Premiere Draw

Remember That Night DVD (2007)The all-important numbers for this draw were 32, 45, 46 and 59, meaning that our winners today are: Ulli (who wins a signed programme from the ‘Remember That Night’ premieres, plus an Odeon Leicester Square VIP pass), Paul Sexton, Robyn, and Joe from Canada (who each win a programme and a pass).

Congratulations to you. Please let me know where your prizes should be sent.

There’ll be another prize draw on Friday, with US-only exclusives of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD up for grabs. If you don’t want to be considered for either a Best Buy, or Borders, disc (the former includes a three-track CD, the latter comes with a rather nice poster), please speak up.

Here’s some more from Phil Taylor.

I’d be interested to hear which three guitars you’d choose, by the way…

If you could hypnotize David into handing over three of his guitars to you, which would they be and why? (Buffalo Phil)

Why stop at three?

I just read on this site that David is a “Gooner”. Are you a “Gooner” also? (Barbara Phillips)

Man. United for ever.

In your opinion, which delivers the ‘true’ Floyd tone, the Pete Cornish P-2 or the newer G-2? (Randall Yeager)

Neither, David has almost never used Pete Cornish distortion pedals – a popular misconception. He has them in pedal boards, but only as alternates to his favourites, and as separate pedals. He has tried them (as he has many other makes: Rat, Boss HM2, etc.), but his choice is nearly always EH Big Muff, BK Butler Tube Driver, and, in the earlier days, a Fuzz Face or a Colorsound Overdriver.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

112 thoughts on “Premiere Draw”

  1. Hi all,

    there go another happy four 😀 Congrats to all of you!

    On-topic: What three guitars I’d choose? I’d be ungrateful to ask for three, the Black Strat would be more than enough… What a historical instrument it is. On the other hand, it would be wasted if not played properly, wouldn’t it?



  2. This hurts so much…I mean I’m VERY happy for the board’s winners truly but I miss one day and now have a month of agonizing of what could have happened.

    Of all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are “It might have been”

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey FEd!

    I’d like my name/number taken out of the DVD raffle if at all possible.

    Congratulations to Ulli, Paul Sexton, Robyn, and Joe from Canada. I hope you all enjoy your gifts!

    As for the question presented to us, I would say the three I would pick are:

    1. the Black Strat
    2. the Gibson acoustic and
    3. the Gibson Lap Steel Used on David Gilmour Live in Concert

  4. Wow don’t know what to say first 🙂

    First of all, congrats to the winners, a really great prize they got!

    Second… wonderful picture of David. I’m guessing Polly made it?

    I’m a bit surprised by the answer to the third question. But (and correct me if I’m wrong all of you guitar buffs) Pete did borrow some concepts of already existing pedals, but heavily improved on the design, both in reliability as in throughput of quality sound. So maybe not that surprising after all?

    [It’s a shot from the DVD, actually (captured during ‘Take A Breath’). – Features Editor]

  5. Three seems greedy, but since you asked 😉

    1) Mr. Black Strat
    2) Mr. Gold Top Les Paul
    3) Mr. Jedson Lap Steel

    If I were to receive these 3, I would sign, in blood, paperwork swearing on my daughter’s, mother’s and wife’s lives that none of these would end up on eBay or anywhere else for sale.

  6. Congrats to all the winners; especailly Ulli (Hi Ulli) who won that SIGNED programme!

    Now, if you care to spread some holiday cheer to America’s Eastern Seaboard…

  7. Lucky Ulli my friend!!! I’m so very happy for you (If it couldn’t be me!! LOL)

    Good job! Enjoy it & have it framed!!!


  8. Congratulations to the new winners and belated wishes to Lynn and Steph for your wonderful winter “woolies!”

    Hope everyone’s well and as enthralled as I am by Phil’s answers yet again.

    As for the guitars FEd, well, in anyone else’s hands, I don’t believe they are anything more than “bits of dead trees with bits of metal screwed on” except in the hands of the “master!” So best leave them with him so he can continue to entertain the world:-)

    Which lead me to think… whilst DG enjoys a well earnt rest next year, why not send the guitars on tour in a travelling exhibition? They could travel to far off places like Africa, India, Israel, Australia, Canada and even Wales! (Cheeky, yes I know!) Hope that’s not blown my raffle chance!

    Hope to wish my friends a happy Christmas in the next chat but if I can’t then here’s my very best wishes to you all. My thanks for welcoming me to your flock and sharing your many humorous anecdotes.

    Special thanks to you FEd for your hard work and professionalism, particularly in the face of adversity!! (yes, they know who they are!!)

