my book….” I reckon he’s up to something.

  123. Dear Simon,

    I didn’t say anything at the time about your little boy. I wish I had also sent good wishes. I was very worried because I know someone who experienced something similar.

    Such a relief to know he is on the mend. Very best wishes to you and your family.

    ash X

  124. Thanks very much for giving me a number FEd! I just checked the number grid, so I’m very happy!

    I forgot to watch the Pink Floyd 40th anniversary programme on BBC the other night, I’ve been kicking myself constantly since, does anybody know whether it will be repeated sometime or put onto a DVD?

    And another thing, did anybody read Jon Gaunt’s ramblings in his page in the Sun newspaper today? If you didn’t, do read it, and send him a e-mail of annoyance like I did.

    If you can’t get hold of a paper, just tell me, and I’ll happily type a transcript. He riled me with nasty words about not only Pink Floyd, but also Led Zeppelin and The Who.

    Anywho, happy Christmas everyone!

    – James.

  125. James Ward said. . .

    [I forgot to watch the Pink Floyd 40th anniversary programme on BBC the other night, I’ve been kicking myself constantly since, does anybody know whether it will be repeated sometime or put onto a DVD?]

    It’s available until Tuesday, midnight, on Virgin Cable’s catch up.

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