    My love and appreciation to David for all that he is, has achieved and what he stands for. Love to Polly and the kids too! (Wonder if any of them will end up with a second-hand guitar in their stocking again!!)

    Happy Christmas, Noël heureux, Glückliches Weihnachten, Natale felice, Счастливое Кристмас, Lycklig jul

    Sorry if I’ve left anyone out but my language skills are limited!

    But not forgetting “’n ddedwydd Nadolig” FEd.


    [‘Nadolig Llawen’ is better, but bless you. Have a great Christmas, Paul. – Features Editor]

  9. Evening all

    A quick heads up to those in the UK. 2245 BBC1 “The Pink Floyd Story” Came across it by chance.

    Hope youre well FEd and still celebrating after our big win last night.


  10. Interesting info concerning the Cornish pedals…

    My three guitars would have to be:

    1. Red Strat w/ EMGs
    2. The Black Strat
    3. The Natural Esquire used for “Run Like Hell” live.

    I had to place the Red Strat over the Black Strat because I first became familiar with seeing David Gilmour live while watching the Delicate Sound of Thunder Live video. Therefore the Red Strat was my first introduction to Gilmour’s live work.

  11. Congrats winners….

    Just cramming for finals…uugghhh!!

    Oh well, happy day everyone.

    Renee B

  12. I had a tricycle when I was a younger man, that had those Fuzz-Face distortion pedals. Together, we went everywhere; it was quite groovy. (Not the borrowed Bike Syd wrote about.)

  13. Which 3 Guitars? That is a crazy question, but I would go with the Black Strat, The Red 57 Reissue Strat with the EMGs, and the White/Cream 57 Reissue Strat that he played on his solo tour in 1984.


  14. Hi FED,

    I would like the newest strat guitar of David’s. Any three guitars to choose from, not sure if I answered the question properly on which guitar.

    Anyway, congrats to the winners of todays lucky #’s draw.


  15. Hi Fed,

    Wow i won something, really pleased about that.

    Please take me out of Fridays draw, i’m not greedy. I’m considering the Guitarists draw however, a book signed by a Man U supporter, what part of London do you live in Phil????? JOKE, no keep me in for that one!!

    Many thanks Fed

    4-0, 4-0 , 4-0!!!!! and 5 European Cups


    [Well done, Paul. You must be proud to be a Red… I mean, a winner. – Features Editor]

  16. 3 guitars I would choose would be

    The Black strat (duh)
    The Red Strat with EMG’s
    And his Gretsch

  17. i’m from uruguay….and i want to know everything about how you decided to get those scarves from uruguay and who made it…how did you think about uruguay??? it’s just surprising

    thanks!….hope you still remember me


    [I hope to know more about the scarves in the New Year, Alejandro. – Features Editor]

  18. Congratulations Ulli, Paul, Robyn and Joe.

    Guitars? I’d settle for that Gibson acoustic he plays on stage so much.

    I’m afraid the Black Strat is worth so much it’s doomed to wind up in some private collection. I’ll bet it’s worth more than his 001 now.

    Never mind, we’ve got the music it’s produced and that’s what’s important.

  19. I never win anything 😉 I didn’t even get into the raffle…

    Anyway, I’ll take three of Gilmour’s guitars then:

    – #0001 strat
    – Black Strat
    – The Esquire from the About Face cover.

    Of course I would love all of his guitars, but these would be the nicest ones for me.

  20. Congrats to the winners! Hope you enjoy your prizes!

    Fed, are the numbers used for the initial prizes still in the running or did my chances of 1 in 100 just jump to 1 in 96?


    [You have a better chance now that four numbers have been scratched off. – Features Editor]

  21. My humble wishes for this year’s Christmas:

    – The Black Strat
    – The Strat 00001
    – Les Paul Goldtop

    Thank you, Fed;-)

  22. Would not want any of Mr. Gilmours guitars as it gives me much more pleasure having him play them 🙂

    Congrats to todays winners, good fun this raffle!



    Oh by the way Fed, congrats with the good result for your lads yesterday, but I must say that Phil Taylor has got it right…Man United for ever!

    [Oh dear, not you as well? – Features Editor]

  23. Congrats Ulli, Paul, Robyn, and Joe!

    I’m really enjoying Phil’s Q&A!! Very interesting to read about the Cornish Pedals… I too really love the old Muff’s: nice sustain, creamy and sweet harmonics 🙂

    By the way, maybe these are three guitars Phil’d choose:

    1. The “00001” Strat
    2. The Black Strat
    3. Maybe the Red Strat

    … am I close???

    Cheers, Ernest

  24. Congrats to Ulli, Paul, Robyn, and Joe. You’re in for a real treat!

    Now FEd, about those three guitars…

    During David’s interview for the “Remember That Night” premier David mentioned getting around to selling off some of his guitars.

    Not knowing what his inventory is like, (although I assume he probably has just about anything one could imagine), my three choices would be…

    1.) Any Strat he has kicking around and is not using
    2.) Any Telecaster…
    3.) And last, but not least, a Gibson Hummingbird

    I know David owns a Gretsch Jet, but the model I would be most interest in finding is a vintage 60’s Corvette.

    Gretsch only made them for a year or two.

    I found an old black and white file photo of PF prior to David’s joining the band, and I’m 99% sure Syd is holding one.

    They were very ahead of their time in terms of design so there’s little chance of mistaking it for anything else.

    That would have been my first choice in place of the Strat.

    Not asking for much… is it?

    Merry Christmas to you FEd and all my fellow bloggers! Cevin

  25. Hmmm Phil Taylor supports Man Utd… He obviously isn’t from Manchester then!?!

    Which three guitars? A no brainer there then!

    1. The Black Strat
    2. The 55 Tele
    3. Serial Number 001 Strat

  26. Hey Ulli, willkommen im Club 🙂

    I´m so glad for you and Paul and Robyn and Joe.

    Good to hear about one more chat next week, I missed the last one and it would be nice to say “Merry Christmas” personally to some people. And of course thanks to all bloggers for the kind congratulations.

  27. Todays post of Phil’s Q&A are most appropriate for me as I was trying to figure out which effects pedals to buy my son for Christmas.

    Thanks Phil.

    Merry Christmas.

    [The same to you, Fred. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  28. Only 3 guitars?!?! That old black strat is loaded with mojo, but us mortals wouldn’t make it sound right.

    I’ll sign up for the ’56 Goldtop with P-90s.

    That white tele he was playing on Arnold Layne looked sweet, but I heard he gave it to his son.

    I’d go with the Fender twin neck lap steel for the 3rd. All are very sweet, interesting guitars.

  29. – Wow! Ulli! Wunderbar! Ich freue mich sehr für dich ! A signed programme, what an honour! Sure it will be in good hands with you !

    – Congrats too to Paul, Robyn and Joe.

    – I would like to stay on topic and answer your question: [We’d be interested to hear which three guitars you’d choose, by the way…]

    But, three guitars ? What would I do with three guitars ?… lol ! What would you do with three Maths instruments, a compass, a set square, a protractor?…

    Well, sure, all the guitarists here are going to hate me !…


    [I’d probably do what I did at school during Maths lessons: use the protractor and set square whenever I couldn’t find a ruler (probably because it was broken from ‘twanging’ it against the desk too hard), and use the compass to inscribe ‘LFC’ on my pencil tin repeatedly. – Features Editor]

  30. Congrats to Ulli, Paul, Robyn, and Joe – Huzzah!

    FEd have you heard of this vocal jazz version of Dark Side of the Moon. I’ve just received the vinyl version through the school mail and I’m listening to Us and Them as I post.

    It’s… interesting.

    The soloists so far haven’t impressed me at all, but the arrangement is, honestly, interesting.

    I’ll leave the link here for anyone who’s interested, too. 🙂 There’s short clips of a few of the songs on the website.

    P.S. Has David heard it?

    [Interesting. Thanks for the link. – Features Editor]

  31. ….I will pass on the guitar stings draw as well….but stay in on the book ;-)))

    Cheers, Howard

  32. Congrats to the winners and I can see Ulli jumping up and down from here. Good for you.

    3 guitars? The Black Strat is probably a shoe in for everybody. That would be followed by the Gold Top Les Paul with the Bigsby tremolo and finally the Martin Acoustic would round it all out very nicely.

    It’s a tad early for New Year’s resolutions but here is one that comes to mind.

    Check the blog every day including weekends or at least sign up for the RSS service.

    How many agree with that one??



  33. Congratulations, Ulli, Paul, Robyn, and Joe!!!

    Best of luck to everyone with Friday’s draw!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Meddle!!!”. Enjoy!!!

  34. Congrats you guys! Ulli hope you enjoy your signed programme! Oh and btw, very creative in thinking of making scarves! I would definitly buy one, next year. Congrats to Lynn and Steph on that!

    One draw down, three to go. *crosses fingers, then uncrosses them* wait I need these for all my upcoming shows…sigh…Two next week, afternoons of Thursday, and Friday.

    Oh also apeaking of concerts, for everyone that wished me luck on my last one, last Thursday, it went…ok…the jazz band played really well, apparently, but the orchestral band had “squeakers” in the clarinets and alto saxophones. But we tried our best. Hmmm, we need a good saxophone player…Any volunteers? 😉

    Well, before I start wasting space again, I’ll leave my post at that. Happy Holidays everyone!

    *Crosses fingers again… lucky 93, lucky 93!!!*


  35. FREAKIN AWESOME! Thank you so very much. This is a very lovely Christmas gift indeed.

    Cheered my day up! Thank you David, Polly and everyone else in land.

    You can send those to me at: […]

    Thank you so much again!!!

    [Well done, Robyn. – Features Editor]

  36. Congratulations to Ulli, Paul, Robyn and Joe!

    A fun contest with immediate rewards. We Irregulars tend to have somewhat short attention spans you know.


  37. This past Sunday, I was doing a little shopping and happened to wander past the record section. For some unknown reason, I paused at “G” and noticed “Remember That Night.” After a thorough scan, I put it back. But it haunted me and I returned. Within an hour, I was at home placing it in the DVD player. WOW!! I’m so glad that I acted impulsively.

    It has not helped my productivity at work much though. During meetings, I find myself re-visualizing scenes –the music constantly runs through my head.

    Thanks to the Gilmour Team for providing a sparkle in this otherwise drab December.


    [Good to hear that you’re enjoying it, Rigel. Thanks for sharing. – Features Editor]

  38. Hi all,

    This coming weekend, 15-16 of December, there will be David’s weekend at ESKA Rock in Poland (click my name). It is rock station available in major cities, it looks quite promising, as interview will be aired (probably in many instalments during the weekend) as well some may have chance to win RTN DVD.

    I was really surprised, when heard the advertisement, because I do not remember them playing anything from On An Island, but as they say, better late that never.

    I missed the Christmas raffle, but to tell you the truth I’m father again for a month or so, I’m not so close to the computer nowadays. But still enjoy reading the blog very much.

    All the best,

    [Thanks for letting us know, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi Fed, thanks for everything these past 2 years!

    I was happy to see my name make the grid! But when i checked today and won a prize, i had to look at it twice. That was Amazing!

    Thanks for allowing me to enter the draw!

    My address is […]

    I chose 59, because it was the year i was born

    thanks and congratulations to the other participants/winners

    Happy Holidays

    [Merry Christmas to you, Joe. Your prize will be with you soon. – Features Editor]

  40. I feel but a stranger in these parts – for which I apologise to all. Suffice to say some issues at home – but father-in-law now on mend but wifelet not at all well and that is where my priorities have been the last few weeks….so a public slap on the wrist for not keeping up with things, joining in chat’s etc. I’ll try to do better from now on.

    so……pleased to see so many familiar names as I trawled back through the threads, having a giggle here and there in the process, and well done F’ed for keeping us all in check for over 2 years now – don’t know how you’ve managed it!

    I promise, promise, promise to pay more attention now!

  41. Congratulations to the winners! Well done.

    Ulli, I’m so jealous! Enjoy your wonderful prize =)

  42. Phil Taylor…. “Man United for ever”

    The man is not only an appreciator of fine guitar work it would seem …

    Predictions for Sunday F’ed … ? Ah yes, Santa is apparently bringing you some points. I do hope you’ve been good girls and boys this year …

    Oh – and GO ULLI !

    [As a rule, I never make predictions against United. You? – Features Editor]

  43. Hmm…If I could hypnotize David into handing over three of his guitars to me, which would they be and why?

    I think I would want one electric, one acoustic, and one slide guitar, so I could have a wide variety of guitar equipment to learn and play on…

    Hey Fed, I noticed number 66 and 80 are not taken. Would you please be so kind to add my name to number 66 for the Christmas raffle? I have been away and missed the blog post from the 10th.

    I love 66’, the number reminds me of the year 1966 which was a great year in the history of human civil liberties movements, in my opinion; even though I was not born until 75’ I own several compact discs, books and videos of that era.

    ~Happy Holidays~

    [Sorry, James, I can’t do that. There are just too many others who would like to see their names fill those spaces, so it’s fairer to just leave them as they are. – Features Editor]

  44. just saw a fantastic new documentary on the history of pink floyd on bbc 1 , with interviews with roger waters , nick mason , richard wright and of course david gilmour .

    wasn’t very detailed but very interesting .


  45. – The black strat.
    – The red strat (first guitar i ever wanted, when i was 8 years old)
    – Fender esquire

    I would leave out the serial number 001 strat just because david hasnt used it as much :p

  46. Please let DG keep his guitars and keep making that music. A picture of one to put up on the wall would be enough.

    Congrats to all the winners. Nearly Friday and another weekend.

    Have a good one

  47. I do not need to be considered for Fridays drawing, I already have the U.S. best buy version. Just keep me on the list for the last two drawings.

    Three guitars?….hmmmmm…..hell, I’d love one of his broken guitar strings….any three would be just fine with me.

    Green tip: last minute shopping, try to buy local gifts, there has to be some sort of local craftsmen in your area. That will help to cut down on the transportation of goods.

  48. First of all happy Hanukah to all the Gilmour – Hebrews out there !

    3 of Dave’s guitar I would hypnotize him into giving me ?

    1 – His Sunburst Esquire ( sounds awesome on don’ttttt, don’t saaay don’t ! )
    2 – That friggin Black Gretsch !
    3 – One of those P-90 Les Pauls

    Sorry … I’m not so much of a Strat guy … funny enough I have more fun playing David’s songs with Les Pauls … go figure !

    Strats suck …

  49. Happy Day for Ulli and the other winners!

    Thanks to Phil and to you Fed for including my not so technical question. I am sure the quitar geeks really liked it, sorry guys. We can’t be serious all the time!

    The answer Phil gave to my question, Man United forever, is it another English team Fed?

    [A certain team from Manchester, Barbara. They’ve won a few league titles and big, shiny cups in recent years, back when David Beckham’s hair was all blonde and floppy. – Features Editor]

  50. All right Ulli,Paul,Robyn and Joe from Canada, You guys really deserve to win. Way to go!


  51. I’m sure that Phil would love his #0001 back, the Red Strat and the infamous Black too.

    Fed, I’ll opt out on Friday’s draw, thanks. I got a poster from our theatre already.

  52. Gilmour’s guitars I would choose:

    1. 1955 Fender Esquire (Workmate)
    2. Martin D-35 (Wish You Were Here)
    3. Gibson EH150 Lap Steel (Meltdown)

    Now we need a David Gilmour Signaure ’55 Esquire to go with the Black Strat.

  53. Congrats to today’s winners: Ulli, Paul, Robyn and Joe from Canada, go Canada! 😉

    Since I have already won one of Friday’s prizes, I would like to opt-out of Friday’s draw. Thanks again.

  54. Congrats to the winners.

    FEd, I suppose this US exclusive DVD prizes are viewable (is that a word…hahaha sorry!) here in Europe too? what with zone codes and things like that.

    Anyway, I can’t really say anything about guitars because I understand right about…nothing about guitars. So I will take DG playing them instead.

    [If your DVD player can play NTSC discs, you’ll be fine, but the disc itself differs in no way from the European version: you just get the extra CD or poster, making it a nice keepsake. – Features Editor]

  55. Please dont consider me for the DVD draw.

    As for the guitars, I’d take the Black Strat #00001 Strat and one of his pedal slide guitars.

    Congrats to winners.

  56. What three guitars I’d choose? its almost sacrilage to say “the black strat” it could ony be played by one man in my eyes but if there was a fire & i had to save it then i would save that one. Number 2 would be the Gretch duo jet & number 3 one of the pedal steel’s.

    My guitar playing is coming along slowly & i am still enjoying learning although it is a slow process for me. Mother in law came round the other day & wanted to hear, i had learned a few songs that i though she may know, however my wife told me to stop, my mum-in-law was singing along & my wife could not stand the singing!

  57. did anyone catch the PF docu on last night on bbc1? pretty good I thought. I liked davids suit 🙂

  58. Regarding the question – as I’m already having a deep and meaningful love affair with my own Strat, I have to say I’d rather have some of those effects rigs and pedals that David uses (along with a little help in setting them up!).

    OT I really enjoyed the “The Story of Pink Floyd” documentary on the BBC last night – learnt a thing or two that I didn’t know, too.

    Have to say, that if Live 8 is the final Pink Floyd performance, it’s a fitting and worthy one.

    I was surprised at some of the comments, especially by Roger, who I thought didn’t really help himself in his wish to reunite the band for a tour, but he did close a chapter for me, as far as the band’s history is concerned.

    Thank you David.

  59. The 3 guitars for me would be….

    1- The 0001 Strat
    2- The Black Strat
    3- Gibson Acoustic

    And a couple of lessons

  60. I’d go for the Strat we found in that Seattle pawn shop in ’68, whichever that was!

    Hope this enters me in the drawing for Friday.

    Heading to Mayaland – Copan and Tikal for the Holidays.

    I saw your recent show on CPTV and what a treat it was to hear Mr. Bowie do a wonderful version of A.L.and I cried at Fat Old Sun – Shine on and once again thank you kindly for the memories –


    [Sorry, Nance, but all the raffle entries are now in. – Features Editor]

  61. Congratulations to Ulli, Paul, Robyn, and Joe.

    As for the three guitars, I’d prefer to hear or see David play them instead of me plonking away on them.

    I have no doubt they sound a lot better in his hands.

    Could he perhaps by hypnotised into handing a DG plectrum ? Or a lesson or two ? (Getting carried away again…)

    BBC documentary was quite good. Really enjoyed that.

  62. My 3 guitars:

    1. 0001
    2. Beat up Esquire on About Face album
    3. Black Strat as per Pompeii video


  63. I must say that the BBC documentary last night was brilliant.

    Thanks David for appearing in it.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  64. Congratulations to all winners

    As for the guitars….can I please have the list? 😉

    No? Ok, then…it will be…

    – Fender – Lap steel (I don’t really care which one)
    – Martin acoustic D35
    – Lewis custom guitar

    But only if those guitars come with his talent attached….if not, my guitars will serve me just fine….

    We’ll have to leave something for David to play on, so no black strat for me 😉

    One more thing: I noticed that floyd and zeppelin had many similar picture over the years, so I made a new wallpaper… (click my name).

    [Nice. – Features Editor]

  65. [david was at the led zep concert i believe! – Posted by: Adam Kahan]

    Yes and Lucky Lindy made it!

  66. I forgot to say Congrats to Ulli, Paul and Joe from Canada.

    Congratulations Ulli, Paul and Joe. 🙂

  67. Hi! Forget me concerning the prizes about guitar, i am not a guitar player.

    We are expecting an other snow storm for Sunday here in Canada.Yeah!!!

    Joe, where are you exactly in Canada,east or west?

    Sylvie de Montréal

  68. Hi Fed,

    Rather than take on of his I’d like to give David my Squier Stratocaster! Just to see if it does make a nice tune coz it certainly doesn’t with my fingers!

    Thought “Which ones Pink” was a great programme last night. Very balanced. All the members were open and forthright and I actually got a sense of regret from all sides about the split in the 80s.

    Some of the final footage of Comfortably Numb at Live 8 mixed with the talking heads made me well up a bit! More than the actual night itself for some reason. Maybe because it felt like the line was drawn?

    Hey… don’t be down… plenty more from David to come we hope!

    Cheers, Jon

  69. A big congratulations to Ulli, Paul, Robyn, and Joe! I’m so excited for you guys!

    Enjoy those great prizes!

  70. Hello to FEd and Congrats to the winners.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    My choices would be:

    Black Strat
    Red Strat w/EMG’s
    Goldtop Les Paul

    I would probably give them back after a week or so though, I couldn’t keep them from David.

    Best regards to all

  71. Congratulations to all the winners so far.

    Can I be removed the DVD draw on Friday?

    Interesting topic regarding the 3 guitars, is David considering offloading some of them?

    Blackstrat, Redstrat and the Whitetele in that order.

  72. Hi FEd

    I think there’s been a mistake. Phil must be talking about Manchester CITY. That is the soccer team in Manchester. I’m not aware of there being any other Premier League team out of Manchester.

    Or is he talking about some other obscure team playing in the lower leagues?

  73. Congrats to the winners!

    This would be my choice:

    1) Black Strat
    2) #001 Strat that he played at the Strat Pack concert
    3) Red Strat with EMG’s

    FEd, you can withdraw me from the DVD draw as I already have it. Much better to let someone who hasn’t got it to win it.

    [You’re all very kind. I think that’s really decent of you. – Features Editor]

  74. About the three guitars I’d choose?

    Well, for someone who doesn’t know anything about guitars, any guitar given out by David Gilmour would be a treasure to me, let alone 3 of them. Sorry I couldn’t come up with a more interesting answer.

    FEd, should we take this as a hint that a “giveaway” from David Gilmour from his inventory is in the works???

    Congrats to Ulli (a signed programme and the VIP pass), that’s just wonderful to complete your “Remember That Night” at the Odeon, wouldn’t it? And to Paul Sexton, Robyn and Joe from Canada, enjoy your prizes.

    Good luck to you all for tomorrow’s prize draw.

    [We’re not going to be giving away David’s guitars, no. Keep dreaming. – Features Editor]

  75. [As a rule, I never make predictions against United. You? – Features Editor]

    I tend to agree with you, F’ed, it’s too close to call and a pointless exercise forecasting.

    That said I suspect it’ll be 1-1 !

    Do I get a prize if Riise scores ?

    [He’s due a goal. 1-1 would be a good result in the Arsenal-Chelsea match… – Features Editor]

  76. [Strats suck …]

    ? Oren, that’s BLASPHEMY!

    I know, for a fact, that Santa himself plays a Fender American Standard Chrome Red Strat with Custom Shop 54′ Pickups.

    If you where Christian you’d be on Santa’s naughty list… indefinitely, for that last remark!

    “Happy Hanuka”… nonetheless;)

  77. Fed,

    My three would be;

    The Red Strat with EMG’s
    The Les Paul Gold Top
    The Martin Accoustic

    Put them in the post to me !!!

  78. I’d be tempted to go with variety (love that Goldtop), but since I’m both a Gilmour AND a Stratocaster freak, I’d grab these three icons:

    1. The Black Strat
    2. The 001 Strat
    3. The Candy Apple Red Strat he used throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

    Then I’d run like hell before he woke up!!

  79. […and use the compass to inscribe ‘LFC’ on my pencil tin repeatedly. – Features Editor]

    Oh! I thought you used the compass as a pointy stick at school…


    [No, not in those days; I was very calm and agreeable back then and had faith in human reason being able to solve any problem and right any wrong. (Ah, the folly of youth…) The thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. Now, on the other hand… – Features Editor]

  80. Whaaat? Man. U? Pffft… Liverpool!

    Also, this is my first post. I look forward to comment your future articles!

    David Gilmour forever! (and Liverpool).

    [With such excellent taste, Gard, you’re very welcome. – Features Editor]

  81. Congrats to the winners! FEd, please take me out of the DVD drawing, I’d like to stay in for the last two drawings though.

    As much as I’d love the Black Strat, I could never take it from David. I’d like a Strat, a Martin and a slide . . .whichever ones felt right.


  82. That Baby Taylor from the garden would be fun, especially since it now has it’s own built in effects. . .

    How about a Mandolin?. . .and surely the Cumbus is one kick ass stringed instrument, probably not considered a guitar, technically.

    As I understand it, David also plays bass and probably has a few of those kicking around. . .hmmmmmm. . .I wonder if he has any Alembic’s?

    Actually, if it were in my power, (I know this doesn’t follow the question) but I would give David a Doug Irwin (specifically, Tiger), just to hear him fiddle around on it. . . that could very well be absolutely amazing and would certainly stir old emotions in my young soul!!

  83. I couldn’t possibly take his black strat so here’s my list:

    – The Bill Lewis custom guitar used to record Dark Side.
    – The 53 Fender double neck lap steel used on Meddle and Dark Side.
    – The vintage Martin dreadnought David talks about in the back of the tour bus on RTN.

    I’ve been battling chronic bronchitis for the last few weeks so I haven’t been around. Hope everyone is doing well.

    [Hope you’re feeling better, Bob. – Features Editor]

  84. mmm three guitars?

    1)the creamy blonde strat that Guy use in Then I close my eyes;
    2)the ’56 les paul with bigsby
    3)the martin 12 string that gave him the inspiration for WYWH

    I’m a good boy,I’m leaving the black strat at home:)

  85. – wish you were here 12 string acoustic
    – that gibson les paul in that picture from like the 1930’s!!!! sorry my bad I certainly dont have any cool pix like that
    – the [main] 6 string electric used for [the majority of] OBC

    congrats to those with the numbers!

    herman munster! roflmao – I did a caricature of him 😉

    hope people have a good weekend

  86. Hello friends!

    I hope the festive season finds everyone well.

    Warm wishes to everyone in the new year!

  87. Looking forward to being able to purchase the scarves! Could’ve used one today. Over 12 inches of snow up here in the mountains. Never got out of my jammies 🙂

    Tara (NY)

  88. Congratulations to Ulli, Paul, Robin and Joe. Way to go guys!!!!!!

    My Three favorites would be…

    The Black Strat of course, The Red Strat w/the EMG’s and Interesting enough I rather liked the sound that David got from his Weissenborn that he played on Smile. I also love the Gretch duo jet the gold top L.P. the Gibson J-200 and so on and so on……

    and a wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!!!!!!

  89. Happy Fed Day!

    [You remembered – thank you. (Two years to the day and no breakdown yet…) – Features Editor]

  90. I really love David Gilmour & have done ever since The Wall.

    There was a show on BBC the other day that bought back memories. I lived in London near New North Road & recall how mates & I hung around Brittania Row for a glimpse of PF. David was the only one who chatted to us. Rick I think was shy, but he did smile at us from time to time!

    I’ve been reading Blog for a while & some of it is really informative & funny, that I thought I might join in & share some stuff with you.

    Till the next time.
    Luv Red!

    [Please do, Red. The more, the merrier. – Features Editor]

  91. Thank you Fed for the first two years. Was it as easy for you as us? and what will you be doing after four years here????

    Have a good celebration

    Ian Pearson

    [Four years, you say? Now I’m worried. – Features Editor]

  92. Two Years! Has it really been that long?

    I remember a couple of breakdowns… but they were to do with servers and things… 😉

    Looking at it, I have only been contributing for a coming up to a year… and what a year it’s been! Thank you very much!

    Spiderpigs on the wing?

  93. My 3 guitars:

    I’m not guitar expert, but I’m always impressed by sound of David’s guitars in:

    – WYWH Live 8 (probably Gibson Acoustic, something)
    – This Heaven (AOL sessions) also Gibson, but Les Paul
    – Comfortably Numb (In Concert with Robert Wyatt, I’m thinking about electric for that one),

    I wonder if David has ever played Gibson SG or V Flying, I do not remember to see any photos with those type of guitars,

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  94. [I wonder if David has ever played Gibson SG or V Flying, I do not remember to see any photos with those type of guitars…}

    I bet Matt can come up with a Spinal Tap image of David and a Flying V.



  95. My must haves would be:

    The Black Strat
    The ’55 Fender Esquire
    The S/N 0001 Stratocaster

  96. Hi!

    This site is online for two years now? Why didn’t I find it earlier???

    Congratulations, FEd and good luck for the next x years. May the server always be with you

    There are guitars to choose? I’m not a guitar-player but, like Phil I would’nt stop at three:
    the black Strat and anything else what looks like Les Paul

    Have a nice weekend and not too much trouble with christmas shopping


  97. Hi Fed and all,

    yikes,I almost cannot believe it that I won that precious prize, ty Fed for that great Christmas raffle, that really is the best Christmas pressie I can think of and ty Susan, Nate, Michele, Stephanie, George, Thomas, Tim, Andrew, Ralph, Veronica, Tomi and all for your nice congrats, and right Andrew, as it is the first thing I ever won in my life, I have really been dancing around, lol. And Veronica, true, it is the best I can think of completing the London Odeon event.

    Sorry for my late reply, I just learnt of my winning as I have been out of town and offline since Wednesday.

    Happy Weekend to all!


    [Well done, Ulli. – Features Editor]

  98. [A certain team from Manchester, Barbara. They’ve won a few league titles and big, shiny cups in recent years, back when David Beckham’s hair was all blonde and floppy. – Features Editor]

    Ahh, finally a name I recognize, David Beckham. He is in our news a lot here in the States, since he moved here. You’re right about the hair, it looks almost shaved off now.

    It has been very interesting to read all of Phil’s answers. Even for us non-guitar geeks.

    Thanks for the info Fed. I think I will be a Gooner, just because I like the name!

    [I suspect that ‘Becks’ kept all the hair that he didn’t want on his head in an old sock, and now stuffs it down the front of his pants whenever the Armani people come calling. – Features Editor]

  99. nice quote from david about led zeppelin and a possible floyd reunion (click my name):

    “i saw the led zeppelin show and it was brilliant. as to whether they should do more shows, they should do what makes them happy. regarding pink floyd, we do what makes us happy. what makes me happy is making my music on my own and touring, which i have just done.”

    [Absolutely, and that should always be the final word on the matter. – Features Editor]

  100. Well, saw this blog and wonder if any of you out there would know, or if Phil Taylor by chance may have a record.

    A few years ago I bought an old Black face Fender twin reverb (All my pocket money at 45 years old then) a bit tired and missing its tilt legs and a nice green light on the front instead of the red one.

    Anyway had it all put back together and a few things serviced and got on with using it, what a sound!!

    Anyway bumped into my pal who sold it to me and just in idle conversation he drops in “oh yes that belonged to David Gilmour!” What The Dave Gilmour? Yes, he said loads of people were after it, I just got there first…

    So honestly it’s not for sale until I get old and infirm but does anyone know? I am a massive fan of Dave’s playing and it would be nice to know if it was his and it is recorded anywhere in his hands, much appreciated.

    it is serial number A00460, supposed to be 64-65.

    bye all!

    [Will try and find out for you, Shaun. – Features Editor]

  101. FEd, should we take this as a hint that a “giveaway” from David Gilmour from his inventory is in the works???

    [We’re not going to be giving away David’s guitars, no. Keep dreaming. – Features Editor]

    How I could even come up with such a silly thought … I beg your pardon. I must be working way too hard these days. I do like to dream about it though.

    Hope you have a marvelous weekend, FEd and all!

    [There’s nothing wrong with dreaming… – Features Editor]

  102. [I suspect that ‘Becks’ kept all the hair that he didn’t want on his head in an old sock, and now stuffs it down the front of his pants whenever the Armani people come calling. – Features Editor]

    Well, he has claimed to have had more injuries since he came here and sat on the bench for some games. Thanks my friend, now I know why, he is trying to keep the sock in place!

    Only you Fed could come up with that answer. Thanks for the laugh! (and my husband is still laughing) Have a good weekend.

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